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  1. Yep, had this issue on one of my saves. It's obviously a bug. Wasn't game breaking, but annoying none the less. I moved on during the off season so didn't see how it would have affected the squad next year.
  2. Hi all, I'm having the same issue on my save. I've checked other clubs in my league, other leagues, other countries, no one seems to have gone on their end of season break. The season finished a couple of weeks ago. Is anyone else experiencing anything similar?
  3. Continental Pro is the minimum in any UEFA member federation top flight. So, in real life, you would need a Continental Pro at Feyenoord. In fact, you would specifically need a UEFA Pro, but that sort of detail isn't in the game.
  4. After every time my team scores a goal, I must uncross my legs and then cross them the opposite way to how they were crossed when the goal was scored. If I happen to not have had my legs crossed (rare), I must then cross them.
  5. The scale as far as the ME is concerned is actually 1-200, is it not? We see 1-20, but under the hood, there are 200 discrete variables. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, that was my understanding.
  6. Surely a fix for something like this would not be tied to the winter transfer data update. We should be able to start a save with the original database (pre winter transfers) and have data issued sorted. I understand that the fix may come in March, if that's when they get around to it, but can you confirm if one will be able to start a save with Pavlovic being left footed without having to have winter transfers in the game?
  7. What used to happen on previous FMs is that once Serbia became an EU member, European players would stop being foreign only once the following season starts (or when the game resets for the following league season). So, given that you are only in June, it might mean that he will lose his 'foreign' status closer to the league start date.
  8. It should be top 6 national champions (champions of the highest 6 national leagues) and the CL and EL winners. If Benfica won both the CL and the Portuguese League, then the 7th highest national league champion should be in. Having 3 teams from Spain does not make sense, unless Real won the Champions League and Atletico won the Europa League.
  9. I cross my legs the other way to how they were crossed at the time of the goal, and, if they weren't crossed to begin with, I cross them!
  10. Can you clarify what you mean by "B game"? I'm not sure I understand what that is, but maybe that's just me
  11. If you buy a digital version of the game (from Steam, for example) you won't need a CD, so you shouldn't have a problem
  12. The difference is likely to be in their JCA and JPA attributes, but in terms of a 'solution', I don't think there is supposed to be one. Even if they had the same attributes, they will still rate the same player slightly differently, and, at times, rate a player very differently. This is as intended since no one can know with certainty how good a player is, and it is very subjective after all. You will probably have your own opinion based on the player's attributes and/or performances, and it may again be different to what the scouts or the Am thinks. Just immerse yourself into
  13. I feel like I almost always get the job I'm interviewing for, even when I'm the one who applied and my reputation is lower than the club's (of course, if my reputation is very low, I won't get an interview). So anyway, once I get an interview, I promise I'll overachieve, and work with a slightly lower wage or transfer budget. I also ask to be judged on a philosophy that I know they value. Besides that, I say things like: I don't think it's an unreasonable number of clubs I'm talking to I am fairly adept at learning languages I'm happy to work with the DoF I
  14. Disappointing to hear, but thanks for the reply. I look forward to seeing it in the future!
  15. Neil, as my internet is prehistoric and my BETA is still downloading (and will be, for quite some time) can you please let me know if the world coach of the year award has been included in the game? You may recall a discussion we had in an earlier thread about why it was missing in FM18.
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