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  1. No, I'm a coach in real life, have been for 7 years (not full time, mind you). Finally made it to a level high enough to be included
  2. I actually made it into the winter update of FM18 haha Greatest achievement ever! I've always said that I would keep playing FM until I'm actually in the game as a coach, but I don't think I'll keep my word, FM is too good!!!
  3. The first team is very much equal to many of Europe's best, and maybe it's my tactics which stop me from progressing further. I have found that the quality of newgens I get has been exceptional right from the start. Not sure it really improves to be honest. Partizan has a very high level of newgens to begin with, and as my first team gets stronger, I find that I am able to integrate less of the youngsters in because only one or two players per intake could potentially make the first team (which is still huge). At the start of the game, I think I could take at least 7 or 8 U18 players and turn them into first team players within a season or two, because the first team isn't too strong.
  4. I've done very well with Partizan over the years, won the Europa League and regularly playing quarter finals of the Champions League (I'm actually playing Barcelona next week, fingers crossed :P) However, I've never gone further in the Champions League and I feel like in every version of the game I reach a plateau that I cannot overcome. Youth products are essential. With Partizan, right from the get go, I focus all my energy into developing players because I feel I can easily win (or at least challenge) for the league title with youngsters and the rewards in a couple of years are huge. I focus a lot on making the players happy and giving them long contracts so that I can keep most of my youngsters who become absolute class. The issue becomes that even though I do well in Europe, have tonnes of money and am able to sign a lot of quality players, the league never quite keeps up and so I play in a useless league which I can win with my third team and it doesn't quite allow me to go that one step further and actually become of of the best in Europe :/
  5. Correct, it's 13157107. It would be great if the award was added for FM2019. Should I post in the feature requests or can you follow it up internally? Thanks a bunch, Neil.
  6. Thanks for the response, but i really cannot find it. In the editor, I searched all the awards, and there is "World Coach of the Year", which has its last entry in 2015 with Luis Enrique the winner. There does not appear to be a current coach of the year award in the editor, and I cannot see it in any save I create either. Perhaps someone could post a screenshot fro the game with the award being given in 2018 or later?
  7. Am I missing something, or is this award not included in the game? Come to think of it, I don't recall seeing it in the game...ever. Mind you, I probably never really looked. As a football manager, I'd love to be able to win the award for best coach in the world, so I'm curious as to why it is not included in the game?
  8. DrIgz

    Creating a new coah

    I don't believe there is any way you can relinquish control of Dave Bob. Creating a new manager in the same save is easy, as you have already figured out.
  9. Although I don't mind getting jobs myself, I really like the idea of having an agent in the game. It adds realism and could be more than just a cosmetic feature. One of the things I always found difficult was necessarily knowing whether it was realistic for me to get a job or not without actually applying or declaring interest. With an agent, I could tell him that I'm interested in moving clubs at the end of the season, what leagues I may be willing to go to, and he could suss it out and let me know what clubs might be interested. He may have contacts at clubs so that he has influence, and he can get me a job at a club he has a good relationship with even if I otherwise may not be able to get it. So it would add depth to journeyman saves.
  10. Hi guys, is there any way to change the badge for a manager/coach already in the database? I can't seem to find where to do it...
  11. DrIgz

    Manager Badges

    Hi guys, is there any way to change the badge for a manager/coach already in the database? I can't seem to find where to do it...
  12. I assume you're joking, but just in case you're not...Jens Mustermann was in fact Oliver Kahn I've no doubt you knew that, just wanted to be sure
  13. I thought both the League Cup and FA Cup give Europa League births So if both of these teams are outside top 6, then only the first 5 teams will qualify for Europe (4 CL, 1 EL) and the other two cup winners will take the remaining spots Did Liverpool win the FA Cup?
  14. I had a similar issue at SPAL, where a player was allowed to join but then couldn't be registered. The problem was, even after I sold one of the other non-EU players during that same window, or de-registered him, I could not register the player. And he couldn't be loaned out because I signed him to be a key player and I imagine no one thought it would be viable. So he sat rotting in my squad.
  15. Tactic familiarity will only be shown once you pick your squad. Are you perhaps looking at it without having any players picked?