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  1. I thought both the League Cup and FA Cup give Europa League births So if both of these teams are outside top 6, then only the first 5 teams will qualify for Europe (4 CL, 1 EL) and the other two cup winners will take the remaining spots Did Liverpool win the FA Cup?
  2. I had a similar issue at SPAL, where a player was allowed to join but then couldn't be registered. The problem was, even after I sold one of the other non-EU players during that same window, or de-registered him, I could not register the player. And he couldn't be loaned out because I signed him to be a key player and I imagine no one thought it would be viable. So he sat rotting in my squad.
  3. Tactic familiarity will only be shown once you pick your squad. Are you perhaps looking at it without having any players picked?
  4. Unplayable Lower Legaues

    So, are you saying that dding inactive leagues requires selecting them as "Domestic Division"? As opposed to "Inactive Division"? I assumed that an inactive division would have to be selected as "Inactive Division" or "Inactive Competition"? I figured it would just have all the remaining teams in it, and the game would then just pull randomly a team to be promoted into the lowest active division.
  5. Unplayable Lower Legaues

    I've checked everything multiple times. The moment I change it from an "inactive competition", or "inactive other division", to "domestic division", I can add it just fine. However, the wizard then asks me to put how many rounds and this clearly isn't going to work with hundreds of teams. Perhaps I'm not supposed to add it the same way I add active leagues. Is there a separate process for adding inactive competitions to Nation Rules?
  6. Unplayable Lower Legaues

    But I guess my issue is that when I set it as inactive, I can't seem to add it to the nation rules. It doesn't appear in the drop down menu. So, in my nation rules, I can only seem to add competitions which I have made active. And then when I add it, it asks how many times each team plays each other, and therefore I'm not able to create it because it says there isn't enough time to schedule 501 rounds. Do you have any idea what I'm doing wrong? When I create an inactive division, how do I add it to the nation rules?
  7. I'd like to set up a lower division filled with hundreds of teams which I have not placed in any of the higher divisions I have created. When I set this division as an 'inactive competition', it does not show up on the drop down when I attempt to add it in the nation rules. Does anyone know how to create a pool of teams from which those with the highest rep will randomly be selected to be promoted into playable divisions? Thanks
  8. Can you elaborate what you mean? Do all persons within the game have fake names? Perhaps you selected "Use fake players and staff" when you set up your game.
  9. SPAL, playing in the Serie A, have a rule that no more than 3 foreign (non-EU) players can be signed in a season. I had signed 3 already, and they were all registered. Midway through the season, I signed another, because the registration screen allowed me to de-register a non-EU player. When I go to the registration screen, my new player has a red non-EU symbol next to him, which, when you hover over it says: additional non-EU player who can only be registered next season or when a non-EU slot is freed up. I go to the registration screen and de-register another non-EU player. On my squad screen, it now highlights both my new player and the player I just de-registered, as non-registered. When I hover over both of these players, it tells me that the player is not registered, but can be registered before the next match. However, on the registration screen, I can only once again register my old player, the new player cannot be registered, even though I have freed up a non-EU slot. Is this working as intended? Thanks
  10. Keep drawing 0-0

    You might be the only one with this issue haha I am seeing a lot of goals, not only in my games but also in other games in my league Mainly because I can't get my defense to do anything remotely logical (that's my fault) but also, it appears that the current ME favours high scoring games (could just be a subjective observation)
  11. Is this working as intended or is it a bug? I'm not familiar with how trialists work in England. What's the point of a player being in the trialist squad if he already has a contract with a club? Maybe if you offer them professional pre-contracts, they wouldn't go...? I'm just throwing ideas...
  12. Change to 2D view will do it, I believe
  13. So, I don't understand, what's the issue? I'm pretty sure if you lost all 3 games and they won, you would be champion. The only issue is that the game doesn't quite recognize that this early on. So....you are the champion. Even if you lose your games. You don't have to worry.
  14. Notebook

    Couldn't you create a category called, "unsorted" or something to that effect and then put everything you don't want to categorize in there?