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  1. This is absolutely necessary in my opinion. I have always wanted to do that in both cases you have described.
  2. I’m in 2022, playing as Partizan, and Serbia has just joined the EU. I received a news item about this, and was also informed that the league rules would be affected. Once preseason began, I checked the league rules and they did, in fact, change to reflect this. Under the new rules, the match squad must now have a maximum of 6 non-EU players, whereas before, the rule referred to foreign (non-Serbian) players. However, many of my players, who come from countries in the EU, are still considered foreign on my squad screen. Even when I scout new players from EU countries, the scout informs me that the player will count towards league registration as he is “non-EU”. I have checked other teams in the league, and EU players are also being noted as foreign (non-EU) on their squad screens. Is this a big or will this resolve itself once the season itself starts? Thanks
  3. That's a shame. Thanks anyway Neil, I appreciate you having a look for me.
  4. I will double check when I get home but I don't recall putting in any other edited files. I am definitely not running any custom leagues, sometimes I make a small database change whereby I remove the manager of a team I plan to take over. In this save, I started unemployed and holidayed for several seasons so I don't think I removed any managers. I also removed some files from the original folders in Steam in order to help with real names etc. Is there anything that can be done to rectify the error?
  5. Hi Neil, I have uploaded the latest crash dump file. It is called "southwillriseagain". I renamed it to make it easier to spot, but I didn't end it with ".dmp" so I hope it still works. Let me know if there is anything else I can provide. Thank you
  6. I'm using the original database (pre January update) but I have 29 editor files which give me real media and real club anf competition names. No editedleagues though.
  7. My save game crashes on the same date no matter what I do. I have tried all of the suggested solutions such as clearing cache, holidaying past the date, and creating a new save. I have uploaded my save in FTP: The South Will Rise Again.fm Basically, the crash occurs just before the match against Rad. So I can play the match against Vojvodina and continue for another couple of days but it crashes on the day of the Rad match. Can you please let me know if there is anything I can do to salvage this save, or is it gone? Thank you
  8. I was about to start an epic career with Partizan, so I searched the career forum to see if someone had given an honourable mention, something I could draw inspiration from. And so I come across this!! So excited to see someone writing about a career at Partizan. I've achieved many things in my FM adventures (if I do say so myself) but one thing has always eluded me: Champions League glory with Partizan!!! For well over a decade, that has been my primary aim with every iteration of FM and I have never accomplished it. I have a very good save going on FM16 so I have not attempted a Partizan save yet, and was thinking of doing to do so now...but I'm also going to follow this thread very closely!
  9. No Brazilians on my save?

    But no league that isn't loaded produces newgens the way a loaded league does. Are there any other leagues which you don't have loaded which DO appear on the youth intake screen??
  10. Add league feature.

    It will be real players
  11. 2016 start date

    Your start date will depend on which leagues you have loaded. Most leagues will offer a couple of different start dates, depending on when their preseason or competative games start.
  12. I just took over Brazil in July 2026, after a disappointing World Cup campaign. I was managing Roma at the time and although the game would allow it, I thought it wasn't fair that I should hog two jobs and decided to focus on the national team, therefore resigning as the Roma manager. However, now that I look at my Brazil fixtures, I have no games besides the Superclásico de las Américas, an annual match against Argentina which is scheduled for October. The Copa America, which begins almost a year from now, in June 2017, has not yet been sceduled but I know it's happening. All this would be fine if I could organise some friendly games but I can only select dates next year, mid June if I recall correctly, which would coincide with the Copa America, and there doesn't seem to be an option to play friendly games before that competition or before the Superclásico de las Américas. Looking back at Brazil's fixtures in previous years, there is indeed a gap between the World Cup and the Copa America with only the match against Argentina being played, and no friendlies. So, I'm a little concerned that my tactical familiarity is awkward and will remain so for the Copa America next year, as I have no way to increase it without playing games. Also, I could have kept my Roma job as I'm basically just going to spend an entire year doing nothing. I'm not sure if I have a question here or not, just curious how others are finding international management. I won the Olympics with Brazil's U23s a couple of years prior and found that I had no contract, expectations or anything. At least for the senior job, I have a salary! I think much more can be done in the game with international management.
  13. I think FMT (and I've never played it) still requires paying a lot of attention to tactics, which seems to be the OP's main concern. FMT will take out the micromanagement of players, but you still won't be able to just make a tactic and then build a team over the years without touching the tactic too much.
  14. Coaching Badges

    Yeah, the coaching badges aren't implemented as well as they should be (although it's not too bad). I have noticed many former players becoming managers in the game, taking charge of clubs in the Serbian top flight, winning the league and then competing in European competitions and they still only have a Continental B License. Obviously, you cannot manage a team in the top flight without a pro license and certainly not in a continental competition. The Continental C license does exist, in Asia anyway. I'm pretty sure UEFA also has a C License but it's often referred to as Level 2 or something in England.