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  1. Scouting

    I am also having trouble. Would be good to read a guide.
  2. As is often the case, I have started my FM save with absolutely no clue what I'm doing on the tactical front. I took over a team in South Korea's second tier midway through the season, so I didn't have the luxury of a preseason to come to grips with the squad's strengths and limitations. I also didn't have the privilege of bringing anyone in, so it was down to the players I had to turn things around. Long story short, I tried a lot of different tactics over the remainder of the season, trying to adapt to my opponents both before the match, and during. However, I am slowly but surely losing the dressing room and board confidence. Rather than ask what is wrong with the tactics I set up, or what I should do, I want to ask what the best way to analyse the tactic is. I would really like to watch a couple of matches in full, but i simply don't have the time. Watching extended highlights is all I can afford, but I assume that the multitude of statistical data in real time that FM provides should be useful enough to provide information which I can use to make the right tactical move at the right time. I am still coming to grips with the new interface and stats which used to be found in one place are now elsewhere, but assuming that I can find my way around, what information is most useful to review after a match has been played, and what information should I keep a lookout for during the match to help inform my tactical decisions? Any advice will be most appreciated. Thank you.
  3. [Singapore] (Official) Data Issues

    Thanks for the response! If the managers get paid between 3k and 6k a month, that's still a minimum of 36k a year. As I stated above, all but one manager make between 16k and 22k after tax at the start of the game, and I was offered 12k by one club (1k a month!) It seems to me that the salaries are therefore a little too low in the game...
  4. [Singapore] (Official) Data Issues

    I know I didn't set out my post above in the 1, 2, 3 format as instructed, but can anyone shine some light on how reliable the manager salaries in Singapore are? Thanks
  5. [Singapore] (Official) Data Issues

    All managers at the start of the game make between 16 and 22 thousand Singapore dollars a year after tax, which wouldn't be enough to even pay rent. One manager makes 36 thousand after tax, which is still very low, but I guess you could live a very humble lifestyle. Anyway, just wondering how the manager salaries have been researched, if you know for a fact that the salaries are so low, then that's fine. If it's an estimate, I would argue that the salaries need to be much higher. I got an offer form a club (and yes, my rep is very low) and they would only offer around 12 thousand dollars after tax - I would actually starve These are all full time jobs, I should add Thanks
  6. This is absolutely necessary in my opinion. I have always wanted to do that in both cases you have described.
  7. That's a shame. Thanks anyway Neil, I appreciate you having a look for me.
  8. I will double check when I get home but I don't recall putting in any other edited files. I am definitely not running any custom leagues, sometimes I make a small database change whereby I remove the manager of a team I plan to take over. In this save, I started unemployed and holidayed for several seasons so I don't think I removed any managers. I also removed some files from the original folders in Steam in order to help with real names etc. Is there anything that can be done to rectify the error?
  9. Hi Neil, I have uploaded the latest crash dump file. It is called "southwillriseagain". I renamed it to make it easier to spot, but I didn't end it with ".dmp" so I hope it still works. Let me know if there is anything else I can provide. Thank you
  10. I'm using the original database (pre January update) but I have 29 editor files which give me real media and real club anf competition names. No editedleagues though.
  11. My save game crashes on the same date no matter what I do. I have tried all of the suggested solutions such as clearing cache, holidaying past the date, and creating a new save. I have uploaded my save in FTP: The South Will Rise Again.fm Basically, the crash occurs just before the match against Rad. So I can play the match against Vojvodina and continue for another couple of days but it crashes on the day of the Rad match. Can you please let me know if there is anything I can do to salvage this save, or is it gone? Thank you
  12. I was about to start an epic career with Partizan, so I searched the career forum to see if someone had given an honourable mention, something I could draw inspiration from. And so I come across this!! So excited to see someone writing about a career at Partizan. I've achieved many things in my FM adventures (if I do say so myself) but one thing has always eluded me: Champions League glory with Partizan!!! For well over a decade, that has been my primary aim with every iteration of FM and I have never accomplished it. I have a very good save going on FM16 so I have not attempted a Partizan save yet, and was thinking of doing to do so now...but I'm also going to follow this thread very closely!
  13. No Brazilians on my save?

    But no league that isn't loaded produces newgens the way a loaded league does. Are there any other leagues which you don't have loaded which DO appear on the youth intake screen??
  14. Add league feature.

    It will be real players