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  1. November 9th, my wedding anniversary. Not sure this was the present the mrs was after 🤦⚽️⚽️⚽️🥇🥇🥇 I have to make sure I do a good job of pretending the anniversary will be the most important milestone event on the day, or I may not get another anniversary at all 😂😂😂
  2. UEFA Conference League, I think he means. But it is included in FM21 as well, I believe.
  3. I did 17 seasons back on FM11. These days I almost exclusively play only after holidaying for 7 to 12 years, and then adding a manager. So technically I eventually end up many years into the future, but I think I've only played for a few (5, 6) seasons after adding my manager these last few versions.
  4. Is it because of taxes? Shown would be the gross salary, but the net salary would be dependent on the individual nations' tax brackets.
  5. I get head hunted all the time. How many different leagues are you running? Also, I am always mindful of my existing contract. If I have more than a year left, it doesn't really happen. But when I'm in my last year, I usually get approached. I intentionally don't extend my contract if I am hoping to get approached and leave at the end of the season.
  6. As someone who has played chess at a competative state and national level, I can confirm that football cannot possibly be comparable. Chess is significantly more complex, and as someone above pointed out, has zero chance or luck factor. Let's not overcomplicate football 😎
  7. I assume this would require a new save to take effect? EDIT: I started my save after this patch anyway, and it is fixed in my save game, so I asked the question before I even checked my save 🙄
  8. Number of points you have, divided by the number of games you've played. So if you won two games and drew two games (8 points), you would have 2 points per game. EDIT: got beaten to it
  9. Don't you have to pay out the outstanding loyalty bonus sometimes? I feel like I've made transfers where the small print tells me I have to pay this to the player if the transfer goes through.
  10. I generally holiday for about 10 seasons or so before adding myself into the game world, as I would realistically expect that to be a rough timeline of when I could take on a first team role. So, holidaying is a very useful tool for many reasons 👍
  11. Can't be done, the new system has moved away from numbered values to a more 'visual' assessment.
  12. Yep, had this issue on one of my saves. It's obviously a bug. Wasn't game breaking, but annoying none the less. I moved on during the off season so didn't see how it would have affected the squad next year.
  13. Hi all, I'm having the same issue on my save. I've checked other clubs in my league, other leagues, other countries, no one seems to have gone on their end of season break. The season finished a couple of weeks ago. Is anyone else experiencing anything similar?
  14. Continental Pro is the minimum in any UEFA member federation top flight. So, in real life, you would need a Continental Pro at Feyenoord. In fact, you would specifically need a UEFA Pro, but that sort of detail isn't in the game.
  15. After every time my team scores a goal, I must uncross my legs and then cross them the opposite way to how they were crossed when the goal was scored. If I happen to not have had my legs crossed (rare), I must then cross them.
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