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  1. I think it lends itself naturally to counter-attacking football, but am a perennial CL contender and won't often find the need to play so conservatively. Is there another tactic that could take advant
  2. Forgive me, please, for spamming my own post. With that being said, I know that I should probably have one midfielder with a defend duty, and would like to even have a defensive midfielder playing behind a central midfielder, to make what I guess would be a 4-1-1-3-1, but am worried that I would be sacrificing my interplay abilities by having so many lines. Is that a legitimate concern, or no?
  3. I should have added, is there any conceivable way to play with 5 attacking players that doesn't leave my team wholly disjointed? (expecting the answer to be no, for what it's worth)
  4. Because I can't help but purchase the most talented young players available, and it seems that Star regens are disproportionately attackers (primarily attackers, with the occasional attacking mid/ winger), I wanted to make use of a formation that suits my lopsided roster. I've considered a 4-2-4, but think I can do better. Similarly, I've considered a formation with 2 strikers ahead of 2 attacking mids, but can't find any combination of roles that wouldn't make such a construction redundant. The idea in which I'm most confident is a 4-2-3-1, because it allows me to use most of my best playe
  5. I know that you’re more likely to find players that fit the role of your youth development person - however, is there a to influence them in their actual attributes (ex: I’m kicking around the idea of building a squad based on sheer physical dominance, would there be a way to emphasize speed/ strength?) whether through personnel or setting or something else altogether?
  6. Would there be a way to get the wingers to cover more inside when on defense? Kind of the opposite of the inverse wingbacks?
  7. I was messing around with some formation ideas, as for my new save I want to build a squad around a fun & unique tactic, when I came up with the formation attached below. 1. Do you think it's at all viable, even if modifications are required? 2. What kind of tactical style do you think it would best fit? Any particular instructions I ought to be playing with?
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