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  1. Had a look at these new newgen models. Had to laugh. How is it someone like Debeski nearly 5 years ago can create something better himself, than the team at SI? Looks like I’ll be turning off newgen models again...
  2. To be honest, I do not understand the people complaining about “negativity” in this thread? Personally I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the discussion here. I think criticism, where warranted is perfectly fair and reasonable. There are things that we all want improved. That is just a fact. But I think it’s also clear that most of us also love this game (to a fault maybe lol) as we spend 1000s of hours each year playing it.
  3. Wow just saw this. The shift in quality from 17>18 is huge. Lighting and pitch textures look much worse.
  4. Damn. So not only has the 3D gone backwards, but 2D too? It really put it into perspective. I’ve not really noticed just how far backwards we’ve gone until I’ve seen these screenshot comparisons.
  5. I think the biggest thing for me isn’t necessarily the graphics, but the animations. Players fazing through each other. Awkward turns etc. I can accept that they don’t have to look realistic, but when they don’t move realistically. It just takes me out of the game so much.
  6. Honestly, seeing some of these comparisons with the older versions of FM really highlight just how shocking the graphics are. I do not understand how the game can go backwards and look so much worse after nearly 10 years. I love FM. One of my favourite games of all time. But really, it’s absolutely shocking. Just look at the pitches from FM11/14 to now...
  7. The database also doesn't seem to work with the latest update now. It says it doesn't have enough teams for the Tohoku League (required 10, found 9).
  8. I have no other databases loaded. Only the Japanese one i downloaded here.
  9. Facepacks don't work with this database. The players like Iniesta, Podolski are duplicated too. Anyone have a working database? I want to try J-League.
  10. Yes, basically. All young prospects have their determination and other hidden stats such as consistency, important Matches, versatility broken. So they won't develop into good players.
  11. Man, I was really looking forward to starting my Journeyman save today. Really enjoyed the Beta so far. Hopefully the hotfix is out soon.
  12. Cheers for the feedback. So I had a look, Sanabria has an off the ball rating of 14. Which is fairly decent. Also, I do have him roaming from position on his individual player instructions for the tactic. So I'm still not sure. Is it due to a lack of space, or just simply a result of us playing the ball shorter?
  13. My strikers are all fairly small & I have noticed that all my goals have come from crosses. Very rarely has a through ball from the middle resulted in a goal. So this is interesting if true. My setup looks like this With Munir / Denis alternating on the left. Denis plays as an IF - s, with Munir as a Winger - A. Sanabria has scored 6 goals in 7 (1 more goal than his ENTIRE record for the league last year.) So the setup does seem to be working. However, I am struggling to get him to move into channels for the layoff pass from either Quintero or the AP-a. Sometimes I find
  14. I know how I want to play, I just have struggled with the final third. Everything else has been going fine for me. Defensively we are solid, and I am 3rd in La liga. And I now understand about the high def line and line of engagement thanks to Johnny Aces helpful feedback. Which was a major flaw I didn't understand. We had no space because everyone was so compact. No runs etc. And that's my point, I want to understand. But if you are just here to turn your noses at a player who may not have as deep of footballing eye as you, then I why bother commenting? It is not helpin
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