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  1. lol - not really, I think it's great! I still have the disc and case for Championship Manager 97/98. Oh, it's not really important but I made a mistake on my opening post. I've been here since 2005, no 2015. Not that it matters. Thanks for your answers, all.
  2. Oh, it be very insane. It's like going to the grocery store, buying an apple and having to get permission from the people who produced it for permission to eat it. Nah, that's perfectly sane.... Why sell the game on a disc when it all can be done electronically? Umm... that's what I asked. Why bother selling the CD? I've made a decision, I'm going to swerve FM till it gets rid of the Steam.
  3. £29.99 for "ownership"? Why even sell the CD if the only thing you really require is the CD key? Why not just sell a sliver of paper with the CD key written on as well as instructions on how to download FM? It all seems insane to me, especially the Steam thing.
  4. Actually, that's a really good point. Again it brings up the whole "ownership" question. When you buy Football Manager (boxed) what actually is it that you own? A DVD (that's worthless if you don't agree to use Steam) a manual and a plastic box? You really don't get much for £29.99 these days.
  5. Ever heard of a VPN? You know that I'm smarter than that? You do? How come? Nah. I'll go back to my pre steam edition. I was happy putting the Old Firm in their play with East Fife and I'll do it again, by gum!
  6. Exactly my point. And I'm sure plenty of other loyal FM fans are in the same (and worse) boats. Even if SI charged £10+ more for non steam versions of FM, I would absolutely take it.
  7. Exactly. Internet wise, I'm as under-the-radar as anyone could possibly be.
  8. Well, I have online access, but I wasn't really talking about myself. I'm considering people who don't have access. I appreciate your views on Steam (as well as everyone else's) but my objection is mainly down to having a strong dislike at being told what to do, and knowing me as well as I do, I'm stubborn enough to skip Football Manager as long as they continue to use Steam and I'm perfectly fine doing that. I appreciate Steam is used to combat privacy but I detest anything DRM related as it brings the whole hornets nest of "ownership" up for debate. I read recently about a Kindle user who one day discovered that Amazon had remotely deleted their eBooks without their consent. At the end of the day, consumers of digital goods which have some sort of DRM don't actually own the product that they've purchased, therefore, the consumer is completely at the mercy of the whims of the owner of aforementioned digital goods. Since I mentioned Facebook (and their recent controversy), people like Facebook and DRM companies only get away with their shady shenanigans because the populace allow them to.
  9. I'm guessing that's a "No"? The point is that if I buy a game then It should be my choice whether I want to play it via Steam or not. It's akin to going to a book store, buying a book, and then being told that you have to register to a website of download a piece of software before you can read it. I'm not the demographic, I suppose, I'm not into social media, I don't post everything on Facebook, etc, and I sure as hell don't want a free piece of software knowing what games I own/play. If I buy a game then I don't want to seek permission to actually play it. That's all fine and good... for you and I, but what about people who value their privacy and/or the people who don't have net access? Or is this a "I'm alright, Jack" thing?
  10. I've been registered on this place since 2015, I've been a fan of Championship Manager/Football Manager since all the way back to Championship Manager 2. To be honest I haven't played Football Manager much, or at all for god knows how many years. I think the most recent incarnation of Football Manager I purchased was 2013... I think. It was definitely before all this Steam nonsense. I may begin playing It again, but my question is, can you play Football Manager 2018 without steam? If not, I'll happily go back to my pre-steam Football Manager and install all recent updates. On the issue of Steam, I think SI have really scored an own goal with this one. Literally telling people that they can't play their game without internet access and without registering to a piece of software that allows them to play a game that they own. Yeah. I don't think so. If I part with my hard earned money to BUY a game then I should expect to play the game without installing and/or registering with a weird website that gives you the keys to the game that I purchased. Do SI even care about their fans anymore? How about the ones without net access? That was a rhetorical question, by the way. I can't imagine that their profit margin is that high, so why cut off a percentage of their revenue stream? Madness.
  11. Personally, I wouldn't touch those places with a bargepole. There's something about them that gets my spidey sense tingling. https://www.xsonly.com is the best place to buy certified reburbished and new laptops. What that company does it buy refurbished and end-of-the-line/discontinued laptops in bulk from the manufacturer. With every Dell model you get 3 years official warranty from Dell. You have the option of same day delivery or next day for every order. I've used them twice. They're better than Dell outlet.
  12. Eh? I was completely serious. You asked me for a budget, I gave it. If it's not possible to find a machine for that figure, fair enough. I haven't played Football Manager since FM2013. I don't know which nationality you are, so maybe something got lost in translation: "I challenge you..." Pretty much means that it isn't possible. And you thought that was trolling? THAT offended you? It wasnt literally a challenge. Christ, maybe you really are a Smurf.
  13. Oh. I will only use my new laptop for word processors so I'm not going to spend more than £400. I challenge you to find a suitable machine for FM 17/18 with that budget.
  14. Yeahhhh... most of went over my head. I'm not much of a gamer. My previous pc couldn't even handle Minecraft... seriously. My idea of gaming is playing on a SNES/Megadrive emulator. Now, if someone asked me how to outline a novel or structure a plot then I'm your man. It's good that you're hear to edumicate people. Seriously.
  15. True, but it's pretty simple, even for a novice. It's not like you have to be an IT hero. I do think it's a good site, probably worthy of being sticky'd.
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