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  1. No. Haven't played Football Manager since pre-steam. It's the same every year. The game isn't perfect, even when it's time to release a new edition. It's a cycle. In an ideal world Football Manager would be perfect each year, but it's not, so I propose that Sports Interactive release the game every other year. SI should half the price for each edition and then release a mega-patch a year later for the same price. That way SI don't lose out on money and the fans get a better, less buggy game.
  2. At last check 1/3 of the World is still internet-less. I'm sure some of those 2.7 billion people wouldn't mind playing Football Manager. I know. The fact that you even have to use Steam is emblematic of what I hate about the virtual world we currently live in. It Is what it is, though. I won't moan about it.
  3. Cool. Thanks. Just looked it up. No. You can't play Football Manager 2022 without steam God help the poor sods who live in places with zero internet or people who treasure their privacy. *goes back to pre-Steam Football Manager*
  4. Thank you. if I bought it via Windows Store would I be required to have steam?
  5. A link? I don't. But at one point the majority of companies were implementing it. (If people are going to get away with something, there'll do it) I have no reason to believe that SI weren't one of them.
  6. I'm lead to believe that Red Shell is implementing with all games that run with Steam. When it was leaked, several companies removed it from their titles (50 or so). SI (or football manager) is not one of them.
  7. lol Sorry. Red Shell. (Serves me right for multitasking)
  8. Yeah. I know that the vast majority of software contain a certain amount if spyware, etc. However, things like OS's and whatnot are pretty much essential to using a computer and/or using the net. Steam isn't essential. It's just another slice of your privacy being taken. Have you heard of the spyware called "Hard Shell"? It's in Steam. Hard Shell has the ability to detect what you're watching, your social media actities and it collects cookies, etc. Is that any different from Microsoft, etc? No. But as I said, I'm not going to offer up my privacy to play a computer game. The reason I stopped playing Football Manager in the first place was because of the introduction of Steam.
  9. It's a piece of software that essentially spys on your activities It's glorified spyware.
  10. I don't have steam. I'm not a gamer, nor will I ever be, so I haven't no desire to be a part of that particular cult. Is there any alternative to steam? I think if you buy a physical copy of a computer game, you should be able to play it out of the box, and whichever way you choose. I'm old fashioned like that.
  11. I can see that. Like a reality show for Football Manager/Football fans. I'd certainly watch it ahead of the real reality shows.
  12. No. I know what he was saying It's an interesting way of playing Football Manager.
  13. Nah. I've seen people play 30+ seasons. What's the difference with playing that amount of seasons, at an accelerated speed, than someone playing a career day-by-day, if it takes the same amount of real time? I see the appeal in playing in on a day by day basis. It would make it more real. As opposed to watching highlights of a match and missing the nuances.
  14. Yeah. Even at my peak I could only fit about one or two matches in per day. Life has gotten in the way for the past decade or so.
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