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FM12 Big Euro Nation: Small Club to Big Club Challenge

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Very nice Twellman, I wish I had some of those youth players to help me out, but mine all just seem a little bit average. I have a pretty strong younger squad mind you and will be looking to the playoffs this season, interested to see how high I can make it.

Edit: And that takes the thread to 2000 replies, awesome work everyone. Absolutely loving the thread this year, 2 completions and a bunch of guys trundling along enjoying each others support.

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el sid - Surely you've got to hang in there until January and the Club World Championship.

dj clark boy - Good luck in Lanzarote. Nice to see another manager out in the islands.

LLR - It's a great thread this year. I put it down to your OP getting everyone involved!

In Lusitania news I've drawn AC Milan in the next round of the Champions League. I don't give myself much hope, but at least it shows progression.

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End Of Season Update 2016/2017

League Table


Player Stats

Cup Fixtures

Russian Cup Final

Champions League Group

Euro Cup Fixtures

A great season regaining the league title and the Russian Cup. Quite easy to win the league with most losses/draws coming after or before the Champions league games mainly resting players. After the early scare to win after extra time in the first cup game was quite easy and was a suprise to be hard in the final but we took our chances and won.

In the Champions League we had a very tough group but saying that they all looked equally hard. Only win vs Sevilla. 2 Draws vs Ajax and a home draw vs United helped get 3rd and make Euro Cup. Tight 2 legs vs Everton but managed to edge it. Heerenveen proved a easier task and allowed me to use young players in the 2nd leg. Juventus were just to good and the squad they have looks very good so no suprise they went on to win the final and beat Man City on the way.





Club Info

Big money spent on experience Russians and a Russian youth prospect also loads spent on Brazilians which is a tip I would give when you can scout the world as seems the most talented players and they are interested to join more than others.

Key Players


Valeriy Babenko


                                    [b][u]Career Overview[/u][/b]

Season      Team        League                          League Finish    Achievements                            
2012/13     FC Chita    Russian First Division           1st             League Champions
2013/14     FC Chita    Russian Premier Division         5th             Euro Cup Qualifiers and Russian Cup Runner-Ups
2014/15     FC Chita    Russian Premier Division         7th             
2015/16     FC Chita    Russian Premier Division         1st             League and Cup Champions
2016/17     FC Chita    Russian Premier Division         1st             League and Cup Champions

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End of Season Report - Novese - 2019/20 (Season 8) - Serie C1A

Serie C1A -


The finances were restructured last season and so with great care and diligence, I attempted to stay within the wage budget. I did so by acquiring a few loan signings for the season. Bari helped out with two more in January.

The league campaign was one of pride but ultimately tainted with regret. We lost just three games in the opening 14 matches and by the turn of the year were leading the league. We'd found our goalscorer in Saponaro and were nicking games by the odd goal.

The second half of the campaign was tougher and we lost a further 5 games as we approached the business end of the season. Our run in the Serie C Cup may have cost us the odd point but overall I felt happy that our focus was on the league.

Progress had been great. We were 2 points clear at the top with 2 to play. Maybe it was the pressure, I don't know but we lost 4-3 at home to struggling Pro Vercelli. The result came out of nowhere really as we'd been tight at the back all year. In our final game, a win would guarantee promotion. Away at mid-table Pisa.

Bad start. 1-0 down after 9 minutes. We rallied to be fair and Saponaro scored to bring us level before half time. But no matter how much we pushed on we couldn't get a winner. Varese meanwhile, won their final game meaning they pipped us to promotion on account of the bloody results against teams rule!

So 2nd. Into the playoffs for the 3rd time in this division. We had the advantage of finishing 2nd, which meant should we draw either the semi-final or final, we'd win on that basis.

The semi-final was a drab affair. Nonetheless we drew 0-0 away at Cuneo, before sneaking a 1-0 win at home. To the final.

Cittadella awaited as we traveled to their neck of the woods first. Every now and again I come up against a side I just cannot figure out. Cittadella ironically were that side. We were dominated away, and at home. Barely had a chance and were lucky to finish as 2-0 aggregate losers. Another year, another near-miss.

Results 1 | Results 2

The Cups:

TIM Cup - pointless again. Out in the first round. Surprisingly, despite setting the bonus scheme to 'low' for the cup competitions we marched all the way to the final of the Serie C Cup! Reggiana had struggled all year and were roundly beaten in the final. Our second trophy :)


Key Men:

[/url] (SW/DC) - rock at the back and won Fans Player of the Year. Bagged a useful 10 goals too.

(DM/MLC) - loaned in from Parma and became an integral part of the team. Although operating in a defensive role he created a good number of goals.

(MC/AMLC/ST) - stepped up to the plate superbly following the sale of Cesena. Played in behind the strikers and contributed 14 goals and 9 assists. Vital.

(AMC/ST) - the man tasked with being our main goalscorer. Came in, scored 21. Job done.

Objectives Complete?

  • Target playoffs

Success. Should have claimed auto promotion, fell into the playoffs, condemned to another year in C1A...

  • Find a goalscorer

Success. Welcome Saponaro.

  • Continue financial prudence

Success. So far so good. Kept us within budget and that should mean we keep our head's above water.


  • Promotion
  • Continue financial prudence

Not the most exciting objectives but we really need to get promotion now. We're so close but another failed season and I could see me having to rebuild. New contracts are becoming more and more expensive.

Overall Best Eleven

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Welsh Wizard - Another nice season there. And third in the CL group is very respectable, nice foundation to build on.

iacovone - That must have been a gutting season. I'm expecting promotion of some sort at the end of next season, probably as champions!

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PRDH - hope so! Can't take much more of this :D

I have faith!

In other news I decided I wanted to pester my board for something. They refused to talk about increasing my youth recruitment network or improving my senior or youth facilities so I, out of more hope than expectation, asked them to build me a new stadium. They agreed! My new ground is due to be completed on 1/7/2026. It is currently 1/2/2024.

It's quite some wait, but hopefully it'll be worth it for a nice new shiny stadium. I don't want to get my hopes up, but I'd like to think they might name it after a club legend. Oh, I don't know, me!

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Peña Sport FC season review 2022/23

League, Past Positions, Finances, transfers


I know I don't usually say a lot about the transfers I make but this season is a bit different. After considering it for a while and realising that he wouldn't actually be getting much game time I took the tough decision ad sold Carl Allen. Allen was well liked by the fans and the decision didn't go down very well but I thought it was the right thing to do. I also sold Koke and Kverkvelia, Koke went as he was going to be left rotting doing nothing while Kverkvelia went due to the fact he was eating up one of my three foreign player slots. neither player going was taken well but I think the replacement players in Jones and Renato as well as the strikers I brought in have done a better job than all three of the players mentioned could have done for us.


The league went very well for us what with managing to take the league title for the second time in our history and beating Real twice and getting two draws against Barcelona. Hopefully next season we can repeat the season but be able to beat Barcelona.


The finances don't look too good but that's due to the fact that the board has just decided to spend £17 million on adding just under 13,000 seats to the stadium.

Champions League

Group Stage

@ Young Boys, vs PSG, @ Man Utd

vs Young Boys, @ PSG, vs Man Utd.

Finally got into the 3rd seed pot for the draw which meant we were supposed to finish 3rd in th egroup. However a good win over Man Utd and a draw which saw us qualify with 2 games left in the group plus a win over PSG plus and beatig Young Boys twice meant we wrapped up first place in the group.

1st Knockout round vs Man City - 4-1 aggregate win Scorers: (A) Morán, Renato, Alvarez (H) Dumont

Quarter Final vs Chelsea - 4-3 aggregate win Scorers: (H) Moran, Lopez, Millán, Jones

Semi Final vs Real Madrid - 2-0 aggregate win Scorers: (H) Millán (A) Fusaro

Final vs A.C. Milan - 2-1 loss Scorer: Lopez

The run through to the final really made it seem as though UEFA had something against this small Spanish club what with ties against Man City, Chelsea and Real Madrid after the group stage. We were lucky to even get to the final and it was only the final wistle in the away tie against Chelsea that gave us a chance to be in the final as I knew we could beat Real. The Final saw Cesc Fabregas play in his last ever game before retiring, unfortunately this fact couldn't inspire us to a victory. I was hopeful after we took the lead but A.C's class showed through as they score two goals after half time to beat us. I have to say getting to the fina is a big boost and shows that we can hang with the big boys but there are some improvements that need to be made.


4th Round vs Castellón - 9-2 aggregate win Scorers: (A) Curbelo, Lopez, Dumont(2), MIllán (H) Morán, Uran, Lopez, Dumont

5th Round vs Barcelona - 3-1 aggregate loss Scorers: (A) Curbelo

Spanish super cup

vs Barcelona

5-2 aggregate loss Scorers: (H) Lopez, (A) Lopez

After a good first game the 2nd leg was basically hell in a foxhole, especially with the back 5 playing badly.

European Super Cup

vs Man City

Lost 2-1 Scorers: Alvarez

We were unlucky to lose this game really as we matched City throughout the game.



Legros - Didn't have the best season but he was still good for us between the sticks.

Salz - Only played in a few games but was okay.


Manangu - The Frenchman had another good year for us and it showed as Pascal Cyan gave him his first France cap.

Renato - A good signing for us and we got him quite cheap as well. he has proved to be a good defender whoever he has partnered with.

Jones - A great signing on a free even if he did spend some time injured. Has split his time between Defence and Midfield.

Drachmann - Another good season from the Dane.

Del Sol - The youngster is being touted as a future star by my coaching staff and from what I've seen he could really be that.

Fusaro - Plyed well especially when he partnered Renato

Miguel - Didn't play badly when he was called upon.

Mustafaraj - A good season spelling Drachmann at left back.


Dumont - A great year for the right winger, all that's missing now is a call up for France

Amara - Was solid in the centre of the park, he bossed a lot of opposition midfielders.

Del Rio - Struggled to get too many games what with injuries and also the way Millán played.

Millán - Although not expecting it he has switched to being a left winger really easily. he also took Del Rio's starting spot.

Fabregas - Didn't play a lot due to his advancing years. Has just retired from the game.

Etxebarria - Played okay but to be honest wasn't up to scratch and may find himself without a club shortly.

Lasa - The young Midfielder played quite well and when needed showed he could do it down the left as well

Alvarez - Had a pretty good year but there was no way he could move Dumont out of the right wing role.

Bird - Didn't play in too many games but looked okay when he did play.


Cruz - Not played in many games but he did play fairly well when he did.

López - Another good year for Lopez as he once again leads our scoring charts.

Moran - Has played fairly well for us and can lead the line despite his young age.

Uran - The young German works well with Morán and I can see the pair of them leading the line for a long time

Curbelo - May not have scored a lot of goals but has played well and created a fair few goals as well.

Season     |  Division           | League Position  |   Copa Del Rey  |       Europe       |    Achievements
2012/13    | 2nd Division B2     |      12th        |      N/A        |        N/A         |      Stayed up
2013/14    | 2nd Division B2     |      1st         |      N/A        |        N/A         |Champions and Promotion
2014/15    | Liga Adelante       |      12th        |     2nd RD      |        N/A         |      Stayed up
2015/16    | Liga Adelante       |      4th         |     4th RD      |        N/A         |      Playoffs
2016/17    | Liga Adelante       |      1st         |     5th RD      |        N/A         |Champions and Promotion
2017/18    |   Liga BBVA         |      11th        |  Quarter Final  |        N/A         |      Stayed up
2018/19    |   Liga BBVA         |      5th         |    Winners      |        N/A         |Cup winners and European qualification
2019/20    |   Liga BBVA         |      3rd         |     5th RD      |Europa league 1st KO|Champions League Qualification
2020/21    |   Liga BBVA         |      1st         |  Quarter Final  |     CL 1st KO      |      [b]Champions[/b] 
2021/22    |   Liga BBVA         |      2nd         |    Winners      |     EL Winners     |Cup and Europa League winners
2022/23    |   Liga BBVA         |      1st         |     5th RD      |   CL Runners Up    |      Champions

The 100 Club

This section will be for those player who gain over 100 appearances and/or goals for the club while under my management. this is League and cup competitions.

Player               |   Apps   |     Goals     | Seasons between |     Note
Javi Jimenez         |   101    |       3       |   2012-2015     |    Retired
Dolly Menga          |   135    |      60       |   2012-2016     |  sold by board
Igotz Garde          |   143    |      13       |  2012-Present   |    Retired
Kurt Weuts           |   270    |     101       |   2013-2021     |    Retired
Txitxo               |   108    |       2       |   2012-2016     |    Retired
Bidari               |   206    |      24       |  2013-Present   | Released on a free
Yeray Soto           |   108    |       0       |   2012-2016     |    Retired
Juanma               |   165    |       7       |   2012-2018     | Retired now a scout
Carlos Garde         |   152    |      10       |   2012-2017     |Wouldn't sign new contract
Jorgito              |   119    |      12       |   2014-2017     |Wouldn't sign new contract
Felipe               |   212    |       1       |   2014-2022     | Released on a free
Nacho Gómez          |   119    |      13       |   2013-2017     |Wouldn't sign new contract      
Alejo Diego Puente   |   167    |      15       |  2013-Present   |
Nenê                 |   137    |      17       |   2014-2018     |Sold to Zenit for £6.25 million
Carl Allen           |   296    |      47       |  2015-2022      |Sold to Osasuna for £500k
Sten Drachmann       |   334    |       0       |  2015-Present   |
Óscar Kortina        |   115    |      12       |   2012-2019     | Released on a free
Jérémy Roland        |   236    |      22       |  2015-Present   |
Mathias Legros       |   348    |       0       |  2016-Present   | 
Jean-Jacques Dumont  |   255    |      48       |  2016-Present   |
Ignacio Etxebarria   |   161    |       3       |  2012-Present   |
Antonio Pérez Postigo|   119    |      26       |   2016-2021     | Released on a free
Solomon Kverkvelia   |   161    |       9       |   2018-2022     | Went to Espanyol for £0
Francisco Manuel Cruz|   196    |      65       |  2018-Present   |
Nicolás López        |   206    |      113      |  2018-Present   |
Koke                 |   107    |       0       |  2018-Present   |Went to Recreativo for £0
Tiago Duque          |   114    |       5       |   2017-2022     |Accepted mutual termination
Pablo Alvarez        |   112    |      22       |  2018-Present   |
Miguel               |   163    |      12       |  2019-Present   |
Diego Fusaro         |   175    |      11       |  2018-Present   |
Vivaldy Manangu      |   182    |       2       |  2019-Present   |
Pablo Alvarez        |   196    |      37       |  2018-Present   |
Aitor Del Rio        |   137    |      10       |  2016-Present   |
Fernando Millán      |   115    |      35       |  2020-Present   |
Hichem Amara         |   104    |       6       |  2021-Present   |

Previous Years











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Iacovone: Soooo close, hard luck on missing promotion again, hopefully it comes off better next season.

Almondo: Oooooh that was damned close, you nearly made our third completion of the thread. Good Luck in the new season and hopefully you can bring it home.

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I couldn't figure out why there had been so many updates recently, and then I realised, ah it's Christmas over there. Anyway....

El Sid - That's seems a lot of money for a little (of) stadium. Perhaps each seat reclines and has its own computer terminal with the lyrics to whichever song is currently being sung.

Sie sind Scheiße und Sie wissen, dass Sie

Have you considered where you might manage next?

Almondo - Unlucky. hopefully you'll be back in the final next year

iacovone - commiserations. Hope it all comes together next season. I'm glad you think things are heading in the right direction. One more push.

Welsh wizard - In a previous post I predicted that you would be the first to achieve the challenge this year, a prophesy you somewhat undermined when you seemed to stop playing the game, but good luck in being the first to ever crack Russia.

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El Sid - That's seems a lot of money for a little (of) stadium. Perhaps each seat reclines and has its own computer terminal with the lyrics to whichever song is currently being sung.

Sie sind Scheiße und Sie wissen, dass Sie

Have you considered where you might manage next?

Haha :thup: Looking at Atletico Madrid atm, although nothing is decided yet

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Pretty much rushed through this season to get to December quickly, and our form in other competitions did not suffer. Sitting top of the table after 16 games (14W 1D 1L), 4 points ahead of Bayern Munich (who who beat 4-0 in the league). Qualified 1st from our CL group, and been drawn against Roma in the first knockout round. Then came the Club World Championship..

CWC Semi-Final

CWC Final - Bit one sided, yeah? ;)


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Vikeologist’s 2020/2021 End of Season Report



Season             League            Pos           Cups                      Europe     Achievements
2012/13            Sc Div 3          1st           No comment                n/a        Manager of the Year
2013/14            Sc Div 2          1st           Challenge Cup Finalists   n/a        Manager of the Year
2014/15            Sc Div 1          3rd           CC Winners & SC Final     qual       None
2015/16            Sc Div 1          2nd           CC & SC Winners, LC R/U   EC 3Q      Manager of the Year
2016/17            Sc Div 1          1st           Challenge Cup Winners     EC 4Q      Manager of the Year
2017/18            Sc Prem           5th           LC Final                  qual       None
2018/19            Sc Prem           7th           LC Winners                EC R2      Manager of the Year 
2019/20            Sc Prem           1st           SC Winners, LC R/U        n/a        Manager of the Year
2020/21            Sc Prem           1st           SC & LC Winners           EC Winners Manager of the Year



Transfers We signed Kristian Rowberry on a free transfer. He'd scored quite few goals for Hearts. I wonder what happened this season when he played for the best team in Scotland and then also signed Claudio Bargas for a huge fee midway through the season, just to choke those last few gasps of hope from the domestic competition.

We won everything.

Not the Champions League, but finishing third in our group steered us towards the Euro Cup.

League – We won with 9 games to go; including a 20 game winning streak which only came to an end when we had a league tie 2 days before a Euro Cup fixture, so I sent out the players who weren’t in our European selection; youngsters, veterans, vetenarians – anybody I could find wandering near the training ground who wasn’t too fat to squeeze themselves into a team jersey. It didn’t matter. By that point my first team (who were constantly in danger of being jaded because of fixture overload) mostly just turned up for the Cups. We were miles ahead at New Year when I splashed out £7.5 mill on a world class goalie. Of course he has spent most of his games with us leaning against his goalposts doing crosswords, but on those rare occasions when, for instance, one of those Glasgow upstart sides had the temerity to actually try a shot on goal, he was usually up to the job.

League Cup – I mostly play my reserves in this, but this was the first time they had actually won it. (The previous time we’d won it I’d used my first team).

Champions League – We were seeded fourth, so were inevitably in quite a strong group; AC Milan, Lyon and Stuttgart. We were unlucky in our first 3 games, and picked up a single point. We won our next 2 games (this time with a bit of luck on our side) but that meant that we needed to win our final game away to Lyon. With 8 minutes to go it was 1-1, so I decided to send on an extra striker (for a defender). We scored before he could even get on the pitch, but there was no way of cancelling the substitution. I immediately tried to send on an extra defender, but they equalised before I could do that, and then of course I couldn’t cancel that substitution either. Anyway, I wasn’t too disappointed as we stood no chance of winning the Champions league; whereas the Euro Cup? Stranger things have happened!

Euro Cup – We had quite a tough couple of matches in the first knock out round against Shakhtar, but after that Liverpool, Saint-Etienne and Aston Villa didn’t pose us a lot of problems. Villa were the only one we didn’t beat in both matches, (a 2-2 away draw at their gaff).

In the Final against Feyenoord was a bit tougher, chiefly because 6 of our top 7 strikers either were injured or hadn’t been chosen for the European squad. The one remaining striker scored the only goal of the match, after which we shut up shop. Job done! Quite nice, because I really doubt we’ll ever have another Euro Cup fixture.

Scottish Cup- The final match of the season. I collected the first team from the pub where they had been celebrating the Euro Cup win for the last few days to deal with the formality of beating Dundee Utd ion the final. In the first half it looked as though I should have taken a more disciplined approach and we went in at half time 1-0 down. I sent on my start striker, Kristin Rowberry, who had the day before started training after a fairly long-term injury, and he scored straight away. Good job too because by the time he’d finished celebrating his goal he was the most knackered player on the pitch. The rest of the lads finished Utd off though 2-1.

So look guys – we win a lot of cups. 14 cup finals in the last 7 seasons. I promise you, I don’t cheat or reload. The thing is that I save the really inspirational team talks for the big matches – like cups. I don’t know if that’s manipulating the game code. I think that’s what a real manager would do. The fact is that my teams in this save have just been really good at cups, and if I see in a scouting report that a player doesn’t like big matches I might shy away. Also I like my players to have very high determination. After all, I have to buy them when all they have is potential which I need them to realise.

Things seem to have moved on quickly in just a couple of seasons. 2 years ago we managed to end up in 7th. Next season I will be surprised if any Scottish team beats us in any competition. We’d only lost 1 domestic game all season before I started rotating the squad in the final couple of games.

The question is, how will we do in the Champions League next season? Are we good enough already, or will we get our butts kicked. In reality our Champions League group was comparatively easy this year. It just wasn’t easy enough for us.

Anyway, we’re having a new stadium built. It’s not going to be named after me. The key question is where will it be; Stenhousemuir or Falkirk? It doesn’t matter. Either way those gullible South Americans will believe me when I show them pictures of sun-drenched beaches packed with beautiful women, and tell them that’s where we’re from.

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AS Cannes End of Season Report 2013/2014

League Table



Had a great season that went far beyond my expectations. We started off with 5 straight wins in the league and were top of the table. We stayed top for the rest of the season with 5 or 6, 5 game unbeaten runs. We had a good cup run and eventually went out losing 1-0 at home to Marseille (no disgrace in that).

We started to scout acoss Europe and have found some very good youngsters. Hopefully we will have enough funds available to acquire some of this talent. I have decided that I am going to try and only spend transfer fees on players below 21 and gain experienced players through the free transfer market.

Target for next season is to survive but I believe we could win a cup or make a run for Europe through the league.

Year   Div           Pos        Cups                     Achieved                  
2013  National     1st                             Promotion to Ligue 2                                
2014  Ligue 2      1st        Qtr of French Cup    Promotion to Ligue 1

Really enjoying the challenge and reading all the posts. :)

Just had my stadium expanded to comply with league regulations, great! It just put me £7.5 million in debt !!!

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Good luck iacovone. I know how much of a drag c1 can be, but I feel slightly bad having made it out at my first attempt at the playoffs.

How are your finances coping? Mine were rubbish in c1, it took nearly £1m a year from my board to keep me afloat. Luckily they're quite a giving bunch of directors...

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End of Season Report - Novese - 2020/21 (Season 9) - Serie C1A

Serie C1A -


Guess where we finished? 2nd! That's right, once again we missed out on winning the league by the smallest margin. I blame the start of the season. We lost 3 league games in a row and were slow to get going largely because of injuries to our first choice centre-back and right-back. Once we did get going though we looked a million Euros! Unless Rosati or Saponaro got sent off (twice each this year).

Still, we did get going eventually and bar the odd slip up, looked dead certs for the top 5.

Saponaro's goals were essential to our progress but they could not have dried up at a worse time. We faced league-leaders Verona at home 4 games from the end of the season. We were a point behind them. We lost 1-0. Failing to score at home is criminal and it really let us down. From here it was a rocky end to the season and although we smashed Spezia 5-0 in the final game, promotion was out of our hands and Pisa gained automatic promotion.

Soooo...off to the playoffs for the fourth time! We had Venezia at home, a side we'd beaten 3-0 at home and drawn 0-0 away. In other words, we were big favourites and had yet to concede a goal.

The first leg was at their place and despite dominating the first half (they didn't have a shot, we had 13), we simply decided we weren't that bothered about promotion. We somehow contrived to lose 4-0 !!! Honestly, I've never been left so deflated by a match on FM. This was the season I'd earmarked as the one we had to gain promotion in. We had flopped in the playoffs again. The second leg was a waste of time anyway as Saponaro took out the entire frustrations of anyone associated with Novese by two-footing someone ten minutes into the game. Our ten men lost 2-0 to complete a 6-0 drubbing. :(

Results 1 | Results 2

The Cups:

TIM Cup - pointless. Serie C Cup - just as pointless now. We've won it twice, it just disrupts the league campaign.


Key Men:

Robert Stroh (D/WBL) - signed in the summer on a free transfer to replace Dupont who was sold to Grosseto. He looks every bit as good and the assman has been raving about his progress all year.

Davide Ricci (DM/MLC) - somehow managed to get him back on loan for the year from Parma. He's far too good for this level so I don't expect we'll see him at Novese again. Still, he put a shift in this season.

Pietro Saponaro (AMC/ST) - set a new goalscoring record for Novese and won the top goalscorer award in the league. Also managed to take home the coveted Fans Player of the Year trophy. Very good striker.

Squad Stats


Objectives Complete?

  • Promotion

Failed. 2nd again. Playoff defeat again. Really not sure how much more I can take of C1A!!

  • Continue financial prudence

Success. We end the season in the black! Some turnaround. Now to keep us here.


  • Promotion
  • Continue financial prudence
  • Rebuild the squad

As stated last year, I've no choice but to rebuild this squad now. There were too many fringe players hanging around on massive money. So we wave goodbye to good servants such as Cianci, Caputo, Monetta, Wagner and Scalia. The plan is obviously promotion but firstly it will be sensible spending. We have about 10k p/w to spend on the budget which is phenomenal news, I just need to be wise with it. I've also been given a transfer budget of £50k! We have a new chairman too - an internal takeover, nothing dramatic.

Overall Best Eleven

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Good luck iacovone. I know how much of a drag c1 can be, but I feel slightly bad having made it out at my first attempt at the playoffs.

How are your finances coping? Mine were rubbish in c1, it took nearly £1m a year from my board to keep me afloat. Luckily they're quite a giving bunch of directors...

No offence but I hate you. ;)

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Des Tiny's AD Parla


Pre-Season 2016/17

Liga Adelante

September 1st Update v2.0

The Transfers

In Brief

In: 5 Players (€14k)

Out: 10 Players (€74k)

Loans: 3 Players (€4k)

Wages Total: €23,630 (p/w)

Wage Budget: €24,153 (p/w)

Remaining Transfers: €29

New Signings

First Team

Robert Milano (DRC) - I needed some cover, and that is the job he will provide. Our second best right back will be able to help Varela a lot.

Ignjac Ivanic (DL) - The new recruit will be jumping in at left back from the start of the season in a battle against Rebocho.

Erwan Briand (AMC/ST) - It was going to be a battle to be alongside Herlein in the squad, but he looks to have defeated Paulinho.

Federico Gigli (ML) - Kuru wants to leave, but the hunt for a replacement left wing is hard, so I bought in Gigli as a possible cover.


Patxi Bengoetxea (AMC/MC) - The youngster is a good looking prospect.

Transfers Out

First Team

Anthony Marin (Free)

JF Aranda (22k)

Ricardo Martinelli (12k)

Nicolas Morel (10k)

Nuno Malheiro (30k)

The Friendlies


Well we went out there and just showcased ourselves during the preseason, scored some goals, and the best result being the one against Vicenza.

Liga Adelante

21.08 vs Celta 4:0

Briand (10), Ozlu (33,48), Herlein (35)

We were expected to lose heavily here, but I sent the boys out with some encouragement and lo & behold it worked. A three nil halftime lead was great, but when Ozlu knocked home his second and Delgado got his third assist we were away and then it was just about holding on.

26.08 at Tenerife 3:4

Kuru (17), Paulinho (64), Briand (71)

I was in serious trouble at 3:0, we got another back and then they scored. At 4:1 I figured it was game over, but I decided to go all out and brought on a third striker in Paulinho. It resulted in us scoring a couple more goals and having numerous attempts, but we were never going to make it back and suffered defeat against the newly promoted team.

The Team

So without Further ado, here is the team I expect to lead Parla in the Liga Adelante this season:

GK: Cappellari

DR: Varela, DC: Lopez & Ozlu, DL: Ivanic

DM: Guillou

MR: Lopez, MC: Delgado, ML: Kuru

ST: Herlein, Briand

I have made a few changes this season, Varela, Lopez & Ivanic join the back line, Lopez & Delgado step up in the middle and Briand replaces Paulinho upfront. Delgado is getting a shot first because Gomes looks to be wanting to leave and his contract is up at the end of the season. If I can manage to keep him Gomes may stick around, but the chance to see one of my Youth Players in the team is too much to turn down.

Season tickets have dropped to 2916 this season, but that was to be expected when we currently only have a 3600 seat stadium (6000 by end of season) as opposed to the 15000 seater we spent most of last season in. Hoping for a few more upgrades because really its just not big enough for a club growing as fast as we are.

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Elgin City - 2020/21 – Season 9(Jimbowmanuk)

Media Prediction: 2nd

Actual finish: 1st

Season Tickets: 2514(+370)


Signed a good DC from Hibs, but my big signing came in January when I splashed the cash to bring Zannoni from Fiorentina to help with the European push


The board wanted me to win the league, and I only achieved it on the last day with a 3-1 win against Hibs, the league played second fiddle to Europe and as the season neared the end I was in danger of throwing it away but the team held their nerve in the end to give me my 3rd title in a row.

Fixtures 1

Fixtures 2

Scottish Cup

The board were expecting us to reach the semi-final

The 4th round drew us against lower opposition in the form of Ayr Utd and we won easily, 2-0 to set up a match against East Fife, also of lower division. We struggled to a 1-0 win. The quarter-finals pitted us against a rejuvenated Rangers side and we narrowly won this 2-1. Hibernian stood between us and our 3rd final in as many years, and I'm pleased to say it wasn't really a contest a 4-1 victory sending us to Hampden. Hoping for 3rd time lucky we played League Runners-up Aberdeen, and for the 3rd season in a row we lost the final, after a 2-2 draw the game went to penalties and the Dons were lethal winning 5-3.

League Cup

Board wanted us to reach the semi-final

Having dominated this competition for the last few years, we continued to look for glory and a 2-0 3rd round victory against East Fife showed that the team still reguarded this Cup as Important, unfortunatley in the quarter-final Celtic seemed to want it more and put us out with 3-2 win.

Champions Cup

Board expected us to reach the Third Qualifying stage, and with Scotland's co-efficient dropping we had to qualify for the groups the hard way. HJK of Finland were 1st up and a 5-1 home win followed up by a 4-0 away put us through to the play-off round. Ekranas of Lithuania stood between us and the groups, but they didn't stand for long a 6-2 aggregate victory put us in the group draw. The draw threw up a tough group, Real Madrid, Inter Milan and Copenhagen. A 4-1 defeat at Home by Real had me thinking the Euro Cup was to aim for after xmas, but then we travelled to the San Siro finding ourselves 3-1 down the team suddenly started playing great and the finishing was spot on to give us a 5-3 victory, the 2 matches against Copenhagen went to plan winning 3-1 and 2-0. Then off to Madrid where we were once again beaten 4-1. Inter came to Scotland and went home disappointed a magnificent 4-0 win to put us through to the knockout stages, Borough Briggs proving to be a place where we could score goals. The 1st round draw pitted us against Liverpool and we stunned then at home 3-1, the trip to Anfield was more of a nervous affair as we found ourselves 6-2 up on aggregate after 35 mins but with 20 minutes to go we only led 6-5 luckily the defence kept Liverpool at bay and we went through to the quarter-finals and a meeting with Real Madrid. The 1st leg in Spain had us under heavy pressure and we went down 2-1, giving me hope that we could maybe sneak a result at home. For some reason at home the team plays really well, maybe the 9040 fans intimidate the big teams of Europe as we couldn't miss the net winning 5-2 going through to the semi-finals 6-4 on aggregate. Roma came to Borough Briggs for the 1st leg and suffered the same fate as Madrid as we won 5-2, the return leg was another story however but the strikers found the net even though the defence was posted missing, losing 5-3 but going through 8-7 on aggregate. Arsenal stood between Elgin and European glory. Arsenal scored twice in the 1st half so I had my work cut out but some inspiring words at half-time made the difference, Zannoni pulled 1 back before Guinchard chipped the keeper to force extra-time. A poor clearance from the Gunners Keepers went straight to Kostic who only had an empty to goal to aim for. Guinchard was put through to round off the scoring and make Elgin City

Champions Cup Champions



A good solid season from the squad, no real faults so I'll be trying to keep them on

Season League Finish Cups Europe Achievements
2012/13 Third Division 1st SC 4th round, LC 2nd Round, LCC 1st round N/A Promoted!!
2013/14 Second Division 1st SC 4th round, LC 2nd Round, LCC 2nd round N/A Promoted!!
2014/15 First Division 4th SC 4th round, LC 3rd Round, LCC Semi-final N/A Nothing of note
2015/16 First Division 1st SC 5th round, LC 3rd round, LCC 1st round N/A Promoted!!
2016/17 Premier Division 8th SC Winner, LC runner-up N/A Won the Scottish Cup and qualified foe Europe
2017/18 Premier Division 2nd SC 4th round, LC Winner EC 4th qual round Won the league cup and qualified for champions cup
2018/19 Premier Division 1st SC R/U, LC Winner CC Group stage, EC 2nd K/O round Domestic Double
2019/20 Premier Division 1st SC R/U, LC Winner CC Group stage, EC 1st K/O round Domestic Double
2020/21 Premier Division 1st SC R/U, LC Quarter-finals CC Winners Champions Cup Winners, Challenge complete.

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JimbowmanUK - congrats. Season 9 and you've had 3 promotions, won 4 domestic cups, 2 SPL titles and the Champions League.

My season 9 paled in comparison! :D

vikeologist & others - thanks for the sympathy. This squad is actually looking better than any before. But I say that tentatively...please no curse...please.

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Cheers, I've decided to add the Italian, Spanish and English top divisions, going to ask for a new stadium and give the ultimatum that i'll walk if i dont get it, then maybe try and win the Champions Cup with another team from another nation. Also I'm looking towards the possibility of international Management now.

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Congrats Jimbowman, an awesome effort there with Elgin, delighted to see a Scottish team make it through and win the Champions League.

Thanks, decided to take the USA job and resigned from Elgin, but i'll be tracking them to see if the new manager can do as good a job as me

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Thanks, decided to take the USA job and resigned from Elgin, but i'll be tracking them to see if the new manager can do as good a job as me

Excellent, good luck with USA, please continue to post in here, will be delighted to follow the epic story with the American National team as well.

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Excellent, good luck with USA, please continue to post in here, will be delighted to follow the epic story with the American National team as well.

I'll post short summaries at the end of seasons, possibly give a wee run down of how Elgins doing too. I will say though that I was thrown straight into the Gold Cup when I took over and managed to win it, so I am very confident of qualifying for the World Cup

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iacovone - seriously unlucky again mate... SURELY next year will be the year....

jimbowmanuk - congratulations on completion and good luck with the USA job. looking forward to hearing how you get on.

Randy Palmer - crikey, you're flying mate... good luck in Ligue 1 next season.

let me take this opportunity to wish all you players a happy new year and all the best for 2012. hope it gives you everything you want - and a challenge completion!! :)

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Happy New Year to you to El Sid & Rlips.

I am loving my Parla game at the moment, Herlein has made it to 113 goals in 132 matches (110 in 130 League) and just seems able to keep scoring at will. Hoping it can continue as I would love to see him become a club legend as we move up. Also Delgado has moved into the first XI with 1 Goal & 5 assists in 5 matches so far in the new season, he looks likely to become my best ever youth product.

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End of Season Update - 2014/2015 - Alicante Club de Fútbol

Media Prediction - 8th

Actual Position - 1st - Graph

Finances - Overall

League:- Fixtures 1 - Fixtures 2

I fully expected thus to gain promotion after just missing out last season but with the loss of our 40+ goal a season striker being sold by the board i was abit optimistic, i replaced him with to new forwards and signed players where i could.

Didnt do anything special in the cup as i was focused on the league.

Abit of a poor short update but i finished this season along time ago and i cant remember much, sorry!

Players: Players 1


Next Season Aims:

  • Avoid relegation.
  • Avoid relegation.
  • Avoid relegation.

  Season   |    Division    |  Position  |   Comments

[left] 2012/2013  |   Segunda B3   |    3rd     |
2013/2014  |  Liga Adelante |    4th     |  Lost in Play-Off Final
2014/2015  |  Liga Adelante |    1st     |[/left]

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So after a bit of time away I've decided to come back and participate again. I have holidayed again in Russia because I feel I had unfinished business there, and this time I went for a bit more colour than the black and white of Torpedo Armavir and taken over Astrakhan FC.


Manager Profile

Manager Info

Club Overview

Club Info


Hopefully I can rekindle the fun I was having in this challenge before the save was corrupted.

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