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  1. Kettering Town F.C. - Vanarama National League South 2017-18 Table ¦ Past Positions Graph ¦ Player Stats ¦ FA Cup Results ¦ FA Trophy Results Squad ¦ Transfers ¦ Finances Loads of players in and out. Everyone who came in were on Non-contracts so financially I was fine to have a large squad but the non-contracts on the original players did not help as most of the players transferred out to teams were starters at the time. Financially we are in a good position and are making a small profit each month which is very rare at this stage for me in this challenge. 442 was the go to formation for most of the season but I did toy with my preferred 4123 DM wide and would of likely used it if I could find a suitable DM and LW as I'm not conformable with a 442 these days. In the Cup we progressed well but disappointed we couldn't get further in the FA cup to get a big tie but Harrogate proved too strong on the day. The big test next season will be to hold on to the players Already lost two GKs and a RM since our last game. I would like to keep most on non-contracts but I may need to hand part time deals out if teams come calling and I can get players to accept . Going to be in another different stadium again next season while work is done on our stadium. Season ¦ League ¦ Position ¦ Achievements ------------¦-------------------¦-----------¦------------------------ 2017/18 ¦ Vanarama South ¦ 1st ¦ League Champions
  2. Couldn't load my first attempt(forgot to have multiple saves ) so started again. Kettering appeared again after a new career and holiday so went with them again as only Merthyr Town the only targeted team. Here is my Manager profile and I should have a end of season update done sometime today.
  3. Going of the rules mainly the following bits I think it is fine. The extra levels of detail that you can change while in the game are up to you, as they shouldn't make a difference. you have the option of loading whatever leagues you like at the start and throughout the game @Scab @XaW @LedleykingWell done on Promotion
  4. I aim to play a similar way and have had success in the lower levels. Key is to get the best out of the players you have which is why I normally have a huge turnover of players early on in the LLM challenges as I prefer to have a tactic and style and then get players that suit. This may not be the best way for success but as the seasons go by I do make changes if we are the weaker team but I try to stick close to my preferred style and largely just lowing the risks taken. The main thing I take from the comparison is what my players are good at and what are they bad at relative to that level rather than the small difference in averages as it gives me a starting point.
  5. I will have a solid attempt at this challenge sometime this year. Seeing my eos report on FM12 with FC Chita bring great memories back just wish the screenshots where still around I really should of stored stuff like that. Currently attempting Dafuge and with less time restraints than past years I should be able to go deep with both. Italy and Holland are my main choices currently but going back to Russia for a real test is very tempting. I will follow this thread in the meantime
  6. Manager Profile - Club Info - Facilities Really wanted Merthyr Town but after countless reloads I had to get started so went with Kettering Town. They have decent facilities for the level and are not in a bad financial state(give us a few months). The squad needs more depth and quality to achieve anything more than a bottom half finish so I have appointed Chris Brindley and Lee Hendrie as Assistant Manager and Chief Scout respectively to mainly help with that. The plan was to build a team around Rene Howe but he wants to leave for a better team and is unhappy at the moment so more than likely there will be the usual major turnover of players as I start from scratch.
  7. Good luck to recent starters of the challenge nice to see some familiar participants from past years. Been a few years since I completed this challenge so hopefully can give it a good go this year. No luck getting Merthyr Town after hours of trying so might have to settle on another team soon. @Scab Good first season despite the run at the end to put a stop to any play-off ideas. The wage budget increasing despite the finances is interesting.
  8. @TheEarl Took myself awhile to work it out but you delete English and start to type what you want instead of the old drop down.
  9. @Scab Connolly and Staunton look like good pick-ups as do the staff. Shame about the long term injury. Hopefully the confidence gained from the pre-season can give you a great start in the league. @@brenosantos Good luck for the season.
  10. Thanks. Keep us updated on how it goes. I'm going to have a similar goal and try to have lesser activity in the transfer market than I usually do and bring the youth players through as much as I can. Well done on the very good seasons with Ajax especially the early champions league win. Feel free to post as little or as much as you like. I would be very interest in your players that have come through the youth system, some of your sales of the starting squad or some big profits you made on buys. Would love to see how the current squad is develop and used by people, especially Bazoer, Nunnely, Riedeweld, van de Beek and Nouri.
  11. Squad Analysis Goalkeepers In Jasper Cillessen you have the best goalkeeper in the Eredivise and NT number 1. Interest will come and the time may come to cash in but in the meantime Cillessen is a very strong starter. Diederik Boer is a good enough back-up, is happy enough to be in that role and can be used as a tutor for the youngsters. Boer could be sold if you have faith in the younger players to be able to do the back-up role early on. The other Goalkeepers in the club are all very similar, young and unlikely to reach Cillessen's level. Peter Leeuwenburgh and André Onana seem to be closer to the first team and could fill the back-up role if Boer is offloaded. Jeffrey de Lange seems to have the highest potential and has the best chance at being able to take the starting role in the future. Jasper Cillessen - Diederik Boer - Peter Leeuwenburgh - André Onana - Jeffrey de Lange Conclusion:- With Cilessen you have a great situation in the GK position. The rest are all good back-up and Jeffrey de Lange has the potential to challenge with Cilessen for the spot or become a Ajax number 1 in time. Adding another young prospect to the mix is a option down the line or hope that the academy can produce one is the plan I would look to unless a good ofter comes and in and a top GK is needed to replace Cilessen. Full Backs On the right side you have Kenny Tete and Ricardo van Rhijn battling it out for the stating role both near the top in the Eredivise. Tete is the long term solution with his superior potential but van Rhijn offers something different and could be used as a more attacking option currently. Darren Sidoel, Leeroy Owusu and Teun van Zweeden look most likely out of the other options to be potentially developed in to first team members. The left side has Mitchell Dijks and Nicolai Boilesen as the main options which are also right near the top as Eredivise players in their position. Dijks just edges it as he is a more rounded player. Versatile Nick Viergever can be a good defensive option at LB, CB and DM. Mauro Savastano has the potential to develop in to a usable attacking option. Kenny Tete - Ricardo van Rhijn - Darren Sidoel - Teun van Zweeden - Leeroy Owusu - Mitchell Dijks - Nicolai Boilesen - Nick Viergever - Mauro Savastano Conclusion:- Both Fullback positions are great for the long term and right at the top in the Eredivise. Best option is to try and keep hold of them and be on the lookout for young prospects or hope the academy can produce the future players if the time comes to sell. Time is definitely on your side with this position unless pressured in to a sale. Nicolai Boilesen expires at the end of the season so he needs a new deal unless a cheaper/better option is available and the sale of Boilesen is possible. Center Backs Joël Veltman and Jairo Riedewald could be your main pairing for years to come with their decent defensive attributes and ability on the ball with Riedewald having the potential to be one of the best Dutch Defender of all time and could play LB if required. Mike van der Hoorn is a nice big body option to have but will always lack the on-ball quality required to be a starter at Ajax. Matthijs de Ligt looks most likely out of the younger players to be able to develop in to a player able to break the main pairing up. Joël Veltman - Jairo Riedewald - Mike van der Hoorn - Matthijs de Ligt Conclusion:- With Joël Veltman and Jairo Riedewald you fine for the long term and have good enough backups or maybe better options if some players are chosen to be move here. Be on the lookout for young prospects or hope the academy can produce the future players. Center Midfields Riechedly Bazoer looks the most suited to the holding mid role if playing the Ajax way with 433 but will surely offer more in a CM role with more freedom and has the potential to be one of the worlds best midfielders. Thulani Serero is the other main option for the holding role and will put in a shift and use his mobility to link defence and attack. Nick Viergever and Jairo Riedewald are also other options. The future is very bright for the holding role with Donny van de Beek, Carel Eiting, Nathan Leyder, Frenkie de Jong and Noa Lang all looking great prospects and could fill the DM and other CM slots in the future. Davy Klaassen and Nemanja Gudelj can fill the 2 CM slots with Lasse Schöne and Daley Sinkgraven providing competition for the slots as well as being able to play outwide. When Lucas Andersen returns from his loan he will also offer competition and is also a option outwide. It is pretty tight to say what is the best pairing as all are great options. Abdelhak Nouri and Francesco Antonucci are the future for the more attacking roles. Riechedly Bazoer - Thulani Serero - Donny van de Beek - Carel Eiting - Nathan Leyder Noa Lang - Davy Klaassen - Nemanja Gudelj - Lasse Schöne - Daley Sinkgraven - Lucas Andersen - Abdelhak Nouri - Francesco Antonucci - Frenkie de Jong Conclusion:- A very strong position. Maybe a better player for DM could be brought in to fill the gap while the younger players develop and allow Bazoer to play more in CM. But main thing is to be on the lookout for young prospects or hope the academy can produce the future players. Wingers Viktor Fischer and Anwar El Ghazi are the more rounded options for the wingers and near the best in the Eredivise. Fischer is more suited to the Left side cutting in and El Ghazi more the right side as with most players at Ajax can play in other positions to good level such as Striker. Amin Younes offers a smaller frame and could play either side. As mentioned above Daley Sinkgraven, Lucas Andersen and Lasse Schöne are options as well. Abdelhak Nouri could be a prospect if developed for the winger role. Che Nunnely, Vaclav Cerny, Kasper Dolberg, Gino Dekker, Robert Muric, Justin Kluivert all have enough potential to become Ajax regulars in the future and could offer something different from each other if developed well with Che Nunnely looking the most promising. Viktor Fischer - Anwar El Ghazi - Amin Younes - Che Nunnely - Vaclav Cerny - Kasper Dolberg - Gino Dekker - Robert Muric - Justin Kluivert Conclusion:- Again a very strong position. Loads of good players who offer different things and are versatile with great potential. Be on the lookout for young prospects or hope the academy can produce the future players as no signings are needed. Strikers Arkadiusz Milik and Richairo Zivkovic are the main strikers. Milik is a well rounded forward and Zivkovic is the very pacy option. There is loads of options with most of the wingers and a few of the CMs able to play Striker. Arkadiusz Milik - Richairo Zivkovic Conclusion:- Nice to have two different types of strikers. Loads of players able to play this position if needed so back-up is fine and if you want to use more than one ST you should have enough options. Be on the lookout for young prospects or hope the academy can produce the future players no signings are needed Potential Formation and Line-up
  12. History Ajax was founded in Amsterdam on 18 March 1900. The club achieved promotion to the highest level of Dutch football in 1911. The move to the first division did not last long though as just three seasons later the club was relegated for the first and only time in its illustrious history. Their first major success came in 1917, winning the KNVB Beker, the Netherlands' national cup. The following season, Ajax became national champion for the first time. The club defended its title in 1918–19, becoming the only team to achieve an unbeaten season in the Netherlands Football League Championship. Throughout the 1920s, Ajax was a strong regional power, winning the Eerste Klasse West division in 1921, 1927 and 1928, but could not maintain its success at national level. This changed in the 1930s, with the club winning five national championships (1931, 1932, 1934, 1937, 1939), making it the most successful Dutch team of the decade.The 1930's were also a special decade for the club as in 1934 they moved into what would become known as "De Meer." Their new stadium where which legends would be born. It was there that Ajax would call home fore over 60 years and be the place that the club would come to dominate Dutch football and grow into a power across Europe. Ajax won its second KNVB Cup in 1942–43, and an eighth Dutch title in 1946–47, the last season the club was managed by Englishman Jack Reynolds, who, up to this point, had overseen all of its national championship successes as well as its 1917 KNVB Cup win. Reynolds and his revolutionary training methods built the foundation for what has now become the world famous Ajax Youth Training Program. Jack Reynolds - Manager of Ajax Amsterdam from 1915–1925, 1928–1940, and 1945–1947 In 1965, Rinus Michels, who had played for the club between 1946 and 1958, was appointed manager of Ajax, implementing his philosophy of Total Football Outfield players in Total football could typically play anywhere, so you would often see defenders attacking, or attackers tracking back. This style of play relied heavily on a loose 4-3-3, with one defensive midfielder, wing backs who made overlapping runs, wingers that could beat their man both inside and outside and a striker that would occasionally drop deep to create more room for other players. Total football went on to become a world staple. The Dutch national teams of 1974 and 1978 showed the world how devastating innovations such as the offside trap, overlapping runs and frequent roaming from position could be. In modern times, Barcelona and the Spanish national team have recreated and improved upon this concept, resulting in a tremendous run of form in the past ten years. . In 1964 Johan Cruyff, who would go on to become the greatest Dutch footballer of all time, made his debut. Between them, Michels and Cruyff led Ajax through the most successful period in its history, winning seven Eredivisie titles, four KNVB Cups and three European Cups. Rinus Michels - Manager of Ajax from 1965–1971 and 1974-1975 The 1970–71 season saw Ajax retain the KNVB Cup and reach the 1971 European Cup Final, where they beat Panathinaikos 2–0 with goals from Dick van Dijk and Arie Haan to become continental champions for the first time, with Cruyff being named European Footballer of the Year. After this success, Michels departed to become manager of FC Barcelona and was replaced by the Romanian Ștefan Kovács. In Kovács' first season, Ajax completed a treble of the European Cup, the Eredivisie and a third consecutive KNVB Cup. The following season, the team beat Argentine club Independiente to win the 1972 Intercontinental Cup and retained their Eredivisie and European Cup titles, becoming the first club to win three consecutive European Cups since Real Madrid in the 1950s. In 1973, Michels' Barcelona broke the world transfer record to bring Cruyff to Catalonia. Kovács also departed to become manager of the France national football team signalling the end of this period of international success. Johan Cruyff The early 1980s saw the return of Johan Cruyff to the club, as well as the emergence of young players Marco van Basten and Frank Rijkaard. The team won back-to-back Eredivisie titles in 1982 and 1983, with all three playing a significant role in the latter. After Cruyff's sale to rivals Feyenoord in 1983, Van Basten became Ajax's key player, top scoring in the Eredivisie for four seasons between 1983–84 and 1986–87. Marco van Basten In 1985, Cruyff returned to Ajax as manager and the team ended his first season in charge with 120 goals from 34 matches. However, Ajax still finished as runner up to PSV by eight points. The following season, Ajax again lost out on the Eredivisie title to PSV, but won the European Cup Winners' Cup, its first continental trophy in fourteen years. After this, Cruyff left the club to become manager of Barcelona and Rijkaard and Van Basten were sold to Sporting CP and A.C. Milan respectively. The 1988–89 season saw Dennis Bergkamp, a young forward who had first appeared under Cruijff in 1986, establish himself as a regular goalscorer for Ajax. Bergkamp helped Ajax to the 1989–90 Eredivisie title and was the top scorer in the division in 1990–91, 1991–92 and 1992–93. Under the management of Louis van Gaal, Ajax won the UEFA Cup in 1992 to become the second club, after Juventus, to have won all three major European club competitions. After the sale of Bergkamp to Internazionale in 1993, Van Gaal re-signed the experienced Frank Rijkaard to complement his young Ajax team featuring academy graduates Frank and Ronald de Boer, Edwin van der Sar, Clarence Seedorf, Edgar Davids, Michael Reiziger, and Winston Bogarde, as well as mercurial foreign talents Finidi George, Nwankwo Kanu and Jari Litmanen, and veteran captain Danny Blind. The team regained the Dutch championship in 1993–94, and won it again in 1994–95 and 1995–96 to become the first Ajax side to win three back-to-back championships since 1968. The height of Van Gaal's success came in 1994–95, where Ajax became the first, and to date only, team to complete an entire Eredivisie season unbeaten. The team also won its first European Cup since its glorious 1970s era, beating Milan in the 1995 UEFA Champions League Final 1–0, with the winning goal scored by 18-year-old Patrick Kluivert. Ajax again reached the final a year later but were defeated on penalties by Juventus. Louis Van Gaal, Kanu Nwankwo and Finidi George with the Champions League Trophy Ajax's return as a European force was short lived as Van Gaal and several members of the squad soon departed to some of the continent's biggest clubs. The 2000s was a lean decade for the club with only two Eredivisie championships won. However, Ajax's academy continued to produce star players such as Wesley Sneijder and Rafael van der Vaart. In 2010, Frank de Boer was appointed manager of Ajax and led the club to its first league title in seven years, and record 30th title overall, in the 2010–11 season. This was followed by back-to-back wins in 2011–12 and 2012–13 to match his three consecutive titles as a player in the 1990s. In 2013–14, Ajax were again Eredivisie champions, winning four consecutive league titles for the first time in the club's history. Frank de Boer Honours Eredivisie: 33 ‣ 1917–18, 1918–19, 1930–31, 1931–32, 1933–34, 1936–37, 1938–39, 1946–47, 1956–57, 1959–60, 1965–66, 1966–67, 1967–68, 1969–70, 1971–72, 1972–73, 1976–77, 1978–79, 1979–80, 1981–82, 1982–83, 1984–85, 1989–90, 1993–94, 1994–95, 1995–96, 1997–98, 2001–02, 2003–04, 2010–11, 2011–12, 2012–13, 2013–14 KNVB Cup: 18 ‣ 1916–17, 1942–43, 1960–61, 1966–67, 1969–70, 1970–71, 1971–72, 1978–79, 1982–83, 1985–86, 1986–87, 1992–93, 1997–98, 1998–99, 2001–02, 2005–06, 2006–07, 2009–10 Johan Cruijff Shield: 8 ‣ 1993, 1994, 1995, 2002, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2013 Intercontinental Cup: 2 ‣ 1972, 1995 European Cup / Champions League: 4 ‣ 1970-71, 1971-72, 1972-73, 1994-95 European Cup Winners' Cup: 1 ‣ 1986-87 UEFA Cup: 1 ‣ 1991-92 UEFA Super Cup: 2 ‣ 1974, 1995 Club Info Founded: 1900 Nicknames: de Godenzonen (Sons of the Gods), de Joden (the Jews), I Lancieri (The Lancers), Lucky Ajax Chairman: Hennie Henrichs Finances: Secure Estimated Value: £70m (Loan Debt: £2.3m) Rivalries Fierce: Feyenoord Other: PSV Legends Johan Cruyff Marco van Basten Dennis Bergkamp The Stadium Name: The Amsterdam ArenA Capacity: 53,052
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