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  1. Kettering Town F.C. - Vanarama National League South 2017-18 Table ¦ Past Positions Graph ¦ Player Stats ¦ FA Cup Results ¦ FA Trophy Results Squad ¦ Transfers ¦ Finances Loads of players in and out. Everyone who came in were on Non-contracts so financially I was fine to have a large squad but the non-contracts on the original players did not help as most of the players transferred out to teams were starters at the time. Financially we are in a good position and are making a small profit each month which is very rare at this stage for me in this challenge. 442 was the go to f
  2. Couldn't load my first attempt(forgot to have multiple saves ) so started again. Kettering appeared again after a new career and holiday so went with them again as only Merthyr Town the only targeted team. Here is my Manager profile and I should have a end of season update done sometime today.
  3. Going of the rules mainly the following bits I think it is fine. The extra levels of detail that you can change while in the game are up to you, as they shouldn't make a difference. you have the option of loading whatever leagues you like at the start and throughout the game @Scab @XaW @LedleykingWell done on Promotion
  4. I will have a solid attempt at this challenge sometime this year. Seeing my eos report on FM12 with FC Chita bring great memories back just wish the screenshots where still around I really should of stored stuff like that. Currently attempting Dafuge and with less time restraints than past years I should be able to go deep with both. Italy and Holland are my main choices currently but going back to Russia for a real test is very tempting. I will follow this thread in the meantime
  5. Manager Profile - Club Info - Facilities Really wanted Merthyr Town but after countless reloads I had to get started so went with Kettering Town. They have decent facilities for the level and are not in a bad financial state(give us a few months). The squad needs more depth and quality to achieve anything more than a bottom half finish so I have appointed Chris Brindley and Lee Hendrie as Assistant Manager and Chief Scout respectively to mainly help with that. The plan was to build a team around Rene Howe but he wants to leave for a better team and is unhappy at the moment so more than
  6. Good luck to recent starters of the challenge nice to see some familiar participants from past years. Been a few years since I completed this challenge so hopefully can give it a good go this year. No luck getting Merthyr Town after hours of trying so might have to settle on another team soon. @Scab Good first season despite the run at the end to put a stop to any play-off ideas. The wage budget increasing despite the finances is interesting.
  7. @TheEarl Took myself awhile to work it out but you delete English and start to type what you want instead of the old drop down.
  8. @Scab Connolly and Staunton look like good pick-ups as do the staff. Shame about the long term injury. Hopefully the confidence gained from the pre-season can give you a great start in the league. @@brenosantos Good luck for the season.
  9. Thanks. Keep us updated on how it goes. I'm going to have a similar goal and try to have lesser activity in the transfer market than I usually do and bring the youth players through as much as I can. Well done on the very good seasons with Ajax especially the early champions league win. Feel free to post as little or as much as you like. I would be very interest in your players that have come through the youth system, some of your sales of the starting squad or some big profits you made on buys. Would love to see how the current squad is develop and used by people, especially Bazoer, N
  10. Squad Analysis Goalkeepers In Jasper Cillessen you have the best goalkeeper in the Eredivise and NT number 1. Interest will come and the time may come to cash in but in the meantime Cillessen is a very strong starter. Diederik Boer is a good enough back-up, is happy enough to be in that role and can be used as a tutor for the youngsters. Boer could be sold if you have faith in the younger players to be able to do the back-up role early on. The other Goalkeepers in the club are all very similar, young and unlikely to reach Cillessen's level. Peter Leeuwenburgh and André Onana seem to be c
  11. History Ajax was founded in Amsterdam on 18 March 1900. The club achieved promotion to the highest level of Dutch football in 1911. The move to the first division did not last long though as just three seasons later the club was relegated for the first and only time in its illustrious history. Their first major success came in 1917, winning the KNVB Beker, the Netherlands' national cup. The following season, Ajax became national champion for the first time. The club defended its title in 1918–19, becoming the only team to achieve an unbeaten season in the Netherlands Football League Champions
  12. I think your tactical aim/plan would help show what you are trying to develop your youth players in to and why you decide to train certain things so could fit in with the player development.
  13. Match training and Match prep are the same thing. It just allows you to alter for that one week while keeping the match prep the same for the others
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