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  1. Thanks @rlipscombe we're predicted to win our league and the club has a decent reputation so the whole coaching staff myself included are on coaching courses .
  2. jimbowmanuk - Beira-Mar - An introduction Right I'm ready to go, I have decided to manage in Portugal as I dont think Ive managed there before in all these years of playing. I will be in charge of Beira-Mar, a former Premier League team who were relegated a few years back. Say hello to Jaime Argueiro, a Sao Toman national looking to ply his trade in Portugal, the reason for this is that Portuguese is the official language of this small nation and also I'm hoping on some tasty looking newgens from Sao Toman and Principe.
  3. After a bit of an absence on the forums I'm back and I'll be starting this challenge once the full version is released. Hopefully I can emulate my Elgin team from FM12 and complete the challenge in under 10 seasons
  4. San Marino – 2021/22 - Season 5 Season Tickets :- 337(+136) Predicted finish :- 22nd Average Attendance :- 1114(+530) Serie B Predicted to finish last, we gave it all we could but inevitably ended up relegated Players Some good performances all round but we just lacked the killer touch in some matches Player Stats Best XI(Season) Best XI(Overall) Transfers All frees or Loans again also YP18A was released from Lazio so I didn't hesitate in resigning him Transfers Youth Intake A nice crop of youngsters with the best looking like he could be a 1st team regular very soon Youth Intake YP22A Any Other Business I don't know how I'm going to improve the Finances next season Finances National Team The San Marino Job became available, I applied and I received. So far only 1 freindly played a narrow 3-2 defeat to the Cook Islands. The draw for the European International League Division D has been made, not to bad a group but my eye was taken by the fact Scotland are also down in this division. Summary A good experience if nothing else of what to really expect in Serie B. Disappointed with the cup result though. Next season I'm going to try and win The league and Serie C Cup double.
  5. San Marino – 2020/21 - Season 4 Season Tickets :- 201(+16) Predicted finish :- 8th Average Attendance :- 584(+73) Serie C Cup Two comfortable victories in the group saw us through with no dramas, dominated the 2nd round match but could not close out the match and lost on penalties Cup Fixtures Serie C/B So after 4 seasons in Serie C/B I have finally managed to get them promoted, it was a close race most of the season with 4 teams swapping places constantly. We were looking good for automatic promotion then a few slip ups here and there and suddenly top spot was too far away. A great finish to the end of the season saw us finish in 2nd place and the play-offs beckoned. A 4-1 victory in the quarter-final was followed up by a 5-2 agg score which was replicated in the final and we were PROMOTED!!! League Table League Fixtures 1 League Fixtures 2 Players Loans and frees again this time bringing in a good goalkeeper who probably won us 12 points on his own. I picked up a young striker on loan from Inter in January and he ousted Masiero out of the team, he was picked for the U-20s World Cup for Italy and I lost him for the play-offs, Masiero jumped at the chance to start and scored the majority of the goals in the promotion push. Player Stats Best XI(Season) Best XI(Overall) Transfers All frees or Loans again also released a lot of the deadwood. Transfers Youth Intake Second year in a row of nothing worth noting Youth Intake(Original Names) Youth Intake(Nicknames) Any Other Business Finances were still bad but promotion should hopefully put an end to that Finances Summary A great season with my players starting to gel hopefully they aren’t too overwhelmed by the bigger league. My only disappointment is that I never managed to win the Serie C Cup. Next season Survival. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | Season | League | Position | Serie C Cup | Italian Cup | Notes | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 2017/18 | Serie C/B | 12th | Groups | N/A | | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 2018/19 | Serie C/B | 5th | 2nd Round | N/A | | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 2019/20 | Serie C/B | 11th | 3rd Round | 1st Round | | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 2020/21 | Serie C/B | 2nd | 2nd Round | N/A | Promoted | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [/CODE]
  6. Where's the challenge in that? Anyway I won promotion last night but it was too late to write the season review so I'll do it later today when I've finished work.
  7. Thats a bit s**t, after all that work I cant blame you for not wanting to live it again.
  8. I never thought of that, I just resigned from the position instead. I'll wait til the main job becomes available I think.
  9. I've hit a problem, I played a San Marino U19s match and got a player injured, now when I try and pick a replacement it wont let me confirm and says the squad has 11 players over the age of 19 but I cant withdraw them from the squad either. Any Suggestions?
  10. San Marino – 2019/20 - Season 3 Average Attendance :- 511(-4) Season Tickets :- 185(+9) Predicted finish :- 11th Serie C Cup I didn’t enter the cup til the 1st round, and it took me extra time to overcome Sambenedettese despite dominating the game, the 2nd round saw us with a home tie against Lucchese a more cagey affair but we scored the only goal of the game. Foggia proved to be too strong for us and although we scored twice they were clinical running out 4-2 winners. Cup Fixtures Italian Cup My first foray into the Italian Cup and my team created more than enough chances to run out easy winners unfortunately they were very inaccurate and we had to decide the match on penalties, unfortunately we lost and were out at the 1st hurdle. Cup Fixtures Serie C/B I had high hopes for this season, and when we were 2-0 and cruising at half-time in our opening match I thought this is my year. However my team collapsed in that match and I had to rely on a last minute equaliser to seucre a draw. Results were very inconsisitent and soon we became a mid-table team with nowhere to go. Poor season all round improvements needed in the goalkeeper department should help next season. League Table League Fixtures 1 League Fixtures 2 Players Lots of Loans again this season but the striker, Roberto Masiero, I picked up on a free was the best player in my opinion. Player Stats Best XI(Season) Best XI(Overall) Transfers All frees or Loans again also released a lot of the deadwood. Transfers Youth Intake We’ll just put this one down to a bad harvest. Youth Intake(Original Names) Youth Intake(Nicknames) Any Other Business Dire Finances International Team The San Marino U19s job became available, I applied and received the job. So far only played one friendly the team was made up mostly of my youth players. San Marino U19s V Guam U19s Summary Poor season need to put this one behind me and hope for better next year Next season Need to tighten up at the back and create more chances for my star striker --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | Season | League | Position | Serie C Cup | Italian Cup | --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 2017/18 | Serie C/B | 12th | Groups | N/A | --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 2018/19 | Serie C/B | 5th | 2nd Round | N/A | --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 2019/20 | Serie C/B | 11th | 3rd Round | 1st Round | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  11. San Marino - 2018/19 - Season 2 Average Attendance :- 515(+16) Season Tickets :- 176(+7) Predicted finish :- 14th Serie C Cup Two very comfortable victories in the group saw us through to the next round, we recieved a bye to the 2nd round where we were paired with Parma, the gulf in class showed and also made me well aware that the team needed to be much stronger if we are to win promotion. Cup Group Cup Fixtures Serie C/B A great second season and we were picking up a lot more victories, We were sitting in 4th position with 7 games to go and I honeslty thought we were certain of the play-offs, unfortunately my next 4 games were against 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th in the league where I only managed to get 2 points, this was followed up by a 0-0 draw with the team that had just been relegated. Victory in my final 2 fixtures wasn't enough to secure the play-off so we ended up finishing 5th, one point away. This should give me a great chance of promotion next season. League Table League Fixtures 1 League Fixtures 2 Players Some great performances again, mostly from the loan players brought in. Player Stats Best XI(Season) Best XI(All Time) Transfers All the transfers were either free or loan again, I did make some money although I didn't want to. As I was discussing a professional contract with YP18A, Lazio decided to jump into negotians as well. This was only going to end one way and the tribunal decided I would be awarded £33,500 in compensation, I did recieve £12,000 when he got his 1st cap for San Marino though. Transfers Youth Intake Not as good an intake as the previous year, only really YP19A showing anything worth noting. Youth Intake(original Names) Youth Intake(Nicknames) YP19A Any Other Business Finances - Still Dire International Caps - YP18D seems to have cemented a regular place with 3 others aall receiving their first caps Summary Delighted with the way the season went and some matches showed me we are still a little bit of class away from promotion Next season Next season is the one where we really push for promotion, I know where I need to strengthen but again may have to rely on loan players from the parent club as the board has limited me to my own youth academy due to lack of funds. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | Season | League | Position | Cup | Round | --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 2017/18 | Serie C/B | 12th | Serie C Cup | Groups | --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 2018/19 | Serie C/B | 5th | Serie C Cup | 2nd Round | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  12. Cheers leonavich I'm a couple months into the new season and one of my youth has now been capped by the Senior National side, naturally I took this as an indication to put him in the First team squad.
  13. San Marino - 2017/18 - Season 1 Average Attendance :- 499 Season Tickets :- 169 Predicted finish :- 16th Well after 3 previous attempts I have managed to make it through a whole season, and what a season it was. Firstly I'll apologise if I haven't got all the information up, I have been absent from the forums for a couple of years and haven't written an end of seaosn report in while so I'm a bit rusty. Serie C Cup I'll start with the Serie C cup, we didn't progress through the group stage. After a stunning 3-1 victory in our 1st match we succumbed to a 1-0 defeat in the second despite dominating the whole match we only managed 2 shots on target and I believe this impotency cost us dearly. Cup Group Cup Fixtures Serie C/B I think the decision to use the original database and not the winter update one was the turning point in my fortunes, there was a lot of different teams in the league than I had experienced before which was nice to see. We were predicted to finish 16th in the league and the chairman had set me the task of not getting drawn into a relegation battle. After losing the 1st game away to Siena we then won 4 on the bounce and I thought for a small moment that we may have a chance at promotion. We kept up the good results for the 1st half of the year and I knew we had enough points to avoid relegation based on previous experience. By the time Christmas came around we were sitting in a good position, so good infact that the Chairman decided to start talks on my new contract. I signed the new contract straight away and then things went a bit sour. After that we only managed to get 2 victories from our remaining 18 matches but the 1st half of the season we had done more than enough to secure safety and avoid the playoffs, finishing in 12th position. League Table League Fixtures 1 League Fixtures 2 Players Impressed by a couple of my players and I'm expecting big things from some of the younger player next season Player Stats Best XI Transfers All the transfers were either free or loan with all 6 loaness featuring in the clubs Best XI for the season, I raided my senior affiliate Cesena for 4 loanees and they certainly made the difference. I decided at the moment not to retain them but I may bring them nack in if I cant get similar if not better players. Transfer History Youth Intake A decent crop of players in with a couple that may get game time next season. The top two prospects both share the same name, fortunately I use a youth naming system so I wont get confused with them Youth Intake(Original Names) Youth Intake(Nicknames) YP18A YP18B Any Other Business Finances - pretty dire hoping to improve in the next couple of years Summary Really pleased how my 1st season went, a little disappointed that we fell apart in the 2nd half of the season though. Also I feel we should have done better in the Cup. I was not able to go on a coaching course as the Chairman was concerned that i was asking in the hope of moving to a bigger club. Next season Next season I'm hoping to be pushing towards the top end of the table and maybe even challenging for promotion, I already have a couple of youngsters lined up to sign, they were released by Serie A clubs but look good for my level. I honestly think I could realisticly challenge for the Serie C Cup too. I'll hopefully convince the chairman to let me do a coaching course as well.
  14. Ok here we go again, I decided to use the fake player names option(I hope this is ok?), also I used the original database and not the winter update one when starting the game. I still had to holday 2 seasons to get them to appear but we are predicted to finish 16th which is already an improvement. So without further ado say hello to San Marino's new manager: Questa Volta Italian translation meaning This Time
  15. I think my main problem was not finding a good striker until the January transfer window, I got a kid on loan from A.C. Milan and he started scoring loads of goals. I'm going to persist with it though. I know once the 1st season is out the way I should be in a more comfortable position. I've decided to start from scratch again and holiday through so I'm getting a fresh perspective and not the same personel or players. One question, is it ok to use fake players names options?
  16. Well its over again, survived automatic relegation and won the 1st leg of the play-off 3-1, then took the lead in the 2nd leg before shipping 5 goals and ultimately relegated and sacked. May attempt to load up FM15 and try it on that version as San Marino are available from the start.
  17. I'm doing better this time as I've made it to my 1st Youth Intake. I give all my youth in any games I play the same type of nickname and this is no different, the number represents the year they came in then they are graded from A-P based on potential A being the best. YP18B looks like he may be handy in a couple of years. I might start blooding him next season.
  18. Thanks sherwinriga I definately seem to be doing better now, I made it through the Serie C cup group and got a bye into the 2nd round where I just won 2-1 with a goal in the last minute of extra-time. I'm currently 17th in the league and about to play the 18th placed team
  19. Here we go again, say hello to San Marino's new manager Sfida Difficile Hopefully I can complete the 1st season this time
  20. Well I managed to survive longer this time, and even bagged a coaching licence but unfortunately results didn't go my way and the board decided to sack me 4 days after a loss without prior warning. I'm annoyed as the team was starting to gel but the results went against me. I'll reload the game pre-manager and choose a new profile to try again. I think I'm in a better position now as I've worked out what type of tactics have better impact.
  21. Here we go attempt number 2 I have decided to use the same profile as last time but adjusted the Determination and Motivation higher at the cost of player knowlegde Say Hello to Jimmio Bowmannaggio again. I saved the game before I took over so if I fail again I can reload but maybe create another alter-ego instead. Obviously I hope to make it through the season unscathed.
  22. I just cant seem to get them available after the 1st season no matter how many times i reload so I'm in the process of holidaying through to the next season. I think in my 1st attempt I set myself out a little too defensive thats why goals were hard to come by, I'll take leonavich's advice and try and find some players with pace to help with the counter-attack.
  23. Well after some disappointing results I have been sacked, heres the fixture list of where it all went wrong. Going to try and holiday a season of a fresh save and start again. Certainly a lot more challenging than I 1st thought so wont go into the next one quiet as naive as I did this.
  24. I'm halfway through my 1st season and results haven't been going my way so the board has set me the task of gaining 6 points from my next 5 matches to keep my job
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