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  1. Flashman\'s School Days

    Gundo's FM14 European Adventure Challenge™

    WKE End of Season Report 2016-17 League Table - 5th - Promoted through Playoffs League Graph Somehow we managed to fluke a promotion when it never looked like we would challenge for even a top 3 finish but with the crazy playoff system we were able to take our late season form into the important fixtures. The season began much the same as the season before had ended, with loads of goals at both ends of the pitch. The problem with this was that we seemed never to be able to hang onto any leads so about halfway through the season I changed from the 442 formation we were playing and reverted back to the 41311 formation that kept us up in the first season. This enabled us to pick up some really good wins and meant we only lost 5 games from then on. Despite us losing the last game of the season we were still in a strong playoff position that meant we didn't have to play in the initial round but did mean that we came up against 2nd placed Heracles. The first leg of that playoff was crazy, after going 1-0 down Heracles had two players sent off before 35 mins and meant that we could try and assert our authority in the tie but it was harder than I expected and they still managed to score a second before we killed them off 4-2. The second leg was more our game and the players seemed to play out their skins to win 3-2 and therefore go through to the next round 7-4 on agg. The next tie was against Willem II who finished just below us in the league and we managed to mess the first leg up at home. After being 2-0 up after 42 mins we lost 2-3 with 2 goals in the last 10 mins of the game, we had more shots and more possession but it seemed like fate had already decided that this was as far as we were to go. Luckily the reverse happened in the second leg and we took our chances, of which there were very few to seal a 3-1 victory and a promotion to the Eredivisie. Unless our rep increases and I'm able to sign some top notch players I can't see how we will survive because currently even players that are on the fringes of other Jupiler League teams don't want to join. It might even be a blessing if we can have one year trying it then have another crack at the Jupiler League because it feels a bit cheap to go up after finishing 5th. Finances Our finances took a bit of a hit after the board upgraded both our youth and training facilities, also the amount we are spending on wages meant that we were losing a little money each month too. Transfers 1 Transfers 2 Squad 1 Squad 2 GK Kelle Roos - Played most of the season Nicolas Corbel - Started the season in goal due to Roos conceding loads last season but was awful DF Thijs van Hofwegen - Occasional RB Christopher Oualembo - Loaned from Amiens in Jan to be our first choice RB Bas van Loon - Second choice LB Niek Ossevoort - Second season on loan from NAC Breda and played at CB or LB depending on injuries/suspensions Tom Kessels - First choice CB Sem van der Pijl - Signed from Feyenoord after being on loan last term and was a solid first choice CB MF Kevin Guedens - Played in defensive CM until the system change then sometimes played as DM but didn't play well Cees Keizer - Didn't play well in the 442 but excelled at DM towards the end of the season Maikel Lange - Backup CM in the 442 but first choice after the change Pedro Pacheco - First choice CM and then AM but didn't play well in the advanced role so was dropped towards the end of the season Ali Aarab - Backup when not injured as I tried to give him as much game time as I could Amil Dilberovic - Signed on loan in Jan and became first choice AM Rick Elfrink YP1 - First choice ML and again finished at the top of the assist column, really improving and has had clubs snooping since he came through the academy Dennis Lemke - Signed on a free in Jan from non league and provided us with an actual threat on the right side, chipped in with important goals ST Henny Noyen - Didn't continue his red hot form from last season and was very disappointing Kevin Wiegman - Top goalscorer but also didn't set the world alight Nick Doodeman - Loaned for the season from PEC Zwolle but should have played a lot better than he did
  2. Flashman\'s School Days

    Gundo's FM14 European Adventure Challenge™

    WKE End of Season Report 2015-16 League Table League Graph We started off the season in quite horrendous form with 9 goals conceded in the first 3 games but as the team started getting used to the 4-4-2 tactic, that we hadn't used at all the previous season, we managed to start getting some points. We were using an Overload mentality which may have contributed to our woeful defensive record but it did mean that we scored loads ourselves and we finished second in the goalscoring table. Certain highlights from the season include our cup run that put us against PSV, RKC and Twente all of the Eredivisie. We held a second string PSV side to a 1-1 draw after 90 minutes and then after they had used all three subs they managed to get two enforced injuries meaning we scored twice against 9 men (this was made sweeter as they won the league). RKC were a more even match up and we hit them twice in the second half to win 2-1 after being second best for most of the game. FC Twente gave us a slice of hope before cruelly dashing it in a 5-4 loss. We were 3-0 down before drawing level then went down 4-3 before again equalising in the 88th minute but it wasn't to be as they scored a 90th minute winner before going on to win the Cup. As we steadily climbed during the season I hadn't expected us to make the playoffs but in the end we managed to scrape in, despite losing on the last day 3-1 to FC Oss who didn't go above us on goals scored. We faced Helmond Sport in the first round of the playoffs and after being 3-0 down after 30mins in the first leg we pulled out a heroic comeback to win 4-3 after two really late goals. Unfortunately it just wasn't to be and we got thumped 4-1 at home in the second leg. Finances Our finances took a considerable upturn due to being taken over by a consortium (almost a third of Dutch playable clubs have had takeovers in game). The new chairman kept me on after a week of deliberation and gave me a lot of money in transfers and wages, although I am limited to who I can sign as our rep must still be very low. He has also accepted my request for training and youth facilities upgrade. Transfers 1 Transfers 2 Squad 1 Squad 2 GK Kelle Roos - First choice, conceded 85 in 42 and I will look to replace sometime soon. (He was signed by Derby IRL today.) Eric Gelderblom - Played only one game due to Roos being injured and was second choice because our best rated youth gk was out on loan. DF Thijs van Hofwegen - First choice RB, could play better. Bas van Loon - First choice LB for most of the season, was replaced at times due to poor performances. Niek Ossevoort - On loan from NAC Breda, will try and sign him on a permanent basis. Tom Kessels - Another outstanding season from the young CB. Sem van der Pijl - On loan from Feyenoord, was really good after we loaned him in January. MF Rick Elfrink YP1 - Our best youth product of last year came on leaps and bounds as first choice left mid and finished as the leagues top assist maker. He is still 16 so is yet to sign a pro contract too. Alexander Prent - Was first choice right mid and played ok without producing as many assists as I would have liked. Carlos Schaap - Was injured for the majority of the season but came in near the end to lay on 4 assists and 2 goals in 9 games from right mid. Kevin Geudens - Signed from the Belgian top flight on considerable wages and played as often as injury allowed in the defensive centre mid role. Cees Keizer - Filled in Geudens role when the latter was unavailable. Mark de Loor - One of the rotated players in the more attacking centre mid role, did ok for a former non league player. Marcel Strutter - The other main rotated player at centre mid after eventually getting him for his desired wages from an amateur contract in non league. ST Henny Noyen - Signed for £30k from the Belgian top flight and was a sensation finishing as second highest goalscorer in the league. Kevin Wiegman - Only played 9 games last year but was taken off his amateur contact and played in every league game and was brilliant company for Noyen. Roy van Dalen - Scored 10 goals in 11 starts but was subbed into a lot games too, a really good third striker except for his very poor composure. Youth Ken de Vet YP2 - The best of this years graduates but not sure if he could ever challenge for a first team place. Ali Aarab - Signed for £130k from Telstar and played one sub appearance before being injured for the rest of the season, I have high hopes for him.
  3. Flashman\'s School Days

    Gundo's FM14 European Adventure Challenge™

    WKE - Season Review 2014/15 League Table - 16th League Graph I have taken forever on this season as I had some time off FM for a few months but I have finally finished the important first year (I think it gets easier after the first youth intake) and I shall be making my way through the 5 pages of this thread that I've missed. The season didn't go particularly well but I'm quite happy with survival. It is misleading that we finished with 4 teams below us aa two of those were the 'Jong' sides of PSV and FC Twente but we managed to end the season 1 point above the teams that ended joint 'last'. The main problem was that players were hard to come by unless I wanted over 40's on amateur contracts therefore I had difficulty getting a striker that was freescoring, in fact only one player in the entire squad managed more than 4 goals. I am aiming for a mid-table finish next year as I already have some free transfers making their way to me at the end of their contracts. The only first team player worth mentioning is Tom Kessels who cost a whopping £8k and was consistantly my best player. A couple of youth players excite me: Rick Elfrink YP1 - Was the highest touted youngster of this season's intake, got the beginnings of a good winger's stats and managed two assists in 3 starts at the end of the season. Brian Hoekstra Michael Schilder Dirk Geerts Robbert van der Woude Eelco Thomassen Roy Cicilia
  4. Flashman\'s School Days

    Gundo's FM14 European Adventure Challenge™

    I thought I would give this challenge a go as I haven't attempted it in a good few years, mainly due to trying the Big Euro Challenge, but having already failed in my first effort on this year's FM I decided that I wanted a change of available leagues. WKE stands for Woonwagonkamp Emmen or Emmen Trailer Park in English and as the name suggests the club were formed by residents of the local trailer park. Apparently most players that play for WKE have some sort of previous history with FC Emmen but that hasn't helped the club achieve anything of note. The club have average training and youth facilities as well as a 2500 capacity stadium. Manager Overview Manager Information Club Overview Club Information Squad
  5. Flashman\'s School Days

    FM 14 Big Euro Challenge

    Cheers brettney1980 and johnnyquest409, I think I'm going to give Gundo's challenge a go but I'm sure I will be back here sometime this FM
  6. Flashman\'s School Days

    FM 14 Big Euro Challenge

    Chiavari Caperana End of Season Report 2015/16 - Relegated League Table - 18th from a predicted 20th League Graph Results 1 Results 2 Well we took the game right to the death and got pipped because of Piacenza being a higher seed than us, a 2-1 loss at home in the first leg was followed by a back and forth 3-2 win away but the 4-4 scorline wasn't enough. The season started horrifically with 2 losses in the cup and 10 losses in the league before a single draw against fellow relegation battlers Mantova. During this time I tried 6 different tactics but eventually stuck with 4-4-2 that meant we could actually score as some tactics we couldn't even shoot. A couple more defeats followed but then we had a mini unbeaten run with a draw and two wins. The first of those wins was a 5-1 win against Monza, which is crazy considering my form, and we also managed a 2-1 victory against Castiglione, both teams were the only two that were worse than us over the 38 league games. Our form from then on was rubbish but we managed a few wins here and there including another 5-1 victory but it took us until the 35th game to get our single clean sheet of the season. It never looked likely that we would finish any higher than the bottom three but I was glad that we made the playouts only to be massively disappointed in it being no away goals rule as I thought we had overcome everest to stay up, although in a way I'm glad I don't have to continue the game because Serie C1/A is mental for goals. Piacenza conceded 127, Monza 116, Castiglione 122, Lecco 95 and Me 94 whereas in Serie C1/B the most a team conceded was 68 and C1/C it was 56. Also my U19's were the top goalscorers in their group but also top of the goals against column, they scored 37 more than the next highest (with 95) and conceded 53 more than the next highest (with 116) surely that isn't right? If anyone wants a look - U19's league table Transfers 1 Transfers 2 Squad 1 Squad 2 I don't really want to discuss any players because of the relegation
  7. Flashman\'s School Days

    FM 14 Big Euro Challenge

    Wow, didn't even know that was possible, I might have search on my FM13 save to see if it has happened to me before
  8. Flashman\'s School Days

    FM 14 Big Euro Challenge

    That's unfortunate duccio, did he get poached before you could offer him a contract?
  9. Flashman\'s School Days

    FM 14 Big Euro Challenge

    My love for FM is really being tested at the moment, I've lost 12 competitive games in a row now, which also happens to be every game I've managed. No tactics seem to work and in fact my latest attempt at a new tactic has resulted in 1 shot in 2 games, I can only assume that my players are just that much poorer than everybody else. I will continue until I get relegated or sacked but it's really demoralising
  10. Flashman\'s School Days

    FM 14 Big Euro Challenge

    I'm doing terrible in Italy, I can hardly score a goal and haven't even got a point from my first 8 games so I've taken a short time away to see if I can get any decent tactics with a club that has better players and will revisit it at the end of the week. On another note though I saw an article today on a blog I read that I think some will be interested but especially pl-fikander and brettney1980 as it's about FC Sakhalin
  11. Flashman\'s School Days

    FM 14 Big Euro Challenge

    I have decided to go for Italy in this year's challenge as I've not managed there on a long term save since CM01/02. I holidayed the first season but with the same teams coming up every reload I ploughed forward another season to see what sort of selection would await and sure enough a good variety of teams appeared during the numerous reloads I did. After a slight bit of research I decided that A.S.D. Chiavari Caperana were the team for me. Chiavari is a town and comune roughly 40 minutes drive down the coast from Genoa and apparently it is famous for it's chair making and it's really clean blue sea. Caperana is, what I gather, a type of parish in the town and until 2010 gave it's name to the team which was A.S.D. Caperanese. The team have no real history, except a runners-up place in the sixth tier, which isn't that surprising for a town of less than 30,000 people and they have rubbish facilites but that's OK with me because I enjoy playing with sides like this. The squad is pretty bare and there is only one goalkeeper at the club which, coupled with the measley budget, means I'm going to have to go hunting for free transfers. Information (Manager) Domestic Leagues History (Club) Profile (Manager) Information (Club) Overview (Club) Squad (Club)
  12. Flashman\'s School Days

    Russian Foreign Players Rule

    I've been playing in Russia on FM13 for quite a while but I've had no foreign players gain nationality as it takes forever but if a player is capped for another country then they are classed as foreign, for example, if a player is born in Russia but capped for a former soviet state that they have ties to they are just as foreign as any other player in terms of the rules. But players that have Russian second nationality but not capped then they should not be classed as foreign. That's what I believe anyway
  13. Flashman\'s School Days

    Whats your best win? or even your worst

    This is probably my best game on any FM, although Man Utd only played to about 75% strength I was gobsmacked to get the result.
  14. You can qualify for the Asian Champions League by winning the Asian Confederations Cup but even if you win the Champions League you can only qualify again after you win the Confederations Cup meaning you cannot retain it
  15. Flashman\'s School Days

    FM12 Big Euro Nation: Small Club to Big Club Challenge

    So after a bit of time away I've decided to come back and participate again. I have holidayed again in Russia because I feel I had unfinished business there, and this time I went for a bit more colour than the black and white of Torpedo Armavir and taken over Astrakhan FC. Manager Profile Manager Info Club Overview Club Info Squad Hopefully I can rekindle the fun I was having in this challenge before the save was corrupted.