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  1. I've been reading through the challenge over the past week or so and you've all inspired me to get back into a challenge save like this. Some of the progress made by you guys is fantastic and while I won't be able to fly through the seasons although hopefully it goes well enough to not end after one. On FM20 and on this year's beta I really enjoyed playing in China so that's where I've decided to try my hand. After a few times reloading there wasn't a massive selection of clubs coming up and one of the teams BJ IT had no academy coaching and no youth recruitment so I ended up g
  2. It only happened in that game with that player and when rewatching the pkm, I haven't seen it before or since.
  3. During a game I noticed an opposition player called Victor Perez had weird symbols in his name during the 2D highlights, this hasn't happened for any other player in any other games I've played Changchun v Jiangsu name glitch.pkm
  4. After playing the first leg of the Asian Champions League Final and drawing 1-1 in the post match broadcast interview I was asked how disappointed I am and the answers all relate to losing the final which isn't the case
  5. I have just played an Asian Champions League game against Al-Hilal and they played 6 foreigners in the starting line up. I'm sure this is against the competition registration rules as it states that you are only allowed to register 4 foreign players with 1 being Asian. As you can see in the screenshot they had Jang Hyun-Soo, Gustavo Cuellar, Andre Carillo, Sebastian Giovinco, Luciano Vietto and Bafetimbi Gomis in the starting line up. I've checked and none of these players have Saudi second nationality. Having looked into it further it also seems to be the case for a lot
  6. Not sure if this is the right place to post this but I have come across the Chinese U19 team being full of 15/16 year old newgens without clubs bar one player despite there being plenty of Chinese players available to play in this team
  7. Summary: When in the squad registration screen will not let me confirm the squad because it is apparently invalid although no league rules are breached Description: During the final squad registration I tried to register a player in the U19 squad because he met the rule of "Maximum of 1 Chinese naturalised players in the squad will not count as foreign" but as soon as I click accept it comes up with a message saying "Squad List Invalid" even though every league registration rule is met. Take that one player out, however, and you can submit the squad with no problem so I don't know if its
  8. I'm having an issue with registration where it's showing me that I meet all criteria but when I try and submit the squad it says "Squad List Invalid" but doesn't tell me why
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