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  1. Wuhan Three Towns - Season 2037 Review Manager Profile - Transfers - Fixtures 1 - Fixtures 2 China Super League - 11th Our second best season to date in terms of final league position and points. Thankfully we started off the season quite well so we never had to claw back to safety, which I much prefer, but we could have done a lot better if it wasn't for the sheer amount of late goals we conceded that either gave up a win or a draw. At one point we had three 2-2 draws in a row in which we were 2-1 up in only to concede a goal in the final few minutes. We also really st
  2. Wuhan Three Towns - Season Review 2036 Manager Profile - Transfers - Fixtures 1 - Fixtures 2 Asian Champions League - 2nd Round Our first season in continental competition after last year's cup win. We started off a little ropey, only picking up a draw away in Thailand despite dominating and then only starting to play when 3-0 down to Jeonbuk, however, we went away to Brisbane and were unlucky to only draw. This was before three wins to finish off the group, including outplaying both Jeonbuk and Brisbane without conceding, these results ended with us finishing second in
  3. I've had this with five current players in my squad, one of them has had it four times and I've also had it with players no longer at the club too
  4. Wuhan Three Towns - Season Review 2035 Manager Profile - Transfers - Fixtures 1 - Fixtures 2 China Super League - 13th Another season where we secured safety, and we managed to do it with one game to go. Our defence was pretty abject for most of the season but we did relatively well on the scoring front in comparison to other bottom half sides and somehow Shanghai SIPG conspired to get themselves relegated quite convincingly despite having the third highest wage bill in the league. The biggest achievement in my eyes was beating our local rivals Wuhan for the first time i
  5. Wuhan Three Towns - Season Review 2034 Manager Profile - Transfers - Fixtures 1 - Fixtures 2 China Super League - 12th Another season of difficulty but ultimately survival, the first half of the season we played relatively well but we had a four week break in the league for the World Cup and after that we completely fell apart, losing 11 of 14 games. The three games we didn't lose were fortunate because the opposition had early red cards and then last game of the season we had already assured survival and Shenhua had been relegated. At times we really bad and it's pretty
  6. Wuhan Three Towns - Season Review 2033 Manager Profile - Transfers - Fixtures 1 - Fixtures 2 China Super League - 14th Another season of survival, originally I thought it was going to be beyond us due to the first team players leaving (or so I thought), in the end only one actually left us and the others stayed on month to month contracts. We started the season how we ended last season with a pretty rubbish run with only one win against DL Pro in the first 12 games, I was fearing the worst but then out of nowhere we smashed in two 4-0 wins in a row. This was followed a f
  7. Wuhan Three Towns - Season Review 2032 Manager Profile - Transfers - Fixtures 1 - Fixtures 2 China Super League - 10th Quite a remarkable season we had this year, finishing with our highest ever place and highest ever points tally although in the early stages of the season I was hoping for more. After the first 13 games of the season we were sat 3rd, only a few points off top spot despite being defeated by Renhe and Jiangsu, who would both go on to really struggle. I thought this was showing me what we were actually capable of against the middling sides in the league, wh
  8. Ahhh OK, makes sense Early on in my save I had players that I could sell and did so for quite a decent amount of money and in total I've sold £18.25M worth of player but even when I had £6M in the bank the board wouldn't even let me take a coaching course. Now I find that nobody wants any of my players and when they do it isn't a first team player with a good value. I also get terrible attendances which doesn't help.
  9. Just looking through the screenshots and it looks like you have the IGE loaded?
  10. I've finally managed to catch up fully with the thread, nice to see someone else playing in China and at least you are able to get yourself some upgrades from the board
  11. Wuhan Three Towns - Season Review 2031 Manager Attributes - Characteristics Transfers - Fixtures 1 - Fixtures 2 China Super League - 14th Well we managed to survive our first season back in the Super League and with exactly the same record as last time we were promoted, however, this time we only had one original player so I feel like it's a more satisfying achievement. We scored less but also conceded less than that season, in fact we managed to concede a lot less this season than any of our previous seasons at this level which is pleasing. The only problem is that
  12. Wuhan Three Towns - Season 2030 Review Manager Attributes - Characteristics Transfers - Fixtures 1 - Fixtures 2 China League One - 2nd (promoted) Wow! What an unexpected season that ended with a final day climb into the second promotion spot. The season began with two defeats in our first three league matches, one on the opening day to the eventual champions, but from there we went on an unbelievable run until the halfway stage where we sat top of the table. Unfortunately after the two week mid season break we went on a run of five games without a win and only one
  13. Wuhan Three Towns - Season 2029 Review Manager Attributes - Characteristics Transfers - Fixtures 1 - Fixtures 2 China League One - 6th This season went very much like the last with us being very inconsistent and even finishing on the same points although we did manage to finish a couple of places higher. We again did well against the bigger sides but at times we just can't put the ball in the back of the net to finish off the weaker teams. Only one player managed double figures and last season's top scorer didn't even get one. We had a 10 game unbeaten run towards
  14. I've uploaded a save file called "Wuhan Three Towns - Newgen name changing", some players have been released both from the club and from the latest intake so would have to wait for those to retire sometime in the next year
  15. Wuhan Three Towns - Season 2028 review Manager Attributes - Characteristics Transfers - Fixtures 1 - Fixtures 2 China League One - 8th Not too bad of a season finishing mid table, in the middle of the season we had a really good run where we ended up being only 3 points off top spot but we couldn't maintain it so eventually slipped down to 8th. In a bit of an inconsistent season it seemed like we were the architects of our own misery most of the time and a lot of the games we lost simply because we couldn't score but I am happy with only conceding 31 goals. I think
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