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  1. Stafford Rangers - Season 2024/25 Review Manager Profile - Transfers - Fixtures 1, 2, 3 National League - 19th Our first season at this level and we managed to pull off survival although at no point did we drop into the bottom four. The season began well getting five wins in August but then we only managed another four wins for the rest of that year so week by week we slipped down the table. We ended up battling around 18th and 19th in the new year with our complete inability to defend cancelling out most good moments we had. The board had decided that this season they wanted us to be defensively solid which I feel like is always a bad idea when you've just been promoted and they really weren't happy about how many we conceded. The FA Cup started with a win against Telford from the league below and then in the First Round we got Southend of League Two, managing to get them to a replay where they scored a 120th minute winner after another 1-1 draw which was a kick in the teeth although I wouldn't have backed us in a shootout. In the FA Trophy we got beaten in the first game by Kidderminster of the league below. Squad A few players were released before the season started and a couple of players who were too old joined the first team but none made much of an impact. Cole Moseley 22d was great at the back despite us conceding a lot of goals, he finished the season with the highest average rating. Mitch Candlin really didn't produce anything in the first half of the season but got better in the second half but that is two and a half seasons of underperforming, he will be out of contract at the end of this season wanting to basically double his wage so I think I will just let him go. Because of him underperforming though I called upon last season's highest rated youth player who at 17 managed to grab a goal every other start and finished as top goalscorer, Waldemar Rzepka 24a: Youth Intake An unbelievable golden generation intake with only three players not rated as five star potential, a shame there is a few disappointing personalities but still really exciting. The best three are: Youth Intake Map Finances A small loss this season but we didn't have any money spinning games in the cup and I managed to get the board to agree to an upgrade on the training facilities which cost roughly £100k. I also managed to get both Junior Coaching and Youth Recruitment up to excellent so all is looking rosy at the moment. Next season A few players will be leaving so it will be a good chance to bring in some of the young talents from last season's intake and hopefully do a bit better than this season, a nice mid table finish would be good.
  2. Stafford Rangers - Season 2023/24 Review Manager Profile - Transfers - Fixtures 1 - 2 - 3 National League North - 1st (Champions!) An incredible season! Starting off strongly for the third season in a row we managed to really maintain it this year instead of the drop offs we've had previously. Even when losing we were able to steady to the ship quickly but Spennymoor battled us all the way until the end of the season. We swapped first and second place quite regularly and it all came down to playing each other in the penultimate game of the season, with them only a point behind us after we had both had a couple of bad results. Fortunately we managed to avenge the earlier season defeat to them as we scored a 90th minute winner to win the game and the league title. In the FA Cup we again managed a 1st Round appearance. The first couple of games were against lower league opposition and easy wins but then we had newly relegated (into our league!) Bolton away from home. This was not only great for our bank balance due to sharing the gate receipts of an almost 9k crowd but we also smashed them 6-1 to set up a home game against League One Bradford CIty. I didn't fancy our chances whatsoever but we played amazingly and were 3-2 up at half time, they scored an equaliser and peppered the goal but I thought we had held out for a brilliant replay, 4 minutes of stoppage time was added and they scored the winner on 94:40 which was a real kick in the teeth, we had played brilliantly though. The FA Trophy ended in the third round to a team from the league above again. This time it was King's Lynn, we had managed to get 4-2 up with 20 mins still to go and ended up losing 5-4 after extra time despite having a much better xG, hopefully it's a good sign that we can score plenty of goals next season though. Squad Of the senior players last season two departed, one signed for a team in Wales and the other wouldn't sign a contract extension then left on a free then has spent all season without a club. These departures were both in defence so allowed three youth players to get a lot of game time although the two fullbacks didn't put in great average performances. Mark Fairclough 22f though had a really good season with the best average rating of any defender. Craig Hawley 22h continues to completely outperform his ability chipping in with 24 goal contributions. Mitch Candlin had a good return in goals and assists but he went from 14 goals in 16 league games to 19 in 45 which is a ridiculous drop off in goalscoring, luckily he still played well and kept the assists coming. Jamie Sleigh was the pick of the players, contributing the most goals and scoring some important goals including the one to win us the league. Youth Intake A fantastic youth intake again this season and it's exciting to see even the lowest rated players are still pretty good. I just need to start trusting some of them in more key positions as the first team players are getting older. The pick of the players are as follows Youth Intake Map Finances We made amazing progress with our finances this season, owing to the brilliant fixtures we had in the cup run but also in the early part of the season where the games are twice a week we seem to make money really easily because of all the home games we get in. I got Youth Recruitment upgraded during the season, but I'm not sure if anyone else has had this but I got Junior Coaching upgrades agreed twice this season and both times it said that it had gone from "average" to "good" but it was already "good" at the start of the season. I don't know whether there is something stopping it properly upgrading or if it'll be a real killer of a bug. Next Season Hopefully survive but I would also like to go pro sooner rather than later to get the most out of the potential we have in the youth players.
  3. Stafford Rangers - Season Review 2022/23 Manager Profile - Transfer - Fixtures 1 - 2 - 3 National League North - 6th A much better season for our second at this level with us starting really strong before stumbling our way through the second half of the season but managing to cling on to a playoff spot. In the playoff first round we played the eventual winners Boston United, we began the game like a house on fire and were 2-0 up within 5 minutes but a second half fight back meant the game went to extra time where Boston hit us again and with that I thought our season was over but on 120 minutes, top scorer Jamie Sleigh popped up with an equaliser. That goal caused me to think it was written in the stars for us to win but we missed our first two penalties of the shootout with them scoring all four they took. All in all a valiant way to end the season which had threatened to end up without the playoffs at all. In the FA Cup, despite having a relatively easy draw in the three qualifying rounds, we went to extra time twice before managing the wins. In the first round we got drawn away against local rivals Burton Albion of League One where we managed to keep the score down to just 2-0 and rake in some lovely gate receipt money. The FA Trophy was better than the previous season by one round, where we got dominated by Hartlepool of the league above even if they didn't have the scoreline to show for it. Squad We came into the season with the exact same squad as last season but after a few games Joe Cuff who was on a non contract left after not being happy about me fining him which was a shame because he was my first choice left winger. Mitch Candlin, last season's top scorer broke his ankle after the first five games and was out for 5 months, this caused a dilemma as the youth intake last season didn't have a single player that could play as a striker and the first team only had one left after this. I had played Mo Sebbeh-Njie as a striker before on occasion so he became a regular there but I needed a third player to be a striker to bring off the bench or rotate. I looked in the youth team to see who was being played as a striker by the manager and Craig Hawley 22n was doing well there despite not looking very promising attribute-wise, he had relatively decent pace so gave him a go. In his first appearance off the bench he scored the winner in a 1-0 victory and in his second appearance off the bench he bagged two more goals so he spent the rest of the season in the first team, sometimes playing up front until Candlin came back and then mostly at left wing, managing to hit a very impressive 9 goals. A few other youth prospects got some game time but didn't perform particularly well. Whilst I would've liked more goals from a striker that played almost every game he contributed to 29 goals this season, that man is Jamie Sleigh. Youth Intake Another Golden Generation but from a different and better HoYD. A better spread of positions too after having 8 central midfielders last intake. I'm most excited about one of the best players being a right back as we are very thin there and currently play a converted left back there. The pick of the bunch are the following. Youth Intake Map Finances A profit of about £50k from the same date last season, this is after I was allowed on two coaching courses and we managed to get the board to agree to Junior Coaching and Youth Recruitment improvements. That's the one thing that I will focus on for the time being as far as it being sustainable in the short term. We had offers for two of our youth players from last season's intake but both were just for £0 with no addons. The majority of the first team have got new contracts, with some going up and some going down the overall is basically the same, a few people will be leaving at the end of the season, leaving us slightly better off. Hopefully we keep making minimum of the first round of the FA Cup for the prize money and another away draw like this season would go nicely. Next Season Hopefully we keep up our performance levels and I'm aiming for a top half finish as we integrate more youth players into the first team.
  4. Stafford Rangers - Season 2021/22 Review Manager Profile - Transfers - Fixtures 1 - 2 - 3 National League North - 13th Our first season began pretty well with us picking up plenty of points and even being unlucky in the games we were losing up until around the 20th game of the season. From there we went on to lose 13 of 16 games in all comps before we eventually picked up a slight bit of form towards the end of the season. A positive was that we were the third highest goalscorers but we also managed to have the fifth worst defence and I'm sure they could pick the Puskas Award nominees just from the teams that scored against us. In the end though a mid table finish in this league, with the same squad that should have been relegated from the league below IRL for two seasons running but for Covid cancelling the season, is a pretty good achievement. In the FA Cup we had a good draw in the qualifying rounds before getting Fylde in the First Round and we played out a 6-3 thriller that knocked us out. In the FA Trophy we got knocked out by the league winners Kings Lynn in the first match we played. Squad A relatively threadbare squad, I had only two players at the beginning of the season that could play right back and one of them left the club after he wasn't impressed with me fining him, after that happened I moved to put as many of the players on a part time contract as I could just to stop anyone else doing the same. I'm sure it would have happened too because three players have put in transfer requests after not being happy with me fining them. The leaving of that one right back was problematic because Michael Williams spent quite a few games away playing for Montserrat so I had to retrain Cieron Keane to play there. The pick of the players was Ben Forrest who was the best of the defenders, Alex-Ray Harvey who was the best of the midfielders as well as top assister and finally Mitch Candelin who is on a non-contract because it expired at the start of the season and he has no interest in signing a new one, fortunately for us he didn't leave and bagged 29 goals. Youth Intake Our first intake was a Golden Generation and exciting at how many five star potential players there are. What I really like is that I finally get some different nationalities coming through the intakes after my last save where I had one other nationality other than Chinese (including second nationality) in 16 years. I wasn't quite expecting an American goalkeeper to be the top rated prospect though as well as having a five star potential Finnish player too. For the immediate future Mark Fairclough 22f is the player that will make the most difference I think as he is already good enough to be in the first team regularly. Youth Intake Map Finances We made a healthy profit this season which was nice, even taking away the prize money from three rounds of the FA Cup we would have made a profit so that's encouraging for the future. The board have doubled the wage budget for next season which I'm not sure I'll need but it is nice to have that leeway. Every player in the first team that are on contracts have got them until the end of next season when I imagine I will get rid of a few of them. Next Season Survival is the number one objective and also blending the youth players into the first team as soon as possible to see who of the current lot I can afford to let go.
  5. Hi all, I've been away for a while since my last update of Wuhan Three Towns, in the end the game had just become a real drag so I decided to shelve it. Saying that though I have decided to have another crack at the challenge but this time in England where I generally don't play on FM. The reason for this is that I thought it would be fun to have a go at it with a team where IRL I am a season ticket holder and after seeing them play last weekend for the first time in 6 months it got the cogs turning in my head. So I'd like to introduce you to Stafford Rangers.
  6. Wuhan Three Towns - Season 2037 Review Manager Profile - Transfers - Fixtures 1 - Fixtures 2 China Super League - 11th Our second best season to date in terms of final league position and points. Thankfully we started off the season quite well so we never had to claw back to safety, which I much prefer, but we could have done a lot better if it wasn't for the sheer amount of late goals we conceded that either gave up a win or a draw. At one point we had three 2-2 draws in a row in which we were 2-1 up in only to concede a goal in the final few minutes. We also really struggled for clean sheets (5 in total) but at the same time we had one of our better seasons in terms of goals conceded. After two dodgy displays against second tier sides in the cup, we got knocked out in the quarter final by Shandong, a shame as that was quite a close game and I think the cup is my best way to progress. Squad Gao Sheng 24d was again the best performer and although he wasn't quite as good as previous seasons he still won the fan's player of the season. Li Weijie 27c was again the top goalscorer and seemingly the only goal threat of our strikers. Thankfully Li Xiaoyu 31a came up with 10 goals from central midfield in what was his breakout season. Wu Zhongchun 36a who came through last season was straight into the first team this season and made a real impact, starting with a goal and assist in his second appearance off the bench. He also had a few bids mid season which I was able to fend off but if they get much bigger then I imagine the board will step in. He also made 8 appearances for the China U19 side which is 7 more appearances than any other player has made for the youth teams and only the fifth player to make appearances whilst still at the club. Youth Intake Another suspicious looking Golden Generation without anyone above 4* potential and really terrible personalities. I suppose I might have been hoping for too much to have another good intake so soon after the last one. A couple of the better players are Liang Kun 37c and Tian Yiyuan 37e. But the one rated as the best prospect was Zhang Kun 37a Finances So we finished the season with pretty unhealthy looking finances but something happened at the beginning of the season where for the first time since I got to the club the status went from "insecure" to "okay" and on a whim I asked for everything I could but the board only agreed to improving youth facilities, which wouldn't have been my first choice of upgrade. I also managed to get myself on a coaching course for the first time and even was able to chain them together so that I am now studying for my National A license. It was so nice to finally see some measure of progress after all this time. The only problem being that we lose over £2M a season and the status has now gone back to insecure so I imagine I will have to wait a little longer to improve JC and YR. Next Season Keep on battling to stay in the league, hope to steadily increase the rep and hopefully give a good account of ourselves in the cup.
  7. Wuhan Three Towns - Season Review 2036 Manager Profile - Transfers - Fixtures 1 - Fixtures 2 Asian Champions League - 2nd Round Our first season in continental competition after last year's cup win. We started off a little ropey, only picking up a draw away in Thailand despite dominating and then only starting to play when 3-0 down to Jeonbuk, however, we went away to Brisbane and were unlucky to only draw. This was before three wins to finish off the group, including outplaying both Jeonbuk and Brisbane without conceding, these results ended with us finishing second in the group but qualifying as one of the best group runner's up. Unfortunately we were rewarded with a draw against a team we had already faced twice in Jeonbuk and despite it being close they fully deserved to go through over the two legs, but I think we can be happy at putting up such a fight against the team that has won the past 4 South Korean titles in a row. At the end of the season we were named the biggest overachievers in the competition. China Super League - 14th As exciting as our Champions League exploits were, it must have impacted our league form having those extra fixtures. We opened the season with a lovely 1-0 win over Wuhan, extending our winning run over our city rivals, this then turned into 5 losses in a row before another 1-0 win which preceded another 11 losses in a row, with us scoring only 5 goals in 18 games. I couldn't understand why all of a sudden we had become utterly goal shy and was resigned to relegation but there was a sudden resurgence with a 2-0 win over Shandong and a 5-1 win over Zhejiang. A loss followed this before we got a first draw of the season against Guangzhou Evergrande with them scoring in the 94th minute before we went away to Beijing (the eventual Asian Champions League winners) and smashed them 4-2. A few more wins, then a couple of losses including a 3-2 loss to Henan with another stoppage time winner. With a win in our third to last game we went in just needing to better the results of Chengdu and BJ BSU and in the last game we played Chengdu. We drew both of these games which was all we needed, although the final game against Chengdu we got our 9th red card of the season and I really feared the worst but we held out. In the terrible run at the start of the season we were knocked out by second tier Jiangsu in our first game defending the FA Cup. Squad Not a great deal to write home about with this squad as most played terribly for the majority of the season. Gao Sheng 24d won player of the season again and has become a club icon. Li Weijie 27c scored 19 in all comps, he finished joint top scorer in the league but had played more games than the player that won it but he did win the local top scorer award by being the highest scoring Chinese player in the league which isn't bad considering our low scoring first half of the season. The newest member of the first team was Su Zheyu 32b who came in and was the best performing outfield player, managing 4 goals and 2 assists. Youth Intake Touted as another Golden Generation and where that might be overselling slightly it has produced some decent players but it has especially produced possibly the best player we've ever had through the academy. We also got a non Chinese player for the first time, we haven't even had a second nationality before this. I think it'll be the first ever non Chinese player to play for the club and he's Brazilian which means he'll get some game time just because. He's got my Brazilian assistant manager as his favoured personnel so I assume that is how he has come through. Finances The finances look a bit healthier this season although we are still insecure, our sponsorship is still less than half the next team in the league but it is up to £1M a year and we had another small bump in season ticket holders. The main reason for the healthy finances is selling Li Yajing 32a to Jiangsu for £1.5M with 50% of next sale clause, which then came up as being able to be sold for £1.32M which I felt was too much to pass up as I've lost out on loads of other clauses by not taking the selling option then them ending up leaving on a free. I also sold 5% clauses for about 8 poached players which didn't come to a lot except for one player who was £133k. Next Season I'm aiming for a little less of a relegation scrap this season, just being comfortable and try to keep building the club rep.
  8. I've had this with five current players in my squad, one of them has had it four times and I've also had it with players no longer at the club too
  9. Wuhan Three Towns - Season Review 2035 Manager Profile - Transfers - Fixtures 1 - Fixtures 2 China Super League - 13th Another season where we secured safety, and we managed to do it with one game to go. Our defence was pretty abject for most of the season but we did relatively well on the scoring front in comparison to other bottom half sides and somehow Shanghai SIPG conspired to get themselves relegated quite convincingly despite having the third highest wage bill in the league. The biggest achievement in my eyes was beating our local rivals Wuhan for the first time in the save, not only that but we did the double over them. China FA Cup - Winners! I don't usually include the cup as we always tend to do rubbish but this season we had a bit of a dream run, the only top flight side we faced was Shandong in the semi final who we managed to beat in extra time. Going into the final I was really nervous because I just assumed we would somehow throw away the brilliant opportunity that had landed in our laps but we had a routine 2-0 win in the first leg. Then being 1-0 off a counter attack in the second leg it looked really good, however, DL Pro came back with a couple of goals and then they hit the post in stoppage time from a one on one which thankfully didn't go in and that means that we not only won the cup but we will be going into the Champions League group stage next season. One notable mention is for the second leg my goalkeeper got injured so Yusup-Ali had to come in for his first game in two years and his last game ever as he has announced his retirement, not a bad last game for the club's only Legend (although he had a bit of a stinker). Squad There was a couple of extra players in the squad this season just due to being too old to now play in the U23s and they hardly played but Li Xiaoyu 31a came in as a bench player originally but he got an assist on his debut, played well in a few more appearances so I promoted him full time. Gao Sheng 24d had the best average rating but that's because he had a lot to do. Top goalscorer again was Li Weijie 27c. Youth Intake This was called a poor crop and it really was when it came through, by far the worst bunch we've had. The best rated player was Liu Yulong 25a but I'm not so sure, the best player in my opinion is: Tan Lei 35e Finances We again lost money, about half a million in total and the board had reduced our wage budget to £36k down from £45k but after the cup win they set next season's back to what we had originally. After four seasons of having the exact same amount of season ticket holders we sold more for this season, I was convinced this was a bug so I hope I'm wrong and we can start building up the number of fans we have because this season was our best for average attendance. Unfortunately being in this constant rut of bad finances it just doesn't seem like we'll ever get enough money to upgrade things to take us to the next level but I'm hoping that the cup win may provide us with a rep boost that will help our sponsorship income. Next Season The aim is not completely embarrass ourselves on our first jaunt into continental competition and again continue to survive in the league.
  10. Wuhan Three Towns - Season Review 2034 Manager Profile - Transfers - Fixtures 1 - Fixtures 2 China Super League - 12th Another season of difficulty but ultimately survival, the first half of the season we played relatively well but we had a four week break in the league for the World Cup and after that we completely fell apart, losing 11 of 14 games. The three games we didn't lose were fortunate because the opposition had early red cards and then last game of the season we had already assured survival and Shenhua had been relegated. At times we really bad and it's pretty depressing viewing. Squad No new players came into the squad this season and there were no standout players. The main notable event was Li Weijie 27c becoming the club's all time top league scorer and hitting 100 in all comps overall. Youth Intake The HOYD announced this as another Golden Generation but it was very underwhelming, mainly bad personalities and the top two rated don't look amazing. The best of the lot is Ding Jingyi 34a. Finances We are better off than we were this time last season, but we have had a takeover where the new board took out another £300k loan and said they wouldn't be investing any money so essentially nothing has changed. Next Season Just keep surviving and hope for the best
  11. Wuhan Three Towns - Season Review 2033 Manager Profile - Transfers - Fixtures 1 - Fixtures 2 China Super League - 14th Another season of survival, originally I thought it was going to be beyond us due to the first team players leaving (or so I thought), in the end only one actually left us and the others stayed on month to month contracts. We started the season how we ended last season with a pretty rubbish run with only one win against DL Pro in the first 12 games, I was fearing the worst but then out of nowhere we smashed in two 4-0 wins in a row. This was followed a few games later with a 3 game winning run and a goalless draw to the eventual champions before securing safety with 2 games to go and our season fizzled out without even a goal in the final three games. Squad Despite thinking I was going to lose a majority of the first team, we ended up only losing Guo Qi 22h as I had him set for release in order to get our committed spending down so I could offer contracts to others. The rest of them just decided to stay on month to month contracts which I didn't think was going to be an option but I'm quite happy with those turn of events. Yusup-Ali got injured near the halfway point of the season and Gao Sheng 24d took over and played well enough to keep the position full time which is the first time in the save that I've had a regen goalkeeper full time. Zhu Zhigang 24g came in to fill the place of Guo QI 22h and did okay but I'm hoping now with a full season under his belt he'll kick on next season. Liang Xiaodong 28b was the other player to come in and play a good amount of game time, I was forced into this with him playing really well for the U23 team and Zhu Jiarong 22e not playing well at all. Li Weijie 27c was again our top scorer although he didn't play quite as well this season. Youth Intake Another so called golden generation and the top few guys look promising, quite a few unambitious players and not many good personalities. The player picked out by the HOYD was Ma Weizhe 33a Finances The state of the this season's losses don't look too bad as the board pumped in three £550k injections, never before have they injected that much money so I don't know why they have decided to start now. Our sponsorship rose from £550k to £575k which is an almost comical increase. For the third season running we had 1,563 season tickets so I'm thinking that must be some sort of bug but I will give benefit of the doubt to just not having many fans and I can't say we are playing well enough to actually attract many more fans to come down. Maybe a good cup run would be just the answer but one day we'll get there. Next Season Again, survival is key, just try and build the club rep little by little and hope that at some point it pays off because all I want is an upgrade to something.
  12. Wuhan Three Towns - Season Review 2032 Manager Profile - Transfers - Fixtures 1 - Fixtures 2 China Super League - 10th Quite a remarkable season we had this year, finishing with our highest ever place and highest ever points tally although in the early stages of the season I was hoping for more. After the first 13 games of the season we were sat 3rd, only a few points off top spot despite being defeated by Renhe and Jiangsu, who would both go on to really struggle. I thought this was showing me what we were actually capable of against the middling sides in the league, which is where we need to pick up results to survive, unfortunately the other 17 games didn't go swimmingly, with us picking up only 2 more wins and losing 12 (including losing 9-5 to Shanghai SIPG despite being 3-0 and 4-3 up). Despite that back half of the season, I prefer to be happy about the overall result which is staying in the league and thankfully due to those early points on the board I never felt like we were going to be in a relegation battle. Squad Another season of having a very settled squad, the only additions being players that were now too old to play for the U23s. I put our brilliant start to the season down to the fact that we were settled and that we've now got players playing their prime instead of an entire squad of youngsters. Unfortunately due to our horrendous financial position and our wage budget being cut, I can't offer a lot of first team players anywhere near the money they want so we shall be losing 6 of our starting XI at the end of the year. Our best performer, club top goalscorer and joint league top goalscorer Li Weijie 27c smashed in his best season tally as well as being tied down to a new 5 year contract on the same money he was already on. Some of the players we are losing include Guo Qi 22h, Yu Hao 23b, club captain Ma Jian'gang 22f and Guo Jun 26d. Youth Intake Our first "Golden Generation" for a few seasons, unfortunately I don't really agree on the whole but a couple of players are quite exciting especially Li Yajing 32a. A couple of other top prospects are Su Zheyu 32b and Tan Wei 32c. Finances It was announced early on in the season that we were entering Administration which went on for about 3 months before all the debt being cleared with a consolidated loan agreed for outstanding loans and the debt we had been in. That took us back to even money and then we were briefly in a positive bank balance because Wuhan come across the city to play us and brought 21000 away fans. As you can see this soon plummeted back down and again are in a real bleak situation with seemingly no way out. As mentioned because of the financial problems we are losing 6 first team players for nothing which will take our wage bill below what was our budget for this season (it's actually been increased slightly for next season) but ours is already by far the smallest wages in the league. We had exactly the same amount of season ticket holders this season as we did last season which was strange as it had be steadily increasing year on year, I'm hoping that was coincidence and not some sort of bug because getting fans in the ground is one way we could actually make some money. Sponsorship also increased for this season but still £200k less than the most we've had and it's still £3.5M behind the next lowest amount. As always still no upgrades to any facilities and no coaching badges. Next Season As always, survival is the aim but it's going to be a really unknown season due to the first team being completely overhauled so I wouldn't be surprised to see us really struggle.
  13. Ahhh OK, makes sense Early on in my save I had players that I could sell and did so for quite a decent amount of money and in total I've sold £18.25M worth of player but even when I had £6M in the bank the board wouldn't even let me take a coaching course. Now I find that nobody wants any of my players and when they do it isn't a first team player with a good value. I also get terrible attendances which doesn't help.
  14. Just looking through the screenshots and it looks like you have the IGE loaded?
  15. I've finally managed to catch up fully with the thread, nice to see someone else playing in China and at least you are able to get yourself some upgrades from the board
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