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1 hour ago, yonko said:

He is a fan of Arsenal, so it's natural to want to play with his favorite team.

James, you can still choose the compactness of Very Fluid and if you want the team to play with less creative freedom, then simply add Be More Disciplined. Plus, you can also use more basic roles. Fluid Shape gives freedom to the front 4 plus one of the CMs if you select playmaking role. The back 4 and the sitting midfielder will play disciplined game anyway. But James, the front 4 need the freedom in this top heavy formation, otherwise if you play Structured you need to give it to them via roles or instructions. And to mention it again, structured will make them defend less after the initial pressure.

I don't know why you so afraid of balls over the top. At Arsenal you have 3 central defenders with good attributes to play easily as slightly higher D-Line without any problems.


Can I not just give them instructions like Close Down much more and mark tighter to get to track back and defend more. Sometimes even getting the AML/AMR to specific man mark the full backs if I have to. I know structured would also mean that players take a bit longer to get up in attacking transitions and the front four will need to very good and beating their man in a structured system while in a fluid system because they are so compact and players will join transitions quicker. But with Fluid I will have to find roles that can create space because they are so compact so I would have to select roles which have move in channels or add it has a PI. With structured space gets created so I have to find roles that can exploit this space 

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Sigh.. when you have a spare 5 minutes Rashidi would you mind explaining why I lost and were so bad in this match? And what I should have done differently?

My tactic- https://imgur.com/a/Vezdx it's largely what has got me to 1st place. I'd just smashed Juve the game before 3-0

Lineups- https://imgur.com/a/1VkF5

PIs are

GK- roll to full backs

RB- cross less often

LB- stay wider, cross from byline

Both CMs on support- pass shorter

W- cross from byline

IF- more direct passing


Here's the pkm

Pescara v Napoli.pkm

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