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  1. It is working for me in both UK L2 and L1 with no stars and a lot of youth prospects.... So it is also great for a youth development challenge
  2. Basically it is about finding space and exploit the weakest areas of the opponent's formation. It will not always work but if you chose the right roles and make sure they have the options around them it can be very easy to punish even the strongest teams. Even world class defenders will struggle if you overload their area and they end up playing 1v2 or even 1v3. This is not an ME exploit or wonder approach... this is actually a realistic approach going into matches with a strategy based on your scouting reports.
  3. Hi there, thank you for a great thread! I have tried implementing the approach from the OP with my own possession oriented DNA and it really works perfectly. The TF will never reach 100% but I don't see any issues in the matches. I primarily play variations of 4123 just moving the playmaker into the space to exploit but I have also used 4141 and 4231 without issues. The only signs of impact from lack of TF are the odd positional mistakes especially from reserve/fringe players.... The starting XI quickly establish a good understanding and adjust to my tactical changes. I started using the approach when I moved to Crewe in L2 and I have only lost 2 games since taking over (approx. 30 games) transforming the team from a relegation battler to a team in hunt for promotion
  4. OK, what kind of playing style are you hoping to achieve? Where should the goals be coming from and who is going to supply the passes and the movement? These would be my starting questions Then I would look into my roles and duties and see if I have the right balance. Afterwards you can see if you have the players to perform.
  5. cool, what core attributes are you focusing on for your IWB? Intelligence, speed or stamina? So you are playing a assym 41312?
  6. cool, I am also seeing solid performances. What system are you using Ghents?
  7. The IWB works like a regular fb when defending and a defensive midfielder when attacking. I use it for one of my fb in a 4141 because I want him to be an extra midfielder and help overload the central midfield. You will need a speedy and intelligent DC covering in the side that the IWB leaves. This setup enables me to play fairly aggressive in midfield and then win any 2nd balls. It really helps me camping in the opposition's half but I will not use it when under pressure.
  8. yeah.... Your playing style.... what are the core attributes you want in your team always.... I could go for First Touch, Natural Fitness, Bravery, Work Rate and Team Work because I want to have a team that are good at controlling the ball, are fit, are not affraid of challenges, have a high work ethics and work together as a team...... These attributes would be my Team DNA so I would set a minimum of e.g. 12 (depending on the level your team are playing) as a criteria for playing in the team.... Then you can have more specific attributes for certain roles or as I mentioned before.... defend, support and attack roles. I hope that explains it
  9. It helps if you know what you are looking for in a player.... So basically decide your key attributes for a specific role and if you also have the TEAM DNA you should be able to filter your way through the lists of players.... I also use views to help me assess players..... that gives me an easier way of focusing on the players that fit my system. SO I have created a general view with the TEAM DNA, i.e. Natural Fitness, First Touch, Team Work and Workrate and then I create specific views for defend, support and attack players......
  10. Flexible - Standard is bang in the middle so basically the baseline for shape and mentality (risk)..... The more fluidity = more universal and compact/less space (incl. more creativity) and more structured = more role based and large gap between mentalities/more space....... The same goes for Mentality = Risk taking.... The more attacking the more risk you take and opposite if you go lower.....
  11. Think of mentality as Risk (so how much Risk do you want your team to commit to) and shape as how many players do you want to participate in the transitions.... So I would say that you can build one system and change mentality, shape and TIs according to how the game plays out.... So I will often have the same formation in all 3 tactical slots but with different shapes and mentality, i.e. Structured Defensive, Fluid Control and Very Fluid Attacking. I may also have slight variations of the system, i.e. 4231, 4411 and 41221 but I don't see any problem with changing formations during a game even if you get a slight hit on familiarity. The single most important thing in getting Things right is to have a clear idea of how you want to play and then choose a balanced setup of roles and mentalities ensuring support to playmakers and defensive cover for roaming attackers etc. If you get that right you can change Things around without destroying your squad Foundation.
  12. I totally agree.... I actually think both Cleon and Rashidi have been saying this all along.... Don't copy us but try to understand how things are working in the game and then build around that. Do that by watching the games and understanding how attributes, roles, formations etc interact. It is not that complicated to do and you don't have to be hardcore into the engine room of the ME. I have been using the BETA testing approach that Rashidi also uses with Top teams to see how the ME plays out with different styles etc. Then you have your baseline and lessons to built on when you start your long term save. Then I use the Torino DIaries as inspiration and study of how to handle different aspects of your game.... Team morale, Transfers, Attributes, Certain players, etc... @herne79Especially the last line with over complicating things is VERY TRUE
  13. You find the episode on Bust the Net youtube channel..... It is the latest Torino Diaries
  14. Excellent episode..... It was a nice recap of what you've been doing. Keep up the great work! I can only urge people to watch the youtube series - It really answers most of the questions being raised in the threads. It's all about balancing your roles and identifying your weak spots and making sure you have enough cover vs. strength in attack.
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