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  1. I really like the thoughts behind the tactic and the "clean" setup with few TIs and well thought roles. I will test it with my Roma save! How about chance creation and goals? I struggle with getting Roma to score more - normally only winning 1-0 or drawing against better teams - so could be worried just ending up passing the ball around without scoring
  2. Thank very much for explaining your approach. I will dive into my own testing
  3. @SixPointer I am interested to know how you setup the man-marking. Are you adding the position for each player or are you manually targeting opposition players each game? How do you interpretate the forwards marking the opposition defense? Are they marking the DCs or the FBs?
  4. In my Dafuge LLM game I was struggeling and I decided to go 442 using many of the great ideas from this thread. The 442 i a super balanced system and works on all levels but you the players and one of my biggest lessons learned was to disregard all the young players with PA and build the team from players with solid CA (based on the lower league level). I have basically have 2 versions of the same formation which I mirror depending on the opposition. I use the scout report to identify weaknesses or the spaces to exploit and then I choose either the right or left version. My formation is based on a pressing part and a space exploiting part and I normally press the opposition creators and then exploit the spaces left by e.g. BBM or attacking fullbacks. This leads to us breaking up their attacks and launching quick counters using pass into space. If we dominate possession and are camping in their half I normally use work ball into box, cutbacks (low crosses) or deep crosses to break their defence. Left version This change resulted in a 17 match unbeaten run and we won the league and got promoted to the National League.
  5. Great to see I have decided not to lock down a formation and in stead choose my formation based on the opposition and the weaknesses that I have identified. In Germany the teams mostly play 4123, 4231 and 442, so I use variants of the same but I also have a 32221 to counter the 442. I still sometimes struggle against the "park-the-bus" but against top 5 teams we hardly ever lose. I think the approach will be more efficient after the promotion to the Bundesliga and teams will begin coming at me and leaving me room to exploit
  6. Has anybody continued this approach in FM20? I have begun testing with HSV in the 2. Bundesliga and so far it seems to be working like a charm.
  7. regarding the 442 you could consider the 42DM22 with wingers..... It is well suited for breaking up and counter and if you use the segundo volante the counters can be deadly
  8. I never play below Balanced in mentality and I usualy favor higher tempo - even as underdog in LLM. I know that teams will attack me and I am not going to sit back and let them! My experience is that using attacking mentality to achieve counter football has a higher output than going cautious. The formation and player roles differ and I haven't found limitations. I always play using a DNA that suits my football style, i.e. workrate, teamwork, determination, natural fitness and concentration so I will find my core players based on that. I will then choose unique players for certain special roles to give me the edge in attack or built-up and they will not fit the DNA at LLM level. That could be the super quick winger or the profilic goalscorer or maybe the strong wide target man..... I can afford the risk of these special roles because I know that the core players will be able to compensate for a marauding winger that does not track back. I normally don't oay attention to the name of the role... I check the player instructions to determine if the role will fit my strategy and of course the sorrounding roles. It could be placing a DLP on the same side as the super quick marauding winger. The DLP will cover the area abandoned by the winger (hold position) and will also be able to play the necessary passes for the winger to exploit.
  9. @Jambo98Great to see the development in your approach. I am doing the same with my HSV save but I will need to test the RPM role because I also find the MEZ not working for me. The greatest eye-opener for me has been the effect of the wide players. HSV has a lot of AM wide naturals but they all perform very well in the MR/ML positions - they start deeper and are more involved. A player like Sonny Kittel is absolutely tearing up the opposition. I am still undecisive on the SC role and I change it a lot based on the opposition formation etc. I have also tried moving the playmaker role around to exploit opposition weak areas - i.e. exploiting opposition BWM or BBM roaming/closing down.... But still no conclusions from my side before I complete the season
  10. @Jambo98 Great update! I liked the IW and MEZ change and the thinking behind it. When defending a lead, I normally don't lower my LOE or Dline when the AI starts coming at me..... I try to setup the defensive traps correctly (eg defend wider/narrower with high Dline) and ensure that I have the right players to win the ball and use pass into space to release quick counters. I normally remove gegenpress but keep counter, don't do overlaps etc... and around 80" I turn on max. time wasting (not too early) I feel that allowing the AI to enter "my territory" will always end with CCC and/or goals. Especially the FBs or WBs must not be allowed to overload the flanks. If I can win the ball from them they leave huge gap to be exploided by a AF or IW..... So maybe changing the role of the SC in the 451 could also be an idea
  11. @Jambo98Please keep it going - I am also keen on reading your experiences. Are you planning any tweaks or changes to your approach? or will it be squad building and working on player traits to enhance the effectiveness?
  12. This a great thread and a great approach to the gegenpressing! I will dive in to ressurecting der Dino (HSV) and use this approach as inspiration....
  13. I switched to the 442 and I'm now on af 13 match unbeaten run with Enfield Town. I changed til D-line and LOE to high because we were losing the ball constantly and being hit by balls over the top. After this change we are extremely solid and just breaking up attacks and launching quick counters, especially down the flanks with the quick wingers.
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