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  1. Well, actually a Sypersystem is a set of two or three different tactics with different instructions that are for different opponents/scenarios. Each one will exploit different type of weakness in your opponents' set up. I usually have 4-1-2-3 Wide DM and 4-2-3-1 Wide formations loaded with slight tweaks in the TIs (definitely different mentality and shape). And sometimes I have a 3rd tactic that uses a random formation (442, 4-1-4-1 or something like that). I try to load the following combinations of mentality and shape: Standard + Flexible Control + Structured Counter + Fluid This year I've decided to avoid the extremes for some reason. I have found comfort and simplicity in using these set ups.
  2. There is no more 1 tactic works every game against everyone. Those days are gone. A solid sound tactic (or set of tactics that @Rashidi calls Supersystems) needs to be created and tweaked slightly based on what happens in each game. Every tactic/system contains advantages and disadvantages that need to be manipulated slightly to achieve wins. Of course, every now and again, a game will be lost no matter what. No one goes unbeaten. I think there is enough information shared here for anyone to create a solid tactic, understand why it's solid and how to tweak it to keep winning....most of the time, except the odd game. The 4123 Wide DM formation is one of the most versatile formations and there are many options and combinations within it.
  3. Hence why I questioned the use of BPD. It was a hint, which obviously you missed too I guess.
  4. I meant to say personality hidden attributes. I just missed the "personality" word. Hopefully he understand me and if not your correction will certainly help.
  5. Why do you want to training him using the RMD role? Suarez is a Perfectionist but has poor Sportsmanship and Temperament. Messi tutoring will improve all Demebele's hidden attributes. If you want to switch between the roles for training, do it in at least 3 months cycles or even half and half of the season. But I wouldn't use a role that trains too many of his physicals. The AP role would've been perfect if it didn't also train his Acceleration and Pace too. It covers the Metal attributes he needs training the most - Anticipation, Composure, Decisions, Teamwork. If anything I would switch between TQ and AP roles for training. How do you plan to use him on the team? And how is the whole team set up in terms of tactic?
  6. I suspect here he might me trained/developed by the AI and most likely wasn't tutored as his Determination is not so high at 13. I would choose the Trequartista role for his training actually (now available for AMRL positions ) regardless of what role you use him in your tactics. His acceleration and pace are high enough already and you don't need to train that any further to waste CA points. His metals and passing ability need the most work, so I would focus on those. Hence the Trequartista role training (it does train Agility, but all the other roles train more physicals and Agility doesn't use that many points). He starts with good PPMs and I would add "plays one-twos" and "gets into opposition area". I would tutor him with Messi to increase his professionalism. But make sure you select the bottom option so there is no transfer of PPMs. Dembele can play equally well on either side, as IF or Winger. The Winger role will give him the most variety in his game due to his PPM to cut inside from either wing. Coupled with the role instructions of a Winger, it will actually make him a hybrid between IF and Winger.
  7. Use the ideas from here and start thinking along those line. So when you hit another wall, you will know how to break through it with different thinking. You need to learn to understand what the roles do and how players will perform in them with their attributes and PPMs. You also need to observe that on the pitch. Being a manager/coach is about observing, analyzing and making corrections in a repeated cycle. There is no more set one tactic and dominate forever until you get bored.
  8. I believe @Cleonsaid that Determination plays a key role how successful learning will be. I try to choose a technical coach for technical PPMs, attacking coach for attacking PPMs, etc. But maybe only in mind it makes a difference. It makes sense to me nevertheless.
  9. Where does it say that you have to play a winger on the same side as his stronger foot? I love using wide attackers who cut inside but playing as Winger role. The combination of role (+set instructions) and their PPM to cut inside makes for a nice hybrid. Do not think limitations, think possibilities.
  10. I would have Coutinho as IF-S, Mane/Salah as W-A, Dolberg as CF-S and Gaya on Attack duty. That would a nice way to stager your attacking play and have multiple ways to create chances. If you want to use both Mane and Salah on each wing, have Mane on the left as W-S with a BBM next to him, Coutinho as AP-A on the same side as Salah (W-A) and you can have Dolberg as CF-A. I would teach Coutinho "try through balls" PPM and Dolberg "comes deep to get ball". I also like to teach as many players as possible to have "plays one-twos" as PPM.
  11. Imagine Valverde messaging Pep Guardiola asking him what tactic to use to find success. I think the beauty of playing FM is figuring out your own tactic or drawing inspiration from real life. How do you think Valverde's Barca play the 4-4-2? Or look at the players in the squad and figure out how can they play together. It's up to you the manager to the decide who the team will play. Why do you want to play 4-4-2 formation? Why not something else?
  12. No offense my friend, but there more threads like this I see, the more appreciation I have for guys like @Cleon @Rashidi @herne79 @summatsupeer for their patience. I mean how many times and in how many threads have the same things been said about balancing duties, roles, instructions, etc. It ain't rocket science. If you say you read many threads, you can't miss this stuff. It's so simple - if you have a striker who is on Attack duty and you want him to get more involved, then the solution is obvious.....change his duty to Support. There is no magic role for success. It's a choice. What do you want the Striker to do? CF does everything, DLF does less and keeps it simple, F9 has more freedom, etc. Every role has a description and set of instruction which should tell you what to expect from it. It starts with knowing what you want your team to play like and then balancing the whole thing. Start simple. I'm sorry if it looks like I'm having a go at you. I hope you understand.
  13. WIP Elegance 18

    I actually liked Ozo's French Touch skin more. Then there was also Tom's Steklo.
  14. Maybe because you are using a BPD? Or maybe because the opposition is doing a good job pressuring you.
  15. Good analysis. I didn't say the shape is different though. I said the spacing at City is more than at Barca. This transformation obviously started at Bayern M. And of curse different players. While Silva is more similar to Iniesta/Xavi, KDB is completely different than them. Pedro was/is more similar to Sane/Sterling, but neither is Villa who was proven goalscorer. I think Pep is more cautious with City and his tactic is more safe to prevent counterattacks. He has been burned in the past from that at Barca and Bayern by losing CL semi-finals. Plus City are not at the level (yet) where Barca and Bayern were with him. But the football is still the best and the most enjoyable to watch.