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  1. Individual player duty/mentality also depends on your overall team mentality. If I'm playing on Attacking/Very Attacking Team Mentality, most likely I will not have anyone on Attack duty because everyone is already attacking enough. I may make an exception for a CM if I'm using 3 midfielders, one being DM. But if I knock back the Team Mentality to Positive, then I will give an AML or AMR and the FB on the opposite side an attacking duty. Another thing to consider is that there are certain Attack duty roles that perform differently than other Attack duty roles. For example, Trequartista role is Attack duty only role but the coding of the role allow it to drop deeper and be more involved in build up than any other attack role played in the same strata. AP-A is another such role also. Just some more things to consider.
  2. I would use AP-S on the same side as RMD and CM-A on the other with IF-S. I think the AP will be more in position to feed the RMD.
  3. Using IWB and overlap instructions makes the role into a hybrid one. Generally the IWB will play as usual, tucking in inside, but whenever the wide attacker ahead of him will have the ball, then the IWB will go for the overlap on the outside. Guardiola uses his fullbacks like this at City and Rashidi's Liquid tactic plays similar as well on Youtube.
  4. I think what is missing is an attacking style preset a level above Control Possession and Geggenpressing. Something that can be described as Fluid Attack, not necessarily to be patient or keeping possession, neither to dump it into the box. Dare I say more normal/direct passing, free flowing, players moving between lines, more like Man United under SAF at times. This style should be about moving the ball and moving players with intent of creating chances and scoring goals. Something created on Attacking mentality with multiple ways of creating and scoring. Maybe an alternative name for the style could be Layered Attack. I'm surprised that SI didn't include a more adventurous preset style than what we have now.
  5. Yes, any dark mode theme would be better. I leave the design up to you. Whatever works better with the rest of the stuff.
  6. My immediate feedback is that I do not like the white theme social feed and news screens on otherwise dark skin.
  7. I just hope that such things do not discourage you from making skins in the future.
  8. I'm sure he has asked for permission from others to use and modify their files. Then he has given them credit for the work. There are proper ways to do it. All skin makers follow this procedure.
  9. Maybe he doesn't like the kits and the badges together. Different people have different preferences. I certainly think it's too much to have both. One or the other is better. I prefer the badges. Others may prefer the kits. At the end, the skin maker decides what to include.
  10. It's OK, I figured it out. I use the files from the earlier version (1.1.1 v) and have even removed the team color from the panel with the player details info. That panel now is the same as the rest of the panels.
  11. The first layout of this TCS skin is not like the one you posted though. Nevermind, thanks for trying to help. @bluestillidie00 Can you please help me edit the player overview page? I like this version better: But the guy edited and provided link without your approval so I know it's a sensitive subject. Therefore I thought I ask you to help me edit it to look this way. I like how the Positions panel is separate from the Attributes and it is not too narrow so it displays the roles at full width. Here is how mine looks from TCS 1.6 version: I have only removed the player picture code cause I don't like the pictures, the back of the kit is enough for me. I don't care for the polygraph panel on the left and would prefer the Positions panel there instead. Thanks in advance
  12. Which first version? I don't have it. And downloading the versions linked in the OP do not have this overview layout.
  13. Great. I was hoping for that answer regarding the BG selector. I will reactivate it then. I appreciate the info regarding the player overview profile. This layout design is very well organized. Too bad you don't have permission to include it the skin or share it.
  14. @bluestillidie00 Any reason why the BG selector was removed? Is it not working anymore, does it crash the game, etc.? Or just personal preference? Also, I like this player overview layout I saw you post elsewhere. You said you can't included it because it's someone else's work. Can you tell me where you got it from? Another skin perhaps? And did you tweak it to look like this?
  15. What do you think about including a match prep session (say Attacking Movement) on Monday between Recovery and Match Preview? And what about including another session on Wednesday like general Possession or something else with low physical demand?
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