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  1. I wouldn't promote so many at once. It's too many to work on their development at the same time. Pick a few and then maybe loan the rest. When picking consider age, PA and current attributes. - Age - an 18 year old can wait 6 months (being on loan or waiting in reserves), while a 20 year old doesn't have time to wait - PA - obviously the higher the better but you have to see how much difference he has compared to his CA because that will indicate to you how much he can gain - attributes - can he contribute to your team based on current attributes and how far off are they from the level they should or could be Personally I like to work with 22-23 man squad, which includes no more than 4-5 young prospects, but usually it's actually around 3 of them.
  2. yonko

    Your managerial "role model" ?

    What is his football vision? Some Barca fans want him to replace Valverde. Which midfield set up do you think is more attacking - 1-2 or 2-1?
  3. So basically just slight tweaks and/or hybrid systems of the 3 possession pre-sets. Do you have an example of something specific?
  4. Besides these 3 possession style types, what are the others you have in mind? And how do they differ from those 3?
  5. yonko

    Your managerial "role model" ?

    He did have problems with Pep in two finals. He chose to not deny space for Messi, Xavi and Iniesta as someone like Mourinho would or did. Wenger was a little bit more tactically astute but I wouldn't call him tactician either. He never really addressed the loss of key players and try to play without proper holding midfielder for years. Gilberto was the last one probably.
  6. It was still inaccurate statement.
  7. yonko

    Your managerial "role model" ?

    I simply disagree with both of you.
  8. yonko

    Your managerial "role model" ?

    He wasn't tactically incompetent, but I wouldn't call him brilliant tactician either. He was sufficient in that part of the game. His strengths is what kept him successful in the game so long.
  9. Most sessions don't focus on role attributes actually. They focus on specific attributes per unit - attacking, defensive or GK. There are only a limited number of activities that have some focus on role attributes. From Match Preparation that's Attacking Movement and Defensive Shape. The GK categories also focus on role training for the Attacking and Defensive Units. Ground Defense and Arial Defense as well as Chance Creation and Chance Conversion are the others. And when a training session focuses on role attributes it's usually only 20% of the focus.
  10. Silva and KDB act like inside forwards? I'm not sure about that. If you look at City's play, they try to have 3 players (running, not standing) inside the penalty box trying to score goals when the ball is in the final third. One of those players is the ST. The other two are 1 of Sane/Sterling and 1 of Silva/KDB. The players that do not run into the box are providing width and support.
  11. It's not entitlement to pay for something and expect it to work. If the product we paid for works, there won't be need for public beta. This happens every year now. This year is one of the worse though. The ME is the core and essence of the game. It has major and multiple problems this edition. This makes me question the team of employees they have, especially for testing. If you go to a restaurant and the meal is not cooked properly, does the cook ask you to help cook it better/more? Or would you do it voluntarily? If you buy a car and it doesn't run properly/has problems, does the dealership ask you to help fix it? Or would you do it voluntarily? Would you go to the same restaurant again? Would buy from the same brand/dealership again? I can't speak for others, but I've stayed very loyal to SI throughout all the years - every CM and every FM edition. And I've had enough patience and understanding. But everything has its limits. This year is my limit. If they don't pay attention and address that, then it's their loss....more so than mine. I can try and help them by voicing my opinion, no matter how much they or you may not like it. It is what it is.
  12. Reading that you have tested the ME so much and still is in this condition is even more troubling, with all due respect. You have no choice but to provide support and ask for free help. Otherwise I can't imagine how many fans and buyers you will lose. It's damage management. It's a nice tactic and makes the community feel part of the process. I get it. I don't care about other games and developers or what they do. I'm not playing or buying other games. I spend my money only on this game. And rather than getting better, I see things getting worse. This happens every year now and this year my patience has ran out. I'm not sorry about it either. I accept that the demands for coding the game are great, especially with changes made each year. However, that is why we pay for the game and expect the product to work. It's on you to have the right team of employees doing what they are supposed to be doing and deliver the product we pay for. If you can't, then no sales and no buyers. Simple business. We shouldn't pay for the game and then work for free to help you do what your team of paid employees was supposed to do in the first place. And that is a month after official release of the game! Hopefully you understand what my issue is here. I'm willing to explain better if needed. Feel free to contact me via PM. I don't want to derail this thread any further. I just felt I needed to say what I had on my mind. All I'm interested is a product that works.
  13. yonko

    Your managerial "role model" ?

    I didn't say he was bad. Don't twist my words, please. IMO he had hard time adapting to Mourinho and Pep. Part of the reason why he quit. He saw the younger and hungrier managers coming up, considered his old age and he knew the limit of his United team and where the future of the game was going. He realized one of the best rules - quit while you've won a title. Sorry, I don't mean to turn this into SAF debate. So that's all I'm going to say.
  14. As a paying customer I feel the need to get this of my chest in a post. Ignore it, accept it , criticize it or delete it. I'm gonna post it anyway. Perhaps is the wrong part of the forum, but whatever. While I appreciate SI making an effort in making this Public Beta available to us in order to help them improve the ME, I feel like this should be done before official release a month ago and it should be done by their paid testing team. Why should we pay to buy a game and then spend a month or two months testing Betas and uploading pmks to help them do something that should've been done already by their team? We have lives, jobs, family, etc. We spend money on a product and if it doesn't work, then we would just not buy it anymore until the makers make it good. The ME is the bread and butter of the game. It is one thing SI can't afford to not have right at release. I realize it may be hard work to get right, but that is your problem/job, not mine or ours. If the ME is not right and not working as it should be, then the game is not worth it in this condition. I have played every edition of FM since 1993 and CM Italia edition. I paid for every one of them. I was born in Europe and started playing there. And continued to do so when I moved to America even though it was difficult getting the game at first. I'm not some random guy ranting. I've been loyal and patience customer for years and years. But this year the ME is atrociously bad and unacceptable. I had high hopes and was positively excited about the release once new Tactical and Training modules were announced. I think it's only right I make you aware of my feelings, for whatever its worth or if its even worth it to you (SI). Thus I will end by putting it in simple business terms you should understand. If the game is good, I will play it and buy it again. If it isn't, then I won't. Business 101. Consider me Americanized - for better or worse.