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  1. Tiki-taka.....possession style....or what is actually known (and more appropriate) as Positional Football has some similarities with Geggenpressing. Both styles aim to press high and win the ball as soon as possible in the opposition half. The difference in the pressing is how it is actually executed. Geggen tries to press the player with the ball, while Positional football aims to close down passing lanes and to make play predictable. The biggest difference between the two styles is with the ball. One is more high paced direct style, exploit the space as soon as possible. The other is more methodical and calculated pass and move, create numerical superiority in important parts of the field (overloads) type. The high pressing for Geggenpressing is more doable with the current options and ME in FM. The pressing for Positional Football is more difficult to pull off and dare I say not quite possible. But certain aspect can be replicated with combination of TIs, PIs and OIs.
  2. In terms of pressing, leave the closing down in Team Instructions as default (i.e. sometimes) and just raise your D-Line a little. Then set PIs for the WBs, MEZs and STs to close down more, mark tighter and tackle harder. You can also add OI's to oppositions' defenders - close down always and tackle harder. In terms of attacking play, use Play Out Of Defense instruction. DLP can have More Risky Passes. How the defense and DLP execute will depend on their attributes - passing, decisions, vision. You might want to use a BPD for DCL and DCR too. The WBs and MEZs will need to be players with high workrate, acceleration and stamina attributes. My advice is stagger your set up a little bit and do not make it symmetrical. WB-S, MEZ-A and AF-A on one side, while the other side can be WB-A, MEZ-S, DLF-S
  3. yonko

    The False Nine

    Surround your F9 with IF on one side, while on the other side you can have Winger and CM on attack. BBM with Get Further Forward PI will work too instead of CM-A, but make sure he has the workrate and stamina to get up and down.
  4. Not every playmaker needs to be the primary creator. In fact, you don't even need that role for someone to be the primary creator. Ideally you want multiple creators of different roles and multiple scorers as well. You want to have a multidimensional attack with various ways of attacking, creating and scoring. Give a playmaking role to someone who you want to be involved the most with the ball in your team. That can be someone to help transition the ball from defense into midfield or from midfield into the attack. @Rashidi did a guide on his channel last year for FM17 on playmakers
  5. DLF on support can score goals but that is not his primary purpose. He drops and links play between midfield and attack. He's more of a provider/creator. I would change this role to CF-S, if you want to stay with support duty, or DLF-A. Eriksen is too deep as the AP-S. You do not need him that deep because you have RGA who you want to run the show. I would try AM-S, AP-A or even AM-A and see which one puts him in best position to link the midfield with your goalscorers. In matches look at the interaction between RGA, AMC and the Winger. See if and how they create for the ST and the RMD. Also pay attention to your fullbacks and how they contribute.
  6. DLF in midfield? You probably mean DLP. Do you have problems with two support roles at CM on Control/Flexible combo? I would probably change the DLP to Defend duty.
  7. I haven't seen you start there. Who will score goals? Who will create chances? Who will defend? Who will link the lines? How are the roles going to connect and form a cohesive team?
  8. These roles do not overload the CB area and I don't see a goalscoring role selected either. You have 3 creators roles, defensive forward and two water-carriers. Change the IF to Attack or to RMD and then you might have a scoring threat. I would be careful with the concept of overloading the CB area, btw. You don't want to make it too crowded there. Mane and Salah have speed and skills, but they need space to use them to best effect. @Rashidi has given one example for Liverpool IRL tactic and goalscoring machine tactic. I would offer an alternative: SK-S WB-S CD-D CD-D WB-A DLP-S CM-D W-A AM-S W-S AF-A
  9. Study and learn everything obviously. If your tactic is balanced then you wouldn't be struggling. The problem is you take ideas from others without understanding why it works for them and why it doesn't work for you. It's like when you use fancy words in foreign language out of context. Effective attacking tactic.....what is that in your mind? Start there. Who does what in this tactic? Who's scoring the goals, who is supplying/creating the chances and who is winning the ball back?
  10. Study and learn. If you want to play with Tottenham, create a tactic based on their strengths and what the players are best at doing. If you want to create a tactic based on a concept or idea, make sure it's on solid, well-thought of one. And make sure you pick the right team with the right players. Based on the multiple threads asking for help that I've seen from you, I think you should start with something more simple and general as concept, rather than trying to create a tactic based on a single role. I think it's too demanding for you and your knowledge level, no offense. Try to create a tactic based on style of play or based on players' best qualities.
  11. I don't mean to pile up more on top of you, but....honestly how from that idea you arrived at the decision to base a whole tactic on the role of Regista without knowing what the role actually does or if you have the right player for the role to pull it off, it's really strange to me. And the analysis you posted above has nothing to do with depth and recycling possession or how the Regista helps facilitate that.
  12. So you start a thread based on the idea of building a tactic around a Regista. But after the first game of the season analysis you start to question it and consider changing it to DLP. I think one of your biggest problems is that you don't know what you want. And you don't know what you want because you don't know what each role does and they interact. The space the RGA leaves when you have the ball is not a problem while you're having the ball. It may (the keyword is "may") become a problem when you loose the ball and if the opposition have a player who will move into it. You will always leave spaces open when you're attacking. That's part of the natural process. Focus on the RGA - what he does and who does he combine with.
  13. yonko

    FM18: Liverpool FC - Pace Abuse

    Nice. Classic. How is the rest of the team looking?
  14. Pause the game when you see that and take a picture, then post it here. Are you sure your DLF is on Support? The tactic you posted has him on Attacking duty. Still, it shouldn't be a problem as you have AMC and IF on support, plus RGA pushing from deeper. They should all be able to find/supply your RMD and DLF. Pay attention to how players move and link together. I understand that you want a tactic based on Regista running the show. Do you a player capable of playing that role at Tottenham? I can't think of one in the current squad. Also, why have you selected the rest the of the roles, especially the 4 up front?
  15. yonko

    FM18: Liverpool FC - Pace Abuse

    In what role?