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  1. Pretty much same as me, except I don't have Ait-Nouri but rather Dest who can cover both flanks. I like versatile players. It also why a love having Marco Kana and Declan Rice who can play DC, DM and CM. Keeping Fabinho and Ox as well.
  2. I can afford the loyalty bonus with Liverpool. The sell on percentage is bait. I would never sell Mbappe, so he would never get the 25%.
  3. I got Mbappe in the 3rd season on my Liverpool save. Here are the details of the transfer with his wages as well. For me he was worth it as he scored 46 goals with 16 assists - EPL top scorer with 28 goals and CL top scorer with 10 goals. He is one of my favorite players IRL and I like to buy him on FM.
  4. The most difficult role would be to find someone to play like a mix of Makelele and Pirlo. These two players played completely different roles in the same position. I personally do not see the point of playing with both DLP-D at DM and RPM at CMR if you want the latter to be the heart of the team. My advice would be to go for simple Anchor Man role like Makelele was, considering the roles of both fullbacks. On the other hand, it sound like you want the CMR to be attacking and defending, running for miles - sound more like a BBM to me than RPM. The latter won't defend that much. So if that role changes to BBM, then the DM can be a DLP-D. Then you have to reconsider your right flank. Using IF-A with CWB-S behind him, plus overlap instruction is overkill and will leave you wide open to be exposed there. Especially if you also use BBM on the same side. Also if you use IF-A you might as well forget about him defending unless you manually instructing to mark the opposing fullback. But then that kind of defeats the purpose of him being a second striker. He can play that role quite well even as IF-S. In FM20 that role has more attacking mentality than any other support role for that position (compare the mentality with the IW-S on the other side). And IF-S will help defensively as well. Plus you want the ST as CF-S to be the main scorer. I will also suggest to lower you line of engagement to just higher, especially if you are a strong team or become a strong team. You want to allow the opposition to come out a little bit, thus allowing space for your ST and IF to scorer goals. When watching games, observe how the Mez-A plays. Does he get in the box and score goals? Does he have the right player traits to play like you want him to? Maybe experiment with simple CM-A. And lastly, mixing those 4 different playing styles will be too difficult and complicated. You should start with fewer and simple instructions and build from there. I would start with just the following: Shorter Passing Play Out Of Defense Distribute to CBs Counter Higher D-Line Higher LOE Prevent Short GK Distribution I would remove More Urgent pressing for the whole team and go with Rashidi's type split block - ST, AMR, AML, 2 CMs close down more, the rest on default. See how that works first and then add More Urgent pressing if needed. Good luck. I'm curious how it works all out for you.
  5. Mbappe scored 46 goals for me. Won EPL top scorer award with 28 goals and CL top scorer award with 10 goals. And he also made 16 assists. I play him as lone STC either as DLF-S or F9, depending if opposition uses DM or not. He's too much to handle for any team. I agree TAA is amazing wingback and hard to replace too. I have Sergino Dest as his backup and he has done quite well when needed. I have Hoever on loan at Ajax and he has developed very well (similar to yours) so he might be the new backup to TAA. You don't have Ox anymore, correct? He does a decent job as wingback too. Maybe you can run a search for attributes you need and just retrain someone.
  6. Personally I would never sell Mane or Salah. It would be hard to replace them, especially Salah since there are not that many left footed AMR player of close CA/PA plus attributes. Mbappe is the only one close to them and he's actually even better, plus younger. I have Mbappe on my Liverpool save. It's a scary trio to have him with Mane and Salah up front.
  7. Going back to this for a bid. I read somewhere an analysis of the game where it said that Liverpool did play their 433 formation but Klopp had Hendo drop deep to the right of Gomez, making it a back three to help play the ball from the back and have advantage over Sheffield's two STs. This also allowed Trent and Robertson to push higher up and pin the wingbacks further back, thus locking Sheffield into a deep 532 shape and preventing them from playing their usual game. This makes sense to me.
  8. If they used wingbacks, it was 5-3-2. If they used wide midfielders then it's 3-5-2. For me anyway.
  9. I don't think you can have both stay wider and move into channels for BBM. When selecting one, the other becomes not selectable. I think it was Milner who passed the ball from this deep position to Van Dijk just the moment before that. I didn't see the match, but if Liverpool started with 4231 formation as you say, that would explain Hendo's positioning being to the right. And how are formations interpreted IRL differently than in FM?
  10. I looked at a highlight of Salah's goal vs Sheffield United. I took an interesting screenshot of the moment when Van Dijk passes the ball over the top to Robertson. This is very typical shape of the team. The only exception is Hendo's position during this particular moment. Normally he would be more central and of course usually that would be Fabinho in that role. But look at how wide Milner and Wijnaldum are. They look like Carrileros here. And where Trent and Robertson are. Bobby in the typical F9 role. Mane and Salah look like STs - thinking AF-A. Now, this may be more because of how Sheffield U had lineup as well in their 5-3-2 shape. Thoughts anyone?
  11. I wasn't talking about a role that exist in FM currently. I was just saying that the way Klopp has 2 of his midfielders playing is like a hybrid between BBM and CAR. Meaning they play box to box but also shuttle sideways to cover gaps from fullbacks or to support play/recycle the ball. They play in the half spaces too. Wijnaldum / Keita / Ox can be played as BBM with Stay Wider PI, while Hendo / Milner can be played as CAR. Player Traits can be used to add modifications to the roles. The BBM and CAR roles have special behavioral coding in the ME to play a certain way, which cannot be replicated by customizing the regular CM role.
  12. I was talking more about IRL not in FM terms. I'm thinking more like a hybrid role between BBM and Carrilero.
  13. I agree about the half spaces, but don't you think they are not that creative as Mezzalas? They are hardworking and industrious like BBM or Carrileros. They cover and support all over the field.
  14. I tried to get Sancho too. He was transfer listed by Dortmund for 48m euros. Me and some other teams had bids accepted. But his agent asked for 300k weekly salary with other ridiculously high financial demands. No way I was gonna accept these demands for a player who wasn't going to be a starter for me ahead of Mane, Salah and Mbappe. I have Mane and Salah at 300k weekly salaries. Sancho is not at their level. At the end he went to PSG.....on 180k salary. De Ligt lacks the pace to play in my defense. I use a high D-line. Van Dijk and Gomez are great pair. Cuenca is solid option, plus left footed. I sold Matip but I can use Kana, Rice or Mykolenko there as 4th choice when needed. And Haaland is not my type of ST for the way I play.
  15. Well, from what I understand Rashidi saying, the RPM should work well with IW on the same side, while on the other side you can have Mezzala and IF together. Btw, if you compared the roles, IF-S has higher mentality than IW-S and IF-A has higher mentality than IW-A.
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