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  1. This picture is bad example and doesn't support your argument. The play is in the midfield 3rd. The wide forwards are 15-20 yards away from the penalty box. When the ball is close to the penalty box, both or one of the wide forwards is inside the box for sure. Pep's strategy has always been that the wide forwards have to provide width for the first two 3rds of the field. In the final third they have freedom to move into the box. Check this break down from Henry. This is the behavior of the AMRL positions currently in the ME. They are considered wide forwards and end up in the box when play is in the final third...as they should.
  2. The ME views the AMRL positions as Wide Forwards. That's why these players always end up inside the box in the final third. TBH, I want them there. City's wingers also often end up inside the box to score goals when the ball is in the final third.
  3. I hope that in FM20 the IF is made to drift infield off the ball from wide areas, as players do IRL. While the IW is someone who starts wide and cuts inside with the ball.
  4. Yes as I said I alternate between attacking week and defensive week. When I have midweek matches on Tuesday or Wednesday, then some of the sessions are replaced with Match Preview - Match - Recovery sequence. Every week or every time there is a change in my weekly schedule because of fixtures added, I get notification in the inbox news screen. I can further adjust the schedule from there or go to my training calendar. I usually spread the sessions along two weeks period then, as opposed to one week.
  5. You should include a session from the Defending category - ex. Defending Engaged. And you should also include a session from the Goalkeeping category. Although I never do but never have complains from my GKs. The Possession schedule you have chosen is nice but you should not use it every week. Mix it up with other schedules. I used to focus each week on Possession, Attacking, Tactical and Defending type schedules. They were slightly modified from the default ones. However, lately I've decided to just alternate between Attacking Possession schedule one week and Defending Pressing another week. For example, my Attacking Possession schedule includes at least the following: Physical - Possession - Attacking - Ball Retention - Ball Distribution - Attacking Patiently - Chance Creation - Chance Conversion - Attacking Shadow Play - Attacking Movement My Defending Pressing schedule includes the following: Physical - Defending - Tactical - Transition Press - Transition Restrict - Defending Engaged - Defending Disengaged - Defending Wide - Defensive Shadow Play - Defensive Positioning I could add more sessions to both like Set Pieces or Goalkeeping. I can also repeat some sessions. You can't just focus on possession attributes while neglecting important defensive attributes.
  6. Might be just me, but I have noticed that fullbacks and wingbacks (the positions, not the roles) always press less or later than other positions no matter what tactic is used. It could be a flaw in the ME but I haven't researched the rest of the forum to see others complain about it or being acknowledged as a ME problem. Maybe if someone has more time can search if that is the case. It's my personal observation.
  7. They do if you play them in MR and ML positions. FM Match Engine considers AMR and AML positions as wide forwards. Therefore they always end inside the penalty box in the final third. Elsewhere they do stay wide. Same as the wide forwards at Barca during Pep's time. Sane and Sterling also get into the box. It's been explained before. OP, Check this out: https://www.passion4fm.com/football-manager-barcelona-tiki-taka-tactics-emulating-pep-guardiolas-positional-play/ The author also has created a decent training schedules for the style: https://www.passion4fm.com/incorporating-a-training-philosophy-how-to-setup-training-for-possession-football/
  8. This is very interesting. Really nice and even spread of assists between short passes, crosses and through balls. I've been thinking for a while now how to create an attacking dominating tactic where most of the assists are from short passes + through balls and less from crosses. It's difficult to do when you play with higher reputation team (City or Liverpool, for example) and most of the teams play very defensive against you - low block, narrow, hard tackling 541, 532, 4141, etc. Then you are forced to open up space and usually your players find it out wide, so crosses become a tool to create and score goals from. Or even set pieces in this case. You score 2-3 goals and then the opponents come at you, opening their back like for through balls but the game is almost over and no time left to score too many goals off through balls. Perhaps that is a whole different topic for a thread. Anyway, for the purposes of this thread, which shouts did you find effective and what effects did you actual observe if any?
  9. You know, there is no set rule that everyone should be able to make a good tactic. Maybe some people can't make it work and that's it. Every FM edition people have been struggling with making a good possession tactic. That's why there are so many threads about it over the years and people still can't make it work. There was a thread about Barca tactic since 2011 that keeps popping up once in awhile.....and FM has changed so much since then, but people keep reviving it. So it's not just FM19 and 19.3.5 ME. There is only so much one can help and there is only so much one can learn. If it doesn't work, no big deal, try something else. Not every one can be Pep Guardiola.
  10. So this is not confirmed then. Just your personal expectation/assumption. Have you observed the effect then? Meaning less through balls when WBIB selected, all other things being equal.
  11. Sorry, is that something new? I've always been aware the "Work Ball Into Box" suppresses long shots and crosses, but never through balls. If I'm not mistaken, until FM18, Retain Possession reduced through balls, but not WBIB.
  12. Why don't you play with 2 STCs? Lewa as DLP-S/F9 and Piatek as AF-A. Doesn't Lewa have "comes deep to get ball" trait? As AMC this will always drop him too deep. Try playing him as AM-A or even SS-A.
  13. Regarding the green circles: Users need to understand that these circles are based on attributes formula the game uses to illustrate which is the most suitable role. This formula is not always correct and it's time SI tweak this to avoid confusion. On each player's screen, users can select between available roles which highlight certain attributes deemed important for each role. If the highlighted attributes look high enough for you then the player has enough to play the role effectively. You also have to look at how Player Traits connect with these attributes. Keep in mind that SI have programed the game to highlight important attributes based on the criteria they have created. You may have a different set of criteria attributes for whatever role you want the player to play. The important thing is to consider roles in terms of preset tactical instructions and pitch behavior when constructing a tactic.
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