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  1. Or it may mean that some things are not fixable. At least not for this edition, maybe fixable in the next one. Like it took awhile for the HB role to work properly in flat back 4.
  2. Pass Into Space - yes, it increases the likelihood that players will try more Hollywood type passes. Those with attacking duty more so than those with defensive duties, but overall more likely from all than when the instruction is not selected. If it's a team instruction, then it has a global effect. Attacking width is just for the formation, how wide the players are spread out. It doesn't affect the focus of passing. It used to a few years ago but not anymore. WBIB - it should decrease both long shots and crosses. But from my experience this has always depended how the ME is tuned. And understand that it will not completely eliminate long shots or crosses. It will just decrease the likelihood of them occurring.
  3. This shape looks good. I like how it came out in the 3D. How is the general interaction in terms of passing and movement between the DM, Mezallas and SS? Is this typical picture as illustrated? Do you have any passing maps to show? How many goals and assist did you get from the SS and the Mezallas? On a side note: I find it funny that you're using Liverpool to replicate Pep's City tactic, considering the upcoming big match on Thursday IRL.
  4. Hold Shape is better for possession than Counter in the Transition Phase.
  5. I always use the slot before Match Preview for Match Prep sessions. For home games there are two slots available, so I choose Teamwork and Att. Movement. For Away games, there only one slot available (the other one is for travel) so one of my Match Prep sessions gets moved to the third (extra slot) on the previous day. Also, once my team is fully familiar with my tactic(s) I don't use Match Review after matches, instead I use it for more rest or something else low intensity. Quickness sessions. But be careful as those are very intense. More so than Endurance sessions. Another way is to choose player role training that focus on Acceleration and Pace. Then make sure you choose training activities that focus on role training, rather than other attributes.
  6. I wouldn't call it "charade". I just recognized that you want to replicate Klopp's current tactic somewhat or at least you're drawing inspiration from it. I think in general there are clearly issues with the ME and attacking players in the final third this year. I'm personally very unhappy about it so I haven't spent too much time playing or trying to find out tactical solutions to overcome ME flaws. For the most part the roles and duties make sense to me. You just need to see why supporting players do not find Salah and feed him the ball. Is it his movement/positioning? Does he get caught offside too much for example? I know he has PPM to break the offside trap, so maybe his teammates do not find him quick enough or teams are sitting too deep and narrow preventing passes/crosses to him. Is Firmino too far from him? AP-S is probably the deepest role for AM, plus the player has "comes deep" PPM if I'm not mistaken. So maybe you can play Firmino as AM-A and get him even closer to Salah.
  7. If you want to have Salah focus on scoring goals then change his role to AF-A or Poacher. Then have Mane as Winger-Support on the right. Firmino is not quite the playmaker IMO so I would just have him as AM-S - he will still create but also be a goal threat and distract defenders off of Salah. I see what you're trying to do with Keita there. Copying how Klopp has switched it up lately. I think he's fine as IF-S or you can try him as AP-S so he comes inside more and leaves space for Robo down the left. Another way might be to pull him back to MCL and use him as MEZ. I think Klopp's new tactic is a bit lopsided/assymetric in reality.
  8. Weirdly I think the IF is not quite working as before for me. They don't seem to cut inside as much even when you play a player with "cuts inside" PPM and playing on the opposite side of his strong foot. Instead they seem to go up on the outside like regular Winger and cross with their weaker foot. This may be related to the opposition sitting deep and narrow defending well. I suspect this is the cause for all attacking movement and actions problems currently in the ME which hopefully SI is working on solving. Using Coutinho as RPM specifically is one of my favorite things. The role used to have Dribble More preselected but now it's optional (Risky Passes were optional but now preselected). So either add it to the role or use someone like Coutinho who has "Run With Ball Often" PPM. "Move Into Channels" can also be added and useful. Regista and RPM are dominant and demanding playmaker roles. So the player in either role has to be a dominant star player. The difference is that RPM is more mobile and more of a goalscoring threat than the Regista. Also the former is available to use as CM or DM, while the latter only as DM.
  9. Speaking of international week, I like to give my team a recovery plus rest day on Thursday when they return from national team matches. I will have my regular practice schedule Mon-Tue-Wed, Thursday rest (first session is recovery) and then Friday is Match Preparation activities (Att. Movement/Def. Shape focus on role training) for the weekend game.
  10. I'm fan of playmaker roles. Specifically AP/DLP/RPM at CM position. I just love someone who dictates the play like Xavi used to IRL for Barca/Spain or how KDB does it for City.
  11. I know it's personal, it depends on style of football and there is no set formula. I was just curious how you go about it. It sounded intriguing and a little different than what I'm doing, mainly because I go by weeks instead of months.
  12. I'm not sure how many of you remember TomDixon and his popular Steklo skin. His last master piece of work was for FM15. He started work on a skin (StekloX6) for FM16 but didn't finish it and disappeared from the forums. If anyone wants to draw inspiration from his unfinished work, I have these screenshots to hopefully get you started: Steklo means glass in Russian, so he always used that as his theme for his skin while making it.
  13. Can you expand a little bit more on this? Out of the 60 seasons in a month, how often would you use the selected activities which focus on the attributes you want? My DNA attributes are: first touch, passing, technique, anticipation, composure, concentration, decisions, teamwork, vision and work rate. Which is basically everything covered by the General Possession (team) activity, except for decisions (for some strange reason). Therefore I use that one session every week - usually on days after rest/recovery and on the same day as a physical training activity. But since I want to focus on some other attributes specific to the attacking or the defensive unit and some role training as well, I select other activities that target those. For example - Attacking Patiently, Defending Disengaged (covers more attributes I want for the defensive unit than Defending Engaged, so I disregarding the activity description and instead choose to focus on the attributes since I believe training is still about attributes rather than anything else), Ball Distribution, Transition Press/Restrict, Chance Creation, Attacking Movement, Defensive Shape, Teamwork. I try to use these activities as often as possible every week, plus some rest and recovery here and there. Of course more frequently I play Tue/Wed and Sat/Sun, so on those weeks is about recovery from one match and preparation for the next one (recover and rest after last match, match prep activities before the next one), with less development activities.
  14. That argument again. How dare we buy a product and expect it to work as advertised!? Because of comments like that I dare SI to release the game next year without follow up patches. Release it when it's ready and I mean really ready without patches. Let's see how many customers without sense of entitlement will be left after that. The full release of the game is in March folks, as always. Don't expect better, cause we are not entitled to it. We pay money and then we have to help fix the game. Nice business module. There is no need for feedback now. You will get mine next year.
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