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  1. @Cleon Welcome back OG! It will be interesting to read anything you post as always.
  2. It's coming to Rome, not home. Italy totally deserved the win. They were the best team in the tournament and in the final. They bossed the game and got back into it after going down to an early goal. Donnarumma was amazing, Mancini too and what can we say about the duo of Bonucci and Chiellini - rock solid leaders. Italy at times looked like Barca in the 2011 CL final at the same stadium. They could've won the game in the 2nd half even. England played scared and unsure, which is unexplainable and inexcusable given the fact that they were essentially the home team with all the support behind them, plus the early lead. Southgate made huge mistake not playing Rashford and Sancho more, not just this game but also the whole tournament. He was too worried about not losing than he was about trying to win. With such attacking talent you can't play so pragmatic. On paper, England had all the advantages, especially from the bench, but Gareth didn't use the players the right way. The greatest football mind, Johan Cruyff, has the famous saying "Italians cannot beat you, but you can lose to them". I think Gareth just learned how true that quote is. I predicted Italy would win the title as soon as the tournament started and I'm happy I was right. Argentina and Messi winning too just makes my weekend completely happy.
  3. The best goal ever scored was by Van Basten vs USSR in the 1988 final. Dasaev was one of the best GKs back then and he was completely stunned. The audacity of Marco to shoot that volley from that angle as the ball was coming is ridiculous. For me the best goal ever.
  4. France is the favorite clearly. But I'm going for an upset and say Italy.
  5. Or use the Winger, support role with right footed player on the left and left footed player on the right - both with "cuts inside" trait. Behind them play IWB on either support or defend duty with Overlap TI on both sides. The overlap instruction will reduce the individual mentality of the wingers, they are hardcoded to stay wide and will still cut inside due to trait and footedness. Also, the IWBs will play a nice hybrid role between playing narrow next to the DM and going on the outside of the Wingers.
  6. The Mezzala and Carrilero both have stay wider instruction to play in the half spaces. One is just more conservative. You can probably add focus play right and left to exaggerate the effect even more. Cruyff never had Ferrer and Munoz or any of his side backs overlap though. Koeman was actually the Libero who was allowed to bring the ball from the back and play deep diagonal passes (mostly to Stoichkov). The side midfielders from the diamond were responsible defensively for the opponents' wide midfielders. Van Gaal did the same at Ajax as well in the mid 90s. Therefore for me Cruyff's 343 is with 3 CDs, DLP at DM and 2 IWB-S in the WB strata. Maybe I will try it one day. I'm just too in love and attached to the 433 DM Wide.
  7. @crusadertsar What formations were the opponents using in the games you lost? And how did they scored the goals against you? 3 of the losses were in away games. I assume opponents are more aggressive in attack and find gaps in your defense. Have you tried AM-S, Mez, Carilero and DLP in midfield? I would change the IW to Support and use Positive team mentality. Personally I see Cruyff's 343 more as 3 CDs in defense, because it was designed to face formations with 2 strikers which were popular at the time.
  8. @crusadertsar This is fantastic thread. Well done! I like the look of the updated version with those roles in the diamond. And using Attacking mentality is very ballsy but your explanation makes sense why. Cruyff used the 343 at Ajax and Barca to combat the 532/352 and 442 formations that were popular during the late 80s and early 90s. Pep Guardiola used it at Barca in his last season when he had Fabregas behind Messi. How is your tactic doing against 4231 and 424 formations?
  9. @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! Do you play FM21 or are you still with FM18?
  10. BME refers to movement off the ball as well as decisions and actions with the ball. The "more creative players" bit is a little vague. There is no explanation are those players based on attributes or roles and positions. Personally I see changed behavior in all my players.
  11. That instruction doesn't just apply to the final third though. The strikerless tactic with Very Attacking mentality? I'm sure it plays nicely and you can have a lot of success with it. But it's not replication of Pep's Barca based on the roles, instructions and mentality. I suggest you have a read through this classic thread by @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! which he created for FM17. (if you haven't read it already) There are a lot of good ideas you can take from that thread and good base for a proper replication. I'm not suggesting copy all of it but rather use it to adapt it to FM21 version with the tools (instructions) we now have. Beware that players in WB strata are more aggressive in FM21 than they were in FM17. So I would pull down those roles to DL and DR. But you can still keep it strikerless or not. We didn't have IW role back then, so you can use it now.
  12. Then maybe you want a different play, fair enough. I meant that Xavi was more conservative than Iniesta. Xavi was brilliant at orchestrating the midfield. But I wouldn't use "expressive" to describe it. He was efficient, effective, calculated. He was like super fast computer chip. I've seen all the videos and read all the books & articles. I've been at it for a long time, as I said. Yes, Pep required positional discipline for 2/3 of the field and then allowed them freedom in the final 3rd. That cannot be recreated in FM. As good as the game is, there are some things that we will never be able to recreate with exact accuracy. We can only take certain elements and create our own variations. We also need to make some slight tweaks from game to game to make it effective within FM.
  13. I have tried a lot of different roles and combinations of instructions since FM11 to replicate Pep's Barca. I didn't start yesterday. I speak from experience. RPM role plays more like the Iniesta role for me. Xavi was more conservative.
  14. For those who are facing teams with very defensive tactics/formations, I suggest the following adjustments to consider: - 1 notch wider - 1 notch lower tempo - 1 notch increased passing - overlaps on both sides - remove any focus play - early crosses - dribble less and be more expressive (if your tactic doesn't already include them; mine does) - higher mentality The idea is to move them side to side and pull them out of their comfort positions, then take advantage of any gaps that may open up.
  15. Alves role = CWB-S Xavi role = DLP-S Pedro role = IW-S Messi role = Trequartista I don't think Xavi was RPM. He saw a lot of the ball. DLP-S and AP-S are the two roles that see the most of the ball. I would actually use RPM for Iniesta. I forgot to mention that it's very important to consider the Player Traits in order to recreate all the roles.
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