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  1. The release will be only a few weeks later than usual. That's not bad at all, given the circumstances this year. Good job SI! So the beta release for those who pre-order should be somewhere around November 10, I assume.
  2. There are plenty of threads about Pep's Barca. You need to search better. You can also check out YouTube for analysis videos - there are some great ones. Also Pep had a slightly different version of his tactic in each of his 4 seasons at the club. So my advice is to pick one of them. I personally like the version during 2010-11 season as for me that was the best one. The version you choose will affect mostly the formation and player roles you choose. The Team Instructions would be pretty much the same either way, as Pep rarely deviated from his playing style. I would remove "Counter" and use "Hold Shape" instead. It provides more patient transition process and helps with possession. True to Pep's principals too. I would also go with IF-S on the left and Mezzala on Support or just plain CM support. The idea was to overload the right side and unleash the more attacking left flank. Abidal was more defensive to cover the left, while Alves was more attacking to help overload the right side. AMR closer to playmaking MCR and combining with F9.
  3. @pr0 I have couple of questions. 1. Is there a list of which players have had their CA/PA or attributes changed? 2. When is the transfer market closing this year and when do you plan to have the final update released? Is it October?
  4. Perhaps SI should make Raumdeuter role available for AMC position. Or create a roaming AM role who creates with his movement and direct plays rather than vision and skill. I saw your Bayern replication on Twitch with Velez. Do you think it makes a big difference between using 2 DMs or 2 CMs? I consider Thiago's role to be more of a DLP-D rather than HB. So if 2 DMs it would be VOL-S + DLP-D or if 2 CMs it would be BBM-S + DLP-D. Is the Volante on Support role more dynamic role than BBM? Is there a difference between which role defends and attacks more?
  5. Teamwork Match Prep before game is a must in possession style tactics. Especially in first half of each season to help build team chemistry and cohesiveness. Not to mention it helps with pressing and develops teamwork attribute. After a while your team becomes so comfortable playing the style that is unfair to opponents. Especially if don't make crazy amount of transfers each window to disrupt the bonding process. @Crazy_Ivan If you feeling adventurous, try moving your CWBs to WB positions. It helps with possession as on the ball provides better passing angles and support, while without the ball the WB positions close down better than the FB positions. However if you do move them there, I would suggest using Support duty with Overlap (it won't affect the mentality of IF-A). It's crazy how you can dominate games with 2323 shape.
  6. This is my tactic. Pretty similar to what you have seen from me before. Only PIs are on the AP (stay wider) and the MEZ (take more risks). Here are some team stats after 7 league game in season 5: Still maintaining that average 64 % possession with 93 % passing rate. 25 chances after 7 matches. My Team Cohesion, Dressing Room and Managerial Support are all on excellent. I'm having too much fun with this save and can't get back to my AC Milan one.
  7. Just dropping this: I'm using 2323 Wide shape as you can see. This is early in season 5 of my Barca save. I averaged 64% possession with 93% passing rate the last two seasons. Now using this shape and so far I'm getting even higher possession numbers with 2-3 clear cut scoring chances plus 2-3 half chances.
  8. It's been said so many times before and even here on this thread. Possession IRL and in FM is two different things. It's calculated differently. It has always been difficult to match the possession percentage of Pep's teams from real life into FM for many other reasons too. If you observe his teams often camp out in front of the opposition penalty area and pass the ball around until they find an opening or a shoot, which they take. His CBs are pushed up high into opposition half which helps with recycling the ball, high pass count and high possession numbers. This kind of domination doesn't happen in FM even with high reputation team. The CBs in FM definitely don't push up much beyond the halfway line to help recycle possession. You have to rely on DMs for that. I have managed some ridiculously high possession numbers with Barca but only after a few seasons of specific training, some transfer activities and a lot team cohesion. I have gotten as high as 70% possession when teams play very defensively and passively, similar to real life. But it's rare occasion and only in season 3 and 4 on my Barca save. I've averaged 63-64% for a season in the league but only 55% in the CL. Possession in FM is time spent on the ball. There are some subtle tricks to use to boost that, besides Team Instruction. For example, your ST can man mark the better passing CB. Your most advanced midfielder can man mark their deepest midfielder or playmaker. When your team is with high reputation and the opposition plays very defensively (also their coach playing style is Tiki-Taka or Vertical Tiki-Taka) then the CBs tend to get very high number of passes. Man marking one of them prevents that somewhat. In terms of instructions, Hold Shape is definitely key instruction. Out of Possession you want to be aggressive with the press and tackling. In Possession you want to be patient and calculated. Player roles and formation are also important. Training is also very important. Teamwork (Match Prep), Team Bonding and activities that target certain attributes (first touch, passing, technique, anticipation, composure, decisions, off the ball, teamwork, vision) must be included. Slowly adding players to the team helps with Team Cohesion.
  9. There have been many inspirational threads. Don't forget also @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! - his thread on the Barca tactic is one of the best ever. Yeah, training is really important for developing attributes and developing team cohesion. Btw, I started an AC Milan save with a possession tactic. I will post some things in your Total Football thread when I have time.
  10. I would say your thread is very informative too. We have all chipped in with good tactical variations and training schedules. I almost feel like there is too much info to read through.
  11. IMO your left side will get exposed vs better opponent or good counter attacking team. I would switch the CMs and STCs roles. CM-D and F9 on the left and AP and AF on the right.
  12. IMO to create a good 424 system that lets the front 4 do its magic, you need to really be careful with the 2 CMs. I think you need conservative roles there to balance the tactic. Those players need to recycle possession and cover/protect the back. Even if you use FB on Support with adventurous traits that make them use the width and overlap naturally. Considering the Attacking Team mentality and the Counter instruction In Transition. FB or WB roles, they will get up there. Also I would use IW on the same side as AF and IF on the same side as DLF/F9. This is one way I would try: MRC - DLP-D MLC - CM-D AMR - IW-S AML - IF-S STCR - AF-A STCL - F9 Or you can try this: MRC - CM-D MLC - DLP-D AMR - AP-S AML - IF-S STRC - AF-A STLC - F9 See which one gives you better ball and player movement. Either way you have AF and IF looking for goals, while F9 and IW or AP are the creators.
  13. "but does not have the same kind of effect that the Team shape team instructions from earlier versions of the game had (FM18 or older). " This last bit is where people get confused. Freedom of movement is not fluidity in terms of compactness, mentality and phases of play like it was before. It's basically roaming with more license on the ball to be creative. Hence "be more creative" name tag. Or stick to position and obey instructions.
  14. Laporte for me. Better mental attributes.
  15. I would say Mezzela Attack on the right CM and Carrilero on the left CM. I also think you might wanna consider Attacking duty on the IW. Together with the Mezzala they will support the PF nicely upfront and the Regista will have some targets to aim for.
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