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  1. Yep there's an issue with blocked crosses. Ever since the release tbh and despite a couple of patches trying to fix it. You'll find threads in the bug section
  2. I know right, great if I had Thierry and not Oli McBurnie 😂 I'm not at my pc right now. I'm only a season in anyway. He hasn't changed from the start.
  3. @Experienced Defender The role is PF attack, the formation is 4231 wide. But it happens whichever role or formation I choose. I don't think it's 'move into channels' kicking in, tbh. Like, there's moving into channels then there's this??? 21 is a Mez attack. I think that's a pretty good drive into space kinda role? Or not? It's a gyazo gif. I'm terrible at explaining tech stuff. Just download gyazo (the gif program comes with it) then have a play around
  4. I feel like whatever tactic I use, I'm seeing the same style of play literally all the time. Forced out wide by the opposition, blocked cross, corner. I cannot for the life of me penetrate through the #10 space. It's frustrating as hell man.
  5. I'd really like to try this myself. Would you be kind enough to upload the skin you'll be using?
  6. Always makes me laugh when I see threads like this. OP writes a short essay before even playing any matches, everyone trying their best to guess how it'll play out, then OP stops posting. Could be winning 5-0, could be losing 5-0. My money's on the latter tho, tactic is a bit of a mess
  7. Fancy doing me a massive favour and posting A.Madrid's tactical attributes? Just really wanna see them
  8. Pretty much my thoughts. He wants his team to play from the back, that's lovely, but if you ask players to do something which they are uncomfortable with (Caballero) then it's bad bad management. Also, what on earth kind of side did he pick last night? No Higuain? Di Maria? Dybala? Banega? Where did he expect the creativity to come from in the midfield? Mascherano? wtf. Perez is a runner. The 2 outside centre backs who were the spare men didn't look comfortable bringing the ball out. The whole system was a bit of a mess
  9. What's the deal with this? 29 total crosses apparently, only 3 showing on the analysis screen.
  10. Sigh.. when you have a spare 5 minutes Rashidi would you mind explaining why I lost and were so bad in this match? And what I should have done differently? My tactic- https://imgur.com/a/Vezdx it's largely what has got me to 1st place. I'd just smashed Juve the game before 3-0 Lineups- https://imgur.com/a/1VkF5 PIs are GK- roll to full backs RB- cross less often LB- stay wider, cross from byline Both CMs on support- pass shorter W- cross from byline IF- more direct passing Here's the pkm Pescara v Napoli.pkm
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