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  1. This Max d-line, loe, pressing, counter press, tempo, width
  2. Thanks for your work @bluestillidie00 I would like to add the pitch from OPZ elite skin and also the player name 'bars' ... For example where it says BWM-Su and Umutcan. (pictured below) I'm not fussed about adding player faces What would I need to move over from his skin to the base skin folder? I looked for an OPZ thread to ask him directly and if it would be ok etc but I'm struggling to find one
  3. 8 first touch????????? Here he is with his 5 crossing and 'weak' left foot. But oh well because Torino's tactic exploited mine lets disregard attributes
  4. I was being generous by saying 20 minutes. It took him 4 (four) 85:43 I get the message Torino have changed to a more positive 4-1-2-3 and 89:22 he's scored the goal of his career in a position he's completely unfamiliar with The game is way too harsh on tactical mistakes, man. Because Torino's 4-1-2-3 exploited my 4-1-2-3, the game made him score a worldie. Regardless of his attributes. That's what frustrates me the most All the real life examples posted, none are as technically difficult to score as my guy. To control a 50m pass like that stone dead?
  5. Of course it has. My tactic was wrong or exploitable in relation to the AI's tactic in that moment and the game punished me for it. It could have been any tom, dick or harry that scored. Just so happens it was a centre back with 8 off the ball, 8 first touch, 10 finishing. That was the first time Torino have played him LW this season, and in 20 minutes he's scored the goal of his life. Vincent Kompany has been trying to do that his whole Man City career. You say Well then you are agreeing attributes are worthless. As long as i keep creating the right circumstances or situations fo
  6. Hey @themadsheep2001 I understand your point but the player in my clip has controlled a 50m pass stone dead with a first touch of 8 and rifled one into the top corner all whilst on the run. Hes just turned into prime R9, all because my tactic was 'wrong' for a second If i came to you and said "hey mate, i have this regen in the B team that I'm thinking of promoting next year. I need him to play first XI in the Serie A for a title chasing team. He's a natural sweeper so completely untrained in the AML or AMR spots. He's going to play as an inside forward attack though, his finishing i
  7. So here's a goal I just conceded You might think, wow. That left winger for them must be good. High off the ball, first touch, long shots, finishing, technique. It's their centre half. (why they put the centre half at LW i don't know) WELL i thought i didnt. Until he scored this. So yeah, best inside forward in the game below guys.
  8. Throw in to nearest player, first time return pass to the throw in taker who is then flagged offside. It is driving me insane. You cannot watch on comprehensive highlights without this happening at least once in what seems like every match. Preferably this didn't happen, granted. But you know what? I don't care that it happens. I just don't want to see it anymore, ever. (on comprehensive highlights) My last 3 matches. all PKMs attached. vs Sampdoria 42:48 and 55:25 vs Leverkusen 64:55 vs Udinese 8:05 I've just gone through all 12 matc
  9. If you have play out of defence on then yes your players will come into the box and he will more often than not pass to a CB If you remove play out of defence and just have distribute to full backs your back line will sit just outside the box and he will likely pass to a full back This is not a bug man
  10. What you get when this happens is 2 players in the corner playing a game of pass the parcel. Player A tries to kick it against player B first. Player B is like "oh no u didnt haha." *whacks the ball against player A* Player A is like "u cheeky mofo." *tries whacking it against player B* ball goes out for a corner. Player B is like "haha i win". My God, it is awful to watch. Why is Mario Rui, the defender, trying to kick it against the attacker again when there is a simple pass up the line???? I know it's a game but this sort of stuff removes all immersion f
  11. Si will never go back and do this but get rid of 50% of the roles in the game. They are unneeded. Concentrate on getting the core and basic roles to function how they should first before adding new ones.
  12. Next patch is pretty important, huh? If it isn't satisfactory then we've basically gone a whole cycle with an unsatisfactory product. FM20 will be a write off and never to be spoken about again.
  13. A gif for debate purposes. Look how bad it is, man. I can't stop watching it. I will add more later when I go through my matches.
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