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  1. With an Attacking mentality, there’s no need for the players to have an Attack duty - they’ll do that anyway.
  2. It’s basically a flip of the inverted 433 you have on your 433 thread… maybe a bit more aggressive.
  3. Strange comment! Definitely the better side for 30 and last 15 minutes, could have easily been 2 up, hit bar, possible penalty. Came away with an away point that many others won’t achieve!
  4. At a slight tangent, but I can see Klopp morphing this to something like this… (ignore the players - it’s a rough experiment I’ve been trying in FM21 Touch.)
  5. Point of order re. the team displayed in the OP. Coutinho and Fabinho never played in the same Liverpool team. Coutinho was sold Jan 2018, Fab bought Summer 2018.
  6. Have you tried this with a team you don't personally know much about where you're then totally reliant on your Ass Man and not influenced by any bias you may unconsciously have?
  7. These things are very much about personal opinion. In general, I'd agree with @Johnny Ace in that a) I'll try and minimize the number of TI's where possible and b) you've made the 433 more aggressive by upping the ante to Attacking. Role wise - again personal opinion, however I've always felt Salah played higher than Mane, so you could reduce Mane to IF(S) - he'll still be plenty attacking with the rest of the settings you have (possibly even more so if you remove the overlapping). Hendo was a pressing monster in the late Rodgers/early Klopp phase - you could easily go BWM(S) there. Klopp has always described Fab as his lighthouse - is DLP(D) the way to go here. Although capable of decent passing, his role was more about breaking up play and stopping the opposition in their tracks - maybe just a DM(D) would suffice. It may be a minor error, but you have VvD as BPD in the 4231, but CD in the 433. Personally, to have him hit those cross field balls to Mo, I'd have thought he should be a BPD in both (and perhaps not Matip?). I would also suggest there's a Cover/Stopper option that you could explore with these two. Final thought - I know a lot of people have Play out of Defence to stop the ball being punted upfield, but you have Shorter Passing selected which should help discourage, so is it needed, especially if you want VvD hitting those spaces behind the opposition's full back for Mo to run on to.
  8. I wouldn't worry about it. It's interesting to see how you deal with different challenges - and what works for you may not work for everyone.
  9. Essentially, I believe, what he’s looking to create would be something akin to to a Cruyff diamond formation. I understand he did similar when he coached the u16’s, when he had Trent at the 6 and Woodburn as the 10. Agree with other comments that wide forwards would still be wide, but with likely overlapping 8’s as they cut in.
  10. All the principles required to create such a tactic are in the text - the images are just window dressing.
  11. I’d keep him as an F9 tbh… maybe tweak the AML role to better reflect how Diaz tends to keep the width? IW(A) with Stay Wider?
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