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  1. I havent any anti virus. program. Nothing can do... I was delete steam and again install and same things.
  2. I have same problem. Didnt work for me. FM cant run..
  3. In this formatio DLF support doing nothing especial. Not assist not score and have 6.2 in the end of the game.
  4. he used with defensive and standard mentality in second against ManUtd
  5. in his video wher hi is beat ManUtd hi change defensive-very fluid at standard very fluid
  6. He playing Control - structured with 2x CMs and CMd butt sometimes CMd put on DLPd AMC a + DLFs + CFs FB s +FBa + 2c CDd PI instuction none have but you can looking all of that in youtube chanel
  7. A think that is with IFa left and Wing a right with FBs and Fba CMa CMd CMs
  8. I am a lots of things about mentality shape etc learned from Rashidi post and video.. He is a masterminde
  9. I used suggest from Rashidi 4231 narrow with team and tactic instruction. Look at my SS. I playing defensive structured home and away against big a small teams. I am dominant team. My SS speak for yourself. I cant believe.
  10. Nice work Rashidi i was watching your video Today and try with arsenal defensive- structured tactic. Brilliant game against Burnley home 5-0 and Cheslea away 5-0. I must admited that opponents havnt chance against me he havent game and thats good for me. My SS against Chelsea
  11. Thanks Rashidi for advice i found my formula for away. 5 away 5 wins and one the big against liverpool.
  12. I make some changes and won away vs Stoke.. What you think about this instruction and tactic set ? Some suggest? I asked you because you knowing better then me tactic and instruction.
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