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  1. @Connor Winks .... is this issue ‘under review’ yet? I know I mentioned it along with the individual instructions problems that I reported that are techinically under review. If anything, this one is the more serious issue as a good chunk of the squad are always miserable in training. I also saw mention of another update today on Twitter, but I'm guessing it didn't fix this, right?
  2. @Connor Winks .... (im)patiently waits for ‘need more info Thanks but it’d be a bit out of order to have to wait almost half a year to get a fix on something that wasn’t broken until the most recent update! Is that is going to be the case, is it possible to roll back by one update?
  3. @Connor Winks .... (im)patiently waits for ‘need more info’ to become ‘under review’.....
  4. @Connor Winks As mentioned in the thread below, I have uploaded my game save 'Broken training Chelsea' in which you can see the issues I've illustrated throughout this thread for yourself. Please, please get it fixed.
  5. THis happens to me too - my save is uploaded as 'Broken training Chelsea.fmt'
  6. @Connor Winks I have uploaded a game save where you can see this. The file is called 'Broken training Chelsea.fmt' I have James, Emerson, Rudiger, Zappacosta and Christensen thinking their "unit is not getting enough attention". Pulisic thinks "he should be doing more technical possession training", Rahmann "technical defending training", and Rashford, Willian and Hudson-Odoi "techinical attention training". All of these, I think, are linked to the unit system available only in the main game. Caballero things more Goalkeeper training is in order(!). And Hazard just thinks we're not trainining enough full stop. You can also use this file to see the issues I have described repeatedly about individual instructions since day one of the release, and it still isn't fixed - most recently here: Please get this sorted once and for all.
  7. @Connor Winks is this going to get fixed? I know it’s late in the cycle but this had been broken since day 1. Makes tinkering with individual instructions unappealing to say the least. also the new issue of players in touch complaining about not being trained enough in their units, or on things that can only be trained within units (in the full game), really does need a fix because you end up with permanently unhappy players. Honestly, I think Touch has been a bit of a mess this year.
  8. Yeah, I came here specifically to log this one too. DIdn't see it until the most recent patch
  9. I'm not one to grumble about the lack of editor (or maybe I am now), but I'm sick of having promising young players rendered basically useless to me by unbelievably low determination. I'm sorry but there's no way that these particular kids would be highly rated defenders in one of the best academies in England, if they had no determination to get back in the game when the chips were down. Some flightly winger, sure, but not a centre back and a left back. I might be wrong but I'm guessing that the database just leaves these values at 0, and thus random, but that they don't have enough CA to get a decent score in determination, or something. I really wish this would get fixed.
  10. And in this example, telling the booked Alonso to ease off tackles, reveals that Roam from Position and Dribble More are in effect.
  11. Hi @LukeRumble94 - this issue that I reported ages ago is still an issue despite all the updates. In the example below, the Freedom of Movement and Passing RIsks options are both purpled-out. Clicking any other available instruction, in this case Ease off Tackles, reveals that actually Roam from Position, and Take More Risks are in effect. Is there any chance of fixing this? It's pretty annoying TBH.
  12. Oddly, I think I may have solved my own question - the most recent time I imported the tactics that had vanished from the drop down, I didn't bother changing the names of them. They were all there when I booted up, so I have to assume it has something to do with that.
  13. Not sure whether this is a bug exactly, but all my tactics - bar the last one I've used - disappear from drop down menu on the Tactics screen, every time I log off. Therefore, each time I continue my save I have to use the load or manage options to re-import my secondary tactics. As I give them specific names (because they don't simply duplicate the file names I downloaded them with), this is time consuming and annoying. I thought it might be something to do with those files being within 'my documents', which in turn was hosted on Onedrive, which I know tries to be efficient with space on your hardrive by removing unused files - but even though I then selected that folder to be 'always on this PC' the phenomenon continues. This doesn't seem to happen with other files, such as player filters. Never experienced this before - can anyone help?
  14. Are these tactics easily flippable - say if I have a more attacking left back - just by reversing the support/attack roles of the fullbacks and swapping the roles of the central midfielders - or is there more to it?
  15. That's odd. I definitely used to get the odd permit turned down in FM17 (didn't play 18 and haven't played enough of this one yet). I agree that the report on that was meaningless though because the scouts would underestimate how much a player would cost and what I would pay him. I got loads of players that were 'unlikely to get a permit' just by virtue of the size of the transfer fee and contract.
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