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  1. Oddly, I think I may have solved my own question - the most recent time I imported the tactics that had vanished from the drop down, I didn't bother changing the names of them. They were all there when I booted up, so I have to assume it has something to do with that.
  2. Not sure whether this is a bug exactly, but all my tactics - bar the last one I've used - disappear from drop down menu on the Tactics screen, every time I log off. Therefore, each time I continue my save I have to use the load or manage options to re-import my secondary tactics. As I give them specific names (because they don't simply duplicate the file names I downloaded them with), this is time consuming and annoying. I thought it might be something to do with those files being within 'my documents', which in turn was hosted on Onedrive, which I know tries to be efficient with space on your hardrive by removing unused files - but even though I then selected that folder to be 'always on this PC' the phenomenon continues. This doesn't seem to happen with other files, such as player filters. Never experienced this before - can anyone help?
  3. Are these tactics easily flippable - say if I have a more attacking left back - just by reversing the support/attack roles of the fullbacks and swapping the roles of the central midfielders - or is there more to it?
  4. That's odd. I definitely used to get the odd permit turned down in FM17 (didn't play 18 and haven't played enough of this one yet). I agree that the report on that was meaningless though because the scouts would underestimate how much a player would cost and what I would pay him. I got loads of players that were 'unlikely to get a permit' just by virtue of the size of the transfer fee and contract.
  5. @knap I've been using the 4312 quite successfully in a test with Chelsea, despite their players not quite matching up with the roles and even once I removed the long throw and short corner routines which I noticed were resulting in quite a lot of samey goals that didn't feel 'earned' (even by a tactics copy and paster like me!). I wonder, however, if you might be able to help me to feel a little more involved in decision making during the course of a match though (rather than just managing yellow cards and substitutions). For instance, are there any circumstances in which you might change something? Away at a big side I have found that dropping the mentality to positive seems to reduce the chances that they get without damaging our goal scoring prospects too much. Do you recommend: - a change of mentality in any circumstances? - a change of roles in any circumstances? - changing the width of attack and/or defence against particular formations? - changing any other team or player instructions against particular teams, e.g. expressivity vs discipline, take more risks vs take fewer risks etc. - dropping the defensive line against fast strikers? - what would you do to shut up shop when defending a lead? Just whack on 'defensive' or change roles/positions too? - changing any player instructions to suit attributes, e.g. 'more dribbling', 'take fewer shots' etc. (Also - for the two side midfielders, what do you recommend - genuine attacking midfielders with perhaps under-developed defending, or more complete box-to-boxers who may not be quite so good at the attacking side of things?) Thanks for this tactic - I've been waiting for a decent 4312 so that I can really get stuck into a save - I just like how easy squad building and management is when you can eliminate wingers from the equation...
  6. Here's my list of things I would LOVE to see in the next FMT: 1) Screens that allow for better financial planning. I think in the full game you can see expected balance and something like that would be great. As things stand it is always just a bit too tempting to spend your whole transfer budget. This would make for more interesting club-building saves. 2) Ability to disable the first transfer window. No reason why we shouldn't have this in Touch. 3) Pitch size adjustment. I'd like to be able to select a narrow pitch to suit a 4312 etc. 4) Custom databases. I'm a bit jealous of the retro databases that are available on the main game... 5) Ability to change the colours of attributes in the interface as per the main game 6) Improved split view. Firstly, fix it so that when you drag the border between the two parts, it actually goes where you try to set it. It's currently a mess in that regard with the border hopping around with a mind of its own when you try to move it where you want. Next, let us fill the panel with as many widgets as we want, make them easier to drag and drop, and allow us to scroll up and down in that panel to see the ones we want at any particular time. Or just bring back the FMT2017 2D view ;-) 7) There currently appears to be some attributes, like crossing or tackling, that you can't put additional training focus on. An odd oversight because obviously you can practice these things. 8) Ability to set auto-rest or lower intensity training after a match (currently not sure what 'auto' does) 9) Bring the focus of attacks box back to opposition scout report (without having to drill down too much) and ensure it matches reality 10) Greater explanation of the impact of team training, i.e. does it do anything other than boost attributes, such as influence the next match 11) Better explanation of what individual position training does when you leave it as the positional default, e.g. ST (C).
  7. On the first point, you mean the border between pitch and panel in split view, right? I do agree that the info panels make things slightly better than trying to float the widgets alongside the pitch but I get situations where I have one info panel, for example, down the right. Then I go to add another widget to it but it creates a second panel, rather than just adding it to the one I have already got. Then it becomes impossible to select the right panel and I end up having to delete and start again. I would really just like to just have one big panel, i.e. the split view, that is more responsive to drag and drop, sizing the widgets etc, and which allows you to simply scroll up and down to what you need in any moment. That way I could have one big panel filled with all the things I want to see without lots of clicking to take me to independent screens. I think that'd work great. It would also mean I could avoid having to use the full pitch/panel view which I find distracting in the way it jumps to a completely different screen in between highlights.
  8. Hi Luke, But when I hover over 'Final Third', a pop-up tells me that this trains 'composure, decisions and vision' - it doesn't mention crossing... Similarly I can't find anything that trains tackling... The greyed out options aren't just available during injury rehab because I have greyed out versions of 'quickness, agility and balance, strength and endurance' but they are all then repeated (and selectable) further down the same list).
  9. No, afraid I didn't know what that was. However, I watched the match on comprehensive highlights and didn't notice their goalie breaking into my third of the pitch, or even playing any particularly incisive passes into it. Reviewing the analysis doesn't reveal him having left his area and these were his successful passes....
  10. "Rodrigo Rey has been impressive at breaking into the final third." That's their goalie...
  11. Some weird things going on with the drop down menu, with some options being greyed out and others repeated. Also, not sure if this is a bug but perhaps more of an oversight, I see no way of having any additional focus on crossing whereas surely that is as trainable as any other attacking skill?
  12. Not the only reported bug/issue that hasn’t been fixed unfortunately...
  13. Another one I logged in the beta forums.... Sometimes the two opposing instructions, e.g. shoot more often, shoot less often, are 'purpled' out and inaccessible, and only the act of changing one of the other instructions will kick in the green and red colours to show what is hardcoded to the role. Eg, this is what I saw until I clicked on one of the dribbling instructions, whereupon the other instructions re: freedom of movement and passing risks became visible.
  14. I logged all this in the beta bugs forum but it seems it remains broken (assuming that you don't need to start a new save to see any fixes). 1) The border between the pitch (in my case on the left) and the panel for info (on the right) is very unresponsive to attempts to place it precisely. Indeed, when trying to drag the border right, to make the pitch area bigger, it will often jump to the left, which has the opposite effect. If you get it where you want it, that hard work is undone as soon as you visit a different screen, such as the tactics menu, which resets the sizes of the two panels. 2) Also, trying to place the widgets within the info panel itself is equally frustrating. Given that they rarely 'stick' where you want them, I REALLY think you should just make that panel scrollable so that you don't have to try so hard to fit so much in to such a small space. Pretty disappointing, given all that is good about the game, that the experience of actual matches feels markedly worse that the last version I played (2017). In that version it was easy to just stick the exact info widgets that you might want alongside the sides of the pitch in such a way that they didn't obscure the action, with lesser used/smaller ones along the bottom and top, and you just didn't have to wrestle with the view at all. I feel like this version will be worse in that regard even if the issues described are fixed, but as it stands it's pretty painful. Edit: I should mention that I am playing at 125% zoom and experimented with the regular 100% view yesterday. While I feel that this does reduce the amount to which you have to wrestle with the widgets, it doesn't solve the problems. Furthermore, the rest of the game just looks too small. This is me trying to recreate the sort of set up I had in FM17 with the pitch scrolled to its smallest: And trying to use those collapsable panels is an exercise in frustration as well - so unresponsive; creating multiple panels down the same side and just being quite crap.. As I say, the 2017 version nailed the 2D view - at this point I think it is most easily salvagable if you just improve the split view, making the widgets more responsive to being dragged and dropped where you want them and introducing a scroll bar to it, so you can just scroll up and down the collection of widgets easily.
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