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  1. Interesting. I’ve been on Touch since 2017 and not really enjoyed it recently but it didn’t occur to me to rattle through some decades this way! Have you set up match plans to make this work?
  2. No thanks. I'd like Touch to become fun again, just as much as others would like full fat to return to former glories.
  3. Hi Connor, I'm on an HP Envy 13, which has 1080 resolution (and assume the game hasn't adjusted that), Windows 10 and 125% zoom.Thanks for the work around.
  4. This one has happened to me a couple of times... So, that bar that appears when you have pending tactical changes popped up - even though I hadn't made any. Clicking 'edit' or 'cancel' did nothing, and I couldn't access the tactics screen either. A couple of times I was asked if I wanted to keep the changes after a goal (the first time, no goal had been scored). I clicked yes once and no the next time, but neither did anything. Eventually one player looked exhausted and the quick sub menu worked, and after that it returned to normal. Let me know if there is any other info you need.
  5. Small thing but I've noticed that 'opposition instructions' disappears from the tactics drop down menu on this screen just prior to kick off. It's there before, and it reappears as soon as you kick off, but it seems odd that it vanishes on this screen:
  6. I have noticed that the description of an individual's pressing instruction in a high pressing system, like the Gegenpress, seems off. For instance, this inside forward who is part of a team that has the highest urgency of pressing selected, looks like this and never gets higher than less urgent no matter what role I give him: In my Gengenpress, only the Pressing Forward has his own contribution to the press described as Even a ball winning midfielder in central midfield only gets up to : So, most of the team on an extreme pressing Gegenpress team instruct only appearing as less urgent or standard, with only one player on 'more urgent' - even though its the same full green bar for all of them. This doesn't seem to happen when the team instruction isn't set to extremely urgent pressing (a brief 'clean slate' experiment showed me - but not sure about merely 'urgent pressing' TI). I've uploaded my save you so can have a look. File name ends in Chelsea and was uploaded around 19:33 on 30th November.
  7. From the tactics screen, when you try to select 'Control Possession', it's often like your click is selecting what is underneath the preset menu and so mostly brings up this mentality box rather than selecting control possession. It doesn't happen for any of the other preset styles.
  8. Alari, this seems like the same bug that has people up in arms over the main PC game release today. A bit weird that the same thing is true on Mobile as I thought the games were very separate....?
  9. @Connor Winks And by the way - I think the Man Utd objective includes remaining the biggest club in the world or something like that. Where can you actually check how you are doing on that front?
  10. @Connor Winks yeah, definitely think it would be great to have the age/reputation type of restriction - otherwise I suspect that the objectives might lack the bit of variety the feature might need to make the experience of managing each club unique. I imagine most of the big clubs will just have a variation of ‘play attacking football’ otherwise. I think the type of player a club wants to see on its books is as important to its culture as the style of football. It’d also be fun to have a club do a u-turn on its policy, as Chelsea appear to have done this season.
  11. I think this option on the tactics interface has been carried over from the main game by accident:
  12. It's great that club culture objectives are in touch, but I wonder if they've been scaled down a touch too much. These are the main Chelsea objectives in the full game: And this is what they look like in Touch: I get that without the full academy set up, it might not be possible to include some of the objectives that might rely on it. However, shouldn't "sign players of a certain age/reputation" objectives be implimentable? Perhaps even sustainability type objectives? Not sure whether this is a bug - but thought I'd mention it here just in case this was easy enough to port over from the main game ahead of the full release (rather than for FM21).
  13. Not sure what this button is supposed to do - but it doesn't seem to do anything at all when i click it
  14. I have found that if you switch a player and then click 'undo' it works. But if you, for example, pick a rotated squad or clear the selection entirely, 'undo' does nothing.
  15. Better than no keeper though! (No chance of a slight tweak for the main release? Cummings in, some random kid out?)
  16. I don't think either of those - I think probably just the general feedback thread for the main game (before I found the touch one). Could you possibly check to find out exactly which place I should post it so that it doesn't get missed. That English league data thread seems to be more about competition rules and the transfers thread didn't necessarily look quite right either. This is quite a 'Touch-specific' thing too (I'm sure the full game has loads of keepers at Chelsea....)
  17. Title says it all really - it would be great to be able to play with the real squads for at least half a season. Not contrary to the spirit of Touch and, I assume, easy to impliment. Next year? ;-)
  18. Moussa Dembele (Lyon) apparently can't speak any English at all despite many years at Fulham and then Celtic. I'm assuming that isn't right.
  19. Just noticed that it doesn't list the PIs for Winger on support (not sure if other roles are affected) such as run wide with ball, cross more etc
  20. I see we have this screen this year Can we access this screen outside of matchdays i.e. when fiddling with tactics between games?
  21. I previously logged an issue whereby i couldn't arrange pre-season friendlies on particular days because the reserve team had a game. However, I've now noticed that even though I have the arrange friendlies set to 'manager' - a couple of random ones got arranged - most recently this one against Porto I have uploaded the save - look for the one that ends 'Manchester United 2' uploaded at 9.35am today.
  22. I think I'm right in saying that different key attributes are supposed to be (too faintly, it must be said) key attributes when you select different roles from the drop down list under the physical attributes list. I'm not seeing anything change on screen when I do this, it just seems like alternate lines are highlighted regardless or role, as you can see from the screengrab.
  23. If I have floating interface with windows that can pop out of the sides and below the match graphics, all is well i.e. you can access the button that makes them pop out (highlighted below) HOWEVER, if I move the section from the bottom to the top - that then obscures the buttons that would allow the side panels to pop out (see how they are covered up by the top panel, below) In both cases you can also see a bit of the headings for the info I have pinned to that section eg. action zones, focus of attack etc, which I'm guessing shouldn't be visible.
  24. I've just noted that I can't arrange additional pre-season friendlies at the obvious times in the pre-session schedule because the reserve team has a match. Even if they are at home (doubt the reserves would play at Old Trafford) and I select 'away', it just won't let me do it. Guess I'll have to cancel their games to allow the first team to play...
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