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  1. Would you say in a 4231 formation with Control Structured it would be advisable to give your playmaker a role and duty to that encourages creativity. When playing with Arsenal Ozil is usually the AMC and he is flanked by a Inside Forward Support and Winger Support and the Forward is either Complete Forward Support or Advance Forward Attack. I then usually put one of my full backs are all in Support and CMs are set to Defend and Support roles. This is all done in a Control Mentality. I am thinking of changing to Standard because Control is high risk. However Cleon did manage to get a Control + Highly structured set up to work in a possession thread. He did use a lot of support duties so maybe that is the best way to play with a high risk mentality. What are your thoughts on Contriol + Structured
  2. I also agree also, team instructions need to be further explained. That is why we get so many post asking for help. Then we get some of the tactical experts making us feel like idiots because we do not fully understand the team instructions. If there was some kind of explanation or visual display showing us what was happening with certain team instructions then it would be easier. I
  3. I also agree that SI needs to do more around explaining things in the game. For example I always thought Control Mentality help the team to control the game better. After reading through I cane to understand that control is a high risk mentality. I did not know that when you choose Control your team will play short at the back and more direct passing in the attack. So using playing out if defence TI with Control Mentality is useless because with control mentality play out defence is already going on under the hood.
  4. Well with the 4231 I have 4 players already in the final third so by understanding your theory these players will not need attack duties because they are ready forward. So switching these players to support will be better. Then the rest I need some penetration coming from deep so my full backs on attack duty. I will keep my central midfield pairing the same. How am doing with understanding. Am I beat a Eureka moment yet or am I stone ccld
  5. Rashidi what TI would you recommend if I wanted to add some urgency back into a defensive/structured set up. I was thinking of higher D Line close down more and higer tempo. So that they do not dwell on the ball. I am thinking of also adding retain possession so the defended do not just hoof the ball away all the time. I am playing with Arsenal so I know you are going to say why am I playing Defensive/Structured football with Ozil, Cazorla and Sanchez in my side. But I tried them on Control/Fluid and it does not seem to be working too many players with creative freedom. And on Control too many players making high risk decisions and giving the ball away. So I decided to try Defensive/Structured. I do not know if it is a role on duty set up issue. I have 3 players on attack duty in the final third. 1 player on support duty and 1 defensive duty in midfield. Normally the midfield two will be CMS and DLP D. 1 attack duty full back and 1 support duty full back. This is my role on duty set up when I am playing 4231 on Control/Fluid I hope you can help
  6. Rashidi could just get your input on team shape mentality. Could you explain the difference when teams plays Control + Fluid compared to Control + Structured when playing a 4231 or 4411 formation. Also when playing with a Standard Mentality does mean the team will take their time and not make rash decisions with the ball which will eventually lead to more possession and better control of the ball I am just trying to get my head around the team shape and mentality at the moment. I think when I understand how the two are inter-related I will know what to look for when I am watching games.
  7. So I have decided to change formations to a 433 and 4141. If you guys check my previous post you will see that I am a advocate for the 4231 or 4411. Both formations I was using because of one guy Ozil. I was trying to build my team around one player which led to me ignoring the other players and how I could incorporate them into the team. It also took me away from how I wanted to play. I am not saying the 4231 or 4411 are bad formations but I think I need to go back to the formation that made me want to play FM. I am sure I can find a place for Ozil in my 4-3-3 or 4141. But if I can't find a position for him then it will time to say good bye. I have come to the conclusion that one player does not make a team. So while thinking about this I decided to ask myself what type of football do I like to play and I came up with the following. Aggressive Pressing Short Passing Possession Football These core principles will be used in my 4-3-3 and 4-1-4-1. So to get these principles in my tactics I chose to do the following Control + Fluid Higher D-Line Close Down More Prevent Goal Keeper Distribution Use Offside Trap Play out of Defence Retain Possesion Work Ball Into Box Now the Roles GK Defend Center Backs Defend Wing Back Support Full Back Support DM - Defend CM support DLP Support Advance Playmaker Attack (sit narrower and cut inside) Inside Forward Attack Complete Forward Support Now for the 4141. The two banks of four should give us some good defensive coverage against strong teams, making us harder to break down. The back 5 remains the same with roles and duties. The advance players are now drop to WM Support and Winger Support I now have a AP Attack n the midfield alongside a CM Support. Ozil will take the AP role in midfield. I will be looking at how he performs in the midfield engine room. Looking at him as a player he not really suited but if he cannot fit them I will just sell him. I have to try and cut all emotions and do what is best for the team. Now I am open for any advice and support so please feel free to lend a helping hand if you see anything out of place.
  8. I have been reading Cleon's thread on The Art of Countering Attacking Football and some of the guides on Mentality and Team Shape posted by other users From what I understand if you choose Counter Mentality then you are telling your players to take low risk. Now I am playing with Arsenal and I have two tactics the first one is Control + Fluid and second is Counter + Fluid. I am the time of manager that likes to press. I guess I am student of Thomas Tuchel and Pep. So my the TI that I use are as follows The TI for Control + Flexible (because I am unsure if I want my team to Fluid or Structured I have decided on Flexible as a middle ground) Higher D-Line ( If I see my defenders running back towards goal then I switchbitvdown to Normal. Shorter Passing - control mentality is high risk so I want my players to take time with their passing Close Down More - I like to press so this is goes with my tactical thinking. Counter + Flexible TEAM INSTRUCTIONS USED Higher D Line - still want my to push up and press even with the counter mentality Press More - still want to press I drop the Pass Shorter shout because counter is low risk so the players will be less inclined to launch risky passes. I am setting up to play with a 4411 and my roles are pretty simple. GK Defend Full Back Support Full Bsck Attack Center Backs Defend CM Defend CM Support - sometimes I add the more risky passed PI to try and unlock a tight defence WM Attack - added PI to make them act more of a Inside Forward Winger Support - No PI Advance Playmaker Support Complete Forward Attack I am testing my tactics on FMT to get a better understanding of how it all fits together. My first away game against Man Utd I won 1-0. They had 53% of the possession and only had 2 more shots on target than me. I just want to know what the Community though of both of my tactics and is there any improvements needed.
  9. Summatsupeer I wonder if you can help me. I am playing with Standard/Flexible and I am struggling to score goals and dominate the opposition. I usually have more shots on target and higher possession stats but I am getting a lot of draws. I play with Arsenal and my formation is 4231 wide. The following player roles and duty is what i use The only TI i used is dribble less because i do not want my players loosing the ball when they dribble. Do you think I should go Fluid instead of Flexible. I am worried if i go Fluid then the players will go and do what they want too much which could cause me to loose shape. What are your thoughts. GK - Defend Central Defender - Defend Full Back Support Full Back Attack CM Defend - PI pass it shorter CM Support - More Risky Passes Inside Forward Attack Winger Support Attacking Midfielder Support - More Risky Passes Complete Forward Attack
  10. Both wingers are set to support inside forward support and winger support
  11. - Both fullbacks changed to Fullback(a). This adds aggression down the flanks and good support for the midfield and more advanced wide players. With the Defensive mentality their attacking play is a little tempered, so they won't over commit - which was part of the initial problem. [/font] Herne what roles would you advise giving full backs when playing Control has the mentality. I see that you use attack for the full backs with a Defensive Mentality and I can see why you chose those roles and duties. With a control mentality it makes players on attack more incline to go attacking. Would you say having both players on support duty when playing control is advisable. I am playing the 4231 and I have decided to have both my CM on Defend Duty
  12. Herne I think with a control mentality I would say both players will need to be on defend duty. Because Control is quite an aggressive approach it would be safer to have some additional protection when playing a top heavy formation with an aggressive mentality like control. When it comes to defensive mentality I am going to say one player on defend and the other on support. Not quite sure about the roles and duty.
  13. For the Central Midfield pair what type of players would you recommend and what attributes do I need to look for. At the moment I have Ramsey and Coquelin playing as my CM pair. Ramsey is usually a DLP S or CM S and Coquelin is CM-D. I do not know if I need a more physical presence in the middle of the park. Both Ramsey and Coquelin do not look like the physical all action midfield types. Sometimes I even Cazorla in there but he is not suited to the midfield engine room. I am looking for a Central Defender with some pace. I am going to try and steal Kurt Zouma from Chelsea.
  14. Herne, coukd I ask you a question about playing with a structured team shape. I have read that formations with a DM are best formations to use with a structured team shape. Could you confirm if this is the case. Can you or have you had a success with playing structured with a 4231 wide. I just see the 4231 wide as a top heavy formation that is set up to press opponent and camp in their half of the pitch. This does not strike me as a formation that would suit a defensive/ structured set up. I could be wrong about this all so would like to hear your thoughts.
  15. I agree. Mentality needs to be written again so people with less tactical knowledge can understand what goes on under the hood of the game.