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  1. And I am guessing it will also show when the opposition changes roles and duties would this be correct
  2. Hi there could anyone let me know where to find a skin that allows me to see the opposition roles and duties in FM18. I know there was a skin on BusttheNet created by Daljit but that does not work anymore after the new patched.
  3. I would recommend you to watch the Bustthenet YouTube channel which is hosted by Rashidi. He explains it all and even has videos you can watch to show you how structured team shapes and fluid shapes work within the game. I would also recommend you sign up to his Patron page and get his book. He goes into to detail on how to play the game.
  4. Can I not just give them instructions like Close Down much more and mark tighter to get to track back and defend more. Sometimes even getting the AML/AMR to specific man mark the full backs if I have to. I know structured would also mean that players take a bit longer to get up in attacking transitions and the front four will need to very good and beating their man in a structured system while in a fluid system because they are so compact and players will join transitions quicker. But with Fluid I will have to find roles that can create space because they are so compact so I would have to select roles which have move in channels or add it has a PI. With structured space gets created so I have to find roles that can exploit this space
  5. let me know when you have started the thread and i will have a look mate. With the very fluid or fluid shapes it would give some players the licence to do what they want i really do not want all my players to have high creative freedom. I like to control what is going on on the pitch. Also with very fluid i believe Rashidi said it makes you compact which can lead to balls over the top. i do not want to be hit with balls over the top and i do not want players to have too much creative freedom
  6. Thanks Yonko. After watching Rashidi videos I have a better understanding of mentality and shape. I would start most games on either Control/Standard and my preferred shape would be structured. I have decided that Very Fluid is not really for me because of what comes with the shape. I am will also go for a High Block so all of my front four players.will be told to close down more. If they have good attributes in tackling they will be told to tackle harder. My central midfielders will be told to keep it simple basically I want these guys to screen the back four and recycle possession so that the likes of Ozil and Sanchez can do damage. The midfielders will not be given any roles that allows them to roam. My team instructions are simple Normal d line Play out of defence whipped crosses shorter passing I might push the d line up if I facing a stubborn team and want to camp out in their half. I might even go attacking and Fluid but I only switch to these settings I need to chase a goal. Sanchez will be my striker and Ozil will be AP support flanked by Inside Forward Attack and Winger Attack. Sanchez Complete Forward Attack
  7. Rashidi will your book have information on how to play with a 4231 wide this is a formation that has troubled me over the years. When I hear you say that you do not like the 4231 wide or narrow it makes me think that this formation is not the best to use because you need really good players to pull it off. I play as Arsenal and have good players but I can't get this formation to work. Looking forward to the book mate and hopefully the 4231 will get a feature.
  8. Still reading, watching and learning from this excellent series. I have a question for Rashidi if you went a goal down on defensive structured would you change straight away to Control structured or would you go to attacking fluid. My thoughts is to go up to the next mentality which is Standard/structured and see how things are going. If I am still struggling I then go to Control and the last stop is Attacking/Fluid but I then reduce my defensive line to normal. I just wanted to see what you did and how you did it.
  9. Hey Rashidi spent most of the night watching your videos and reading your blogs on addicted to FM. I feel like I am getting close to getting a grip with the game. You mentioned in your Counter Pressing blog an option to turn your attacking line to attack duty. I found this very strange because when I am reading through the forums it seems to be that when playing a top heavy system you should not more than 1 player on Attack duty especially in the 4231 wide which is what I play. Could you shine some light on this so I do not get too confused.
  10. Sorry For my ignorance could you direct me to were it is.
  11. Sorry For my ignorance could you direct me to were it is.
  12. Hey Rashidi, in a 4312 which would you say is the most grids to close down. I have gone for the front grid so both strikers are set to close down much more and the midfield grid but i only have the two side midfielders closing down much more. all the rest are left to default settings. I have added some PI to try and get certain players to perform the way i want
  13. Rashidi I just looked at your video again and you have the CMD in close down more which I believe comes with the role selection. Do you change this to close down less because you did mention that the CMD is not the player to be closing down in that area. Also my question about the Counter Pressing in 4231 wide if it is possible to achieve this. I am struggling to understand what grids I need to close down so far I have gone for the grid on the AMR/AML and the grid for the AMC and CF. I have left the CM grid alone to avoid being dragged out of shape. I am just trying and experimenting on my game to see what works really but I am finding It really challenging with the 4231 wide
  14. Rashidi I have watched your video on Counter Pressing and I am trying to figure out how I can achieve this with a 4231 wide formation. Do you think it is possible to achieve with a 4231 wide formation. I have some good wins so far and other times have been very hard. This what I am doing at the moment Counter/Very Fluid Push Higher Up Play out of Defence Work Ball Into Box Whipped Crosses Use Offside Trap (because I am playing with a higher line) Both of my Inside forwards have been told to close down much more. I am not sure if I want to close down the grid around the AMC and CF. I did not see you mention this in video so I thought this grid does not play a part in Counter Pressing. Would that be correct. Also the grid in the CM STRATA causes me a bit of confusion because in a 4231wide the CM are important to shield the defence so if these two players are told to close down more then this will lead to others problems. The DLP D comes with Close Down Less hard coded in the player instructions. The CM D comes with Close Down More. I do not want my creater in deep midfield because I have one of the best 10 in the game. So if I play with a CM D he is going to close down more because that is what is in the player instructions. If I gave this player instructions to close down less will this override the player instructions that comes with the role and follow my instructions. I have given both players less risky passes and shorter passing and dribble less instructions also. In my set up I am also trying encourage movement so I gone with having 1 player with Attack in front 4 and I player on Attack in the defence which will the full back. I am still working on PIs my backline all have been told to play less risky passes and the full backs have been told to dribble less. Because I playing with a Counter Mentality I have told my CD to pass it shorter. I find that when I play Counter Mentality the defence line tends to go for more direct passing. Coukd just ask if you found yourself a goal down playing with Counter Pressing with Torino what did you do. This I think is where I am tactically weak I do not know how to change things well as yet. I get it right at times with my changes but other times it goes wrong. If you have any advice that would be great
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