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  1. I have the same problem is there anyone that can help
  2. And I am guessing it will also show when the opposition changes roles and duties would this be correct
  3. Hi there could anyone let me know where to find a skin that allows me to see the opposition roles and duties in FM18. I know there was a skin on BusttheNet created by Daljit but that does not work anymore after the new patched.
  4. I am the same because I am an Arsenal fan I find it difficult to manage them because I so attached to the players. I find it hard selling the players that I watch and cheer for every week. I know I am not a fan of players in the AMC but Ozil makes life difficult because I do not want to sell him. He is a great player and my favourite Arsenal player behind Henry and Bergkamp. I which I could find a system that works for Arsenal. I was hoping you would make a system in the current Arsenal squad the only thing I have is the Arsenal Invincible Thread which still has its limitations with the
  5. I know I have been through many set ups now with Arsenal. I think this is because the current team still is not balanced. I think Ozil is the best number 10 on FM but if for example I wanted to play a 4141 system then what do you do with Ozil. I see your point about playing him as a Wide Playmaker Attack. I am not a fan of the having a player in the AMC position because I think they can be ineffective if marked by a really good DMC. But because I have Ozil I have to find a way to play him. Ozil is a number 10 there is no doubt about that but I am not a fan of the AMC and I have the
  6. Ozil Excellent read again mate? I like your tactical set up a lot especially the 4141. I would just like to know how you would fit player like Mesut Ozil in formation like a 4141. This formation seems right for Arsenal but it comes back to to do with Mesut Ozil
  7. Are you playing with Arsenal?. Do you mind sharing how you set up the formation with Arsenal in terms of player roles and duties.
  8. Ozil would you ever use full backs as wingers in your tactics. Playing as Arsenal and I have Bellerin and Monreal who are naturally full backs but I was thinking of using them as Wingers. I was thinking of Bellerin and Ox could compete for the Right Wing position and Iwobi and Monreal can compete for the Left Wing Position. I think this tactic could allow me to get more of the excellent Arsenal Midfielders into the game. What are your thoughts on the current Arsenal Team with Xhaka and Mustafi and will these players be able to fit in this set up. I think we need an additional
  9. Ozil will you be doing a write up on the 4141. I always admire this shape and I always want to play it with Arsenal but the problem has always been what to do with Mesut Ozil. Would like to get your thoughts on and feedback on suggestions on how to play Ozil on a 4141 formation.
  10. I am going to try and set up a 343 with Arsenal. I just need to find a ball playing defender and a decent central midfielder. I can always put Ozil on the left wing as a APM he will cut inside and allow The Bellerin Express to bomb Forward. This is a great thread please keep this going because it is really making me think about trying different formations and building a team to play the way I want. Radhidi coukd I ask what roles and duties you would recommend for the two CM. I was thinking of CM (s) and CM (D) I was going to give the CM S some additional PI such as more risky p
  11. very interesting i was thinking that Ozil role has changed this season from a playmaker to more of AM (A) or SS (A). What instructions did you give him to get to score more. I would also use a F9 or DLF (S) to drop deep and allow ozil to get in the box
  12. Ozil are you back playing the 343 diamond. I have just got a chance to look at FM17 properly. What do you think about this current Arsenal side on FM17 and their ability to play the 343 diamond. We have Mustafi now which seems to be a good defender and Xhaka. What do you think about Xhaka in the DLP Defend role. Would Bellerin make a good Winger with the right training. Also would you put the wingers on Defensive Winger training to get them better rounded. Also is there any formations that you struggle with when playing the 343 diamond. I heard a lot of people on the durum mention
  13. Ozil to the Arsenal I hope you are still active on this post because I wanted to ask your recommendation. I am waiting on FM17 because the Arsenal side has been upgraded slightly. We now have Mustafi and Kos. I am not sure what attributes SI will give him but I was considering him for one of the Center back positions in the 3. I know I need to but another top quality Center back also. Would you recommend looking for Center backs who are good with the ball at their feet and what attributes should I be looking for. I think Granit Xhaka can play the DLP Defend role well. I also agree with Ozil a
  14. Do you have any suggestions on the type of players I need to make this work
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