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  1. I did not know that a player in DM position pushes my defensive line back deeper. I now understand why Man Utd had some much possession in front of my defence. If I push the d-line up then this will leave space behind and if i close down more this will leave gaps. I am not quite sure what to do now about the d-line being pushed back with a player in DM position without it causing a knock on effect elsewhere.
  2. My preferred formation is a 4-1-4-1. I like the idea of having a player in front shielding my back four. I would like a DLP in this role but at the moment i have used a Defensive Midfielder - Defend. The rest of my set up looks like this. Herne I understand what you are saying with Fluid Team shape (Fluid gives my players too much creative freedom). Are you suggesting I go with structured. I was concerned that players like Ozil and Sanchez would struggle to perform if I used structured. I wanted to give these players the creative freedom to do something special. Could you have a look at PKM and offer me some help GK - Defend - no PI Left FB - Attack - no PI - Monreal Right FB - Support - no PI - Bellerin CB - Defend - Kos CB - Defend - Per DM - DM - Defend - Coquelin CM - Attack - Ramsey CM - Advance Playmaker Support - Ozil LM - Wide Midfielder - Support - Sanchez RM - Winger Attack - - Walcott CF - Complete Forward - Support - Giroud I have not used any PI are TI in my initial tactic set up
  3. I do not want my team to take too much risk so I select standard.I want the team to play closer together so i selected Fluid. So basically I want to play football that is well balanced and risk free. I do not believe in high risk football. I like possession football, but the possession must have a end product. I do not want 80% possession that goes nowhere. I am not sure how to achieve the style of possession football i want to play. The reason why I did not choose TI is because i really do not understand certain TI and the impact on my tactic.
  4. Hi Fmers I really want some help with my tactics and trying to understand how this games works. I have uploaded a PKM of my match against Manchester United. I did draw this match 2-2 but watching the game they seem to have outplayed me. I have been following Rashidi's YT channel on understanding shape and I have read numerous guides from Cleon RT and Herne and THOG but I do not understand this game. Please take a look at my PKM and welcome any constructive feedback good or bad. I went with a Standard and Fluid and I did not use any Tis are PI because i do not fully understand how these instructions work. As you can see with my role and duty selection I do not have a clue what I am doing. I do not understand how i got a 2-2 draw. i hope someone can advice me and give some help Man Utd v Arsenal jimmy.pkm
  5. Do you have any suggestions on the type of players I need to make this work
  6. Ozil if you had to play the set up with Arsenal what type of players would you looking for especially in defence. I know Mertesacker is not suitable I think Kos would be fine. Could I ask of it the entire Arsenal Team is unsuitable for this set up or is it the Arsenal defence only.
  7. After watching the Man City and Stoke game it seems that Pep is using a 4-1-4-1 formation. I remember him using this in is first season with Bayern Munich. I think trying to replicate Pep's formation really comes down to getting the player roles and duties correct. For example if you tried to emulate De Bruyne and Silva role in FM what would you give them. Now we come to Aguero what is is role and would you replicate that into FM. He was not playing as a F9. I tried replicate Pep 4-1-4-1 with Bayern and my man problem was the getting the right role and duty for Lewondowski. I could not figure out what to do. I would live to hear some of the tactical experts give some ideas on this thread.
  8. Well the system I want to play is a 4-1-4-1. I have decided to go with Standard because I find Control and Attacking too high risk of a mentality. I am also using Very Fluid so the team plays compact and stay closer together. So my roles and duty looks like this GK Defend WB Support WB Support CD - DEFEND CD DEFEND DMC - Defend CM Supprt CM ATTACK WM Attack (Cut inside and Get Forward) WM Attack (Cut inside and Get Forward) Striker - Now I have too options I have both Ozil from Arsenal and I am training him to become a F9. I also have Costa in my side so I am am confused what role to give him. I intend to only play with one Striker. i do not want my team build around any specific player. I do not believe in building a team around a player. To me TEAM means (Together Everyone Achives More). I do want my striker scoring goals I know the F9 is more of a provider than Goal Scorer and that is the reason why I chose to have my WM get further forward so that can help out with the goal burden. I also have a CM Attack who should chip in with some goals. When I do not want to play Ozil as a F9 I will have Costa or Lacazette (Lyon Striker) but the issue I have is within a 4-1-4-1 is what roles to give them. I have ruled out the AF because that might leave them too isolated. Before I forget my TI are Higer D-Line so we can push up and win the ball aback quickly. I understand that Fluid or Very Fluid already gives me compact shape so I do not really need to mess around with adding shorter passing. The only think I might look at is the TEMPO because playing on Standard gives a normal tempo and might need to increase this. I hope things are bit clearer now
  9. Hello FMERS I was watching the Chelsea game yesterday and saw that Chelsea played a 4-1-4-1 with Diego Costa as the main frontman. From his movements he was leading the line, battling with Defenders and he seems to be making runs behind the defence. I do not think be was F9. I was wondering if any of the FMERS can advice what role and duty you would give him in a 4-1-4-1 in FM to replicate how he was playing for Chelsea.
  10. Ozil glad to have you back. I think something was missing from the forum when you are not around. I am waiting to see what variant you will come up with next for the Arsenal Invincible's. I really enjoyed reading and using your post for a guideline when developing my Arsenal Team. Welcome Back
  11. I actually also have a 4411 formation which I am playing with WM Support and WInger Support. I am using a DFS as the lone striker because the other options like Complete Forward and DLF has locked in PI that I do not want. Also I like my forward being the first line of defence. I did try the 4231 formation with Control + Structured but did not like it too much. I started testing with a 4411 formation to see how that plays out on Control+ Structured. Played one game with FMT and beat Man Utd 3-1 away from home. I only used shorter passing and retain possession as my TI but taking your advice I might just drop shorter passing and only use retain possession. If I am using retain possession and shorter passing am I basically using overkill on the TI for passing length. Basically can retain possession be enough with a Control + Structured shape. I am playing with Arsenal so everyone is going to say why structured. But I am a control freak and like to ensure we play as a team game. I am playing with with a DLP Support so that is the only creative player in my team. I want this player to use his intelligence and not go off and try difficult passes. What are your thoughts on my 4411 set up with Control + Structuref.
  12. Summatsupeer how about using Control + Fluid and then using the more discipline TI to keep the team in check. The other option could be Control + Structured then add TI such as retain possession and shorter passing to get the lines closer together I like to play a degree of attacking football but i do not want to go all out attacking so I used control. I do want my team to take some risk but I still want to be able to control what the players do. I do not want them thinking that they can do what they like on the football field. I think I am bit like Mourinho. I think that players need to play as a team and not individuals. Could i ask your feedback on a Control + Structured set up with pass shorter and retain possession TI. I am using these TI because I want to bring the lines closer together. Structured I believe makes the lines further apart and there is more gaps so am I right in thinking that these TI will help. I am playing a 4231 and I do not have any attack duties in my set up. I think with support duties it will make the players play closer together. Just would like to hear your thoughts and feedback.
  13. I just came across this and learning a bit more. Is there anyway of getting the screenshots and images to show. I would like to see in graphic what the poster of the thread is showing
  14. I just came across this and learning a bit more. Is there anyway of getting the screenshots and images to show. I would like to see in graphic what the poster of the thread is showing
  15. Would you say in a 4231 formation with Control Structured it would be advisable to give your playmaker a role and duty to that encourages creativity. When playing with Arsenal Ozil is usually the AMC and he is flanked by a Inside Forward Support and Winger Support and the Forward is either Complete Forward Support or Advance Forward Attack. I then usually put one of my full backs are all in Support and CMs are set to Defend and Support roles. This is all done in a Control Mentality. I am thinking of changing to Standard because Control is high risk. However Cleon did manage to get a Control + Highly structured set up to work in a possession thread. He did use a lot of support duties so maybe that is the best way to play with a high risk mentality. What are your thoughts on Contriol + Structured