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  1. I have to understand that you can't really copy real tactics into the FM simulation. I really started thinking about dropping my CM into the DMC position when I read a post on the forums about Dortmund. The author drop the CMsinto the DMC position but left the AMR/AML and AMC up top and that gave me the idea to try something similar. Summat I have listened to the advice and played around with the idea of defensive + structured and I am slowly moving away from that idea. I like the way how my team was playing on Standard + Flexible because I could still change mentality and shape to add more risk. The next step is now deciding on the corrrect roles and duties for my players with my new withdrawn 4231 formation. The Regista is a good idea because he can be the link from the defence to midfield. I just need to figure out how to link the midfield to attack and make everything come together. Woukd appreciate your help in this area
  2. Summat I was actually thinking of doing this but I was concerned what roles to give my DMC strata and their is also what roles to give The player in the MC and striker. This always comes down to selecting the correct roles on duties and this is the problem for me. I was reading a post from Cleon when he mentioned how he would set up the 4231 formation and it is exactly what you recommended. I beginning to come to understand that it might be a bit hard to try and copy what you see on TV into FM especially the 4231 formation. Could you offer any advice on the roles you would suggest for the players in DMC positions and the MC position. This area of the pitch will be crucial to because I want to play through the middle and control the game. If I get this right then my tactic and idea might finally work but if I get it wrong then it could turn out to be a disaster. I think I am settled on having my wide players set to WM and my Striker to DLF Attack to hopefully linked the play.
  3. I am just reading and trying different things at the moment. I am concerned about the amount of creativity my defenders will have on a fluid set up so that is the reason why I chose structured team shape to control the creativity of certain players I do not want my whole team to have the same creative freedom. Thanks for the info Summat I thought I could add or remove creativity through using PI
  4. I only given extra creativity to Ozil because I want him to unlock defences and make the difference. I have given More Risky Passes because he has good vision and technical attributes he could try a risky pasd that might open up a pack defence. Mertesacker has been sold to Hamburg. I have kept the roles which I selected the only change I am considering is having a DLP Defend AND BBM as my central pair. I tried it in one game and my midfield look good but in the other game we got torn apart by Man Utd. One the side of the BBM I had a FB Support instead of my usual WB Support. Bellerin has the PPM Gets Forward whenever possible so that might caused him to bomb Forward too much. What I saw was when he bomb Forward the BBM would also go forward leaving my DLP Defend to cover the entire midfield. again this is the risk I understand the risk it just comes down to how much I can take.
  5. Ok after watching a few games I have decided to take more risk. So I am going Control + Structured. structured increases the vertical space. I am playing with a 4231 formation. The 4231 is a top heavy system with four players in the AM STRATA. The gaps are which are defence to midfield and down the wings. When playing with structured these gaps will increase which presents a risk. I am trying to build a possession tactic which has some purpose that is why I decided to go with a higher risk mentality such as Control. I chose structured because I wanted my players to keep it simple. I already have players in my Arsenal team with great technical stats and they have the ability to unlock a defence. Also if I add Fluid then I run the risk of my defenders having too much creative freedom which I do not want. I could have gone with Flexible but that might also give creative freedom to the wrong players. I know Flexible is a 50/50 setting and if you are not sure then it is best to stick with Flexible. I know how I want my team to play which is possession football with a end product. If I want more creativity I could always affect this by adding PI to the players with the ability to handle that extra creativity. Players like Ozil will be given extra creativity through PI I was reading a post by Herne which explained how he manages the risk of using a structured shape. So I now know that structured shapes increases vertical space so I have decided to use Retain possession to help close the gaps between the players. Becausr I understand the impact of my chosen team shape I believe retain possession will negate that risk play out of defence - I always like this shout. My GK is set to roll out to my Center backs so this shouts helps. I am not going to increase my D Line because I believe Control already sets the team up in a high D Line so increasing it further will be too much. So basically I have gone to Control + Structured and only added two TI. I would like to get some feedback on the TI that have chosen to help negate the risk of playing with a structured team shape.
  6. Would you remember what page it is on.
  7. Herne do you have the link to your Valencia save.
  8. So I tested starting with Standard + Flexible to see how my team would perform. I went to Standard because it gives me that 50/50 balance on the amount of risk my team will take. Also flexible will give me the same 50/50 on creativity and how compact the team is. Because I want my team to play a bit more compact but I do not want my defenders to have more creativity I increased the D Line to slightly higher. I want to build my attacks from the back so play out of defence is added. I did see my defenders being abut more patient with the build up play but at times the just clear it and the ball got intercepted by the other team. I am not quite sure why this was happening because I have players on support such as the right back and left back playing as wingback Support and I have a player iN DLP Defend position so they have options to pass the ball. Could someone help me to understand what is going on. My four players in the AM STRATA seems to be balanced also I only have 2 players on Attack duties which are my Inside Forward and Striker but as I said the build play from the back seems rush sometimes and I still get the over hit passes from time to time.
  9. The transitions when playing with structured and all my conservative roles and duties are really affecting my game now. I have decided to put the right back and left back on WB Support this has help with transition phase of the game. I now have my CM set to DLP Defend and CM Defend. The front four now looks a bit different I have a Inside Forward on Attack and Winger Support. Also playing with a Advance Forward. I just want my striker to score goals. I do not want a creative striker. I have Ozil set to AMC Support and he is already a very creative player. I am going to start games on Standard * Flexible for now. If I want more risk I guess I can lasts go the Control or Attacking and add in Fluid. On Standard I will push the D Line higher and play out of defence. If I switch to Control or Attacking I will take out the higher D Line and take out play out of defence. I believe Control and Attacking already has a higher D Line and the defenders pass out from the back anyway so I do not need to add this extra layer.
  10. Sorry about the double post. I guess you can tell that I do not like taking too much risk. Basically how I want to play is having 1 formation and then changing the mentality and shape to match what I am seeing in games. That is the reason I start on defensive. If I score a goal on defensive then I won't change it I will continue to play on defensive structured. But if I find that the opponent is taking the game to me and are dominating then I match them punch for punch and go attacking. Also the default skin sometimes tells me what the other team is doing. I picked this up from one of Rashidi video. I did think about starting on Control but this is not what I want to do at all. Control or Attacking is too much risk to start a game. I like to see what the other team is doing and then take it from there. I have tried Standard + Fkexible before but did not pay too much attention to the game because I was trying to understand how the match engine works. I could revisit this option again. I am reading a lot of stuff from Ozil to the Arsenal he seems to use Standard and Very Fluid quite a lot in his tactical set ups. He also uses a lot of shouts. I will need to read more about what he does and try to understand it in more detail.
  11. My tactical set up is as follows GK Defend Right Back - Full Back Support Left Back - Full Back Support Central Defenders - Defend DLP Defend CM Support Inside Forward Support Inside Forward Support Attacking Midfielder Support Advance Forward Attack I play with a Advance Forward a Attack because I want the player to push the D Line back and open up space for my Ozil and Sanchez to create their magic. The topic around mentality and shape is still a little confusing. I am currently using Defensive Structured with the following shouts Pusher Higher Up Whipped Crosses Play out of Defence i have my full backs set to stay wider to provide the width when my inside forwards cut inside. I am considering going Control and Structured but I am a little bit worried about the high risk element that comes with Control and how this will affect my midfield pair.
  12. i was reading one of Cleons threads on the Advance Playmaker. He uses a AM S in the AMC position. The more I read the more it made it clear this is how I wanted my AMC to behave. I have tried Ozil in the AMC position as a AM S but because I was so focus on the rest of the team I was not paying much attention on what he was doing. I played a game with Ozil as a AM S and he got a 9.5 rating. When I put him as a AP in the AMC position he never gets good ratings because he attracts the ball so much and when this happens the opponents close him down and he does not seem to play well. With Ozil as a AM S he seems to perform a little better. After watching my team on defensive structured I can understand your point about the balance not being right. The gap is too big and it is causing me issues with transitions. I tried shorter passing and pushing up the D Line and it helps a little but the gap is still there. I am concerned about using Control because of the risk element involved. As you mentioned Control is quite a aggressive mentality and my players mentality do change between defensive and control. You mention the CM pair above in your reply. You did explain that playing with a aggressive formation like the 4231 and then adding a aggressive mentality will make the central midfield a bit aggressive and balance may not be right. The problem I have is getting all of this to work together. I am not quite sure how to do this.
  13. I tend to start most of my games on defensive mentality and a structured team shape. Summat did make me understand that structured team shape in a 4231 formation is not that highly recommended because it increases the the gap too much and the transitions will also be affected. I did view a game on defensive structured with a 4231 formation and I saw what he was talking about. The gap was quite huge and the transitions did not look too good either, especially for Defend - Attack. The problem is I do not know to improve my transitions when playing with a defensive structured set up. Do you have any thoughts on the front 4 . I tend to only have one player on Attack duty and that is usually my striker either as a DLF A or Advance Forward Attack.
  14. Well I have observed the transition process in my 4231 on structured and it seems that there is no one involved in the transition from defence to attack. I have my DLP Defend who is a sitter so he does not seem to be that involved in the transitions. The only other player I see getting involved is the CM Support he will collect the ball and then look to pass it on into the attacking players. The problem is I can see the problems with the transitions but I do not know how to fix them. Can you help with this
  15. I think the 4231 wide is one of the hardest formations to get right. I would just like to ask if having a DLP Defend and CM Support in Midfield is a good option if you have both full backs on support. Also what would be your advice on the front 4. I am currently playing with either a Advance Forward or DLF attack. This depends on who plays. . If I play with Giroud then he is a DLF Attack but when I play with Vardy he is a Advance Forward Attack. I will then have Ozil as the AM Support flanked by a inside Forward Support and Winger Support. I am still deciding if I should make my Inside Forward Attack. One of the most difficult things I find with the 4231 set up is getting the roles and duties right. This is why I say getting the roles and duties quite difficult. Lot of people on the forum are saying you do not need too many players on Attack when you play with a 4231 or a top heavy system. But I would like someone to explain to me why having players on Attack duty in a top heavy system is not highly recommended. So from what I understand having more than 1 player with a Attack duty is not recommended in a top heavy 4231 system. Now to the other part that I am slightly confused with mentality and shape. I think I understand it better now but I still need some clarity. From what I know when you play with a structured shape it creates more vertical lines and spreads out the players more. Now I would like understand what are the advantage and disadvantage of playing a structured shape with a 4231 formation. I tried reading and watching Rashidi videos on shape and selecting player roles. These videos have been helpful but I still think I am not fully clued up on it. From taking advice from Rashidi I started doing the following. Because I am not a big fan of having different formations I just change the mentality and shape accordingly. For example I start most games in Defensive Structured and if I go a goal down I will go to attacking fluid. I will also change to attacking fluid if I need to apply some pressure and score a goal. But most of the time I play on defensive structured because I do not want my players to to take too much risk when the game starts. I rather see how I am doing and then decide on how much risk I want to take. My shouts are very simple also push higher up, play wider, play out of defence and whipped crosses. I do not know if snyone can offer some advice and tactical guidance on my set up so anything you can offer would be appreciated.