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  1. Granit Xhaka attributes look very low in FM 17. He is suppose to a holding player who has the ability to make a pass. His defensive stats look very bad. Please could you confirm if his defensive attributes will be improved before the full release of the game. Also Alex Iwobi does not look like is attributes have been increases since FM16. Alex is now a regular in the Arsenal team and plays for Nigeria. His attributes should be on level par with Marcus Rashford. Iwobi attacking stats look really bad I think you need to improve is pace and acceleration. His shooting stats and dribbling attributes needs to be looked at also. Also happened to Maitland-Niles and Reine-Adelaide attributes. They have not been improved at all. These guys are the future and should be reflected in FM17 please could you confirm that the attributes of these players will be improved before the full game release. I was really hoping to see an improvement to Xhaka and Iwobi at least but so far it looks disappointing. Could also get you researchers to have a look at Walcott. I think it is time he gets a little boost in attributes.
  2. I have to admit it that I am slowly coming to the playing 3 at the back with Arsenal. The good thing about the Beta is that it allows you try different ideas out in the ME. I have been using the following set up. I have never played a 3 at the back system before so please can someone tell me if I am on the right track. I will try and explain why I have chosen certain players for roles. I have chosen Mustafi and Kos to be my outside Center backs because they are quick, mobile and atheletic. I am thinking they could cover Wingers and forwards who drift out wide. Loporta is playing in the Cover position because he has pace and should be able to cover anything that breaches my defence. Can anyone confirm if I have the right role and duty for my Center backs. GK Defend CDL Defend Kos CDC - Cover Laporta CDR - Defend Mustafi CM - DLP Support Xhaka CM Defend - Coquelin MR Winger Attack - Bellerin ML Winger Attack ? AP Support 0zil role Advance Forward Sanchez or DLF Support Giroud Now I am bit confused with the midfield because ideally my plan was to have Xhaka has my DLP Support but after reviewing is attributes on FM17 he did not live up to the mark. I am not sure if I should use wingers or Wide midfieders because I want my wide players to offer penetrating runs from midfield and carry the ball into the final third and link up with the AMC and striker. I chose Winger because I think the Winger role would do this but now I am not sure. Please can I have some help with this. I am using a basic Standard + Fluid set up. I have not added any TI or PI yet because I am trying to understand what I am creating first If anyone has any advice on how to set up a 3 at the back defence then please feel free to help
  3. Thanks Fosse. Because this is the Beta I am actually testing different ideas. I also have a 433 running with Coquelin holding Ozil and Ramsey playing as AP and B2B
  4. FM17 Beta is out and I must say I like the improvements. Now because it is a Beta I am trying out a few things. During FM 16 I was confused on what type of of football I wanted to play, I did not understand the game and how it all fits together. I spent the last two months playing FM16 on FMT trying to understand and define my style of football. I have to give big shouts out to Herne, Rashidi and Summat because they have helped Now I have decided that I like attacking football I like to press the opponent win the ball back and turn around quick transitions. I do not want to be playing the ball back and sideways waiting and probing for an opening. I know playing Attacking Football comes with its risk which was highlighted in Cleon's thread on the art of attacking football. With my attacking football I want penetration I want attacks from different angles and I want fast transitions. So to achieve this I have gone with the following set up. I also want mobility. Mentality - Attacking Team Shape Flexible - I not 100% clear on team shape yet so I have decided to stick with Flexible. Team Instructions Play out of Defence Close Down Much More - I am playing Attacking and I want to be aggressive Player Roles and Duties GK - Defend WB Support WB Support Central Defender - Defend Central Defendef - Defend CM Defend - Coquelin DLP Support - Xhaka Inside Forward - Support Ramdeuter - Attack AP - Support Complete Forward Attack - The striker role will change depends who is playing. If Giroud is playing then DLF Attack. Lucas Perez Advance Forward Attack I am going to prioritise first touch as my main attribute because I am playing attacking football the ball will probably arrive to the players quite quickly so they will need to have decent first touch to control the ball. Anyone with a poor first touch will need to improve or they will get shown the door. I just now need to find out how to train first touch. If anyone has ideas on how I can improve my tactic then please comment and reply. Remember for FM17 I want Attacking football if this fails then I will have to try something new but right now Attacking football is for me.
  5. What roles did you give your midfield
  6. Summat if you use Standard that makes your team press in a medium block. Does this means the team starts pressing from the halfway line is that correct. would you recommend giving players in more advance position the PI to close down more while leaving the rest of team on the default pressing that comes with Standard which is a medium block. As you know I either want to play a 4231 wide in occasions.
  7. I was thinking what if you play Xhaka and Coquelin in midfield. It has been identified that Xhaka is not the best defensively especially if he is playing in a double pivot. I was thinking about having Couquelin so he could at some steal to the midfield. The other option would be to by William Carvalho from Sporting Lisbon. He is a bit more atheletic than Xhaka and Coquelin. Then my midfield duo could be Xhaka and Carvalho.
  8. I tend to agree with Arsenal in a 4123DM set up. Ozil on the wings cutting side would open space up for Bellerin. The main concern is can Ozil actually play well on the Wing as a Inside Forward. Playing Xhaka as a single pivot is risky because he is not athletic enough. I think someone like William Carvalho would be better as the single pivot. I prefer to have a couple of quick players on the wings. I am keen to see what Iwobi looks like on this version and if they have updated Sanchez. Also Xhaka is really going to make or break this Arsenal team this year on FM17. I like Ozil as the AP Attack plYing in the MC position. I might find myself rotating Xhaka and Ozil in the AP position in central midfield. It all depends on Xhaka attributes. You could give Theo the instruction to sit narrow which might open up the right flank for Bellerin.
  9. With FM17 around the corner I am hoping that Xhaka is updated. I have been experimenting with a 4231 deep of some sort on FM16 which has been fun. But now I feel like I need to get back to either the 4141 or 433. I like the idea of having that security in the DMC position. Like Ozil to the Arsenal I am not a big fan of the number 10 position for the reasons mentioned by Cruyff. If Xhaka can play the single pivot role well and Ozil can adopt to the MC role then we it could work. I think Ramsey is a B2B midfielder so he should be fine to fit in the 4141 system.
  10. Ozil is doing ok. The game against Man Utd he done well. I am training him to play as a MC trying to focus on is strenght. I like how the system is playing at the moment. I have not tried Ramsey has a Regista Ibthink he has Get Forward PPM. I do not really want my Regista getting forward too much. Long Term I could use Ramsey in the Wide Midfielder slot or as the AP. I might try him as a Regista against weaker teams who will not try and attack me too much. I design this tactic with FM 17 in mind also. I want to see what Xhaka attributes are like. I tried. Sanchez in the Complete Forward role and he did not perform too well. I hope SI improves is attributes in FM 17 to mirror the role he is playing now for Arsenal. Giroud is a beast in the CF role I still have work to do on this tactic but I slowly getting it.
  11. Summat Could you have a look at the attached PPM I have taken with your suggestions I came up with the tactic. I have decided to give the RGA close down less and the Complete Forward is told to move into channels. The Wide Midfielders are set to get further forward through PIs I would like to get your feedback please 4231 deep Gunners vs Man Utd.pkm
  12. That is what makes it confusing because my defenders have all the right mental attributes plus I think the roles I have selected should give them enough passing options. I am going to give my Wide Midfielder Support PIs to Get Further Forward and Dribble More hopefully that will get him latching on those through balls from the AP and REG. Getting to understand this game a bit more but I still feel like I am miles away from the end product.
  13. I use Control with no further TI the only PI I use is telling the wide midfielders AP and CF to close down more. I will give the GK PIs to pass it to Center backs. I thought Control already made the defenders play out of defence or am I wrong. What do you think about my distribution of roles and duty
  14. Summat thanks for your help. I slowly getting my head around this but I will get their in end. I started a game on FMT playing with a DM - D and REG. Because the Regista will roam I have decided to put a fullback Support and Wide Midfielder Support on the side of the Regista to try and compensate for the roaming I have also put my best central defender on that side. I have now put Bellerin as a Wing Back Support and he is playing behind a Wide Midfielder Attack on the side where Bellerin is playing I have my DM - D. I actually both Bonucci from Juventus to play the other Center Back. The plan was to a very good defender along with the DM D covering the right side because I have Bellerin going forward and a Wide Midfielder Attack on the right who will also get forward in support of the attack. Ozil is still playing in the MC position as a AP A and Sanchez is still my Complete Forward Support. I am still playing Control and Flexible and I have added PI on the Wide Midfielders, AP and CF to close down more. I have watched a few games and things look ok but still struggling a bit with possession. My centre backs still seem to want to launch the ball forward and my striker still seems a bit isolated. I not quite sure how to fix the problem but I am working on it. if you or anyone has any advice that would be great.
  15. Summat you mentioned using a Regista in a single pivot system. What are your thoughts on a midfield set up of Regista Advance Playmaker Attack and BBM. I am going to go with the Wing Back Support role.