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  1. Hello again Rashidi, I come to you today to seek some advice for a different ideea of a tactic. Long story short, I ran into an article on the internet wich talked about Juventus defender Leonardo Bonucci and Manchester City John Stones, about the similar roles that this two players play and about how Allegri and Guardiola, encouraged by the changes made to the offside rule, are trying to bring back the old Libero role into modern football. Of course, after I finished reading I immediatly sayed to myself that I need to try this in FM. So I took your advice when creating a new tactic, picked a strong side and started playing. This is the way I set up the tactic and the results I got. After a decent pre-season disaster struck, and it was downhill from there. So now I am here looking for help. I don't really stress too much about it as it is just an experiment of mine, but I am curios if the Libero can work in FM and how would you set-up a tactic with this role. I've attached the tactic just for funzzies. Libero Test_40BDE7D1-BB6A-4AAE-90D4-FBF582451401.fmf
  2. Should I try flexible for my flat 4-4-2 and see how it goes? I play fluid and it seems that some times, especially when defending, my team is too compact. You had to go there didn't you?
  3. I am just wondering, if I ask my side midfielders to "mark tighter", will they mark the opp. fullbaks or who will they mark...Can't seem to figure this out.
  4. I was talking in general, not referring to a particular system. I was asking because I've seen you don't use any of this fancy roles like SS or Roaming playmaker or w/e and you prefer simple roles in those positions like CM and AM and I was curios if you ask those players to do special things trough PI's or you just leave them on default.
  5. Hey Rashidi, First I want to say that I absolutly love your show and thank you for taking your time to answer people questions. What I want to ask is something that asked some time ago in one of your Torino videos but I didn't get an answer. I would like, if you can of course, to talk a bit about PI's. I know you use PI's for your forward players, and I know what are those and why you use them, but I would like to see what PI's you use in midfield. I am especially interested too see what you ask you MC/s and AMC. Thank you.
  6. BWM, DM and CM are different roles, and they act different on the field. There are difference in mentality, passing, tackling, pressing, position on the picth etc. between this roles. If I asked for a BWM it means I want a BWM cuz I like how it plays and how it fits into my tactics and I am pretty sure that a BWM who is asked to ease the tackles is still a BWM. And how is your answer even relevant when we can add PI's to roles? Doesn't adding PI's change the role? What's a CM with def duty that is asked to tackle harder than? After your logic, a BWM, right? In my oppinion the Part of Role PI's should be guidelines. They should be there activated by default and they should be visibile as PI's, but also we should be able to modify them, or some of them. Not being alowed to ask my player to not tackle is idk...you name it... It's a nightmare to ask an average aggresive player to play as a BWM, it's a red card fest.
  7. Why can't we modify this "part of role" instructions? While I do understant why they are there, I do not understant why we can't customize them...I doubt a RL manager can't tell his BWM to easy off the tackles when he is allready booked...It drives me crazy...
  8. Sorry to say, there is no balance in your sistem. Way too many attacking duties for one tactic and a lot of playmakers. The 4 2 3 1 is a sistem that tends to get overrun in midfield as it has only 2 MC's. They need to control the park; I would keep both on defend and ask them to tackle. I would set my FB's on support and ask them to play short passes (maybe few risk pass?!?) so they actually link the play with the midfield. AMC/S instead of AP/s as you need some1 to carry the ball in front. Attacking + high close down = high D-line = problems. I don't recomend it, but if you want to go with it like that at least try offside trap. I don't like the high tempo either and the maxed width. I wonder how your boys finish the game, they must be so tired. You are Man U. and playing attacking footbal, try to create from defenders. Turn down the close down a notch or two, try a lower tempo, and maybe let the width on default and ask only the 3 att players upfront to close down much more and tackle harder and maybe TI prevent GK short distrib. to force opp to not create from the back. 4 2 3 1 is wide by nature. Good luck.
  9. Hello there friend. I don't know how good your team is in comparation with the rest of the league, but judging by the results there and the year you are playing I will presume that you didn't manage to make from Charlton a world class team for now. From the start I see that you are asking your team to pass into space and exploit the flanks. For this to happen you need your fullbaks, wingers and strikers to be quick and have good of the ball, in order to find pokets of space and exploit that space. My advice is to remove both shouts and let the team play to the situation rather that making them play in a way they can't. Another thing I see is that you ask the team to close down more. This is a bad ideea with the counter-attack mentality, as it pushes the team forward, disrupts the team shape and sets the D-Line higher. I can allready see from the picture that your D-Line is allmost at the center of the field, that means that your fullbaks will close-down high in the field. It's not good, as counter-atack aims to stay put, wait the opponent in your half and get forward quick when you get the ball. My advice is to let the close down on default and drop the D-Line a bit deeper. I would also use flexible/fluid shape. The 4-4-2 isn't a possesion sistem, the counter mentality isn't either so there is no point in asking the team to stay on feet. You have only to MC's, they need to be able to tackle, win and pass it away. I would ask my MC's to tackle harder. I would check get stuck in too if necesary. Furthermore, I would use the DLP on defend, and MC on support, maybe a Box to box would be better. Idk, you need to see how it plays. I don't know what kind of SC's you have. I don't see a TM and you use low crosses witch leaves me thinking that you SC's are not so good with their heading so I don't think there is a need for crosses. Work ball into box is a good shout to reduce them. I would use whipped crosses (personal preference). I would also ask my SC's to tackle hard and close down much more. Maybe use a F9 instead of a DLF. For me it seems it links the play better. Aditionaly you can ask you FB's to play few risky pass if they tend to pass badly. The 4 4 2 is wide by nature, so keep an eye on your wide players, see how they sit in the field. Use the prozone tools. If they sit to wide and the opp is exploiting that, ask them to sit narrow. Here you have it. I hope it will help you. Good luck and a nice day.
  10. Hi rashidi1, nice to see you back on FM16, and the work and videos you've done, well..., are just amazing and made me play the game in a way I've never done before. Now, I try to understand it and play it like I should instead of just giving up and download a tactic. I am trying to make (with some succes) an attacking 4-3-1-2 for FM16. I've kept the rolles/duties of the original Fm15 tactic, but changed some TI's and PI's and the tactic does well in front, where the boys are creating the chances, but I think the overall skill of my squad makes it to score few. In the back I have the problem with the space left behind the CWB's as it seems the midfielders doesn't play like they did in FM15. My BWM's doesn't cover that space as they did back then anymore, nor they win the ball high up the pich. The changes to TI/PI doesn't allow me anymore to ask the team to Close Down More and then ask the 3 upfront to Close Down Much More in the same time wich leave me to the problem that my SC's and AMC doesn't put pressure on the opposision D-Line. I don't really know how to solve the problem, maybe a change of player roles to the my 3 players in attack will do it, I will try this a bit later today, but this is a minor issue. The real problem comes in deffensive, where I seem to conceed either by my opposition exploiting the space behind my CWB's either with balls launched over my defence. For the first problem I switched my CWB's to FB's(S) and it seems to solve it to some extent, for the second one I tryed what you sayed in you last video: drop the the D-Line. Well, this solved the problem of the balls over my defenders but lead me to another one: the space between my D-Line and my midfielders wich leave me exposed for through balls. Like you sayed in you blog post, if there is no wall, then the DC's will go forward. So here I am with all this problems hoping for a piece of advice. Furthermore I would like to ask you if you would keep the same player roles/duties as the counter tactic you made for an attacking 4-3-1-2 or you would change some of them. If, yes what are those. Thank you, and I hope for an answer.
  11. I had this too. It's from the logos. For me, it works with no problems with Mettalic Megapack.
  12. Just got it. Looks amazing. Thank you for your work and effort !
  13. Looks very good. For me Flex was the best skin in FM series and it will allways have a special place in my heart (oh, the nostalgia). I would like to thank you for the amazing work you've done in the past. Question: Could you add the good old Flex background too?
  14. Really? I thought that this year with the sidebar thinghy it's easyer to reproduce this kind of skins. I mean, excludint the titlebar the layout is allmost the same. I gues the coding behind is different, huh?!? Oh well, it's a shame than, Flex was one of the best skins out there. I absolutely loved it. I still hope someone will take the time too look into it, maybe try to replicate it for FM15 - pannels, background, colors, font - w/e he can do. If not, well, much sadness. "All good things comes to an end" huh...
  15. I think I am getting the same texture, or I have bad eyes that can't distinguish them: Hope I can get some help with this.
  16. Skin looks pretty good even if I'm not a fan of golden color. Suggestion: Change the attribute colors to match the skin theme - yellow, orange, red are colors that work with it.
  17. Ok m8. As a sugestion, maybe put the statistics pannel to the bottom and make it a little bit high, and in the place of the current statistics put the Recent Match Ratings pannel. About the old school way, yea, it's my sin, and not only in FM but allmost all aspects of my life. I'm really sceptical about new and I really take changes hard, especially when I know the old works great. I mean, just to make an ideea, I've haven't had a touchscreen phone untill this year and I'm not that old at 29 y.o, but it's just the way I am. For example in FM I was very dissapointed (to the point I wanted to not buy the game anymore) when SI decided to implement the tactic creator and remove the old slider tactic sistem. I still consider the old sistem better, but that's another discution. I've never used, never will, the profile pannel as I consider it has too much stacked info, too many pannels, that hurts my eyes. The attribute pannel is much "cleaner" if this makes any sense, easyer to watch. Idk, maybe it's just preference,but some people just can't let go. I'm one of them. As a friendly advice, I think you should take it step by step with the skin and what I mean is to make it bug free and working on 100% resolutions than make a copy and work on the zoomed ones. I think trying to fix all at once won't lead you anywhere. We have a saying in Romania: Don't try to kill two rabbits with one bullet. It's just an advice not a critic. I appreciate your work and the time you put in this skin anyway. All the best !
  18. Just as an ideea, maybe replace "Highlight key attributes for role" with "Show recent attribute changes" in the attribute player pannel as we allready have there the best 3 roles for the player and we also have the reports tab for futher info. LE: Hate to bring the bad news again but I this is how my pannels look like in 1920x1080 100% and 125%: As you can see, there is some space there.
  19. Thanks for your help. One more thing, the description above the download link says that the archive has 2 folders, in reality it's only one. I suppose the missing folder is the one that activates the default sidebar since the skin comes with the narrow one.
  20. I hope SI can hear you right now. I detest the dark skin, allways did, and your skin looks amazing, or at least the ideea behind is amazing. It doesn't matter how many versions there will be if they will lead to a bug free and amazing looking skin. Keep up the good work, there are people that really apreciate it ! I really wish I could help you with your work, but i know nothing about programing unfortunatly.
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