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  1. I too would like to see individual flair and technique represented more clearly in the match engine & 3D. There are some few instances where the dribbler leaves the defender 1-2m behind but they are not enough and they seem to happen only with the very top players (18+ dribbling, agility, flair)
  2. Same here OP. I can set a successful 442, 41221(DM) , 4411, but there is something in the way they play unfolds with the players starting in the 4231 positions that makes it very hard for me to get right. If i had to say what the issue is, i guess it would be the lone striker that is almost always on ATTACK (since a SUPPORT role means overcrowding galore). Generally the players on 4231 seem disjointed in a way they never do on the other classic formations
  3. For me the most helpful thing was to focus on the effects of mentality & shape . I just pick some generic formation and roles with a typical 3-4-3 (defend-support-attack) duty distribution and focus on the previous. Everyone argues about how important player roles are, but this comes down to play once you have nailed mentality-shape. The effect these two have on the way you move the ball is huge. For example, a counter-structured 4141 will work nicely if opponents treat you as a lesser threat. But if they are careful (few attackers, conservative fullbacks) and you need to press and t
  4. In your screenshots i see the very same shape most deep 4231 suffer from. For you this play may appear fluid and well worked. For me the way the players usually set and and move in this formation seems ineffective. This does happen and is one of the problems of the formation. I think the trouble lies in the position of the forward players. It is not optimal for using (central) space effectively. If you try to bypass this with the old trick of flexible shape + low mentality + deep movement then forwards become isolated and better teams shut them off easily. Try a 4411 and everyt
  5. Exact same issues here. I initially hoped this formation would make my AMCs shine but they act more like deep creators. They are the ones usually making the pre-assist wide pass. Then the standard cross from the wingback -> goal. Pretty boring and repetitive. I watched the screenshots on OP and notice the same concerning pattern as i have. Ultra wide set-up, disjointed play, no real co-operation. Also i'm surprised he/she doesn't face problems with that attack duty striker being far away from the rest, especially on flexible shape. An option that kind of works for this is to go very f
  6. Are these connected to any hidden attributes or age of player? Can they affect his performance considerably? Also, what is the best individual talk to correct them? I think I've never had any successful in-match talk
  7. Why does "go route one" makes the team more narrow? I thought it, being the most extreme of attacking instructions, would look to make the play wider
  8. I have a question about duty distribution and team mentality: Observing the way TC distributes automatic duties, it is clear that it opts for many attackers in attacking systems and many defend duty players in defensive systems. However, i have seen users going for many attack duties in defensive systems or conservative duties in attacking systems. Do these anomalies work by manipulating other team instructions and/or by close observation of specific player behavior? What is the prevalent logic behind the duty distribution mechanism? The penetration/aggressiveness idea you mention in the
  9. Is there any post describing the actual effects of team + player shouts? I find the descriptions somewhat insufficient. "Retain possession" for example. How is it different from a slower tempo + short passing ? Does it lower through balls or not? The same goes for almost all shouts
  10. Has any info on the mechanics behind the new roles been available ? E.g. the Enganche has , i believe, "run with ball" set to rarely . In-game-help mentions his difference from the Trequartista but not from the Advanced Playmaker. So, what is it? Finding out about each one's default settings can help understand what differentiates every role from other similar ones, in a more literal manner than the descriptions provided
  11. I guess they are trying to behave the way you have set them to . The opponent ,on the other hand, is always more aggressive when at home .This gives you the behavior you described . Even when playing as a big team you must consider altering your strategy a bit for away games
  12. I d go with very attacking fullbacks and the central midfielder CMd or DLPd . For the rest 5 upfront players ,nothing fancy : maybe CMs , AMs , DLFs , AFa . Moderate run with ball , moderate creative freedom , 1-2 roaming , balanced-standard strategy It's on the player individual instructions under the 'marking' option
  13. Does the "run from deep" option have any additional effect on player behavior ? Besides the obvious one , i mean
  14. It surely is not something alarming , but is somewhat frustrating watching your world class center-back , first team regular ,of professional personality + 20 determination , with superb morale and 7.50+ rating having a ton of orange arrows out of the blue . There are 24 of his stats with a decline arrow (!) lol Place normal outfield player on GK position and program , there you go , solved Yes . that is , "automatic" changes the role according to the team's strategy setting . Just tested a WM on a balanced team philosophy : each different strategy changes his mentality accordingly . Most
  15. Why do my players drop their attributes at random times ? The team has good reputation , excellent facilities and coaches , the players are happy , play regularly and get good ratings . Suddenly and without any clue i get orange downwards attribute training arrows for about 10 days on some of the players . This probably is a very slight drop , but why does this happen ?
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