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  1. I too would like to see individual flair and technique represented more clearly in the match engine & 3D. There are some few instances where the dribbler leaves the defender 1-2m behind but they are not enough and they seem to happen only with the very top players (18+ dribbling, agility, flair)
  2. Same here OP. I can set a successful 442, 41221(DM) , 4411, but there is something in the way they play unfolds with the players starting in the 4231 positions that makes it very hard for me to get right. If i had to say what the issue is, i guess it would be the lone striker that is almost always on ATTACK (since a SUPPORT role means overcrowding galore). Generally the players on 4231 seem disjointed in a way they never do on the other classic formations
  3. For me the most helpful thing was to focus on the effects of mentality & shape . I just pick some generic formation and roles with a typical 3-4-3 (defend-support-attack) duty distribution and focus on the previous. Everyone argues about how important player roles are, but this comes down to play once you have nailed mentality-shape. The effect these two have on the way you move the ball is huge. For example, a counter-structured 4141 will work nicely if opponents treat you as a lesser threat. But if they are careful (few attackers, conservative fullbacks) and you need to press and throw bodies forward to win, it wont be very effective. It's on you to observe whether they come at you or not and adjust mentality, shape, and sometimes formation accordingly. If you were to camp on their half with an attacking fluid strategy, a formation with 2 attackers would be better suited, as there is more chance those long forward risky passes to connect . Of course this is not be all end all advice, but it has helped me when i was stuck in the past, much more than those elaborate guides here. There are many voices with many half truths laying around and reading everything from everyone is a recipe to disaster. Only rashidi seems to really know what's he doing- you can start from there. But keep it simple! Add some more layers once you feel you have a grasp about the basic scenarios and their counters.
  4. In your screenshots i see the very same shape most deep 4231 suffer from. For you this play may appear fluid and well worked. For me the way the players usually set and and move in this formation seems ineffective. This does happen and is one of the problems of the formation. I think the trouble lies in the position of the forward players. It is not optimal for using (central) space effectively. If you try to bypass this with the old trick of flexible shape + low mentality + deep movement then forwards become isolated and better teams shut them off easily. Try a 4411 and everything falls magically into place without much tinkering
  5. Exact same issues here. I initially hoped this formation would make my AMCs shine but they act more like deep creators. They are the ones usually making the pre-assist wide pass. Then the standard cross from the wingback -> goal. Pretty boring and repetitive. I watched the screenshots on OP and notice the same concerning pattern as i have. Ultra wide set-up, disjointed play, no real co-operation. Also i'm surprised he/she doesn't face problems with that attack duty striker being far away from the rest, especially on flexible shape. An option that kind of works for this is to go very fluid. Then of course you get even more crossing as your guys can't find any vertical space. All in all, I find this deep 4231(DM) one of the hardest formations to play in the game. Imagine how many poor newcomers must have been frustrated trying to set up their favorite real life shape
  6. Have you given the very structured shape a try? The ball moves faster compared to balanced. Then of course you might have other problems elsewhere I'm not convinced that a deep defend - long ball to TM can't work
  7. Just a guess about the low ap ratings: do you play on fluid? You can see him behaving like an aggressive creator more clearly on lower structure settings. (Of course then other knock-on effects may appear elsewhere)
  8. I've been watching some of Rashidi's videos these past few weeks and he pretty much demonstrated how you can completely flip things around with a fluidity change. The effect can be massive. For example you can escape heavy pressing and simulate a 'high tempo' instruction just by going more structured. The one thing we can all agree (i think) is that a balanced,sound tactic will not work in every situation. You may have set the players' movement well, they may have good passing options on paper, but this is very abstract. A specific match situation can make this balanced tactic look trash. The notion of only watching how your players are playing and disregard the opposition is idiotic. So, how do you approach adapting the tactic? The options Tactic Creator offers are many and you can achieve similar on-pitch results in very different ways. Is the option of sticking with a fix mentality-fluidity and changing only Team Instructions still a viable one?
  9. Just a note on the two winger duties: after countless efforts on this formation, i think they work best on support duties. On attack duty they bomb forward like strikers. Getting them right is more important than that central AMC
  10. I suspect this save game type is pretty common: picking your favorite team from a top division (usually from the big 5 leagues) and sticking with them over the span of many years. What would be an optimal database setup here? Targets are: 1. Maintain competitiveness and realism in Europe cups, the big leagues continue to dominate 2. Plenty of high potential newgens. Variety of strong newgens nationalities. Variety of staff nationalities 3. Realistic below top tier leagues for loanee development 4. Minimization of the thousands of low potential players/staff that will never see any action in this type of save 5. All the above to result in a low number of players loaded game without losing immersion
  11. Do we know if condition/stamina affects mental/technical atts? I am under the assumption that a tired player plays with lower physicals than his actual values
  12. Are these connected to any hidden attributes or age of player? Can they affect his performance considerably? Also, what is the best individual talk to correct them? I think I've never had any successful in-match talk
  13. Do I gain anything from having matches play on 'full detail' on, say, the major european divisions if I'm never going to play there?
  14. That actually makes sense. I've checked many clips; there are tons of defense clearances that the game categorizes as passes from defense. And, having a 442 is indeed making it difficult for my backline to pass soundly. The biggest problem is with stronger teams that camp on my half. Right now i had R.Madrid at home, them playing a 4231. On teams that play with a DM it's even worse. The most common highlight is: Fullback gets pressed, the wingers ahead of him are close to him, he thinks it's unsafe to pass there, hoofs it for the strikers, ball is lost. I am going to try a structured shape to get those wingers further forward. But, i was set that i could overcome any potential issue without changing formation & shape, only with the use of instructions on a case by case basis Average, 10-12. Composure is good though so i dont think this is to blame in this case
  15. Highjacking this thread but still relevant: does stadium capacity have an effect on club reputation?
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