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  2. If you have an example of those players asking for these demands then I would be interested in taking a look at the save game. Details on how to upload can be found via the link below.
  3. Are you running any custom graphics/logos/skins or any other add-ons? If so, if you remove them do you encounter the same issue? If you are, please post your DxDiag, details here - https://community.sigames.com/faq/football-manager-2020/238_how-to/241_pc/how-to-find-my-system-dxdiag-r844/
  4. Cheers! He is available on a free but sadly not good enough for the VNL. I released nearly my entire squad bar a handful so have the wage budget for strengthening...if I can find anyone that is!
  5. Are you running any custom graphics/logos/skins or any other add-ons? If so, if you remove them do you encounter the same issue? If you are, please post your DxDiag, details here - https://community.sigames.com/faq/football-manager-2020/238_how-to/241_pc/how-to-find-my-system-dxdiag-r844/
  6. Just uploaded my save. The filename is Bug_201911110040.fm
  7. Two things to check here. 1. You're a small club, you maybe have no youth recruitment in place, in which case you'll never get an intake (I had that in a LLM save on FM14, it's brutal) 2. If you do have this in place, check under the youth intake section in the development centre. It will tell you here which month you should expect the intake to happen.
  8. Hi @JFrenchie, do you happen to have a save just before the promise was made to the board? That definitely shouldn't be the case. Also just to confirm, you made a request to the board to increase the wage budget and they said they would increase it providing you agreed to reduce the wage bill? In regards to the ozil and aubameyang promise, could you raise this in the happiness forums along with a save just before the player promise is broken? Thanks.
  9. I'll throw a bit of an alternative theory in... Could it be that those insane wage requests are scaled on the club's wage system? Ie. the higher the average wage for each level of Playing Time, the higher the demands will be? Currently managing Zebre, and even a subpar 21yo in the B-team, with ZERO chances of ever making it to the first team as an emergency backup is asking for 200-500k p/y. And even U20s don't accept anything lower than 75-100k. Which sounds ludicrous, but then you look at the wages of the key U23 players (500k) and of the senior squad, with Top Stars earning 8-digits figures... So, I'm sure WP criteria are a known issue and a very extreme case of "overshooting" an otherwise reasonable concept, but wages demands are likely adjusted to fit the level of the team. After all, if you're joining a company where the receptionist earns 50k per year, would you accept a job as an accountant at 25k p/y?
  10. I had this same issue with Aubameyang & Özil. I got two emails on the same in-game day, one saying I have met the promise and he’s happy to stay, one saying he wants to leave because the promise hasn’t been met. I have 7 games left in my season and I’m joint top of the Premier League. They haven’t been forcefully transfer listed yet, and I don’t know if it will correct itself at the end of the season when I officially qualify, but it will be annoying if they both want to leave! I seem to remember having a conversation with them both at the start because they wanted to leave for Champions League football, and I selected along the lines of “if you stay, we’ll have a better chance of getting Champions League football here”, and that’s how the promise of CL football was made.
  11. I made a Spurs save in the beta to get going with this years new version of everything. Not managed to play so much yet but so far I sold Eriksen to PSG for £60m upfront + £2m in 12 month installments. I also sold Alderweireld to Liverpool (unfortunately...) for the £25m release clause and Aurier for £5m to Al-Ahli. I was desperate to get rid of Aurier basically at any price. So far the only one I have bought is Timo Kehrer from PSG for £5,5m! What a bargain. I have not quite decided which formation I will be using but I'm leaning towards 5-3-2 WB and a classic 4-2-3-1. Does anyone have any RB suggestions?
  12. had a quick search and couldn't see this anywhere. Summary: Player nationality/country they represent is missing from player attributes screen. Description of Issue: I mean, a picture says a thousand words... Steps to Reproduce: no idea. tried changing the skin in game and it didn't make a difference. also persists after closing and reloading the game. Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud:
  13. Hi @small_managerial_miracles, do you happen to have a save a little earlier than this? Ideally just before this news item appears in the inbox. Thanks.
  14. In the new interface it takes many clicks to get to the B and U19 teams. Can there be an option where the shortcut can be added to the menu on the left side?
  15. Summary: Expectations are being met, but the game is talking as if expectations are not. Issue: As above. Steps to reproduce: Don't need to. File uploaded: Rob Oda - Man Utd2.fm The save file is a few days after the match, but you should be able to go back and see the report etc. Topic has been cross-posted as it was originally submitted under the club vision forums and has been re-directed to be posted here.
  16. This is a very good one, should indeed be Netherlands or The Netherlands. Holland accepted but is in fact not right, as it only covers part of Netherlands.
  17. Are you running any custom graphics/logos/skins or any other type of add-on? If so, do you encounter the same issue if you remove them?
  18. Okay, I will create a topic over there with the same content now. Great to hear it's under review.
  19. Hi @peter1997546, can you send us a save just before you get fired? We would need to check this out to see if it reproduces on our latest code. Thanks.
  20. This is an issue we're aware of and we're investigating. Thanks.
  21. Just checking this has been seen/reviewed?
  22. Is there any teams wanting him at that point? I see the 'there's no team interested' option there, in my experience that one usually settles them down for a bit. However, it is unusual for a player to have that mentality after just six months, so I would report that.
  23. Why is everyone trying to claim this is not a bug ? @andyt365 OP no one will believe you so delete this thread Post it in the bug forum hopefully SI can sort it out End of conversation lol
  24. This corporations and brands are bit thick on the head. My club Adidas sell their official shirt for 90 euros. The club sell without the Adidas logo for 20 euros, but the quality of it is bit to be desired. You can buy in the Asia online stores for little as 5 euros, the quality is about the same of those unofficial that my club sells.
  25. Wie, great news Miles. Let's hope it is passed and on D1 😊
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