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  1. Which tactic is that? And yeah, I like to take a club from bottom to a glory, can i ask you something, on that 4-3-3, I notice that it used IWB which is really hard to find that kind of player on low league, so can i switch the role to something else? which role do you think is the best alternative?
  2. For anyone who is looking for tactic for a low league team, this is arguably the best tactic I play this tactic on england 10th division and it works so well.
  3. Sorry I'm late joining the FM2018 wagon here, Knap, i've been fan of your tactic in FM2017, and you always said that your best tactic is 3430 GOODBYE and WOF, but then I saw a lot of your tactics on FM2018, can you tell me your best tactic for FM2018?
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