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  1. huh ok my mistake. I could've swore I've seen MLS clubs making larger non-DP signings recently just doesn't make sense that I can't get a $1 million talent because its more than my GAM/salary budget. But maybe thats just MLS craziness
  2. Just to flesh out the details. Transfer budgets are gradually taken from the GAM supply over several seasons. However with two seperate transfers the entire fee is being deducted from the GAM budget. Thus, making majority of signings impossible.
  3. has anyone ecountered this game breaking transfer bug? I'm Atlanta United in the first season and tried to sign a player for $2.5 million up front. How the actual rules work is the transfer fee will be spread over the course of a few seasons plus the players salary (who is a hmid/high level senior contract) $8-10k. However it is counting the entire transfer fee now so I can only offer the player $65/wk... This same crap killed MLS for me last year.
  4. @Uncle_Sam I don't know why but I can't send players to my B-team from MLS club. it says wait till next transfer window. Anyone else see this? I should be able to send players to my B-team whenever
  5. The MLS expansion sides sign every MLS level FA in existence. I'm guessing there's now way to stop that? Also from the beginning as an MLS club i can't send players to my B team in USL. Says I must wait for next transfer window. Thats isn't accurate don't know if its an error or oversight. Keep up the good work!
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