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  1. any 424 with IF or IW. they dont have updated scores and its by far my preferred tactic
  2. i dont know how you guys use wingers, almost everyone is IW or AI in this game
  3. what about UCL ? I won the league without defeats but against top teams struggled a bit.
  4. you should rename it also. the tactic uses wingers and not inverted ones
  5. i'm using 4-2-4 Paris IW in this first 2 seasons and all great except i always lose in the quarter-finals of UCL. In theory HOLYGHOST 4-5-1 would be a better choice for harder games right? (I'm with Benfica but my team is in theory as good as any other.)
  6. This game in particular i started Attacking, scored and then went Cautious until they scored twice. Then Attacking until i draw. And after min 80/82 that 4-1-4-1 SUS. Maybe i was just unlucky playing 80min with 10players.
  7. using 4-2-4 paris iw i concede some goals late game. should i go to 4-4-2 cautious and reduce LOE ? i dont think that the 4-1-4-1 tactic done to waste time on fm20 works correctly in 21
  8. was Salah injured? xD IW provides the more points but always struggles scoring i'm using 4-1-3-2 madshatter IW, probably will change for this in the end of the season
  9. I know its wingers xD i was kinda asking if you could make a IW/IF version of this
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