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  1. Just finished my 4th season, and won my 1st trophy! Decided to start the game at the club closest to me which is Worcester City. Spent 2 years there finishing 13th and 6th, then the opportunity to manage Torquay United came up after they were relegated to the National League South. Lost in the play off semi finals first season, but bounced back to win the league this time around. Really enjoying this FM. I know many have complained about the difficulty, but it's a great challenge, trying to find the right tactics etc, and when you do well it's all the more rewarding 😊
  2. Once you've already got the real name fix, anyone know how to get rid of it? I only ask because I've just loaded up Hereford and at the top of the screen it says we are in the Toolstation League when we are in the Midland League. Fantastic work by the way and much appreciated 😊
  3. I'm refreshing every couple of minutes
  4. I sense the wife isn't going to hear much out of me for the remainder of this weekend 😜
  5. Hereford FC for me, so can't wait for this 😀. Quick question, bit premature I know, but just wondering, when finally setting up a new save, will it be best to 'add players to available teams' or 'load all players based in England' (or both) ?
  6. Only just stumbled across this edit, been looking for a more expansive fm experience, think this may be it, fantastic work! Just a quick question, when starting a new game, is it best to 'add players to playable teams', or load all players based in England, or even both?