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  1. Just a quick question, is it possible to run this database with the licenses fix or can it cause issues?
  2. When you leave a club and they start doing better without you.
  3. I got offered the Birmingham job in my save while I was manager of Coventry. I wanted to take a load of my staff with me, but a lot of them didn't want to join me because they didn't want to relocate to Birmingham. It's 20 miles up the road, not the other end of the country.
  4. This annoyed me just last night. I play the LLM way so always advertise for staff vacanies. I put an advert in for a Assistant Manager, and the best candidate to apply said he didn't want to join because he was retiring from football. Why apply then?!
  5. A journeyman save is the best way that I get enjoyment out of the game. Starting off unemployed with no badges and working your way up. In my current save I started off at Guilsfield in the Welsh 1st Division, now 7 seasons later I've worked my way up to Coventry in League 1 via Newtown and Telford including a sacking and a promotion. I find that way of playing more rewarding, not knowing where the game will take you next.
  6. Same. The only other teams results I look for are clubs I've previously managed in my save
  7. My laptop isn't that powerful, so I only run the UK and Ireland, Germany and Spain. I also have France and Italy on view only. I don't like my game speed being less than 3 stars, I'm always worried I'll be deep into a save and it will crash. Plus I only play LLM anyway so I don't need a massive amount.
  8. Just wondering how you other guys set up your 3 alloted tactics spaces. Do you have 3 compelely different formations or 3 different versions of the same tactic (ie different intructions)?
  9. I got sacked in this version, first season with Albion Rovers, for failing to keep them up.
  10. 43. I've loved management games since the ZX Spectrum days.
  11. My team seem to be defending a lot better. I've stopped conceding ridiculous goals every game.
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