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  1. Hey all, I've just been promoted with Tranmere to League 2 for the 25/26 season. While been given all the rules for League 2 I noticed that there was a league wage cap of £29000 per week, while my wage bill is £42000 per week. Does this mean I'm going to have to sell a ruck load of players? What happens if you don't?
  2. Yes me 🙋‍♂️. It's the only way I ever play. I rely on scouts for players, job ads for staff and use completely my own tactics. A much more fulfilling way of playing I find.
  3. Yeah, I'm not sure if the Tranmere board were starting to regret it though 😂 I know what you mean sentimental wise, I tried to take a few of the Llanelli players to Bath with me but there was only one that wanted to come. I always try and drag the same staff around with me too.
  4. Hey all, a little update on my save. You may recall I left Llanelli Town for Bath City half way through the 22/23 season as it was closer to home (and more wonga). I managed to keep them up fairly comfortably in the end, finishing 19th (the bottom 4 were woeful and there was about a 15 point gap between them and safety). So 23/24 starts with expectations of reaching the playoffs which looked good to be happening until January time until I was offered the job at Tranmere Rovers (now in the National League). I thought I'd take it as it's a move into full time football, but not until t
  5. In my game, I won a league, promotion and a cup with my previous club, but now I've moved to a new club the league win and promotion aren't showing in my 'overall history'.
  6. This totally. Never seen the point of playing with big clubs. I like the journey, making mistakes (had a fair few sackings) and learning from them. When you finally get some success with a team and tactics you've totally made off your own bat, it makes it all the more worthwhile.
  7. Thanks mate! Yeah in that scenario it was a no brainer. Just hope in footballing terms I've made the right decision, as long as I keep Bath up there will be a good building process there I think. But if not, in LLM of course, we live and die by our choices....
  8. This is a great thread! Shame they removed the old LLM forum as I've always played this way. In terms of realism I try and play the game as realisticly as possible. I always start as myself, Sunday League with no badges and go out into the FM world unemployed. I only load up the home nations, Ireland and the top leagues from France, Germany, Italy and Spain as my laptop isn't that great. This year I landed the job at Llanelli Town in the Cymru South around October time and somehow ended up winning the league in my first season. 2021/22 finished 4th in the Welsh Premier and won the W
  9. As the title suggests, I started my game unemployed as a Sunday league footballer with no badges. Holidayed until I was offered a job expecting nothing for months but was suddenly offered the Wigan job (their takeover had been completed) at the end of August. Is this a bug? Normally with that rep and no badges I'd only get in job in the lower reaches.
  10. I always do start from the bottom so I've started unemployed with no badges. Brechin City have just been mad enough to take me on.
  11. Just a quick question, is it possible to run this database with the licenses fix or can it cause issues?
  12. When you leave a club and they start doing better without you.
  13. This annoyed me just last night. I play the LLM way so always advertise for staff vacanies. I put an advert in for a Assistant Manager, and the best candidate to apply said he didn't want to join because he was retiring from football. Why apply then?!
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