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  2. Hi, Someone knows the following problem? My season ended in May and the update date is alway 28 july, but now in september (when the competitions all should already started) the leaguetables still show the of the previous season and there are no games, it only is in one country.
  3. Something small, Defour is 100% hated at Standard and he's not even in the list of hatred persons
  4. We're a long way off being able to compete in Europe. Although Flora aren't the strongest team...
  5. March '25 Games are coming thick and fast and I am having to rotate the squad heavily. Unbeaten month, but feels a bit underwhelming
  6. yea, i agree i kinda lost a will to play this game, everything from scratch for third time, im going crazy i dont know why is there problem now, when there was a necer probem....
  7. February 2023 Fixtures League Table Manager's Thoughts It was a good month as we picked up nine points which included wins over Weston-super-Mare and Bath but we also somehow lost to Alvechurch!These results mean we sit top going into the final month of the season but with only five points separating ourselves and fourth place Truro,it is still far too close for my liking but this season makes up for the lack of challenge in the previous seasons which is what I wanted.Glad to see the attendances for the bigger games has increased and hopefully that will continue as we are leaking a lot of money now. We play our final five league games in March as we enter squeaky bum time due to how close it is in the league.We finish the campaign off with games against St.Neot's,AFC Telford,Wingate & Finchley,Dorking and Chippenham.We have a couple of easy games in that lot but we also have a difficult game against Telford as well.On paper,Bath actually have the easier run in of the four as Truro and Weston-super-Mare have to face each other during the run in and that could eliminate one of the teams in the title chase.My aim is to finish at the top as that would make sure we avoid the playoffs and would also keep the board happy as the want us to win the title.At least I've got a new contract signed which would cost the board money to sack me as I've just signed a new contract!
  8. Upload pkm's and evidence and compare it to real life stats to prove your point. SI will want to have bg knowledge on it etc.
  9. Phù Đổng FC — May 2025 No words. As you can see, we're doing much worse than we were early on in the season. It really is a mix of our competition picking up the pace and us suffering the consequences of having a thin squad in terms of quality depth at some key positions. Binh Duong and SLNA have AFC Cup qualification basically on lock, but the three-point distance between 3rd and 7th makes for an interesting ending to the season. Not to us, though. This is a snapshot of the injuries our team suffered at one point in time (mid-June?). Ngo Hong Viet (YP21d) & Tran Minh Chien (YP22l) is our centre-back pairing, Ngo Anh Dung (YP21m), Nguyen Huu Thang (YP22o) are also starters, and Nguyen Dinh Bao (YP24c) could be considered a starter since his presence as pressing forward is key in games where we're considered underdogs (which is most games). FM found a way to turn our fortunes around, which made us take less points our last 13 games than in the first 8. We'll see how the season unwinds, continental competition seems pretty far-fetched, so we'll aim to finish the season as well as possible and hold on to our standing.
  10. Ten points from five league games made for a decent December although it could have been more as Shrewsbury fought back from 2-0 down to beat us after a red card which led to their second goal and we end the month three points clear at the top. If we're going to win the league, and free me up to leave Buckinghamshire, we're doing it the hard way
  11. Brentford: Season 1, january Having reached the end of October without losing in the league - although dropping a few too many points in draws - could we keep that form going into the new year? Well, yes. The team still has the capacity to annoy me - the draws against Huddersfield and Wednesday were games we really should have won - but the only real blot on our record was that defeat to L1 Ipswich in the FA Cup. Otherwise, our remarkable season continues. Despite which I felt we needed a tactical changeup. While we might have been undefeated, we were living on our defence and in the early part of the season there were too many 1-0 wins for comfort. So I switched to a base 442 system, often pushing one or both wide midfielders up to the AM line for a 424 or something in between. The change paid immediate dividends with a 5-0 demolition of Reading, and it has continued to generate a better scoring rate ever since. (I was originally disdainful of the 424 because it seemed a bit exploity, but the AI Bielsa at Leeds uses it a lot - with an attacking mentality, to boot - and eventually I realised it isn't much different to a 4231 so I put aside my reservations.) And yet, despite our unbeaten record, and having beaten them 2-0 in December, we still haven't been able to dislodge Fulham from top spot. Annoyingly, we haven't been able to shake off the challenge of Leeds either. The main beneficiary of the twin-striker system has been Ollie Watkins. Having failed to score through the beginning of November, he suddenly came alive and now has 10 goals in his last 12 games. One of the pleasing aspects of the season has been that we're scoring from everywhere - of all outfield players who have featured this season, only the FBs and defensive midfielder Kamohelo Mokotjo have failed to find the net. Special mention also for our defensive unit. CBs Jansson, Jeanvier and Pinnock, playing in constant rotation, have been solid at the back while contributing 12 goals between them. And GK David Raya has 19 clean sheets in 29 games. Finally, the January window saw two new faces join the club. First in was Monaco's Pietro Pellegri on a six-month loan. Despite the improved production from the strike unit, youngster Marcus Forss and experienced striker Nikos Karelis had struggled and I wanted a better option if one was available. Pellegri was listed for loan and the deal was done. Second was a move I didn't really want to make at this point but my hand was forced. I had been tracking young Scandinavian LB Fredrik Andre Bjorkan with a view to a summer signing as a long-term replacement for Rico Henry, but in the meantime we had loan signing Augustinsson as backup. But he had suffered a lower-back fracture in November, missed two months, and was struggling for form after he returned. And as the transfer window drew to a close there was a sudden flurry of offers for Bjorkan from the likes of Southampton, Rangers and Porto. While those bigger clubs were making penny-pinching bids, I steamed in with an initial £1m offer and Bjorkan was on his way to Griffin Park while Augustinsson heads back to Fiorentina (saving us a few thousand a week in wages into the bargain).
  12. We're off to Georgia! I've no idea how we'll fare, but it's a fun trip!
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  14. can you also add the 47 Regional Cups for Japan,for qualification of Japan Cup in Japan D4? explanation: In reality,the Japan cup was held in october to december of the season. beforehand, 47 Regional Cups of japan,one for Each Region,was held to decide which team should represent the region much like Germany. the winners of the Regional Cups, along with the teams of Japan D1 and D2 last Season and 1 random runner up in the 47 Regional Cups,will be the 88 teams that battle for the Japan Cup In October.
  15. Hi i know this questions are not welcome for most skinmakers, but does somebody know or have done it already how to include citypics in the club overview? Because this skin is very tempting and fells well balanced between information and design, nothing overloaded or heavy. But after years playing with Citypics i can´t play without unfortunately, it feels wrong when i try it. Or if someone just could give me some links where i can figure it out to include them myself, would also be very kind and make me a happier FM Player.
  16. Alphonso Davies has an acceleration and pace of 17, while Kingsley Coman has an acceleration of 17 and pace of 19. Whereas this article lists Coman as the fastest in Bundesliga: https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/more-sports/who-is-the-fastest-player-at-bayern-munich/ar-BBXHlwA However, the internal talk at Bayern I've seen state that Davies is actually faster, but they won't release sprint times. Watching Davies in today's game vs. Chelsea, Davies does appear to be slightly faster than Kingsley Coman. He should in the very least have a max pace of 18.
  17. When I refreshed my graphics to change logopacks, my FM crashed. So I relaunched it. I did a fresh install of FM20 and it still won't load, (deleted preferences, deleted cache, and deleted the graphics I was trying to install) FM is stuck on this screen now. I'm not sure what to do
  18. It's the tool you have to start playing with the current squads, no more, no less. So it adds realism, in my opinion.
  19. its always when I try to create a scouting assignment! I have unistalled the game and reinstalled it, reloaded my packs im using and still get the same issue.
  20. Can be a bit weird in the Winter window where you have a player who joined just before you took over and then is immediately loaned out with an option to buy which is less than your club just paid. Obviously in real life they've had a poor first half of the season or other issues but it is odd when you don't have any of that context in FM. The board is disappointed to make a loss on player x. Me too guys, me too.
  21. Game date: 28 April 2022 BAIRNS BOARD IMPOSE TRANSFER EMBARGO BairnsNews: The Falkirk Board have imposed a transfer embargo as owner Lex Miller has entered into takeover talks with local investor Grant Marr.
  22. Please read the following guide and if you wish to report an issue, open a thread in the relevant forum. Please note, however, that the attributes set by te researchers are opinions and so can vary. https://community.sigames.com/topic/495411-data-forum-faq/
  23. ... sometimes simple things are very complicated. Especially for HCH. HCH therefore sought an assistant manager. And he didn't find it. In fact ... no assistant manager holding a "national C" (or better) coaching qualification did not even want to talk to HCH. But there were some guys who would be willing to negotiate. None of them had any coaching qualifications. And they asked for a minimum of 7500 / year. Unfortunately the club could offer a maximum of 6000 / year (115 per week). As a result, until he finds someone to sacrifice for a very low salary ... HCH will have to work without an assistant manager. About another coaches, HOYD or other luxury items, there's no point in talking. Okay, so what did HCH find out after being informed at the club and then meeting the players? It has 43 players. 22 of them being 21 years of age or older, and 21 players being 20 years old or younger. None of them are in danger of being sought after by top European clubs. The bad thing is that those few players who have some abilities ... also have somewhat negative personalities. And those whose personality is acceptable can not boast with who knows what skills. Over 21 players : ... and under 21 players : At the end of the season all player contracts will expire. and HCH must avoid by then any renegotiation of salary because many players will want higher wages. And ... the club doesn't have money. The simplest solution would be for some players to be put on the transfer list. But surely the weakest players will not be asked for by anyone. And HCH 'll have to use these players in the league matches. Who are "the weakest"? Hard to say. In the absence of an assistant manager no one can inform HCH about some aspects such as "consistency" or "important matches". Nor does he have a list of players familiar with the various playing positions. Until he finds an assistant manager he have to use a handmade list of players ... ... and to select the players according to how much they were used by the former head coach : Some details about league rules : ******************** Three week later : a historical day. The day when HCH finally found an assistant manager. HCH's new fellow comes from Togolese second league, more precisely from the weakest team in this league. By the way, the second Togolese league have a lower reputation than the second league in Benin. ******************** The first matches of HCH's career ended with an unexpected success. Not because HCH would be a great manager but because he is very lucky : ... and some details about the matches played : Why is HCH lucky ? Because the opponents do not take his team very seriously (for the moment), because some players who seemed to be surplus to requirements have played well beyond expectations ... and because he accidentally found a tactic that really works (for the moment). But that does not mean that in the future, things will go just as well. League table looks good. Really good, considering that HCH is just a beginner. To be honest, promotion is not a realistic option, but a place in the first half seems achievable. Unfortunately the team started to climb in the media prediction. From the 6th place he came to the 4th place. And this means that the opponents will play much more seriously from now on. Transfers. The transfer period ended on January 29th. Nobody came, two players left. For HCH it would been been better if more players would been gone but unfortunately reserve players did not get many offers. ***** Well, facilities are on a "poor" level. HOYD does not exist. There are no youth coaches. The reputation of the club is extremely low. Youth recruitment is "average", that's true. If, in these conditions, a "terrific group of young players" will come to the club... it means that the level of players from the first team is very low.
  24. I believe he caps out at 17 for pace and acceleration and it should be higher, possibly 19 for both.
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