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  2. Thanks for the reply. I'm away at the moment and don't have the connection to upload one. Will do in a couple of days when I get home though.
  3. Eu agradeço sua ajuda, mas vocês não lêem o que eu escrevo. Eu já expliquei o que acontece ao tentar abrir o jogo. Já expliquei com detalhes . O jogo em modo tela cheia fica somente na tela preta, nada acontece....fica eternamente na tela preta. Se Clico em alt + enter, ele muda pra modo janela e aí sim o jogo funciona . Já expliquei também que o jogo funciona com driver antigo da NVidia, mas não funciona com o driver atual. Expliquei também queno jogo funciona com a placa de vídeo integrada (Intel) que é ruim, mas não funciona com a GTX 1050 TI. Já expliquei expliquei expliquei e nada de solução....nunca joguei o FM 20 desde o seu lançamento até hoje, pq vcs não sabem otimizar o jogo. Meu notebook gamer é sensacional, funcionam todos os meus outros jogos. Só não funciona o FM 18, 19 e 20. Quero meu dinheiro de volta, já que vocês não sabem resolver meu problema !
  4. Oops, sorry to hear that. I've always felt the jump from any league is fine other than when taking at team in to the PL. That's why I virtually never manage there with an EFL team that I get promoted. Now it's time for a new save, or you will continue it at a new club?
  5. In the old days of commentary only; NEVER celebrate until goal showed up on screen or else it would be disallowed. Hold the mouse at all times. When playing against another human player, the coin toss would decide which party held the mouse for which half of the game. Never press back once you've selected your lineup and proceed to match button pressed.
  6. Easiest way is to use AM quick pick. Either play with selection an see how it goes or change the choice to what you would consider a better player.
  7. That said, any Formation can be playing quite attacking football. It depends on the roles and duties chosen by the AI therein at any Point of the match. Stuff like that is typically the switching of an AI to one of its other prefered formations. They're edited into the db for each AI. On Occasion, it can be even a research error at fault, such as when very bottom heavy formations may be accidentally edited as "prefered attacking formations" for an AI man, or vice versa. I don't see any formation as inherently parking the bus as such. Give that 5-2-2-1 attacking wingbacks and a couple Forward pushing central mids, and it will be trying to be all over an opposition once the ball is won.
  8. Same problem on tactic screen, had a CD sent off, can't drop player in that position
  9. Sadly, they didn't. A combination of dismal performances on the pitch and endless problems in the dressing room did for me. We played six league games and lost five, including a defeat to a struggling Newcastle side, and in the derby against Villa, managing just a goalless draw at home to Wolves. We also lost in the Carbao Cup R1 to League One Bristol Rovers. Harlee Dean continued his vendetta and the dissent spread rapidly through the squad. Two team meetings were held but I couldn't talk the rebels round. Morale was at rock bottom and the board immediately forgot about last season's success and were on my case constantly. So I jumped before I was pushed. Glad to see someone doing much better than me. Hope the good form continues
  10. The role you are already using in the DM spot - anchorman - is the most defensive-minded DM role and thus least inclined to get too far forward (unless the player has such a trait). But you have to bear in mind that the DM as such is not a defender, but midfielder. Therefore, no matter how defensive his role is, you cannot expect his positioning to be same as that of CBs. And this was in relation to the possession phase (when you have the ball). If you don't like how he behaves when your team is defending, then remove the counter-press and more urgent pressing.
  11. I'm still playing FM2019, and have encountered something that I would consider a "Bug" - I am wondering if others have experienced this too, if it has been addressed anywhere, and if it still persists in FM2020? Basically I've noticed that when loaning/ transferring players, the only teams that will offer for the player are those from the same nation as the player being loaned/ transferred. For example, I recently took over a team in English League 2 in 2022 - looking at the Transfer History: The Portuguese CB was transferred to a team in the Portuguese League The Ghanian winger was transferred to a team in the Ghanaian League The French RB was loaned to a team in the French League The Japanese forward was loaded to a team in the Japanese League The Nigerian winger was loaned to a team in the Nigerian League Similarly, during my most recent transfer window: My Nigerian/ Irish CM signed a pre-contract with a team in the Irish League A Nigerian team made an offer for my Nigerian striker Another Nigerian team made a pre-contract offer for my Nigerian striker I believer the nationalities of the players above are unique enough to prove this trend. I understand that in some instances a player of a certain nationality would want to play in their home country - but this is literally every player transfer that I have seen - and is unrealistic that other clubs from other nations would not make offers for these players. It's possible that this is specific to lower leagues (I haven't managed higher than League 2 in FM2019) as I imagine transfers for players between nations is quite high - but this is definitely prevalent in the lower leagues.
  12. @Ben Kenney I had another 'sensational return' on my save - Markus Weinzierl returned to Wolfsburg for the second time in the save. I have uploaded two files to the cloud: Weinzierl pre app.fm - just over a week before they appoint him. Weinzierl post app.fm - on the day he is appointed.
  13. they are considering it a "bug" that they are working on but if you look at the actual database in advanced they havent even got the correct rules for 20/21 season and the editing is a birdsnest about 3 different version of each comp even though things like the MLS has jsut two for yearly changes.
  14. HI All, Was creating a new league structure and halfway through, unsure what i clicked here, it says the teams in Luxembourg are no long allowed to sign non lux players. IDea's? It was not doing this prior. Best,
  15. Well I'm keen to learn more about the game and formations etc so if there was any obvious changes then I'd like to know what they are and then fix them to make the tactic better, for example I wasnt aware I had conflicting playstyles in my tactic so it's good to learn that. In regards to the target man what changes would you reccomend to get him more involved?
  16. I was thinking of making a new topic on this but then I saw this one.. I just played a game against Real Valladolid with Barça, even though I won the game 9-0 there were plenty of moments I got quite annoyed with how certain situations played out 03:23 - no. 32 should've either squared the ball to no. 12 in the middle or no .9 at the 2nd post. This was a CCC, which imo should've been a HC at most because of the tight angle. 09:40 - no. 9 misses a CCC which he could/should have squared to either no. 12 or no. 32. 20:00 - no. 37 crosses the ball to the 2nd post (high, even though I have low crosses as a team instruction) whilst he should've just passed it to no. 12. This was also classed as a CCC, imo this should've been a HC or not even counted as a chance since he's marked and it's a header 45:44 - no. 21 gets his shot counted as a HC whilst it's virtually impossible to score because there's a player about a yard away from him 47:11 - no. 12 misses an easy one on one (he has likes to round keeper and places shot trait) 62:20 - Why is this counted as a HC? The angle is way too tight for him to score from (almost a byline shot) There's probably some more moments in the game that I could've mentioned but I think the point comes a cross with the moments I mentioned. I tried to give my thoughts on how I see it and how I (probably) would play out these chances irl. FC Barcelona v Real Valladolid 9-0.pkm
  17. Best of luck for the new season. A mix of some very familiar and popular names and some interesting overseas recruitment. Hopefully they will gel together and make it an enjoyable year. Ipswich Town - Season 2 A very short update from me, but as it's been a real surprise I thought I would post it before the wheels fall off Any doubts about Marcus Forss have been dismissed emphatically - even that OG winner over Preston looked like a tap in from him to me He even landed the Player of the Month award for August (with captain Alan Judge in third) Most of the others are performing well, but striker Akram Tsague's cameos from the bench suggest he won't be good enough A couple of these wins were effectively draws converted in to wins with very late goals, but I'm delighted with this start regardless A trip to Anfield to tackle Liverpool in the Carabao Cup probably isn't what I wanted in September, hopefully it won't impact the league form
  18. I am having the same problem The video is too long to attach Please see the link to my tweet
  19. Do you mean later in the game, or later in the season? Later in the game, no - they kept their 5-2-2-1 all game. They played 3-5-2 in every game for the rest of the season and finished as the 5th highest scorers, four goals behind me.
  20. Awful haha, I'm somehow scraping draws and wins to avoid relegation though
  21. what players are best to pick up in this tactic? what are the key positions?
  22. Attributes are measured to two decimal places I believe - so a '15' on the the profile screen, could actually be 14.72
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