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  2. Btw, I would make a couple of changes to my "replication" - DMde turns into an anchor, and BBM into a mezzala on support. And possibly the LB becomes FB on attack (rather than WB).
  3. Hey, Could you please provide us with examples in the form of screenshots and pkm's of players committing too many fouls and receiving too many cards, Cheers, Hugo
  4. Hey, Can you please provide us with a save game and the set piece routine with which this is happening, We are aware of this issue and it is under review, Cheers, Hugo
  5. Thanks for your feedback, We will look to implement this is a future iteration as we are always looking to improve the game, Cheers, Hugo
  6. Thanks @YasoKuul, Have you got a save game from just before the description changes to minimal? Or a save game where they are already described as minimal but adding an affiliate causes them to change? If so could you upload them for us to have a look at please? Cheers, Andrew
  7. Have you checked to see that if other events or competitions may be causing the matches to run late? Cheers, Hugo
  8. Hi @Odd Soltvedt, Is this a Mac with a retina display? This is a known issue and is with our dev team currently. Unfortunately you are unable to increase cash through Steam, so there is no easy workaround currently. My suggestion would be to send your save to a different machine (any other Mac that is not retina, windows etc.) or alternatively a tablet, provided you have cross-save enabled. You can then increase your cash and send the save back to your Mac. Hope this helps, thanks.
  9. F9 can be a fantastic goal-scorer, it depends on the player you play in the role, and of course how the overall tactic is set up.
  10. @Andrew James I think there's a problem (maybe display only) with junior coaching and youth facilities. I received a message that youth facilities aren't state of the art anymore and re-build them immediatley. After receiving the finishing message a few month later my junior coaching dropped from exceptional to minimal again! I can't ask the board to increase junior coaching budget, only decrease is possible. So I added another affiliate team (3rd league of Germany) with good junior coaching and my junior coaching switched to exceptional again.
  11. Hey @Kl Heynckes, Sorry to hear you are having this issue, Could you please provide us with a save game just before the CL match and one after, Cheers, Hugo
  12. Yeah I managed to do one, so got lots of players now. Going to hopefully get into this version now.
  13. Yes, that's what they (Tifo) said in the video, but they also emphasized that in CL games the line was not as high. But I generally do agree with you on that point
  14. Hi both, We are aware of issues plaguing some users in regards to certain achievement not unlocking. It does seem to be affecting certain leagues, so if you could let me know which league's you are playing in it would be very much appreciated. I understand this is frustrating if it's a particular area of the game you pay a lot of attention to and we apologise for any inconvenience this issue is causing. Thanks for raising this and we'll be looking to ensure these issues do not appear in future versions.
  15. "从不"这个翻译的英语是Never,并不是Rarely。 您有没有可能发错截图呢?
  16. As far as I (can) understand, it's more important to you that all key passes and even goal assists go through your PM (enganche) and all (or the vast majority of) goals be scored by the poacher than results and overall performance of your team, right? So, even if you somehow manage to achieve that, you'll be happy even if that means a defeat for your team? The problem is that neither RL football nor FM - which is really the closest ever simulation of real football - work that way. Not only that your current tactic isn't conducive to achieving that, but even if your tactic was much better - your team is not alone on the pitch; there is the opposition which will logically look to thwart your play, just as you look to thwart theirs. Nevertheless, I'll try now to give you some suggestions, at least on how you can improve your tactic and hopefully get the enganche and poacher more involved, but cannot guarantee that will work exactly as you expect (because, again, it's not how things in football/FM generally work). First off, both your ENG and PO are too isolated in your current tactic to be more effective. Which means that you need a more logical setup of roles and duties to begin with. For example: PO IFsu ENG Wat CMde BBM FBat CDde CDde IWBde GK (or SKde) Now, what about mentality and team instructions? Positive In possession - much shorter passing, play out of defence, work ball into box, (slightly) narrower width, overlap right (all these serve to make your team more compact when attacking, which - among other things - should help eneganche be more involved and better supported) In transition - distribute to CBs and FBs, roll it out Out of possession - higher d-line, standard LOE, prevent short GKD (whether you should use offside trap or not depends on how intelligent your defenders are, and speed is of course always welcome) You'll need some player instructions as well: GK/SKde - take fewer risks both CBs - take fewer risks LB/FBat - take fewer risks, sit narrower, shoot less often RB/IWBde - no PIs (I think he is already hard-coded to take fewer risks) MCL/CMde - take fewer risks, dribble less, shoot less often MCR/BBM - take fewer risks, shoot less often, close down more AML/IFsu - sit narrower, shoot less often, roam from position, close down more (max) AMR/Wat - take fewer risks, shoot less often, close down more (max) AMC/ENG - no PIs ST/PO - move into channels, shoot more often, close down more (max) NOTE: you may opt to use counter-press, in which case you don't need to increase closing down for individual players (either one or the other, not both at the same time) The idea of this tactic is to minimize chances of your attacking play going through anyone other than the enganche, with the poacher patiently waiting for key passes that would get him into some promising goal-scoring chances. Will it work exactly like that? Let's hope so.
  17. Hi guys, can anyone point me in the right direction for a tactic that uses a target man please?
  18. The youth rating should be dynamic. You only have to look at the EPL and the influx of TV and foreign owners to see the massive impact on the England youth teams in the past 10 years. I would say that it in theory England has had a big boost to it's youth rating in the last 10 years. So if Scotland managed to get a massive TV deal and Rangers, Celtic and Aberdeen were bought by Arab owners there would be a massive investment in grassroots football and facilities. We would without a doubt see an improvement in the quality of Scottish youth produced. Would Scotland be reaching the World Cup final after 10 years in this scenario? NO! But what we would see is an increase similar to what England has and I think it can happen over a fairly short time say 8-10 years.
  19. As a Porto fan all my life, I can contribute a little to this discussion cause that team is still pretty much alive in my mind (one of our best seasons ever...). Vitor Baia (GK-D) - played as a regular goalkeeper Paulo Ferreira (FB-A) - didn't spent much time in advanced positions, but when he bombed forward, he was more incisive than Nuno Valente Jorge Costa (CB-ST) - a bulky stopper (played on the right) Ricardo Carvalho (BPD-D) - one of our first ball playing defenders. He swept everything cause he was fast, not cause he was on a mission to cover his colleagues (played on the left) Nuno Valente (WB-S) - a non flashy, straight up wing back Costinha (A-D) - typical anchorman Pedro Mendes (CM-S) - a discrete player, conribute to defense and attack without deviating so much from his position Maniche (BBM-S) - just like Pedro Mendes, but had license to roam a bit and get forward to trie his long range shot Deco (AP-A) - responsible for dictating our play, dribbled a lot, pure magic without forgetting his defensive duties Carlos Alberto (T-A or F9-S) - tricky one... a magic brasilian wonderkid used to be a number 10 converted to a withdrawn striker... he dropped deep, dribbled a lot, moved wide... perhaps the player with least defensive responsabilities in this team Mccarthy (P-A) - a poacher... played very simple and tried to shoot when the opportunity arises. Sometimes Derlei played this position (he was injured for 3 months in the final months of the season), and Derlei was more a defensive forward on attack. He used to play left winger (cutting inside) on our 433, but he was extremely hard working and used to play upfront on our 442 Diamond. Regarding team instructions I can only say, Balanced mentality. If this team was just one thing, it was pure balance! Our players were very mature and wise to know when to press, when to drop deep, when to pass short/direct, when to play wide/narrow, etc...
  20. Hey @bigmattb28 - Did you add in any additional leagues at any point?
  21. Hi @fotomiami, This is a known issue and is under review by our dev team. Apologies for any inconvenience this issue is causing. Thanks
  22. Just to weigh in, Jordan has found a nice one here. I'd go with that.
  23. The numeric score is based on other things like whether his personality is similar to the rest of your squad (even if that's not a fantastic personality), whether he's likely to be interested in a transfer, whether the scout thinks he'll be available at a decent price (which obviously can change), whether he's homegrown etc. I've certainly been very interested in players with scores as low as 56 and very uninterested in players with scores in the high 80s before
  24. Qena SC - Premier League - Pre-Season - 2024/25 Season Preview - Competition Expectations Transfers - Released Seven players released as they were not good enough for the team,the first three I can't say I'm expecting to find a club while the last four sees one at a new club,one under a bid and the other two wanted.No loans yet due to the Olympics going on as that has left us a bit short,no permanent transfers yet as I am looking to offload one of my midfielders who enjoys missing training for a night out! Pre-Season Fixtures A more unique pre-season as I got try different players out due to the ongoing olympics which has left us without eight players.Definitely been given some things to think about with regards to the team.Other than that,these fixtures were used to get fitness back as well as keep morale higher. The Team Squad 1 - Squad 2 Manager's Thoughts Pressure has been turned up by the board this season as they want us around the top of the league,reach the semi final of the Egyptian Cup,the final of African Confederation Cup,the Egyptian Super Cup is the one they don't care about.With the extra games,we could potentially play 60 games so I've added Zac Ottley (DC),Ashraf Gamal (DM,MC) and Mohamed El Sayyed (ST) to the first team as we will need a bigger team this season.Not expecting to start the season off with a bang as I have eight players at the Olympics but I am not expecting them to be there too long as they have a difficult group so it will be about regaining fitness for them when they return. On the developmental front,Junior Coaching is now at an adequate level while Youth Recruitment is at a Average level.The training and youth facilities will finish in January,hopefully I can get the board to further increase them as it will be beneficial for us to do so as it will help with development.Still don't need to do anything with the stadium as we are nowhere near filling the 10k capacity stadium although we are expected to sell around 1000 season tickets this season which is an increase from 513 last season so that is encouraging as this could mean a even bigger average attendance this season. Time to get this roller coaster ride started!
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