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  2. These two statements do not add up. Clearly you care, or you would not post about it. And yes, that makes you a homophobe. I rather suspect you are an alias of the guy who was also spouting the same hate filled crap last week. Either way, keep your hate filled nonsense off these forums.
  3. I have activated third level of Finland. There are some second teams (Ilves/2, Klubi 04 and more), but they have no schedule in team tab, but in league tab they are in schedule. And they successfully playing in leagues and got promotions. The file is finland.fmf down below. finland.fmf
  4. Actually, that the reload is immediately a win most of the time Shows that it is anythingn but a coin toss. - A match you were unfortunate to lose should be more likely a win the next time around. Isn't it logical that you were more likely to win it the next time around then?(lots of shots does not necessarily mean you were unforunate… you will have quite a few shots as soon as the AI Plays defensive Football). https://www.theringer.com/soccer/2018/6/27/17511596/2018-world-cup-germany-south-korea-mexico-sweden-elimination - Matches you were fully deserved to lose may not spring a win after the reload without some added thought put in meanwhile, e.g. Apart of that Goal changes games. This goes doubly so on FM, as the AI Manager reacts to the scoreline. - In one reload he may hang on in there, and if by luck - In the other he concedes early and is forced to push up, leaving far more space around his backline - Therefore, the same match can either end in a dour 0-0, or a trashing, and the run of the Goals is going to Play a Major part of that. Actually, all of the above is a sign of a fairly robust Simulation to me, at the core anyways. The specifics, see ME Bugs section. 1vs1 appear under review, as the Long ball defending Looks borked some to begin with. I don't think your AI rivals will reload if they ever drop the Points, and trust me, they do.
  5. I am on my third CaC Career since the patch bcs reasons (the frist was learning the patch, the second was really good but it allways applied the wrong Keeper Kit, so number 3 now). In my first CaC i had arund 70% of my Goals coming from the infamous long over the top through balls. In my second CaC i suddenly had 60% of my Goals coming from crosses….long over the top through balls were still a problem but had low scoring chances this time somehow. The third is about to start and i am curious how it will work out - at least it apllies my Keeper Kit almost the way it is intended (yeah that matters to me bcs i intend to do a really long lasting Career and such details anger me until they kill the motivation). I even bought the ingame Editor and allowed its use so i can change the Trikot Kits ingame to see if that helps but i have not found how to edit them yet - where can you edit ingame Trikot Kits with the ingame Editor?
  6. No worries. I was going to create a new thread for my issue, but thought it was similar enough to this one to just add it here. Will be interested to know what the issue is.
  7. I uploaded a save on Sunday for another issue I am experiencing. It is the same game that I am getting these crashes on - the save uploaded to the cloud is - "ck7 - FC RB Salzburg.fm" I will upload the dxdiag later when I'm back on my pc.
  8. March 2029. We draw Thomas Tuchel's Bayern. If we advance, we will face either Sandro Schwartz's Milan or Paulo Fonseca's Liverpool.
  9. When I go to the chart employees and then want to access to under-19 employees, the interaction with the button doesn't has effect
  10. If you're really talking about Salzburg vs Liverpool game, then you are wrong. The first goal I've seen in FM19, or at least a goal very closely like that. The second goal I've seen on FM20, although the goalie was a bit more passive there.
  11. Absolutely hate it when my players pick up unnecessary red cards even after I asked them to ease off tackles
  12. Personally, I had Lukaku as my TM on FM2019 with Manchester United. He himself is already a great striker, but having him on TM as Support, both my wingers, Martial and Lingard scored tons of goals. *unrelated topic - Lingard is overrated in this version though.
  13. I use wingers with a lone striker, the emphasis in my tactic is on wing play, and I still don't see any shots from wingers hitting the side net. I also don't have any problem with wingers refusing to cross, their first choice always seems to be crossing.
  14. Actually, in Liverpool and the surrounding Merseyside area they speak Scouse, which is a dialect all of its own. I suppose you could consider it Northern British English (Liverpool is in the north), but it has strong Irish and other influences to make it considerably different from the surrounding area.
  15. March 2029. All the frustrations of the 1st leg, all of the pent up frustration...all of it was released at the Camp Nou. We steamrolled Simeone's Barcelona in a way not even Zlatan would have predicted. Clinical. Brilliant. If we play like this, nothing will stop us. But...if we play like we did in the first leg, we won't get past the quarterfinals.
  16. I'm glad i'm not the only one. Going crazy here, but i believe this issue might be already under review
  17. Hard code that only Ballplaying cd's can try to pass st's in distance. build on that. I mean dc's cant see whats happening up front and st's dont make fw runs if dc got the ball ..
  18. I don't think this is the case. I've seen an American born newgen with Japanese second nationality generate at the NYRB Academy, but I do agree with others that the percentages of dual nationality newgens should be much higher across the board in the USA, mostly when it comes to domestically born newgens. Additionally, the amount of African newgens in European countries such as Belgium, the Netherlands, and most importantly France needs to be increased considerably. If you just scroll through the already existing youth players in these nations, you can see that there's a large amount of players with African descent based on their names, but my guess is because most of these real players don't have their second nationalities accounted for in the database it negatively affects the percentages. That's why I feel these percentage numbers should be inflated just a little bit more to make up for that database issue for more realistic newgen representation.
  20. They play in Frisco, not San Francisco...
  21. The long balls over the defense is a huge huge issue. And of course i also benefit from it but 90% of the goals i suffer are the same. Defender kicks ball over my defensive line, striker runs between my central defenders and 1v1 situation with the keeper
  22. Today
  23. I have not seen the weird obsession of hitting the side net of the Goal excessively though i dont play with wingers as i only use 2 Striker Formations that are supported by central midfield Players. Even my Wing backs rarely hit the side net - i see a ton of very bad shots that miss wide and far and in any hilarious way or be blocked and Neuerlike GK wordclass saves amass.
  24. Instant Result. White Europe tweak, very cool! After 3 draw in a row i began to use Sicilian Defence home (DL and LOE set from very high to high) and White Europe away. Think this is the most optimal option.
  25. Yea, that really did come across as "I totally don't have a problem with gay people, I just don't want to be around them or know them and they should stay in the closet."
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