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  1. is there any update at all??? its sooooo loud and hot!!!!!!!!!
  2. In-Game Editor

    I don't want my money back - i just want to be able to uninstall it and not have it involved in any part of my game... Surely there is just a folder to be deleted somewhere??? I'm on mac and have searched the steam folder high and low but cannot find what needs removing!!!
  3. In-Game Editor

    Question - how do you get rid of this? tried it, not for me and i want it away before i start my proper game...
  4. FM on a MacBook Air

    As per my post above this is what appears everytime i go to click anything across the top of the screen... Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  5. FM on a MacBook Air

    any mac users know how to stop the top bar dropping down from osx when you go near the top of the screen on FM14??? its getting annoying quickly!!!!
  6. pkm-Viewer for mobile device

    great idea - would 100% buy that app
  7. How to improve laptop for FM

    graphics card - i have limited knowledge on this stuff but i think upgrading laptops is tricky at the best of times but changing the processor is a big job with other components needing changing and difficult to get to etc... you may find you dont even have the capacity to upgrade the graphics card
  8. How to improve laptop for FM

    Couple of useful responses there for you... Looking at that spec I would get a decent dedicated graphics card (FM is surprisingly graphics hungry) That processor is also more of a "value" option - a decent processor will always directly improve your performance... Once you've made those two changes you may be better off buying something new rather than make those upgrades to your existing machine...
  9. Awesome Regen Names

    Try this one for a laugh... http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/298757-Porn-Star-Regen!!!
  10. Can't get FM to work on Mac!

    Try deleting the cache from the library... depending on what OS version you're running this may be hidden. With finder open, click the go menu at the top of the screen and if library is visible navigate to the caches folder and delete the Sports interactive folder. if Library isn't visible, hold down the alt key when you click on the go menu.
  11. techy question - new computer

    Dont underestimate the graphics card... you really want to make sure you get dedicated graphics (i.e. not intel graphics) with 1gb dedicated memory as a minimum - more the better as with any of these things to give you as much longevity as possible...
  12. Ok - I won't lie I'm still confused! I also have 8 cores... Is that saying that to run fm and steam as well as OS that the system only needs 25% of the available processing power? D
  13. I don't seem to have any problem at all - on or offline. One question - and this may be me being dense - is the fact that the CPU % goes over 100% even an issue? Because if its 100% of not alot then it isnt an issue? Take this screenshot from elbryan's post earlier... http://cl.ly/0Y301q462l3r1O3N0J3e Yes his CPU% is high but it is a high percentage of low usage as in the bottom left corner it says that the overall CPU usage is 75% idle. This is what I occasionally see on my system but it doesn't seem to be an issue. I'm guessing i'm being over simplistic and hopefully someone can explain why i'm wrong!! D
  14. EDIT: no its not sorry - still broken
  15. I'm Having a few issues since the patch... Firstly I'm finding the game hangs alot when coming out of processing to the news screen. I have a very high spec machine not lacking in CPU, graphics or RAM and the game ran all leagues like a dream before the patch. The second issue i'm having is some weird player happiness issues. Take the below example: Sunday he loves the club, Tuesday he wants out! Uploaded with ImageShack.us