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  1. I enjoy 4 at the back, with wing backs in DMC strata. Looking forward to the changes you mention. 15 titles in a row with Anderlecht is just too unrealistic
  2. This is correct. Is Mechelen is champion and they reach the cup final, they won't have played a single game for two months. It's one of the many drawbacks. Because theoretically it's possible for the second placed team to go into europe, while the first placed team 'only' gets promotion.
  3. I've noticed the same for every WC after the 2022 one. I'm approaching a new WC so I'll grab you one save from before the pick of 30 players. (Will have to wait till the weekend though)
  4. Is this good or do you prefer I email it somewhere? https://drive.google.com/file/d/17Xh_tZewBJewOXR8BzdJGQg4tNG6QUKA/view?usp=sharing Also check this link for my specific problem pwetty pwease
  5. Last season was 82 (international not included) - that 1K is coming along just nicely (check out Vibe, some people are aiming for 2K, scoring about 120 each season)
  6. Hi guys, I noticed that the wage system isn't really flawless yet and I was wondering if you could offer any help. My current star player, Jérémy Doku, two-time winner of the world footballer of the year, multi-champions league winner (6 golden boots), won the european championships twice, is included in every drem team/team of the year and, well long story short: he scores 75 goals per season on average and wins every golden boot/personal prize possible. Yet I can't offer him more than 600K per week in wages, even though my financial page says I can offer players up to 800K. On the other hand, I have the regen of Dries Mertens. Scores about 10 goals per season in my system, has won best young player at thte world cup and European championship, but that's about it. Yet I CAN offer him 800K... It's causing me problems in keeping Doku, while I would really love to keep him (and I don't really care about the regen). Is there anything that can be done about this discrepancy, please? EDIT: for clarity, Doku is not a regen. My title wants to say that a relatively unproven regen might have a higher reputation and thus get higher wages than the best player in the world - not a regen?
  7. Yeah, performance wise it's crazy how well the Mate handles it. I'd guess 3 times more smoothly than the switch does it.
  8. I jst went to the Google Play Store. Most times it just shows up, though sometimes it doesn't. Apparently you also do it by going through steam.
  9. Normally you'd only be able to buy FM Mobile for your smartphone, but just today I installed the Touch version as well Text is really tiny, but it's playabel.
  10. Hi guys, Having trouble signing interested young talent in China. Even if I search on interested players, they then say they think moving to China currently is a bad move... Even if they say what they want because they do want to come, I can't suggest terms... See photo attached.
  11. I might be completely mistaken here, but my idea would be that it does provide some sort of balance. Yesterday I was trying something similar and noticed that my wing backs (both on attack) were often isolated up top, with no cm support. If you put one WB on support with an attacking CM slightly higher, the WB might get more options? But as I said, I'm probably wrong. I'm still getting to grips with analysing and solving my issues.
  12. Thanks for the tip. I often go to control when getting behind and I notice that it does help in becoming more dangerous, especially thanks to more direct passing. I don't start with it because I'm often too indecisive on that front. But I'll definitely try to be more bold against bigger teams. I also notice that adopting a structured shape helps transitions in this system as well.
  13. Wel... I still lost to Everton so it's not completely broken yet 😂
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