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  1. Having played both, the Switch vastly outperforms the Vita! Vita took ages to load games for instance; Switch does it roughly 5x faster. I really resented the loading times on the Switch, but the Vita is really a big improvement. (Even though the Vita was better fit for my small hands)
  2. Is this necessary? Last time I played FMT was 2014 version and then people said not to bother with it if you're not really into it. Do I have to bother this time around?
  3. jens_dewit

    Goals from corners

    Well, Vibe is the biggest FMM forum available and it's loaded with experiments like these where people take a premise, test it out and run the numbers to see if something is intentional or rather coincidental. For instance, one of the members recently did an experiment to find out whether the AI just manages randomly during games, or if there is a genuine strategy behind it all.
  4. jens_dewit

    Goals from corners

    Only one thing I can say: run the numbers and report them on Vibe ;-)
  5. jens_dewit

    No support from manager

    Maybe you gave him a fine for something or accidentally criticised him in the media? All it takes is one bad interaction...
  6. Exactly this. Finally I got hold of the Belgium job, simply because Martinez retired. I tend to overlook bugs because of my love and appreciation of the game, but this is really stretching it
  7. Small note on the transfer window update: it seems that Yannick Carrasco now show up as a free player (loaded Scotland, Belgium, England and Belgium)
  8. I'm afraid to ask since I know you guys are all swamped with the update dropping soon, but did you get a chance to look at the save? Appreciate the work you guys put in anyhow, this is just something that would make the game even better. KIU
  9. jens_dewit

    Sacked manager linked with vacant position

    It doesn't say that Ancelotti is linked with it though? It just says that players don't want to work with him anymore, hence the sacking.
  10. Hi Alari, I just encountered another example. You can find it in the save attached. Belgium didn't even make it out of the group stages (how typical), yet Martinez' job is only 'insecure'. Not withstanding he's probably leaving after the WC anyways. Let me know what you think belgiumflop
  11. I'll keep my eyes open at the next WC. Though I'd say examples are rife: I've heard the Southgate example more often than I care to count The Martinez one as well; their reputations are high enough to stay, but not high enough to be fired for bad results...
  12. Just had the USA manager Peter Vermes retire, simply because he was old. Not because USA didn't qualify for the WC... Don't mean to be pushy here, but it would be nice to get the devs' view on this
  13. jens_dewit

    Youth Player Promotion

    Only thing I can think of: in what state are your youth facilities?
  14. Hi all, I increasingly have the feeling that the hiring/firing of international jobs is buggy. E.g. Belgium manager Martinez (in rela life) is planning to leave after the next WC. In game, however, it's 2030 and he is still there, even though he didn't survive the previous WC's group stage. I'd like to see some small alterations leading to international managers leaving far more often. After 4-8 years at the most for example. What do you think?
  15. I can get that you want the attendance numbers to be correct according to the stadium, but does it really matter if the capacity is off by 559? I get that you're passionate, but this is bordering on unhealthy