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    I've been a hardcore FMH Fan since FMH (06)

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  1. The problem is that it gets so hard to identify with al these fellow countrymen who are actually, because of their names, our footballing arch enemies. I like that I can get to like players, and the names for me, as a linguist, kind of spoil my rapport-building.
  2. And what is understood by 'exceptionally'? I'm currently playing Limerick in the Irish competition and managed to get into the ECL group stage. To my standards that would be exceptional (the previous seasons I did good in Europe as well). I understand that it wouldn't produce a leap, but surely one place could be progress :3 Though I do understand this can be a complicated matter to implement.
  3. This is the fourth year in a row I come on here to say this, and the previous three times I was told this would get fixed. Whenever I take any country other than Belgium as base nation, the regen names are Dutch instead of Belgian. de Jong, van den Berg, Wormgoor,... Each and every name has something typically Dutch about it. When will this bug finally disappear? I'm really getting sick and tired of it and it ruins my appetite for the game :@ Ironically, when I load Belgium only, the regen names are correct. Please, I'm literally begging you, fix this :'(
  4. I'm not sure if this is truly the case, but I feel these league standards remain the same throughout the seasons... Can anyone confirm?