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    I've been a hardcore FMH Fan since FMH (06)

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  1. jens_dewit

    Fmh19/ Huawei mate 20 pro

    Yeah, performance wise it's crazy how well the Mate handles it. I'd guess 3 times more smoothly than the switch does it.
  2. jens_dewit

    Fmh19/ Huawei mate 20 pro

    I jst went to the Google Play Store. Most times it just shows up, though sometimes it doesn't. Apparently you also do it by going through steam.
  3. jens_dewit

    Fmh19/ Huawei mate 20 pro

    Normally you'd only be able to buy FM Mobile for your smartphone, but just today I installed the Touch version as well Text is really tiny, but it's playabel.
  4. Yeah, he now doesn't want to negotiate anymore
  5. Hi guys, Having trouble signing interested young talent in China. Even if I search on interested players, they then say they think moving to China currently is a bad move... Even if they say what they want because they do want to come, I can't suggest terms... See photo attached.
  6. I might be completely mistaken here, but my idea would be that it does provide some sort of balance. Yesterday I was trying something similar and noticed that my wing backs (both on attack) were often isolated up top, with no cm support. If you put one WB on support with an attacking CM slightly higher, the WB might get more options? But as I said, I'm probably wrong. I'm still getting to grips with analysing and solving my issues.
  7. Thanks for the tip. I often go to control when getting behind and I notice that it does help in becoming more dangerous, especially thanks to more direct passing. I don't start with it because I'm often too indecisive on that front. But I'll definitely try to be more bold against bigger teams. I also notice that adopting a structured shape helps transitions in this system as well.
  8. Wel... I still lost to Everton so it's not completely broken yet 😂
  9. Hi all, It's been a long time since I last posted here. I recently came back to FM touch thanks to the excellent version the Switch now has. It has quickly become my most played game, which is kind of a problem since my friends can now easily spot what a time waste this is for me I've been historically bad at the FM Classic/Touch versions. I last played it on the PS Vita, winning titles and an NACL with Real Salt Lake and titles (and some good European runs) with Celtic, but I always suspected that was mere luck. To give an example: I can't get a 4123 or 4231 to work, not even to save my life. I recently started dabbling in 3 men defences and it's been a real turning point for me. It's given me lots of tough games, but also some very nice results with pretty football. But because I'm currently looking to win some actual silverware, I thought I'd share my current tactic and see if the community here could perhaps help me perfect what I have. Because the problem is: I have a lot of difficulty spotting what goes wrong and how to remedy this. I'm a fan of Cleon's approach and read a LOT of his articles, but implementing it to a system that's not quite his, is still something else. I've also watched some video's by the wonderful FM Scribe; he restored my confidence and caused me to trust my gut more and stop overthinking certain things. So below you'll find how I set up. I'll try to explain my reasoning and how I came to this system. (Yes, I'm Man City so i should be easy, but as I said, I'm still quite new to this ) I started off with a very Conte-like formation. I had the left and right forwards as Inside forwards when I started, but I quickly saw that left my lone striker very isolated. My central midfield pairing was one of the reasons as I had a DLP on support and a CM on defend. Since the DLP holds his position well and provides defensive cover, I decided to get rid of the CM in exchange for a B2B, hoping he could give the striker some support. I still felt my Inside forwards were wasted and thought 'hey let's go more Belgium style' - in reality they'll probably be more like AMC's, but I figured I'd nothing to lose. My first line-up up front was a DLF(a), AdF(a), F9. I then switched the AdF to a Poacher since the DLF and F9 were already running wide, into channels etc. I figured 'why not just keep the central guy in the box to be a threat at all times. Aguero got injured so I tried Sterling there and in his first two games he scored 7 in 2, which I was pretty happy with. I then changed the DLF to support as I had the feeling that that position was good at scoring, but was not offering enough in support in midfield. So far so good - but let me know if anyone has had better experience with another trio. I have less experience in striker partnerships than I do in midfield partnerships. Now the ACTUAL problem: I do really well against weaker or equal teams. Occasionally we do good against big teams as well - defeated Juventus at home 3-0 - and we manage to grind out results as well - 1-2 against Liverpool (Away) and 2-1 against Man U (Home). But as often as we do good against top teams, we struggle as well: 6-3 against Arsenal (Away), 2-1 against Arsenal (A), 2-1 against Chelsea (A), 2-1 against Liverpool (A) and 1-2 against Tottenham (Home). So yeah, (almost) all away losses, but still... Thing is that we seem to invite a lot of pressure from these teams, while we seem unable to create ourselves in these games. We never have a lot of possession (which I'm told is to be expected with this kind of tactic, but that's not a problem to me as I'm content to be lethal on the counter. Oppositions struggle to use their possession against us anyway). Are there any glaring holes I'm missing? Anything I could improve on? I'm still retraining my attacking wealth to strikers, but they're doing okay nonetheless. And don't get me wrong, I'm having loads of fun with this system, but if we want to win anything, I feel I have to be better prepared against the top teams. Thanks in advance, Jens EDIT: forgot to mention I don't use player instructions. I also noticed a lot of goals against from top teams are coming because I lack man power on the flanks: crosses are often dangerous, but iirc, that's to be expected when using a system such as mine?
  10. A very recognisable question for me, this. I had absolutely no confidence in myself when I started a couple of weeks ago; I dabbled in FM in 2014 and was mostly bad at it. Those weaknesses of mine came back when I turned to the Switch version. Since then I read a lot of topics (mostly Cleon's and other T&B articles), watched the FM Scribe's YT channel and watched A LOT of my team's games on comprehensive highlights. For me, it was mainly the FM Scribe's attitude that gave me back my confidence. Seeing how he approached the game and how I was often overthinking stuff... Right now I wouldn't say I'm a good player, but just by doing, by not being afraid of making mistakes and by not putting pressure on myself to perform in this game, I adopted a strategy that combines a lot of what I've read. So it's basically everything that has been said here in this thread, but adapted to how I feel in a certain save. If there's one thing I learned from everything I've read and seen, it's that there is no right or wrong. Anyhting might work if you combine it in a suitable way that offers balance. I found something that works for me, and it's giving me lots of joy. Not because it's perfect (it isn't, not by far), but because it's something I've worked for and a real achievemnt for myself. Good luck!
  11. Having played both, the Switch vastly outperforms the Vita! Vita took ages to load games for instance; Switch does it roughly 5x faster. I really resented the loading times on the Switch, but the Vita is really a big improvement. (Even though the Vita was better fit for my small hands)
  12. Is this necessary? Last time I played FMT was 2014 version and then people said not to bother with it if you're not really into it. Do I have to bother this time around?
  13. jens_dewit

    Goals from corners

    Well, Vibe is the biggest FMM forum available and it's loaded with experiments like these where people take a premise, test it out and run the numbers to see if something is intentional or rather coincidental. For instance, one of the members recently did an experiment to find out whether the AI just manages randomly during games, or if there is a genuine strategy behind it all.
  14. jens_dewit

    Goals from corners

    Only one thing I can say: run the numbers and report them on Vibe ;-)
  15. jens_dewit

    No support from manager

    Maybe you gave him a fine for something or accidentally criticised him in the media? All it takes is one bad interaction...