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    I've been a hardcore FMH Fan since FMH (06)

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    KV Mechelen

    Tried that: there were 42 players available when I loaded Germany+3 other leagues, then created an additional 17 players, totalling 59 players. But it didn't work unfortunately. Do you have any idea how many players the game needs?

    I've noticed the same thing. In November, I've played as them, but now it seems impossible, even when changing back to the previous database. Anything that can be done about that?
  3. Brexit transfer bug

    I'm sorry if this is something you're already looking at. I noticed that from the moment a hard Brexit is put into place (and I haven't had a game where Scotland or NI got to remain in the EU, which is strange in itself), I need FA approval for both transfers to AND from the UK. E.g. when I play in Belgium, I'll need to apply for work visas for my players, which almost always fail since I'm trying to buy young talents. Older players are the same though, every appeal fails. Surely this can't be your vision for the future of transfers? It's not because the UK lost it that Belgium (or Ireland, Portugal or Spain where I tried it) wouldn't welcome the lads
  4. Discipline

    It is important to know that 20 is not 'the best'. Not like transfer acumen where 20 means you have great buying and selling skills. It's more like the domestic bias where it shows how strict or loose you are. E.g. Guardiola would be close to 20 while ranieri will be closer to 10. It's more to do with manager style.
  5. Can't call up international players

    Yes, turn ed out the squad was full. But I swear it wasn't until the confirmation deadline. Can it be that the game filled up two remaining slots on its own to 'be safe'?
  6. Hey fellows, I ran into an iffy situation here. I'm in my second season at Edinburgh and I've accepted the Nigerian national job. Unfortunately the game won't let me call up new players; I seem to have to make do with the ones already called up. I have attached a screenie of me trying to call up Iheanacho, but the option isn't there. I have a save at the moment where I'm asked to confirm the squad if you want to check it out. Where should I send this? Cheers
  7. Belgian player names are DUTCH!!!

    The problem is that it gets so hard to identify with al these fellow countrymen who are actually, because of their names, our footballing arch enemies. I like that I can get to like players, and the names for me, as a linguist, kind of spoil my rapport-building.
  8. League standards not updating

    And what is understood by 'exceptionally'? I'm currently playing Limerick in the Irish competition and managed to get into the ECL group stage. To my standards that would be exceptional (the previous seasons I did good in Europe as well). I understand that it wouldn't produce a leap, but surely one place could be progress :3 Though I do understand this can be a complicated matter to implement.
  9. This is the fourth year in a row I come on here to say this, and the previous three times I was told this would get fixed. Whenever I take any country other than Belgium as base nation, the regen names are Dutch instead of Belgian. de Jong, van den Berg, Wormgoor,... Each and every name has something typically Dutch about it. When will this bug finally disappear? I'm really getting sick and tired of it and it ruins my appetite for the game :@ Ironically, when I load Belgium only, the regen names are correct. Please, I'm literally begging you, fix this :'(
  10. I'm not sure if this is truly the case, but I feel these league standards remain the same throughout the seasons... Can anyone confirm?
  11. FMC14 tactical help

    I've tried (with celtic) with a WB(s) and a InF(A) and it did work, but then again, that was with Celtic...
  12. Hey guys, I'm currently with my hands in my hair. I am dominating every game, creating chances but not gaining any points. I'm particularly concerned with my Inside forward: he doesn't seem to contribute anything and is only able to get low player ratings. My set up: --------------------GK FB(S)------CD(D)---CD(D)-----WB(A) --------------------A(D) --------------------------CM(A) W(A)---AP(S)-------------------InF(S) --------------------F9 that is: FBr, cd, cd, WBl, DMC, MCL, AMLr, AMCR, AMLl, FC Rigid and standard/counter TI: retain possession, work ball into box, push higher up, close down more retain because it keeps the ball, plays around nicely while still offering passes into space to the W(a). In my Salt Lake save this worked beautifully with lots of goals from my winger. work into box because of the pot shots I get otherwise, push higher up because I want to play with pressing (and a guide said it therefore needs the height of the defence line). I've tried with drop deeper, which works for a while and then gets me the same issues. I've also tried an AdvF, but it never seems to be effective. I don't use any PI's I can't get my head around the failures I'm getting; I dominate every game, have one defensive error and the opposition latch onto it, resulting in a goal. It worked for my KV Mechelen team until I got a bigger reputation, but it kept working for my Salt Lake team. It's really strange. The one player who is great every game is my WBL... ny insights you can offer?
  13. Normally you would press the top right button that displays the current tactic's name and choose an other one.
  14. You mean in one save? Or in seperate save games?
  15. @Colorado, is this 'standard' as in one of the presets which has automatic duties as well?