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  1. Hello. Where can i find table ca 160, ca 140 to the single tactic ? For example Parisienne walkways or Black echo. I would like to se how much goals scored itp itd etc
  2. I don't understand one thing. I am playing NAC Breda, i have 2032 year. I have loaded 3 tactics. 1 parisienne rdf tweak( tactics which didn't to the second phase test FMCADONI) 2 Spider v1(second place in test in home points) and 3 terminator v1(first place in test in away points). I did simulation many times and better scores i have with parissienne. So i am confused now which tactis i have to use...
  3. Hello. I will be play a poor team. Ultimatelly i would like to play kashmir celtic when i will have best player. But now i need tactics which setup of team is the same 3 forward, zero wingers etc. So what tactic will be the best underdog and sub top. at the finish kashmir celtic
  4. Still the same answer ? I would probably use Kashmir vol 5 23221 P101EC CC MISSISSIPPI 4141 together with SUS or do You think something else tactic ?
  5. Hello, maybe i am a stupid, but i have one question. Can i play Athletic Bilbao and Athletic Bilbao B in this same time ? I can't find this option in game
  6. Hello. I am not a tactic phenomen and i always use some tactics from wiser than me. I don't understand one thing. In this tactic ID 1535 our left defender is marking dlp from enemy and he is running for him. Then our left side of field is free and open for our enemy, because our left defender is doing something else. I can't get it hehe sorry for my english
  7. Hello. What is the best tactic at the moment ? And how do You think is it possibble to make killer tactic in FM 2020 ?
  8. Hi. I am going to play some club from San Marino and national team San Marino. In league i shouldn't have problems, but what tactic use in european cups??? And what tactic use in national team ???
  9. I have the same problem. I am first time on this page and when I saw the list of the tactics i was shocked, so much options... I am playing FM from version 2005, but always somewhere i found one tactic and i played this all game, but now i have problem which tactic to choose. I don't have time in home to test every tactic. I have loaded in game venom and faith, beowulf 107 and kashmir mu111. In the reserve preachin blues vol5
  10. Hello. Will be in 20.4.1 tactic like FM 20.4.0 ARGUS 3430 P108 EC FA, or yet another without forwards ? Or tactics without forwards in this edition FM are bad ?
  11. What's the best ofensive and defensive tactics without wingers, because in the middle of the season my wingers are injurjed
  12. Hello, i am first time here. What is the best defensive tactic. For example i want to play match in european cups away and i want to take home good score
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