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Poll on [FM22 > Derby County] - Managing the (not so) Mighty Rams


Poll on [FM22 > Derby County] - Managing the (not so) Mighty Rams  

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  1. 1. Following the announcement that Derby County have been docked a further -9 points, making -21 in total, would you like me to:

    • Continue [FM22 > Derby County] - Managing the (not so) Mighty Rams save on -12 points
    • Start again using a Custom Database with Derby County on -21 points

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  • Poll closed on 22/11/21 at 09:00

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On my current [FM22 > Derby County] - Managing the (not so) Mighty Rams Career Update save, I've reached game date Sunday 3rd October 2021 and have played 11 Championship games.

Do I continue the save on -12 points or start again using a custom database on -21 points?

Many thanks.



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You're not far in so it probably won't make a huge difference, but -12 is what it was when you started, so it's not like you're gaining any unfair advantage.

But if you want the extra challenge of starting on -21, then go for it, it's your game :lol:

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44 minutes ago, albertluque said:

Can't some in game editors alter your points totals? So you could give yourself the additional -9 if you can find a suitable in game editor.

Thanks, @albertluque. The only in-game editor I’m aware of comes at an additional cost and I wouldn’t want to risk corrupting an existing save by getting it wrong. In the pre-game editor, for example, you need to use Advanced Rules and then verify your changes so it’s not exactly straight forward.

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