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    17. Occasional columnist and writer. Barrow AFC season ticket holder and I travel around the country supporting my team.

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  1. DefinitelyTaylor

    FM19: Barnsley - A New Beginning?

    Great start to the season! Huge shame about Thiam though and hopefully his absence won't impact too much. Great to see Accrington impressing too!
  2. DefinitelyTaylor

    (FM19) - It's Grim up North-East Lincolnshire

    A really strong squad you have assembled here! Best of luck, it's been a very good start.
  3. DefinitelyTaylor

    [FM19] We beta Basque in glory!

    I'm not crying - you are.
  4. DefinitelyTaylor

    [FM19] Les Gones - Olympique Lyonnais

    I know! I was really surprised to see how well they did, I kept expecting them to drop off at some point and it never happened. I'm keen to see if a case of 'second season syndrome' hits them; as it I expect it might. I did enjoy this season to be fair, February was a real pain but it happens. Overall to lose just five games all season is a positive - hopefully we can lower that amount again next season. Great to see the intake too, I was very pleased. Very annoyed about it and already suffering from withdrawal . Thanks! Very pleased to win some silverware straight off the bat. He has an incredible future ahead of him, if I manage him correctly. Usually I manage lower league sides, so I'm very intrigued to see a potential world beater at my club. Thanks!
  5. DefinitelyTaylor

    [FM19] A Jewel From Edina

    Really solid start to the season, so far! Really enjoying these updates, for a first-time writer in these forums... you're doing incredibly well!
  6. DefinitelyTaylor

    [FM19] Gotta scratch that Hitchin

    It's imperative you beat sides around you and you did so by beating Stalybridge - teams like Kidderminster are games where if you take a point or so, it's a huge bonus. Home form will be key this season, best of luck... this will be a real challenge.
  7. This is absolute fantastic reading for St Pauli fans, simply incredible to see how well you have progressed with them! Yussuf Poulsen is an absolute steal for that price and could go down as one of the best pieces of business made in this save, honestly. Keep it up!
  8. DefinitelyTaylor

    Scotland In A World Cup Ye Beta Believe it!

    Armenia to the rescue, who'd have thought it? Congrats on qualification, but great to see you put in your place by the superior nation
  9. DefinitelyTaylor

    FM18: The English Football League Thread - EFL in FM18

    Haha, good luck! Get it up immediately I say.
  10. I'm in disbelief! What an incredible season. Hopefully second season syndrome doesn't hit and those European nights don't become a distraction.
  11. DefinitelyTaylor

    FM19 - Rotherham United

    That's the way to recover! Safety is now guaranteed now you've hit that 50 point mark.
  12. DefinitelyTaylor

    FM18: The English Football League Thread - EFL in FM18

    Looking forward to the FM19 thread, as I imagine one will be created be yourself again, @Jogo Bonito?
  13. DefinitelyTaylor

    [FM19] Les Gones - Olympique Lyonnais

    Yeah, PSG are far too strong to challenge at the minute. Hopefully we’ll be able to cement a better challenge next season. Thanks ! Yeah, I’m glad the ratings have become a little more realistic. It allows you to reflect on each player a little more time than in the past - rather than be mislead due to them scoring lots etc. Some unfortunate news... my laptop has had to go in for repair as the hinge has started to come off - so the screen is almost ripping off. I expect to have to it back some time next week, in a fortnight at maximum.
  14. DefinitelyTaylor

    [FM19] Les Gones - Olympique Lyonnais

  15. DefinitelyTaylor

    [FM19] Les Gones - Olympique Lyonnais

    End Of Season Update: A fantastic way to end the season! We managed an unbeaten run to end the season, as we beat Lille, Caen and Nimes. We also managed to come from 2-0 down to record a hard-worked point against Marseille. Finally, we claimed the French Cup thanks to a 83rd minute free-kick from Memphis Depay. So... where did we finish in the table? We finished 2nd in Ligue 2, eventually 9 points behind PSG and 5 points ahead of surprise package Dijon. Elsewhere, Monaco, Marseille and Guingamp claimed Europa League places, whereas Saint-Etienne will play in the relegation playoff to decide whether they will remain in Ligue 1 next season. Amiens and Nimes were relegated.