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  1. Great write-up(s) @warlock! Glad to see this thread is off to a great start with plenty of activity as we have become accustomed to. With my team Barrow now being in the EFL, I'm even more inclined to start a save that I can document in this thread although starting with my own team does come with its challenges. I usually struggle to get over the mental barrier of signing players and replacing the current first-team squad... I'll have to see! There are a few others that catch my eye, mind you.
  2. :O I never thought I'd see you lower yourself to managing $alford!
  3. A great player. I had him for three consecutive seasons - never let me down and won plenty of awards. Definitely one of my favourite players on the game.
  4. The more saves to follow, the better! I've been quietly following as always.
  5. Millwall Football Club - Season One + Season Two You're not dreaming. I am actually posting an update from a save I've had with a club in the English Football League. Me and two friends have been using this quarantine period to really nail down an online save we have started in the last few weeks. We enjoyed a similar save last year with clubs in the Championship and played two full seasons, they chose the clubs they support, Birmingham and Wigan, whilst I took one of the teams closest to me geographically - Blackburn (I refused to be Preston because... bad memories, I digress). During th
  6. I've not really given much of a look-in to the EFL this year, I have to be honest. It will change at some point though I presume. Perhaps I'll finally post an update of note here someday. With regards to the season... I really hope they find a compromise. We absolutely deserve to be in the position we are but we know that this was our one shot. If the season is voided, then well... that dream is over for a while again.
  7. Salford are another. I noticed after checking to see whether one of our former players (now back here on loan, Dan Jones) was involved in the team from a week-to-week basis. Consistently six subs only.
  8. Could be a good idea to amend the thread next year. I would happily help contribute to the Non-League side of things, if so!
  9. Thanks, much appreciated. I actually managed Schalke - a team I follow with a bit of interest, personally. Always wanted to visit Gelsenkirchen and the Veltins Arena, especially. Played a couple of seasons, but was unfortunately unable to tackle Bayern and then Dortmund .
  10. It does make me laugh in all honesty. The pressure of studying is most certainly my fault though... I decided to pick three of the most difficult A-Level's to take and most definitely three of the most written-work required A-Level's possible, (Politics, History and English Language, in case anyone was interested). I'm always following the thread, even if I'm not contributing though.
  11. I wouldn't usually, but unfortunately coursework has to be done as it goes towards the overall grade... so it's pretty important stuff!
  12. . I've not played much of FM20 this year for a number of reasons, really. College has been extremely busy as I sit my exams in May/June and so my time has been largely dedicated to my studying, if it isn't taken up by football or other social activities. I've enjoyed this festive period though and have finally sat down to play some FM properly, rather than dabbling in and out of things aimlessly. On the topic of the festive period, I hope everyone has had a lovely time. I've used the last couple of weeks to really nail down a save I've enjoyed playing and now I'm ready to venture into th
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