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  1. Just reading and catching up with posts from the last few days. Good luck to everyone starting new saves, @smplfc123 with whoever you have decided to go with, @Jamesbfc1887 with QPR and @warlock with Forest. Nice to see a fresh face in @torquayfmer, best of luck with Sunderland. Some good work elsewhere from @Dong21 and @Jogo Bonito, keep it up lads.
  2. I'm hoping so! I'm away from tomorrow until Monday, but will get cracking Monday night after our game vs Hartlepool. Hopefully I'll have got into the save enough to provide a post! Fingers crossed.
  3. Maybe... I have a couple teams in mind at the moment, actually. I'm narrowing my options. Hoping to get a post out by Tuesday
  4. I had a little run with Crawley prior to the winter update. I was enjoying it to be fair, I just wanted a short save to get me over until the winter update and it served its purpose well. I've considered another go with them, but the fact I've managed them already put me off a little. I may try again at some point, though. The fact they're one of the League Two sides that aren't usually used much is something that drawn me to them. The lack of mentioning of their name in the thread strengthens my point. With Cioffi under fire irl at the moment, it would be interesting to see someone take them on!
  5. @Jogo Bonito A very eventful window to say the least! It perhaps could have gone a little better than it did, however hopefully you'll still perform well this season. I have the confidence in McBurnie to perform and for your sake, I hope I'm right. There's a lot of pressure on him. Looking forward to seeing how the likes of James, Rodon and Roberts perform. All are very good players, but I think Rodon is immensely underrated. He is my man to watch, personally.
  6. I was just reading this article today and thought I would share. It details the cost of each team, according to Transfermarkt, in League Two. It could very much spark some interest, like it did in me. https://www.somersetlive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/league-two-value-swindon-yeovil-2770585 Here's one for League One, too! https://www.grimsbytelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/efl-sunderland-coventry-blackpool-portsmouth-2762365
  7. Now it makes sense @Jogo Bonito! Daniel James, Connor Roberts and Joe Rodon all spring to mind. All could very easily feature regularly. Good luck with the Jacks.
  8. Glad to hear you're enjoying the save. That's always the main thing and the soul purpose of a save - you should always be enjoying it. After your initial struggle, it's pleasing to hear you've improved and have guided the U's to League One, which is a great achievement given they haven't got the best of squads. There has been a lot of work clearly to improve it. Things are looking great at the moment for you and hopefully Bonne can continue to find the net. Fingers crossed you can get some youth through the ranks in years to come, also. Keep up the good work! Your situation doesn't sound ideal, to put it lightly. It sounds like the owners haven't got the necessary cash to inject into the club, or if they have, they're not investing it. Hopefully things can improve in the coming months - whether that be under the current ownership or under a new board at Forest.
  9. Get him out the door. The guy clearly can't be tamed . It's even copyrighted now, wow! This is the biggest accomplishment of my life. If it isn't Millwall, my guess would be Hull with that frightening ethos created by the "mauled by the tigers" chant. On a serious note, I'm intrigued who you're going to be managing... I'm sure it will all make sense once it's revealed. I'm trying to piece your clues together but I'm not getting very far... maybe Birmingham? They say a point is better than none! I can imagine it's quite frustrating to not have that edge that allows you to get that extra goal, in order to claim an extra few points here and there. However, you've certainly improved the squad in terms of results and with your business in the window. I would be interested to see you take Forest into the new season if you choose to stay on. Best of luck for the remainder of the season.
  10. Looking forward to seeing how you do with Preston. I quite like them myself and have been twice in the past year or so. They also have Ben Davies who is from Barrow and given we're such a small town, it's always nice to see players from the area. Hoping he does well for you! Good luck. I'm glad the selection process has now been named after me. It really is an honour.
  11. I've done a few bits and pieces aside from *trying* to do an EFL save, to be fair. I'm looking into League Two at the minute!
  12. It does indeed. It's not even funny how much I've tossed and turned over who to go with . Congratulations on promotion, too!
  13. Wow, congratulations @warlock! I'm glad you decided to give it a go in the Championship, as you would have missed out on such a great accomplishment. I have a feeling that Nishimura needs to go, no matter the cost @Jamesbfc1887. Complete liability and you can't afford that when you're a club such as Accrington.
  14. @Jamesbfc1887: What an incredible start! Rojas has been a revelation for you and your recent results are extremely pleasing. To be at the halfway point with 29 points to your name is something which I'm sure you'd have taken at the start of the season. Some very impressive results against Liverpool and Spurs mixed in with the wins, to be taking points away from the big boys shows real promise. You continue to amaze me with how well you've excelled with this Accrington side. There are truly some brilliant managers in this thread!
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