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  1. Shambles of a club and that whole ordeal proved it. That's how I remembered that it was a deal that was due to turn permanent in January, though.
  2. I can understand that, although if he's playing well, then you have to keep him around! Great start so far though and hopefully that can continue. I totally agree with you, this is by far the best thread on these forums. I'm glad you've been tempted to join in because of it! Good luck with Forest Green, they're a team that certainly have the quality to do well and just need to be improved in a few areas to get to that 'next level.' I'm pleased to see you've brought in Healey, as he's a bit of a legend in the lower league market, I'm sure @warlock will agree! Doidge won't return as the loan will be made permanent in January. Many sides did this in the EFL as the market closed early, so any deals made after this point often agreed that a deal would be made permanent (examples being Max Power to Sunderland, Lee Evans to Wigan, Ryan Leonard to Millwall). Not the best of starts, but those stats suggest you're creating chances and that should allow you to pick up points on the most part. Good luck! Not too bad. I'm planning on writing a post about a new save I'm starting soon. It'll be a rather short term save, as I didn't want to start anything long-term since I have plans to start a save with one/two clubs when the winter update is released late Feb/early March. But, I can't not play FM haha.
  3. I love Guingamp and so have followed this with intrigue. Very pleased to see you doing so well with them, especially as they're struggling in real life. Keep this up!
  4. Looking good so far! Some good business in the loan market too, bringing in some high quality there - which should boost your chances of achieving your aims of top-half. I think you could even aim higher than that, truthfully. You're not too far off of the playoffs and the quality you've brought in, along with the existing squad, definitely has the ability to do so. Good luck! Good luck with Fleetwood. I dislike them, honestly, but I can put that aside for you, I suppose. They've got some great players in the likes of Kyle Dempsey and Alex Cairns, with a striker who knows where the net is in Paddy Madden. Looking forward to seeing how you fair!
  5. Good going in securing survival in the Championship with Forest. I'm looking forward to seeing how you manage the squad in a first full season together. It seems you have clear objectives and have worked out a base of the squad, with suitable players being brought in to replace those that you wished to get rid of. Cementing your own squad is key to improving the club, personally. Being able to have your personal stamp on the club is beneficial, as you can play to your strengths in that sense. I can emphasise with your comments about Polenta and can understand them too. Hopefully he'll get his head down now that he's here to stay. I have been in a similar boat to you for a while, in truth. I think I've finally found a team to settle down with and that's after much doubt after taking them. I've had them in my mind for some time, but have always been put off going with them. If you have a team like that, I strongly recommend you give in and go with them. Otherwise, the winter update is released in a few weeks time and it could be worth waiting until then. If you can't wait, then perhaps read the OP of all the brief guides on the teams and see if that provides any help. Another thing I suggest is looking at the league tables irl and comparing them to the media predictions of the clubs - are there any clubs that are particularly underachieving that you may fancy helping in-game? Selecting a team is difficult, especially at times like now when the update is so close. I hope you find the team your looking for soon, but be sure to post in here if you have a set guideline of team you're looking for and we could try to help.
  6. @warlock: I bet you were very nervous when your form slipped in February like that. Fantastic way to come back in March and finish it out strongly in the remaining games though - the stuff of champions! @robterrace: Some great signings there, with real focus on the future with lots of young talent being brought in. The future looks bright! @jonathan44: Only City would have the character to do that. Christ, I sound like Brendan Rodgers . @TottenhamBoi90: Quite a mix of form over the first few months of the season. Form seems to be a little more consistent as of late and that will be key if you want to force your way into the top seven. An immediate return to League One would be fantastic if you could force yourselves up the table - although it's a tough ask, as League Two can be a tricky division. Good luck in the second half of the campaign! @Jamesbfc1887: That form is stunning! Truly remarkable achievement to get Accrington promoted, with all the problems with FFP to think about too. Hopefully that can be addressed soon, but for now, celebrate! @Gilbo88: Wow, well done on your achievements with Gillingham, first of all. Best of luck with the Canaries, it was almost fate for you to take control of them! If you can get the goals from Teemu Pukki, like they have in real life, you'll be sorted. Speaking of Teemu Pukki, I went to Bolton vs Norwich yesterday and sat with the Norwich supporters - since I couldn't get to our game vs Sutton. My god, they play some brilliant football and Pukki is some player. I'll be surprised if they don't go up!
  7. There's some decent players in the mix, I'm a big fan of Matty Cash irl. Definitely a few areas that need to be improved if you want to push on. However, with the situation you've described, it seems like that will require some clever business. Best of luck with that. That completes a vastly successful season. You simply can't sniff at that, I don't think. That's probably one of the most anti-climatic title victories ever, but I'm sure you're not complaining! Back-to-back promotions is a fantastic achievement. Very much deserved considering how strong you've been all season, from what your previous posts suggest anyway. Next season should be a challenge but given your first two seasons, the clubs in the Championship can't afford to underestimate you. I wouldn't be shocked to see you upset the apple cart a little and push into mid-table, rather comfortably. Although, simply surviving is by far good enough and will still be viewed as a success in my eyes!
  8. @warlock: Glad to see your form is still very much strong and you sit in first. A dream season so far and if you can keep everyone in January, there is a strong chance that you could be on for back-to-back promotions. No pressure! On a personal level I started a save with Yeovil, but ultimately grew tired as nearly everyone in the first-team ended up suffering long-term injuries. With the winter update out soon, I have a few saves planned but I'm currently looking at getting something going before then. We'll see, I guess!
  9. @smplfc123: That's some tough luck. Good luck in your next venture, where hopefully it'll be more successful. @jonathan44: Congratulations on promotion and the league title - very impressive given the number of injuries that were thrown your way to key players. The business made is decent in my eyes, with Grealish and Vavro looking to be the best out of the lot - with Tonali having real potential. Losing out on three players for different reasons must have been a pain in the proverbial... Well done on keeping Thorniley around! Good luck for the season ahead. @Dong21: It amazes me that you're in the bottom three, as the form doesn't seem to suggest you would be. But I guess it's down to the number of wins:draws ratio. Well done on claiming the Carabao Cup too, that's a nice little accomplishment and allows you to have Europa League football again, no matter what. It's interesting that the World Cup has caused competitions to be minimised to one leg, although it does make sense. Wonder if that will be replicated in real life? Some tidy business that should see you get out the bottom three soon - I would be very surprised if you remained there. Full faith in you! @warlock: Hopefully Tyler Walker won't be too much of a miss for you, although I can imagine replacing his goals will be a tough challenge. But, Jack Clarke definitely has the quality to find the net for you and the arrivals of Elsnik, Sweeney and MacDonald, with the latter two on permanent deals are great to see. Ben Close certainly has the experience of L1 to help you this season and your other signings, especially Shenton look appealing. Clarke has started the season on fire, which is terrific. The positive pre-season seems to have transcended into good early form - with another positive being a tight back-line that has kept a number of clean-sheets already. The longer you can keep this positive form going, the better. Good luck!
  10. That's an understatement and a half, bloody hell - what a fantastic start! Although things may have slipped a little recently, the work you've done at Forest since joining has been brilliant and that's shown particularly in the early months of the season.
  11. Good luck with the Cobblers. The likes of Matt Crooks and Kevin Van Veen should help fire you to success. Ironically, both have moved on irl though!
  12. Agreed! I absolutely hate that small transition period, as other teams are making deals - whereas your in limbo and it's difficult to get an accurate picture of suitable targets until the game finally resets for the next season. Just a little bit of work to be done then. Good luck with that.
  13. @warlock: You've absolutely flew through that first season! The same can be said for how easily you've seemingly breezed through the league. After such a fantastic season, I'm interested to see what your approach is in the summer - will you be keeping a similar squad and filling in the gaps? Good luck next season!
  14. Yeah, Macclesfield's promotion was a huge surprise to us all in the National League last season. I look forward to seeing who you go with, I think someone like Cheltenham could be interesting, or even a bang-average side like Crawley. What a beautiful, beautiful man. Hero. I understand why after you gave a little insight. As @warlock said, the jobs will come up soon - usually around November/December is when a few managers tend to be relieved of their duties. Best of luck in getting a new job, I'm sure someone will be willing to appoint a manager who has a number of promotions on his C.V.
  15. @IndyManager: What an incredible rollercoaster of emotions you must have felt during that game, especially. If there's a perfect way to achieve playoff final glory - it would be something like that. A clear show of passion, desire and determination. Congratulations on achieving promotion to the Championship. @smplfc123: Christ, you've drawn the short straw there, indeed. Good luck in those important fixtures and hopefully you can report that you've managed to keep your job. I would be very annoyed at the players for their 'couldn't care less' attitude towards the back-end of the season. @warlock: I love that choice, as Mansfield are a great club to go with. I'm familiar with Healey too and I totally understand why you want to utilise him - he's an absolute legend for Non-League careers. Glad to see you've brought in MacDonald, as he spent time with us last season and scored a 96th minute equaliser vs Wrexham in a 3-3 on NYD (loved that!). Walker has been an absolute revelation and has a great chance of progressing as a player, both here and irl. His success has definitely benefited you and the team and it's great to see you leading the pack going into the second half of the season. Full faith in you to keep that going, despite patchy form lately. @jonathan44: Glad to hear you've started well. Some impressive signings there, in particular Xadas. Keep it going! @Dong21: Welcome back, I was just wondering where you'd got to! A shame to see you not performing as brilliantly as you may have hoped, with signings like Dahoud letting you down, so far. I'm surprised by that, in truth, as I thought he was a fantastic piece of business and, quite simply, a steal. The Europa League campaign has gone well and you should be able to get through on the final matchday. I expect you to turn your season around though - you have too much quality as a manager to let your team roll over and go down!
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