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  1. Shame about the play-offs. How is your board's confidence in you? If your job security is described as secure or more, stick around.
  2. A decent start to the season. I think we perhaps saw your budget and leapt to conclusions about the calibre of players you would be able to bring in, not considering the fact you're a newly promoted side to the Championship, so naturally, the attraction isn't there for a lot of players. You have done well with the signings brought in and despite bringing in more loans than you may have liked, it's something which is common in the Championship, so I wouldn't be too frustrated by it. Ultimately, it helps cover gaps in the team and I'm sure you'll be able to manage these players well. I definitely agree that Tomori and Palmer are two loanees to be pleased about getting through the door and the signing of Ajayi is another to be pleased with. I'm intrigued by the idea of playing a flat back-five, it's something I have used, but not often. It's given you some decent results so far, though. The board have high ambitions, so it'll be a challenge to ensure you're consistently meeting them, but good luck! Glad to see the Allams gone. It'll allow you more freedom, with a board who actually have the interests of the club at heart! You've enjoyed a brilliant season, so whether you achieve a play-off place or not, you should be pleased with such a good finish. Both yourselves and Derby have tricky fixtures to finish the season, so best of luck, if you haven't played already! That's a shame. Do what you feel is best!
  3. It depends what type of challenge you may want. There are teams such as Portsmouth in which you can look to restore to previous heights, or others like Fleetwood which have flown through the leagues and now need somebody to help them make the next jump. Good luck in whatever you choose, it's always important that you choose a club which you feel comfortable managing and enjoy doing so. Great work with Hull. They have a great group of players such as Bowen and Irvine - but certainly lack the depth amongst the squad. However, you seem to have done well to add to it. To be in the play-offs just before the halfway stage, only narrowly outside the automatic places, also, shows excellent progress. Best of luck in continuing on a very impressive start to the season. Glad to see you back posting here again, mate! Great business in bringing Clarke through the door, firstly. Your other addition is an interesting one and I look forward to seeing how he fairs in the Championship. You've certainly enjoyed an exciting start at Portman Road, maybe too exciting and something that needs to be addressed - but I'm sure the fans won't be complaining as long as you pick up the points when the final whistle blows. If you can find the balance between maintaining a great attack, but tightening the back-line, you're sorted!
  4. Excellent start. A victory over bitter rivals Newcastle will only help cement your legacy at the SoL. Have to praise your defence it seems, keeping an impressive tally of three clean-sheets just five games into the season. Hopefully this is a constant theme which can remain throughout the season, it would certainly be beneficial! Hugely unlucky against City, too. Have to ask though, a friendly against United? I'd like to know the thought process behind that. Quite a continental approach, as I know it is something which occurs elsewhere, but doesn't seem to over here. Great work thus far, as per! It seems you have undertaken a challenging start to life with Derby, but have managed it well. You mentioned Calum MacDonald when detailing your crisis at left-back and he's someone I'm familiar with, given he spent the second-half of the 17/18 campaign with Barrow. He was a good, young prospect in a poor squad and I've noticed his name crop up on the Derby bench irl, I would like to see you give him a go. Frustrating to see Johnson go in those circumstances, but Luke Amos joining on loan makes sense. He's a useful player as well, perhaps not entirely up to the quality you need - but he makes for a tidy option. Woodman is a decent option, too, whilst Pinnock should play a role in any success you have this season, I would imagine, at least until CD returns. Some good results already against the likes of West Brom, Stoke and Brentford, whilst maintaining a run to the third round of the Carabao Cup. Good luck against City! Glad to read about the success of Bogle, in particular. He is somebody who should grow with the club under your tenure. Hopefully Marriott can kick into gear soon - you can't be relying on Nugent forever and it's Jack's void to fill, given his age and ability. I'm sure you'll find a way to get something from him soon.
  5. Good to see you back. Some very good signings there, in particular with the likes of Daniel James. I'm keen to see how quickly he takes to the Premier League with you. The arrivals of TDB and Sheaf for free could prove to be assets in the future for a large profit. Good luck with this quite young side! I can totally understand that point of view, it's something I experience myself. But, once you get over that initial feeling - you know you're set up for a decent save, nine times out of ten. I hope you find the right team soon and get settled down. I always enjoy reading your tales and you've had a fair few this year! Well you have set yourself a very interesting challenge with the criteria of players you're going for - I like it! Once you have a squad nailed down that you're content with, I'll be intrigued to see how it sets out. You'd imagine there would be plenty of selection given London is the capital and a quite populated area - but it appears not, in certain regards. Interesting! I hope it proves to be something you don't regret, but promotion with Cheltenham would make it worth it and that seems a very real possibility. It will. Trust me! Thanks, I guess? I'm determined to prove you wrong... I'll find a save before the cycle for this year is over. I always try to post comments which I hope you enjoy reading. You put the time in to post about your save, so I'll take the time to digest it and reply! I don't envy your position at all, but I'll be there this time next year. Best of luck, I'm sure you'll smash it and it'll all be worth it!
  6. Good luck with Birmingham. I agree about the squad, there isn't much depth at all and very limited finances, it'll be a tough ask to add to it. You'll have to work precisely with the players and resources at your disposal. A real challenge! Hopefully! You're on course to do it and Bingham's form has been excellent. If he can continue to keep scoring, you'll be in a prime position to achieve promotion. Great update, first of all. I love reading how in-depth you go with everything. It shows that you're very in-touch with this save, which allows me to enjoy reading about it more. You made some very clever moves in your business, in particular with Foden, who will prove to be an asset for you - in terms of being a quality player, but also in terms of making a large profit if he is sold on. It certainly makes up for the mishap in Fran's contract when it comes to the sell-on clause! On the pitch, there is improvement to be made - but there is plenty of time to do so. It's always helpful when you're able to pin-point the reason as to why you're not picking up the necessary results and hopefully the lack of goals can be addressed soon. Best of luck in the league and also the Champions League. You certainly haven't been given a particularly pleasant group in your debut season in the competition. That's a shame to hear. You have certainly been dealt a difficult hand at Ipswich and it's clear to see why they went down. However, you can be pleased with how well you've done. You are vastly overachieving. I'd like to see you play on, but if you're not enjoying a save - then it is best to bin it off and go elsewhere!
  7. Can't complain about that backing at all. Well done on promotion and I look forward to seeing who you can bring in with that kind of cash. I imagine the summer will be quite an exciting one, seeing who you can tempt given the new lease of cash under the new board!
  8. That is either a compliment to the U23 players or the brutal reality of the weaknesses in your first-team squad.
  9. Neither are in the Football League - so neither!
  10. That's a shame, but it was fun to read whilst it lasted. Good luck with your next challenge!
  11. Great work so far! The Ipswich squad has patches of quality - in particular in the defence I'd argue, so the counter-attacking style makes a lot of sense given the lack of quality in some attacking areas. However, Kayden Jackson seems to be playing out of his skin at the moment - certainly delivering the goods. There are some great prospects at the club, with the likes of Jack Lankester waiting for an opportunity, so I'm interested to see if he works his way into your plans at some point this season. Hopefully it takes a while for teams to work you out and stop you from getting some extremely pleasing results like you have thus far. Hard luck mate . You've had a great season regardless and the Manager of the Season award is certainly merited. Keeping Rakish Bingham will be a challenge, I would imagine, but if you can do, I tip you to come back stronger. I can understand that aspect. You are building well though and hopefully this season will be your break-out year. Fingers crossed the cup draws will be a little kinder to you and not match you with the might of somebody like Man City!
  12. Good work in the end, a respectable finish to say the least, as you say. Money to spend next season, so you have the opportunity to further invest into your squad. The infrastructure on and off the pitch seems to be going very well and hopefully you'll be able to push on next season. Not a bad run of form at all. It's a shame you seem unable to get yourself knocked out the Checkatrade Trophy, it seems you're destined to do well in the competition, regardless if you want to go out or not. Parker's impact is quite surprising given he has struggled in real life to find the goals, however it shows you're utilising him well and it's key given Lyle Taylor's issues. The signing of Norwood is a real coup and a poor piece of business from Burton's point of view - but definitely something you'll take! He'll be a tidy option to have, especially when international football comes around.
  13. It was fun to read whilst it lasted! A nice way to go though. Good luck with Derby, or whoever it may be next.
  14. You have certainly improved since the opening first month or so, scoring just once in five games in that time. Considering you had a slow start, you have certainly clawed back the points and have a shout of the play-offs. Best of luck!
  15. Well done on such a great end to the season. Your form in April proving to be vital, as you captured a spot in Europe next season - which is a significant achievement given you only just came up. You are indeed correct in stating that the £52M budget is generous and would give you a good chance of competing for European football once again, as well as looking to manage your way through that particular campaign this season too, with the hurdle of the qualification rounds to overcome first, naturally. Whether you choose to carry on here or turn your attentions elsewhere, I'll continue to read and enjoy your adventures!
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