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  1. Could be a good idea to amend the thread next year. I would happily help contribute to the Non-League side of things, if so!
  2. Thanks, much appreciated. I actually managed Schalke - a team I follow with a bit of interest, personally. Always wanted to visit Gelsenkirchen and the Veltins Arena, especially. Played a couple of seasons, but was unfortunately unable to tackle Bayern and then Dortmund .
  3. It does make me laugh in all honesty. The pressure of studying is most certainly my fault though... I decided to pick three of the most difficult A-Level's to take and most definitely three of the most written-work required A-Level's possible, (Politics, History and English Language, in case anyone was interested). I'm always following the thread, even if I'm not contributing though.
  4. I wouldn't usually, but unfortunately coursework has to be done as it goes towards the overall grade... so it's pretty important stuff!
  5. . I've not played much of FM20 this year for a number of reasons, really. College has been extremely busy as I sit my exams in May/June and so my time has been largely dedicated to my studying, if it isn't taken up by football or other social activities. I've enjoyed this festive period though and have finally sat down to play some FM properly, rather than dabbling in and out of things aimlessly. On the topic of the festive period, I hope everyone has had a lovely time. I've used the last couple of weeks to really nail down a save I've enjoyed playing and now I'm ready to venture into the EFL in some capacity. Expect more activity, I can assure you . I spent this afternoon scrolling through the last however many pages I've missed. I really enjoyed reading and will certainly be keeping active on the commenting front within the thread. KUTGW everyone.
  6. As long as results come, that's all that matters. Hopefully Norwood can get his head down and kick on. As for your grievances with winning in the Leasing.com Trophy (again), at least it gives us something to laugh at. Your ability to unearth gems, not particularly with these two signings, but certainly with the outgoing centre-back is brilliant!
  7. It's amazing how quickly results can change. Thankfully your league position hasn't been affected as much as it could have been, although results will need to improve if you want to win automatic promotion! Fingers crossed the goals start to fly in again soon. Incredibly cruel. Hopefully you can take the extra step next season and this additional season in L2 can act as a year to further improve the squad. I've managed to narrow my search down to two teams. One from League One and one from League Two. Quite proud of myself .
  8. Glad to see the thread up and running! Hoping to contribute a little more than I did last year... and that's including the several posts in which detailed my annoyance at being unable to select a team. A good start for both of you, @warlock @Jogo Bonito... did you plan to manage the same team as each other again, or is that just a coincidence?
  9. Take all the time you need mate. Hope you recover soon!
  10. Been following quietly since the start. Really enjoyed following so far! Red Star seem an interesting save/project. Hopefully this tidy run of form can continue as you look to consolidate yourselves in the play-offs and reduce the deficit to the top two.
  11. Congratulations on winning promotion. The interview offer from QPR shows how well you've performed so far.
  12. Hard luck mate. A good season nonetheless! Hopefully something to build on for next season.
  13. Looking good as of late. The goals from Jack Barham have certainly helped improve things! I've been reading since (almost) the start, so thought I'd give my two pence and let you know how much I've enjoyed reading so far. Hopefully more of the same to come.
  14. A fantastic season. I've just caught up on this and really enjoyed reading, such a excellently produced thread!
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