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  1. It’s been a great story to follow and as much of a shame to see it finish, all good things must come to an end! Just a shame there wasn’t some glory at the end but there will be in FM20 I’m sure of it. I also think now Igor has sold all assets, now is a good time to leave ahead of a full revamp so I don’t blame you in the slightest
  2. Attackers at my disposal, considering offloading Diedhiou if he doesn’t start improving now my tactics have altered a little
  3. Right ok then! So with the wingers change them both or just one as winger the other say inside forward? I’ve switched the defensive line to deep as the attackers are quicker than last season. I find anything other than Attacking mentality and we barely attack so I’ve stuck with that for now! Thank you for your input this is part of my squad btw
  4. Sorry for the poor picture quality, but this is the tactic that took me up relatively comfortably. Now with a few additions to the squad we just can’t do anything, attack or defend! Just draw 1-1 with Southampton an even game which we scored an 80th min penalty yet I had a feeling that wasn’t the end of it and literally 1 minute later it’s 1-1!
  5. Thanks I’ll try and add some screenshots later when I load it back up!
  6. So I enjoyed and still am a season in the Championship with Bristol City where we gained promotion at our first attempt! But now we are in the Premier League I’ve noticed the difference in quality already! Almost at the halfway point and we sit just outside the drop zone with a massive 10 points, purely down to the fact the other sides are playing a lot worse! I just can’t seem to keep the scores down. It’s been 6 goals against Man City, Arsenal and 4 against Man U in a game we dominated. I found in the city game going Defensive was utter garbage and we were terrible 30+ shots against us and 2 attempts (both off target) for us! I’m not expecting to beat them obviously (Yet anyway) just wondered if anyone has a tips for playing better against the bigger sides! Currently playing 4-1-2-2-1 with a striker who’s played 7 games with barely a shot on target let alone a goal! Any help would be greatly appreciated
  7. Unlucky with the Madrid job, not sure what else you have to do to get it! Great work turning the season around
  8. Oh wow what a decision to make! IF you accept will you continue with Derby and England or just England? Or I suppose take them both till the end of the season then focus on England! Tough call for you
  9. At his age will Darmian be much of a loss? With him possibly leaving it will also free up a chunk of wages plus it is an area of which you are spoilt for choice aren’t you? Is Igor looking at many targets that you’re aware of?
  10. Wow! Somebody needs shooting at the premier league, as if fixtures weren’t piling up with Saturday, Wednesday, Saturday, Tuesday, I know they can play the Thursday vs Chelsea too be a nice easy fixture! And they say the league doesn’t do anything to help our clubs in Europe 😂😂 good luck to you, I think you may need it
  11. Even though it is disappointing to lose to Arsenal, look how far you have come, in the match preview you’re labelled as slight underdogs, that isn’t bad going plus the great start has given you a slight cushion on Everton in 3rd place, now to pick the players up and carry on back to winning ways! I and all the rest of the guys here believe in you
  12. Storming start to the season, 9 points from 9 with the start you had I doubt even you expected that, fair play to you! Now the next bit isn’t such good news, Quina going AND ffp, is there any way around this without selling any players? Changing budgets or will that not help at all?
  13. Big decision on the captaincy there, braver man than me, I’m scared stiff to remove any captain lol. is there any transfer budget left? Could be worth adjusting the budgets to cover the wage over spend, although raking in the premier league money and Europe money probably won’t matter too much
  14. Strange decision from Igor especially as like you say you have plenty of options at left back plus signed Kennedy, but like you say Igor knows best? Hopefully the interest in Nubel fades away once the bids have been rejected, just don’t understand how they think you’d accept a bid of his value, he’ll soon change his tune when Derby are playing champions league next season. Good luck with the rest of pre season
  15. How again so much has happened since I read yesterday lol How much did you sign Nubel for? Even what the clubs are offering is laughable but this is your first choice keeper which makes it even more laughable, great work in buying Wilson and finally owning him! Is Layun needed, especially at his age?
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