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  1. September seemed a better month and promising that the lost games were only by the odd goal, cut those out and draws or wins will come! my Kettering save I keep conceding goals in the 90th+ min, no matter what I do, battering sides just not getting the goals and then I know we can’t keep a clean sheet for toffee! 3 loses on the bounce ruining a good start to life in national league.
  2. Ha I didn’t see that you got offered the Hartlepool job when I posted, good luck with it, hopefully promotion is on the cards and then maybe on to a higher profile job
  3. @Northernpilgrim I hope you don’t lose faith in this save, enjoying the read just a shame it isn’t going well, stick with it and the right team will come along and click in to place
  4. So even though you have no intention of going anywhere do any of you attend these interviews? I had two in one day, one was a side in the conference the other was notts county who are rooted to the bottom of league two. Just wondered what you guys do!
  5. Hey @Stuniverse, great work on avoiding the drop, do I remember you saying that you could make a request for signings or is it just what Igor has in store for you? Its an interesting challenge to set yourself, one that I’m considering now, although I do wanna continue my current save with Kettering youth challenge. Maybe once I fail miserably with this I’ll give it a go! Good luck during the pre season, hopefully you get what you need
  6. Don’t give up down there, just need to find the right club, it’s hard going especially when the clubs are semi pro as there’s literally no time for training what 4 sessions a week?? But it’s doable, I’m currently doing the youth challenge and lost two key players to other clubs, screwed up my season, managed to scrape into a he final playoff spot but missed out in the final and in fairness completely outclassed so another year in the Vanarama north but we dust ourselves off and go again! I’ll be looking forward to your next adventure
  7. Damn, I started reading this thread today and was enjoying reading shame it ended like it did. Hope u start another soon to read! Did u stick to certain tactics or keep switching it up from game to game?
  8. Yeah I’ve had something similar the board upgraded one thing which I can’t remember what that was, and there must have been a message I missed about a stadium increase but I did read the one that said due to lack of funds it won’t be happening (more likely cos the team missed out on promotion we won’t give u anything) Everytime I ask for anything they just say nope! Even though the bank balance is +£250,000 I think!
  9. Wow, it’s amazing how quickly you can go off of someone lol I signed a few of the youth intakes and have played them during pre season and they are banging them in, 3 a piece and my main striker from last season hasn’t got any so far, toying with going with a 16 and 17 year old up front but it does put me off a little, and an Attacking midfielder who I left in the youth squad but on second look he’s pretty good, so may have to switch up my tactics as I have literally two wingers neither left footed. Good luck against the only team in Bristol
  10. Fantastic job getting to where you have, and whilst absolutely loving this story I’m afraid it has to be another season in the championship for you (I’m a Bristol City fan) in all seriousness really good luck! I missed out on first season promotion with Kettering, first half of the season we were flying, then lost my main cb to some rubbish in conference south, the worst part was had he stayed fit for me he would easily have gotten to 500 appearances for us! Killed our season but managed to scrape into the playoffs on the final game. Also our experienced keeper left leaving me with a 16 (fairly decent though) play off semi went to a shoot out, unbelievably my 16 year old keeper saved all their pens, I’ve never seen that happen not for me anyway! Sadly we lost the final on pens but we were shocking in that game so no complaints!
  11. Absolutely loving this story! I started a game a few weeks back unemployed nothing but my Sunday league experience by October got offered lowly Brackley in the conference north, I was enjoying it until I read your story, and now want to start over again, so thanks for that lol. I’ve won promotion via the playoffs and was tempted to try the academy challenge all be it a season late but once players retired, returned to loan clubs my squad is too depleted to even consider it sadly. Too many positions missing and the youth just simply aren’t good enough! so I think Brackley may be put on the shelf and I may give the academy challenge a go this evening! Wish me luck, hopefully I’ll get a player like Meaney! Keep up the amazing work cos this is really a great little story
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