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  1. Well I’m disappointed that Levy has made this decision and also very happy with that Semi Final result! That’s for you Daniel Levy 😂
  2. I won’t pretend that I use a home tactic and an away tactic 😂 but even if you keep the same formation but tweak what you want from the players, and the way you play, maybe a bit more counterattacking when away than at home! Something needs to be done to stop the Bigger Boys, maybe this is worth considering! Oh and sorry but That FA Cup final has Swansea Doncaster written all over it
  3. @Stuniverse Do you use a different tactic or style away from home, or do you just play one tactic for home and away fixtures? I wonder if a change of play may help when you play away from home.
  4. @Stuniverse is there anyone in the first 11 that you’ve noticed as the weak link as to why you can’t stop teams from scoring, well in the league anyway? I remember from a few years back on the stats page there was a column for mistakes, then another for mistakes leading to goals, might be worth checking that out!
  5. Ouch! A disappointing start to the season, but Fulham next up a great opportunity to show the league and Levy what you’re capable of!
  6. So there’s Teddy Sheringham, maybe look at tempting Les Ferdinand away from QPR, Sherwood could he persuaded into a back room role? Then I guess it’s just checking who are actually coaching in game, Ian Walker, Paul Robinson, I expect there’ll be plenty to choose from just depends on what their stats are like!
  7. Get searching for a goal scorer, can’t be that difficult can it 😂 Ahhh Will Hughes to make a return to the Stuniverse world, he’s been missed in Scotland, Italy and the Faroes that’s for sure. A decent amount of money to play with though so fingers crossed there are some bargains and free agents available to join the rams!
  8. Congratulations! A strange but welcome surprise that Lawrence was available to you! Let’s see how your team fairs in the Premier league! Will you be looking at new recruits or putting faith in the academy players?Again well done
  9. @Stuniversethats bad planning by the F.A (surprise surprise) good luck my friend. It would seem you may need it
  10. As far as I’m aware, the players will stay as they are unless you offer new deals (be quick with the ones you want lol) pretty sure it’s the same when you go pro from semi pro! But don’t hold me to this
  11. Wow that is a surprise, the only person I can think who managed both club and country was Kevin Keegan with Fulham and England but that was brief wasn’t it? I would be inclined to manage both, as you will still get to see Italian players playing against Sampdoria, and it’s only qualifying for the Euros so you would be on an international break anyway! I haven’t managed an international side for a long time as it can be a bit boring waiting for the friendlies, qualifiers or whatever you have! Choose wisely my friend, but you are building something at Sampdoria!
  12. Now that’s how you win a cup final! Excellent display, part one of the treble done and dusted! Keep up the good work
  13. I like the idea of making the squad as Scottish/British, with any luck you can sign the best available, as we’ve discussed the best of Rangers players would be interesting if you could tempt them! But money talks. It would also keep things interesting for you as the squad could potentially be weaker in the first season of the transition but on a whole would be a great test! Go for it
  14. I was thinking along the same lines of going for the Europa League as it’s a major European title, only problem is getting there ha! Throwing games? Fielding weaker sides, all depends on the group I suppose, but if the likes of Bayern etc are going to be too strong then this would be a great option!
  15. So would Windows 10 home be any better? Without the S? Budget is my issue at the moment with the current situation! Ive found a Lenovo ideapad 330s with this spec AMD Ryzen 3 2200U Dual Core Processor 15.6" HD Anti-Glare Screen Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64-bit 4GB DDR4 RAM 128GB SSD Integrated AMD Radeon Vega 3 Graphics USB3 | HDMI | Bluetooth 81FB004XUK 52.5Wh Battery Model Up to 8 hour battery life (with power management) would this be better?? Again thank you and apologies for dumb questions
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