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  1. Huge win away in Manchester to top our tough group in the CL at the first time of asking... Was it fair or deserved? Not really, but screw 'em
  2. Thanks - having been put into a group with Inter and Man City, I thought my best shot was third place, but with two draws against them to start with, maybe I can squeeze one of them out to qualify for the knockouts...
  3. Solskjaer's real life dilemma - figuring out how to play with both Fernandes and Pogba in midfield is tricky. Check out this thread: https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/533499-fm21-manchester-united-a-club-stuck-in-transition/
  4. Huzzah Notts Co - I did a long Notts Co save in...FM11 I think. Love their history. Good luck!
  5. Composure and passing aren't the only important attributes for playing out safely from the back - also look at things like vision, anticipation, decisions etc
  6. Happened to me in one of my saves - world class regen 'keeper (became England nr 1 at 21ish), joined Wolves, got relegated. I bid for him but he chose to go to Arsenal instead.
  7. Season 8 Recap - SC Weiche Flensburg 08 Club | Transfers and Released Players | Fixtures 1 & 2 | Manager | Competitions | League | Squad Smashed through a season extra quick so may as well post it. Overview A successful season overall, though there was that one bad patch in February where we got knocked out of the Europa League, the DFB-Pokal and slid out of the top 4 CL places all in one horrendous run. Luckily, given that we no longer had to rotate as heavily between competitions, our strong first team managed to win enough games to put us back in the CL qualification spots and we are going to the Champions League next season! Our first European adventure started well with a clean sweep of the Europa League group stage - I played some youngsters in the final few games with the qualification confirmed, and even they won, especially away at Sporting which was impressive. However Roma in the knockouts were too strong, destroying us at the Olimpico and while we came back at home, it wasn't enough. I have a better idea of where we sit amongst the elite though, given they were absolutely mauled in the next round by Liverpool. Much work to be done till we're ready to compete with Europe's best, but next season's CL campaign will tell us more. Delic had a disappointing second season, but with so many games to play I had bought Xiaotian as a back-up. Delic got injured, and then threw a strop about a new contract so the back-up became the starter, and he never looked back, finishing top scorer in the league (now that Halaand and Moukoko have both moved on, both at City, that is actually an open competition), and by the end of the season had been called into the Germany squad. This will be Hajtic's last season at Weiche - his contract is up, and despite his leadership and other qualities, he isn't good enough even as a back-up at this level any more. He still played a few games (and scored in Europe!), but that's the end of the journey for the last player who was part of the original squad I took over. Delem is our new captain (who had another fine season). Hoffenheim almost won the league but were pipped at the post by Dortmund - leading till the second-last game of the season. In a way I'm glad as I want Weiche to be the ones to break their dominance! Key Players Xiaotian, as mentioned. A Dortmund youth product who never broke into their first team. Available at a snip of 4.5m, and more than lived up to his promise. His successful season on loan at Kiel made this even more of an obvious signing as I knew he could score goals at this level. Mosor, another signing from Porto B that goldmine of talent. Fine talented centre-half with a bit more development to come. Beyaz took a while to settle but I have no doubt he will turn into a key player for us if we can keep him. Like I mentioned in the last season round-up, he scored in Euro finals for Turkey as they won on penalties. Youth Unremarkable. We do now have some new staff in place at HoYD and U-19 managers, so hopefully that will help future intakes. Elsewhere Dortmund did the domestic double, while Wolfsburg, Augsburg and Hannover come up. Sandhausen and Viktora Koln will be in the 2 Liga next season. Man City won yet another CL - yes Guardiola is top of the manager rankings in my save. Sevilla beat Leverkusen in the Conference League final, while Liverpool continued their run after beating our conquerors Rome to win the Europa League entirely.
  8. I'm enjoying the simple AP(s) and AF(a) combo these days, in a 4-4-1-1 twin DM formation. My new playmaker is finding his feet and I love his ability to find pockets of space and create goals like this (this one scored by the IW(a) on the left). Weiche vs Gladbach_49 minutes.webm
  9. If your problem is scoring goals, I always think spreading the burden is a good idea. I use at least one wide player with an attack duty in addition to a lone forward. W(a), IW(a) etc.
  10. Heartbreaking, but getting better - maybe next year.
  11. Switching IF to attack makes a lot of sense to me here.
  12. Season 7 Recap - SC Weiche Flensburg 08 Club | Transfers and Released Players | Fixtures 1 & 2 | Manager | Competitions | League | Squad Overview We started the season much like last year, clicking after our new signings bedded in- not winning only one game between mid-October and winter break and once again entering the winter break on the tail end of the CL places. This time, reinforcements had arrived and we were able to maintain the pace after the restart with a much better quality of player available to rotate in. I actually was surprised we kept up the challenge for the CL spots so late into the season - mainly getting lucky the Delic our primary forward missed no time and continued to score goals. Eventually we ran out of legs in the last two games against Stuttgart and Hertha, which is somewhat frustrating but I don't mind the first taste of Europe for the club being the Europa League. It's a much more winnable competition, for starters. Of course the win in the DFB-Pokal was the ultimate cherry on the cake as I played primarily weaker/rotated teams till the semi-final (at which point I flipped and player weaker teams in the league). The squad also improved in the areas that were targeted - Cox and Eichekorn arrived to give depth in defensive midfield. Nastasi, Pinheiro and Bojat were upgrades at left and right back (and I was happy to see Gladbach bid way over the odds for Grubbe, a player I didn't particularly want to keep). Next season we will need the quality and quantity in depth as we look to compete on multiple fronts - I like rotating heavily to keep my squad as fresh as possible throughout the season. More players who had served faithfully but were not of the required standard were moved on or are about too (farewell Pastrana, you were a great free signing!). Tactically we stayed mostly with the 4-4-1-1DM as teams continued to come at us and we were happy to play rope-a-dope. Sometimes though, the best improvements are the signing you don't make - despite the fact we had struggled for goals, I held off on buying another striker, gambling on young Delic to live up to his promise. He delivered in buckets, scoring 21 goals (equal second in the league behind the ridiculous Moukoko), and winning all the team awards, rightly so. Holding onto him will be next challenge for Helena. Key Players Pinheiro arrived to take over from Grubbe from Porto B, where he was transfer listed. Porto B have some great cheap players and I'm always on the lookout from a bargain from there. Vastly prefer his get forward trait to Grubbe's stay back one, so a huge upgrade at massive profit there. Mas was one we had been tracking for a while at Cadiz, and when it came to time upgrade on the wide players I wanted him in the door. Also like the fact he allows to go inverted winger on one side and traditional winger on the other, varying our approach play. He was probably our actual signing of the season. Harrison and Nastasi arrived from Man City and Inter on loans in the final years of their contracts and quickly became first choice - and when I was given the chance to sign quality like this for free, I was going to take it. They'll both be joining for our European adventure next season as full-fledged members of the squad. Argentine wonderkid who joined at 18 in January and immediately became a first choice in midfield, Enough said. Very decent utility player - Hardarson was too good value to pass up. He was sold to us for just 250k! Youth Another poor intake. Maybe the 'keeper will become a back-up? Who knows. Elsewhere Dusseldorf and Bochum return to the BuLi, while Ingolstadt and RW Essen come up from the 3 Liga. Barca won the CL, while Milan ended seven years of English dominance in the Europa League and Rangers won the ECL. Turkey beat England in the Euro 2028 final on penalties, with Turkey's late equaliser in injury scored by none other than Weiche free signing Omer Beyaz. But more about him next season.
  13. Before I do the season review, the cup final itself... It was tighter than the scoreline made it look, but ultimately our regular game plan of soaking up the pressure and hitting the opposition with lightning-quick counter-attacks paid off. Delem had a great game in goal, allowing very little to get past him, and Delic and Mas were constants threats going forward at pace. Very happy with the first major trophy of the save!
  14. I like the HoF one - basically was thinking my next save was going to be going for that top spot.
  15. We're up against Hertha Berlin - a tough match, but one we have a chance in. Apart from Bayern, the other tough game in our run to the final was away at Hoffenheim, where we rode our luck and came away with 2-1 win on the counter. Bayern knocked Dortmund early doors as well, removing one of the toughest teams from the competition. We also have Hertha last game of the season with CL qualification on the line, and Stuttgart before them, our other rivals for the CL spot. It's gonna be a tight, tough end to the season...
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