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  1. Also look at the quality in this Hertha squad and then look at where they are in the table in the above screenshot...
  2. You don't have to be good, you just have to slightly better than the teams behind you...
  3. His decision-making is good so hopefully he will only utilise that PPM when it makes sense to.
  4. I've never played with one but I'd be tempted to try him as a raumdeuter instead of an IF-A. I agree his acceleration is lacking in terms of being a one-on-one world beater.
  5. Dang useless board! Yeah I hate offering players out while paying their salaries, but its the only way sometimes to offload useless high earners. You can also use it though if clubs have transfer-listed high earners - make the AI pay their salaries while you play them.
  6. Offer them out on a free and with a wage contribution? It's galling but at least it'll get a percentage of the salary off your bill.
  7. Very nice signing. Always good to have a plan when the big boys start sniffing around your top talent. No one is irreplaceable is my motto when managing anyone but very biggest clubs.
  8. True, it's all relative to the league isn't it. I'm as much looking forward to toppling Bayern and Dortmund in this save as I am winning the CL, tbh.
  9. Nice one. I was tossing up between NL and Germany myself when deciding on a country for this challenge. Good luck!
  10. Standard LOE, higher DL. Press their wide players (wingers and fullbacks) and central midfielders using OIs always. Sometimes strikers too. Tightly mark strikers. Show strikers and wide players onto opposing feet. Shorter passing helps with possession. I've tried both with and without counterpress, and I prefer with counterpress on. More urgent pressing and force oppo inside (into my anchor man and central midfield).
  11. I've found that my 4-1-4-1 does not suit high pressing up the field as it is quite a bottom-heavy tactic. I do as my wide players to press their opposing numbers using OIs, but I won't press the opposing CBs or the GK with my one TM. If you want to press high up the field, start your players high up the field in a top-heavy formation like a 4-2-3-1.
  12. The game is mimicking the compensation you have to pay for signing young players - these are set by a panel, such as here: https://www.theguardian.com/football/2016/apr/28/liverpool-burnley-danny-ings-tribunal-record
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