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  1. I changed my wing backs to full backs support and added get forward. Essentially the same instructions as a wing back just without runs wide with the ball, I think that is what causes them to dribble to the byline and shooting into the side netting. They seem to play how I want them to now, worth a try.
  2. I can't enjoy this game at all at the moment, I'm sure these have all been brought up already but the two big problems are: * Goalkeepers make a save and then are stuck in position unable to save any rebound shot * Crosses are too effective with the majority of goals coming from them Until these problems with the match engine are fixed I simply can't enjoy any matches and find it hard to believe that this is the full release and not the beta
  3. Now I've got a good team I have won 10 trophies in the past 2 seasons with Derby... A bit too easy now with this tactic lol
  4. Another thing I didn't mention aswell as the opposition instructions - If the other team are making chances slip the defense to deeper or standard... and if your playing away in a tough game start on deeper and standard mentality - change to counter if needed
  5. I now set opposition instructions at close down both wingers and show the rm to the left side and lm onto the right side and defensively it is much better
  6. I've got to say after several miserable attempts at making my own tactics and downloading other created tactics this is the one that I've found works the best. I would say the only flaw to this tactic is the amount of goals you concede from wingers getting past the wing backs and crossing it in for an unmarked striker. I've tried tweaking the player instructions a bit to prevent it but still the vast majority of goals that you concede are like this. I set my wing backs to man mark the wingers a few times which did actually improve it but they were less of a threat going forward. Sill, the best tactic I have used on FM14. It has the right balance and you play some great football at times. I have won the FA Cup, Community Shield, Europa League x2, Super Cup and last season finished 2nd by 1 point to qualify for the Champions League with Derby (I'm sure Mordax won't be happy with that lol)
  7. That makes sense, thanks for the reply!
  8. I'm in my 5th season managing Derby and I have a lot of young players with high potential in my team. I have noticed that the potential star rating for a lot of them has declined season on season, I just want to know what I am doing wrong for this to happen. My training facilities and youth facilities have been upgraded and are now top for both, and my junior coaching is excellent. I also have at least 4* training for each training type. The best example of this happening is Mason Bennett, he started off with 4.5* potential and now at the age of 21 he has 1.5* potential. I played him regularly while I was in the championship and have loaned him out so he played more once I was promoted to the Prem. Has this happened to anyone else before and what have I done wrong for this to happen?
  9. I have entered in exactly what ive got but still invalid code, joke isnt the word what can I do?
  10. So I'm trying to install the game, its asking for the product code, is this the Steam Code on the back of the manual? If so it's saying invalid code which is obvious because my code is 3x5 characters so 15 altogether and I need to enter 5x5? Am I looking in the wrong place?
  11. anyone know about Belgium... I've heard they can sign non EU players but is there a restriction to how many you can play in the league?
  12. Hi, I'm looking to start a new game but instead of going for the usual English leagues I want a change with a league that allows you to sign unlimited non EU players... So what leagues allow you to do this? Cheers
  13. Just a little heads up for anyone starting a new game on 12.2 You can get him for less than 100k but I paid the majority of it over 48 months, hes only on £700 a week and his stats are still insane, deffo buy for anyone!!!!
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