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  1. Yes around 250m and over 1.5m available wages. They also added an objective in the clubs vision to spend the majority of the transfer budget!
  2. I'm Derby and was taken over by a single person 2 season into my save, then the year after we were taken over again by a South Korean Tycoon. Never happened to be before, very lucky.
  3. I would like there to be a pre season meeting with each youth team manager so that I can ask for them to play certain prospects when available and in which position in case they are being retrained to a new position.
  4. A simple suggestion here, whenever I receive loan offers for my players I always have to press on each offer individually and sroll down to find out what level the training facilities are for the club making the offer. I think this should be viewable from the inbox, where the offer information is shown (where it says the offered squad role, wage % etc...)
  5. Whenever I am offering a contract to a player, I always offer the same add ons and bonuses, however it takes a long time removing and adding these in. I would like a new option added to responsibilities where I can set set a default contract offer for each player role (youngster, prospect, squad player etc...) This would be a great time saver for when renewing or offering new contracts out.
  6. Thanks, am i right in saying that will be okay for the host but my friends will still have to quit and rejoin after every match? Is that the only way currently?
  7. Could you go through the steps again please? I see the host needing to press first and last, maybe I am reading it wrong
  8. Personally, I would be happy with small new 'features' as long as the match engine is improved. FM20 had an unrealistic match engine which I could accept if it was fun, unfortunately it was neither. This is the first edition of the game since CM01/02 that I will not put the hours in if the match engine is similar.
  9. I am 10+ years into my save and I have built one the best teams on the game, however nothing is making me want to load the game up again. The majority of goals are from set pieces, with the rest being long shots scored just after set pieces. The cycle at the moment is loading the game up becuase I'm wanting to play, getting to the first game and quitting straight after. For the first time since CM days I will be buying the demo before paying for FM21, and that is saying something for its my favourite game since I can remember.
  10. I had this when I had state of the art youth facilities! Luckily they didn't sack me
  11. Thanks From your testing in the beta, would you say 4-4-2 is still the way to go? I've been trying 1 striker with no success so far
  12. Would be nice to have something to use as a base just so I've got a general idea of what is working in the beta. First post in here, thanks for the tactics
  13. It seems to me that goals scored in league games are capped over the season so that the numbers match the leagues average goals over the season in real life. Its obvious because in friendlies/cup games for me, players seem to do what they're being asked to do. For example in a friendly a winger will cut back / cross for a striker in the box, compared to a league game where he will 9/10 shoot into the side netting so that you dont score too many goals. I've just gone from winning 1-0 in the league missing countless chances to winning 7-0 in the champions league, and i believe its because there isnt this 'cap' on the team limiting the goals scored so its not too unrealistic compared to real life. I actually broke the record for the most goals scored in the europa league by the 2nd leg of the quarter final!!! Hope that makes sense
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