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  1. SEASON REVIEW 2030/2031 The struggle is finally over – we have finally been promoted from the League 2! The team finally figured it out – we were the top offensive team in the league, and we improved just enough on defense to give us the chance we needed to make the Play-Offs. The 20th best defensive team in the league is nothing to be proud of, but when we were able to advance to the League 1, I am not going to dwell. I have no fears about our offense – we were outstanding at that end of the pitch, despite facing some heavy injuries. Our defense, obviously, continues to be close to shambolic, but at least there is hope of continued improvement. GOALKEEPERS Jose Chanduvi (2023), 24 Years Old: For the first time since he became a starter, he registered Con/90 (1.78) below 2.00. It’s not that his play improved, however – he was still mediocre at best – but the defensive line in front of him played better. He was not up to standard in the League 2, so it is going to be real difficult for us in League 1 with him starting. Unfortunately, he remains the best we have at the position, with no real GK prospects coming out of our Youth Academy in years. Rating: 4.5/10 LEFT DEFENDERS Prince Diallo (2023), 24 Years Old: When a 6.70 AR represents a career-high, you know you have some improvements to make as a player. The positive thing is, he gave us his finest season yet! Yes, it was mediocre in every sense of the word, but he did perform considerably better this season as opposed to last. In 43 Games, he registered 3 Assists, 3.78 DpG, and 6.70 AR, which was much better than his 6.56 AR career average. Overall, he certainly has a decent amount of talent for this level, and I am glad he improved, but we still need a lot more from him to be alright at this position. Rating: 5/10 CENTRAL DEFENDERS Alan Walker (2026), 21 Years Old: A career-best season from Walker, our most talented central defender still needs to show us a substantial amount more to live up to his potential. In 43 Games, he registered 3 Assists, 2.91 TpG, and a career-high 6.72 AR (he has a career average of 6.60 AR). We’re going to need him at his best next season, and I hope he can start living up to his talent. Rating: 5.5/10 Jordan Osei (2028), 19 Years Old: He looked so good coming out of the Academy, but three years later I have seen almost no improvement from Osei – he is in real danger of becoming yet another underachieving CD that the Youth Academy has given us. That being said, he was our best performing CD – in 45 Appearances, he registered 2.17 TpG and 6.74 AR, which is encouraging. If he can just start showing some improvement in training, then we can start thinking about him as a long term solution – if he doesn’t, which he hasn’t so far, it is going to be difficult to do so. Rating: 5.5/10 RIGHT DEFENDERS Samuel Summers (2022), 25 Years Old: Following the trend of the rest of the defensive line, Summers also had a career year – in 38 Appearances, he registered 2 PoMs, 4.04 TpG, and 6.79 AR, which was the best amongst all defenders. He is probably better suited to play CD, but given the depth at that position and the lack of it at RB, he will have to remain on the right flank for the time being. He’s been a starter at the club for the past 6 years, and if he can give us another season like this in the League 1, I will not have any real complaints. Rating: 6/10 CENTRAL MIDFIELDERS Jake Strutton (2022), 24 Years Old: A fine season from our most talented CM – Strutton showed his class and managed to somehow improve his abilities despite being in his mid-20s. In 41 Appearances, he registered 2 Goals, 6 Assists, 3 PoMs, 1.37 TpG, 77% Pass Ratio, and 7.08 AR – in comparison, his career average is 7.00 AR. His 2,541 Completed Passes were by far the best on the team, and he is the heart of our team in the middle. When his unhappy, he is a disaster, but he was content throughout the season, so he was able to give us good form. He is definitely one of the key players heading into our first season in the League 1. Rating: 7/10 Tim Cross (2023), 22 Years Old: With Knill out for a considerable amount towards the end of the season and Michael Thomas having to deal with several nagging small injuries, Cross ended up spending a lot of time as a striker, and he was fantastic for us. In 42 Appearances, he registered 26 Goals, 6 Assists, 7 PoMs, and 7.25 AR – this was, by far, his finest season, and in fact he was named in the League 2 Team of the Season. Rating: 5.5/10 LEFT WINGERS Michael Thomas (2025), 21 Years Old: Talent-wise, there is no denying that Thomas is one of the best on our squad, but his inconsistent form is troublesome. The second half of the season was much better from him, though, and he was one of the main catalysts that catapulted us to promotion. In 37 Games, he registered 2 Goals, 9 Assists, and 6.83 AR – not impressive numbers by any standard, but given how bad his form was during the first few months of the season, I will take it. He is easily the best left winger we have, but I really hope he keeps it up next year. His speed is a useful tool, and he has shown ability to find the open man with his crosses. He has now earned 17 Caps for his nation (Trinidad and Tobago), making him the most capped player on the team. Rating: 6.5/10 RIGHT WINGERS Danny Barry (2021), 26 Years Old: After years of giving us mediocre performances, Danny Barry from the mid-2020s returned to us in glorious form and was a huge presence for us this season. In 45 Games, he registered 10 Goals, 19 Assists (Tied for 1st in League 2), 5 PoMs, 2.13 DpG, and 7.20 AR, which was the second highest mark of his career. One of the primary reasons we were the top offense in the league, Barry was a threat down the right wing almost every game we played, and he has become one of the leaders and most influential players at the club. If he keeps this up for a few more years, he will easily become a club legend. Rating: 7.5/10 FORWARDS Michael Thomas (2017), 30 Years Old: Despite a drop in his athletic ability and having only starter 35 Games (he made 8 substitute appearances due to injuries), he still scored 20 Goals and gave us 7.21 AR, his highest average since the club started playing in the League 2. I don’t know if he will keep it up in League 1, but Thomas was again great for us this season – in fact, he was named the Kafra Player of the Year for a record 6th time, and for first time since 2025. He added 15 Assists, as well, which was just one off of his career-high. He is not the most talented guy on the team, but he remains our most influential, and he is easily the greatest player we have ever had thus far. Etched in club folklore, Thomas will get every chance to shine in the League 1 in terms of playing time. Rating: 7.5/10 Pearce Knill (2022), 25 Years Old: It is almost a given that had he not broken his leg – which ruled him out of the last two months of the season and he will only be ready to play towards the end of 2031 – he would scored over 30 Goals for the first time in his career. For the season, he made 39 Appearances, registering 28 Goals, 13 Assists, 4 PoMs, 2.74 DpG, 51% Shot Target, and 7.34 AR. He is our best and most talented player, and I hope he will make a full recovery from his broken leg - the fact that we are going to play almost half a season without him next year is also going to be tough. Rating: 8/10 HOT PROSPECTS Brandon Boud (2030), 17 Years Old, DC: Boud surprised me with how quick he showed improvement, and I gave him plenty of chances in the first team – he made 18 Appearances (3 of them as starter), and while he wasn’t terribly impressive, he still gives cause for optimism. As long as he keeps improving in training, he will have a chance. Intake: 0.5/5 CA, 4/5 PA – Current: 1/5 CA, 4.5/5 PA YOUTH INTAKE Matthew Hall – Ricardo Harewood – Sam Sutton I must admit, I am very excited about Matthew Hall – I’ve been wanting a talented CM prospect, and Hall looks like he might fit the bill. Of course, this is all contingent on how his abilities improve over the next few years, but he looks promising thus far. Both Harewood and Sutton look like they could etch a role for themselves down the wings. Overall, I am generally happy with this intake. Rating: 7/10
  2. LOL - thanks guys. Update should be coming soon, and then its off to League 1!
  3. We beat Lincoln in the Semi-Finals, and now we are here:
  4. Please let this be the year we move up - we are in the playoffs!
  5. We're finally putting ourselves in a position to make the play-offs, and during that vital last two month stretch, what do you expect would happen?
  6. Ive been away on a trip but finally getting to some FM action tonight - I can tell you that a playoff spot at least is looking like a real possibility this year!
  7. Is this the season it finally turns around?!
  8. Honestly, I have never had it this rough - this team just cant figure it out at the back in addition to my Youth Academy not delivering the type of players I need. Tough save!
  9. World Cup 2030 - Italy Going In to the World Cup: - Defending champions Portugal and defeated 2026 Finalists Holland both were amongst the favorites to be featured in the Quarter-Finals at least in Italy 2030. - Italy and England both featured strikers that were considered the best in the world, with Brazil’s midfield widely considered the best in the world. Group Stages: - The first big casualty came in Group B, as defending champions Portugal crashed out in the Group Stages, with Mexico and Belgium qualifying ahead of them. - in Group E, 2026 Finalists Holland also crashed out, as Australia surprisingly topped the group and the Czech Republic finishing in 2nd Place. - Marco Asensio, Real Madrid and Spain midfielder, ended the Group Stages as its leading scorer with 5 Goals despite his 34 years of age. Second Round: - The hosts Italy defeated Mexico in Extra-Time 1-0 in a tough match, advancing to the Quarter-Finals for only the second time since 2010. - England made short work of Belgium, winning 3-0 with a brace from 22 year old Man United striker Anthony Britto. - A penalty in extra-time gave France the 1-0 victory in a tough encounter against an impressive Croatian team, setting up a dream Quarter-Finals matchup with Italy. - Brazil were another high profile team that performed under expectations as they were defeated convincingly by the neighbors to the south Uruguay, who won 2-0. - Both Germany and Colombia won their matches 3-0, defeating the Czech Republic and Australia, respectively. This was Germany’s first trip to the Quarter-Finals since winning the tournament at Brazil 2014, while Colombia were trying to do better than their 4th Place finish in 2026. - Algeria made their second consecutive trip to the Quarter-Finals after a massive 2-1 extra-time win over Argentina, but their African counterparts Nigeria lost to Spain 1-0. Quarter-Finals: - Perhaps the finest player currently in the world, Oliver Chambers-Bramley scored a brace in England’s 2-0 victory over Uruguay, bringing his total to 3 Goals in this World Cup. After a bit of disappointing tournament at Mexico 2026, Chambers-Bramley lived up to his reputation, with a 8.20 AR going into the Semi-Finals as 2018 winners advanced to that stage for the second consecutive time and third time in four tries. - In a huge match, the hosts Italy defeated France on penalties after finishing the match 1-1. This represented the first time Italy had advanced to the Semi-Finals since they won the whole thing at Germany 2006. - Spain defeated Germany surprisingly easily, putting three goals past them on the way to a 3-0 victory. Going into the Semi-Finals now, Spain had conceded only 2 goals. - Colombia made their second straight Semi-Finals appearance, led by Felipe Arias of Man City, as they defeated an impressive Algerian side on penalties after a 3-3 end to the match in what was perhaps the most entertaining so far this tournament. Semi-Finals/Finals: - The hosts advanced to the Finals for the first time since 2006 after defeating Spain 3-0 in an outstanding victory – Italy were now one win away from winning its fifth World Cup title. It was Man United striker Emilio Taurone who played the hero, netting a hat-trick to send their regional rivals packing. - England defeated Colombia 2-1 to make its third ever trip to the Finals, where they would face the hosts Italy. The South Americans played a tough match, but the superior talent of the English shone through in the end, with an 87th minute late goal from their talisman Oliver Chambers-Bramley sealing the deal. - The Finals belonged to England, who defeated Italy 3-0 behind Jadon Sancho’s brace. This was the third title in England’s history, and this was potentially their most talented team of all-time. After struggling in the Group Stages (drawing to Italy and losing to the USA), the English got it together and steamrolled through the Knockout Stages, getting better with each round. The Italians were disappointed with the loss, as they were considered perhaps the favorites to win the trophy. Awards: - Spanish midfielder Marco Asensio won the Best Player award, thanks to him 5 Goals (tied for top) and 7.82 AR while leading his nation to a Semi-Finals appearance. - The Best Young Player was, without a doubt, Algerian striker Abderrahmane Belkeleb – the 21 year old Southampton striker was joint top goalscorer with 5 Goals, nearly leading Algeria to their first ever Semi-Finals appearance before losing to Colombia in the Quarter-Finals. - The Best GK award went to England’s Christopher Larkin, whose play was one of the primary reasons England won their third ever World Cup title.
  10. Lol - I wish! Still struggling to hit mid-table
  11. SEASON REVIEW 2029/2030 All of I have to say is 117 Goals, and you can understand the type of team I have. There is no consistency at the back – whether it is a lack of talent or just bad strategy on part, I don’t know, but it was yet another season of disastrous defending and non-existent presence at GK. Luckily, as has been the trend, our offense ranked 3rd best in the league, keeping us safely away from the relegation zone, leading us to finish in 18th Place. That is actually higher than our last two seasons (both 20th Place finishes), so I guess that is a good thing. We still don’t have a real GK prospect, and I fear until we do, we will linger in mid-table obscurity at best. GOALKEEPERS Jose Chanduvi (2023), 23 Years Old: We are not advancing anywhere if we don’t get a proper GK between our pots, and Chanduvi is definitely not it. This is his third year as a starter, and it is painfully obvious that – in a back-line that is bereft with inadequacy, he is the weakest link. Unfortunately, our Youth Academy has not given us a proper GK prospect since Stratful, and this continues to hold us back in a big way. 2.45 Con/90 is not a number we can build any type of promotion hope on. Rating: 4/10 LEFT DEFENDERS Prince Diallo (2023), 23 Years Old: The 6.55 AR he gave us this season was his career average, so to expect anything drastically different would be foolish at this point. He has not been what we had hoped for, and the only thing saving him at this point is the fact that the entire back-line is just as incompetent as he is. Not much more to say here. Rating: 4/10 CENTRAL DEFENDERS Alan Walker (2026), 19 Years Old: Talent-wise, there can be no doubt that he is amongst the best in the League 2, so quite why his form is 6.60 AR is a bit baffling to me – it just shouldn’t be that low. However, we cannot overlook the fact that 4 different Moderate injuries this season dampened his year, and limited him only to 35 Appearances. Still, this is his 4th year as a starter for us, and the 6.60 AR was actually the second highest figure he has given us so far! Drastic improvement is needed if we want to improve our defense overall. Rating: 5/10 Jordan Osei (2028), 18 Years Old: This is starting to look like Chris Johnson all over again – he has shown zero improvement in the past two years and his form as been dismal. This was his second year as a starter for our team, and although my coaching staff still have him at 5/5 PA, he needs to start showing some progress soon, otherwise he is going to enter his early 20s already being labeled a bust. In 45 Appearances, he registered 1.99 TpG and 6.56 AR, which actually represented an improvement over his 6.51 from last year. Rating: 4/10 RIGHT DEFENDERS Samuel Summers (2022), 24 Years Old: When a 6.66 AR is the highlight of your defensive line, you know something is very, very wrong. That is what Summers gave us in 44 Appearances, along with 3.36 TpG and 2 Assists – his AR this season was the third highest mark of his career thus far. His skill-set has him more suited for a CD role, but we didn’t really have an alternative at right-back and we have plenty of (underachieving) CDs. Overall, even though it was not a good season from him, the fact remains he was the best performing defender we had. Rating: 5/10 CENTRAL MIDFIELDERS Jake Strutton (2022), 23 Years Old: This was a decent season from the malcontent, who seemingly prefers to spend his days complaining. In 39 Appearances, he registered 3 Goals, 6 Assists, 75% Pass Ratio, and 6.95 AR, which was down from 7.13 AR last year. He’s always unhappy about something, and it seemed to affect his form a little bit, but he remains our best CM by a long shot. He has become one of our longest serving players, playing in 289 League Games thus far in his career. Rating: 6.5/10 Tim Cross (2023), 22 Years Old: The last two seasons have been injury-riddled for Cross, and it has shown in his form, as he registered a career-low 6.79 AR (not counting seasons with under 10 Games played). He only played in 33 Games, registering 3 Goals and 2 Assists, a long cry from the 13 Goals he gave us just two seasons ago. I hope the injuries don’t have a lasting effect on his form – he already was an unconventional CM for us, so any hit in his skills would theoretically destroy his form. Rating: 5.5/10 LEFT WINGERS Michael Thomas (2025), 20 Years Old: This was not a good season from our starting left winger and the player with one of the best potential in the squad. He continues to insist he needs to play for a bigger club, and that could have affected his form somewhat – in 35 Appearances (he has to deal with a number of injuries this season), he registered 5 Goals, 7 Assists, and 6.66 AR. All of his numbers were down significantly from last season, and he ended up being more of a liability to our attack than an added value. Hopefully, this is just a one off, and he will get back to decent form next year. Rating: 5/10 RIGHT WINGERS Danny Barry (2021), 24 Years Old: After two consecutive disappointing seasons, Danny Barry finally redeemed himself somewhat this year – he played in 43 Games, registering 7 Goals, , 10 Assists, 2.12 DpG, and 6.99 AR, which was his highest mark in 5 years. Again, I look at his age and cant believe he is only 24 years old, as his 427 League Games and 9 seasons with us would point to him being older. The diminutive winger (who is only 5’5) continues to rely on his pace to threaten the opposition, and I hope we will see a trend upwards in the coming years as he enters his peak. It was not a great season from him, but much better than previous years. Rating: 6.5/10 FORWARDS Michael Thomas (2017), 29 Years Old: I think this was Thomas’ finest season of his career – the club legend and finest player in our history thus far was outstanding from start to finish. His 32 Goals were tied for second in the league, and his 7.18 AR was second best on the team. After two years of dealing with injuries, Thomas played in all 46 Games, and also registered a career-high 16 Assists, which was amongst the best in the League 2. In our 11 years in the League 2, he has failed to score 20 or more Goals in only 2 seasons, and the 32 Goals was actually a career-high. Even though Knill is a lot more talented, it is without a doubt that Thomas remains our talisman. Rating: 8/10 Pearce Knill (2022), 24 Years Old: For a record 4th straight year, Knill was named the Kafra Player of the Year – he is now second only to Michael Thomas, who has won the award 5 times in his career. He was outstanding again this season – 46 Appearances, 29 Goals, 16 Assists, 8 PoMs, 2.23 DpG, 7.48 AR, all of which were career-highs except for the Assists. Between himself and Thomas, they kept our team out of the relegation battle and in respectability (somewhat). The good news is, he is unhappy because he wants a new contract, which I will try to work out with him in the summer. Under no circumstances can I allow him to leave the club, as he is our best player by a long margin at this point. Rating: 9/10 HOT PROSPECTS None. YOUTH INTAKE Ahmad Harb - Brandon Boud – Dafydd Jardine I am not a big fan of this Intake – we have some potentially useful players, but again, no GK prospect, which we are in desperate need for. Ahmad Harb will no doubt be a contributor, perhaps as early as next year, as a back-up for Danny Barry, and who knows – maybe a few years down the line he will become the more talented of the two. I am not really a fan of anyone else, though. Rating: 6/10
  12. Its crazy how one match can turn around years of financial hardship - we played Arsenal once and we went from financially poor to healthy!
  13. Ive actually never tried that - does it help? I can deal with players being upset if it stops the board from accepting these ridiculous, completely unrealistic offers. LOL - I wish! I really think there is something missing here - the fact the board can accept the offer and you cant do anything about it. At least make it option that we can turn off!
  14. Sometimes, I just feel like giving up on this save. How are we supposed to move forward when any decent prospect we end up having gets sold right off the bat? And for so little, too. The board accepted a £70K transfer for Darville "because it was too good to turn down", and for some reason I could not protest it, so I offered him for as much as I could to other clubs and turned that deal into £170K - which is still nothing for him. I don't know how we are expected to improve.