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  1. For anyone interested, this is the Create-a-Player that I did for this temporary save I'm playing till I get home:
  2. I'll have my IT guys look at it when I'm back home. They have saved a hard drive for me before, so I should be able to do that. Thanks for the suggestion! It is difficult - literally 2-3 players came be the entire difference between struggling and succeeding. The most frustrating thing for me is thinking I have a good/great Intake, and then the players just don't develop. Hate that!
  3. Lol I actually did - I have to get my FM fix. I did the same concept - Create-a-Club but I replaced Bury so I can start in the League 2. Then I did a crazy Create-a-Player (15 year old Striker) to start me off, lol. I'm not abandoning the save - I was thoroughly enjoying it. I do have to wait to get back home to fire it up again. My travel computer just stopped working, wouldn't turn on. I got a new one, but no way of getting back the save because the backup is at home.
  4. So my computer broke, which is why there hasn't been an update in a while. I have a backup to this save at home which would erase the last two seasons (better than nothing), but the current problem is that home is a few thousand KMs away and I wont be getting back to late may!
  5. Amazing start to what looks to be like an amazing read! You've started much lower down than I did, and that already proved a difficult task, so good luck to you!
  6. Nope, not yet. Still the same 4-2-2-2 formation, although I do tinker sometimes with the defined roles.
  7. Yes, usually its the Premier League that is dominating at this point in the save, so its a surprise seeing how well the Bundesliga are doing. Shalke just won its 3rd Champions League title in the past few years, defeating M'gladbach in the Finals. Thank you for reading!
  8. SEASON REVIEW 2042/2043 TEAM REVIEW KEY PLAYERS PLAYER OF THE YEAR Ricardo Marques (2030), 29 Years Old, Left Winger (95 Caps/41 Goals): This is the 7th time Marques has won the Kafra Player of the Year, putting him behind only Lewis Hodges (10 times) for the record of most won. Marques, however, has surpassed Hodges in the Kafra’s GOAT conversation – I don’t think there is any doubt that he is the best player to ever don a Kafra jersey. In 34 Appearances, he registered 19 Goals (3rd in PL), 11 Assists (4th in PL), 9 PoMs (3rd in PL), 48 Key Passes (2nd in PL), 17 Chances Created (1st in PL), 1.85 DpG, and 7.52 AR (2nd in PL). His AR was the second highest of his career, and he was easily one of the finest players in the PL this season, as he has been for the past several years. The fact that he is approaching 100 Caps for England also is a testament of just how incredible he has been as player. My one wish for him at this point would be to play meaningful Champions League football while still in the prime of his career. Rating: 8/10 – Career DEFENSE Giorgos Panagiotou (2035), 23 Years Old, Central Defender: Another solid season from Panagiotou, and the good news is the team showed some (albeit not too significant) progress on defense. In 35 Appearances, he registered 3 PoMs, 1.95 TpG, 9 Key Tackles (10th in PL), 77 Key Headers (3rd in PL), 149 Interceptions (2nd in PL), 51 Shots Blocked (1st in PL), and 6.90 AR, which was higher than his career average of 6.85 AR. His 3 PoMs were a career-high, and it was good to see him become one of our leaders in the back. Despite his young age, he has already played in 286 League Games for us, and his calm and controlled demeanor and play shows maturity beyond his years. Rating: 7/10 MIDFIELD Josh Vincent (2030), 29 Years Old, Central Midfield: Although he played in 33 Games, he only started 9 of them, with Tom Craig becoming the preferred partner of Muller in the starting lineup this year. This is not a slight against Vincent, who continued doing what he does best – consistent and durable play. He registered 3 Goals, 4 Assists, 1.81 TpG, 80% Pass Ratio, and 6.88 AR (down from 7.04 AR last season), which are good numbers for someone who was getting less than 30 Minutes most games. My coaching staff have pointed out that he could have real problems with injuries going forward as he grows in age, but I have not seen any hints of that yet. Rating: 6.5/10 Mick Muller (2037), 22 Years Old, Central Midfielder: Muller did not have a good season by his standards – his AR dipped from 7.16 to 6.87 this season. In 36 Appearances, he registered 2 Goals (down from 8), 6 Assists, 1 PoM, 1.97 TpG, 82% Pass Ratio, and 6.87 AR (down from 7.16 AR). His PA is now at 4/5 after being at 5/5 his entire career, so my staff think he is playing close to his full potential at this point. Honestly, I would have liked to see him develop more, but it doesn’t seem likely, which means he will fall in line with a current trend I have going on of developing respectable PL players that are not stars. Rating: 6.5/10 Tom Craig (2038), 21 Years Old, Central Midfielder: I thought I would get a better season from Craig – he seemed primed to be the kind of creative midfielder I have been yearning for in my team, but he left me disappointed. In 35 Appearances, he registered 3 Goals, 3 Assists, 1.17 TpG, 81% Pass Ratio, 1.02 DpG, and 6.81 AR, which was down from 6.86 AR. He has fantastic technical abilities to go with good attacking skills, so I thought he would compliment Muller well and started him alongside the player as opposed to our long time starter Vincent. Hopefully, he will do better next year, because the ability is there and is obvious. Rating: 6.5/10 ATTACK Dan Demby (2027), 32 Years Old, Striker (18 Caps/2 Goals): After giving us his finest season of his career (30 Goals, 7.46 AR), Demby started showing his age this season (30 Apps, 15 Goals, 8 Assists, 7.19 AR), and actually went down with a hip injury that ruled him out of the last 6 weeks of the season. Demby and Marques have been the focal points of our offense for the past decade, and the former has been one of the highest scoring and most consistent goalscorers in PL during that time. Those times have probably reached an end for the 32 year old, but Demby has already earned the title of legend at the club – in fact, I would put him behind only Marques and Hodges in terms of the greatest player of all-time conversation at Kafra. Rating: 7/10 Daniel Jackson (2035), 24 Years Old, Striker (4 Caps/1 Goal): After 3 years of scoring 12 Goals, he finally broke the trend and scored 18 Goals in his 38 Appearances this season – he also registered 6 Assists and 7.07 AR, his highest mark since his sensational 2038/39 season. He is now at 4/4 CA and 4/4 PA, and my staff consider him a “Good Player” for most PL teams, which is good considering he hasn’t really developed much in the past 2-3 years. He is a very similar player to Demby, and if he can have the same kind of effect on the team that Demby did, we will be in a good place. Rating: 7/10 HOT PROSPECTS Josh Peacock (2039), 20 Years Old, Right Winger: Although he delivered quite a decent season (33 Apps, 8 Goals, 5 Assists, 3 PoMs, 1.58 TpG, 76% Pass Ratio, 1.54 DpG, 6.93 AR), his lack of development in his attributes basically means he is not our long term solution at right wing. That’s a shame, because I had high hopes for him and he looked so good coming out of the Youth Academy. He still has the tag “Wonderkid” so there is some reason for optimism, but that has not amounted for much with other players in the past few years. Nathan Johnson (2039), 20 Years Old, Goalkeeper: Time will tell if I did the right thing selling Taylor and naming Johnson as my permanent starter, but his second season as our No.1 went pretty OK – in 38 Appearances, he registered 1.71 Con/90, 7 Clean Sheets, and 6.95 AR. The most important thing now is for him to continue his improvement – the main reason I decided to start him over Taylor was that he had the potential to be a better GK as opposed to a direct comparison between the two. If he does improve in the next 2-3 years, my decision will be validated. Gary Barrett (2040), 19 Years Old, Right Defender: He did better in his second full year as starter (32 Apps, 3 Assists, 1.81 TpG, 6.75 AR – up from 6.67 AR), and he is already looking like he could be a better player than Bamford could’ve been. I love his skill-set (especially his pace), but I want to see a little more improvement in his defensive skills. Hopefully, he will continue is strong progress – he has the look of a talented right-back if he can live up to his potential. Isaac Diallo (2041), 17 Years Old, Central Defender: The good news is that my staff still have him rated 5/5 PA, and that he has shown very decent progress in his attributes over the past couple of years. If he can keep his development up, he will be in line for much more than just the 9 Appearances he got this year, especially as Smith is now getting older and less reliable. Junior Boumsong (2042), 17 Years Old, Striker: Will he be the one to replace Demby in the starting lineup? He is definitely the leading candidate right now, thanks to his potential and already strong Finishing abilities. He has good pace, which is something I also look for, and decent Technical abilities as well. The bad news is my coaching staff have downgraded his PA to 4.5/5, so I don’t know if that means they don’t believe he can be a star or not, but right now, he is the most enticing striker prospect we have. Tommy Brotherton (2042), 17 Years Old, Central Defender: He is now only 4/5 PA rated, which is worrying, but considering how young and versatile he is (he can play across the defensive line), I am still a big fan. He has shown good improvement, especially in his defensive skills, so my hope is that his development will be strong and he can turn out to be a quality player for us. IMPORTANT PLAYERS LEAVING/RETIRING Aaron Taylor (2033) – Career: Our starting GK for 8 years from 2033 up till 2041, Taylor is the best GK in the club’s history at this point. The 26 year old was sold to Wolves for £2.9M after I chose to start Johnson over him and he said he didn’t want to be a No.2, Taylor played in 306 League Games for the club, registering 45 Clean Sheets and 6.91 AR over the course of his Kafra career. All of his seasons were in the Premier League, over the past 5 years, he had missed just 2 Games. Callum Foley (2032) – Career: A typical overachiever who accomplished so much more than expected for us, the Irish international (19 Caps/4 Goals) was sold to Serbian club Javor for £1.4M this season after losing his place in the first team. He played in a total of 224 League Games for us, registering 18 Goals, 31 Assists, and 6.91 AR over the course of the 8 years he was with the first team. He was actually a starter at one point in mid 2030s at CM for us, before becoming part of the rotation and eventually losing his place to younger, more talented midfielders. Still, if I had a team of players that worked as hard as Foley, we would probably be PL champions by now! He was a personal favorite, so he will be missed. YOUTH INTAKE Lee Harrison - Samuel Opoku – Ben Leary Lee Harrison is the gem here, and considering how Peacock has not developed the way I would have liked at right midfielder, Harrison should have an immediate chance to play. Leary could also challenge for playing time at the same position, with Opoku potentially having the ability to give Marques a rest or two at the left wing position depending on how fast he develops.
  9. Thanks! We have some real tough competition at the top, and breaking into the Top Four is a feat in itself right now!
  10. Thanks! Getting towards the end of the 2042/43 season now.
  11. Looks like a decent group: Porto finished 4th in the Portuguese league last season, but were champions the year prior to that and were their league's dominant team in the 2030s - Sampdoria have been strictly a mid-table team for the past couple of decades, with their 5th Place finish last season their highest finish since 2031 - Red Star Belgrade won four titles in a row before finishing in 3rd Place in the Serbian league last season.
  12. SEASON REVIEW 2041/2042 TEAM REVIEW After struggling through last season and missing out on a spot in Europe, the team bounced back, showing great improvement and much more consistent form. Led, as usual, by our stellar offense (Dan Demby was the PL’s Top Goalscorer with 30 Goals), the team battled its way back into a Europa League spot, despite some rough patches and a generally bad defense. We were the best team offensively in the Premier League, but we countered that by being the worst team defensively. I made a few changes in the lineup that I was not even thinking about at the beginning of the season, with the biggest being benching GK Aaron Taylor in favor of young prospect Nathan Johnson. I also gave a few young CD prospects extended playing time, which might have contributed to our defensive frailty – then again, we have never been a team known for his defensive prowess in any case. Our 5th Place finish was a record-high, and we were just 6 points off a Champions League spot, so we are inching closer. The best news I received this season, however, was that my Junior Coaching is now at an Exceptional level – this happened after I downloaded the update, so it must have fixed that problem. In the Premier League, Chelsea took the title for the 4th consecutive year (in these 4 years, they also won 2 Champions League titles), with Tottenham finishing as Runners-Up for the 2nd year in a row. Man City (3rd) also finished in the same position as last year, but the big surprise was Watford (4th) capturing the last Champions League spot – this was a team that got promoted last season and finished 6th. Sheffield United (6th) and Man United (7th) joined us in the Europa League. In the Champions League, Malaga made its 3rd Finals in hopes of winning its first title, this time against first time Finalists Bordeaux – both teams won their respective leagues and were widely considered the best teams in Europe this season. It was not to be for Malaga, as Bordeaux won their first ever title after 1-0 extra time victory – it would be the first time a French team won the competition since Paris Saint-Germain took it in 2033. KEY PLAYERS PLAYER OF THE YEAR Dan Demby (2027), 31 Years Old, Striker (16 Caps/1 Goals): The Premier League’s Top Goalscorer with 30 Goals, Demby once again proved to be one of the most dangerous players in the PL. For some reason, Demby reminds me of Andy Cole in a lot of ways, which is a compliment to the fake player. In 38 Appearances (he has missed only 3 Games in the past 4 years, all coming last season), he registered a PL high 30 Goals, 6 Assists, 8 PoMs (career-high), 80% Pass Ratio, 68% Shot Target (2nd in PL), 23% Shot/Goal Conversion Rate (4th in PL), 52 Key Passes (3rd in PL), 12 Chances Created (5th in PL), and 7.46 AR (career-high and 4th in PL). He was named in the PL Team of the Year for the 2nd time in his career (2036/37 was the 1st time), and was named the Kafra Player of the Year for the 3rd time, tying Curtis Slone for 3rd most of the award in the club’s history, behind only Lewis Hodges (10 times) and Ricardo Marques (6 times). He now has 546 League Appearances and 246 League Goals under his belt, as well as 109 Assists and 7.15 AR over his career. At this point, I would point him behind only Hodges and Marques in terms of greatest Kafra player of all-time. Legend in all meaning of the word for us. Rating: 9/10 DEFENSE Steven Smith (2028), 30 Years Old, Central Defender: He has spent more than half of his career looking over his shoulder as I sought more talented players to take his starting spot, but now as he turns 30, he remains our starter at CD and is fast approaching 500 League Games for us. It is a testament to his consistency and reliability, and this season was no different – in a backline berift with problems, Smith was once again our most stable force. In 35 Appearances, he registered 1.18 TpG (very low, I know), 77 Key Headers (3rd in PL), 151 Interceptions (2nd in PL), 86% Headers Won Ratio (5th in PL), 35 Shots Blocked (3rd in PL), and 6.94 AR (tied for career-best). His Physical abilities are his strength (figuratively and literally), so as he ages, those will decline – hopefully it will not be too quick. Rating: 7/10 Giorgos Panagiotou (2035), 22 Years Old, Central Defender: A couple of injuries put him out of action for over a month this season, limiting him to 30 Games, in which he registered 3 Goals, 1.85 TpG, 44 Shots Blocked (1st in PL), and 6.91 AR (up from 6.82 AR last season). This was his 7th year as our starter at CD, so it’s a bit shocking when you realize he is only 22 years old. His Technical ability is non-existent, but he has continuously improved on his Defensive and Aerial abilities over the past few years, and he is a very decent PL CD at this point. Rating: 7/10 MIDFIELD Ricardo Marques (2030), 28 Years Old, Left Winger (85 Caps/40 Goals): Demby might have been our best player this year, but our most talented and influential player is without a doubt Marques – not only that, but he is arguably one of England’s top two or three players, as well. In 38 Appearances, he registered 15 Goals, 14 Assists (2nd in PL), 5 PoMs, 1.18 TpG, 1.75 DpG, and 7.28 AR – he now has 183 Leagues Goals and 122 Assists along with a career average of 7.23 AR in 425 League Games for the club. Considered a “World-Class Player”, he has no weaknesses except perhaps his weak influence. The team would be a very different place without him, and he is now entering the prime of his career. I have no doubt that when it is said all said and done, he would have replaced Lewis Hodges as our GOAT. Rating: 8/10 Josh Vincent (2030), 28 Years Old, Central Midfield: This was one of Vincent’s better seasons, but we know exactly what we’re getting from Mr. Reliable. In 37 Appearances, he registered 2 Goals, 5 Assists, 1.29 TpG, 78% Pass Ratio, 1.11 DpG, and 7.04 AR (up from 6.97 AR). One of the hardest workers – if not THE hardest worker – on the team, Vincent has a motor that just keeps running no matter what. From the same ’30 Youth Class as Ricardo Marques, he is the kind of player that does everything well enough but is not great at anything in particular. Still, he remains one of our most important players, and at times, he is the team’s heartbeat in the middle of the pitch. Rating: 7/10 Mick Muller (2037), 21 Years Old, Central Midfielder: He is no longer classified as a “Wonderkid”, but my coaching staff still have him at 5/5 PA, with a 3.5/5 CA currently. A fractured lower leg ended his season early, but he still managed 31 Appearances, registering 8 Goals, 4 Assists, 2 PoMs, 2.48 TpG, 81% Pass Ratio, and 7.16 AR, which was a career-high and a good improvement over 7.03 AR from last season. He is a strong player despite his relatively small stature – he is a bit of bully on the pitch. Hopefully he will bounce back from his major injury without any incidents – I expect him to be back and in full form by the beginning of next season. Rating: 7/10 ATTACK Daniel Jackson (2035), 23 Years Old, Striker (4 Caps/1 Goal): He scored 12 Goals for the 3rd straight season, so now we can officially classify his insane 2038/39 season an exception rather than the norm. He added 8 Assists, 3 PoMs, and 7.05 AR (up from 6.96 AR) in 35 Appearance, so its not like he is a lost cause, but he just isn’t what he seemed he would become. At this point, I am not against seeing who I have in terms of striker prospects and giving them some minutes at Jackson’s expense if it would aid their development. With Demby getting older, I am not confident that Jackson will be able to fulfill the role that he would leave behind and consistently score 25 Goals a season. Rating: 7/10 HOT PROSPECTS Tom Craig (2038), 20Years Old, Central Midfielder: He has improved a lot since coming out of the Youth Academy with the exception of his Determination, which has gone down from 19 to a paltry 12! He is branded as a “Wonderkid”, and I like his skill-set a lot. I gave him a good run of playing time this season despite having two solid starters in Muller and Vincent, and he did reasonably well. In 27 Appearances, he registered 6 Goals, 3 Assists, 1.15 TpG, 78% Pass Ratio, 1.01 DpG, and 6.86 AR. With a little more improvement in the coming year or two, he could be quite a player. Josh Peacock (2039), 19 Years Old, Right Winger: He has not turned out to be the player I had hoped for, with minimal improvement in his attributes thus far. I stuck with him as my starter, but the reality is Duncan used to give us more at the position. In 30 Appearances, he registered 3 Goals, 7 Assists, 1.48 TpG, 75% Pass Ratio, 1.41 DpG, and 6.96 AR, which was an improvement over the 6.85 AR from last year. My staff have already downgraded his PA to 4/5, and they don’t consider him a PL level player yet, which I agree with. Let’s see if he will show any signs of late development in the upcoming season. Nathan Johnson (2039), 19 Years Old, Goalkeeper: Just two games into the season, I pulled the trigger and benched our long-time starter Aaron Taylor for Johnson and didn’t look back. He is already Taylor’s equal in nearly every aspect, but the difference is Johnson has a lot of time and room to grow, while Taylor has reached his top potential already. In 36 Games, he registered 2.14 Con/90 and 6.99 AR, which is in line with what Taylor was giving us. If he continues improving at this pace, however, he will end up being a much better GK. Gary Barrett (2040), 18 Years Old, Right Defender: Barrett was another youngster who was given the chance to become a starter this season, as I benched Bamford in hopes the extra playing time would expedite his development. He’s got a great skill-set – good Pace, good Mental abilities, and improving Defensive attributes. The season wasn’t great in terms of form (32 Apps, 3 Assists, 2.09 TpG, 6.67 AR), but it was his first as our starter so I will not judge too harshly. Isaac Diallo (2041), 17 Years Old, Central Defender: My staff are big fans (5/5 PA), and he showed some good form in his 12 Appearances, registering 1.69 TpG and 6.89 AR – not bad numbers for his rookie season. Now, he needs to buck the trend and actually develop well, something with CDs in the past have not done. IMPORTANT PLAYERS LEAVING/RETIRING None of note. YOUTH INTAKE Junior Boumsong - Tommy Brotherton This looks like a decent Intake – this is my first one after the patch fixed my Junior Coaching level and made it Exceptional (it was stuck on Average for a number of years). Boumsong looks like he could turn out to be a decent striker, but Brotherton is the one that really intrigues me. We have had a bunch of defensive prospects that looked great coming out of the Academy that didn’t pan out over the years, so I am really hoping this one is different.
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