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  1. Fantastic save and career! Congrats on the first big step - surviving the drop.
  2. Thompson is going to be my new starting left winger! Love his pace. I don't know about the anyone else - I don't have high hopes for Mlakar, but let's see.
  3. SOUTH KOREA 2034 - WORLD CUP OMAR EVERETT (2029) JAMAICA (31 Caps/5 Goals) - Central Defender – 21 Years Old WORLD CUP – SOUTH KOREA 2034 Having made the last four World Cups, Jamaica was looking to build on its best ever finish after making it to the Second Round, where the Caribbean nation lost to Australia 2-0. Omar Everett, despite his young 21 years, was actually only the fifth youngest player on the squad, although only one other starter was younger than him. They were underwhelming this World Cup, however, losing both of their Group B matches (1-0 to N
  4. LOOKING BACK - YOUTH CLASS 2022 The ’22 Youth Class was the first ever that came up from the Sophara Youth Academy. At the time, the club had barely survived its first season in the Vanarama National league after being promoted from the Vanarama South in its first year, so any influx of talent was sorely needed. It ended up being a weak class that only delivered one player of note – Jonathan Aboagye, one of the club’s greatest players of all-time and its star in the early to mid-2020s. There are a couple of players playing part-time in some of the lower leagues around the United Kingdom
  5. SOPHARA UNITED SEASON REVIEW 2033/2034 TEAM REVIEW OVERVIEW: No one expected Sophara United to thrive in its first year in the Championship. Most experts predicted a relegation battle, but once again, the team was vastly underestimated. In fact, for most of the season, Sophara were battling for a Play-Off spot that could have potentially catapulted them into the Premier League. In the end, the young team had to settle for 10th Place, a deal that the manager would have gladly made at the beginning of the season. The offense was ranked as the 6th best in the Champio
  6. SOPHARA UNITED SEASON REVIEW 2032/2033 TEAM REVIEW OVERVIEW: After an up-and-down start to the season, Sophara United picked up speed in October and never looked back. By the end of January, the squad were fighting for 1st Place – by the end of March, Sophara had put some much distant between it and its rivals at the top of the table that the title was pretty much in the bag. A league-best offense carried the team but the defense (9th best) was more than solid enough. Four years in the League One and there was improvement every year – last season, Sophara finished
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