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  1. This is the Best Overall up until 2045. It is pretty accurate with 2 glaring omissions: GK Aidan Connolly and CM Alexis Milton. I think Milton should be voted in before either Al-Mallah or Grant, and have them fight for the spot next to him. I don't doubt that when his career is done, Al-Mallah is going to be our greatest CM of all-time, but for now, that honor goes to Milton. For what its worth, I would put Milton alongside Al-Mallah. The even bigger crime here is putting Walker over whom I consider our 4th best player of all-time after Bloodworth, Davies, and Flynn. Connolly is without
  2. Not bad for our first time in the Champions League - made the Quarter-Finals. We were woefully overmatched by Man City, a team we play much better against in the Premier League. The 2nd Leg especially was painful - most of my team (with the exception of Bloodworth) spent the game with their body language in the red, probably overwhelmed by the occasion.
  3. Tough Game - their striker Russell Lane hit us for 4 Goals:
  4. Big Quarter-Finals draw, although I must admit I had not realized Man City never won the CL title before!
  5. That would be the ideal scenario, especially Porto - I don't really know how dangerous Hamburg are as they won the whole thing a few years ago!
  6. This is the Champions League overview after the Second Round.
  7. The youngster Rhys Mullan has just written his name in the club's history books regardless of where his career goes from here. The last second game-winner at the end of extra-time.
  8. Big result in Italy! This is the First Leg of Second Round of the 2044/45 Champions League - we got through the Group Stages relatively easily, and this was our first ever CL knockout round match.
  9. You know I really thought we would have been doing better 3-4 years back, but it seemed we just couldnt figure it out. The team is strong, so I am not surprised we won, but I didnt expect us to "get it" so quick. I figured it would follow the pattern of previous saves and be a gradual climb to the PL title. Not that I am complaining, lol.
  10. Haha yea, but our match with Leeds was comfortable all the way through. I believe they scored 2 late goals, but we were the stronger team throughout the match. It helped that we were responsible for our own fate.
  11. It was an amazing feeling - I think the last time I was this excited about winning a title in this game was FM16.
  12. SEASON REVIEW 2043/2044 TEAM REVIEW After nearly 20 years of languishing in mid-table obscurity in the Premier League and having experienced some sort of heartbreak in each of previous 5 seasons, the way it clicked together (finally!) this season as we scored our way to the Premier League title was especially sweet. We had record breaking seasons from Matt Boyce (who is ready to take his place amongst the elite strikers of the world) and Danny Bloodworth (who belongs in the conversation of all-time greats) and career se
  13. I find that every save, I'll get an influx of certain positions, and I'm starting to think the HOYD - which is the only constant between Intakes - has alot to do with the positions, too.
  14. You are spot on - our defense is currently 13th best in the PL, which is the highest we have ever registered by far (last season we were 17th). Our offense has been stuff of legends this season, though - my team looks like a steam engine barreling down its tracks on the counter attack, its a sight to be seen!
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