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  1. Not yet - our team isn't complete enough and the likes of Man United and even Tottenham have gotten alot stronger over the past few years. Our 'Golden Generation' - which is now coming to an end with the retirement of Thompson and inevitable retirement of Gibson and Craig - was simply more talented at its peak than the current crop, it seems, and they could only capture the PL title once. Gibson is a legend of any save I have ever played, and I've been playing consistently since 1998!
  2. SOPHARA UNITED SEASON REVIEW 2053/2054 TEAM REVIEW While no one can deny that Sophara United have been one of the better teams in Europe over the past several years, they continue to find it difficult to get over the final hurdle and win a title. The exception, of course, was the 2050/51 season where they captured the English Premier League title for the first time. That being said, their 2nd Place finish behind now three-time defending champions Manchester United was their highest finish since their title-winning campaign. Usually, it would be the offense that would hav
  3. Hey! Thanks for the compliments and reading! Danny Marriott left us and joined Weymouth and never played or another club. After he left us, he never scored double digit goals again, retiring at the age of 29 in 2033. He truly is a case of what could have been. As for Ben Gibson, he has had one of the greatest careers of any player I have in the Kafra/Sophara saves. What a legend. Arinze Mbah definitely has a soft spot in my heart and he is also one of my favorites! Although his coaching stats are not good, he is still with the club as one of our U18 Coaches! I didn't have the he
  4. Awesome save - it was great following it!
  5. Thanks - yes, Gibson has been a hell of a player. Even though his speed and physical stats might make him a liability at this point, I can't bench him! Gonna keep playing him until he retires.
  6. SOPHARA UNITED SEASON REVIEW 2052/2053 TEAM REVIEW Sophara United finished in 3rd Place for the second consecutive season and although that was a good final result, the squad’s form was a far cry from their title winning 2050/51 campaign. Ben Gibson had to turn back the years, scoring 31 Goals to win the Premier League’s Top Goalscorer award for an incredible 6th straight time and also scoring 11 Goals in the Champions League to win his 4th CL Top Goalscorer in a row. The club advanced to the Champions League Semi-Finals for the second time in its history after a histori
  7. Thanks! Working on the season update now, it should be up sometime this weekend. Probably my finest result this save, although we couldnt carry that momentum past the Semi-Finals
  8. Its summer and the so spending some family time with the kids, but will keep going until the next one is out! My team's current crop does not look equal to the generation before it, so it's going to be a challenge!
  9. Maybe my greatest victory in this year's save - Barcelona have become an incredibly strong team, buying multiple £100M+ players over the past few years to go with their consistently great newgens.
  10. Honestly one of the greatest careers of any player I have had over the last 5 years when I first started my Youth Only saves. What a giant.
  11. HOLLAND/BELGIUM 2052 – Euro Championship INTRO/GROUP STAGES A total of 6 Sophara United players represented the club at Holland/Belgium 2052 – three were tasked with defending England’s title including the captain of the squad Ben Gibson, with the other two being Tyler Craig and Lionel Wilkins. Northern Ireland were in Group F – the same as England – and had Anthony Wise in their lineup, while Wales were being led by Kurtis Thompson and world-class GK Chris Davies. The defending champions England – who defeated Scotland (Group A) in the Finals in Paris four years ago at France
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