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  1. SEASON REVIEW 2026/2027 Even though we had a regression in terms of our place in the league table (from 12th Place to 16th Place), even though we had the same defensive problems, and even though our form was maddeningly inconsistent, I came away from this season encouraged. We seem to be developing a good core that, for the first time in the history of the club, wants to stick around and play together. The exception is our star GK Brandon Stratful, who signed a Free Transfer agreement to go to Scotland and play for Dunfermline, but he hasn’t given us a good season in a few years, and I am actually kind of happy to see him go and get this over with. We have a lot of work ahead of us, but for the past two years, we have completely avoided the relegation battle and instead been involved in mid-table wars, so progress has been made. With the core of the team now committing to stick together for the next few years as they approach their prime, I have a good feeling about the upcoming season. GOALKEEPERS Brandon Stratful (2018), 24 Years Old: A turbulent relationship comes to an end – this was Stratful’s last season with us before moving on to Scotland, as he agreed to a deal during the January transfer window to move north on a Free Transfer move. In all honesty, even though my coaching staff considers him the best we have in terms of talent, I am relieved he will finally be taking his toxicity out of our club. He was not even playing that well, anyway – in 46 Appearances, he registered 1.98 Con/90 and a career-low 6.67 AR. I wish it didn’t have to end like this with him, and he is definitely one of the greatest players to ever come out of the Kafra Youth Academy thus far, but I am happy to move on at this point, even if we have no decent GK in our ranks currently. He ends his Kafra career with 278 League Appearances and 6.67 AR. Rating: 5/10 LEFT DEFENDERS Prince Diallo (2023), 20 Years Old: It is one step forward and two steps back for the Ghanaian fullback. Instead of building up on the improvement of last year, he stagnated and actually regressed a little bit. In 45 Appearances, he registered 4 Assists, 2.88 TpG, and 6.59 AR, down from 6.61 AR last year. It’s a bit confusing because my coaching staff have him at 3/5 CA and still rank him at 5/5 PA, but his form is no where near that suggestion. He has the right skill-set for what I demand from full-backs, but he just cannot seem to figure it out in games. I have not given up on him yet because his talent at this point is too tantalizing, but I don’t think I can be patient forever. Rating: 4.5/10 CENTRAL DEFENDERS Samuel Summers (2022), 21 Years Old: The center of my defense went from being perhaps the most predictable in terms of lineup in my squad to the most chaotic in a span of just a year. Barnett left the club in the summer, and Skeete was replaced in the starting lineup, but even after the season ended, I still don’t have a clear cut vision of my starting two going into next season. Summers is perhaps the front-runner, as he seems to be, currently, the most talented out of the bunch. In 45 Appearances, he registered 2.97 TpG and 6.71 AR – obviously, these are not impressive numbers, and I will have to keep a close eye on his form, as well. Still, he looks like he has what it takes to be a decent option going forward. Rating: 5.5/10 Luther Skeete (2020), 23 Years Old: With our defense showing no signs of improving under the current structure, I relegated Skeete to the bench in hopes of seeing results. The once-leader of our backline, he had become overshadowed in both form and talent by other players, and I figured it was time to give those other players a shot. In 38 Appearances (33 as a substitute), he registered 3.46 TpG and 6.64 AR, which was close to his 6.67 AR for his career. He also became an international player this season, earning 2 Caps for Barbados. Rating: 5/10 Chris Johnson (2024), 19 Years Old: Johnson is the proof that you just don’t really ever know with these Intake prospects, sometimes. When he first graduated, he looked to be our new leader of our defense, and I had such tremendous expectations for him. Fast forward three seasons, and the youngster has barely improved, and is now nothing more than an average player. In 23 Appearances, he registered 2 Goals (both in the same game), 3.11 TpG, and 6.70 AR, which to be fair, was second only to Summers in our defense. Overall, it does not look like he will ever be the player I expected. Rating: 5/10 RIGHT DEFENDERS Peter Clark (2021), 22 Years Old: It looks like last season’s form was an aberration as opposed to the new norm, as Clark went back to being the inconsistent, mistake-prone player he was before. In 45 Appearances, he registered 2 Assists, 3.25 TpG, and 6.56 AR, which was even lower than his career-average of 6.60 AR. The reality is, he has registered over 6.60 AR just once in his career, so this was a very typical season from him. I don’t know what I am going to do at right-back going into next season yet, but it is highly unlikely Clark retains his spot in the starting lineup. Rating: 4/10 CENTRAL MIDFIELDERS Jake Strutton (2022), 20 Years Old: It was another relatively solid season from Strutton, who continued to make me look good since giving him the starting spot two years ago at CM. In 43 Appearances, he registered 3 Goals, 7 Assists, 1.53 TpG, 76% Pass Ratio, 2,609 Passes Completed (Best on team), and 7.00 AR. He also continued his hard work in training, showing relatively decent improvements in his abilities. As it stands, my coaching staff think he is currently one of the best players on the team talent-wise, and I tend to agree. Rating: 7/10 Tim Cross (2023), 19 Years Old: The man that looks like a striker has become our second best CM, and continues to play well for us at the position despite not having the traditional strengths in his abilities to succeed at it. In 43 Appearances, he registered 8 Goals, 6 Assists, 2 PoMs, 1.84 TpG, 72% Pass Ratio, and 6.92 AR – although his numbers were slightly down from last season, I don’t fault him and continue to be encouraged by his form. Is he the permanent answer from us at CM going forward? Probably not, but I have no complaints right now. Incidentally, he is now our highest valued player at £99K. Rating: 6.5/10 LEFT WINGERS Michael Thomas (2025), 17 Years Old: He’s improving, so that is a good thing. He is also still very young – he won’t turn 18 until the middle of summer. He also earned his first international Cap, making his debut from Trinidad and Tobago against the Dominican Republic, and I have been rejecting offers from bigger clubs looking to buy him. All signs point to him becoming a very good player for us, and his stats this season were not too bad, either – 40 Appearances, 7 Goals, 6 Assists, 2 PoMs, and 6.73 AR, up from 6.66 AR last season. He is completely right-footed, but given our lack of left wing talent, that is where I have been retraining him. I am excited to see his progression over the next couple of years. Rating: 6/10 RIGHT WINGERS Danny Barry (2021), 21 Years Old: In a completely remarkable turn of events, Barry’s agent approached me and told me that the player wanted a new contract! I had honestly given up hope in retaining him, and I figured this upcoming season would be his last, but as soon as the season ended, I was approached by the agent. I gladly obliged, and now we have him with us for the next few years. This is great news for us, because he is pretty much indispensable at this point – there is no way we lose him and the team continues to get better. In 44 Appearances, he registered 5 Goals, 14 Assists (tied for best in the League), 3 PoMs, 2.03 DpG, and 6.97 AR – his numbers might be down from last season, but I am not worried in the slightest. Aside from the strikers, he is our greatest threat offensively and a big part of why we are a very good offensive team. According to my staff, outside of Brandon Stratful, he is our most talented player, with his 4/5 CA being the highest of anyone remaining on the team. Rating: 7/10 FORWARDS Michael Thomas (2017), 26 Years Old: After negotiations broke down between us, it looked like this would be Thomas’ last season with us – there was no way I could meet his wage demands and he was unwilling to budge. Thankfully, right after the season ended, I tried to open up negotiations one more time, and he was a lot more receptive, and we got the deal done. The best part about it? His new wage is now £3.3K per week, down from his outrageous £8.5K that I was previously paying him, so that is going to ease the pressure on our finances immensely. He might not be the most talented player on our team anymore – he isn’t even the most talented striker – but he remains our captain and our talisman. Thomas actually had one of his better seasons this year, playing in 41 Games and registering 23 Goals, 12 Assists, 3 PoMs, 79% Pass Ratio, 54% Shot Target, and 7.04 AR. Although his numbers were down slightly from last year, his contributions were still immense, and he remains one of our most important – if not most important – players. Rating: 7.5/10 Pearce Knill (2022), 21 Years Old: Say hello to our newly crowned Kafra Player of the Year! Part of a talented ’22 Youth Class that has now taken over the ’21 class as our most talented ever, Knill was given the award despite missing almost three months worth of football with a torn thigh muscle injury. He finished the season having played in 34 Games, registering 19 Goals, 9 Assists, 4 PoMs, 2.64 DpG, and a team-high 7.14 AR. While I would debate that Thomas deserved the award more, it is obvious that he is the most talented of the two at this point, and he is at cusp of giving us a truly great season. His progress in terms of his abilities has been fantastic, and I would love to see what he can do in an injury-free season. Rating: 7.5/10 HOT PROSPECTS Alan Walker (2026), 17 Years Old, DC: Walker is becoming the player that I expected Johnson to become – while he certainly was not impressive in his debut season in terms of form, his improvements in his abilities have been outstanding, and by this time next year, he will easily be our best defender. I have high hopes for the youngster, and if there is anyone in the backline guaranteed a starting spot going into next year, it is Walker. This season, in 42 Appearances, he registered 3.42 TpG and 6.64, which if you compare to my other defenders, is not so bad at all. Hopefully, we will see good improvement in his inconsistent form next year as he gets older. Rating: 6/10 YOUTH INTAKE William Holt - Kevin Peters – Ed Searle I believe this is the first Intake I have where the HOYD does not claim it the prospects have the makings of a golden generation – I don’t know if that finally means my coaching staff are thinking more highly of my current team, or that this Intake is resoundingly bad. As a first impression, it does not look terrible to me, although I cannot consider it anything more than mediocre. I will have to work on Holt as he could potentially be Danny Barry’s backup. No one else really strikes me as capable of holding down a first team spot, however. Rating: 5/10
  2. Is it finally happening? Has my team finally had enough of struggling?!
  3. World Cup 2026 - Mexico Group Stages: In one of the most shocking results in recent history, a stacked Brazilian team – who were also the defending champions – crashed out in the Group Stages, failing to win a single game and finishing behind 2022 Semi-Finalists Belgium and France. Second Round: Italy, who were in incredible form, scoring 15 Goals in their 3 Group Stages games, lost on penalties to Saudi Arabia, who advanced to the Quarter-Finals for the first time in their history…..The hosts Mexico lost to Algeria after a heartbreaking last second goal put the African nation up 2-1…..The 2018 World Cup champions England, led by current World Footballer of the Year and Arsenal striker Oliver Chambers-Bramley, made short work of Senegal…..Japan’s impressive run thus far in the tournament ended at the hands of the Portuguese on penalties – Portugal, who are defending Europeans Champions, advanced to their 3rd Quarter-Finals in a row…..2022 defeated Finalists Holland managed to will a victory against what is considered a superior Spanish team on penalties…..In another huge shock, Ecuador advanced to the Quarter-Finals for the first time in their history (thanks to another last second heroic strike) by defeating a much more heavily favored German team, who were knocked out in the Second Round for the third consecutive time after winning it all in 2014…..Argentina defeated France in the most anticipated matchup of the Second Round, as the French again underachieved following their failure to advance past the Group Stages in 2022…..2022 Semi-Finalists bid farewell to the last vestige of their ‘Golden Generation’ (Hazard, De Bruyne, Lukaku, Courtois) with a surprising defeat to Croatia. Quarter-Finals: Portugal won a hard fought victory over Saudi Arabia, bringing them one match away from making their second-ever Finals appearance (their first was in 2018, where they lost to England). This was Saudi Arabia’s first ever appearance in the Quarter-Finals…..The 2018 winners England were again impressive, dismantling Algeria 4-0 in a dominant victory, despite losing one of their stars in Marcus Rashford for the duration of the tournament…..Holland defeated Croatia 3-0, with Paris Saint-Germain winger Jos Mooij scoring a brace and continuing his campaign as one of the best performers at the tournament…..It took Argentina penalties to separate them from the plucky Ecuadorian side after a 0-0 full-time result, setting them up with a Semi-Finals matchup with Portugal. Semi-Finals/Finals: For the fifth time in their history (and second consecutive time), Holland advanced to the Finals – this time in Mexico City – after defeating England on penalties. The young Dutch squad took advantage two of its key players because of injuries, and after 2-2 full-time result, gave the English an all too familiar result – a penalty shootout defeat. Oliver Chambers-Bramley, the reigning World Footballer of the Year/Golden Ball winner, was slightly disappointing, finishing the tournament with only 2 Goals and 7.08 AR…..Two red cards for Argentina led to two extra-time goals for Portugal, as they defeated the South Americans 2-0 after regulation time finished in a 0-0 draw. The result meant that, for the first time in the tournament’s history, either Portugal or Holland would take home the crown…..A brace from Arsenal star striker Andre Silva finished off Holland in an anti-climatic 3-0 victory for Portugal, who won the World Cup for the first time. Meanwhile, the Dutch had to endure their fifth (!) trip to the Finals, with the prestigious trophy still eluding them…..Argentina took 3rd Place, defeating England. Awards: Dutch star and PSG winger Jos Mooij, who lifted Holland to the Finals put could not put them over that final hurdle, deservedly won the tournament’s Best Player award, registering 2 Goals, 4 Assists, and 7.85 AR…..The Best Young Player award went to Portugal’s winger Nelson Serrao, with the Inter Milan left winger playing a crucial role for the champions down the left side of the pitch…..Belgian GK Courtois won the Golden Glove award despite his nation crashing out in the Second Round, and Moise Kean’s 5 Goals was enough to win him the Top Goalscorer award even though the Italian only played in 2 Games!
  4. SEASON REVIEW 2025/2026 After deep lows you can only go up, and that is what we did. The 2024/25 season was a depressing one, but the team managed to pick itself up and do much better this time around. Obviously, we are still no where near where we want to be, but at least we spent most of the season clear of the relegation fight at the bottom. That being said, I took noikeee’s advice and did a lot of changes with my strategy – I switched to a 4-4-2 with two strikers instead of my favored 4-5-1, and I benched a number of starters in favor of some younger prospects, all of which seemed to work out well as we ended up finishing in 12th Place, a huge jump from last year. The starters who got benched this year were DC Chris Barnett, MC Allan Koriya, MC Ross Hopkinson, and AM Dejan McRae – in truth, it does not look good for any of them, and I don’t see a way back into the first team for them. Our defense was still poor (23rd in the League), but our offense found its mark again, and we were back up to the 4th best offense in the league, with Michael Thomas amongst the leading scorers in the League 2. We really started figuring things out in January, and we never looked back – the 12th Place finish is the best we have achieved yet. This was our seventh season in the League 2, and I can finally start to see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel – now the challenge is keeping this team together and improving. GOALKEEPERS Brandon Stratful (2018), 23 Years Old: For the first time in his career, Stratful had to deal with two relatively major injuries (broken hand and fractured wrist), which limited him to 32 Games, in which he registered 1.88 Con/90 and 6.72 AR. He has one more year on his contract, and although he is not unhappy anymore, he will not sign as he doesn’t believe the club is good enough to match his ambitions. He has not played well the past few years, but I still do not want to lose him – we don’t have a real alternative anywhere close to his talent. I hope I can convince him to stay this coming season. Rating: 6/10 LEFT DEFENDERS Prince Diallo (2023), 19 Years Old: The good news is he showed great improvement this year – the bad news is he was so bad last year that this great improvement only means he gave us mediocre form. In 44 Appearances, the now Ghana U21 left-back registered 2 Assists, 3.52 TpG, and 6.61 AR – his 33 Key Tackles were second most on the team and 1,316 Passes Completed the most of any defender on the team. My coaching staff love his potential (5/5 PA), and I must admit, his dedication in training has shown in some impressive improvements in his abilities. I just need his form to continue improving at this rate, and I will have absolutely no complaints at the position – as it stands right now, however, he remains inconsistent and capable of disappearing in games. Rating: 5/10 CENTRAL DEFENDERS Chris Johnson (2024), 18 Years Old: After being disappointed by Chris Barnett for years, I finally benched him and gave our prospect Johnson the start. So far, however, I have also been left disappointed by the youngster, both by his form and his lack of improvement in his ability. In 37 Appearances, he registered 2 Assists, 3.12 TpG, and 6.71 AR, which was actually a huge improvement over last year (6.57 AR). His 201 Interceptions were 2nd best on the team and 8th overall in the League 2, so there was some cause for excitement, but even my coaching staff have tempered their expectations from him – he was rated 5/5 PA, but they have demoted that down to 4.5/5 PA now. This coming season will be an important year for him – when he came in from the Youth Academy, the squad was in dire need of DCs, but we have had a number come in the last couple of years, including Walker this year. He will have to prove he is worthy of maintaining his position in the starting lineup. Rating: 6/10 Luther Skeete (2020), 22 Years Old: At this point, I think I have a good idea of what Skeete has to offer. He delivered his best season to date (46 Appearances, 2 Goals, 2 PoMs, 3.41 TpG, 40 Key Tackles, 207 Interceptions, 6,73 AR), but it also says something that his best season is also a borderline mediocre one. He was amongst the league leaders in Interceptions and Key Tackles, and actually led the league again in Shots Blocked, showing he has a great knack in terms of defensive positioning, but his consistency is non-existent. He will have good games, and he will give you dreadfully disappointing ones. As of right now, both Skeete and Johnson are on trial, because from the looks of things, one of them will have to make way for Walker if he develops the way I think. Rating: 6/10 RIGHT DEFENDERS Peter Clark (2021), 21 Years Old: How about that? After giving me three straight seasons of less than 6.60 AR, Clark turned it around and ended up being the best player in my entire backline this season. I did not see that coming at all. In 31 Appearances (he was benched for the first couple of months), he registered 3.72 TpG and 6.90 AR, which was easily a career-high. The key here was his ability to being decent in every match – he ended the season being my most reliable player in the back, which is something I cherish given the circumstances of our backline. Hopefully he can keep this up as we strive to be not the most horrible defensive team in the history of football. Rating: 6.5/10 CENTRAL MIDFIELDERS Jake Strutton (2022), 19 Years Old: I gave Strutton the start at CM at the beginning, replacing long-time starter Hopkinson, and never looked back. The youngster gave me everything I was looking for at the position, and really pushed our team forward. In 46 Appearances, he registered 3 Goals, 3 Assists, 3 PoMs, 1.90 TpG, 78% Pass Ratio, team-high 2,692 Passes Completed, and 7.10 AR. The offense ran through him nearly every time, and he was very efficient getting the ball forward. He ended the season as our second highest valued player after Danny Barry, and continued to show great improvements in his abilities. I am very excited to see what kind of season he can give us next year. Rating: 7.5/10 Tim Cross (2023), 28 Years Old: Allan Koriya went down early in the season with broken ribs, and because I did not want to resort to going back to starting Hopkinson, I decided to take a risk and play Cross. Although he was a natural at CM, his talents were absolutely suited from SC and not in the middle of the pitch. Nevertheless, Cross surprised the entire team – in his 26 Appearances, he registered 4 Goals, 3 Assists, 3 PoMs, 2.06 TpG, and 7.18 AR, which was actually the second highest on the team! He showed a surprising knack for coming up with important defensive plays, and now my coaching staff have given a 5/5 PA thanks to his immense improvement in his abilities. Sometimes, you never know who will step up and deliver for you, and Cross certainly did for me. Rating: 7.5/10 LEFT WINGERS Michael Thomas (2025), 16 Years Old: It was definitely a learning year for the rookie, who was put in the starting lineup before he was really ready for it. Still, he did not do a horrible job – 44 Appearances, 7 Goals, 9 Assists, and 6.66 AR might not be great, but it was better than anything I had last year. He has an obvious knack for scoring, and although he did not show great improvement in training, his strength – speed and acceleration – continued to get better. He is still very young, so I have my expectations tempered for next season, as well, but he is looking like he will be the second coming of Danny Barry, which his great for us! Rating: 6/10 RIGHT WINGERS Danny Barry (2021), 20 Years Old: For the second time in his career, Barry was named the Kafra Player of the Year, and with good reason – he was our best player this season. In 46 Appearances, he registered 14 Goals, 18 Assists, 8 PoMs, 2.30 DpG, and 7.17 AR – it is safe to say, as Barry goes, so does the team follow. If he is having a good season, then the team will be better off and having a better season than usual. The problem here is that his contract will expire in two years time, and he currently has expressed no interest in renewing. He might be short, but his speed is electric for us down the right wing – I cannot count how many highlights I’ve watched of Barry barreling past defenders and delivering a perfect cross into the middle. I really hope I will be able to extend his stay at Kafra past 2028. Rating: 8.5/10 FORWARDS Michael Thomas (2017), 24 Years Old: For the second time in his storied career, Thomas eclipsed the thirty goal mark, scoring 31 Goals for us this season, good enough for 3rd best in the League 2. He also played in 40+ Games for the 8th straight season – in fact, his rookie year (39 Games) was the only season he did not hit that number. Our talisman and captain, Thomas continued to add to his already wonderful Kafra legacy, also registering 9 Assists, 3 PoMs, and 7.14 AR – his highest since the 2019/20 season. He also became our most capped player, ending the season with 382 Appearances for his career. The problem here is his contract expires next year, and he has so far refused to renew because he does not believe the club has the financial capabilities to meet his demands. I have done this dance with him before, and he has always ended up resigning, so I hope it will be the same next season. I really, really don’t want to lose him. Rating: 8/10 Pearce Knill (2022), 20 Years Old: One of the big changes I made was reverting to my original formation of 4-4-2, and putting Knill next to Thomas – back in the late ‘10s, it was Bismark Nyarko who had the role and thrived in it. Well, Knill did too – so much so that he actually led the team with 7.19 AR. In 38 Appearances, he registered 15 Goals, 15 Assists, 29 Chances Created (Best on team), and 7.19 AR – I could not have asked for better support for Thomas, who thrived next to Knill. Our offense was so improved with this formation that it actually almost put me in a Playoff position battle. It is safe to say that Knill has officially displaced AM McRae in the starting lineup. Rating: 7.5/10 HOT PROSPECTS Nothing this season – all the hot prospects are starters. YOUTH INTAKE Alan Walker - Reece Sealy Like the ’24 Youth Class, we got a great CD prospect and almost nothing else. Walker looks like the real deal, although I am hoping for better development than what happened with Johnson before him. Sealy looks like he could be a decent prospect for us at MC, especially now that I have blown up the status quo at that position, so I will be watching him with interest. Other than that, however, this is an Intake that will not contribute much to the first team. Rating: 6/10
  5. I'm already calling him Junior. This has been the hardest and most challenging stretch I have been through in my three Kafra saves so far - I have yet to experience relegation in any of the saves, and I don't think it will happen this year, but you hit it right on the money: brutal!
  6. LOL - yes, I had a joke set up about it but I got so caught up in my frustration writing about the season I forgot to put it in!
  7. SEASON REVIEW 2024/2025 I hope my board, which decided to sell Martin Cook for a measly £400K at the beginning of the season, learnt its lesson. We went from being one of the best offensive teams in the league to being one of the worst – that is how much effect a good player can have on the fortunes of a team at this level. Honestly, this was by far the toughest season I have had this far – it was complete and utter mess. Although we technically weren’t the worst defensive team in the league, find me another team who did not have a single defender with 6.60 AR or over – better yet, find me a single team that did not have any player over 6.90 AR. It was an unmitigated disaster of a season, and we were only helped because Carlisle and Gillingham were historically bad. I really don’t have much to say here other than please, dear lord, let next year be better. GOALKEEPERS Brandon Stratful (2018), 22 Years Old: Two more seasons, and our starting GK, whi is one of our most talented players, will be done with us. He has been complaining about wanting to leave non-stop, and this season was no different. I am reluctant to let him go because have no one even comparable to his level of talent on the squad. That being said, I don’t know how much blame I should absolve him of when pertaining to this mockery of a defense I currently have. He registered 46 Appearances, 2.07 Con/90, and tied his career-low with 6.70 AR this year, the second straight year with that AR. Is he playing this bad because of his unhappiness? Is he getting revenge on me this way? Either way, while at this point I would like to, I can’t let him go – we simply do not have any decent talent other than him at the position. Rating: 5.5/10 LEFT DEFENDERS Prince Diallo (2023), 18 Years Old: When you look at his development, you would get encouraged – you would say this kid has the makings of becoming a good fullback at this level. Then you look at his numbers and think maybe not so much – they were terrible. In 40 Appearances, he registered 2 Assists, 3.60 TpG, and a downright horrific 6.42 AR. What happened? And why so bad? I really don’t have the answer here other than the whole team was terrible this year. That is the only thing saving Diallo from me giving up on him completely – the fact that the entire team underperformed individually and collectively. Rating: 4/10 CENTRAL DEFENDERS Chris Barnett (2017), 24 Years Old: Like the rest of my defensive line, Barnett had the worst season in his eight year career. He registered 44 Appearances, 2.13 TpG, and 6.57 AR, which was a career-low. It has become painfully obvious that he does not have what it takes to play well at this level, and his £1,800 per week is now looking like a giant mistake. I don’t have much else to say about him other than Johnson (who wasn’t any better) will be replacing him full-time in the starting lineup come next season. What he once was to what he has now become. Rating: 4.5/10 Luther Skeete (2020), 21 Years Old: Even worse than Barnett, if that’s possible. I don’t know why but my backline just collectively quit this season, and the result was the worst individual season all of them have had. In 44 Appearances, he registered 2 Goals, 2.52 TpG, and 6.52 AR – other stats like his league-leading 17 Shots Blocked and 228 Interceptions (4th in League) are irrelevant when your inconsistency becomes such a big liability. Again, the only thing saving him here is that everyone else on the team was just as bad – as opposed to most other positions, I actually have some options at CD now (I know, what a difference a year makes), so I have a bit of flexibility to play around. I wont tolerate another season like this from him. Rating: 4.5/10 RIGHT DEFENDERS Peter Clark (2021), 20 Years Old: A second season of failure for Clark – 42 Appearances, 4.16 TpG, and 6.51 AR, which actually went down from last year’s 6.57 AR. That brings his career average to a dismal 6.55 AR over four years. I would be lying if I said I was not hoping for a better alternative here, but we don’t have anyone at the position with his talent. That might not stop me from replacing him, however, because really, how much worse can it get? The whole backline was so bad that I kind of want to stop writing about them, so I will end it here. Rating: 4.5/10 CENTRAL MIDFIELDERS Allan Koriya (2019), 21 Years Old: The common theme here is that almost all of my players had career-worst seasons, and the usually consistent and durable Koriya was no exception. In 42 Appearances, he registered 2 Goals, 4 Assists, and 6.71 AR, by far the lowest mark in his career. While the durability was generally there, his form was surprisingly inconsistent, which has led me to consider whether he is the right man to be starting for us going forward. We have had some prospects that have equaled or exceeded him in ability, so that is a decision I will have to make. Rating: 5.5/10 Ross Hopkinson (2017), 23 Years Old: For the second straight season, injuries had a major impact on Hopkinson’s season, and he only was able to play in 29 Games. His 6.59 AR was remarkably and shockingly low, but it also follows a downward trend that has been in place for four years now. Like Koriya, he is now under consideration to be removed from the starting lineup to see if some more talented, younger talent can do the job he once did. I cannot forget about his contributes for the past eight years, but having another season like this cannot happen. Hopkinson, already limited on talent and ability, needs to show he can bounce back from his injuries and contribute in meaningful ways. Rating: 4.5/10 Jake Strutton (2022), 18 Years Old: Going into next season, Strutton might get the chance to play in the starting eleven if he can prove himself more consistent than Koriya or Hopkinson. He certainly has developed superior ability to both, so now is the time to show me he can do it on the pitch. In 39 Appearances (29 as a substitute), he registered 2 Goals, 1 Assist, 3.69 TpG, and 6.74 AR, which was actually higher than both the starters. He developed really well this season, and if he can keep up his hard work in training, then he goes from a maybe starter to a definite one. Rating: 6/10 LEFT WINGERS Mark Munro (2018), 23 Years Old: Back in the starting lineup after the surprising sale of Cook, Munro had, of course, the worst season of his career. He will likely be out of the starting lineup again next year to make room for Michael Thomas 2.0, but the difference is this time his exit from the starting lineup is completely of his doing. 1 Goal, 4 Assists, and 6.58 AR from a player that once led the League 2 in Assists is unacceptable, especially at a crucial position in my overall strategy. Rating: 4.5/10 RIGHT WINGERS Danny Barry (2021), 19 Years Old: This is how you know how bad our season was – Danny Barry went from a 7.33 AR to a 6.78 AR in the course of one season. It was like he wasn’t even the same player – 43 Appearances, 8 Goals, 10 Assists, 3 PoMs, 2.95 DpG, and 6.78 AR. While the numbers are borderline mediocre, he was quite often completely absent during all major attacks we had on the opposition goal – that or he managed to lose the ball. Obviously, I know he is probably the most talented player on our squad, but what bothers me is I know full well what he is capable of, and what he gave me this season was pure rubbish in comparison. I can only hope that our former Player of the Year will have a bounce back season next year as he turns 20. Rating: 6/10 ATTACKING MIDFIELDERS Dejan McRae (2021), 20 Years Old: At this point, I’ve gotten tired of saying how he gave us his worst season to date – unfortunately, it’s a truth that applies to nearly every player on my squad. In 42 Appearances, he registered 2 Goals, 8 Assists, 80% Pass Ratio, and 6.79 AR – mediocrity at its best. He wants to sign a new contract, but he has put a non-negotiable Minimum Release Clause of £150K, so naturally I rejected for now. He still has two years on his contract, and given how little he has improved over the past few years, I am not really too worried about losing him. Rating: 6/10 FORWARDS Michael Thomas (2017), 23 Years Old: For the fifth time in the club’s eight year history, Thomas was named the Kafra Player of the Year, but given the type of year we had, it is like saying he was the tannest guy in Antarctica – it just did not mean much. In 40 Appearances, he registered 20 Goals, 2 Assists (career-low), 2 PoMs, and 6.84 AR. Our offense was amongst the worst in the league one year after being amongst the best because he was our only threat – his goal count was very decent, and god knows what would have happened if he went down with injury. He now has 339 League Appearances and 193 Goals with a 7.07 AR for his career, but I am sure he will look to forget this season and hope for better next year. Rating: 6.5/10 HOT PROSPECTS Chris Johnson (2024), 17 Years Old, DC: When your 6.57 AR is amongst the best in the entire defensive line, you know you have a problem! In a season where I gave no player 7/10 rating, Johnson did the best he could. The good thing about him is that his form improved over the course of the season, even if it went from dreadful to mediocre. He also showed good progress in training, and by the end of the season, he was a frequent name in the starting eleven. Intake: 2/5 CA, 5/5 PA – Current: 2.5/5 CA, 5/5 PA YOUTH INTAKE Michael Thomas - Gavin Simpson - David Turner – David Rogers I like this Youth Class – we have a great prospect that will immediately become our starting left winger, which will be needed since we lost Martin Cook at the beginning of the season. Also, we have a decent CD prospect that looks like he could push Skeete and Barnett for some playing time, and an intriguing Target Man prospect that, although my coaching staff have ranked him really low, looks like he could develop into a good player if he shows dedication in training. Overall, I feel this has been one of my best Intakes, and could potentially challenge the ’21 Youth Class as my best ever in a few years time. Rating: 7.5/10
  8. That's what happened here - it was a deal done on the final transfer day. I wasn't even given a chance to protest!
  9. I wasn't given the chance with this one. As for Chris Johnson, he hasn't done well in his rookie season, but fingers crossed he will develop well!
  10. That's the beauty of the whole thing, and I must say, you develop an attachment to your players in a big way!
  11. The Dark Knights Rise - Murciélagos F.C.

    I want to see Mexico win a World Cup with your players at the helm!
  12. Thanks for the comment! My guess is its going take quite a bit more than 3 seasons before I'm in the Championship - I'm in the lower rungs of the League 2 with no signs of improvement so far. My board seems to want to get rid of my talent for nothing, too.
  13. At least, after years of asking, they finally accepted this.
  14. There really needs to be an option to turn this crap off. Even if the point was to live up to the billing of "manager" and not owner, and thus having things out of your hands, in what world would a player of this potential be sold for £400K? His development and the potential of him having a great season were the top things I was looking towards, and I figured even if I had to sell him a couple of years down the line, I would be able to net millions. Freakin' £400K.
  15. I really hopes he develops the way I envision, and I hope it does it quick!