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  1. Its been a whiiiile since I've experienced this, although admittedly it doesn't count because I ended up buying a couple of players this season, so it wasn't a pure Youth Only.
  2. So I just completed the 2053/54 season, finishing in 3rd Place. It's still just that one Premier League title and Europa League title for us (both in 2052), but here's a quick update on the history of my finishes in this save. I also wanted to share with you shots of Barry Barnett and Charles Addo - it took almost 40 years, but the Youth Academy is finally churning out quality, led by these two:
  3. Thanks! Unfortunately, it does not look like we are going to defend our title successfully - Man United have a 7 point lead and its mid-March, while we're sitting in 3rd. Thanks - it really was. We also won the Europa League, so atleast I can say I managed to get that Premier League title and an important European title under my belt in this save. The Champions League is still the elusive one - I have not won one since I started these Kafra saves in 2016!
  4. So I am going to keep playing this save until FM20 comes out, but I won't be doing anymore updates. That being said, I will share achievements whenever they pop up, such as this big one below!
  5. Yes, it really was. I guess it just wasn't a good season for anyone - the funny thing, despite spending by far the most on players, I think the Premier League is ranked either 3rd or 4th in Europe for best league currently.
  6. SEASON REVIEW 2048/2049 TEAM REVIEW With a few games to go, we were on top of the Premier League dreaming of our first title. When it was all said and done, however, we were lucky to have finished in 4th Place and retained a Champions League spot. I don’t know how I feel about this season – realistically, 4th and a CL spot is a great accomplishment for such a young squad, but it just feels like we fell short. The team did not gel together the right way for much of the season, and a lot of our players either showed a regression in form and/or lack of expected development. A new starting GK meant we had some bumps defensively, and our defense dropped to being the 16th worst in the PL. Despite no one on the team scoring even 15 Goals and our top goalscorer being a CM, we still finished top of the league offensively, which probably speaks more about the state of other team’s offense as oppose to ours. Liverpool ended up taking the title for the first time since 2029 in what was the closest finish at the top of the PL in recent times. In the Champions League, we managed to move past a tough group (we exited at the Group Stage last year), only to fall victim to Shalke 04 – the German team are perfect 4 from 4 in their Finals appearances, having lifted the CL title in 2035, ’38, ’40, and ’43. KEY PLAYERS PLAYER OF THE YEAR Seb Whiteman (2046), 19 Years Old, Central Midfielder: The 19 year old Whiteman effectively replaced Boateng as the heart of our team this season, taking impressive steps forward in terms of both his development and form. In 35 Appearances, he registered 13 Goals, 6 PoMs, 2.94 TpG, 78% Pass Ratio, 1.10 DpG, and 7.23 AR – additionally, he was the team leader in Passes Completed and had a decent 27 Key Passes. Is the beginning of a legendary career? I sure hope so – we need a talisman very badly now that Marques is pretty much done. Whiteman wouldn’t have been my first guess, but if he is the one to lead us, I would have no complaints because I have really fallen in love with this youngster. Rating: 8/10 DEFENSE Gary Barrett (2040), 25 Years Old, Central Defender (21 Caps/1 Goal): I am featuring Barrett not because of his form, but because of highly he is rated along with how talented his is. Still, his form has been lacking – 35 Appearances, 4 Goals, 2.04 TpG, 6.75 AR (down from 6.81) is not a good return for a star player who is England’s starting right-back at this point. If he can get to a point where he is giving us 7.00 AR a season constantly going forward, I would classify this player as a great success. Until then, he remains an underachiever in my eyes, and a core reason why our defense just won’t get better. Rating: 6/10 Solomon Okafor (2044), 21 Years Old, Central Defender (1 Cap): After featuring for Sheffield United last year and impressing, I put Okafor in the rotation this season and was not disappointed. In 24 Appearances, he registered 2 Goals, 1.28 TpG, and 6.94 AR, which were decent numbers for his first real season with the first team. He also continued to show decent improvement in his attributes, so going forward, I am considering him one of my starters at the CD position, at least to start next season. Rating: 6.5/10 MIDFIELD Michael Boateng (2040), 24 Years Old, Central Midfielder (Ghana: 32 Caps/7 Goals): Very disappointed in his season – from 7.31 AR two seasons ago to 6.93 AR this year, his drop in form has been bad. The only thing I can think of that coincides with his drop in form has been the development of Whiteman and Atkinson, but I don’t see why that should affect him since he has been our primary starter. His 2 Goals (down from 13 two seasons ago) were a career-low and was a good reflection on his season in general. I hope he picks it back up next season. Rating: 6/10 Lee Harrison (2043), 22 Years Old, Right Winger: This is why I am always apprehensive of my staff’s reports – Harrison has been 5/5 PA since he came up from the Youth Academy, and all of sudden this season he dropped to 3.5/5 PA and now is playing at his full potential. He is an OK player, but he for years I was being told he might be the next big thing at ring wing, which he is obviously is not. In 36 Appearances, he registered 8 Goals, 8 Assists, 3 PoMs, 1.52 TpG, 1.98 DpG, and 6.95 AR, which was down from 7.01 last season. I don’t think its likely he ever becomes a true international star – he might win a Cap or two, but I don’t see him developing into a world-beater. In other words, he is a decent short term solution for us, but given we have a few young prospects coming up at the position, he might start seeing himself pushed in terms of playing time. Rating: 6.5/10 ATTACK Daniel Jackson (2035), 30 Years Old, Striker (9 Caps/1 Goal): Like a lot of our veterans this season, Jackson’s form took a hit. In 29 Appearances, he registered only 10 Goals, 8 Assists, 2 PoMs, 55% Shot Target, and 6.97 AR (down from 7.15 AR), and it is starting to seem like his best days are now behind him. The comparison has always been to Dan Demby, but Demby will have had a more accomplished career by the time Jackson is done – still, Jackson remains one of all-time players, and is approaching 500 League Games with us to go with 227 Goals. Rating: 6.5/10 HOT PROSPECTS Mathias Koenig (2045), 20 Years Old, Left Winger/Striker: My only gripe with Koenig is that his growth seems to be stagnating, and if his development stops, he will merely be a decent option at left wing for us instead of a good one. This was his first year as a full-time starter replacing Marques, and in 32 Appearances, he registered 8 Goals, 5 Assists, 1.65 TpG, 79% Pass Ratio, 1.16 DpG, 55% Shot Target, and 6.96 AR. What we can deduct from his numbers is that he certainly does a good job overall, but his AR points to the fact he is not consistent and is prone to some really bad games that bring the average down. Judgement will come in a couple of seasons for the French winger, and I really hope he develops as I hope because I do love his skill-set. Barry Barnett (2047), 18 Years Old, Striker: So far, so good from Barnett, whose sophomore season was relatively good. In 29 Appearances, he registered 10 Goals, 2 Assists, 4 PoMs, 82% Pass Ratio, 57% Shot Target, and 7.00 AR – similar but slightly better numbers than his rookie season. Despite his major drop in Determination, he has shown great progress across the board – if he keeps this up, there is no reason for Barnett not to be a quality striker for us. Phil Hazelwood (2047), 18 Years Old, Goalkeeper: Given the potential to develop a GK whose talents far exceed that of Johnson’s, I decided to go all in on Hazelwood this season and named him our permanent starter between the posts. He did not disappoint, and although our defense did take a step back instead of forward, overall, I believe I made the right choice. Hazelwood’s form was quite decent, but more importantly, his development ramped up several notches when he started playing regularly. Overall, he played in 28 Games, registering 1.43 Con/90, 9 Clean Sheets, and 6.94 AR. Hazelwood’s promotion to No.1 effectively ends Johnson’s tenure, who became our starter in 2041 and played in 259 League Games, registering 7.00 AR. Ricardo Atkinson (2048), 17 Years Old, Central Midfielder: This kid has a talent for passing ball – for a large part of the season, he was the league’s leader in Assists despite limited playing time. He finished the season with 10 Assists (2nd in PL) having played in only 19 Games, registering 1.35 TpG, 77% Pass Ratio, and 7.07 AR to complete what was one of the most impressive rookie campaigns for any prospect we have had recently. George Southam (2048), 17 Years Old, Central Defender: Is he the future of our defensive line? Only thing holding him back from that is a lack of development, which we didn’t see much of in his rookie season. In 29 Appearances, he registered 1.97 TpG and 6.98 AR, which were good numbers considering it was his first season, but I really want to see some solid improvement in his attributes next season. Alex Herbert (2048), 17 Years Old, Winger/Striker: He made his debut in his rookie year, playing 14 Games in an otherwise crowded front-line. He is one to keep an eye on going forward, and he also has the ability to play down the right wing, which could be useful since both Peacock and Harrison promised so much coming out of the Youth Academy only to fall short of expectations. IMPORTANT PLAYERS LEAVING/RETIRING None. YOUTH INTAKE Alfie Dayton - Charles Addo – Ricardo Noel – Nicholas Forbes This looks like a real deep Intake, and it is the second straight one which has been classified as a “Golden Generation”, so I am excited about this. We have a couple of right wing prospects, which is good because Harrison doesn’t look like he will pan out the way I hoped. My favorite from the bunch is probably Addo at this point, but we will see how they all pan out.
  7. You got this - I didn't know first doesn't bring automatic promotion, so hopefully your form will pick back up!
  8. Thanks! We're losing Marques to old age, and he was our only World-Class star. That being said, I have some hopes on a few of our up and comers - namely Barnett, Whiteman, Atkinson, Koenig, and Southam. Lets see how they end up!
  9. Going strong - I don't see any reason why you shouldn't finish the season as 1st!
  10. SEASON REVIEW 2047/2048 TEAM REVIEW We were the 2nd best offensive team in the Premier League and the 14th worst this season, which means we were the status quo for us, again. I know we are never going to be able to challenge properly for the Premier League title if our defense doesn’t improve, which is why I begun trying to develop a new GK prospect and was super-excited to see a potentially great CD prospect in the Intake. We did qualify to the Champions League for the third year in a row, which was good, especially as we crashed out in the Group Stages this time around, losing out to Bayern Munich and Malaga, who are both heavyweights in the Champions League. Not much to report, otherwise – it has been painful watching Marques go from the star of the team to almost a liability when he plays, but we won’t forget that he was probably the biggest reason we reached the levels we have reached today. KEY PLAYERS PLAYER OF THE YEAR Daniel Jackson (2035), 29 Years Old, Striker (9 Caps/1 Goal): This was the first time in 4 seasons that Jackson did not score atleast 20 Goals – instead, he netted 16 Goals while playing in all 38 Games and registering 7 Assists, 3 PoMs, and 7.15 AR (also his lowest in 4 years). This is the second time Jackson wins the Kafra Player of the Year (first time was in 2038/39), although this was probably his least impressive season of the past few. He now has a total of 217 League Goals in 446 Appearances, with a career average of 7.13 AR. Rating: 7.5/10 DEFENSE Nathan Johnson (2039), 25 Years Old, Goalkeeper: I began giving youngster Hazelwood playing time this season in hopes of getting him to develop better, because outside of Johnson, we currently have no real talent at the position. He ended up playing in 27 Games, and he tied his career-high with 7 Clean Sheets and registered career-highs of 1.41 Con/90 and 7.13 AR. Most likely, I will continue the same rotation over the next year or two to get a clear idea of how well Hazelwood will develop before making a final decision to give the youngster the No.1 shirt – as for now, it is still Johnson’s shirt to lose. Rating: 7/10 Isaac Diallo (2041), 22 Years Old, Central Defender (6 Caps): This was his second straight season of playing in all 38 Games, although he did take a minor step back in terms of form. He again led the league with 53 Shots Blocked and was 10th with 124 Interceptions to go along with his 1.45 TpG and 6.87 AR (down from 6.96). He became an England international, earning 6 Caps this season, although I wouldn’t rank him amongst the best CDs in the Premier League quite yet. Still, he is consistent, durable, and a leader in the back for us, despite his relatively young age. Rating: 6.5/10 MIDFIELD Michael Boateng (2040), 23 Years Old, Central Midfielder (Ghana: 26 Caps/5 Goals): One of our most important players, like much of the team, Boateng took a step back in terms of form this season. In 36 Appearances, he registered 5 Goals (down from 13), 9 Assists, 4 PoMs, 2.13 TpG (down from 3.61), 78% Pass Ratio, 1.44 DpG, and 7.08 AR (significantly down from 7.31). Overall, his numbers are still impressive, but he wasn’t the same player that he was over the course of the last two seasons – he seemed more held back and not as aggressive. In any case, Boateng remains our main player in the middle of the pitch, and I hope he can bounce back to his form from last season. Rating: 7/10 Lee Harrison (2043), 21 Years Old, Right Winger: My staff are really big fans of this guy – he maintains a 5/5 PA despite barely getting better in terms of his attributes this season. In 37 Appearances, he registered 8 Goals, 7 Assists, 12 Chances Created, 1.30 TpG, 76% Pass Ratio, 1.33 DpG, and 7.01 AR – this was his 3rd straight season registering over 7.00 AR. He is quite a decent winger at this level, but up till now I don’t see him developing into a World-Class right winger, so I hope my staff are right on this one. Rating: 7/10 ATTACK Junior Boumsong (2042), 22 Years Old, Striker: A combination of nagging injuries and Barnett earning playing time cut into Boumsong’s time on the pitch this season, and he ended up playing in only 25 Games, registering 11 Goals, 5 Assists, 82% Pass Ratio, and 7.10 AR (down from 7.24 AR). Currently, with Jackson about to turn 30, Boumsong and Barnett (potentially) are the only players with enough talent to contribute and star at a PL level up front, and I am hoping Boumsong is not quite done developing. Rating: 7/10 HOT PROSPECTS Solomon Okafor (2044), 20 Years Old, Central Defender (1 Cap): I sent out the CD on loan for the second straight season, this time with Sheffield United (also in the Championship). He did well for them (39 Apps, 7.09 AR), and his development continued at an encouraging pace. At this point, he has enough talent to compete for some playing time in the first team against the like of Diallo and Panagiotou, so we’ll see how it plays it next season. Incredibly, he earned a Cap for England this year, which probably speaks more about the lack of depth at the CD position for England than anything else. Mathias Koenig (2045), 19 Years Old, Left Winger/Striker: The question here is will he end up developing to be the player I hoped he would be when he first came out of the Youth Academy. So far, I am on the fence – he is showing progress, but it seems like he hasn’t been fast enough. He became our full-time starter at left-wing this season, replacing the legendary Marques, and he did decent – 27 Apps, 7 Goals, 6 Assists, 1.53 TpG, 1.11 DpG, and 6.96 AR. My staff have been changing his PA between 4.5/5 and 5/5 for the past couple of seasons, but his Determination got better this year, so I hope that aids him in his development. Darren Gallacher (2045), 19 Years Old, Left Winger: The ’45 Youth Class netted us two good left winger prospects, and so far Gallacher has been the odd man out. That being said, I don’t know how much longer I can deny him playing time – he continues to develop well despite the lack of playing time, and his speed is the kind of weapon that can give us a huge advantage down the left wing. With Marques set to play even less next season, it will be Gallacher who takes the minutes that are going to free up. I have to see what this kid can do. Seb Whiteman (2046), 18 Years Old, Central Midfielder: Whiteman has effectively replaced Tom Craig in the starting lineup, despite a heavy drop in his Determination. In 29 Apps, he registered 8 Goals, 5 Assists, 2 PoMs, 2.48 TpG, 80% Pass Ratio, and 7.12 AR – not a bad effort for his sophomore season. Unlike Koenig, I have zero issues with his development progress – he has been constantly improving since he came up from the Youth Academy. His Physical attributes are impressive considering his young age, and that has surely helped him be able to deal with PL midfielders who are older and more physically developed. Barry Barnett (2047), 17 Years Old, Striker: This was a great rookie season from Barnett – he played in 27 Games, registering 9 Goals, 3 Assists, 2 PoMs 79% Pass Ratio, 62% Shot Target, and 6.99 AR. He showed tremendous improvement in his Technical attributes, and developed impressively physically, as well. I will not scale back his playing time, even if it has to come at the expense of Boumsong, as I believe that Barnett could be potentially a World-Class striker at some point. Phil Hazelwood (2047), 17 Years Old, Goalkeeper: Hazelwood is my new experiment – he came out of the Youth Academy with a 4/5 PA, and I decided to see if I can better that. He ended this season with a 4.5/5 PA, so that was good – he played in 11 Games, registering 2.09 Con/90 and 6.84 AR, so he got a decent amount of playing time. I am so shallow at the GK position that its an experiment of need trying to get this guy up to PL standards – hopefully, it will work out the way I want. IMPORTANT PLAYERS LEAVING/RETIRING Josh Peacock (2039), Right Winger – Career: Our starting right winger in the late 2030s and early 2040s, he eventually got replaced in the starting eleven by Lee Harrison, and then saw his playing time dwindle over the course of the last two seasons. Still only 25 years old, he played a total of 255 League Games for us, with career-highs of 8 Goals and 11 Assists (not in the same season). He will be a great addition for any team he ends up joining. Peacock was part of the English team that lifted the French Youth Invitational in 2042. YOUTH INTAKE Ricardo Atkinson - George Southam – Alex Herbert It has been a long, long time since we’ve gotten a “golden generation” Intake in this save, so I am especially excited about this one. Both Atkinson and Southam look like the real deal – Atkinson would do great in a future CM partnership with Whiteman and Boateng, while Southam looks like he could already unseat Diallo or Panagiotou for a starting CD spot. Great Intake, I think.
  11. Probably our biggest win the history of the club (this save):
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