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  1. SEASON REVIEW 2026/2027 TEAM REVIEW Very happy with how this season went, having jumped from 12th Place to 8th Place from last season to this one. Our offense was good again, having placed as the 4th Best team in the Premier League, and our defense wasn’t the worst! We managed to beat 2 other teams defensively and placed as the 18th Best (Worst) team in the Premier League. Overall, the team exceeded my expectation, and although I am disappointed we managed to throw away our chance at a European qualification spot (we were in the mix of things up until the last month or so), I am not upset at how things played out. I am encouraged for the future, especially as we are now starting to develop some real quality players like Chamberlain and Milton. PLAYER OF THE YEAR RIGHT WINGER - James Chamberlain (2023), 20 Years Old: 37 Apps, 9 Goals, 13 Assists (2nd in PL), 4 PoMs, 44 Chances Created (1st), 72 Key Passes (13th), 2.19 TpG, 5.54 DpG (4th), 52% Shot Target, 7.35 AR (12th)….Chamberlain winning his first Kafra Player of the Year award was bound to happen sooner rather than later, and this was the fateful year. Our first ever “Wonderkid” was a revelation this year, he set career-highs with 13 Assists and 7.35 AR, adding to an already impressive set of numbers for this season. He continues to refuse to sign a new contract (it expires 2029), declaring the club isn’t big enough to match his ambitions. We have 2 years to prove him wrong, as I really don’t want to lose what has been the most talented player the Kafra Youth Academy has given us so far this save. Rating: 8.5/10 DEFENSE GOALKEEPER - Aidan Connolly (2019), 24 Years Old (4 Caps): 38 Apps, 2.24 Con/90, 1 Clean Sheets, 7.05 AR….Despite less than solid numbers, his 7.05 AR points to how good he’s been for us. We have the 18th worst defense in the league, yet he still manages to deliver 7.00+ AR, which is quite an accomplishment. One of our most talented players, he renewed his contract at the end of the season to keep him with us until 2032. Rating: 7/10 CENTRAL DEFENDER - John Morris (2022), 22 Years Old: 35 Apps, 3 Goals, 2.27 TpG, 97 Interceptions, 20 Key Tackles, 57 Shots Blocked (1st in PL), 40% Cross Completion (1st), 6.80 AR….Yes, Morris was first in the entire Premier League with his 40% Cross Completion rate! Very weird statistic, but I’ll take it nonetheless. Overall, Morris regressed slightly (6.90 AR to 6.80 AR), but he remains a solid foundation piece for us in the back. My staff believe he is currently of a PL-level talent, and although his talents are probably better suited at full-back, he is currently our most talented CD, as well. Rating: 6/10 CENTRAL DEFENDER - John McPake (2019), 24 Years Old: 32 Apps, 2 Assists, 2.77 TpG, 102 Interceptions, 23 Key Tackles, 27 Shots Blocked (4th in PL), 6.76 AR….He had a significant fall in form (6.93 to 6.76 AR) this season that affected his play, to the point where I even sat him for a few games as he was not playing well at all. He’s been solid for us over the past few years, but this was probably his worst season since 2021/22. He has now played 305 League Games for us, and he is not in immediate danger of losing his starting spot yet, but I hope he picks it up again next year. Rating: 6/10 MIDFIELD CENTRAL MIDFIELDER - Alexis Milton (2020), 24 Years Old: 37 Apps, 6 Goals, 9 Assists (10th in PL), 3 PoMs, 37 Chances Created (2nd), 67% Pass Ratio, 82 Key Passes (9th), 104 Interceptions, 2.27 TpG, 1.56 DpG, 7.28 AR….Playing with the new contract he wanted behind him and signed, Milton bounced back this season and was one of our best players. He has become our highest paid player by a long shot (£100K per week) and is our 2nd highest valued player after Chamberlain at £30.5M. He was dangerous with the ball at his feet going forward, and his 67% Pass Ratio, while not impressive, was a good improvement for him over last season. He is one of the few Premier League talents we have on the squad, and he is a vital part of our midfield. Rating: 7.5/10 LEFT WINGER - Martin Breen (2019), 24 Years Old: 36 Apps, 11 Goals, 13 Assists (2nd in PL), 4 PoMs, 36 Chances Created (4th), 48 Key Passes, 62% Pass Ratio, 58% Shot Target (9th), 2.40 TpG, 3.64 DpG, 7.25 AR….Breen took what I said about him last season to heart apparently, because he gave us his finest season in the Premier League thus far. His 7.25 AR was his highest since he registered 7.44 AR in 2020/21 when we were still in the League One. He was a much more efficient player this season and was amongst the most dangerous passers in the league, as witnessed by his 13 Assists and 36 Chances Created. Very happy with how his season turned out. Rating: 7.5/10 ATTACK FORWARD - Michael Flynn (2019), 23 Years Old (Scotland: 39 Caps/19 Goals): 37 Apps, 25 Goals (2nd in PL), 11 Assists (7th), 6 PoMs (3rd), 25 Chances Created, 1.82 DpG, 50% Shot Target, 7.48 AR (6th)….Not only has he become one of Scotland’s primary players, he was also one of the best players in the entire Premier League this season. He was 2nd in the PL in scoring, but he also delivered 11 Assists, easily his highest mark since we got promoted to the PL. His 7.48 AR was a career-high, bringing his career average to 7.34 AR to go along with his 311 Career Apps and 179 League Goals. Rating: 8/10 FORWARD - Aaron Dennis (2019), 25 Years Old: 37 Apps, 22 Goals (3rd in PL), 7 Assists, 4 PoMs, 82% Pass Ratio, 67 % Shot Target (1st), 2.26 DpG, 7.30 AR….Aaron Dennis is one of those players that is always seemingly underappreciated, but the facts and the numbers point to him being just as vital as Flynn over the course of his career to the club. In fact, he has more Goals (186) over his career, and his 7.28 AR career-average is almost on par with his more famous partner up front. He was the 3rd highest scorer in the PL this season, and he scores his goals with high efficiency, as witnessed by his 67% Shot Target ratio. Overall, he continues to be a great asset to the team. Rating: 8/10 HOT PROSPECTS LEFT DEFENDER - John Wrigley (2023), 20 Years Old: 35 Apps, 1 Assists, 4.81 TpG, 82 Interceptions, 20 Key Tackles, 38 Shots Blocked (2nd in PL), 6.64 AR….Wrigley hit a hard wall in terms of development this season – the stagnation is real. He is not the long-term answer for us at the position, and he regressed noticeably this season (6.78 AR to 6.64 AR). I am already actively looking for solutions to replace him despite his young age as it is now obvious he won’t live up to what was one his supposed potential. FORWARD - Paul Jordan (2024), 20 Years Old: 20 Apps, 2 Goals, 1 Assist, 82% Pass Ratio, 64% Shot Target, 6.79 AR….My coaching staff are still very high on him (5/5 PA), but he not proven to be a threat up front for us yet. This was his first year with us after spending two years on loan, but he did not impress. Considering he is now out of his teenage years, he needs to show us good progress in both form and attributes to continue to remain part of the first team. He is a very similar player to Dennis, who is ironically the player he is competing with for minutes. RIGHT DEFENDER - Graham Clarke (2024), 19 Years Old: 34 Apps, 2 Assists, 4.89 TpG, 128 Interceptions (6th in PL), 23 Key Tackles, 22 Shots Blocked (11th), 6.80 AR….Continues to improve, to the point where he was actually one of our best performing defenders this year. He might be a right-back by position on the pitch, but his talents are more suited for the CD position. He’s done well for us over the past couple of years, and I am excited to see if he can take his game up one more notch. CENTRAL MIDFIELD - Chris Atkinson (2025), 19 Years Old: 29 Apps, 2 Assists, 12 Chances Created, 37 Key Passes, 78% Pass Ratio, 5.76 TpG (4th in PL), 6.90 AR….He has put in work on the training ground over the past 2 seasons, and it shows in his encouraging improvement in his attributes. Now the question is – how good can he get from here? I don’t think there is much doubt that he is going to be a good player at this level, but will he be able to transcend and be a star for us? He has one glaring weakness and that is his Attacking Movement with the ball going forward, despite having good Passing and Vision. Historically, we see a 3rd year jump in terms of form, so hopefully this happens for him. CENTRAL DEFENDER - Lyndon Wordsworth (2025), 18 Years Old: 25 Apps (14 Starts), 58 Interceptions, 7 Key Tackles, 5.47 TpG (14th in PL), 6.82 AR….Is he the future for us at the CD position? He very well might be after impressing this season. He has a high TpG average – a rarity for CDs in my system – and he was consistent enough to register the highest AR out of all my CDs. He has not replaced McPake as a starter yet and he will still start the season as our first CD option off the bench, but I have my eye on him. RIGHT WINGER - Tyrone Phillips (2026), 17 Years Old: Phillips was sent out on loan to Preston in the League One during his rookie year, and he registered 3 Goals and 6.85 AR in 14 Appearances while there. He showed encouraging improvement in his attributes – the only problem is he plays in the same position as Chamberlain, and I don’t see Phillips developing to be as good as him. Still, the talent is there, so it will be intriguing to see his development and how good he can get over the next few years. He has already been capped by the England U19 team. FORWARD - Kevin Hislop (2026), 18 Years Old: I sent him on loan to Cardiff, but they let me down, only playing him 5 times. Regardless, he still showed some good attribute improvements during his rookie year, and now he seems to be talented enough to challenge Paul Jordan for a spot on the bench as third choice striker. I love his speed, and although his finishing needs work, his versatility (he can play anywhere on the wing) is something that will add a lot to the first team if I decide to promote him. LEFT WINGER - Dan Power (2026), 17 Years Old: This is one I am excited about. He is a left winger whose rookie year went well on loan at Dover in the Vanarama South. Yes, I know the level of football is quite low, but he registered 5 Goals, 8 Assists, 5.27 DpG, 1.98 TpG, in 32 Appearances, so he played up to standard. I am strongly considering promoting him to our first team and putting him as the back-up left winger to Breen. That way, I would be able to control his playing time and keep a close eye on his development, as he seems to have a lot of potential. IMPORTANT PLAYERS LEAVING/RETIRING None. YOUTH INTAKE Harlee Peters – Ashley Akrigg No “Golden Generation” claims for the first time in a few years, and although my staff is extremely high on Peters, I have my doubts. Overall, on first impressions, this does not look like an impressive Intake. There doesn’t really seem to be a standout prospects, and even the most talented ones need a lot of work. I cannot be mad since I have had a decent run when it comes to Intakes, though.
  2. PRE-SEASON 2026/2027 WORLD CUP 2026 – USA, CANADA, AND MEXICO: It took them 40 years, but Argentina finally reclaimed the World Cup trophy, defeating a resilient and stubborn English team in the Finals at the Metlife Stadium near New York City. This was England’s first Finals appearance since 1966, which was also their only other Finals appearance, defeating Germany on home soil. This was Argentina’s 3rd World Cup championship, with the previous 2 times being in 1978 and 1986. They made 2 Finals in between 1986 and 2026, losing to Germany both times in 1990 in Italy and 2014 in Brazil. England had made the Semi-Finals before bowing in 2018 in Russia and in 2022 in Qatar, so they had consistently been one of the top performing teams at the World Cup in recent times. Defending champions France, who were looking to win a record 3rd straight World Cup title, lost in a huge upset to Croatia in the Third Round, who incidentally also beat 2022 losing Finalists Brazil in the previous round before eventually falling to Argentina in the Quarter-Finals. Argentina’s Paulo Dybala (Juventus - 7 Apps, 4 Goals, 3 Assists, 7.64 AR) rightfully won the tournament’s Best Player award, becoming the 3rd Argentinean to win the award after Maradona in 1986 and Lionel Messi in 2014. Although there were no stand-out GKs this tournament, Argentina’s Geronimo Rulli (Real Sociedad – 7 Apps, 2 Conceded, 5 Clean Sheets, 6.83 AR) had a decent tournament and was best of the bunch. There was no question who the Best Young Player of the tournament was – Germany’s 21 year old striker Morris Braun (Chealsea - 6 Apps, 6 Goals, 7.82 AR). Bought by Chelsea during the summer of 2025 for £102M from Hertha Berlin, Braun has become the latest global star after the World Cup after also winning the tournament’s Golden Boot for being its top goalscorer, and many were now anxiously waiting to see what kind of season he delivers for Chelsea this upcoming year. CHAMPIONS LEAGUE: Another All-English Finals – this time at Camp Nou in Barcelona – saw heavy favorites Liverpool lose to hated rivals Everton in what can only be claimed as the latter’s most important result of all-time. This was Everton’s first trip to the Champions League Finals and they went up against one of the tournament’s most storied teams in Liverpool, who also happened to be perhaps the most dominant team thus far in the 2020s. This was Liverpool’s 3rd trip to the Finals in 5 years, and they were looking for their 9th Champions League title, which would put them second only to Real Madrid. It was not to be, however, and Everton won 1-0 in the most dramatic of ways – a controversial last minute goal at the 91st minute mark. Defending champions Real Madrid exited in the Second Round after being upset by Ajax Amsterdam, (who made it to the Semi-Finals before losing to Everton) while Man United – last year’s losing Finalists and one of the favorites – fell to eventual Finalists Liverpool in the Semi-Finals. PREMIER LEAGUE: Liverpool defended their title in a big way this season, finishing 11 points ahead of Arsenal (2nd) and 13 points ahead of Man United (3rd). Champions League champions Everton finished in 4th, with Man City (5th), Southampton (6th), and Chelsea (7th) grabbing the Europa League spots. For the first time 7 years, someone other than Mohammed Salah won the Footballer of the Year, with the award going to Man United’s Serbian midfielder Sergej Milinkovic-Savic (34 Apps, 8 Goals, 7 Assists, 7.59 AR). The Young Footballer of the Year award went to Arsenal’s 24 year old English winger Bukayo Saka (26 Apps, 8 Goals, 5 Assists, 7.39 AR), while the PL’s Top Goalscorer was Norwich’s 25 year old Irish striker Adam Idah (35 Apps, 23 Goals, 7.26 AR).
  3. Lol - my facilities have actually been top-notch for a couple of years now, so I've been lucky. I don't have a deep team or an especially talented ones, so take the 5 Stars and "Golden Generations" with a grain of salt. Once the team gets a few talented players who are of a certain class, I'm sure the stars and the descriptions will be less dramatic.
  4. SEASON REVIEW 2025/2026 TEAM REVIEW Slight improvements in our 2nd year in the Premier League – our defense got a little better (18th in PL), and our offense was its usual effective self (6th in the PL). That being said, there were rough patches during the season, and we spent a few months closer to the relegation zone that I would’ve liked. We rallied towards the end of the season and got some decent results that pushed us up a bit, but it was not an easy year by any means. I didn’t see the type of progress I wanted to out of a lot of our young players, and that was a crucial factor in our lack of real progress. Still, finishing in 12th Place during our 2nd year in the PL (last year we finished in 15th Place) is not bad at all, and the fact that we were able to solidify our position as a mid-table Premier League club is an accomplishment, I think. PLAYER OF THE YEAR FORWARD - Michael Flynn (2019), 22 Years Old (Scotland: 32 Caps/15 Goals): 33 Apps, 20 Goals (2nd in PL), 3 Assists, 6 PoMs (3rd), 15 Chances Created, 1.99 DpG, 48% Shot Target, 7.36 AR (14th)….This is his 4th straight Kafra Player of the Year award – in fact, out of the 7 seasons we have played so far, Flynn has won the award 6 times (the only exception is in 2021/22, when Aaron Dennis won it). He is obviously a club legend at this point and the finest player in club history thus far. He gave up his PL Top Goalscorer award as his Goals dropped to 20 from 26, but he was still 2nd in the PL. Although he is no longer our highest valued player at £27.5M, there is no doubt he is currently our best. He has also become one of Scotland’s most valuable forwards. Rating: 8/10 DEFENSE GOALKEEPER - Aidan Connolly (2019), 23 Years Old (4 Caps): 38 Apps, 1.97 Con/90, 3 Clean Sheets, 7.09 AR[ /i]….Our defense got a little bit this year, and as such Connolly’s numbers were a bit better. He earned a couple more Caps for England this season, although he is still the second choice behind Jordan Pickford. Generally considered one of the brightest young English GK prospects, the weakest facet of his game remains his Shot-Stopping, but he has managed to make the best of his opportunity and continues to perform admirably for the club. Rating: 7/10 CENTRAL DEFENDER - John Morris (2022), 21 Years Old: 36 Apps, 2 Goals, 2.67 TpG, 139 Interceptions (7th in PL), 30 Key Tackles (8th), 28 Shots Blocked (2nd), 6.90 AR….Morris had a very similar season this year compared to last year, which wasn’t too bad. He gets the job done and has developed into a reasonably decent PL-level CD at this point. I am relatively happy with how he turned out, assuming most of his development is done by now. I’d like to see a little more presence in the back as he sometimes seems to be out of the picture during an opponent’s counter-attack, but it has been mostly positive stuff from him. Rating: 6.5/10 CENTRAL DEFENDER - John McPake (2019), 23 Years Old: 32 Apps, 2 Assists, 2.55 TpG, 147 Interceptions (3rd in PL), 27 Key Tackles (15th), 93 Key Headers (4th), 39 Shots Blocked (1st), 6.93 AR….One of the best in the PL over the last two seasons when it comes to Interceptions and Shots Blocked, he is the leader of our defensive line. My staff think he is our least talented defender, but again he registered the highest AR out of all our defenders. I actually rely on him quite a lot, and despite our generally horrible defense, McPake remains a bright spot and one of our strengths in the back. Rating: 6.5/10 MIDFIELD CENTRAL MIDFIELDER - Alexis Milton (2020), 23 Years Old: 38 Apps, 12 Assists (1st in PL), 3 PoMs, 34 Chances Created (2nd), 65% Pass Ratio, 80 Key Passes (9th), 94 Interceptions, 2.05 TpG, 1.54 DpG, 7.11 AR….He led the league in Assists and was generally one of the more dangerous passers in the PL, but the season was filled with contract drama between the club and the player. He finally signed a new contract that will keep him at the club until 2031, but his form was definitely affected as his AR dropped from 7.32 to 7.11 AR. Hopefully, we can put the tension and bad blood behind us (he was pretty aggressive in trying to get a move) and he can return to the form that made him one of England’s most promising CMs. Rating: 7/10 LEFT WINGER - Martin Breen (2019), 23 Years Old: 31 Apps, 4 Goals, 6 Assists, 26 Chances Created, 38 Key Passes, 59% Pass Ratio, 50% Shot Target, 2.63 TpG, 4.14 DpG, 6.97 AR….A lower back stress fracture early in the season ruled him out until November and he never really recovered. His form, while relatively the same as last season, was not too impressive, and he wasn’t the contributor going forward that he once was. That being said, he was pretty good at covering himself defensively, and he remains one of the faster players in the PL. Rating: 7/10 ATTACK FORWARD - Aaron Dennis (2019), 23 Years Old: 38 Apps, 20 Goals (2nd in PL), 5 Assists, 3 PoMs, 86% Pass Ratio, 63% Shot Target (1st), 2.16 DpG, 7.32 AR….He has developed into one of the best 2nd choices in terms of strikers in the PL. This was a good bounce-back season for him (he scored 16 Goals last season), and his 7.32 AR was a nice jump from 7.15. He has not missed a game in the last three years, making him one of the most durable players in the game currently. Like McPake, my staff are not big fans of his talent, but he has and continues to play a very vital role for us. Rating: 7.5/10 HOT PROSPECTS RIGHT WINGER - James Chamberlain (2023), 19 Years Old: 36 Apps, 11 Goals, 8 Assists (11th in PL), 1 PoMs, 32 Chances Created (4th), 65 Key Passes, 1.97 TpG, 4.69 DpG (11th), 7.12 AR….Our first Wonderkid description! Our starting right-winger had another strong season, delivering a similar season to last year. He has become our most valued player at £32M, and I would say that he is our most talented player in terms of skills at this point. He continues to improve well in training, and his attributes have continued to get better in key categories for his position. He has yet to register lower than 7.00 AR in a season, with a career-average of 7.16 AR so far. LEFT DEFENDER - John Wrigley (2023), 19 Years Old: 32 Apps, 2 Assists, 5.03 TpG, 52 Interceptions, 19 Key Tackles, 6.78 AR….I make a lot of snap decisions, and this was one them. Early in the season, I decided to replace Tuson-Firth at left-back with Wrigley, who had a much better PA, in order to aid his development. He spent last season with Bath, but he did not do well at all, so I was apprehensive about his ability. He ended up doing OK, even coming 2nd on the team with 5.03 TpG (For players who played 20 Games or more). I hope I see more in terms of attribute development next season, because he looks to have stagnated in that department. FORWARD - Paul Jordan (2024), 19 Years Old: On Loan at Livingston: 20 Apps, 2 Goals, 3 Assist, 2 PoMs, 85% Pass Ratio, 69% Shot Target, 6.88 AR….Jordan started out his season at Livingston slowly, but picked up a bit as the season wore on. Worryingly, he only managed 2 Goals, which is not a good number considering he is a striker. He definitely has some talent, and my staff have him at 5/5 PA, so I will look to see how I can aid his development next season at Kafra. RIGHT DEFENDER - Graham Clarke (2024), 18 Years Old: 29 Apps, 3 Assist, 4.19 TpG, 102 Interceptions, 17 Key Tackles, 6.74 AR….Big improvement over his rookie year (6.57 AR to 6.74 AR), so I am happy about that. His sophomore year saw improvement in all his numbers, and I have started rejecting some decent offers from some big clubs for him. My staff have downgraded his potential slightly (from 5/5 PA to 4.5/5 PA), so I am slightly concerned that he may stop developing, but time will tell. For now, he remains our undisputed starter at right-back. CENTRAL MIDFIELD - Chris Atkinson (2025), 18 Years Old: 31 Apps, 1 Goal, 3 Assist, 13 Chances Created, 24 Key Passes, 77% Pass Ratio, 5.79 TpG (4th in PL), 6.83 AR….This was actually a very decent rookie season from Atkinson, and he definitely showed an ability to defend well, as witnessed by his 5.79 TpG. The CM lived up to his high praise and proved to be a good running mate for Milton. He has really good Passing and Vision for a young player – if those continue to develop, we might see 20 in one of them or both. CENTRAL DEFENDER - Lyndon Wordsworth (2025), 17 Years Old: He spent his rookie year with Newport County in the League 2, but didn’t do so well in his 22 Appearances (6.47 AR). He came out of the Academy as a midfielder, but I am retraining him to be a CD as that is where his obvious skills are best suited. He has some really impressive speed on him, and the Irish defender has some fans in my staff as is witnessed by his 5/5 PA. IMPORTANT PLAYERS LEAVING/RETIRING None. YOUTH INTAKE Tyrone Phillips – Dan Power – Kevin Hislop – Barry O’Leary This was a relatively deep Intake, although I can’t say for sure we have a great prospect. Hislop and Phillips look like they could become something big, but they also could end up being nothing but mediocre backups. In the best case scenario, all the top prospects develop and become contributors with one or two of them becoming invaluable starters, but I really can’t say yet which we this is going to go!
  5. Thanks! It went about as well as I could've hoped - I didn't really have to worry about any relegation battles, which was the best case scenario. For anyone wondering about the states of my facilities, please see below. The Stade is getting a facelift, so we're playing in Craven Cottage for the year.
  6. Thanks - I think itll be a few years yet before we can start thinking about that prospect, lol.
  7. SEASON REVIEW 2024/2025 TEAM REVIEW Despite ending the season on the lowest note so far of this save (6-0 loss to Tottenham), the season overall was successful as we managed to stay clear of relegation and the relegation zone battles for most of the season. As expected, our defense was terrible (worst in the PL), but as usual, our offense was pretty good (4th in PL), with Michael Flynn winning the league’s Top Goalscorer award with 26 Goals. Overall, our first season in the Premier League was a relative success – we finished in 15th Place and had a number of positives in terms of players with potential to look forward to. Liverpool recaptured the title from Man United and proved they were the best team in England, but that is the same team that we managed to defeat 2-1 at home in the middle of the season. I am excited for next year, as I think we can continue to show improvement and hopefully build on our first season in the Premier League. PLAYER OF THE YEAR FORWARD - Michael Flynn (2019), 21 Years Old (Scotland: 28 Caps/13 Goals): 36 Apps, 26 Goals (1st in League), 1 Assists, 5 PoMs (8th), 9 Chances Created, 1.83 DpG, 57% Shot Target (9th), 7.38 AR (9th)….In the club’s 6 years of existence, Flynn has won 5 of the Kafra Player of the Year awards, including winning his 3rd straight this year. His first year in the Premier League was a resounding success, as his 26 Goals were top of the league and won him the award of Top Goalscorer. His role upfront changed tactically – whereas in years past we had him involved more in the flow of the attack, this year I put him upfront strictly as a goalscorer and the end destination for any play buildup. He was also named in the Premier League Team of the Year, and now the Scottish national team starting forward is our highest valued player at £26.5M. Rating: 8.5/10 DEFENSE GOALKEEPER - Aidan Connolly (2019), 22 Years Old (2 Caps): 38 Apps, 2.42 Con/90, 4 Clean Sheets, 7.11 AR….Not surprisingly, our defense was abysmal in our first season in the Premier League, but Connolly proved his belonged at this level with some fantastic play. In fact, he was impressive enough that he was rewarded with his first international cap, which made his value nearly hit £20M. He signed a new contract before the beginning of the season after our PL promotion was confirmed, and now we have one of the most highly regarded young GKs in the nation as our No.1. Rating: 7/10 LEFT DEFENDER - Tim Tuson-Firth (2019), 23 Years Old: 34 Apps, 2 Assists, 4.67 TpG, 26 Key Tackles (12th in PL), 109 Interceptions, 33 Shots Blocked (3rd), 6.81 AR….I was actually pleasantly surprised as I thought Tuson-Firth will play much worse than he actually did. He was pretty respectable and was generally consistently decent in what was the PL’s worst defensive line this season. It is still obvious that we definitely need an upgrade at the position in order to be up to PL standard, but he did well for us given the circumstances. Rating: 6.5/10 CENTRAL DEFENDER - John McPake (2019), 22 Years Old: 34 Apps, 1 Goal, 2.43 TpG, 153 Interceptions (1st in PL), 27 Key Tackles (7th), 92 Key Headers (5th), 40 Shots Blocked (2nd), 6.81 AR….Like the rest of the defensive line, his first season in the Premier League was a learning experience. He did decent, however, and led the PL in some key categories, and his overall form was not too bad. Given how bad our defense was in general, I did not expect his AR to be high, so I find 6.81 AR to be acceptable given the circumstance. For some reason, my staff are not fans at all (2.5/5 CA and PA) and they figure him to be a League 2 CD at best. I don’t agree with that assessment, however, and still consider him one of our strongest defenders still. Rating: 6.5/10 MIDFIELD CENTRAL MIDFIELDER - Alexis Milton (2020), 22 Years Old: 37 Apps, 5 Goals, 12 Assists (3rd in PL), 3 PoMs, 44 Chances Created (2nd), 66% Pass Ratio, 86 Key Passes (10th), 88 Interceptions, 2.17 TpG, 1.10 DpG, 7.32 AR (11th)….At £25M, Milton is our 2nd highest valued after Flynn. The U21 English international is also considered perhaps our most talented player, and the last two years have certainly given weight to that claim. He continues to be difficult in terms of agreeing to a new contract as his current one runs out in 2027, but atleast we have reached a point where he is actually willing to negotiate instead of rejecting outright. Despite playing in the toughest league in the world, Milton was one of the best CMs in the PL this season, and he has the look of a future England international. Rating: 7.5/10 CENTRAL MIDFIELDER - Gary Baldwin (2019), 22 Years Old (2 Caps): 33 Apps, 8 Assists, 19 Chances Created, 70% Pass Ratio, 59 Key Passes, 2.84 TpG, 6.94 AR….This was likely Baldwin’s final season as our starter alongside Milton at CM given the emergence of Chris Atkinson. A lot more effective defending than he is with the ball at his feet, he has been a solid contributor for us over the past few seasons. He has a knack for finding the open man, which is why he has always had strong Assists numbers. He was good enough to be called up to the Northern Ireland team, where he earned his first couple of Caps. He will remain likely the first choice CM off the bench Rating: 6.5/10 LEFT WINGER - Martin Breen (2019), 22 Years Old: 38 Apps, 6 Goals, 6 Assists, 2 PoMs, 28 Chances Created (11th in PL), 37 Key Passes, 56% Shot Target (11th), 1.99 TpG, 4.88 DpG (12th), 6.98 AR….Although he had a decent season, by his own high standards, he struggled a bit. This was his first year in the PL, and perhaps he found it a little more challenging than he expected. Still, he didn’t do bad – he was efficient going forward, and was one of the top dribblers statistically in the PL. His speed remains his primary weapon, but he has proven to be a quality threat in front of the goal, as well. I would expect him to improve next season to the form that was similar to what he gave us in the Championship. Rating: 7/10 ATTACK FORWARD - Aaron Dennis (2019), 23 Years Old: 38 Apps, 16 Goals (8th in PL), 5 Assists, 2 PoMs, 85% Pass Ratio, 63% Shot Target (2nd), 2.27 DpG, 7.15 AR….With the higher level of football, Dennis found his limitations exposed and found it harder to cope with PL defenders than the previous levels. As such, his Goals Scored dropped from 32 to 16, which is actually still a very decent number. What I love about Dennis is his efficiency – whether shooting or passing the ball, he rarely takes a wrong step or makes a wrong decision. Both his Pass and Shooting percentages are always amongst the highest in the league. Is he a PL level striker? Probably not, but he still doing a great job for us. Rating: 7.5/10 HOT PROSPECTS CENTRAL DEFENDER - John Morris (2022), 20 Years Old: 35 Apps, 3 Assists, 2.34 TpG, 132 Interceptions, 26 Key Tackles, 6.90 AR….Out of all our defenders, Morris got the highest AR (6.90) this season. My staff consider his talent to be on-par with the Premier League, and I would say at this point he is probably our most talented defender. The struggles of his rookie year are well behind us as he completed his 3rd season with us, and I expect he will continue to impress in the upcoming seasons. RIGHT WINGER - James Chamberlain (2023), 18 Years Old: 38 Apps, 10 Goals, 9 Assists (6th in PL), 2 PoMs, 40 Chances Created (3rd), 68 Key Passes (19th), 2.05 TpG, 4.63 DpG (16th), 7.21 AR….Played better than I thought he would in his first PL season given that this was only his sophomore year overall. I think he is our most talented player under 20, and I think that if he keeps developing this way, he might be our top player in a few years. He is already worth almost £20M and has been capped at the U20 level. My staff think his greatest weakness is how one-footed he is, but they are highly optimistic about his future – as am I. RIGHT DEFENDER - Graham Clarke (2024), 17 Years Old: 32 Apps, 1 Assist, 4.37 TpG, 79 Interceptions, 17 Key Tackles, 6.58 AR….I decided to make Clarke our starter at right-back early in the season, and he struggled mightily in his rookie year. He was considered the 2nd best prospect in the ’24 Youth Class after Paul Jordan, and while that could still be the case, Clarke has become a starter for us while striker Jordan spent the season on loan. I will look for much improvement in his sophomore year, hoping he can improve the way Morris did. IMPORTANT PLAYERS LEAVING/RETIRING None. YOUTH INTAKE Chris Atkinson – Lyndon Wordsworth – Dylan Jennings – Joe Bell – Louis Osborne Just based on the collective Potential, this is – on paper – our best Intake yet. I am very intrigued by Atkinson since I don’t feel Baldwin is good enough for the Premier League, but the other high potential prospects all look good. Joe Bell looks like he could develop into a good striker, Osborne looks like he could climb up the ranks and be our No.2 very quickly, while Wordsworth and Jennings need to be re-trained but could potentially be good players at CD and Right Winger, respectively. Obviously, we have to wait to see how they develop, but the sheer number of prospects in this Intake is what makes it so interesting.
  8. I've lucked out with my board this save:
  9. PRE-SEASON 2024/2025 EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP 2024 - GERMANY: The hosts became the new champions as Germany defeated defending champions (and heavy favorites to retain) France in the Semi-Finals before dispatching of Italy in the Finals on penalties. This made Germany the first 4 time champion in the history of the competition, while defeated Finalists Italy made it 3 Finals without a win, also a record. Germany found retribution, as they had fallen to France in the Finals of Euro 2020, but despite Kylian Mbappe’s (6 Apps, 6 Gls, 8.52 AR) otherworldly play – leading to him winning the tournament’s Best Player of the 2nd consecutive time and the Golden Boot – it was Germany that managed to win the title. Italy’s striker Sebastiano Esposito (22 years old, Inter Milan – 7 Apps, 5 Gls, 7.53 AR) was a revelation and won the tournament’s Best Young Player award. Germany’s best player was probably Liverpool’s midfielder Kai Havertz, but they also had a tough defense that managed to subdue some of the best teams in the world. CHAMPIONS LEAGUE: They fell to Arsenal in the Finals in Wembley a year ago, but Liverpool were back on top after defeating Man City in Moscow for their 3rd title in 6 years, and their 8th title overall. This was the second straight All-English Finals, and it was one which was relatively comfortable for the most dominant club team in Europe over the past few years, as they defeated Man City 2-0. The defending champions did not even see the 2nd Round, and in the Semi-Finals, Atletico Madrid and Benfica fell to Liverpool and Man City, respectively. The big knockout matches were in the Quarter-Finals, however, with Liverpool making short work of one of the favorites in PSG, while Man City edged out Barcelona. Liverpool’s GK Allison won his 2nd straight GK of the Season, while teammate Lautaro Martinez (12 Apps, 15 Gls) was the competition’s Top Goalscorer for the 2nd straight season, as well. PREMIER LEAGUE: For the first time in 11 years, Man United finally captured the PL title, as defending champions Liverpool finished in 2nd Place. The rise of Anthony Martial (22 Goals, Top Goalscorer) aided Man United in their quest, with David De Gea (2nd straight GK of the Year) and Mason Greenwood (12 Gls, 11 Asts, 7.59 AR, Young Player of the Year) leading the way for the club, as well. Mohammed Salah (30 Apps, 19 Gls, 16 Asts, 8 PoMs, 8.05 AR) won the Footballer of the Year for an incredible 5th straight time, but it was not enough this time around to lead his team to the title. Crystal Palace (4th) was the main shock of the season as they captured the last CL spot behind Chelsea (3rd), and Man City (7th), Arsenal (8th), and Tottenham (9th) all underachieving.
  10. We had a stretch during the middle of the season where we would win one, then we would lose one. My theory is that given how young the players are, inconsistency seems to be a big thing. They'll grab a huge away win, then they'll draw the next game at home vs. the bottom team.
  11. SEASON REVIEW 2023/2024 TEAM REVIEW Champions of the Championship! I was striving or a potential Play-Off spot, but we got going, picked up steam, and never looked back. Some big wins against Middlesbrough, West Brom, and Hull towards the end of the season were important landmarks in what our most impressive stretch – in March, April, and May, we only lost once, falling to Derby 3-2 away from home. Our 105 Goals were the top in the league, and our 78 Goals Conceded, while not good, was not the worst in the Championship! Overall, I am very impressed with the squad – I guess high Determination is really that important, because the team seemed to dig down deeper as the season went on and refused to drop their form. We are now heading to the Premier League! I have been lucky thus far to have a really positive board – they have poured investment in all aspects of Youth and also Training – in fact, our Junior Coaching is now considered Exceptional, and our Youth Recruitment is considered Excellent. This is really good going into the Premier League, where we will be focusing on just surviving while we hopefully get some good prospects that develop quick! PLAYER OF THE YEAR FORWARD - Michael Flynn (2019), 20 Years Old (Scotland: 17 Caps/6 Goals): 38 Apps, 24 Goals (3rd in League), 14 Assists (4th), 5 PoMs, 15 Chances Created, 1.90 DpG, 46% Shot Target, 7.40 AR (3rd)….It can be argued that Flynn wasn’t the best player on the squad this year, but I don’t think there would be too much talk about him winning his 4th Kafra Player of the Year, either. He showed stark improvement in his passing, as his Assists went up from 3 to 14, but it did not affect his shots or goalscoring. The Scottish international and the team’s highest valued player at £10.5M, our captain is our most influential player on and off the pitch, and the coaching staff think he will do just fine for us in the Premier League next season. Rating: 8.5/10 DEFENSE GOALKEEPER - Aidan Connolly (2019), 21 Years Old: 45 Apps, 1.62 Con/90, 9 Clean Sheets, 6.98 AR….One of the two players on the team (Milton is the other) that my coaching staff rate at 4.5/5 CA, our GK has the 4th highest value (£8.25M) on the squad after Flynn, Milton, and Breen. Although he is not known as the best Shot-Stopper, he is considered a good Premier League level GK by my staff and has actually been called up to the English national team and was named in the Championship Team of the Year – he was recognized as the best GK in the Championship this year. He finally signed a new contract that will keep him with us for the next 4 years, so I was glad to get that taken care of. Rating: 7/10 LEFT DEFENDER - Tim Tuson-Firth (2019), 22 Years Old: 41 Apps, 3 Assists, 4.31 TpG, 21 Key Tackles, 115 Interceptions, 28 Shots Blocked (4th in League), 6.83 AR….At 6.83 AR, he was the worst performing starter on the team, but he improved significantly from the 6.72 AR he registered last season. That being said, the defensive line in general improved, and although we were still amongst the worst performing defenses in the league (20th), the fact that our lowest performing defender had a 6.83 AR means we did relatively well. He is definitely not PL material, but he still remains our best option at left-back. Rating: 6.5/10 RIGHT DEFENDER - Daryl McNeil (2019), 22 Years Old: 37 Apps, 3 Assists, 5.38 TpG (7th in League), 21 Key Tackles, 93 Interceptions, 27 Shots Blocked (5th), 6.93 AR….The strongest tackler on our team has come a long way since his 6.63 AR from two years ago. Although his durability remains in question (in 5 seasons, he has played over 40 Games only once), his focus and Determination have been crucial factors in his improvement. Like Tuson-Firth, he is not a PL-level full-back, but he is currently the best we have by a long shot. Rating: 6.5/10 CENTRAL DEFENDER - John McPake (2019), 21 Years Old: 43 Apps, 3 Goals, 2 PoMs, 2.11 TpG, 183 Interceptions (3rd in League), 23 Key Tackles, 103 Key Headers (7th), 70 Shots Blocked (1st), 7.02 AR….Our best performing defender, he was named as one of the starters at CD in the Championship Team of the Year. The most incredible stat has to be his 70 Shots Blocked – to put it in perspective, the second highest in the league was 29. The Scottish CD, whose main weakness is perhaps his Aerial abilities, showed strong improvements over the past 2 years – in 2021/22, he registered 6.61 AR, and last year it went up to 6.85 AR. This year was the first year he cracked 7.00 AR since his rookie season. Rating: 7/10 MIDFIELD CENTRAL MIDFIELDER - Alexis Milton (2020), 21 Years Old: 46 Apps, 8 Goals, 17 Assists (1st in League), 5 PoMs, 51 Chances Created (1st), 69% Pass Ratio, 126 Key Passes (2nd), 95 Interceptions, 2.32 TpG, 1.33 DpG, 7.46 AR (2nd)….The argument here is that Milton should’ve won the Kafra Player of the Year, but he was more than rewarded back as he was crowned both the Championship Footballer of the Year and the league’s Young Player of the Year. Without a doubt, he was one of the best players in the league this season, and he was definitely the league’s best playmaker. Living up to his high potential – and wanted by some of England’s top clubs – Milton led the way in our best ever season, bring his AR up to 7.46 from 7.05 last season. Hopefully, our promotion to the Premier League will convince him to sign a new contract, which so far he has been reluctant to do. Rating: 9/10 CENTRAL MIDFIELDER - Gary Baldwin (2019), 21 Years Old: 46 Apps, 2 Goals, 10 Assists (10th in League), 4 Chances Created (2nd in League), 73% Pass Ratio, 113 Key Passes (6th), 2.76 TpG, 0.73 DpG, 7.24 AR (8th)…With 2.5/5 CA, he is tied with McNeil as the 2nd least talented starter on our team according to my coaching staff (Tuson-Firth has 2/5 CA), so his accomplishments place him firmly in the “Over-Achiever” zone. Milton was obviously the more impressive CM, but Baldwin was good in his own right – in fact, he was also named to the Championship Team of the Year and was widely considered to be on the top CMs in the league this year. He now has a career 7.10 AR, proving that this was not an exception but rather the norm, and he might be in line for a Northern Ireland Cap in the new future. Rating: 7.5/10 LEFT WINGER - Martin Breen (2019), 21 Years Old: 42 Apps, 12 Goals, 14 Assists (4th in League), 2 PoMs, 31 Chances Created (7th), 42 Key Passes, 2.06 TpG, 4.45 DpG (16th), 7.19 AR….At £10.5M, Breen is tied with Flynn for the highest valued player on the team. The Scottish left winger has fantastic pace, but his progress in his Technical and Attacking ability have helped him develop into a much better player. He has a career average of 7.18 AR and has developed a reputation as one of the best scoring wingers in the country today. He will be very important for us next season as he is one of the few players on the team that have enough talent to make some noise in the Premier League. He was also named in the Championship Team of the Year. Rating: 7.5/10 ATTACK FORWARD - Aaron Dennis (2019), 21 Years Old: 46 Apps, 32 Goals (1st in League), 7 Assists, 6 PoMs (4th), 83% Pass Ratio, 2.18 DpG, 61% Shot Target (5th), 7.36 AR (4th)….Dennis set two new Championship record this season by winning the Top Goalscorer award 3 years in a row and scoring 32 Goals in a season. He goes down in history as one of the greatest Championship goalscorers of all-time as the club advances to the Premier League – he has also been Kafra’s greatest threat up front since the club’s inception 5 years ago. While Flynn might be the more complete forward, Dennis’ goalscoring streak has been second to none – he now has a club record 128 League Goals in 221 Appearances with an 7.29 AR for his career. He is also the only Kafra player to be named to the Championship Team of the Year in consecutive seasons. A club legend at this point. Rating: 8.5/10 HOT PROSPECTS CENTRAL DEFENDER - Paul Davison (2021), 20 Years Old: 36 (23 Starts) Apps, 1.84 TpG, 87 Interceptions, 14 Key Tackles, 6.78 AR….After two years of encouraging growth, Davison stagnated and as such my staff have brought down his PA to 3.5/5. Through no fault of his own, Morris replaced him in the starting lineup and he became our 3rd choice CD – he still got a good amount of playing time, but lost his starting spot to Morris. CENTRAL DEFENDER - John Morris (2022), 19 Years Old: 24 Apps, 3.16 TpG, 78 Interceptions, 18 Key Tackles, 7.01 AR….Talk about a turn-around! After struggling during his rookie year (6.58 AR), he came back during his sophomore and completely wowed me. Not only did he fight his way into the starting lineup, he was also one of the better CDs in the league. From 6.58 AR to 7.01 AR, that kind of improvement is rare to see, but perhaps more impressively was how much he improved in terms of his attributes. The coaching staff have him pegged as a future Premier League level CD, which is perfect for me because that is exactly where we’re headed! RIGHT WINGER - James Chamberlain (2023), 17 Years Old: 43 Apps, 13 Goals, 10 Assists (10th in League), 3 PoMs, 37 Chances Created (4th), 73 Key Passes, 2.22 TpG, 3.44 DpG, 7.16 AR….Our revelation of the season – the rookie was outstanding in his first season with us. Replacing reliable Turner at starter down our right wing, Chamberlain proved that he was more than capable, playing better than I ever expected. Not only that, but the improvements in attributes he showed throughout the season leaves little doubt in my mind that he will be a PL-level winger very soon. IMPORTANT PLAYERS LEAVING/RETIRING None. YOUTH INTAKE Paul Jordan – Graham Clarke It was always going to be hard to live up to the 2023 Intake both in talent level and deepness, and the 2024 Intake falls short in both regards. That being said, Paul Jordan looks like he could become a contributor down the line to our forward line, and depending how Clarke develops, he could potentially challenge for the Right-Back starting spot in a few years, as well.
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