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  1. Almost - you can still be extremely proud of your run. Man United look like they have a ridiculous team.
  2. OH THE HEARTACHE! It went to extra-time, they scored, and even though we got one back, we just didn't have enough to score two. So close....SOOO CLOOOSSSEEE!
  3. You're a better manager than I am! Congratulations on advancing to the Semi-Finals - lets do it one more time and get to the Finals!
  4. Another German opponent - this time, it is the resurgent Bayern Munich. We have faced them four times - in 2049 in the Europa League Group Stages, and in 2050 in the CL Group Stages. They are the current leaders in the Bundesliga, but they have had a relatively easy time in the CL Knockout Rounds thus far, defeating Krasnodar of Russia and Slaven Belupo of Croatia. The first leg was in Germany, the boys really played their hearts out - the Bayern defense was great, but a 1-0 away result, even though we did not score, was still a result we could work with in London.
  5. The boys played at half speed, and then after scoring in the first part of the second half, slowed down even more, lol. Thankfully, our opponents were very much inferior to us, so we're off to the Semi-Finals for the 4th time in our history! Hibbert was the obvious star this round.
  6. Lady luck smiled our way for once and we drew Sturm Graz in the Quarter-Finals - incredibly enough, they weren't even the least accomplished team in the Quarter-Finals! Nevertheless, the result was great, and exactly what I had hoped for. We still have the home leg to play, but we have one foot in the Semi-Finals already - how about Hibbert and his fantastic performance!?
  7. That's a great result, and I enjoyed reading the detailed analysis about your squad!
  8. Good job in the second leg, as we pulled off victories in both matches. Off to the Quarter-Finals!
  9. Might as well give it a try! I'll have him put in an attacking role and lets see how he does!
  10. We got out of an extremely tough group that featured PSG, Mainz, and Celtic, and it was a small consolation to us as we knocked out Mainz - the CL and Bundesliga champions who had ended our run in the Semi-Finals last year - and advanced alongside PSG. Our first leg with Gelsenkirchen went alright - we did not score as much as I had hoped, but we also did not concede.
  11. Very tough CL group with Arsenal and Bayern - even Zenit is nothing to be scoffed at. I think you are absolutely right about Rumenov - he looks like he will be quite decent down the left wing. Also, I like the looks of Vezalov, perhaps as a more traditional CM?
  12. I've had players that looked like sure-fire prospects end up with a 3.5/5 CA at their prime, and I've had sure-fire prospects stop developing really early in their career whose CA never surpasses 4/5 (some 3/5). At the same time, I've had 3/5 prospects end up being World-Class, and some prospects who look good end up being absolutely fantastic. I would say, however, that my coaching staff seem to get it right about 75% of the time when it comes to identifying just how good prospects are going to be. This has been a real fun read, KUTGW!
  13. I'm already in late November, and both are getting lots of playing time, though Stanford was derailed by an injury (not too serious, few weeks out). Hibbert's improvement has been ridiculous, though! And that's right, you did call Knight over Skidmore! Good eye! Well, he could probably feature for a few Premier League team, but his growth has completely stagnated. Its a shame, because he had the right fundamentals to be a great striker, his skills just don't seem like they will develop enough to get to that point.
  14. It is not that he is ineffective - he has his moments and he'll find the goal a reasonable amount. But he's limited, and he isn't up to par for a team that's trying to challenge for the title. He didn't improve at all over the course of last season, and he was a bit inconsistent. It could be his technique and anticipation, but he just seems to me the type of player that perhaps belongs in the Championship.
  15. LOL! Clever, very clever! Absolutely right - the league has 4-5 teams that can win it over the past few years, and no one dominate team, which is a far cry from the Man City teams of the 2050s and early 2060s. I am happy with Knight's contributions, but I worry about his long term potential. Lets see how his career plays out! My right backs - and defensive line in general - are expected to be very defensive and hold their positions. I am not a fan of attacking full-backs, as I feel I have enough options up front and don't need the extra offense at the expense of defense. As for Ziccardi, I think I like his skill set too much to have him play fullback! I really want to see what he can do in a CM position.