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  1. Thanks! I really hope my Youth Academy can give me some quality in the back - we are in desperate need for it.
  2. SEASON REVIEW 2032/2033 GOALKEEPERS Ashley O’Dwyer (2019), 30 Years Old: He is probably the least talented GK in the Championship, and we have been needing an upgrade at this position for years now. Unfortunately, he is still the best we have, but his 2.02 Con/90 is alarming. We don’t have any prospects on the horizon that are going to unseat this guy, so I keep hoping for the Youth Academy to give us someone. On the bright side, he seems to have put his injuries behind him, as he played in 42 Games. We just beat relegation this year, and hopefully he will not be too much of a liability as we try to do the same next year. Career Stats LEFT DEFENDERS Sunny Imudia (2025), 24 Years Old: He might have played in a career-high 43 Games, but the Nigerian left-back had potentially his most difficult season as a professional yet. In those 43 Games, he registered 3.89 TpG, 2.44 DpG, and 6.65 AR – despite his activity and efforts, his performances were inconsistent and he rarely had a good game. Perhaps he needs some time to get used to the higher level of football, but I have found myself constantly wanting more from Imudia. His career average is 6.71 AR, and he should be at the point in his career where it should all be coming together – unfortunately, from what he has shown thus far, he is still very far from it. CENTRAL DEFENDERS Andrea Zefi (2019), 30 Years Old: This was a generally tough season for our entire backline, and Zefi was not an exception. Like Imudia, he bounced back from an injury plagued season to play in all but one game, but his form left a little to be desired. In 45 Games, he registered 1.61 TpG and 6.74 AR, which was his lowest in 11 years when he first took over the starting position. The captain and Kosovan international (36 Caps) is still our most talented DC, which unfortunately is not saying much. Hopefully he can lead the backline to some better performances next year. Career Stats Gary McLoughlin (2024), 25 Years Old: Easily our best player in the backline this year, McLoughlin was the only defender to play up to expectation. For the third straight season, he played in all 46 Games – in fact, he has missed just two games in the last five seasons! He registered 4 Goals, 2 Assists, 5 PoMs, and 6.87 AR enroute to probably his best season in his career yet. My coaches think his talent level belongs in the Vanarama National league, which is a testament on how hard this guy works on the pitch and how much of an overachiever he is. His 5 PoMs really shows just how important he was to our team this year. RIGHT DEFENDERS Richie Isaacs (2020), 30 Years Old: He might have over 550 League Games for us under his belt, but the truth, I don’t think I can justify starting him any longer. With Mensah coming up and giving us just as good (or bad) football, Isaacs will likely start next season on the bench. This year, he played in 44 Games (25 as a starter), registering 1.93 TpG, 1.28 DpG, and 6.64 AR, which was actually the lowest of his career. The Guyanese international (49 Caps/2 Goals) has never been a real solid performer in his career (6.72 AR career average), but he has always been our right-back by default because we had no other options. Hopefully, Mensah will be able to give us better performances – do not get me wrong, I really like Isaacs and he has been a professional throughout his career, it is just that he not a Championship level starter by a long shot. Career Stats CENTRAL MIDFIELDERS Godwin Okolie (2022), 28 Years Old: One of the primary reasons for our promotion to the Championship, Okolie continued his impressive play this year, as well. Last year, I switched his role from a Ball-Winning Midfielder to a Box to Box Midfielder, and although his defensive presence was subdued, he ended up giving us the finest season of his career. He continued that trend this season, again playing in all 46 Games and registering 3 Goals, 10 Assists (tied for career-best), 2 PoMs, 1.48 TpG, 84% Pass Ratio, 1.85 DpG, and 7.04 AR. I would argue that he was our second best player behind Richard Challis, and certainly our heartbeat in the center of the pitch. He will have to keep up this form if we are to survive relegation next year. Career Stats Scott Wilson (2028), 21 Years Old: Like his CM counterpart Okolie, Wilson has become known as an overachiever he has played above his supposed talents – he gave us a good season and performed positively when counted on. In 45 Games (26 as starter), he registered 3 Goals, 4 Assists, 3 PoMs, 86% Pass Ratio, 2.20 DpG, and 6.88 AR, which was a career-high. What he lacks in the technical aspect of his game he tries to make up for it with his physical strengths – he is strong, he is fast, and he rarely makes mistakes. He is also still young enough to show some real improvement, which I am hoping for because he has proved he is capable of playing at this level. LEFT WINGERS Aaron Clough (2031), 18 Years Old: The higher level of football meant that Clough found himself struggling at times, but the youngster was more than a match and has given Kafra a lot of reasons to be optimistic. After a legendary debut season, Clough came back down to Earth a little bit, but he still performed well. In 46 Games (second straight season he has played in all games), he registered 17 Goals, 11 Assists, 5 PoMs, and 6.94 AR, which was down from the 7.06 he registered last season. Those are still impressive numbers, but it was just his inconsistency that held him back. With a new contract signed, he has stopped making noise about wanting to leave the club, so now the most important thing for him is to continue to improve on his abilities – he is easily the top prospect we have. Intake: 1.5/5 CA, 5/5 PA – Now: 4/5 CA, 5/5 PA RIGHT WINGERS Javia Manning (2025), 25 Years Old: Along with fellow Kafra Youth Academy graduate Shivnarine Ahmed (who is now with West Ham), Manning has become one of Jamaica’s most important players, let alone one of our main offensive threats. Part of the team that won the Caribbean Championship this summer with Jamaica, the speedy right winger enjoyed a successful season with both national team and club. In 40 Games, he registered 5 Goals, 7 Assists, 2 PoMs, 4.76 DpG, and 6.94 AR – without a doubt, he is one of our most invaluable players at this point, and I am very happy with the progress he has shown through the years. His obvious strength is his speed, but he has developed other aspects of his game enough that he has become a decent all around winger. ATTACKING MIDFIELDERS Tony Garrard (2024), 25 Years Old: I love what Garrard brings to the table for us – you can just feel that he is one of those players that runs around endlessly and tirelessly throughout the game, making plays happen despite not being a gifted athlete or a supremely technical type of player. He’s strong but he is not quick nor is he exceedingly athletic, and his strongest asset is pretty much irrelevant in his playing position (Aerial abilities), but somehow he makes it work season after season. This was probably his best yet – in 43 Games, he registered 7 Goals (tied career-high), 12 Assists (set career-high), 84% Pass Ratio, 1.54 DpG, and 6.97 AR. Not too shabby for a player my coaches think is good enough only for the Vanarama National league. FORWARDS Richard Challis (2019), 31 Years Old: Apparently no matter what league and level Challis plays in, he is going to net you a lot of goals. In 44 Games, Kafra’s most decorated and finest player of all-time registered 23 Goals, 7 Assists, 3 PoMs, 83% Pass Ratio, 1.90 DpG, 55% Shot Target, and 7.12 AR. He is now only 5 Goals and 8 Assists shy of having a remarkable career line of over 400 Goals, 100 Assists, and 100 PoMs – he has registered a 7.18 AR over the course of his career. This is a player who has never scored beneath 20 League Goals and never registered beneath 7.00 AR in any season, and it is scary to think we only have a couple more years of Challis left. Career Stats HOT PROSPECTS Eric Mensah (2031), 18 Years Old, Right Back: Despite his age, this was the transition season for Mensah into becoming our full-time starter at the right back position. He featured in 42 Games, registering 2 Assists, 3.02 TpG, 1.35 DpG, and 6.65 AR – obviously, there was inconsistent form, and I am disappointed in his training as his attributes did not improve much, but he is our right-back of the future as it stands. Intake: 1/5 CA, 3.5/5 PA – Now: 2.5/5 CA, 4.5/5 PA Richard Amoah (2032), 17 Years Old, Right Back: He made 7 total appearances and did well, registering 3.44 TpG, 2.52 DpG, and 6.90 AR. His attributes could have developed more, and I worry that after a full year of re-training, he still has not become Competent at the right-back position where his talents are better suited for. Still, he is very young and he has a lot of time to make the kind of progress he needs. Intake: 1/5 CA, 3.5/5 PA – Now: 2/5 CA, 5/5 PA Adnan Al-Jadani (2032), 17 Years Old, Striker: He did not get a lot of playing time, but the 6’4 striker is easily the best prospect at the Striker position for us. He made immense headway in his attributes progress this season, and seems ready to replace Challis sooner rather than later. He is good in the air and quick on the ground, and I will be looking to feature him a lot more in the coming season. Intake: 1/5 CA, 3.5/5 PA – Now: 3/5 CA, 5/5 PA George Hammond (2032), 17 Years Old, Right Winger: He got the most playing time out of anyone from the ’32 Youth Class, and even though his form was inconsistent, there is a lot to like here. His speed has improved, and his technical skills got a lot better throughout the season. He will continue to see time behind Javia Manning at the right wing position. Intake: 1/5 CA, 3.5/5 PA – Now: 2.5/5 CA, 5/5 PA RETIRING Louis Nsingi (Original), 34 Years Old: The last remaining member of the original squad I inherited, Nsingi – in my books – is a club legend. His 599 League Appearances through the years speaks volumes on how engrained his was in the culture of the club, and although he had minimal appearances in the last couple of years, you could not imagine a starting lineup without him throughout the club’s formative years. He was very much a part of our success in our first decade or so, and he was always the professional. Career Stats YOUTH INTAKE Charles Rigby – Ted Fowler - Louis Dyer-Summerfield – Mick O’Neill – Oran Stephens More attacking talent, and yet another striker with potential. At this point, we really need to the Youth Academy to start churning out quality defenders and GKs, something which we have a severe lack of. Still, I can see Rigby and Dyer-Summerfield contributing at some point in the future, so I am not complaining too much.
  3. Hey! Ive been on hiatus, spending time with the kids and all that, but I recently restarted the save! Should have an update soon.
  4. I have no worries (thus far) about my attacking options in the short term, and now that Clough has shown us what he can do, it puts my mind at ease. Challis still has a couple of great years in him, I'm sure - the problem is, the further back you go from the front, the more problematic this team is! Getting Challis to play a season in the Premier League would be the ultimate reward for this legend! I wouldn't call it perfect, but it was definitely a good intake! The stars are always misleading - I rarely have an intake with anything less than 4.5 or 5 star PA, but the number that have actually turned out to be quality players are not all that much! Thanks for commenting!
  5. SEASON REVIEW 2031/2032 This season was perhaps the most satisfying season I have had in a long, long time. We lost our two hottest prospects in the summer (Ahmed and Hines), which left our central midfield in a shabby condition, and we had just come off a season where we went from 14th to 16th Place. Step up to the plate, Aaron Clough: the youngster had an inspirational season, and Richard Challis also was tremendous as we not only improved, but actually won the whole thing! League 1 champions after losing our two best prospects and despite being one of the worst defensive teams in the league – it didn’t matter, because our offense was the best and we have a superstar in the making in Clough. GOALKEEPERS Ashley O’Dwyer (2019), 29 Years Old: It was not a good season from O’Dwyer, but given our monstrous offensive line, it didn’t matter that we were the 19th in the league in defense this season. Let’s be honest – O’Dwyer is nowhere near talented enough to be the No.1 for a title-winning team, but the Youth Academy continues to produce GKs of no talent who are even worse than he is. In 41 Games, he registered 1.37 Con/90 and 6.73 AR – while the former was amongst the best of his career, the latter was tied for the second worst. Until the Kafra Youth Academy can bless us with some actual talent at the position, we will remain extremely vulnerable at the back. Career Stats LEFT DEFENDERS Sunny Imudia (2025), 23 Years Old: He missed six total weeks due to two different injuries this year, so he played less than usual – when he did play, he was serviceable but not great. In 33 Apps, he registered 2 PoMs, 3.14 TpG, 2.38 DpG, and 6.74 AR – obviously, those are somewhat positive numbers, but his core issue remains his consistency. Having injuries and trying to recoup from them doesn’t help much with that problem, but I just feel if Imudia can get a grasp on some consistent form, he can easily become one of our most valuable players. Until that happens, I will always have my eye out for the next potential talented left-back we produce. CENTRAL DEFENDERS Andrea Zefi (2019), 29 Years Old: A torn groin muscle ruled him out for two months in early November, and upon his return, he pulled his hamstring which ruled him out for another month. All in all, he only played in 32 Games, registering 3 Assists, 1.09 TpG, and 6.86 AR – when he did play, he wasn’t bad at all, and he definitely seemed over the poor season he gave us last year. Our captain since 2025, the Kosovan CD, who has now earned 30 caps for his country, remains probably our most talented defender overall, and is now in the prime of his career. Hopefully he will keep up his form as the club begins its first ever trial in the Championship. Career Stats Gary McLoughlin (2024), 24 Years Old: This guy is one of the most durable players around – he has missed only two games in the past five seasons, and this year he again played in all 46 Games, registering 1.48 TpG and 6.87 AR. This was a major improvement over the disappointment of last season (6.68 AR) and although I am disappointed he did not live up to his potential, he remains our second best CD and one of our undisputed starters. Like the GK position, the Kafra Youth Academy has not been kind to the CD position, and as long no CDs of talent are developed by Kafra Academy, McLoughlin sill remain the starter. RIGHT DEFENDERS Richie Isaacs (2020), 28 Years Old: It has now been eleven years that Isaacs has been our starter, and the Guyanese international has earned himself 47 Caps for his nation in that time. He has never been one of our best players, but for eleven years, he has stayed our best right back, which is worrying because he is now approaching his 30s. This season, he featured in 39 Games, registering 2.17 TpG, 1.25 DpG, and 6.74 AR, which was just around his career mark of 6.72 AR. The first player in the history of the club to earn an international cap, Isaacs will continue to be our starter at the right-back position next season, even though there is finally some competition in the form of young prospect Mensah. Career Stats CENTRAL MIDFIELDERS Godwin Okolie (2022), 27 Years Old: If you ask me, one of the main reasons for our surprising league title win this season was Okolie – just before the season, I switched his role from Ball-Winning Midfielder to Box to Box Midfielder, and it worked out great. Although he was not quite the defensive monster he was previously, it brought out his ability to start plays and the team benefited immensely from that. He played all 46 Games for the first time in his career, registering 6 Goals, 10 Assists (more than his entire career previously combined), 3 PoMs, 1.23 TpG (down bigtime), 83% Pass Ratio, 1.67 DpG (also down bigtime), and 7.07 AR. There was a big shift in his statistics, but at the end of the day, we won the League 1 title and Okolie was undisputedly a big reason why. Career Stats Scott Wilson (2028), 21 Years Old: After our exodus at CM, I found myself starting Wilson alongside Okolie, and to my surprise, the youngster actually did fine. In 37 Apps, he registered 3 Goals, 1.42 TpG, 83% Pass Ratio, 1.91 DpG, and 6.80 AR – obviously, those are not spectacular numbers, but we managed to win the league with Wilson as our preference alongside Okolie at CM, so he could not have been that much of a liability. Is he answer at CM going forward? Of course not, but then again, as long as he keeps playing like this, there really is nothing to complain about. LEFT WINGERS Liam Butler (2026), 22 Years Old: Butler gave up his starting position to young Aaron Clough this season, and it was probably the most important thing he had ever done in his young career! In 25 Apps, he registered 3 Goals, 3 Assists, 2.70 DpG, and 6.77 AR, playing mostly as a backup for the young prospect. I think Butler’s days as being a starter are over, but it seems to me that he remains capable of being a contributor and doing well as a rotational player for the club. RIGHT WINGERS Javia Manning (2025), 24 Years Old: I could not be happier with this young man – despite starting the season on the injured list, he came back stronger than ever and was one of the primary reasons we won the league. He played in only 31 Games thanks to his broken ankle, but he registered 4 Goals, 11 Assists, 2 PoMs, 3.42 DpG, and 7.09 AR. His speed is borderline legendary, and he has created a great partnership with Challis, feeding him most of his goals. We will certainly benefit from having him back at full strength next year, and will need him – he has become one of the most indispensable players for us. ATTACKING MIDFIELDERS Tony Garrard (2024), 25 Years Old: One of the hardest workers on the team bar none, Garrard had another typical season – 44 Games, 6 Goals, 7 Assists, 82% Pass Ratio, and 6.96 AR, which were right about his career averages. Truth be told, the coaching staff are quite vocal about thinking he is not good enough to be starting, but really, who is my alternative? Add to that the fact he is doing a good job as a starter, and there really is no rush to replace him. Until the Kafra Youth Academy can give us someone more talented, Garrard will remain our starter at the AM position. FORWARDS Richard Challis (2019), 30 Years Old: Kafra Player of the Year for the 12th season in a row, League 1’s Top Goalscorer and Team of the Year selection for the 3rd time in a row (4th overall), and for the first time, the League 1’s Player of the Year. How do you top that? How do you put a price on a player that has given so much to the club and meant so much to us? Aside from his ridiculous stats (44 Games, 26 Goals, 14 Assists, 8 PoMs, 7.20 AR), Challis has been the heart and soul of this club since 2019, never having scored less than 21 Goals in a season for us. He may never see the Premier League, but he has been a Top Goalscorer at least once in every league he has played in thus, and nothing would make me happier than see him achieve that feat one more time in the Championship. Career Stats HOT PROSPECTS Ben Ricketts (2029), 19 Years Old: He has the ability to play anywhere across the defensive line, and that is his strength and the reason he played in 23 Games. He registered 6.90 AR as our first selection off the bench for our defensive line, finding a role for himself and being quite successful at it. Intake: 1.5/5 CA, 4.5/5 PA – Now: 2/5 CA, 3.5/5 PA Robert Osborne (2030), 18 Years Old: if the awarded existed, the winner of the Most Surprising Player would easily be Osbrone this season. Barely even considered, injuries forced me to look at my options and get creative, and the end result was Osborne playing 24 Games as a CM, registering 4 Goals, 3 Assists, 82% Pass Ratio, 2.26 DpG, and 7.04 AR. It was completely unexpected and out of the blue, as he is naturally a striker, but he is ability to help at such a high level at the CM position helped us win the title. Intake: 1.5/5 CA, 3.5/5 PA – Now: 2/5 CA, 4/5 PA Billy Dunton (2030), 18 Years Old: He is still young, but with additional playing time this season, he did a lot better than the last. He appeared in 17 Games, registering 2.06 TpG and 6.72 AR – unfortunately, it seems his progress in attribute development has stalled. That has reflected in what my coaching staff believe is PA to be, as it dropped for the second continuous year. Intake: 1.5/5 CA, 3.5/5 PA – Now: 2/5 CA, 3/5 PA Aaron Clough (2031), 17 Years Old: The greatest debut season of all-time? You could certainly make a case, because without Clough, I highly doubt we would have even sniffed the title this year. He played all 46 Games, registering 23 Games (3rd in League), 5 Assists, 6 PoMs, 1.91 DpG, and 7.06 AR, making it one of the most impressive first seasons in all of my years of playing FM. Additionally, he had great development in his attributes, and he did it all while playing a position that was not his natural one, as he was our starter on the left wing while he is naturally a striker. Whatever the case, he already is potentially my most indispensable player considering his age, and I pray to God the board don’t sell him off. Intake: 1.5/5 CA, 5/5 PA – Now: 3/5 CA, 5/5 PA Eric Mensah (2031), 17 Years Old: My coaching staff are big fans of the Ghanaian right back, and I can understand why, but he was very underwhelming in his first season with us despite having ample playing time. Intake: 1/5 CA, 3.5/5 PA – Now: 2.5/5 CA, 4.5/5 PA YOUTH INTAKE Richard Amoah - Adnan Al-Jadani – George Hammond This was a relatively top-heave Intake in which two of our top three prospects will need to be retrained – Amoah into a full-back and Hammond into a right winger. That being said, all three look like they could be contributors in the near future if their development is as my coaching staff expects – they have all three rated at 5/5 PA. We got lucky last year with the amazing development of Clough and how fast he came along, but I doubt we have any star quality like him this time around. Still, we could use the depth, so I am not too disappointed.
  6. Thank you all for the kind comments! Update should be coming up in the next day or so!
  7. Thanks! The two big things were: 1) Clough's amazing season. I don't think I have ever had such a great season from a 17 year old in recent memory - this kid was literally the difference between points and no points several times this season. 2) I switched Okolie's role from Ball-Winning Midfielder to Box to Box Midfielder, and it paid huge dividends in our midfield. He was constantly the starting piece for a successful attack, and laid the foundation for several counter attacks on the wings.
  8. Yes, yes it is! This has to go down as one of my most surprising and satisfying league title wins ever in any FM save!
  9. You know - I never thought of that! That could have saved me a lot of trouble during this save! Thanks for the great idea, I am implementing it immediately! Thanks! I hope you like the next update, coming in a day or so.
  10. I honestly don't know - I am hoping Clough can develop enough without the board selling him off to replace him, but I honestly don't know! Thank you for the kind comment! See below - the nightmare continues:
  11. SEASON REVIEW 2030/2031 We took a step back this season, finishing in 16th Place after finishing in 14th Place last season – the reason was our defensive misgivings. We took a giant step back defensively and we paid the price for it – our 7-1 loss to Doncaster was the worst loss I have had in recent times over quite a few FM versions. Still, 16th Place is not so bad, and we were never in a relegation battle, so there is cause for optimism, mostly from our shiny CM prospects. Both Ahmed and Hinds have potential to be a Premier League players, and Okolie has become one of our most important players in himself. Of course, Challis was our star again – he won the Top Goalscorer award for the second year in a row, and was named in the League 1 Team of the Year. GOALKEEPERS Ashley O’Dwyer (2019), 28 Years Old: After two heavily injury-plagued seasons, O’Dwyer was finally healthy, although our defense took a step back (23rd in the league). In 45 Games, he registered 1.91 Con/90 and 6.79 AR – although the former statistic was high, his AR is just about what his career average has been. He definitely is not a GK we should be starting at this level, but he remains the best GK we have, and so he remains our answer at the position for the short-term at least. LEFT DEFENDERS Sunny Imudia (2025), 22 Years Old: I wish he could give us more consistent form, but Imudia continues to be an enigma. In 40 Apps, he registered 3 Assists, 2.55 TpG, 2.25 DpG, and 6.70 AR – if he could somehow become consistent enough to give us 6.90-7.00 AR, that would be perfect. He is a threat going forward, and his TpG is decent, it’s just that he needs to do it consistently for us. He has the speed to keep up with the paciest wingers, as well as go forward quickly, but like I said, I would like to see some more consistency. CENTRAL DEFENDERS Andrea Zefi (2019), 28 Years Old: The captain had a bit of an off-year, regressing in nearly every statistical category. In 42 Games, he registered 1.23 TpG and 6.79 AR, down from 6.90 the season before. Talent-wise, he is still our finest defender, and I expect his numbers to come back up to his career averages next year, but he is also edging closer to 30. In a few years, he will enter the twilight of his career, but there currently isn’t any real alternatives to his on the squad. Thankfully, it is not something we have to worry about now, and the hope is he will do better next season. Career Stats Gary McLoughlin (2024), 23 Years Old: Unfortunately for us, McLoughlin – who was once considered perhaps the best defensive prospect we have ever had – has not shown the type of improvements we have been looking for, and on top of that, delivered a mediocre season that certainly contributed to the team being almost the worst defensive team in the league. In 46 Games, he registered 1.19 TpG and 6.68 AR, down from 6.90 AR last season, showing the lack of form in his performances. He has not improved attributes-wise in years, and if we had someone who was a viable option at CD, I would not hesitate to bench him. Luckily for him, however, we do not, so he will start next season as our starter at the position – I hope he picks himself up and does a lot better. RIGHT DEFENDERS Richie Isaacs (2020), 28 Years Old: My coaching staff think he belongs in the Vanarama National, and after this season’s form, I am inclined to agree. He has been our starter and best right-back for the past eleven years, and we still don’t have someone who is better than him. In 44 Apps, he registered 3 Assists, 1.18 TpG, and 6.66 AR – this was definitely a step down from last season. That being said, the entire backline was mediocre this year, so it is tough to pinpoint a single wrong when the entire defense didn’t perform. Still, we either need better performances from Isaacs or we need to produce a better right-back. Career Stats CENTRAL MIDFIELDERS Godwin Okolie (2022), 26 Years Old: Even with the emergence of Ahmed and Hinds, I still consider Okolie our most important CM because of the overall effect on the game he brings. Whether attacking or defending, Okolie has excelled, and this year he rewarded us with his finest season yet. In 37 Apps, he registered 6 Goals (career-high and more than he has had in his entire career previously), 2 Assists, 2 PoMs, 4.62 TpG (3rd in League), 86% Pass Ratio, 3.26 DpG, and 7.09 AR. He is as solid as they come, and the Nigerian remains our anchorman in the middle of the pitch – he is probably one of the best defensive minded CMs in the league currently. Career Stats LEFT WINGERS Liam Butler (2026), 21 Years Old: A dislocated shoulder (two months out) and a torn hamstring (two months out) left Butler out of the lineup for more than half of the season. In 21 Games, he registered 10 Assists, 2.24 DpG, and 6.84 AR – he actually played pretty well when he was able to step on the pitch, but the injury bug would not let him go this season. Still, he is very young and capable of bouncing back, and the fact that he managed to register double digit assists in only 21 Games speaks volumes about how important he can be to our attack. RIGHT WINGERS Javia Manning (2025), 23 Years Old: The Jamaican was impressive enough this season to be rewarded with his first cap for his nation, building up a good season last year. In 45 Apps, he registered 6 Goals, 12 Assists, 3.88 DpG, and 6.98 AR, delivering his finest season yet. His speed is his obvious strength, but as reported last year, he has shown steady improvement in other aspects of his game – especially the Technical aspect – and that has resulted in better form for the youngster. He has captured the right wing starting position and is under no direct threat to lose it to anyone – hopefully, he will be able to give us over 7.00 AR next season. ATTACKING MIDFIELDERS Mick Davis (2018), 29 Years Old: Officially our backup for the AM position this year, he still managed to play in 40 Games, registering 7 Goals, 4 Assists, 2 PoMs, 84% Pass Ratio, and 6.86 AR. Those were actually best numbers he had registered in quite a number of years, despite only starting in 5 Games. In other words, he thrived in his new role, and found it easier to capitalize on his talents later in games that if he had been a starter. The Kafra legend is still in the prime of his career, and if his performances this season were anything to go by, he still has a lot left in the tank for us. Career Stats Tony Garrard (2024), 24 Years Old: The AM continues to impress, and continues to force both myself and the opposition to recognize his talents. In 44 Games, he registered 6 Goals, 10 Assists, 4 PoMs, 1.61 TpG, and 6.92 AR, which was right along his career average (6.93). Whether my coaching staff think so or not, he has proven he is more than capable of holding his own at this level of football, and I trust him as my starter completely going forward. He’ll never be a star, but his consistency has been great for us in the five years he has been a starter for us. FORWARDS Richard Challis (2019), 29 Years Old: The legend of Richard Challis continues – for the second straight time (and 3rd time overall) he was named the League 1’s Top Goalscorer, hitting 34 Goals. Those goals came with 5 Assists, 8 PoMs, and 7.35 AR, and he was named the Kafra Player of the Year for the 11th straight year. He turns 30 this coming season, and I am starting to become slightly worried about the health of our star player – I know I play a system that supports lots of goals for the striker, but Challis has been a revelation throughout the years for us. As noikeee said, he is an absolute legend of this save! Career Stats HOT PROSPECTS Shivnarine Ahmed (2029), 19 Years Old: My coaching staff believe he can be a Premier League level midfielder in the future, and I would not doubt it. He has become a crucial member of our first team (42 Apps, 3 Goals, 3 Assists, 2 PoMs, 85% Pass Ratio, 2.40 TpG, 6.89 AR) in his second full year with the club. He has shown outstanding improvement in his attributes, including his Physical abilities, and they show no signs of letting up. He is potentially one of the top prospects the Academy has ever produced. He also earned his first few caps for Jamaica. Intake: 2/5 CA, 5/5 PA – Now: 4.5/5 CA, 5/5 PA Ben Ricketts (2029), 18 Years Old: Not much in terms of playing time for the CD, and when he did play he was average (6.77 AR) – his PA has been downgraded and the coaching staff aren’t so optimistic about his potential anymore. Intake: 1.5/5 CA, 4.5/5 PA – Now: 1.5/5 CA, 3.5/5 PA Horace Hinds (2030), 17 Years Old: Wow, where did this guy come from!? Going into the season, we figured we would have a good player on our hands in a few years, but Hinds has potentially surpassed even Ahmed – his passing is excellent for any footballer, yet alone a 17 year old. His first year numbers were excellent (44 Apps, 3 Goals, 6 Assists, 2.96 DpG, 85% Pass Ratio, 2.92 TpG, 6.96 AR), and has easily the potential to be a Premier League player. Intake: 2.5/5 CA, 5/5 PA – Now: 4.5/5 CA, 5/5 PA Billy Dunton (2030), 17 Years Old: He could potentially be a decent rotational player. He is currently our second choice left-back, so he might get his chances to show what he is worth this coming season. Intake: 1.5/5 CA, 3.5/5 PA – Now: 1.5/5 CA, 3.5/5 PA YOUTH INTAKE Aaron Clough - Eric Mensah Judging by my HOYD, who suggests Clough is one of the “better players from this year’s Intake”, my coaching staff is not terribly excited about any player in the ’31 Youth Class. I, on the other hand, am potentially giddy over the potential abilities of Clough, and I was vindicated when he scored a brace in his debut to lead us to victory over then top-ranked Bury. He can play anywhere across the midfield, but his main position is striker, so we will see how that develops. Outside of Clough, however, there is very little to get excited about – Mensah is the best of a poor bunch.
  12. Indeed - such a shame we could not have kept him for a few more years.
  13. Absolutely - Challis has been our everything! Without him, I don't know where we would be. Cornwall is developing quite nicely - screenshot below: