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  1. CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 2046 - Quarter-Finals Having been knocked out in the Group Stages by Roma and Bayern Munich, this was the first Champions League Sophara United had qualified for that did not end in the Knockout Stages. While Bayern Munich got a good draw against Hajduk Split and made the most of it, Roma was not so lucky as they were knocked out in the Second Round by juggernauts and defending La Liga champions Real Madrid. The defending Champions League champions Leipzig were knocked out by Serie A team AC Milan, who are looking to get back into the Semi-Finals like 2 seasons ago. They
  2. Got around to doing England! What's the ultimate goal in England before moving on? EDIT: Nevermind, I saw the Trophies to Win section, lol.
  3. Thoroughly enjoyed your England at 30 update and good job so far in Hong Kong!
  4. Tough group. We faced Roma with relative success last season in the Group Stages, but Bayern Munich put a real hurting to us in our first CL campaign a few years back.
  5. LOOKING BACK - YOUTH CLASS 2030 The ’30 Youth Class turned out a number of rotational and role players but no real stars. The most prominent name from the intake is Max Newton, who was one of Sophara United’s most important defensive players for most of the 2030s and early 2040s. When the ’30 Youth Class was first introduced, a lot of buzz was created around Mohammed Boateng, who was deemed ready to play immediately at the CM position. He was, by a wide margin, considered the gem of the class, but sadly his career didn’t quite pan out the way it was expected to. Newton and Boateng were t
  6. SOPHARA UNITED SEASON REVIEW 2044/2045 TEAM REVIEW The 2044/45 season was another successful one for Sophara United – the club finished in a record high 3rd Place, behind only the Top Two who continue to dominate both the Premier League and the Champions League. A “Golden Generation” has emerged comprised of Ben Gibson (26), Wayne Breen (27), Kurtis Thompson (26), Tyler Craig (24), and Niall Bayliss (24), all of whom are 3 years apart. It included GK Carl Jones as well, but he hit the club with a shocking request to leave due to not being happy with the rotation at the p
  7. CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 2044/45 – Quarter-Finals LIVERPOOL vs. BARCELONA: The first leg in Liverpool ended with a victory from the host after a Rogerio Jose scored his 3rd goal of the tournament in the dying seconds of the match. Between these two teams, they have won 14 titles (Liverpool – 9, Barcelona – 5) but neither team had won one in the past 17 years since Liverpool won it back-to-back. Barcelona tried to break through during the second leg at home but a stellar Liverpool defense denied them more than one goal – the match ended 1-1, advancing Liverpool through to the Semi-Finals to face r
  8. CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 2044/45 – Second Round Nights in the middle of February can only mean one thing – the return of the Champions League. This season’s Second Round featured its share of excitement and high-scoring matches, beginning with Sophara United’s emphatic 12-5 aggregate victory over Feyenoord. Scoring 6 Goals in each match, Sophara were led by its frontline of Niall Bayliss and Ben Gibson, who now have 12 and 10 Goals in the competition this season, respectively. Arsenal also continued on their trek to make it back to the Finals with their own strong victory over Porto (7-3 agg.) wi
  9. The Champions League Second Round draw is out! We get a nice tie against Feyenoord - the 1970 title winners have not been in the CL since before 2020 (not sure when) and they are currently 7th in the Eredivisie. Some big matches, too - Man City vs. Bayern Munich is perhaps the biggest as both team have had CL success over the last 10-15 years. Other interesting match-ups are Barcelona vs. Juventus and Arsenal will be up against a tough Porto side. AC Milan are looking for a return trip to the Semi-Finals but they'll have to get through Liverpool first.
  10. This is new! Wayne Breen came out as gay a few days ago (in my save), and then I got this message. 22 years later, and FM is still throwing pleasant surprises!
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