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  1. Marbah

    [FM19] The Amerigo Vespucci Diaries

    gonna follow this good luck
  2. this is gonna be good :D:D
  3. Are you still playing this save?
  4. Marbah

    Following in the footsteps of Sir Alex Ferguson

    yohoo gonna follow that one too thanks for doing this man
  5. I've noticed that this usually happens on the inbox screen. I'll try to upload the save tonight.
  6. he ask for like 3mil a year salary, and the team only offer him 150k. fm is too real
  7. This is such a small thing but it would be greatly appreciated. Right now this seems on of the few games that you cant use your media keys from the keyboard while playing the game. you have to unfocus the window to adjust the sound or pause a song. really annoying. can this be change?
  8. Marbah

    Following in the footsteps of Sir Alex Ferguson

    hehe, congrats man
  9. glad your still doing this years fm hope to see a couple more updates until November GO KAFRA
  10. Marbah

    [FM18] Sven Adzic - European Journeyman

    just go to Milan already yeah just finished reading and saw that you choose the german side. maybe next stop. huge thanks for doing this
  11. Marbah

    [FM18] Sven Adzic - European Journeyman

    oh wow that german striker is sexy as hell with 19 anticipation and 17 decisions, damn damn damn
  12. Marbah

    This Saint Gonna Be Easy: Ch. V - Endgame

    just read the thread in two breaks at work, brilliant stuff man any plans for fm19 version?
  13. Marbah

    Make South America Great Again!

    ha, understandable can you upload the save somewhere? would love to take it for a spin