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  1. the most infuriating part is that, in lower leagues, the bug is even worse. I score concede liked there is no tomorrow. every shot lands in one of the corners perfectly placed.
  2. I dont think its hard to reproduce. just load a save make some routines, clear the tactic, create a new one and try to load your previously created routines.
  3. oh man this suckssssssssss i've started myself a save in the lower leagues and i've started to have the utmost respect for what you are doing. my save is going horribly since i reached the first league. only defeats, my players are **** and holy **** i'm annoyed
  4. https://community.sigames.com/topic/455129-fm19-kafra-fc-2019-edition-youth-only-in-england/page/4/?tab=comments#comment-11747805
  5. kinda weird to see Bundesliga as the best competition reputation wise thanks for the update
  6. started a new season, and longs shots goals in almost every game. first time shots, which (in 2d at least) seem right on the keeper, but somehow they snuck in really annoying
  7. HA! probably you did initially, but with each updated database you would need to do it again and I think we are at 19.0.3 or something.
  8. Its Real Betis from Spain he didn't delete the fake.inc files
  9. What i've tried https://imgur.com/a/Q7esTgM and the results. While winning most of the games, my strikers/if/mids failed to score from various position. Not sure if its the patch or me or the training (let the assman figure it out).
  10. Hi guys, Can't seem to be able to implement this tactic successfully scoring wise. i get the ball, i get chances, i get the shots but somehow my AC Milan side fails to score.
  11. Hi @abulezz I just got up to date with my favorite virtual team Such an nice and enjoyable read every time, i think i went back a couple of times just to re-read what you wrote when one of players got drafted hehe Now, to the questions: would you mind sharing your tactic, or at least the striker and midfield partnerships? Big thanks for writing this year after year!
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