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  1. all the details are here. nobody is answering there. i want to know if this is under review or your need additional details. its driving me crazy not being able to set once and for all the opposition instructions.
  2. Messi went to Juventus in my save. Teaming up with Ronaldo up front. I only notice it when they scored against my team.
  3. match review can help with the mental attributes as far as I know. I try to schedule a session after each game.
  4. @Jack Joyce I was wondering if I'm doing anything wrong. this bug is killing my saves.
  5. here is a short rundown of the situation and the pkm of the game https://imgur.com/a/BBfjxfu the save is called "Rapid Bucureșt before match" and "Rapid București after match" Viitorul Constanţa v Rapid București.pkm
  6. gotta say, you made me more confused than before my positional instructions are being applied even when 'player' side is selected?
  7. if its a UI/visual issue (and the ME is applying the instructions) why is the assistant 'recommending' me to close down/tackle harder the opposition players, which are already 'targeted' by the positional opposition instructions?
  8. I dont get it. Here is what is happening on my side: I'm loading the save. I'm setting opposition instructions to position, and set them accordingly to my intentions. I'm starting a game. Whenever a substitution occurs, the players substituted in gets the opposition instructions from my assistant (so not positional as I set them but player). and due to this no instructions are set for any players coming in. Further more after finish the game ALL my opposition instructions are set to PLAYER instead of POSITION and THEREFOR nothing is set for the next game. NO INSTRUCTIONS. Now, you are telling me this is not a bug? What am I doing wrong? I want to set all opposition instructions to POSITION so everyone playing on a certain position gets a predefined set of opposition instructions. @Jack Joyce
  9. This has been happening for a while now. Still no fix. Am I the only one? I am playing in Romania, where we have two phased championship. During each phase I get matches clumped up 2-3 in a row two days apart for no reason. only league games.
  10. what are you talking about? the issue is completely the opposite. i want to be in charge, but this keeps changing to the assman without him being in charge. lol
  11. for the offside thing, you could lower your engagement line, or have haaland on custom pressing. but with the CF role he will try to stay on the shoulder of the last defender too. so that could be the cause also. i would experiment with having him as a AF or even a F9 in this formation to bring the winger into play more. he might get isolated from the midfield since the IF/IW will cut inside. isolated in a sense that his like the 3rd passing option if the ball is not long, theoretically.
  12. I'm using my setup with success but keep in mind that i train corners and freekicks in training too. aim: far post. right footed player on the left side and left footed on the right so the ball swings inwards. I have my two CB on the far post (flick on and far post). I have my striker challenging the GK I have my MC on the 11m box two players on stay back and the rest go forward. my center backs get like 4-5 goals each season. hope it helps
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