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  1. jmgrima

    [Italy] (Official) League Specific Issues

    Will it be possible to insert own Under 23 team in Serie C or Serie D?
  2. jmgrima

    [Italy] Data Issues

    Murillo of Inter (on loan at Valencia) has 2017'18 stats missing as if he never played during that season.
  3. In my save Napoli and Roma are langusihing in 18th and 19th place respectively with 4 points each after 7 games. seems quite unrealistic to be honest.
  4. jmgrima

    [Italy] (Official) Data Issues

    Still, in my opinion, due to Inter’s importance in the game I would have Sabatini and Ausilio responsible of transfers at Inter since Massara has been promoted as Technical Director at Jiangsu (as seen in the picture, he is the team’s Technical Director)
  5. Transfer window is over and he didn’t even attempt to sign them! had to sign Barreca on loan from Torino as an emergency and promote a youngster Zaniolo to cover in midfield.
  6. I have issued my DoF to make bids for Ramires and Criscito for my Inter save. One month has passed and no offers or any news have been made. is it a bug or am I missing something?
  7. jmgrima

    [Italy] (Official) Data Issues

    Walter Sabatini is Inter’s technical director together with Piero Ausilio. Both have been talking to media as official Inter representatives. Sabatini, however, also serves as a connection between Inter and Jiangsu Suning since he is the Sporting Director of Suning who owns both clubs.
  8. Question 1: Set three or four clubs per stadium. For example Valleta, Sliema, Birkirkara and Floriana play at Ta Qali, Hibernians, Mqabba, Marsaxlokk and Tarxien at Hibs Stadium, Hamrun, Mosta, Balzan, Qormi at Hamrun Stadium. Question 2: TV rights are mininmal...say 30.000 euro per club in the Premier League each season. Other divisions have no TV rights. Question 3: Minimal prize for both competitions...say 20.000 euro per trophy
  9. Information for Maltese league is as follows: All Maltese teams are divided into 4 divisions, namely: and 2 cups Then there are the Gozitan leagues, which are sort of regional leagues with relegation and promotions within. However teams taking part in the Gozitan league will play in the U*BET FA Trophy mentioned above. These are the following leagues/cups in Gozo: and 4 cups As for awards, the following are given: As for media used, there can be the following: This might help. Teams are listed according to current standings, hence showing how good they are.
  10. will there be a new one for the new Fm 2011? Thanks
  11. as I saw that Xewkija Tigers in the Gozitan League were not properly updated, here is a complete list of the 2010/11 players for FM 2011...in brackets are the dobs of the players: President: Jeffrey Farrugia Coach: Mario Bonello Rivals: Sannat Lions / Ghajnsielem GKS: Jonathan Xuereb (1978), Joseph Grima (1985), John Xerri (1984) Defenders: John Vella (1978), Josmar Vella (1990), Josmar Azzopardi (1990), Patrick Camilleri (1980), Eric Saliba (1975), Josef Xerri (1981) Midfielder: Joseph Azzopardi (1985), Shaun Mizzi (1986), Andreas Fotso (1984), Paul Rapa (1990), Manuel Xerri (1991), Joseph Cefai (1985), Philip Mizzi (1993), Basil Chibueze (1983) Attackers: Christian Bugeja (1985), Rodney Buttigieg (1990), Mark Camilleri (1983), Kiril Dyakov (1979), Clayton Hili (1991) http://xewkijatigersfc.com/jm2/index.php/team
  12. it's hard to have a stadium of your own. On my save with Birkirkara I managed to win the league arriving on level points with Valletta, but one through better direct clashes. I managed to sign aone of the best Maltese youngsters (Tyrone Farrugia) and also managed to get Anderson Mendes Ribeiro (Tarxien) and Alfred Effiong (Qormi) for the new season and it started off with a high, where I was beaten in the Third Round of the Champions League by Red Bull Salzburg, yet I found myself in the group stages of Europe League and I was drawn with Seville (Spain), Cluj (Romania) and Kaunas (Lithuania). Who were your signings? Oh and btw to manage to turn a club into a professional, the easiest way is the offer all your players a Professional Contract. It's hard but you can manage it.
  13. can there be a new update of the league but with some tweakes regarding the new Maltese transfer system following this article? http://www.maltafootball.com/2010/05/26/clubs-set-to-be-allowed-to-sign-more-foreigners-as-from-next-season/
  14. a fabulous job!!! Awesome! Cant wait to start a game with Xewkija Tigers and then with Valletta FC to guide to the Champions League!!