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  1. https://www.maltafootball.com/2020/02/19/national-team-progress-regarding-professional-club-in-serie-c-discussed-during-mfa-council-meeting/ as of this year Malta had to establish its own Lega Pro side (just like San Marino had in previous years) but it was postponed due to CoVid. Will or can this be inserted for a future date in the game? The idea is to have as much Maltese players possible playing abroad at both youth and senior level.
  2. It is just a question, not a bug really, but will Serie A clubs be able to feature B teams upon request during the save? Let’s say I am Inter. Will it be possible at any point during the save to make a request for a B-team? I know last year it happened in other leagues like Hungary and Turkey where I could ask my board for a B-team but it never happened in my Italy save.
  3. Same here. Mine actually shows that I'm playing FM2019 at the start screen!
  4. Yes I have a lot of Italians in the squad. Bastoni, Sensi, Barella, Esposito are all doing great. I just best Barcelona away in the Semis 7-2 so Im guessing the UCL final is close. Will most probably face Liverpool who beat United 5-0. So it would be re encountering Brozovic. Main aim is to trim the squad down. I have Handanovic (retiring), Vidal, Candreva all leaving the club. Planning to sell D’Ambrosio and Batshuayi too and insert in the first team Agoume, Almada, Verschaeren and Gnoto. The aim is to spend and change little. Ideally I have in mind also to offload Eriksen to give A
  5. 2 league wins in a row and heading for the third straight league. In the Champions League only managed a Semi-Final in the third year (current season). Lost Brozovic and Lautaro early on in the save to Liverpool and United for a combined fee of 170 million Euro. Along the years brought Haland from Dortmund to replace Lautaro and earlier Matic on loan to replace Brozovic but eventually veered to Milinkovic who was at Chelsea. Also bought Almada and Verschaeren during the first season and shipped immediately on loan for 3 seasons. Added 2 interesting players who are progre
  6. I'm currently Inter (3rd) season. Wanted to ask whether the option of having an U23 side (like Juve U23) will ever show up and have them compete in the unlocked leagues hoping to see them then in Lega Pro or even Serie B.
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