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  1. After a long holiday, I'm heading for my first European post and arrived in NORTHERN IRELAND at the newly promoted BANGOR - expectations aren't high, but hopefully I may get a good run in one of the many Northern Irish Cup Competitions
  2. League Won in St.Pierre and Miquelon - It felt a bit soulless playing the same teams 8 times, once the tactics where set it was repeat until finished. Anyway 1 Trophy and a massive 10pts !! - I'll now hand in my resignation and get the passport out again. Think I'm going to have a flush through the loaded leagues and start bringing in some better rep.leagues and give myself a bit longer at each. Currently got 17 leagues loaded and will trim that down to no more than 5, but with better reputations.
  3. By going back to less reputable countries I see my own reputation has dropped Also notice that my discipline rating is 22 ? - I thought the maximum these attributes could reach was 20 ?
  4. It all went a bit 'Pete Tong' in Malawi - the main issue I had was finding any staff, which is a royal PITA when you're looking for staying only a short time. Anyway relegated and my Reserves Manager, and Chief Scout upped sticks - so I've done the same and ended up in ASIA - who are actually in North America - (I think) I've just checked Google Maps to see where the place is - when I saw North America, I could only assume it was down near Bermuda somewhere - its actually just off the coast of Newfoundland. So looks like the Bermuda shorts will be unpacked and I'll b
  5. Solomon Islands - Did the double with WESTERN UNITED. Won Telekom S-League (Top Division) 47pts plus Trophy Won Solomon Islands Knockout Cup Championship 45pts plus Trophy The Oceania Champions League is 8 months away. (?) - not sure if I should stay or look elsewhere
  6. Outclassed with Ahau in OCL - Resigned but staying within the Oceania Confederation.... and a move to the Solomon Islands.
  7. Won Tongan Top Division - Unbeaten W20 D1 ! - (National League on list) with the reputation garnered in Ghana and a Continental A Licence it seems like you're getting a good head start on the opposition Trophy and 30 points Think another crack at the Oceania Champions League and I'll then be looking to move on.
  8. Not making anymore headway in Ghana - so job taken in Tonga. These won the League previous season and also have a place in the OFC Champions League
  9. American Samoa - FFAS Senior League 1 - Winners 13pts & 1 Trophy FYI - Winning the League (which I did) gains no trophy, or even acknowledgment of success - the top 4 go into a end of season play-off and the winners of that are deemed to have won the League Record so Far
  10. For the Second Tier its split into Two Groups - (8 each) - top 2 from each group qualify for "Play Offs" (I was 2nd in my Group) - 2 lg Semi Final and 2 lg Final. The winner of that Final gets promotion - you don't get promotion for simply winning your Group. I won the "Play Off Final"
  11. Sacked after 16 Games in South Sudan. Job with Pago Pago in American Samoa - Promotion Second Season - 11pts
  12. OFK Beograd 2021-2022 End of Season Report - Season 2 We carried on the start of this season where we left off at the end of last, with a storming start and we were top after 11 games, and stayed there for a good number of games. Unfortunately following a transfer request from our Star Player - and a stubbornness on my behalf to adapt tactics, the form tapered off prior to the league split. We still ended up in the top half though, so I'm hopeful (rather than optimistic) that we can grasp the nettle again next season and at least make top four (although I'm not telling the playe
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