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  1. I think "Amortization" is a word that crops up in the current Derby County debacle - Mel Morris. There's a club challenge begging to be done in FM22
  2. I'd missed this just caught up with one long read. As always great read - pity you didn't make it work - I'm currently managing Spurs in an Online Game against a couple of mates, and I was looking for formation hints for my second season I guess i'll have to look for another Spurs thread. Hope you continue elsewhere in England and show Daniel Levy what he lost out on
  3. Will it eventually become possible to progress further in Europe ? Does taking the National Team Managers role help bring on the Domestic Leagues somehow ?
  4. Before I categorize this as an error - can I ask your advice, as this is a first proper attempt at a youth only save - have you come across this before and how do I get around it if you have ? I've had 2 promotions in Northern Ireland and find myself in the Danske Premiership, where its the first time I've had to register a squad. I only have 11 players over the age of 20 - all the others are U21 and are eligible without the need to register - yet I can't continue as it needs 15 min for registration ? TIA
  5. At Full Time - Summary XG shows Yet match stats show
  6. I hope you're reporting this as "Bug" - surely you need to be at a Club for over 50 yrs (or die - like Maradona with Napolis Stadium) to get a Stadium named after you ...
  7. Sorry I don't - I've tried to holiday from start of save I have from season start but that playoff comes out correctly
  8. Just got to play offs for National League - (season 2022-23) This isn't how the play-offs work - unless they're changing in time for 2022-23 How the top 7 finished This is how the playoffs should pan-out Yet in the season I've just played this is the play off structure The semi final stage is wrong - Chesterfield (2nd) and Barnet (3rd) should be in different Semi Finals It should have been Chesterfield v Hartlepool Barnet v Ebbsfleet
  9. Second Season Season 2022-2023 Vanarama National League - Final Position 13th Expected to fight bravely against relegation, but after a poor start we stuttered to a mid table finish - never troubling the play-off contenders and never really skirting with relegation - it was just a bit of a meh!! season Moments to remember Team of the season .... Strangely even though he played almost as many matches as last season Kieran Hayes' goalscoring prowess completely disappeared - scoring only 1 goal, after scoring 25+ last season ? - he did assist 12 though, to earn his place in the team of the year. Top scorer this season Andrew Neal - a player I was encouraged not to give a new contract to last year by my backroom staff. ! I'm hoping to push on this season, and I may be looking for a new DoF, as the current one is absolutely pants, he finds little or know recruits for the first team - and after the simplest of negotiations is often left to me to dive in with a renegotiation to get players to come, or stay. The little bugs in the beta are beginning to grind a bit know, and I'm not quite feeling the immersion I did with FM20 - I'm pretty sure that will change when the patches start coming along. So onward to season 2024, and hopefully the first of the patches may be here in time for official release date
  10. Good Luck - I ended up with Truro also, they seemed to have a fair squad (if not a little unbalanced IIRC) - with three or four really decent for the level.
  11. Season 2021-2022 Expectations were for a Mid Table finish, but the squad I inherited proved good enough to win the League with 3 games to go. These season end info screens need quite a bit of work in the readiness for the actual release - lots of empty place holders and incomplete information, but I suppose that's the point of a beta - to identify the bits to finish fully Below are the Memorable Moments from the end of season review The only real problems I had was trying to entice players to come and play for us - even an affiliate with Bristol Rovers only garnered 1 loanee. I did leave most of the general transfer business to the DoF, or I'd identify possible Transfer Targets and give him instructions to sign them up - I don't think he actually managed to sign anyone I identified !! The team of the season below is actually a little bugged - as Reuben Collins was a standout player for us for the first half of the season, but the appearances and form rating shown on the below screenshot are his figures for the time he spent at Grimsby after we sold him in the January Transfer window - I may actually try and get him back on loan for next season Kieran Hayes was an absolute beast for us in terms of Goals scored AND assists - and he spent most of the season in one of the three Attacking Midfield roles behind the Striker. Hopefully for the step up I can entice at least a few decent loanees down to the South West - surely a season in Truro must be a better place for some decent youngsters to learn their trade, than training through the winter at the likes of Hartlepool or Gateshead ? If I can't get the DoF to up his negotiating skills then he looks like being replaced by the New Year.
  12. Really enjoyed this thread - TBH I'd stopped reading over last couple weeks as I thought you'd be winding down with the Beta Release. Anyway I shall continue to watch Englands exploits in the World Cup As to what I personally liked in the thread - the PRO's for me were your interactions with your 'agent' and the gentle humor you'd fit into the conversations. the match footage and commentary As for next year - we'll your own local football is in a very poor state at the minute - and not just your own (very well researched ) County team, but just across the border Burton Albion are heading in the wrong direction maybe you could resurrect the Brewers fortunes - post Clough jnr. ? - and spend a career journeying around the East Midlands (not quite as glamorous as managing "l'azzurri" ... ) Or maybe try and better some Icon manager - starting off in the same position (League and similar level of team) they where and seeing what you can achieve over a similar career span ?
  13. Small error - but the below doesn't make sense, every round of FA Cup is a knockout stage ?
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