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  1. You know those scenes when you win a penalty shootout and the bench empties? Can we get that for massive goals? Last minute equaliser/winner? Bench empties, even the coach (if you are deemed passionate by the media maybe) and storm down the touchline to engulf the players celebrating?
  2. I always have an extensive range of fields set up in my squad view: Position Selected: Inf: Name: Position: Age: Birth City: Nationality: Ability: Potential: Sharpness/Fitness: Morale: Training Rating: Progress: Playing Time Happiness: Personality: Last 5 games: Apps: Goals: Assists: Av. Rating: Value: Wage: Contract Expiry. I'm sick of having to constantly resize my fields to make them readable (they fit perfectly fine on my monitor). Surely, there must be a way to embed locking views so that when field widths are fine, they remain unchanged? I feel like every time I go into
  3. Just sat here watching the Euro 1996 rewind and came up with an idea. I remember the game once had a challenge mode (which is still on the mobile version, maybe?. This would be somewhat similar but specifically for International tournaments. So, the idea is actually that oyu can go back in time and manage teams from a variety of International tournaments to see if you can go one better than they did in real life? You can choose to manage any of the teams who qualified for the actual tournament and are restricted with the squad they took to the tournament too but would
  4. Anyone else constantly refreshing this..? Been waiting for complete Level 13 for the longest time! Really appreciate your work Dan.
  5. Update: I keep checking to validate the files and there's always 1 file it needs to validate. I validate it. Check again and it still needs to validate a single file.
  6. Game opens, begins to go through teh various splash screens then crashes out when it has the licensing screen up. No crash dump. I have custom graphics installed but renamed the graphics folder to see if it make a difference and still crashed. Any advice? I have validated files already. I have checked graphics driver for update (up to date).
  7. As part of one of my saves, I edit city names so I can have a restricted transfer policy. However, when I rename Newcastle in the database, I load hte game and it becomes Newcastle-upon-Tyne. In game for example, Paul Dummett is born in Newcastle-upon-Tyne but in the editor he's born in Newcastle. Newcastle-upon-Tyne does not exist in the editor... help.
  8. Can't wait for you to earn enough air miles to takeover Musk Town Martians FC.
  9. The likes of Steven Gerrard and Xabi Alonso recently began coaching by being involved within the youth teams of a club. I know we can manage clubs u18's when the manager of the first team but perhaps it should be an option to start as the manager of a youth team exclusively (could boost working with youth attribute). Anyway, manage for a year or two as u18 manager of Leeds or something before boosting your rep and then going for an u23 job and then perhaps moving into a caretaker role at a club too. Would add more realism and also an alternative path for managers to take.
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