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  1. Can't wait for you to earn enough air miles to takeover Musk Town Martians FC.
  2. The likes of Steven Gerrard and Xabi Alonso recently began coaching by being involved within the youth teams of a club. I know we can manage clubs u18's when the manager of the first team but perhaps it should be an option to start as the manager of a youth team exclusively (could boost working with youth attribute). Anyway, manage for a year or two as u18 manager of Leeds or something before boosting your rep and then going for an u23 job and then perhaps moving into a caretaker role at a club too. Would add more realism and also an alternative path for managers to take.
  3. The new road map for this has resulted in a 128 team MLS, with 16 division. Pacific North Pacific Central Pacific South Tex-Mex Gulf Coast Atlantic Central Atlantic North North East Canada East Great Lake East Great Lake West MidWest North Midwest South Rocky Mountains Central Mississippi.
  4. I hope to outline a plan and create a database that upgrade the MLS to a 64 team system (possibly more depending on peoples thoughts). During the regular season, there will be two phases; the regional season and the conference season. The Regional Season is Fixed each year where the same 8 teams participate in their own regional division. Gulf Coast Division: Birmingham Legion, Inter Miami CF, Orlando City, Tampa Bay Rowdies + New Orleans (new club), Baton Rouge (new club), Jackson (new club), Tallahassee (new club). Great Lake Division: Columbus Crew, Chicago Fire, FC Cincinatti, Minnesota United, Indy Eleven, Pittsburgh Riverhounds, Louisville City, Forward Madison. Cascadia Division: Vancouver Whitecaps, Seattle Sounders, Portland Timbers, Cavalry FC, FC Edmonton + Surrer (new club), Tacoma (new club), Spokane (new club). Pacific Division: LA Galaxy, LA FC, San Jose Earthquakes, Orange County, Las Vegas Lights, Sacramento Republic, Fresno FC, Phoenix Rising. 5-10 Division: Real Salt Lake, Colorado Rapids, New Mexico United, FC Dallas, Houston Dynamo, Austin Bold, OKC Energy, El Paso Locomotive. Midwest Division: Sporting Kansas City, St. Louis, Memphis 901 + Wichita (new club), Des Moines (new club), Omaha (new club), Fargo (new club), Sioux Falls (new club). Atlantic Division: Atlanta United, Charleston Battery, Charlotte Indi, North Carolina, Nashville FC, Nashville SC + Knoxville (new club), Richmond (new club). North East Division: Montreal Impact, New England Revolution, DC United, New York City FC, New York Red Bulls, Toronto FC, Hartford Athletic, Philadelphia Union. ---- Teams who are current affiliates of MLS clubs or owned by MLS Clubs are discounted from consideration. However, exceptions may be made as I feel that expanding to 80 teams might be a possibility with the areas such as Puerto Rico (Gulf Coast Division), Detroit (Great Lake), Winnipeg, Ottawa, Quebec City, Tuscon, Cleveland and Buffalo, amongst others being a possibility. ---- The opening phase (regional season) sees each team play home and away within their conference, totaling 14 matches. The top 3 teams in each regional conference advance to the Major Group and gain automatic qualification to the last 32 of the playoffs. These 24 teams are arranged across 2 divisions (non-regionalised). Each group is composed of 4 first place teams, 4 second place teams and 4 third place teams. ---- The teams finishing 4th - 8th qualify for the Minor Group. Composed of 4 groups of 10 (2 4th place, 2 5th place, 2 6th place, 2 7th place and 2 8th place). The top 2 sides qualify for the wild card final. The other 8 playoff for the right to play in their wild card final. 3rd v 10th : 4th v 9th : 5th v 8th : 6th v 7th. 3/10 v. 6/7 : 4/9 v 5/8 : 3/10/6/7 v 2nd : 4/9/5/8 v 1. (2 teams from each Minor Group qualify for the end of season playoffs). ---- Teams play between 32-36 games during regular season dependant on performance, followed by the playoffs. Give me a few months and it might be made. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ADD IDEAS AND SCRUTINISE MY CURRENT IDEA. LET'S MAKE AMERICAN SOCCER GREAT.
  5. Are there any threads where people can request the creation of kits for teams who aren't included in the vast amounts of kitpacks?
  6. Imagine being a season ticket holder at Middlesbrough. 0.69 goals scored per game... it would hurt my heart.
  7. Let's start the conversation. Football Manager has the capacity to be an E-Sport in my opinion - despite at times having RNG. My idea. The first FM Major will have just 8 players involved (in future will expand to have multiple divisions to incorporate promotion and relegation). 8 team tournament spanning a weekend. The start of each season (4 majors - November - January - April - August) a draft takes place (games played and tournament managed within the real game not the draft crap). Tournament is a straight knockout - with winners and losers bracket. All teams play 3 full matches on a weekend can be expanded to 16 if goes well. Each team ends up placed First to Last with Last place being a relegation place for lower division tournament. Ideally, matches would be played on full match - or comprehensive highlights at a minimum IN 3D. At the start of each following event, players can only retain 12 players from their 20 man squad and a draft takes place at the start of the next event to rebuild squads etc - trades can take place at this point for players and draft positions but squads must be 20 players. Additionally, football clubs may opt to be involved having their own FM E-Sport team however it is prohibited that they can impose a minimum number of players within their squad to be drafted into their e-players squad (Watford cannot dictate that 5 Watford players must be in their participants squad - though they can supply badge and kit images and info for their player). Thoughts and expansions. Let's start the conversation here.
  8. Loving this. You're slowly getting there. Feels like establishing yourself in Ligue 2 is the final stumbling block with £5m or so coming in each season you should be good, especially since your squad turnover will be very limited. I feel with these challenges you always end up with what you'd assume is a below average squad for the league you're in but because of the players familiarity with each other and the stability of the playing staff, they always exceed expectation.
  9. Did you know Gonzalo Higuain's dad is Basque. Get him signed up. As will Federico Higuain's obv.
  10. Is there a way to modify the MLS to increase to 64 teams and retain the MLS draft?
  11. Can't believe I didn't think of this. A great idea.
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