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[FM22] A pun based on Excelsior is arbitrary, but this isn't arbitrary, this is Abertillery Excelsior! - Youth Only in Wales

Makoto Nakamura

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At the end of the 1999-2000 season, Cwmtillery AFC and Abertillery Town forged an alliance, playing under the club name Tillery FC until the close of the 2006 season. The decision to combine the neighbouring clubs, who were both steeped in their individual and respective history, was considered to be the only viable option to preserve the medium to the long-term future of competitive football in the town, whilst also providing a platform for youth team players to progress to senior league status within their own club.

The amalgamation, and subsequent name change, provided the club opportunity of attracting several major sponsors, helping to provide a firm financial base which along with the correct structure in place both at a club/committee and management/playing level, afforded potential to progress within football in future years.

Tillery FC underwent a name change and revamp at the beginning of the 2005-2006 season, officially becoming Abertillery Excelsiors FC. This was a conscious decision to provide the club with a unique identity and also a geographical location for any visiting clubs, officials and fans, effectively allowing them to ‘find us on the map’.

The return of the ‘Excelsiors’ name will have certainly been welcomed by older players and members of the club, who may have remembered the great successes of local team Cwmtillery Excelsiors during the 1940s. Unfortunately, as the post-war years ushered the beginning of 1950 local preference for sport had changed and rugby became the predominant sport in the town. The egg-shaped ball would have dominance so much so that the area wouldn’t have it’s own football team until 1965, when Albert Padfield would step in. An ex-player of the 1940s team, Padfield is credited as single-handedly kickstarting the football club back into action with an Under-11s side.

The nucleus of this junior team went on to graduate to senior football during the 1970s, initially playing in the North Gwent and West Gwent Leagues, where they eventually gained promotion to the Monmouthshire Senior League. By the 1987 season, Cwmtillery had battled and progressed to the First Division of the Gwent County League and despite finally winning the league championship at the conclusion of the 1993-1994 season, a lack of facilities at the Woodland Field would stonewall the club and deny them entry to Welsh League. However, a twist of fate would prove in the club’s best interest in 1999-2000, when the club finally entered the Welsh League system when Spencer Youth declined the automatic promotion place.

Records show that Abertillery Town was formed prior to 1910 and in that year registered themselves as a limited company along with Risca AFC. In the early years, the club played in the South Wales League before moving to the old Southern League in the 1913-1914 season, where they locked horns with teams such as Brentford, Luton and Stoke City. They would remain there for another ten years until 1923, when they decided to relinquish their membership and returned to football in Wales. The club also won the Senior Cup competition of the 1919-1920 season, applying to join the Football League the following year only to fail election in the ensuing ballot, at the expense of Charlton Athletic, despite receiving more votes than Bury.

Abertillery Town continued to play Welsh League football as Abertillery Town or Abertillery Athletic up until the late 1950s, before finally disbanding. However, in 1982 the club was reformed by Bryan Boots, Kelvin Watkins and Robert Legge.

The club we now know as Abertillery Excelsiors play their football in the Gwent County League, boasting three adult teams, a veteran side and a successful youth set-up. The aspiration of the club? To return to Welsh League football and continue writing more in the club’s storied and eclectic journey.

Cwmtillery Football Club Honours:
North Gwent League Champions: 1970/71 and 1980/81
North Gwent League Runners-Up: 1986/87
North Gwent Perkins Cup Winners: 1980/81
North Gwent Firth Cup Runners-Up: 1986/87
Gwent County Third Division Champions: 1985/86
Gwent County Second Division Runners-Up: 1986/87
Gwent County First Division Champions: 1993/94
Gwent County First Division Runners-Up: 1994/95 and 1999/00
Gwent Amateur Cup Winners: 1998/98 and 1999/00
Gwent Amateur Cup Runners-Up: 1992/93
Gwent County Challenge Cup Winners: 1992/93 and 1995/96
Gwent Senior Cup Runners-Up: 1992/93

Abertillery Town Club Honours:
North Gwent Premier Division Champions: 1983/84 and 1984/85
North Gwent Perkins Cup Winners: 1983/84
North Gwent Perkins Cup Runners-Up: 1984/85 and 1987/88
North Gwent Firth Cup Winners: 1983/84
Gwent County Third Division Runners-Up: 1988/89
Gwent County Second Division Champions: 1998/99
Gwent Amateur Cup Winners: 2000/01

Tillery Football Club Honours:
FAW Trophy Finalists: 2002/03
Gwent Senior Cup Finalists: 2002/03










What's the plan? To partake in the youth only challenge, so I have holidayed a year and Jack Williams is apparently our best player. The aim is to improve Wales' dynamic youth rating and eventually win the Champions League! :D 

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  • Makoto Nakamura changed the title to [FM22] A pun based on Excelsior is arbitrary, but this isn't arbitrary, this is Abertillery Excelsior! - Youth Only in Wales

September 2022



Well that's not quite as good as it was before, the games have been narrow and we only lost by more thn one goal to Pontypridd. 


I've imported my FM21 tactic which is a gegenpress one, as we know, it's harder to gegenpress in FM22 due to more fatigue, and I only have a 12 man squad. :lol:

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9 hours ago, sc91 said:

I wonder how the dynamic youth will work here given Wales premium clubs are part of the English system.

It will definitely be interesting, especially with TNS being English. :lol:

6 hours ago, ashton430 said:

This could be interesting good luck pal

Thanks Ashton!

3 hours ago, john1 said:

Good luck :D Expect you to win Champions League in 10 years time ;) 

Thanks John! I'm still expecting to be in the 2nd tier in 10 years. :lol:

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March 2023



Despite the off-field issues we manage another unbeaten month and are now just two points off top spot with three games to play! We face 13th placed Ton Petre at home, 14th placed Cardiff Dracs away and the final game of the season? Away to league leaders Trefelin BGC.



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2022/23 End of Season Review




Well we blew that, didn't we? Two points from the final three games and we finish down in 6th, yet still just four points off of Trefelin BGC in what was a very close top 8! I'm still amazed with how we did this season, hopefully with more players we will actually have some depth next season!

e1365f1e090aa4de565d7ce8fd4b2e09.png 84c9c16698f1c2c8710facf25972cfb5.png d2883111cf3f01612f68662bcd00a003.png



7628469006b1b9545e2650c5adcdb52b.png 4a3fcffa43a141986da58b9cf74e1ce8.png

90dbecbd5183b1802cc5e10b378dee75.png 4bb63364ca994b4226aec42b75eee0d4.png









2022/23 Best XI

Jack Williams

Dave Page - Danny Crofts - Martin Harbord - Gareth Llewellyn

Geraint Williams

Tony Owen - Nathan Hooper

Hans Green                                      Rhodri Davidson

Alan Long


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8 minutes ago, ToMexico!! said:

Only you could have completed a season already! :D You using instant result? 

Great start to season two :thup:

Did you expect anything less? :lol: Yep, I'm using an instant result skin, I wasn't expecting one to be out so quickly!

Hopefully we can keep it up!

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6 minutes ago, Makoto Nakamura said:

Did you expect anything less? :lol: Yep, I'm using an instant result skin, I wasn't expecting one to be out so quickly!

Hopefully we can keep it up!

Haha well no! Yeah me either, its the reason I've started my first proper save of 22. 

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3 minutes ago, ashton430 said:

That last month last season was a tough one. Decent start to season two 

It definitely would've been far too soon to get promoted so I don't mind too much. :lol:

3 minutes ago, ToMexico!! said:

Haha well no! Yeah me either, its the reason I've started my first proper save of 22. 

Don't go easy on Guadalajara, I still haven't recovered from them sacking me. :lol:

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8 hours ago, deltablue said:

That'll basically be my shortlist ;)

It would be mine too if I was doing a save where I could sign players, if only I'd've known! :lol:

7 hours ago, DefinitelyTaylor said:

Your first season was quite extraordinary to juggle with such a small squad yet achieve a very respectable finish as you did. Another excellent season to boot - best of luck in the final game of the season!

Thanks Taylor, if that is definitely you! :lol: I'm shocked with how well we've done, we've definitely overperformed in both seasons!

6 hours ago, noikeee said:

Number 28 looks like a baby, is that a photo from the U12s. :D 


It's definitey not the best photo!

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2023/24 End of Season Review




Surprise, surprise we lose to Goytre but again we had a great season, and next season we will again just aim to stay up!

8c0e079f5fbcc1aa11f25aaead534c0c.png 114311f0134e29183ffaaefe64d94759.png 81f7fbe31c293fc31b464204fffb5d72.png



36c112ec1fbfb06cc9f493a9a62ea47c.png ca82f4e3cc2646b5b5f33f28ff1b83c6.png

9db78803e623e2bd78982a4b03f429c9.png ff0ca23ef42b697378647f9fc1bfe6c8.png







2023/24 Best XI


Jack Williams

Dave Page - Danny Crofts - Martin Harbord - Gareth Llewellyn

Geraint Williams

Tony Owen - NAthan Jones (YP1f)

Nathan Hooper                                      Rhodri Davidson

Alan Long


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