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  1. So how do you guys keep motivated after winning everything years on end? Do you set new targets with utd or do you move on?
  2. I would say a right winger (Sancho if possible) and a centre back i would recommend dias/upayacamo or however you spell it
  3. Am I the only one that managed to keep pogba happy? Currently in 2025 and he just signed a new 4 year contract.
  4. 3 years top scorer il take that anyone bid for me at all?
  5. My board signed Dominguez for around £50mil for my Man Utd team and sent him straight to the reserves and tried selling him straight away but he only went out on loan to Napoli and now hes out again the 2nd season, didn't get sacked or annoy the board funnily enough.
  6. Found this too being quoted £200 mil plus for a 16 year old is crazy
  7. If I remember rightly it’s 3 leagues could be wrong though
  8. I had a takeover and they signed José Dominguez for 50 mil plus I loaned him out to Napoli straight away lol
  9. Nice to see me banging in the goals for you, interesting idea for a save, bravo
  10. Currently in 2023 won back to back champs league but still not won the league yet, went to sign Gareth bale with me being welsh and all that and he’s a director of football at 33. He retired young not sure if he’s done same on any of your saves.
  11. Il let you choose pref a striker haha
  12. Sign me up as a player I’d be interested to see how my career pans out
  13. can anyone help me as to why the quality of the images I posted in my career are meh!! I used imagehosting.com so maybe im choosing he wrong link I don't know. many thanks
  14. Breaking news today here at Sky Sports as Newport Count FC today confirmed the appointment of unknown manager Sean Parrish to take over the club with immediate effect. It’s a move that has divided opinion across the county of Newport with the fans unsure as to why the club have hired someone who doesn’t have any footballing experience at this level. After recent years of great cup runs It remains to be seen if Parrish is the right man to continue the success of recent years. Sky sports can confirm that so far there is no talk of how much will be made available for transfers for Sean Parrish to improve the squad. Sean Parrish was quoted as saying “To manage a club like Newport is a dream come true and will look to build on recent successes from the previous manager. The players must also know they can come to me about anything and any concerns regarding my lack of experience shouldn’t worry them to much as I am totally confident we as a team can push for a top half finish this season” The jury remains out on the appointment and come next year we will see how much his statements are true MANAGERS THOUGHTS As you can see I started with the lowest reputation possible with no badges and Sunday League reputation, I decided on Newport as being from South Wales they were the best fit for me as I wanted more of a challenge than being Cardiff or Swansea. I have gone for the youthful approach of management style due to the fact as a small club we will need to rely on youth with maybe copying the approach of clubs like Crewe who look to build stars and sell them on to maintain the clubs stature. Money wise we have around £460k in the coffers however we do have a chairman loan of around £155k which will be paid off in 2023. I wouldn’t mind paying it off early if possible if we can raise enough money maybe through cup runs or player sales as I believe this could be a burden going forward. The facilities at the club are as you expected at a club like ours, We do however pay around £75k per year and 10% gate receipts per year for renting the stadium in which my aim will be to hopefully one day move into our own ground so we don’t have to pay rent especially as £75 is quite a bit of money. Training and Data Analysis facilities at the club are below average which to be honest I am more interested in ploughing our finances into building the youth part of the club as this will be our main area for potential success at the club. SQUAD AND TACTICS In regards to tactics I have chosen the usual 4-2-3-1 Vertical Tika Taka as I am looking to create my own brand of attacking football, something which at this level isn’t really suited but I am looking to change things at this club and do it my way. Squad wise the club has a lot of players currently on loan at the club which is great in some aspects but I would rather use my own players and give them the much needed game time. However as there already here I may use one or two and the rest I may cancel there loans. Cover wise we seem to be okay judging by the size of the squad especially as the campaign ahead is going to be gruelling and demanding. To be honest player wise I couldn’t really tell you who my best player is at the club hence why my rep is Sunday League however lets just see who shows me what they can do. Under 23 squad is very light but we have 3 standout players with high potential. The best of the talented bunch is 16 year old centre back Joe Woodiwiss who looks okay and with us having a centre back currently on loan at the club there may well be a slot for him in the future. I will definitely be keeping an eye on the 3 youngsters as the season progresses and maybe see them feature in the cup games.
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