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  1. Been as far as the mid 2030s and have never seen it, though I didn't specifically look for it. Be nice to see newgens eventually have other newgens as idols too.
  2. Coventry City for a 'rebuild a fallen giant' game, probably my first for the beta to get to grips with stuff. Darlington for a hometown game. A promoted BSN/S side for a long term, journeyman game. Usually wait until after the Jan transfers for this though as I keep this file going until the next installment. Probably a mid-lower Prem game too just to see how the other half live. Usually don't my attention beyond 3/4 seasons though.
  3. See when I tried 3D I found the opposite. I understood that the game engine was feeding the same information to the 3D representation as 2D but mistakes just looked so much more stark and ridiculous when it's actual players. Things like missed tackles looked beyond belief. I find I get less frustrated with 2D!
  4. So from tomorrow the questions will go into overdrive. Personally I'd rather they just said it'd be out 11.59pm on Friday, saves all the guessing game stuff.
  5. As a guess maybe if you set your team's home stadium to a country in which flares appear in game it might work (Serbia or Greece?). Of course it could well mess up your finances if your Cambridge United team is travelling to Belgrade every other week.
  6. Around this time of year a lot of attention seems to be around the improved 3D graphics and how accurate a representation they are. Any other managers out there stick with the old 2D Classic match view by choice rather than spec issues? I watch the replays in 2D too, can't be just me.
  7. I did tweet Miles asking this but had no reply. Anyone else done this and had anything back? I really hope it's fixed as the amount of 16 year olds with mohawks, jaws so sharp they could cut you, premature baldness and 1000 yard stares is a little off putting. I know FaceGen isn't their system so it's not really their call to update it, but you'd hope as one of the most widespread users of the system that FaceGen would want to do a better job representing their product.
  8. Just two quick questions, sorry if these have been asked a lot, my phone really doesn't seem to like this website so searching in a real pain! Will my beta save carry over to the full game and will I be able to use the in game editor on that save once it's released? Cheers
  9. Only about to go into my third season on this file but; Rafa Benitez - Arsenal Me - Aston Villa Eddie Howe - Bournemouth David Moyes (?) - Chelsea Graeme Jones - Everton Steve Bruce - Hull Nuno - Leicester Frank De Boer - Liverpool Jose Mourinho - Man City Josep Guardiola - Man Utd Mark Hughes - Middlesbrough Marcelo Bielsa - Newcastle Alex Neil - Norwich Ronald Koeman - Southampton Michael Laudrup - Stoke City Brendan Rodgers - Swansea Mauricio Pochettino - Spurs Tony Pulis - West Brom Andre Villas Boas - West Ham Sinisa Mihajlovic - Wolves With Roberto Martinez as England manager.
  10. They're more much more likely to play yours. In my experience the AI will favour an 'in game' player over a grey 9/10 times.
  11. I haven't had the sound on an FM in years. Always fire up Spotify or a long mix on YouTube with headphones for my FM sessions.
  12. Will occasionally add a manager to take over a managerless side during the summer transfer window, then try to get them the best players I can within budget, get better staff and shift dead wood before the first professional game and seeing how they do. Will always favour local teams on loan offers and friendlies too.
  13. I've sometimes found that a former manager of my current teams rival will dislike me by default. Even if he managed them for a season and a half. Six years ago. Likes for me seem a little more realistic.
  14. Work rate and determination - essential no matter what level of the game you're playing at. After that I pretty much go one attribute for each position. Central Defenders - Tackling, Full backs - pace, Midfield attack - passing, Midfield defend - tackling, Wingers - usually pace, sometimes crossing. Forwards - finishing. Always like to have one good dead ball player in lower leagues too, so will compromise on the above for that.
  15. Thanks for the quick replies guys, if it happens again I'll see if I can leave one of the games to my assistant somehow. Personally I'd prefer the realism of missing a game but can definitely see why that would rile some people, so it isn't a problem I'm gonna put the stadium down to a blip whether match engine related, fixture related or face/kit/other pack related. I haven't seen it before (that I've noticed) in 400+ hours playtime and it's hardly a game breaking thing if it happens this rarely.
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