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  1. See when I tried 3D I found the opposite. I understood that the game engine was feeding the same information to the 3D representation as 2D but mistakes just looked so much more stark and ridiculous when it's actual players. Things like missed tackles looked beyond belief. I find I get less frustrated with 2D!
  2. Around this time of year a lot of attention seems to be around the improved 3D graphics and how accurate a representation they are. Any other managers out there stick with the old 2D Classic match view by choice rather than spec issues? I watch the replays in 2D too, can't be just me.
  3. Just two quick questions, sorry if these have been asked a lot, my phone really doesn't seem to like this website so searching in a real pain! Will my beta save carry over to the full game and will I be able to use the in game editor on that save once it's released? Cheers
  4. One of the few here who uses both. 2D Classic for the real time action, 3D for the replays of goals. I've been playing FM/CM for a fair few iterations and watching the match in 3D just doesn't 'feel' right to me, I also find that for me 2D classic makes it easier to notice tactical tweaks and the like. Don't really know why I view the goal replays in 3D, different perspective I guess.
  5. I just spat a little tea on my keyboard laughing at that. Special mention to the guy in red walking on the spot.
  6. As an aside, Breakspeare is a fantastic surname
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