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  1. Yep, the new president promised a new manager and a new stadium. We'll have to see if he delivers on either promise.
  2. The press are reporting I will be sacked if I lose my next game...which I have just lost.
  3. March All going well on the pitch, and we're almost secured of a top 3 finish with seven games to go. Off the pitch however, we've had an election at the club:
  4. Having played Touch for a while now, I think my biggest issue is the lack of player interactions. I like to use it generally to boost morale, or to warn players who are slacking off in training/in poor form, or even to sort small issues out, like player status in the squad. I can't do any of that in touch, so I have several players who have slight concerns I can't addres, players who are out of form I can't motivate, and several players stats dropping through the floor who I can't threaten with a transfer. It's definitely frustrating.
  5. January/February Very tight in the top three, but we're pulling away from the rest of the pack. No complaints. A little transfer update, striker Blaz Kramer will join us on a permanent deal after his contract expires at Wolfsburg at the end of the season, while I've also been able to extend a couple of loan deals until the end of next season.
  6. Great job @Deisler26 and congrats to all the winners and nominees. Now, whose leg do I have to hump for some really hard dru...what? We don't do that here? Really?
  7. Being poor is right! Thanks once again to all who voted for me, and congrats to @scousevasey
  8. The bad guy? That's quite a change of career for this bloke:
  9. October/November/December Somewhat incredibly, we get to the winter break having lost just one league game all season (I lived in Osnabrück for three years as a kid, it's typical they'd beat us) and things are looking good in the league. The winter break has come at just the right time, as injuries are really starting to bite, so four weeks off to allow a few to get back into contention is brilliant news. I can't have any complaints over my first six months at the club. I'm expecting to be active in the next window to bring in a little more quality, but if we can retain this kind of form we've every chance of playing in the 2.Bundesliga next season. One deal has already been agreed for €100,000. Two of my centre backs are in one loan and another one is almost 34 and out of contract at the end of the season, so this deal made a lot of sense to me.
  10. Is it award time already? Kin'hell. Didn't even see the thread for voting. Apologies for my lack of a contribution, but looking forward to this.
  11. August/September Still unbeaten, and generally I'm really happy with how things are going. We aren't converting as many chances as I feel we should be, and we have an issue conceding goals from deep crosses, but it's a solid start. I am a little frustrated that I can't talk to players to address a few things in Touch (I have a couple of players with slight concerns over match time, and I want to be able to warn players over poor training) but I'll just have to get used to it.
  12. We're creating so many chances. 26 shots in the last game. Just not quite clinical yet.
  13. He's made a solid start. The board weren't impressed with the deal originally, but since I switched to a 4-2-3-1 from the original 4-1-4-1, he's certainly starting to shine.
  14. Early season - 2018/19 I'll try and do monthly updates going forward, but just wanted to get something in here so the thread gets started. Really happy with our start so far. The defeat against second tier Hamburg in the cup helps to keep our feet on the ground in terms of where we are, but it's nice to be nestled in with the top clubs at this early stage of the season. I've also brought in a couple of players on loan to add a little depth to the squad, and all of them are in without any impact on the wage budget.
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