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  1. Evening. How are we. FMCU? FM's been tricky for me for a while, I was very much into a York save after buying the Xbox version, but life got in the way and I ran out of steam. I did decide to open the laptop up today though and I *think* I've managed to get into a new save. Fingers crossed I feel the same way in a few days, because if so I may yet be back with a thread...
  2. Back again, apologies for the delay. Still in the summer ahead of a first year in the Football League, and I've just received an interesting offer to jump into League One. Nice to receive, but I don't think they're a big enough club to justify jumping for at this stage. Essentially, if I am to move within England I'm looking for a club with a decent sized stadium that I could potentially establish as a Championship club. Crawley don't really tick that box.
  3. Ah, the Leipzig approach. Fair enough, man.
  4. Best of luck with this save, man. Nice to see a save in a land less-trodden in these parts. I have a query, though. Isn't this a slight contradiction? I know people love youth only saves in these parts, but in real life fans would be furious at a manager who completely ignored the transfer market, so much so he'd eventually find himself in hot water. Or have I read this wrong? Apologies if so.
  5. Sorry, this got knocked off course after losing my dog, but I think I'm back at it as of tonight.
  6. Looks very likely that I'm staying at York. I'm now pondering whether I should smash the club's transfer record for a left midfielder, who will cost us £200,000. Hmm.
  7. 2021/22 Season summary Vanarama National League League (Vanarama National) Media prediction: 18th Finished: 2nd - promoted via play-offs Cups FA Cup: Third Round FA Trophy: winners Top scorers Joe Piggott: 28 goals in 62 appearances (21 in the league) Adam Liddle: 15 goals in 50 appearances (14 in the league) Liam Mandeville: 14 goals in 56 appearances (12 in the league) Top assists George Glendon: 12 in all comps Jake Andrews: 11 in all comps Positives Another excellent season all round. I had hoped we'd have a shout of a play-off run, but I didn
  8. Right then. Surgery done, back home again and just about recovered. Now it's time to crack on with this. Season summary coming later and hopefully I can make some progress into next season.
  9. Thanks, man. It's been fun so far. Good luck with your three (I can never manage more than one at a time!) but you'll have fun at York if your save goes anything like mine.
  10. There's no better way to go up than at Wembley, is there? Lovely stuff.
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