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    Massive football fan. I'm lucky enough to watch football for a living, but if I'm not watching it, I'm playing FM.

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  1. withnail316

    (FM13) Super Caley go ballistic or they are atrocious

    August SPL: Dundee United 1-4 Inverness A dreadful first half saw us behind at the break, but goals from Araújo, Wotherspoon, Armstrong and Clifford ensured we started the season with the points. SPL: Inverness 2-1 Hearts Another poor first half, so I switched us back to 4-4-2 in the second half, and we took control of the game. Luke James levelled on the hour, and David Wotherspoon fired home from distance with 10 to play. SPL: Hibernian 0-3 Inverness After finishing off against Hearts back with a 4-4-2, I stuck with it for this game. A much better performance, with Luke James causing all kinds of problems. He made the first for Araújo before smashing home one himself, and Liam Polworth tapped home a third just into the second half. Job done. SPL: Rangers 1-2 Inverness Once again Luke James was instrumental, drilling us in front in the early moments. Araújo's thumping header on 30 minutes made it two before Sutherland inevitably pulled one back for them, but a much deserved win. The Champions League draw has been made: Better than last year. I fancy us for third. Also, one final bit of transfer news. I fell out with Max Power after his performance in the Hearts game, and he reacted really badly to criticism, so much so he demanded a move. I listed him, and Rangers came in with a £2.5m + 50% deal. That means Stuart Armstrong is likely to play as a RM/RW this season as I couldn't find a replacement who I didn't deem a panic buy.
  2. withnail316

    (FM13) Super Caley go ballistic or they are atrocious

    Just about there in terms of the season starting, but a few more transfers to confirm. Firstly, Oliver Norwood took the offer from Everton so he's doubled his wages, and £4m is a huge sum of money for us. Also leaving us is Greg Tansey, who spent last year out on loan at Hull City, but he's off to Chesterfield (who are now a Championship club) for £525,000. Goalkeeper Jordan Archer joins Sligo Rovers for £140,000. We've now brought in £10.5m this window (and £40m since I've been at the club.) Arriving at the club is goalkeeper Mickey Boer, who was transfer listed at Feyenoord and available for £210,000. I've immediately loaned him out to Motherwell for the season, and he'll come back next season to replace Piotr Leciejewski as our number 2. The final arrival is midfielder James Wallace, who comes in on loan from Southampton. We've also agreed a future fee of £1.4m for him, but we'll need him to lower his wage demands if we are to make it a permanent deal, I suspect.
  3. withnail316

    (FM13) Super Caley go ballistic or they are atrocious

    Remember me saying I didn't anticipate any more big sales? It'd be fair to say I didn't see this coming: He's a good player, but he's a top earner thanks to a poor decision (from me) to offer him a "match top earner" clause. I just can't turn that down. EDIT: and matched by Premier League Everton...
  4. withnail316

    [FM17] From Humble Beginnings...

    I can see you cutting a big dent in those 30 points (no way can I see you losing 9 games again) but all of them? Huge ask.
  5. withnail316

    The Circle of Fitness Activists

    How much?!? Crumbs...
  6. withnail316

    [FM18]When the Kingdom goes to War...

    Amazing progress! That injury is a stinker though...
  7. Making solid progress in both jobs!
  8. withnail316

    (FM13) Super Caley go ballistic or they are atrocious

    Inverness Caledonian Thistle Season preview - SPL 2017/18 Media expectation: 2nd Board expectation: challenge for the title Transfer budget (remaining): £4.3m Wage budget: £180,000p/w (£30,000p/w under budget) A pre-season which has taken an eternity to get through, but we're finally about ready for the friendlies to start. Just to restate, the board have backed me once again over the summer by spending almost £10m on our youth facilities and the stadium, that coming after they spent £11m on infrastructure last year. It's quite handy then that we're straight into the group stage of the Champions League this season. Long may that continue! On that note, both the league and the club's reputation is on the rise...which is nice. As for this season, once again the board seem pretty reasonable in their requests of me. A title challenge and the Scottish Cup final, while the League Cup isn't important and we're not expected to make any progress in Europe. Personally, I'm aiming for the treble, but I won't set any European targets until I've seen the draw. I am beginning to worry a little about just how much money we're spending on wages. I may yet look to trim some fat in the squad, although I don't anticipate any major sales from within the first team. It is still late-June however, so I may yet change my mind before the window closes in August. The biggest sale so far is, unsurprisingly, Shane Sutherland, who joined Rangers for £4.5m + 50% of any next sale, which is the second largest transfer fee received since I've been at the club. Both the fans and the board were pretty unhappy with my decision to let him go, but I'm increasingly confident it was the right thing to do. Also leaving us is defender Matthew Cooper and striker Brian Brosnan, both have joined Shamrock Rovers for £500,000 and £425,000 + 50% respectively. Left back Wayne Corr leaves us without playing a first team game, he's off to Burnley for £350,000. There have been a couple of important loan deals out of the club, too. My two top youth prospects, Martin Nilsson and Neil Wilson, have both joined feeder club Queen of the South in the First Division. I may reassess both deals when January comes around, but both players need some first team football. I've sent a couple of others out on loan too, but I'm less convinced that any of them have a future with the club beyond their loan spells. I'm still trying to keep hold of young striker Struan Parratt too, although considering he isn't even 16 yet, he can stay in the reserves/youth team for the time being. It's been an easy-going summer of new additions so far. You've already seen Lee Harris, the attacking midfielder who'll join for free from Forest. I'm planning on retraining him to play as an inside forward on the right of a front three, as I'll not use an AMC every week (especially in Europe) and we could use a lift in quality on that flank. I did consider a French winger on a free this summer too, but simply couldn't justify the £18,000p/w wage he wanted to sign. Instead, I'll stick with Power and Wotherspoon there while Harris develops, and then try and move one of them on in the next couple of windows. The other first team addition I've brought in is young Austrian midfielder Andreas Fischer, who arrives for £1.2m from RB Salzburg. He's likely to be my "spare" midfielder in the squad this year (I tend to like having one more central midfielder than I need to cover in case of injuries - so five when I'm playing 4-4-2 with two in and two spare, or seven for 4-3-3) but there's definitely some potential about him. Speaking of potential, another new one in is defender Dirley Rodrigo who had a preposterous buy-out of £230,000 in his contract at Sport Recife. I may yet loan him this year, but I might stick him in the reserves instead for a season. Time will tell. Finally, I'd tried to bring central defender Abdoul Karim Keita back on loan from parent club Arsenal for another year after he'd proved a highly capable stand-in last season. Arsenal had other ideas however, but they did send Marcao instead.
  9. withnail316

    (FM13) Super Caley go ballistic or they are atrocious

    It hasn't taken long for the big clubs to sniff around Struan Parratt, the young striker who was in the youth intake this year: Not convinced I can hold those clubs off, to be honest!
  10. withnail316

    (FM13) Super Caley go ballistic or they are atrocious

    Cheers Nobby. In the end, I accepted the offer. It's huge money for a player who is only the fourth best in his position, and we do need the cash after spending so much on the stadium and the youth facilities.
  11. withnail316

    (FM13) Super Caley go ballistic or they are atrocious

    I'll be honest, I'm leaning towards it. I'm going to be playing with one striker next year, and these are the first-team options I have: I've also got these four in the reserves/youth team: And finally, here's Sutherland himself: It's a tricky decision, but I think I'll probably take the offer.
  12. withnail316

    The New FMCU General Discussion Thread

    Terrifying. From a different perspective, if I'd bought a season ticket at 4th tier Notts County this year, it would have cost £400/€445. It was £255 under a decade ago. I'm probably three or four years off taking my kids to games, I reckon that price will increase by 20%+ in that time.
  13. withnail316

    (FM13) Super Caley go ballistic or they are atrocious

    I was planning on playing tonight, but I may just sleep on the offer instead.
  14. withnail316

    (FM13) Super Caley go ballistic or they are atrocious

    I have a dilemma. I said a while ago that I wanted to sell striker (and club legend) Shane Sutherland this summer, and I still do. I didn't anticipate receiving any enormous offers for him, as despite his valuation being as much as £3.8m over the last year or so, I didn't believe he had the stats to improve many clubs with decent sums of money to spend. Instead, I'd have taken about £2.5m for him from an English side. However, I decided to put him on the market with a starting price of £4.5m, which would be our second biggest transfer fee ever, just to see what happened - and Rangers immediately offered exactly that, plus the 50% of the next deal I have a habit of asking for. They've just been promoted from the second tier (again) and aren't very good, but Sutherland improves them immensely... and I really don't want to do that! It seems like a daft decision to sell to another Scottish club, but it's a huge sum of money for somebody who I have long decided is surplus to requirements. Definitely one to ponder.
  15. withnail316

    The New FMCU General Discussion Thread

    Just had a look at a couple of my older long term saves, and I *think* my outgoing record is €34.5m (although I was managing in Norway) and the most I've spent is €23.5m from my Dutch save. I *may* have spent more on an old Inter save, but I really can't remember. The numbers above are truly mental, but then so is the game at the moment!