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    Massive football fan. I'm lucky enough to watch football for a living, but if I'm not watching it, I'm playing FM.

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  1. Evening. I've not been around this place for a while (must be nine months since I've been into a save) so I've just seen this, but FM video content isn't for me. I'd be quite happy simply to pass on by any video threads, but I do think it might detract from the quality of this place if it suddenly gets filled up with video threads.
  2. Good to see this. Congrats on your promotion, mate.
  3. Here's my first loan signing. I'm now very happy with what we have up top for the coming season. Now I just want a BWM and I'm happy.
  4. FC Energie Cottbus: season preview 2. Bundesliga 2019/20 Transfer budget (remaining): €75,000 Wage budget: €82,000p/w (currently €10,000p/w under budget) Media expectation: 17th (of 18) Board expectation: finish in the relegation play-off spot (16th) Just about ready to go then for the new season, and as I've already stated it's been a very busy time in the transfer market. This won't be a huge update as I've already shown you the new players who have come in to the club, but 15 players left the club either at the end of their contract or their loan deals, and we've now b
  5. One final Bosman deal before the players return: That's 9 in total.
  6. A lovely €668,000 was paid out to us for finishing as champions. Unfortunately, the players were due €625,000 in bonuses. That means we finish the season with debts of €1.1m. Hopefully we'll see an increase in crowds next season, which will certainly help. We finish with an average gate of 10,145 (low of 7,259/high of 18,457.) Two more free transfers confirmed, too.
  7. A 13-game unbeaten run sees us safely over the line, winning the title by 14 points. I certainly can't grumble with that.
  8. I'll spend whatever they give me at this stage. My squad will be paper thin if I don't. I do hope the increased rep with us in the second tier will mean I can make a bit of money by selling a few though.
  9. I still have three games to play, but it's nice to see a rough idea of what we'll have next season.
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