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  1. On the final day of the Premier League season (21st May)
  2. "Giant" isn't a word I'd ever put in a sentence with my club, tbh. We've won one major trophy, and that was in 1894.
  3. If you'd have bought it when you first posted, you'd already be playing... Best of luck anyway, fella.
  4. I suspect the jobs you're applying for are just a little bit too big, despite your successes. Have you tried applying for a stepping stone type job, before you make the move to a side like Birmingham?
  5. A tactic I learned long ago when building clubs is to never sell quality players to sides in the same league, no matter how much money they offer. Looks like you have a similar philosophy...
  6. Not sure about a download, but you can buy the disc version of both games from the website with the same name as the huge rain forest in Brazil...
  7. Pondering whether to smash my career-record transfer in a deal for this young winger: We've agreed a fee of €1.8m for him, and he's a player I've been tracking for some time. He's had a fairly mediocre year in Norway (average of 6.9 from 23 games) and I can't help but feel I'm rushing in to the deal as Gregory Nelson is out of contract in the summer and doesn't want to sign a new deal. Still, he has bags of potential, and I'm sure we could make a profit on him in 18 months or so if I decided to move him on - but if I do confirm this deal, we'll have no room in the budget for me to agree any Bosman deals this winter. Still after the little bit of financial difficulty we had this summer, that may not be a bad thing...
  8. Flattered, but no thanks.
  9. I may be a bit of **** here, but I'm getting annoyed by the press asking me questions about "AZ Alkmaar". Considering the 'A' in AZ stands for Alkmaar, it seems preposterous for them to be called 'Alkmaar Zaanstreek Alkmaar' to me, but there you go. Sorry, just had to get that off my chest!
  10. A bit of a new era with the change up top, so maybe the slow start isn't a huge surprise. Great work in the Super Cup though. Oh, and the CL? Ouch.
  11. I'm looking at the positives of fewer games this year. Most unlike me, but then I've not even been at the club 18 months yet, so still lots of work to do with the squad.
  12. October Another really good month, I was delighted with a draw in Kyiv and the victory in Rome was simply glorious (if very lucky). We got a very iffy penalty, but at the half way stage of the group we have every chance of progressing. Domestically I'm very pleased too, but our performance in the cup was pretty dismal. Thankfully, the board have no interest in the competition this year, but I'll need to improve in that area in the coming years. We also have a bit of an injury crisis at right back, with both recognised full backs missing all of November - and one of them is out until February. It's a good job I have a habit of picking up versatile defenders...
  13. I shall keep my fingers crossed about the sustainability of it, but yeah, delighted with how we've started!
  14. Transfermarkt is a cracking site, but it doesn't answer the OP's question. Player valuation is irrelevant when trying to sign players other clubs don't want to sell because you'll have to pay way over that valuation anyway.