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  1. Über die Brücke Ruhm wartet - 1. FC Saarbrücken

    Fellow military brat who grew up in Germany here, only my first TV games were more Liverpool and Arsenal (hence my disdain for the latter, but that's another story.) Looking forward to this.
  2. March A solid if not spectacular opening month of the new campaign. We didn't play at all well at Sandefjord, but a late equaliser showed that this team has something about them.
  3. Afternoon. There's an update coming this afternoon, but I just thought I'd add another element to the save. I've no intention of leaving Start, but I've decided the only way I'll leave by own accord is if either of the Milan clubs come calling. Obviously, I'm miles off that now, but it's something to think about in future, so I'll add the Italian leagues this summer.
  4. They were complaining we were 'less than exciting'. They had a point, tbh. I'm retraining Trondsen as a winger, but I suspect he'll play as an AM.
  5. Thinking about this, it could be my Kevin Keegan/ Tino Asprillia moment. I'll have to alter my 4-3-3 (DM) to a 4-2-3-1 at least to start with, and it messes my balance of current midfielders up a little - but look at him! What I forgot to mention in my end of season review was the fans were complaining about our style of play at the end of last year, even as we won the title for the first time since 1980. This lad should certainly help with that...
  6. About that 'my transfer activity is done'... I don't even play with an attacking midfielder, but on a free, how could I refuse?! He had just been released by Al-Shabab Al-Arabi Club in the UAE.
  7. [FM15] Dexter to the rescue!

    Looking rough, DM. Hope you can stay up.
  8. IK Start Tippeligaen 2014 Media expectation: 3rd (of 16) Board expectation: qualify for the Europa League Transfer budget (remaining): €650,000 Wage budget: €63,000p/w (€23,000p/w under budget) Another active winter window, although as I write this, we're still at the end of January, so there is plenty of time for more changes yet. Once again we have an extremely generous budget to work with for the season ahead of us, and although I'm not anticipating spending any more on transfers, I think a couple of players are due a pay rise. The board are obviously expecting a great deal more from us than their "escape relegation" demands last year, but I think Europa League football is a more than reasonable expectation for the new campaign. However, once again they have denied my request for investment in our youth facilities, and those refusals are beginning to frustrate me. I've made a request for a feeder club this winter, as while our current relationship with second tier Vindbjart is useful, we could really do with a professional club to send our youth prospects to for increased coaching. I currently have five or six youngsters who need game time, but they aren't quite ready to play top flight football. I had recommended Bryne FK to the board, but they've turned semi-pro this winter after over-spending on their stadium. Hopefully the board can find an adequate replacement in the coming weeks. Speaking of replacements, I've had a January of retirements, so I have had to find a few myself. A goalkeeping coach and youth coach both decided it was time to quit, and three players decided to hang up their boots. Record-appearance holder Ole Ragnar Eriksen, who is two months off his 39th birthday, decided to call it a day after 225 league appearances for the club, and will instead take his place as a backroom member, as will goalkeeper Roope Holopainen, while Eirik Mills leaves the club and the game at the relatively tender age of 32. Transfers I've been a little busier than planned over the course of the window, but that isn't a huge surprise these days! I'm delighted with some of the fees we've brought in, with one deal in particular standing out. That was for Danish defender Toni Heskjaer, who you may recall signed for just €10,000 last winter. After an excellent 12 months, he's on his travels again, this time to AIK in Sweden for a cool €1m + 50%. Also heading to Sweden was midfielder Ousmane Mendy and left back Kjetil Holm, both to Helsingborg, for €500,000 and €875,000 respectively. The only other player to leave for a fee was right back Thomas Barrera, who joins Bodø/Glimt for €75,000. We've reinvested around €1m of that back in the squad, but again I'm convinced we're stronger than we were last year, at least in terms of the overall strength of our squad. That should come in handy when the European games come around. I've also been able to keep our non-homegrown contingent down to five (remember we can have 9 out of 25) and one of those five will actually become homegrown this season, so there is plenty of room for later years. The big arrivals have been in defence (some of whom you've seen already): Magnus Paulsen and Sverre Nevstad both come in from rivals Viking for €275,000 and €450,000 respectively. The fans are unhappy about both arrivals, but both could be important parts of our back four for years to come, and Nevstad was the highest rated defender in the league last year. Christian Svendby returns to the club from Tromsø after I sold him for €210,000 last year, as I believed Barrera was a capable option at right back, and Svendby's 'unambitious' personality put me off him a little. Barrera toiled however, while Svendby had a marvellous season. He comes back for €220,000 - although we get half of that back thanks to the 50% clause agreed in his sale. Finally, Finnish international Börje Myllynen was transfer-listed at BATE, and for €80,000, he looks to be a steal. A big contrast between these two free transfers - Hamar is likely to play every week when he's fit, and at 27, is the second-oldest member of the first team squad. Sid meanwhile will be a back-up, but I'm fairly confident he'll be a decent deputy to Ivorian international Karim Wawa. Unless, I have a major change of heart or an injury crisis, that's our business for the winter done. On with some friendlies now.
  9. It was decent, wasn't it... hoping we can compete in multiple competitions next year.
  10. I have a LOT of catching up to do on this thread, but that CL final is the most ridiculous game I've ever seen. FM. Bloody hell.
  11. January 1st, and the fans aren't happy. Not only have we signed Magnus Paulsen from rivals Viking, we've also signed one of his team mates. They were relegated via the play offs, which meant their best player, a Norwegian U21 international centre back, had his €450,000 release fee activated. They'll come around...
  12. Cheers, chief. Hoping we'll be better prepared this year for Europe.
  13. Thanks DM. I normally end up on the wrong end of those tight races, and I'm not ashamed to admit I cheered the 90th minute winner against Viking!
  14. Just thinking to myself, I loved the way we won the league, with momentum shifting back and forth, but I'm a little disappointed we did it in my first year in the top flight. Still, I'm really enjoying the save.