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  1. Long term it's generally a good idea (unless your ground is tiny and without enough space to expand, so a new ground is a better idea instead) but personally I'd have wanted to be settled as a top flight club first. Should keep things interesting, anyway!
  2. Have to point this out as no-one else has, but you did have some say in it - they asked your advice. Too late now, but without a crazy amount of cash in the bank, I'd have told them buying the stadium wasn't the best idea. Oakwell may not be the biggest ground, but it was always going to be pricey. What division are you in, fella?
  3. No worries. Just checked my own save, and sure enough, one of my regens has grown an inch since I've been at the club.
  4. Apparently so, although I wouldn't have thought he'll grow any more than two or three inches.
  5. Best of luck up in the Nordics, Jimbo. I've not ventured to Iceland before, but had lots of fun in Norway and Denmark in particular. Will be following
  6. Yeah, I'd be very disappointed if we didn't at least finish 3rd. BATE are very beatable.
  7. It doesn't help that the club you've picked are the natural rivals of my German club either, tbh! But still, looking forward to it.
  8. Yep, that's my thought too. We did beat Man United at our place last year too, so you never know... (although the game will be in Arnhem, so it's not quite the same.)
  9. Can I echo the "boooooooooooo!" I left in @davehibb's thread here? *mutters something about tradition under his breath* It's definitely an interesting idea, man. Will be following
  10. July/August A solid if unspectacular start to the new season. It's always pleasing to pick up trophies, even if it was hardly a vintage display in the super cup. We've been pretty good in the league too, although the draw with Twente was frustrating. We were 2-0 up after 87 minutes, but two errors in two minutes cost us a couple of points. All looks quite interesting at the start of the season though. As for Europe, a tough group again, but I fancy our chances of at least finishing 3rd.
  11. Booooooooooo!!!! *ahem*. Sorry, I meant good luck
  12. OK, the 16 year old should definitely stay in the youth team. I'd be aiming to integrate the 17 year old into my first team set up before his 19th birthday, maybe with a short loan spell once he reaches 2 star current ability, and then gradually ease him in to your team.
  13. No worries. Yeah, at that stage I'd leave them in the youth team for now, allowing them to develop with your coaching staff. I meant to ask how old these players were though, as that can alter my decision making process...
  14. From my perspective, if I felt I had absolutely no chance of getting a talented youngster in and around the first team, I'd probably think I had too many players. To answer your question though, I tend to use short loans (around 6 months preferably, at most a season) once a player is rated at 2 stars current ability by my assistant (if I trust the assistant, that is!) After that six months, I'll put him in my first team squad. I've seen other people loan players out for several years, but I personally find that to be problematic.
  15. Not jealous at all. Not one little bit... *sniff*