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  1. My new assistant manager needs a bit of a talking to. I was asking her if I should use an AM or a DM for the CL tie, and she nodded off on my chest...
  2. Yesterday was indeed the day - daughter #2 arrived safely last night, so I wouldn't expect a great deal of movement with this thread for a while (and even if I do get some FM in, I can't see my updates having too much detail!) I shall be back once she's all settled though, cheers.
  3. June & July Extremely brief update as it looks like tonight is the night but - everything is coming up Millhouse at the moment....
  4. UEFA Champions League 2nd qualifying round (Too many goals for my normal update style, so....)
  5. Kaspars Kopca was allowed to leave for €500,000, which is decent for a player signed on a free and a bit-part player, while we've picked up this lad for zip:
  6. My squad is becoming a bit of a sprawling mess. I have seven players who can play in the three roles behind the striker, so some players simply aren't getting enough game time. That means I'm going to have to sell one of the non-homegrown players, but considering they're all excellent, that really stings. The joys of football management...
  7. Signed for €180,000 and sold for €4m two years later. Decent business!
  8. There's Norway I'd Go Oslo As That

    Just read all of this - very enjoyable! My favourite ever save was in Norway, and I'm back in the Tippeligaen/Eliteserien at the moment. All kinds of fun. KUTGW anyway, fella!
  9. May Another reasonable month, albeit with one shocker of a performance thrown in. The league is looking quite tight, but I'm pretty confident we'll have too much for the sides around us as we get into the second half of the season. I'm expecting a little bit of disruption in the squad with a few players leaving this summer, the most prominent being striker Markku Härmä. I don't really want to sell him, but every few weeks he's knocking on my door about moving to a bigger club, so it's inevitable he'll leave soon. I'd like to think we can smash our transfer record when he leaves, especially as he's being chased by top-flight German clubs. I have however already signed his replacement for a mere €550,000. Looks a steal to me:
  10. Well that didn't take long... He's on a bit more money than I'd wanted to pay (joint-top earner on €5,000p/w) but he should be a terrific addition for 18 months or so. We've beaten seven clubs to his signature too, including Anderlecht, Gent, Genk and Standard Liege.
  11. I can tell I've been struggling to add young talent to the squad, either by signing players for the youth team or in the youth intakes, as now we're horribly short at centre back for 6 weeks thanks to two injuries. Luckily Marc Schmitz can fill in at centre back if needed, but I suspect my scouts will have a busy few weeks poring over the released lists of France and Germany to find some cover.