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  1. Quick mid season report. Domestic competitions aren't really that interesting already at this stage but I'd like the unbeaten season. Still not super clear from Sporting but it would be pretty crap if we lose this. The big thing obviously is Europe and I think we had a solid group stage, beating Liverpool twice and smashing Marseille 6-1 away. This puts us in the last 16 against Barcelona. We've beaten them as recently as last year, so definitely have a chance, honestly we're now at a level where it's all about the grind and eventually lucking out into my ultimat
  2. New faces for the new season: I started this career way back when FM21 was released so this is the original database - I imagine Diogo Jota after his form at Liverpool, will look better in the last patched version of FM21. Either way he's still a big signing, I'm really looking forward to watch Jota+Almada+Zaniolo all run through the middle as shadow strikers and mezzala, that looks like a really good trio on paper. Chong looks good but probably won't displace Savio on the left wing; likewise Angeliño should be the 2nd leftback behind Pellegrini;
  3. idk i've had this for years, just keep on copying it from the folder of previous FMs. It's looking pretty good, 103M€ in the bank.
  4. Holy thread digging, batman. Okay so I kinda kept playing this career half-seriously on-and-off the last few months very sporadically, and am now at the end of season 3. Seasons 1 and 2 were a total disaster, the following results were some of the most embarrassing I've ever had in FM. We lost the championship both times to Benfica. I was lucky not to be given the sack, certainly would've in real life. The 1st season had a fairly good European campaign to compensate, reaching the CL quarters, the 2nd season was less impressive we dropped in the CL groups and then went
  5. Thanks but I ended up going somewhere completely different. Added a forward, binned the forward, re-made the defending TIs completely and ended up with this nonsense: I've been really struggling to get a run of form through all these experiments until I've settled on this. It's fairly solid defensively because it has that many men behind the ball (without a forward), I prefer to force them inside because we were conceding too many from crosses (and then I made the DLP playmaker a more static man, so that we have a more solid shape defensively through the center, if we're gonna gift
  6. I have this too. Thanks for the workaround @PandoraBox I was starting to think I was gonna have my players stuck in the B team forever!
  7. I'm trying to put my own spin on this but am struggling to score enough goals hence why I've made it slightly riskier: Any ideas, what do you do when you're struggling to break past a defensive team, for example? I feel sometimes without strikers, my front 3 just aren't high up enough and we don't have an outlet. I'm even wondering if I should just simply make one of the SSs an advanced forward, not as cool as proper "strikerless" but eh I'm just looking to have fun. I dropped "pass into space" because I got tired of hollywood balls that went nowhere and prefer the
  8. This looks great but See how many "plans" panels I have. I keep on changing them and they keep going back to "plans" after I press continue in the game.
  9. Surprisingly somewhat believable top 3 for this season IRL.
  10. End of December update I'm not gonna update after every month but this seems like a natural point. This was a great month, we managed to hold off City at home in the CL somewhat luckily, clinching qualification for the CL last 16 right there (Ajax was so disappointing this group stage, didn't put us any challenge), and then just won all the other matches, as we seem to be back to our best form. The league is settling into a natural 2-horse race, Benfica lost to Sporting and therefore dropped to 5 points behind us, so we're top even if they win their game in hand.
  11. Our best partnership in real life. Sort it out SI.
  12. Yeah it's quite likely at least one big player will be sold. I renewed Otávio's contract but he now has a 22M€ release clause (he wouldn't sign the contract without this) and Corona's contract ends next season, so feels likely that at least 1 of these 2 players will leave.
  13. Nah good exchange deals rarely are available in FM as far as I know, don't think I've used them in a very very long time. I'm hoping for some CL money, yes. The plan is to survive the first season, grind it out, then money will eventually appear. First season is also harder with less money in the game due to Covid, SI have said this is taken into account, then gradually the economy in-game gets better and better. So I don't want to make any big sales in the 1st season because the AI doesn't have money to give me! Yeah sure:
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