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  1. I've not wandered into this thread before as I'm not a big fan of playing in Asia, but I'm quite surprised at the amount of progress you've managed to make over the years here. Your players are not quite as horrendous as I would've expected. What the hell is up with all those cups, Asia seems to love having a ton of competitions per season. When are you aiming to win the Asian CL, within the next 10 years?
  2. It's just our top scorer and the guy with most assists, but I might've overstated how much trouble we're in, due to other things that have happened.
  3. That CL draw. Unsurprisingly strong first season in Denmark.
  4. Congratulations on the Bundesliga title. Ja! The World Cup is shaping up real nicely too. Very good chance you either come out of that with some silverware and/or a new side to manage. Preferably both. Shame your Greek side might very well be on route to cut off a couple of those teams in the top end of the draw - you'll be catching one out of Ukraine, Ireland, Wales and Switzerland on the semi-finals. If you make it that far, that is. My preference would be a Greece-Croatia finale, had some very good times managing Croatia in the past.
  5. I guess that was a mildly decent job at the end. I'm not fully convinced by only 23 points clear at the top but that'll do. What the hell happened with this league for it to only have 21 teams? That creates all sorts of mathematical problems. Bizarre.
  6. New Chinese winger looks fantastic. Teach him a new punch or two. Any particular ideas on where to go next? 10-0 over BATE, Christ.
  7. You're starting to look like Arsenal and the dreaded curse of the Round of 16, except you peak at semi-finals instead. Other than that year you got smashed by PSG in the final. I'm a little surprised you managed to make the semi-finals actually, with the sheer amount of talent leaving the club and you being weirdly quiet on new signings. Is it becoming harder and harder to find players that can improve your side?
  8. Magnificent season! Quite fitting that you only finished the Champions League run at the hands of a glorious team, too.
  9. Gah, just when the Rovers were accelerating into the dizzying heights of the Swazi Premiership.
  10. No it isn't. Stop trying to create lesser expectations, you can own up to them! I see you've been converted to the little Eredivisie cult we've got going around in FMCU lately. Ajax is up there as one of my favourite teams to manage - had loads of fun with them in FM12 - beyond being just one of my favourite foreign teams period. Definitely support the choice of club.
  11. I'm surprised/disappointed the Supercup isn't named the Superkubogi.
  12. Former Champions League manager triumphally clinches promotion from the Conference.
  13. Very nice to come by this thread and witness another Champions League title and another Europa League as well (3 seasons back). It's challenge more than completed here - and perhaps this is the season you finally win the UEFA Super Cup?
  14. Congratulations on the title! At last, well done! I can't believe Mexes isn't a starter, he looked like such a huge prospect a few years back.
  15. I guess the game wants to give me a challenge.