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  1. I agree. It's the whole root of the issue. I understand it was a way of settling things for the introduction of roles, and an easy concept to work as the basis of coding them, but the end result has become counter-intuitive for the user, and inconsistent with so many things in the game. What I want, is for the formation screen to be the AVERAGE formation. Then show us up extra panels for the defensive and the attacking formation.
  2. It gets worse. Dortmund is managed at the moment by José Barros (Leonardo Jardim's assistant in real life). Guess where he's from. Portugal dominating German football. I suppose it's art, either way.
  3. February-March 2025 Competitions It's been too close for comfort in the Bundesliga in these 2 months, with a few swings between us and Dortmund at the top. We beat Hannover 3-1 then dropped points at Mainz, although still retained the lead, but not anymore once Schalke came to our home and beat us rather assertively 3-1. We were now chasing Dortmund, and did well by winning away at Stuttgart 2-0, two 2nd half goals, and then repeating the result at home to Frankfurt, with Algerian striker Djamel Benahmed getting a rare 2 goals. Dortmund slipped this week, and we returned top... but only for this week. This because we then lost at Köln, defeated on the 87th minute and against the run of play. Wins over Wolfsburg (surprisingly comfortable) and Augsburg (very difficult, with a 81st minute winner) did not allow us to move back up as Dortmund now resist the pressure. Perhaps a factor in our league slip-ups were two 120 minute cup thrillers, before both league defeats. In the Round of 16 we went to Hoffenheim, and let them equalize after our routine scorer Fabián López had scored the first. 1-1 it was and it remained even after extra-time, and it went to penalties. Plenty of players missed their kicks as we let 2 chances of grabbing victory slip away, but still somehow won the penalty shootout. We would not be as lucky in the quarter-finals against Schalke. This time it was our opponents that went 1-0 up for Fabián López to equalize, but we ran out of legs in extra-time and let Schalke score again. Cup run over at the quarter-finals. In this restless league campaign, as ever things remain very close upfront - but Dortmund now has the lead. I would put them as favourites - they have goal difference advantage if we end up tied at the end; and we now have a very difficult calendar for the remaining 8 fixtures, including a trip to Munich to play Bayern in the final day, and a trip to Leverkusen 2 weeks earlier. However we also host Dortmund themselves earlier in April. Stay tuned for what seems to be building up to an exciting end to the Bundesliga season.
  4. He could do with a bit more pace, though. For now he's been playing as a sub in the midfield. It's taking a while for his LWB position to become at least orange.
  5. Youth intake 2025 A good intake, although I'm finding it hard to adjust to judging 14 year old players. My staff think the keeper Emanuel Ramos is the star here, but I think the left-back Amer Hagic is just as good if not better. Interesting that 2 of the best players are Portuguese, I wonder if that's because of my own nationality.
  6. My handling of finances perhaps hasn't been quite optimal this season: Meanwhile, after realizing there appears to be a lot of world class Portuguese players around, I went to check what happened with our national team over the last decade... Umm, wow.
  7. This was pretty much my reaction when the transfer was confirmed. Thanks!
  8. December 2024-January 2025 Transfers A quiet transfer period, as we ran out of transfer funds, saw 2 youngsters arrive and 2 leave. DM Alessandro Rossi was loaned out, whilst more controversially, I decided to sell "promising striker" Alexander Christiansen, who is 16 years old, for a relative low fee of 325K€ (potentially 600K€ with clauses). The problem is that the kid has "Casual" personality and wouldn't allow himself to be tutored by just about nobody, whilst also not developing much despite his large potential on paper. This way I'm trusting Hertha to develop him instead, and I do keep a 50% profit of next sale clause, plus a buy back clause of 1.4M€ so I did cover our backs in case he comes good. We also have plenty of prospects so should not miss him. The 2 kids that arrived: I am hugely excited about this guy, dunno why my staff don't see mega potential, but I think he could grow to be extremely versatile and my idea is to retrain him to LWB, just like I did with Axel Müller a few years back!! A lesser profile deal, I got him for just 120K€, don't expect him to make the first team but should probably grow a bit, enough for us to make a profit on him a couple years on. Competitions After the heavy defeat to Dortmund to finish November, we entered December on low morale and suffered our 2nd consecutive loss, the 2nd all season, to Hertha at home, 2-0. Which also gave Dortmund the table lead. It seemed like the wheels were about to fall off the wagon, but then Fabián López decided to have a superb month. 2 goals vs Gladbach gave us the away win, another 2 vs Leverkusen gave us an extremely valuable win over title rivals AND the return to the Bundesliga 1st place as Dortmund lost to Schalke in the derby. But Fabián wasn't finished. He scored the only goal in the local derby against Bremen, after we had been down to 10 men (!); and then surpassed himself with a magnificent hat-trick against Bayern in a hugely difficult match to finish 2024 before the mini-Winter-break. Unfortunately, despite us going 3-0 up against Bayern, we let their talented squad tie it and squandered the 3 goal lead. Nevertheless we went into the break top of the table - just barely ahead of Dortmund - and when we returned, after drawing with Bayern again in a friendly, we beat Freiburg away 2-0 with both goals in the 2nd half, to retain 1st place. New teenager signing Rafael Rogowski picked up an assist on his debut here! We keep up at the front, and in better condition as Leverkusen have spectacularly fallen apart, leaving us in a close battle only with Dortmund, although Wolfsburg are not that far. Whichever way this goes, this has already been a surprisingly successful season for the club, I wasn't even aiming at a Champions League spot just yet, but can we actually remain top for the rest of the season and claim the title?
  9. Strange yes, but that was because Marlos Moreno got 3 goals and 5 assists.
  10. Bit of random news through the winter break:
  11. Dominates the Champions League year after year after year. Club stuck with a stadium for 11K people and the board won't consider a new one.
  12. This thread escalated quickly. Looks like you're doing unsurprisingly fine with an all-English side. I reckon that English-only transfer policy might delay total glory (ie conquering the Premiership and the Champions League) for a couple more seasons, but I trust you to do it.
  13. Looks like a pretty good complete forward in the making for me. At least that's what I'm doing with a very similar youth player I've got in HSV. Yeah I don't think I quite see him playing for Braga on peanuts even when he's 37.
  14. I'm loving the standards of footballing on display all across this thread. Magnificent.
  15. ****. That's some player. "For whatever reason", erm, maybe the reason is his attributes are almost world class and perfectly well-rounded?