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  1. New kids, new kids everywhere. As if we didn't have enough young prospects (the amount of great youngsters we have out on loan right now is ridiculous). The Serbian RB is the one player of this bunch that I can see going a long way. The others I think might struggle, I don't remember when did I make these deals. I know the Russian kid has been lined up to join for like 2 years already.
  2. We finished bottom of the groups, so we didn't qualify for the final tournament. I haven't had more matches with Portugal since, because the qualifiers for the Euros haven't started yet.
  3. After a few weeks without playing I've touched this again and reached the halfway point through the season. The defeat to Chaves marked the end of that long run, and we looked a little dodgy for a while, but later we've been back to business. Reinier has been on absolutely astonishing form with an absurd 10 goals in the Champions League group stage alone. However we've been feeling the loss of Sávio a bit, I don't think Javier Andrade has been a convincing enough replacement on the left wing. Nice draw for the next round, it's pretty rare when
  4. My final team: Donnarumma (ITA) Shaw (ENG) Chiellini (ITA) Bonucci (ITA) Spinazzola (ITA) Jorginho (ITA) Verratti (ITA) Pedri (SPA) Sterling (ENG) Kane (ENG) Chiesa (ITA) Subs (15 subs to make it a 26 man squad): Sommer (SWI) Schmeichel (DEN) Walker (ENG) Stones (ENG) Maguire (ENG) Christensen (DEN) Maehle (DEN) Busquets (SPA) Hojbjerg (DEN) Pogba (FRA) De Bruyne (BEL) Damsgaard (DEN) Insigne (ITA) Benzema (FRA) Schick (CZE) Player of the tournament: Raheem Sterling (ENG)
  5. No that was bad but the Nations League is just the League Cup for international sides really. I'm looking forward to the Euros (if we qualify!!).
  6. This international management business is starting to look like a colossal failure. I have players that are possibly even better than my Porto side but they just don't play the same, allow the opposition more time on the ball and don't move as fluidly. I can only guess it's a tactical familiarity thing. First caps for: Joelson Fernandes (PSG winger) Diogo Dalot (Porto rightback)
  7. I mean we do have a crazy good squad that's miles ahead of the rest of the league, it's not an achievement. I see you're managing Benfica?!
  8. Idk about evil conspiracy, but there's quiiiiite a bit of history of home bias by referees in big international tournaments. Always easier to gently call in favour of the hosts. Yesterday wasn't quite full blown 2002 South Korea but yeah.
  9. Add maybe John Stones to the neverending bench. edit: how did I forget Damsgaard too. He's been amazing.
  10. A few changes. I feel dirty adding Kyle Walker to the starting 11 but I'm really struggling to find a proper RB, at least he's been putting out fires everywhere thanks to his pace. I had Dumfries up until here, but honestly he was crap defending in the round of 16 match, and had only had a good group stage because he had full license to attack. Pedri has to get into the starting 11 after the extraordinary form he shown, getting better and better in the knockouts; and Kane despite the awful group stage has been extraordinary in the knockouts, and I have to bump him up straight to the
  11. Italy. Better team, albeit just by a whisker. The better midfield will be the difference. It'll come almost home.
  12. It wasn't a penalty and all the crying about the crying, reminds me of the opposite reactions I got back in 2004 and 2006 in other forums I was in, when you guys got knocked out by us in matches with controversial calls. Let's just say the English didn't react very well then. England were the better side today though, and deserved to go through. Sterling and Kane have hit an excellent streak of form, and both are starting to look like decent shouts for player of the tournament. The team is assured, confident, and well organised. Enjoy this moment guys, only comes once in every many years,
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