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  1. December 2028: Poor results let Inter approach us after we had beat them I had to replay the Inter match as I had computer problems, beat them both times so that was great. The rest of the month was poor though. We failed to beat Rangers in the CL, and although we easily cleared Torino, then we lost points to both Atalanta and Sassuolo to let Inter come close to us again. We also had a postponed match, at home to Salernitana, it was snowed out. We get Arsenal in the CL last 16.
  2. Happened to me again today, after 2 weeks with no issues. Haven't had any issue in any other game neither, this seems to spark up when in FM. GPU_info v20.4.1.1363262 (2020.06.28 16.22.35).gpudmp FM 2020 v20.4.1.1363262 (2020.06.28 16.22.35).dmp
  3. November 2028: First defeat of the season November was of course first marked by the superb match against Atlético, 9 goals did the spectators present witness. This already qualified us for the next round of the CL and not even a disappointing home draw with Leverkusen puts a dent in our spirit so far. In the Serie A things were going fine with another 2 routines wins against Fiorentina and Frosinone, when something unexpected happened. Away at Empoli, we found ourselves losing 2-0 within the first 10 minutes. We attacked and attacked and got 2 goals but by then they had already gotten another one, always on rare counters. That means our winning run ends much earlier than last season, though it was still nice to have lasted until late November. And what better way to bounce back from the defeat than to put 6 past Roma? Lennart den Otter was particularly outstanding with an hat-trick and 2 assists (!), but I was even happier with Paul Curtis' goal: the young Englishman, who I sometimes play on the wing, but most times upfront, had been on a dismal goal drought that had started all the way from last season.
  4. In Serie A news, Cremonese seem to have told a manager to f*ck off yet again. They seem to have been doing this every year since I left without success. My heart weeps for them.
  5. Ok I need to go to bed, but before there's something I must post. This was fun. Featured not one not two but THREE long range screamers, 2 of them by Daniel Bragança, one by Cristiano Henrique. We're qualified for the last 16 now.
  6. October 2028: Starting to lose points, but still undefeated October kicked off with 2 draws, shock and horror. We were a bit crap at home against Juventus (shooting a lot but not actually creating chances), and then actually found the trip to Madrid quite difficult in the CL, I think a 1-1 draw was fair and I was happy enough with that. But then it was business as usual again as we beat Brescia, Udinese and Verona as you'd expect. Inter messed up a few times meanwhile so we opened up a 5 points gap. That's what we want to see - so I can focus nice and easy in Europe later in the season, hopefully.
  7. Tbh it does annoy me to win 1-0, I want to smash teams and get my strikers to score loads. It's really quite frustrating that the most I got out of a striker in a season was Pellegri last year with 21 goals and that was with penalty kicks!
  8. September 2028: Getting the early season winning run going It's starting to look similar to last year's start, as we're on 9 wins from 9 matches this season. We didn't start the month in particularly convincing form, just scrapping by 1-0 wins (including one over Napoli with a 96th minute winner!) but then grew into a rhythm that's a little better. This has given us an early season lead in the Serie A - albeit tied with a Inter side that seems intent on giving us a fight again, after gone missing last year - and also a decent start in the CL with a precious win in Germany then a more natural 2-0 home win over Rangers, theoretically the easiest match in the group.
  9. August 2028: The new kids get acquainted with Serie A Not the 2 most convincing wins ever, but we do kick off with 2 wins. New kids on the block Rayan Ouakrim and Traian Fulea both scored their first goals for Bologna against Cagliari, so that's nice.
  10. An okay group, a bit on the hard side with a team from Spain and another from Germany.
  11. Pre-season 2028-2029: Big moves This Summer finally saw us involved in some major deals in and out, as I moved to stack up the club's finances which were starting to look rather bare. The big news was of course the sale of Jefferson for 80M€, something I couldn't influence as Man Utd activated his release clause. But it was my decision to sell forward Antonio Bordignon (Fulham, 62M€), who was struggling to score enough goals for my liking; young defender Noah Cousin (Brighton, 45M€), who remained promising but perhaps not quite developing as much into the world class defender I had expected earlier; leftback Massimo Falanga (Schalke, 30M€) who was here only for the last 6 months and underwhelmed pretty badly; midfielder André Anderson (Brighton, 22M€) who had spent the last 5 seasons at the club, with 2 excellent years in 25/26 and 26/27 but who had fallen out of favour in 27/28 and was starting to get old; youngster Duccio Viviani (Torino, 11.5M€), a homegrown centerback who I played as an emergency backup and had little potential; goalkeeper Gavin Bazunu (Celtic, 7M€), who had already been replaced by Gasparini as the starting keeper last year; and midfielder Bernardo Sebastiani YP23E (Sassuolo, 4.7M€), just short on potential to be anything useful. Woof! All this made for a record 263M€ in sales. So what did I do with 263M€? Well for a start my cheapskate board barely added anything to my transfer budget, just 35% of the income was directed towards my spending, and some of the deals included instalments so it doesn't count for this season. All in all I just hired 3 players. One striker to replace Bordignon, one centerback to replace Cousin, and a ridiculously good deal for a striker that was too good to pass up, despite the fact he didn't really fit the squad. One of the things our squad lacked was a true top class advanced forward. Hopefully, this Moroccan kid comes in to fix that. Almost as physical as Eric van Mosselveld (our previous top choice), and much better technically than the Dutch forward, he should be able to slot in immediately upfront. Cost us 30M€ from Rennes. A player I've been following for the past 2 or 3 seasons, I finally managed to bring him to Bologna, although it took us our most expensive deal ever at 45.5M€, from Cagliari. This 20 year old centerback has everything to hold down the position for the Italian national team for the next decade - if he can stay clear of injuries, which has been a problem. The wildcard. I didn't need yet another forward, but a player like this for 7.25M€? Come on, this deal had to be done. I find him an awkward fit in my squad - he's probably just a tiny little bit slow to be the AF, and with Curtis and Pellegri using their aerial ability to great effect as the 2nd strikers, I think he's just not as good in the air to steal a place from them. So where do I intend to play him? Uh, what if I play him as the mezzala, alternating with Cristiano Henrique for the position? Dribbling 19 looks awesome. He needs to be in a position he can dribble. Current squad and starting 11: There is a big Jefferson-shaped hole in our midfield, which we couldn't quite fill, but players like Hebibovic and Cibilica have been eyeing a spot for the last 2 seasons, can they finally rise to the occasion? Also, I am quite excited by what looks to be a wonderful new striker pairing in Curtis-Oakrim - two wonderfully talented youth players who should have the potential to become even better. So there's reasons to be optimistic even though we should be weaker without Jefferson. Feels like a transition moment, but with some luck it could still be the year we crack Europe, too.
  12. Interesting job, but I'm not moving out until Bologna wins the Champions League. Maybe not even then. And who knows whether I want to move out of Italy at all once I do want to move...
  13. Jefferson GONE It was always likely to happen. With a 80M€ release clause he had since he signed 4 seasons ago, and him on obscene wages we couldn't upgrade anymore, AND on his last year of contract, I was kinda wishing for it to happen, but it's still sad he goes just after he finally played a blinder of a season. See ya, ya legend.
  14. Season review - Bologna - 2027/2028 Competitions Serie A: Champions Coppa Italia: Lost in the semi-finals to Inter Coca-Cola Supercup: Winners UEFA Champions League: Lost in the quarter-finals to Barcelona Club vision The board isn't gonna be pissed off when we're dominating Serie A. Finances This is actually looking pretty terrible as our bank balance sunk to a negative 14M€. We're spending too much on wages now and haven't made a big sale in a while, whilst I kept on signing players. Time to balance the books. Squad statistics Top 5 players of the season 5. Paolo Gozzi (DC) Another excellent season from our Italian-Nigerian centerback, but this year his CB partner Obasi managed to get higher ratings, and more goals too! 4. Pietro Pellegri (ST) And I also just about finally managed to get a striker to break past the 20 goals mark - Pietro got 21. Granted, 6 of them came on penalty kicks, but his aerial ability is a huge asset. However he needs to watch out because youngster Paul Curtis is eyeing his position in the side, and is developing dramatically... 3. Jefferson (MC, ML) Finally, finally, our most talented player on paper Jefferson showed up. The tactical changes fit him like a glove and he shone from a MC position, either as mezzala or attacking playmaker; and he'd also play well on the left wing whenever I put out the 4-4-2 and he became an inverted winger. He would end up as the player with most player of the match awards (6), and also sum up a pretty brilliant 12 goals and 8 assists. 2. Samuel Obasi (DC) His greatest season for us yet as he topped the ratings for the entire squad at a sensational 7.53, also scored 6 goals. 1. Daniel Bragança (DM) I had to pick him as player of the year yet again, albeit Obasi beat him in ratings this time, because his 15 assists this year was just ridiculous. Other honourable mentions Paul Curtis (ST, MR) I thought this English kid could struggle to adapt to Serie A, wow, was I wrong. 16 goals and 6 assists and he looks like an even better DLF in the making compared to Pellegri, with largely the same aerial skills but more of an overall game. I would've liked a better finishing attribute but he doesn't seem to struggle to put them in the back of the net! Marco Lorusso (GK) We have a lot of promising players out on loan, but my pick as the most impressive of them all is 20 year old keeper Lorusso, who spent another year in Serie B, playing for SPAL. He's almost good enough to challenge Gasparini in our side, but I want him to play regularly so he can develop, so he should continue out on loan. Individual competition stats Serie A: Clean sheets isn't the stat I'm most looking to top, but I guess Gasparini had a great year on goal. Pellegri was an outside challenger for top scorer but we're never good at that, and Obasi came close to Leroy Sané's wonderful season for Juve on the ratings. Champions League: Gasparini kept his goal so well that he also got 6 clean sheets in the CL. Career tracker Season Club League Cups Continental Achievements ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 19/20 Cremonese (Italy) Serie B - 2nd Coppa Italia 4th Q rnd Promoted 20/21 Cremonese (Italy) Serie A - 10th Coppa Italia 4th Q rnd 21/22 Cremonese (Italy) Serie A - 4th Coppa Italia 4th Q rnd 22/23 Cremonese (Italy) Serie A - 15th Coppa Italia 1st rnd Champions League 1st KO rnd Sacked midseason Bologna (Italy) Serie A - 13th Hired midseason 23/24 Bologna (Italy) Serie A - 7th Coppa Italia 1/2 final 24/25 Bologna (Italy) Serie A - 2nd Coppa Italia 1st rnd Conference League final 25/26 Bologna (Italy) Serie A - 2nd Coppa Italia winners Champions League 1/4 final 26/27 Bologna (Italy) Serie A - 1st Coppa Italia winners Champions League 1st KO rnd Supercup winners 27/28 Bologna (Italy) Serie A - 1st Coppa Italia 1/2 final Champions League 1/4 final Supercup winners
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