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  1. noikeee

    [FM18] Following the money using the Asian persuasion

    Well at least this time England got a tough path to the WC final. Having to beat Makoto's Bhutan, eh?
  2. noikeee

    [FM18] Following the money using the Asian persuasion

    So you failed to score for 120 minutes? That's pretty terrible. What a poor world cup performance so far. You've broke the game, this is just...
  3. noikeee

    The Circle of Fitness Activists

    World Cup Qualifying Against Malta I decided to rotate the 11 to have fitter players for the tougher match with Spain. It worked as we ran very comfortable 5-0 winners. However this didn't help us against Spain anyway. We were far from embarrassed, but a 3-0 defeat is what happens when we face a superior team and they take their chances. A Serbia-Wales draw truly did open up a window here for us to possibly overtake Serbia for 2nd as we face them next. That would be brilliant, but 2nd place guarantees nothing, in fact it seems pretty unlikely to give us qualification even if we make that place, which is a shame.
  4. noikeee

    [FM 18] Chip chip chip away in Lithuania

    Hey, get your priorities in life sorted, FM first, house moves second. Beating Sevilla even if just in one match is a huge result, nice.
  5. noikeee

    The Circle of Fitness Activists

    World Cup Qualifying In Wales, we performed our defensive bus thing and got a goal against the run of play, only for Wales to equalize and basically make us suffer all match as they were superior. Then in the 94th minute Roland Sallai scores a screamer from outside the area to give us an important win! Bit of a robbery but we won't mind! In the Faroes, a slow first half and a red card to Ádám Nagy (saw two yellows) made me fear the worse, but we got the routine 3-0 win we expected. We move above Wales and start putting a little pressure on Serbia for 2nd. We still have it up against us in qualifying, specially since the 2nd placed teams no longer go to playoffs but only the 3 best 2nd placed (most points) from a whole 10 groups qualify. Tricky to get to that 2nd place nevermind get into one of the best 2nd places. But if we can somehow steal a win over Serbia in November.... International debuts New squad LB, not particularly too talented but our 2nd best option now for the position. The media is unimpressed with him and thinks he shouldn't be called up.
  6. noikeee

    The Circle of Fitness Activists

    And we lose our best attacking player on deadline day, wonder striker Gábor Kitl. Irreplaceable. Will continue to feature for me in the national team for sure as the starting striker.
  7. noikeee

    The Circle of Fitness Activists

    Well Bratislava is close to Budapest, but right up the alley might be exaggerating a bit. Never heard of the book, will have to look it up. Ha, bit of a Lithuanian rivalry eh? To be honest I haven't been really reading the forums lately, haven't kept up with what you're doing there.
  8. noikeee

    The Circle of Fitness Activists

    Champions League Playoff In Bratislava, we simply put in our best performance in Europe so far this season - an absolutely devastating 5-0 win, and nobody could possibly deny we were the better side. In the 2nd leg, complacency kicked in and we could only get a 1-1 draw, the first official match this season that didn't end with a win for us (we had 13 wins in 13). Disappointing but nevertheless that didn't really matter as we comfortably qualify for the group stage. ... only to have to face this absolutely horrendous group.
  9. noikeee

    FIFA World Cup Fan Dream Team

    No Hazard, therefore "the fans" didn't watch the same World Cup as I did.
  10. noikeee

    The Circle of Fitness Activists

    Champions League 3rd Qualifying Phase A very uninspired first leg performance saw a goalless first half, and then scandalously, a Zalgiris equalizing away goal. We did still win this game 2-1 but it was unconvincing and a dangerous result to take to Lithuania. The tension remained in the 2nd leg until finally Viktor Babic scored right after the break, adding another slightly later on. This ended a 2-1 win again but we squandered quite a few chances in what, behind the scoreline, had been a far more positive match. Ultimately this tie wasn't as comfortable as I expected, but we proceed to the playoff. Only Slovan Bratislava remain in our path to the CL groups.
  11. noikeee

    The Circle of Fitness Activists

    Champions League 2nd Qualifying Phase It was a shock start to the game in Slovenia as we found ourselves losing from early on, but although Maribor's 4-4-2 diamond surprisingly created a bunch of chances against us, we regrouped after dropping the DM to the CB line and becoming effectively a 5-2-3, and eventually won the game 3-2. The 2nd leg was much easier with a straightforward 3-0 win and off we go to the next round. A Lithuanian team! Our path through the preliminary rounds so far seems ridiculously easier than last year.
  12. noikeee

    The Circle of Fitness Activists

    To some extent maybe, but I believe the biggest effect is how easily they get unsettled in the first place.
  13. noikeee

    The Circle of Fitness Activists

    Pre-season 2021/2022 Transfers 3 new midfielders and 1 new right-back. A physically imposing 19 year old Slovakian MC who I got for free. .... but then I found out about this 17 year old Polish MC who looked even better, specially if you imagine what he'll be like once he hits his potential. ... and then I found out about this 19 year old Romanian MC, who I think might just be better than the previous 2 guys in both ability and potential - splashed 1.6M€ on him. And this is how I ended up with 3 new MCs and not that much space to play them. Meanwhile, what's not to like about this Croatian right-back that I got in for free? Probably won't steal Safar's place at RB as Safar's immense, but he's a very nice backup to have. Gotta love a good old 16-0 drubbing to get morale up.
  14. noikeee

    The Circle of Fitness Activists

    Nobody left yet, they're starting to get pissed off though, Komáromi made a formal transfer request (which I rejected) and Kitl wants out too.
  15. noikeee

    The Circle of Fitness Activists

    Champions League 1st Qualifying Phase I I thought the 1st leg was a bit crap? 3 goals from 40 shots is a poor return. The 2nd leg in Gibraltar was much more like it - big fat 9-0 win, and Gábor Kitl scoring 6 by himself (2 were penalties). We're off to Slovenia for the next one.