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  1. Lisbon, Portugal - 20th of July, 2036 **** it, I took it. My nation needs me. Here's a look at their recent results: It's actually not that terrible given that 2 years ago we reached the World Cup semi-finals, but we were dead last in the Euros group this Summer. That doesn't bode well. I would post something about the squad but a few of the guys have dropped to the Olympics squad which is ongoing, so it wouldn't be representative. So I'll show the highest reputation players: Alfonso Albuquerque (M/AMRL) (29, Man City) - Utterly world class winger. One of the best in his position worldwide, if not the best. 20 Crossing!!! Hélder Paiva (DLC, DM) (29, Schalke) - Solid CB but not super ultra outstanding. Joaquim Fradinho (M/AMR, AML, ST) (22, Real Madrid) - The future of the national team, he's probably going to be the next best player after Alfonso Albuquerque. Last year he was mega for Real Madrid which hurt my Valencia team. More a winger than a forward. Dário (M/AMC, ST) (29, Milan) - More a AM than a striker which is an awkward fit for my system. Good but not world class. Vítor Bastos (DC) (31, Man Utd) - Decent CB but starting to enter the downturn phase of his career. Rúben Seabra (DM, M/AMC) (34, Barcelona) - Was amazing but is past it on his physicals. I might be radical and soon not call him up anymore - my system asks a lot from players physically in every position.
  2. I'm so tempted. Portugal need someone to get them back onto track, recent results have been awful. But it's connected to the quality of the squad - the previous good generation is all retiring and the new kids haven't risen to the challenge yet. I look at the squad and the ages are 31, 31, 31, 32, 34.... I think I'm gonna have a sleep on it. It's been so long since I last managed internationally, that it could be a fun challenge. But I know it'll slow down the progress even more and this is already quite slow as it is...
  3. UEFA Euro 2036 - Germany And the big UEFA European Football Championship final this year is...... what the ****? This is just one of those weird outliers. The Swiss have a pretty good team in fairness (3 guys playing for Bayern, another 2 for Dortmund, 1 for PSG, 1 for Milan, 1 for Inter, 1 for Atlético...), but you wouldn't have seen this coming. Also, Germany hosting the Euros and falling in the round of 16? Ireland making the quarters? FM seems a bit drunk here. And the best player award winner, is a DM knocked out in the semi-finals. Did I mention FM was a bit drunk? Sure, he's undeniably world class and did really well this tournament, but..... ? It's just plain unrealistic. Sort it out SI. Top scorer was a bit more normal - France aced this category. Petit has terrorised the Premier League for a decade, about time he comes up in these things and gains some proper recognition. The 2nd top scorer, 21 year old Timothe Le Bras, he played for PSG but I had an outside chance of just about signing him this Summer - unfortunately they asked for just a bit too much money and instead just went to Real Madrid for 79M€. He's going to be insane (already is). It's gonna be an absolute nightmare facing him in the league this year.
  4. Thanks! I remember you from a youth-only Arsenal career, I think? That was pretty original and fun. When are you coming back with a thread?
  5. The 2019-built Nuevo Mestalla is getting bigger. It's going to host over 90 thousand spectators!
  6. Cheers guys. I like Néstor a lot, I just wish he could develop a bit the playmaking side of his game. I'm training him on false nine to focus on that.
  7. European football - 2035/2036 UEFA Champions League What about this!! 8 years after the most glorious moment in my career, when I won the Champions League with Derby County, Zinedine Zidane takes them to a 2nd European title!! I'm sad that I'm not the manager who accomplishes this (I spent another 4 years at Derby trying to replicate this without success), but I do feel some pride as a lot of this team's key players are the guys that I hired just before moving on from the club - stars like Danish striker Jakob Christensen, Polish winger Mateusz Glen, and German right-back Maurice Vander. Indeed, Christensen scored both goals in the final. It's an all-English final too... been a long time since that last happened (after the earlier run in 2020s in which the Premier League dominated the CL). Final at Wembley to top it off! England Igor Tudor's Man City retains the title, an easy one with 8 points advantage over Spurs. New European champions Derby County are only 4th - the one thing Zidane or any other AI manager hasn't accomplished is to win the title again. Man Utd are only 7th behind a surprising West Brom, and Arsenal seem to be falling deeper and deeper again, down to 12th.... behind Leeds United. Germany Schalke domination is over!!! Leverkusen rise to the top even if they finish with just 2 points over both Bayern and Schalke. It's Leverkusen's 6th title after their glorious run in the early 2020s with 4 on a row (and their first ever title back in 2018). France PSG win a 5th title in a row, 5 points over Monaco, which in turn finished a whole 22 points ahead of everyone else. Boring. Spain We push Real Madrid to the maximum but 93 points is not enough and Real reclaim the title after a 2 years absence. Levante qualify for the Europa League with a nice season in 7th place. Espanyol and Depor go down. Italy The Juve-Milan rivalry continues, and it's a tight season as Juve wins it by just 1 point. FeralpiSalò make a very brief incursion into Serie A only to drop to Serie B back immediately. Atalanta qualify for the Europa League ahead of the likes of Fiorentina and Lazio. 33 year old former Ballon d'Or Dario Herrera is top scorer and has the highest ratings... but look who's playing for Milan. My former Derby County Colombian striker Óscar Navarro!!! They got him for a ridiculous discount 22,5M€. Now wanted by Barcelona so I could face him again soon... Portugal Sporting (who retain the title) and Benfica are in a whole different level and finish 25 points ahead of best of the rest... Guimarães. Porto yet again only 4th. This is depressing. Cova da Piedade and Real Massamá have become well established upper midtable clubs. Sporting Espinho are back to the top tier and remain there.
  8. Valencia - 2035/2036 - Season review We lose the league, but it's a breakthrough year nevertheless with our first Copa del Rey in 12 years and the first Europa League in 32 years - plus we break a few records in the league anyway, even if we don't win. Statistics and best 11 Top 5 players of the season 5. Dário (ML, MR) - Whilst most of the season he was just Rodrigo Durán's backup, his performances in the Copa del Rey and Europa League - in which I often rotated the side - were just amazing. Total of 14 goals and 15 assists. A Valencia youth academy graduate, Dário's talent has probably already reached his limit but he's very handy to have in the squad. 4. Raúl González (ST) - I'm starting to think our strongest duo of forwards is Vladimir-Dani Fernández now, but Raúl got a lot of playing time again and was a goalscoring machine again. 27 goals and 13 assists. That's the 3rd consecutive season playing for me he breaks the 25 goal mark. 3. Vladimir (ST, MC) - The new Brazilian signing got even more goals though, and is shaping up as a serious part of the future of this club. Top scorer with 29 goals, plus 15 assists. 2. Rodrigo Durán (ML) - One of the few attackers not to reach double figures in both goals and assists (though he was close - 8 goals and 19 assists), he continues to be one of the highest performing players though, with a superb 7,81 ratings. 1. Daniel Fernández (ST) - The injury he picked up in February against Real Sociedad stopped him for 3 months and that was ruined his numbers (22 goals and 17 assists), otherwise he would've been way ahead of everyone else there. Astonishing 7,90 ratings. Simply, our best player now. Major youth prospects Néstor YP34A (18, SPA) (ST) - A massive breakthrough season for our academy graduate as he became our 4th striker and scored 9 goals in 16(2) matches for the first team. Growing into one hell of player, if a bit one-dimensional as of yet, but I'm working on that. Paulo Gomes (18, POR) (ST) - Hired at the beginning of the season for a bargain 150K€. This is a strange player as the staff/AI rates him clearly super high but his attributes don't quite follow - either-footedness is eating quite a bit of CA. Poor finishing makes me uneasy about him, BUT he is a very complete player and has looked great on his first few cameo appearances this season. And now suddenly at the end of the season, he was called up for the Euros for Portugal!!!! Andoni Flores (19, SPA) (M/AMR, ST) - Signed a couple of years ago for 425K, he is also proving to be a bargain. I'm a bit unsure on what kind of player I want him to become and have given up on winger due to low crossing/dribbling, and am training him as false nine now - although there's a lot of competition from the 2 players above. I haven't played him on the first team yet but it should be just a matter of time. He's another very complete player, great at few things but good at a lot of things... Career progress table
  9. Yeah having a go at the CL is the goal for next year now. It was definitely a fun season! Really enjoyed this one. Challenge accepted!
  10. Yeah I can't fault my players at all, got 93 points (!), won both cups, just missed a tiny edge to make it all perfect, we'll get there.
  11. May 2036 Ultimately the big 3-0 defeat at the Camp Nou cost us a league title and what would've been a perfect season, and it hurt that Real gave us those little glimmers of hope only to take them away again, but I can only be happy with how this final month turned out, as we add an European trophy to the Copa del Rey we had won in April. I feel this was a league that Real won rather than a league that we lost. We pretty much smashed all of our club records in this edition of the league: most points (93), more wins (29), least defeats (3). It was a far superior season than the one in which we actually won the league 2 years ago, the difference is that this time we had more than worthy opponents, whereas back then everyone fell apart in order to gift us the title. I feel like this is real progress and if we keep up at this level we'll very soon win the league back again.
  12. Europa League final - extra time Minute 91: GOAL FOR VALENCIA!!!! 3-2!!! We score immediately almost from kickoff!!! It's wing-to-wing as right-back Dário Suárez assists Rodrigo Durán for our 3rd goal of the night!!! Half time in extra time: We've got players completely exhausted, like Rodrigo Durán at 56% condition or Vojislav Pavlovic at 57%. But as long as hold on to this advantage, and the clock keeps ticking, we're good. Minute 116: GOAL FOR VALENCIA!!!! 4-2!!!! It's a lightning quick counter, Raúl González frees up Dani Fernández, and he chips it over the keeper!!! A beautiful goal!!! Surely the cup is ours now?? Extra time full time: VALENCIA WIN THE EUROPA LEAGUE!!!