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  1. I had no idea it was a real crest! I've not really noticed much of an issue with jumping. You do still get the odd centre-back whose jumping is incomprehensibly poo, but those seem to have become much rarer than in previous FMs where they were all midgets. And there seems to be more strikers of the light-and-nimble type than big men type, but if you search for a while they do exist, the very complete striker I'm fielding upfront at the moment, Alaa Hossam, has jumping of 15. I generally don't prioritise jumping in any position other than CB, and at striker as a secondary attribute (and maybe DM and fullbacks as a bonus), so it's probably skewing the picture as I'm specifically looking for other things in my players.
  2. He conceded 4 goals in that match, too (he's our superstar keeper).
  3. Meanwhile, I'm sure these two facts are entirely coincidental:
  4. You might like this. This is the Premier League table by early December 2034: Leicester are starting to fall back, just a couple of weeks ago they were first!! And this is their finest attacking star... a Vietnamese international with 56 goals in 42 caps: And in other news, your avatar looks more like a penis than a fox. Sorry.
  5. October-November 2034 Competitions In the Ligue 1, we were rather shocked by Nantes when they inflicted us our first defeat of the season, in a poor away performance. However, that spurred us into a pretty good run - we beat Lorient and Reims pretty easily, before an absolutely huge match against PSG. Last year I had awful luck in the PSG matches, with the all-powerful Parisian side clearly far superior to us, but this time the match went like a dream, even if we let them open up a lead we'd then turn into around, and bury it in the last 2 minutes with 2 more goals to make it 4-1! A great landmark win! We were now chasing them for 1st place, and a superb 4-0 away win at Toulouse kept us in their chase, but at Dijon we let ourselves down, conceding a 90th minute equalizer to drop to a 4 points distance again. If the Ligue 1 performance has been having its ups and downs, the Champions League run has been all ups so far! After that relatively disappointing 2-0 win over BATE in September, we kicked off into another gear by smashing Arsenal 4-0(!) in quite possibly our best performance of the season, then pretty much giving the same medicine to Anderlecht with a 4-1 away win then a 5-0 home win, where the increasingly impressive midfielder Takis Eleftherakis got a hat-trick (admitedly, 2 of the goals were penalties) and we qualified right there for the next round. Another 5-0, this time a more predictable scoreline as we were hosting BATE, finished November, as we now prepare the trip to London to face Arsenal and try to clinch 1st place in the group. Other than a few too many silly points dropped here and there in the league, this season has been building up perfectly. Beating PSG for the first time, clearing out the Champions League group so far... I couldn't have asked for more really.
  6. We're planning to win a couple of games 10-0 too to even it up.
  7. A one club Journeyman...huh?

    West Ham in the CL semi-finals is alright, but Napoli, Tottenham and Arsenal? Sort it out SI.
  8. A one club Journeyman...huh?

    Poor Molde.
  9. I'm not surprised all of Europe came in to poach your (former) players. I'm surprised Partizan invested 288M$, though! Congratulations on taking Partizan to European glory. Not too terrible a start for Gunnar Vikander's career. I'm crossing my fingers for Valencia being next.
  10. A one club Journeyman...huh?

    Congratulations on winning the Europa League and just about dodging FFP trouble.
  11. Bribed the ref, then? About the most recent posts, I love how your "struggling tactically" is winning the CL group with 16 points and having a 6 points lead in the league with 2 games in hand.
  12. [FM13] Second Star to the Right...

    On the bright side, you're only one point behind Blackburn. I bet Alan Shearer and co never saw that coming back in 94/95.
  13. "Wing"ing it in Asia...

    On one hand, yeah, retiring at 30 is a bit early. On the other hand, he's won 84 competitions. Think that's enough for a career.
  14. The Elephants of Sicily

    I'm just trying to imagine a chairman specifically searching for someone who'll play boring negative football. Did well to turn that down, and not because of the philosophy you're 5 matches away from back-to-back promotions and Serie A football on merit, don't throw that away.