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  1. Hello @Wozzie, great job on the skin, really enjoy it. One tiny mod I'd like to make - to disable the "Hidden" tab on a player's overview screen, so I don't get the temptation to see a player's CA. Not a huge deal as it's not as big a spoiler as knowing PA, but I'd still rather not have that. I suppose I need to cut out some content from a XML tab to make that disappear, but which file and where? Cheers.
  2. An alternative to diminish the number of leagues might be to just pick a club and only load leagues of that nation. But I do like the idea/freedom of unemployed too so idk.
  3. I think we need to do the leagues setup as light as possible to make sure it runs well in everyone's laptops. Starting unemployed this is a bit of a problem because that's exactly the kind of career where you need quite a few leagues to give us many job options so idk. Maybe only the full ladder of England, Spain, Italy and Germany and absolutely nothing else and small DB? Even that can already be a bit heavy as it's 6 divisions ENG + 6 SPA (4 in the 3rd tier) + 5 ITA (3 in the 3rd tier) + 3 GER = 20 divisions simulated. Also I think we should make it like a limit of 1 week for each manager to play their season otherwise it can get stuck on someone who didn't have time to play. I'm in, I guess one season of FM20 can't hurt.
  4. La Liga round 33 Atlético 2-0 Betis: Atlético keep the match in the freezer then pounce on set pieces (Gameiro pen 62, Gabi 90) A strange match in Madrid. I was expecting the mad frenzy we experienced from Atlético on the recent cup match there, but instead they paid us far too much respect, and it was a very dull 1st half with very few chances. On the 2nd half not much changed although they slightly increased the pressure, and got rewarded with a penalty kick goal. We went to get the equaliser, Bruno had a goal disallowed, Sanabria missed a sitter. Then they scored from a free kick in minute 90. Harsh on us, and with this they climb above us for 4th place again, on equal points. La Liga round 34 Betis 0-0 Leganés: Dominant but uninventive performance results in goalless draw This was one of those stereotypical FM matches in which you corner a team all day long, but play in front of them and just shoot from long all the time, unable to do anything more creative. This played out for a full 90 minutes, admitedly I could've been more creative with tactics and largely insisted on plan A thinking we'd grind out a goal eventually. We didn't. The Champions League is further away from us now. Oh, and Sanabria is out for the next 2 matches in this absolutely crucial part of the season. La Liga round 35 Betis 0-2 Sporting Gijón: Cheryshev misses chances, Duje Cop doesn't (Duje Cop 25, 37) Well this turgid run of form just got worse. With Sanabria, Castro, Kelly, even Joaquin all injured, I entered the match with a front trio of Alegría(CF)-Cheryshev(F9)-Leiva(IF). It wasn't much firepower and it showed, as Cheryshev had several beautiful chances through the first half and squandered all of them. At the other end, Duje Cop was inspired and pounced successfully twice at two crosses. Then they dropped back and defended, and we couldn't break them. Disappointing, again. Atlético lost to Barcelona this last round, so it's not all over yet for the final CL slot, as we're still just 2 points behind. But realistically it's looking unlikely. The 3 remaining matches are far from easy too, as we face Sevilla away in the derby, host Villarreal, then go away to Espanyol. We might have to settle to try to defend 5th or even 6th place, unless we're suddenly particularly inspired.
  5. I've seen people effectively do the equivalent of that (instant result button every game) with every version of the game... hardly unique to '17. I'm playing FM17 and IMO the only major flaws are poor defending of the central area as defenders are lured wide too easily, an AI that is a bit dumb leaving itself too open when going forward, and overly effective runs from deep. However it feels superior in terms of passing decisions, player movement off the ball, and more realistic finishing accuracy mapping to each area of the pitch.
  6. This thread is essentially the only thing in the universe making me want to play FM20 at all. The regens look so good compared to the previous versions, man. Inverted wingers that can finish, centerbacks that can pass the ball... is this real life? You seem very happy with the tactical side of things which is at odds with my experience. Is it maybe because you don't use advanced wingers or strikers at all? My experience of FM20 is I couldn't get players to create absolutely anything through the middle, because everyone just immediately looks for the long ball onto the winger or the striker and disregards everything else, which was just absurdly frustrating. And even if they somehow looked into the short pass through the middle... most of the time the player (a AMC, or deep striker) picks it up with the back to goal and immediately passes back. Made me want to drop the laptop out of the window. Fantastic work so far, I mean kicking off things by winning the Champions League with a Greek side is just ridiculous, then piling up successes ever since. Your threads have stood out for the batshit insane narrative, but the fact you keep on reinventing strikerless to dominate every single version of FM is just something else. You're not just one of the better writers but one of the better players in this forum IMO.
  7. Player search -> listed for loan, aged under 23, interested in loan -> sort by value. I always do this search and he was one of the highest valued players available. Looked very fitting for my squad so I signed him. Turned out even better suited than I imagined when I started playing a false nine, he's great for that role.
  8. La Liga round 31 Betis 3-0 Celta: Lucky breaks give us 3 goal win (Roncaglia og 6, Leiva 16, Martin 64) A strange match. We were 2 goals up out of nowhere quite early, thanks to a deflected shot and then a through ball to a Leiva run from the win. But from then on we looked meek and Celta dangerous. On the 2nd half we managed to nullify Celta better as we dropped to the 3-at-the-back formation, but didn't really attack much yet added a 3rd goal somehow. The result is crazy inflated, but we'll take it. Even better is that Atlético dropped points so we return to 4th. La Liga round 32 Osasuna 0-1 Betis: Late goal seals scrappy match (Cheryshev 76) A dull but very tense, even match with few chances either way, that nevertheless felt like anything could happen at any time. And it did, for our benefit - a low cross from an half-fit Sanabria that had come off the bench, found the path of Cheryshev playing as false nine. We scrambled to contain Osasuna for the remainder of the match as it opened up, and they hit the post with a couple minutes to go. Good enough for another 3 points. We've opened up a nice 3 points gap over Atlético, but that's exactly them who we're playing next, away. That will be a decisive match in the run for the final CL spot.
  9. Class of 2017 - Youth intake Our staff are very excited about Martínez Munuera and Moreno, I see more of a player in Moreno who looks to be an excellent CB in the making, not sure what to make of Munuera quite yet. Martínez is also decent but with horrendous aerial ability he's not gonna make it at CB, and with horrendous dribbling he's not gonna make it at RB for me neither as I play very attacking fullbacks/wingbacks at all times. Looking to retrain as DM there.
  10. La Liga round 29 Málaga 1-2 Betis: Midfield dominance converted onto win (Santos 80; Petros 35, Sanabria 77) This was a fairly straightforward win as Málaga lined up against us far too open in the middle. In the 1st half they sat in a deep 4-4-2 formation with 2 DMs, and we used a Regista at the base of midfield to exploit this, effectively pinning them at the back with 3 midfielders against 2, until Petros unleashed a long shot and put us a goal up. In the 2nd half they went far more aggressive in a flat 3-4-3, I reverted to our 3-at-the-back formation, added a anchorman to make it 4 vs 3 at the back, and we went on counter-attacking rampages. We wobbled a bit as they reduced just minutes after we added our 2nd goal, but Betis deserved the win here. The bad news is Liam Kelly's season ends here in this match: La Liga round 30 Deportivo 4-1 Betis: Attacking approach backfires in Galicia (Moreno 12, Andone 42, 48, Kakuta 52; Martin 35) I went on this trip to Galicia confident and ready to play our attacking plan A, but it backfired spectacularly as their forwards Marlos Moreno and Florent Andone were on brilliant form. I thought I had figured it out as after a few minutes I pulled off my IF for an extra midfielder in a 4-1-3-2 formation - we started attacking better and equalised. But we collapsed - conceding a 2nd goal before the break and another 2 in quick succession at the beginning of the 2nd half. It was lost by then and our efforts after that were in vain. We drop out of CL positions as Atlético overtake us for 4th.
  11. Preparing next season 2 new faces have already been signed up for 2017/2018: Joselu has been on the cards for a while, but I've only been able to confirm the transfer recently. He's in to become the alternative to Antonio Sanabria upfront, very necessary specially because Ruben Castro's contract runs out in the Summer, and well, Castro's 35. He's not amazing quality for La Liga, but is pretty quick which is something I've been missing badly as a skill for my lead forward. The other new signing is Maitland-Niles, whom people are not that excited about in real life right now, but by 2017 was a pretty promising young player, who can play anywhere on the right wing and also on the midfield. Heaps of potential here, I see him possibly as my long-term solution for RB and I'm always a fan of versatility.
  12. I don't think I played La Liga on this version of the game, it's not been a league I've played much in recent years. But am really enjoying it! The highly technical players in the initial DB, with FM17's bias to creative play through the middle, makes it lots of fun.
  13. No longer a one-man team Earlier on the season I posted a screenshot of our goal spread, with Sarabia on 8 goals and nobody else on any more than 1. Let's take a look at it again... As you can see, that situation is now well past us. Sarabia is still the key finisher, but Kelly, Castro, Leiva and occasionally others like Martin pounce in, with fairly healthy goal tallys all around. Obviously there's been tactical changes and the key difference IMO has been the addition of a false nine. Early in the season I started from a system that had a CF/A supported by some kind of a AMC playmaker and a shadow striker. This forward trio now looks like this: Alternatively, there's this (3-at-the-back formation): (typically the veteran Castro as AM/A here, not Kelly) Both setups aided by an onrushing CM/A and very attacking fullbacks. Essentially, on the plan A setup the F9 fulfills the "central decoy" role the central AMC playmaker did in the initial plan, but crucially, also adds goals - the central playmaker by contrast was a complete passenger. On the alternate 3-at-the-back plan, there is no central decoy and it's all more focused on the CM/A, but the AM (previously shadow striker) and the CM/A runners exploit well the situations I use this tactic in, which tend to be against attacking opponents. The end result is we're way less dependent on the central striker to score everything. This has elevated our football dramatically, we're no longer a midtable side but fighting for the Champions League positions.
  14. La Liga round 26 Real Madrid 2-2 Betis: 10-men Real salvage some honour in injury time (Rodríguez 73, Kovacic 91; Cheryshev 45, Leiva 68) It was so nearly an incredible smash-and-grab win in the Bernabéu. We tuned instructions after an initial difficult first 10 minutes to close things at the back, and went a goal up right before the break as Cheryshev got a goal over his former club from a tight angle, on one of his rampaging runs as CWB on the left. Sensationally we then went 2 goals up midway through the second half, Leiva scoring from the edge of the area. However Real recovered - James Rodriguez reduced, and after Pepe had been sent off, they equalised in a corner in injury time. Disappointing to just miss out on the win like this, but excellent counter-attacking performance from my players. La Liga round 27 Granada 1-5 Betis: Granada allow us to have fun (Lombán 23; Mandi 7, Petros 33, Leiva 52, 88, Sanabria 68) A tricky first half saw a set piece goal for each side, before we got an advantage again, Petros the unlikely scorer on a run from midfield. After the break Granada threw caution to the wind and switched to 4-2-4. Now, that's a strategy that we had trouble with recently against Atlético, the difference is Atlético have way more talent and aggression than Granada and could put us constantly under pressure. In here, it backfired spectacularly for the home side - they gave us oceans of space we pounced on again and again, until the final scoreline of 5-1 was achieved. Our 9th consecutive unbeaten match in the league. La Liga round 28 Betis 1-2 Barcelona: Beaten by flashes of inspiration (Bruno 81; Messi pen 30, Neymar 61) It's a bit of a shame this ended like this, as we put in a pretty good performance. We restricted Barça to not too many chances, and kept on shooting more than them. However, they don't need much to score. First a penalty came out of nowhere, then on the 2nd half a moment of genius from Neymar gave them a 2nd goal as he beat our defenders and shot from outside the box. We recovered with a set piece goal late on, and Barça gave us so much respect they retreated to a deep defensive 4-2-3-1 with 2 DMs, ML, MR and MC. We besieged them, but failed to equalise - our unbeaten run in the league came to an end. I'm delighted to remain on a Champions League position after playing both Real and Barça. However, it's super tight between us, Atlético, Sevilla and Villarreal from 4th to 7th. Best of this bunch will go to the Champions League, worst won't make the Europa League through league positions (although I think the cup slot will end up awarded to the league as it's Barça-Atlético on the Copa del Rey final). We're yet to play all 3 of Atlético, Sevilla and Villarreal in the coming matches...
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