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  1. Hey Jambo don't rule out the halfback completely. I've been using it ahead of a back 4 for quite a few seasons in my regular career. Sure it doesn't work like intended, by not splitting the CBs, which makes it less than ideal to build up patiently from the back, but it does still provide a 3rd man at the back to cover for attacking fullbacks. Most of the time the AI are terrible at exploiting the space we give out at the wings anyway. You might find that most time the 3 men at the back (2 DCs + halfback), despite not being in ideal positions, are still enough to cover counter-attacks. If needed extra cover, you can tell one of the other fullbacks to stay behind (although I can see why this would be annoying with a wingerless system in which you need attacking fullbacks at all times). Admitedly this perhaps isn't all too different from the behavior of an anchorman... I need to try to switch my HB/D to a A/D to see if I notice any difference. edit... here's an image of how my HB looks like just ahead of the CBs.. this isn't Sassuolo, but might give out some ideas:
  2. Thank you. Meanwhile: This is great! This is not! Screw you auditors!
  3. I'm not sure this PPM works with centre-backs? Haven't tried it but a few FMs back it didn't. They never ran forward even if they had this trait.
  4. Not sure if it helps but there's a few blogs around that do very in-depth tactical analysis post-match. Zonal Marking used to be brilliant at this but he hasn't posted in ages. These days I follow Spielverlagerung who do a similar thing and are much more active. That is an absolutely excellent tactical blog.
  5. I went away for 2 weeks and suddenly I have like 10 seasons to catch up on... And those were some very successful 10 seasons! Fantastic to have won the Europa League and to have made the CL quarter-finals already! I think the reason you had a "crap" youth intake is because your club is now much bigger, so the players' star ratings are downgraded by comparison to your now pretty good squad. Get ready for more of these less spectacular intakes...
  6. Not a very exciting season so far. Perhaps time to search the transfer market for players that could improve Newcastle Town?
  7. Acerbi and specially Letschert as wider stopper CBs. They make a ton of interceptions for me, and Letschert's scored a few times going up for corners.
  8. Thanks. I'm aiming to climb a few more positions and make the playoffs next season, but not sure I want to get promoted to the Championship just yet! We've been climbing the leagues a bit rapidly and haven't had time to stabilize.
  9. 2028/2029 - Season review - Stourbridge Tactics Some slight changes as I took some ideas from the 3-5-2 system I was building for the Community Challenge in the tactics forum. I added Shorter Passing, told my GK to distribute to fullbacks, and changed my forward back from a DLF/A to a DLF/S role. I'm trying to build it up just a bit more patiently here. Finances (Finances) The sales of McAndrew and Preen in January were a huge income that made us very well off, but we've been spending money for fun in recent months, due to the hugely increased wage bill as I hired new players as well. I hope this won't ruin our current plans to improve both youth and training facilities. Player statistics Starting eleven GK: André Rehberg (23, GER) - 16 apps, 6 clean sheets, 6.98AR (New signing) The January signing took a first team slot immediately due to James Milner being injured, and looked fantastic, which earned him a permanent starting spot - particularly impressive as Milner's been one of our biggest stars for a couple of years now. DL: Simon Hain (20, GER) - 16 apps, 2 assists, 7.04AR (New signing) Arrived together with goalkeeper André Rehberg and midfielder Oscar Cruz in January, and just like them, conquered a starting spot, but he had it pretty easy as Dan Roeder was proving himself pretty crap for this level here. Simon was a huge upgrade, and other than a psycho tackle that got him suspended for a while, looked quite good. DC: Emil Morrison (27, ENG) - 41(3) apps, 4 goals, 7.11AR (New signing) There was quite a lot of rotation between centre-backs this season but eventually Emil, who arrived from Ipswich this season and who I'm paying some extreme wages, proved himself clearly the best option of all - prone to a mistake like all of them, but had a good season. DC: Salif Dramé (32, SEN) - 37(1) apps, 3 goals, 1 assist, 7.01AR The other CB position had a bigger question mark about it. I spent most of the year rotating between Salif, who arrived last season but didn't feature much, and Ash Kigbu, who's been here for a few years since the Conference days. Neither impressed much, they ended the season with equal ratings, but Salif got a little more playing time. DR: Lukas Giessing (29, DEN) - 48 apps, 2 goals, 6 assists, 7.13AR Due to Andy Cannon's advanced age, I decided it was time to bet on Lukas instead as my IWB, despite him not impressing that much at the end of last season when he arrived. It took a while for him to perform, but he eventually repaid my confidence in him, becoming the player with most minutes on the pitch this season, and with some of the best ratings in the team. DM: Mattia Volpi (24, ITA) - 40(4) apps, 7 goals, 1 assist, 7.13AR (New signing) This position had a bit of a fight early on, as it was unclear which of the two signings, Volpi or Alan Wrigglesworth, was the best option. Pretty soon Volpi emerged as the clear winner with an excellent season. The big bonus however, was the incredible amount of freekick goals - he ended the season with 7 goals overall, and whilst at least one was a long shot, I believe all of the others were freekicks. Simply fantastic! MC: Oscar Cruz (26, SPA) - 12(4) apps, 3 assists, 7.08AR (New signing) Whilst Mike Hammond emerged this season with better performances than in League Two last year, and Christian was also starting to do well before picking up a very bad injury that stopped him for months, January signing Oscar Cruz proved by far the best option for Roaming Playmaker and is now one of the most talented players at the club. MC: Ben Highfield (20, ENG) - 40(8) apps, 5 goals, 4 assists, 6.96AR A bit disappointing as he couldn't quite repeat the heights of the first half of last season prior to the injury. MR: Stewart Mason (25, NIR) - 19(5) apps, 1 goals, 6 assists, 7.13AR (New signing) I wasn't expecting much from him, but the Northern Irish winger surprised and eventually proved the best option for the right wing, beating the likes of Joe Willock (a bit of a disappointing signing, never claiming the position at either wing), January signing Richard Martin, or loanee Andrézinho who I returned to Mansfield after a few months. AML: Steve Webster (27, ENG) - 37(12) apps, 14 goals, 7 assists, 7.00AR Both wings this season were occupied by overperforming players - Steve, who arrived late last year but hadn't played much, is the perfect example of how star ratings don't matter compared to attributes, as he was by far our best inside forward despite my entire staff thinking he's crap. We're having some trouble finding good players for this role, which is a classic FM problem with regens that I've reported a few times... ST: Remi Franklin (19, ENG) - 29(4) apps, 15 goals, 5 assists, 7.14AR (New signing) (Player of the season) Our player of the season has to be one of our teenage strikers on loan, but... which one of them? There was barely anything to decide between Conor Pemberton, who got the most goals, 16, in less playing time, and Remi Franklin, who got the better ratings and more player of the match awards. I'm gonna go with Remi - but I switched back and forth between both of them all year long, depending on injuries too as both stopped for substantial periods of time. Top prospects See Remi Franklin, Conor Pemberton and Ben Highfield above. As for best prospects contracted to our club... see Simon Hain above. Career progress table Season League Cups Europe Other ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 17/18 National North - 12th FA Cup 2ndQRnd, FA Tphy 3rdQRnd 18/19 National North - 2nd FA Cup 3rdQRnd, FA Tphy 2nd Rnd Promoted through playoffs 19/20 National League - 22nd FA Cup 4thQRnd, FA Tphy 1st Rnd Relegated 20/21 National North - 11th FA Cup 3rdQRnd, FA Tphy 1st Rnd 21/22 National North - 5th FA Cup 4thQRnd, FA Tphy 1st Rnd Lost in playoff semi-final 22/23 National North - 7th FA Cup 3rdQRnd, FA Tphy 1st Rnd 23/24 National North - 4th FA Cup 3rdQRnd, FA Tphy 2nd Rnd Promoted through playoffs 24/25 National League - 16th FA Cup 4thQRnd, FA Tphy 2nd Rnd 25/26 National League - 9th FA Cup 2nd Rnd, FA Tphy 1/4f 26/27 National League - 1st FA Cup 4thQRnd, FA Tphy 1/4f Champions, promoted 27/28 League 2 - 6th FA Cup 3rd Rnd, Lg Cup 1st Rnd, Lg Tphy Groups Promoted through playoffs 28/29 League 1 - 12th FA Cup 1st Rnd, Lg Cup 2nd Rnd, Lg Tphy 2nd Rnd
  10. 2028/2029 - End of season update - Stourbridge Transfers (Transfers) The January transfer window would be marked by 2 big sales of promising young players. Selling our most promising players is something we usually stay away from as long as possible, but in this case it just made sense. We are talking about 2 guys that got very little playing time for my League 1 side, were already at an age where I don't expect dramatic improvements despite the potential, and with our crappy facilities they wouldn't develop much neither. So I sold 19 year old goalkeeper Jacob McAndrew to Wolves for 375K€ (his release clause), and 21 year old midfielder Peter Preen to Middlesbrough for 525K€. We are investing this money in some facility upgrades, finally, but this also allowed me to increase our wage bills and we raided the German market, as 3 out of the 4 players we hired in January came from Germany. Those 3 all turned out pretty good: André Rehberg (GK) - The sale of McAndrew vacated a goalkeeper position, and might as well get us some upgrade over regular James Milner. Simon Hain (DL) - We were in serious need of an upgrade for the left-back position with Dan Roeder clearly short for this level. Simon just like André was also produced by the Schalke youth setup. Oscar Cruz (DM, MC, AM) - Spanish (and capped for Spain at youth level!!) but has German nationality too, and was recently released by Gladbach after 7 years at the club. A truly excellent midfielder. Richard Martin (MR/AMR) League One We went into January right in the middle of a long winningless run and continued so with another two draws, and a heavy defeat away to Crawley. The relegation places were dangerously closer and closer. A massive 5-2 win over Scunthorpe finally held off our drop for a little while, but another 2 draws and 2 defeats put us again in a difficult position. I believe by this point, at the middle of February, we were only 1 or 2 points ahead of the relegation zone. Then out of nowhere we turned amazing. A narrow away win at Chesterfield started the turnaround for our best period of the season, as we got win after win, ultimately managing 6 in a row, including sensational 3-0s away at Charlton and Bradford City. We climbed so many places we were now 10th, with relegation clearly avoided, and not a million miles below the playoffs! The playoffs were a bit of a pipedream for now though. Two big losses to Coventry and Blackburn took away any vague hope for it. We finished the season a little better, with win - draw - win - draw then finally a loss at Wycombe in the final day, to end 12th, just within the top half. Summary This wasn't the most fun season ever as the inconsistency was hard to take, but I think I can be pretty damn happy with 12th, considering how poor my squad still is compared to most of the division. I started the season asking for nothing more than to finish above the relegation zone, and we managed to go much further than that. For me the big landmark is noticing that we're starting to mix up with some pretty big names: we finished ahead of Portsmouth, and pretty close to Birmingham and Charlton. That's all teams not so long ago I was watching on the Premier League on real life. We've come a long way as a tiny club.
  11. You guys are going to enjoy this. This is the situation on minute 46 of my match: And this is still the situation... by minute 57: Peluso kept the ball by the corner flag for 11 minutes. So yeah, fix when possible please? Here's the PKM: Sassuolo v A.C. Milan.pkm
  12. I think a more aggressive mentality would help too. With such an incredibly defensive formation he's gonna need any help he can to get the players higher up the pitch. I love how his results are almost in binary. 0-0, 1-0, 0-1, 0-0, 1-1, 1-0...
  13. Neat. More explanations of my system are in previous posts. Hopefully more people post PKMs, I want to see the systems in motion, specially the really wacky ones.
  14. Maybe if you've got more midfielders than the opposition it can be good for attacking? Pass side to side and keep on exploiting the extra man in the middle until an opening comes up? I think I tried that a few FMs back and wasn't very successful with it. I'm more of a fan of reducing mentality if you want to attack with a cooler head.
  15. I think there's a few legitimate issues raised, albeit indirectly, by the OP: - like @Svenc mentioned, teams on lower mentalities with lots of central midfielders find it very easy to just hold on to the ball forever in this ME. This explains why a AI team down to 9 men, in a 4-3-1 formation, can win the possession battle. They'll probably be on defensive or contain, with 4 central midfielders, passing around them for as long as they can get away with it. - perhaps players could be a little more intelligent in finding out where there's space in the pitch rather than sticking so rigidly to the tactical instructions. What i don't agree with, at all, are that "your options of affecting what happens are actually rather limited". I think what happened here is that you don't fully understand what you are instructing your players, and used a couple of bad game plans. Which is not fully your fault, as this comes to the 3rd legitimate issue, a classic one in FM: the tactical instructions are very user-unfriendly as in, you need a deep knowledge of the tactical creator to know what's going on and a lot of things are counter-intuitive. However, the tools to win the game are entirely within our reach! Sometimes we can be a bit unlucky but you can absolutely turn a match around with the right settings. Let's take a look at the first game: To know exactly what went on, we'd need to watch the match and know your full formation, roles and instructions. However, I can see a few bad ideas here. You essentially did almost the opposite of what I think is ideal in this situation: - "retain possession" is not a good idea when you need to go after the match. I believe this reduces through balls, reduces passing risk considerably, and is best suited for when you want to run down a game and hold on to the ball until the clock is out. So potentially you're refraining from playing the final ball when you approach the opposition area. - "work ball into the box" is another shout I don't like using in the current ME. This reduces two things: long shots (good) and crosses (bad). Crosses are generally good in this ME (although it's perfectly possible to build a strong system without relying on crosses, and crossing just for the sake of crossing is a bad idea). Specially when the opposition is gifting you all the space in the wings! If you don't have tall strikers you can just use "low crosses" which can be devastatingly effective. So how are you going to score goals, exactly, if you aren't attempting any through balls, long shots, or crosses? The only options that remain, is that you're going to be playing square balls from side to side and trying to dribble past everyone else.... except they've got a wall of 9 men in the middle. - Then there's "control". I don't know which mentality you use by default, but on my system, when I have to play against a very defensive team, I don't increase mentality, I tone it down one notch from Control to Standard. Control is already a very aggressive mentality. What this change does, among other things, is to draw the opposition out of shape a little more. On Control, compared to Standard, your players will be too keen to rush forward too early, will take overly rushed decisions and not take the time to fully capitalize on the space existing on the pitch. - Finally the one change you did which I think is good is "play wider". However by default Control is already pretty wide and there comes to a point where this could be counterproductive, I personally rarely go Wider than the default setting for Control, and only use this in lower mentalities. Because, for example, this might have set your wingers too wide to show up in good finishing positions. What I would do, but again, this depends on your formation, your system, is: - go down one mentality (unless your starting mentality is pretty negative) to draw the opposition out once you have the ball. - get rid of any useless holding players, you need the numbers higher up as the opposition don't have any strikers, you only need 2 CBs to stay behind at most. If you're playing a DM you can switch him to a support role. - give attacking roles to your fullbacks/wingbacks, ex FB/A, WB/S, WB/A, CWB - play wider and exploit both flanks - use tight marking. And ideally have at least 3 central midfielders to give them absolutely no space to breathe and pass the ball around their 4 central midfielders. Tight marking (essentially man marking) can backfire in a lot of situations, but on this case you have 11 players vs 9, if you mess up any marking there'll always be 2 covering players somewhere on the pitch. Essentially - use the flanks and deeper areas with the ball, hassle them like crazy without the ball, don't leave too many wasted players behind in defence when attacking. This is pretty much the opposite situation. Again, impossible to know without knowing your exact formation/settings and the AI's, but you gave yourself a better platform to retain possession, drew the opposition out, and watched the magic happen. I understand it's counter-intuitive but it can work, and instead of getting concerned with the ME and blaming it for its counter-intuitiveness, you can use this to your advantage by keeping this weapon in your tactical arsenal for an appropriate time. If anything the problem is that your players are sticking too closely to your instructions, and you don't fully realize what are you instructing them. Again, not fully your fault, because there's loads of counter-intuitive things with the tactics.