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  1. [FM17] How to cheat at a youth challenge

    I don't get it. It's the tactics that are amazing. I'm still using something very similar to Knap's base 4-2-3-1 in like 95% of matches. This definitely isn't quite the same as playing with my own, made from scratch systems, but it really is fun.
  2. [FM17] How to cheat at a youth challenge

    Woof! What a crazy match! The opposite of the 1st leg! Our brightest young talent Ben Moore 17A was a key part as he scored the first but then gave away a penalty kick, and then we cemented an away goals lead by adding 2 more goals, first through Miranyan then through a Pilj shot deflected in by Mikael Lustig. We seemed safe by half-time winning 3-1, but Celtic came at us with everything in the 2nd half, scored 2 as well, and we just about held on at the end, despite a couple of good chances for Celtic (although we could've scored more, too). We won a trip to Bulgaria to face Ludogorets, one of my most hated teams of all time - in my FM15 career with CSKA Sofia...
  3. [FM17] How to cheat at a youth challenge

    We were much more adventurous than a very restrained Celtic, but despite all those shots didn't really create that much danger, as most were from long. Nevertheless, a good result against a stronger side, and now it's all to play for in Glasgow. Notice that the new guy was player of the match!
  4. [FM17] How to cheat at a youth challenge

    Novigrad - 2018/2019 - Golden signing 78K€ from just relegated Inter Zapresic: I was a bit undecided here on which position to go for - centre-back, right-back, or even another defensive CM. At the end this seemed to me the best possible option available, the personality is fine (staff reports tell me he "fits with the rest of the squad", which is professional), and he can even cover for both RB and CM, the other 2 positions we're also a bit short. The downside is, will this signing stiffle the progression of Krunoslav Malkic 18A? Quite possibly to some limited extent, but it was just by far the weakest position at the moment: Diego Valenta is 32 and quickly fading, Josip Tomasevic is needed elsewhere at midfield, Luka Cakarun is our best long-term option but even he isn't good enough, Ronaldo Rudovic is probably not even good enough for a backup, and Dusan Mileusnic retired this season. So I'm seeing my long-term CB duo as this new signing Cosic next to my young kid Malkic 18A.
  5. [FM17] How to cheat at a youth challenge

    Sooo... the CL draw is out: @mjaferrie will like this. I don't. Celtic were essentially the only team we could draw that I was scared of. ****.
  6. [FM17] How to cheat at a youth challenge

    Cheers Mr. serial murderer! Good job! It's these little details that make FM special and increase immersion.
  7. [FM17] How to cheat at a youth challenge

    Novigrad - 2017/2018 - Season review The club's first ever season in the top tier finishes with a shock first ever title, too. Safe to say this is a season to remember. Statistics, best 11, and top 5 players of the season 5. Ivan Aleksic (AML, DL) - A strong season from the leftback-turned-leftwinger (or fake left winger, since I use a IF/S role but on his preferred foot flank so he tends to play like a sort of narrower winger that also shows up to finish). Despite having theoretically poor finishing skills, he scored 8 goals, as well as contributing with 5 assists. 4. Artur Miranyan (ST) - Had lots more trouble playing at this level than he did at the 2.HNL last year - the goals dried up and although he did finish as our top scorer, he only scored 12 times. The ratings were also pretty average. However, bonus points for that little streak at the end with 4 goals in the last 4 matches, including the goal that gave us the title in the last day vs Osijek. Also got 7 assists which is pretty good for a striker. 3. Robert Dadic (AMC, ST) - Contrary to Miranyan, he excelled more at this level than he had in the 2nd tier, which is a little counter-intuitive. Had a stellar beginning of the season, and although later on he lost his place as AMC to Kristijan Batelic, he returned at the end of the season on good form again to finish as the player with most assists - 10 - plus also a decent 6 goals. 2. Stipe Vrdoljak (DL, DR) - A very good season from our left-back - used as right-back on extreme emergency situations - who cemented himself clearly as one of the most solid players that I can rely upon in the squad, with the squad's 2nd best ratings (7.15). Injured himself a couple of times, though. 1. Marin Pilj (MC) - No question whatsoever as to who was player of the year, as the incredible 21 year old set himself apart from everyone having by far the better ratings (7.30) whilst also amassing an incredible 8 goals and 8 assists from someone who plays at the base of midfield (although usually on the adventurous CM/A role, even if lately I'm sometimes using him as the CM/D next to the CM/A). Best youth player Ben Moore 17A (AMR, AML) - With a pretty sensational improvement in attributes, partially aided by tutoring by Marin Pilj (I didn't even know a 20/21 year old could be a tutor in FM, apparently yes now), Ben has become a valuable first team player already at the age of 17, and I believe the only things holding him back from stealing Nemanja Belakovic's usual role on the right-wing, is a wee bit more pace, and specially more consistency. I think it won't be long until he's the starter there, though. Career progress table
  8. [FM17] How to cheat at a youth challenge

    I'm quite fond of Dinamo actually, so kind of feel bad about this. I just wanted to take advantage of the new situation to get rid of the parent club, but this was better! "Average youth facilities", "average junior coaching", "average youth recruitment" So better recruitment than us but worse facilities. Our facilities were actually pretty damn great from the beginning.
  9. [FM17] How to cheat at a youth challenge

    Novigrad - 2017/2018 - End of season report After the winter break - in which we'd done remarkably well, beating the likes of Zenit and Steaua - my theory that our form was dropping as other teams started to respect us and play more defensively, was seemingly confirmed. We couldn't get a run going, really, with only some occasional wins here and there. Although, we weren't losing often neither. Narrow defeats to Rijeka in February and Dinamo in March were nothing unusual or to be ashamed of. We kept on holding on to 2nd ahead of Solin, and cementing enough of a points lead over 4th placed Rijeka not to worry about dropping out of Europe. Indeed, as we faced Rijeka with 5 matches to go, we smashed them 4-1 and pretty much confirmed Europe right there. Little did I know there was still (a lot) more to come and we would finish the season on revamped, epic form. Dinamo at some stage had opened up a comfortable lead at the top, but were inconsistent lately and dropping off. As we faced them with 3 matches to go, they held a 3 points lead and would still remain 1st whatever happened, due to better direct confrontation, but this was still our golden opportunity to still try to surprise Dinamo and sneak ahead of them at the end of the season as champions. Except we didn't take this chance. Although we equalised the match late on, the 1-1 draw meant we remained 3 points behind with 2 matches to go, and Dinamo still had advantage even if we'd finish equal points. Surely this was over? Except it wasn't. In the penultimate fixture, whilst we went to Split to beat Hajduk 3-0 in a remarkable performance, Dinamo dropped points, drawing 1-1 at home with Osijek. So into the final match, Dinamo kept just a single point advantage over us. We were both away: Osijek-Novigrad, Split-Dinamo for the final day. I took over this critical match, and cheered as we scored first, through an Artur Miranyan on good end-of-season form, which put us ahead in the table momentarily. Momentarily? We reached half-time and it was still Osijek 0-1 Novigrad and Split 0-0 Dinamo. This made us champions. The matches continued. And continued. We squandered chances, then Osijek started pressuring us. From Split the big news arrived - Dinamo was now losing 1-0. Even better for us, but we had to hold on. There was, ridiculously, still time for Zvonimir Deak 17I to make his debut in injury time, replacing a very tired if always key Marin Pilj. And it was with the new kid on the pitch that the referee blew his whistle and the results declared us Croatian champions... I'm staggered, this is absurd. To somehow sneak in as champions in the final day, is something I won't forgot so soon! I'm very proud of my players as they bring Champions League football to Novigrad and our first ever title as well, just one year after we came 2nd in the 2nd tier...
  10. [FM17] How to cheat at a youth challenge

    What kind of exercise were my keepers doing so they collided with each other??
  11. [FM17] How to cheat at a youth challenge

    And I can't wait to smash some Sanmarinese minnows in Europe! I'm very happy with him but there's two minor problems at the moment: - he's a bit slow, which doesn't fit my high-ish line (but I've put him on quickness training and I think within 1 or 2 seasons he'll be ready) - I can see problems brewing in the future with ambitious personality, I tried to tutor him with resolute Josip Tomasevic but he refused But I doubt I'll have much better youths in the near future so really can't complain at all. The whole point of a youth challenge (or something similar to a youth challenge like this) is to use players that don't fit your system perfectly!
  12. [FM17] How to cheat at a youth challenge

    Novigrad - 2017/2018 - Youth intake Hoping for a centre-back or a right-back... And it's an amazing intake! Jackpot! I have exactly the centre-back I wanted - Krunoslav Malkic 18A will be immediately on the verge of the first team - plus a good keeper and a good striker. I'd rather have other personalities than ambitious, but that's fine too.