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  1. noikeee

    [FM18] Ruining football - avoiding goals

    December 2017 Atl. Rafaela's assymetrical diamond confused us and we lost fair and square. Boca Unidos' more normal 4-3-1-2 diamond looked as if it was gonna beat us too, but we did another of those comebacks we can do at our best, and beat them 3-2 with 3 goals in the 2nd half. We're off now to the winter break which ****ing sucks, I thought I had escaped the winter break by leaving Hungary. Or is this summer break, we're upside down in the world now. One potential problem is that almost all player contracts run out in 6 months-ish. I have no money to renew anyone, specially the key players I really want to renew with. Oops.
  2. noikeee

    [FM18] Ruining football - avoiding goals

    Holy **** this is how Atlético Rafaela are coming at me Paging @wynter because he'll like it.
  3. noikeee

    [FM18] Ruining football - avoiding goals

    November 2017 Hasn't exactly been a very pretty month. Not a single clean sheet pisses me off, this wasn't the plan. We're also not winning much. But we're not losing. Finding it particularly annoying to play against 4-4-2s and their one-twos down the wing that then cross low for a striker. AAAARRRGGH. I hate this quirk of the ME. I've figured out that keeping the WB/A in these situations is bad so I tone that down, and the ML on support helps too, but it STILL happens. Still tweaking to try to figure out how to nail these matches better. I briefly tried a 3 CBs solution too (5 at the back) but we just don't have the players for it and it didn't seem to work well neither.
  4. noikeee

    [FM18] Ruining football - avoiding goals

    Youth intake 2017 Hey guys, it's November, what are a bunch of kids doing in my training ground? A bunch of terrible-at-football kids, even.
  5. noikeee

    [FM18] Ruining football - avoiding goals

    Yeah I knew that it was to prevent River Boca etc from going down, but it just seems pretty damn unfair and convoluted.
  6. noikeee

    [FM18] Ruining football - avoiding goals

    October 2017 We were well on course to be out-thought by Morón when again we nailed the 2nd half plan and got them done on the counters, from 0-2 to 2-2. Good. Then there was much joy and happiness at the club as we finally achieved our first 0-0 of the season - if only it wasn't at home. Not sure why the opposition needed to specify they're "All Boys" though, I'm pretty sure the women play in a different league. Then we were again happy to get another brilliant home 0-0, as it looked like that was what was gonna happen, only to concede on minute 91. Uh-oh. Damn you, Aldosivi, former @oriole01 team I believe? This has not been particularly glorious so far - just 2 clean sheets in 6 matches and sitting midtable, 13th out of 25th.
  7. noikeee

    [FM18] Ruining football - avoiding goals

    You're Argentinian I guess? Or just a fan of the Primera B? Just noticed Santamarina didn't get relegated despite finishing dead last, thanks to the average points. Deciding relegations on average points sounds so incredibly unfair, what do the fans think of it in Argentina?
  8. I think yes... This happens in real life, see Holland. The league went backwards, the youth went backwards, the national team results took a while to reflect it but then finally went backwards, when the generation that was produced back in the days when the league was still vaguely decent and the youth facilities were top class, retired from the national team. Maybe it's circumstancial, a minor blip in the Holland national team performances that will soon return to normal, maybe I'm taking too many conclusions from just one factor, but you could argue that this does happen in real life. Also Italy, their league started lagging behind the other big leagues (except for the rebirth of Juventus in recent years), we're nowhere near the days when Serie A was THE big league (early 90s), Italian football's defensive stance started looking dated, and now look at their national team which seems to have suddenly hit rock bottom as the Buffon/Pirlo/Chiellini/de Rossi generation retires.
  9. I'm surprised if this would work with a regista, on this formation you need the DM to pretty much hold the midfield on its own, whilst the regista is pretty damn adventurous. Although I see you're going with restrained wingers, maybe they can help out a little. If you just want a shortcut to what works (well obviously you don't since you're mentioned you want to enjoy the process of building this up, but I'm gonna mention this anyway ), look up @dafuge's career, he plays a wide diamond every version of the game, I had some fun back in the FM15 days trying to emulate his tactics. His version is essentially restrained fullbacks and DM, attacking wingers, almost splitting the team between a front 5 that attacks, a back 5 that defends - but that does indeed put a ton of pressure on the DM. In my FM15 career I used to have my DM picking up like 15 yellow cards per season. Replaced him at half-time every other match.
  10. This is true, but there's other hardcoded factors "game importance" "economic developmento of nation" etc etc and those are unchangeable as well, and it all leads to things being pretty static newgen-wise as the years go on (in fact that's the reason why China has much worse newgens than Croatia). I still think "youth rating" in particular should be dynamic because that's the one thing that makes most sense to affect as your managerial career goes on, whereas the other attributes are harder to imagine how one manager's impact on the game can change. Specially economic development and population! Though I think "game importance" could move as well, although extremely hard to change, essentially that's how much do people give a crap about football in a country, in China well not much, and that's a huge reason why their footballers are crap despite enormous population. If you somehow managed to win a World Cup with them though, or if a big star broke out and won the Ballon d'Or, I think it could raise football's status and popularity in the country a bit. Now of course that's going again back to the catch-22 of, need big stars to win trophies, need trophies to raise the profile to create big stars.... but like every other dynamic in the game say "club reputation", you break this cycle by overachieving. It's just that in a nation's case, even if you overachieve with both the national team AND their clubs if managing at the same time, it should still take a long time for things to make a difference and for the cycle to be broken.
  11. noikeee

    [FM18] Ruining football - avoiding goals

    September 2017 Things took a dark turn after that great win for anti-football at Agropecuario Argentino. Two dark words: conceded.... goals. At home to Juv. Unida Gualalaeaoouyaoaeaeioualeoaaslaogyleaochú, those ****ers scored 3 from 3 half-chances before we even had time to breathe. We beat up our keeper with a stick at half-time, and set on the most boring task of trying to score 3 - of course it didn't happen. However away to Rivadavia... that would prove another really satisfying match. We *trigger warning* conceded on minute 1, but thanks to a little tactical adjustment here and there, would nail the counters on the 2nd half to turn the match around, that loanee kid Brian Guille scoring on his return from injury, he's gonna be important for us. Speaking of Rivadavia that's a team I have very fond memories of, as that's the team I managed in Argentina in FM12 in what's up until today probably my favourite FM career ever!
  12. noikeee

    [FM18] Ruining football - avoiding goals

    I send my assistant manager to press conferences, but only with the understanding he won't stray far from the official line. You did well, Sebastián, you did well.
  13. noikeee

    [FM18] Ruining football - avoiding goals

    There you go, final stats at the end of the match: 1 win in 1 career match, I can retire a happy manager with a 100% win record now.
  14. noikeee

    [FM18] Ruining football - avoiding goals

    YES! Let's just look at this beauty of a screenie: 30 minutes have gone by of the first match of the season. Our opponents have shot once. A long shot. It wasn't even on target. We also have had just 2 attempts. And scored on the 2nd with a through ball from the Treq to the CM/A (this is the original tactic). 1-0, we're up. Beautiful, beautiful anti-football. The lads have learnt the lesson well. (just jinxed myself for the rest of the match haven't I)