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  1. The Portugal squad all say thanks. 2028 has been a good year for me on that front, the next update will also show another trophy. Now only 3956 footsteps to go! Thanks... I'm starting to prepare the attack on the next Champions League now.
  2. Olympic Games - Cape Town 2028 - Final Extra-time - 2nd half Minute 105: I drop back the mentality to Standard and add "retain possession". We need to run down the clock... Minute 108: Yet another Donnarumma save. This time after a Hélder Moreira long shot. Minute 113: Italy are still dangerous. Sandro Pisapia is all alone but forces Carvalho Demetrio Santos to tip it over the bar... Minute 117: Another quick counter for Italy!! Cappelletti finds Pisapia almost all alone but Santos puts it out for a corner! We shouldn't be conceding chances like this, time to tell at least our fullbacks to stay back more... Minute 118: GOAL FOR PORTUGAL!!! 1-3!! Charrua dances down the left, passes to Moreira, Moreira finds Kornev who feints past a defender, and the PSV striker gets our 3rd!! Surely the gold medal is ours now!! FULL TIME: Portugal are Olympic champions!
  3. Olympic Games - Cape Town 2028 - Final Extra-time - 1st half Minute 90: How did we not score!!! Scenes in the very 1st minute of extra-time! Charrua crosses straight at goal, Donnarumma barely keeps it out, and Danilo Varela incredibly misses the rebound from centimeters away!!!! Minute 91: GOAL FOR PORTUGAL!!!! 1-2!! In a quick counter Kornev finds Jorge Oliveira in acres of space, Oliveira finds Varela, and Varela holds it just enough to release for an also unmarked José Coentrão! Great team goal! Minute 96: Huge chance for Italy!! Cappeletti crosses for Capecchi but he heads it milimeters wide! Minute 103: A good one for us. We insist and insist until there's space on the left, Charrua finds Kornev but it goes wide. Minute 105: Red card for Gabriele Pagan! Italy are down to 10! Cynical challenge over João Charrua! The Chelsea winger is having a fabulous day either as left-back or right-back and has just winded up Pagan enough for him to lose his cool! Extra-time half-time: Now ahead and against 10 men, surely the gold medal will be ours?
  4. Olympic Games - Cape Town 2028 - Final 2nd half Minute 46: Time for my first change, a very tired Renato Sanches - our captain - comes off for José Coentrão. Minute 54: Italy seem a bit better this half so far, not many chances yet. Charrua cuts in from the right and finds space to shoot, but again, it goes wide. Minute 55: Better now. Italy had a great chance to counter but it broke down, in the counter-counter Kornev forces Donnarumma to a good save, only catching it at the 2nd attempt. Minute 60: Another long shot, another Donnarumma defence for a corner - now with Renato Sanches out of the game it was José Coentrão who tried it. Minute 61: My 2nd switch, Enganche for Enganche, Jorge Oliveira for Mércio José. Minute 70: Penalty for Italy!!! Italy's been playing higher and higher up and Rebocho trips up Pisapia - the ref calls for a penalty! And books Rebocho. Pisapia prepares to shoot... GOAL FOR ITALY!! 1-0!! Sandro Pisapia places it well and the keeper has no chance!! Minute 72: We're kinda desperate now. Time to drop André Silva - on a poor day again, tbh he's had a poor tournament - for our big star Danilo Varela. Kornev drops from poacher to shadow striker. Time to also switch the tactic left-to-right, Charrua will now be CWB/A on his preferred left flank, to try to exploit the flanks more (I also add "exploit both flanks"), and up the mentality to Control. Minute 72: Right before all these changes, one last glimpse of André Silva - finds Kornev unmarked in the area but the Portuguese-Ukranian striker yet again fires straight at the keeper. Minute 76: Charrua on the left is starting to pay off. He wins the byline but Coentrão heads it wide. Minute 80: As we risk more, Italy are also looking more dangerous. José Eduardo has a precious tackle in the area to deny Capecchi a clear goalscoring opportunity. Minute 81: This match is mental now!! Kornev launches Varela, yet again Donnarumma solves it, and in the counter-counter Italy has a massive one-on-one but it's our keeper's time to shine as he denies Pisapia his 2nd! Minute 82: GOAL FOR PORTUGAL!!! 1-1!! In the resulting corner from Santos' save, Portugal clears, Jorge Oliveira plays a long ball onto Danilo Varela and the Barcelona striker puts it in this time! Not even Donnarumma could deal with it this time!! Minute 86: Oliveira to Varela again! In possession play now, the Barcelona striker finds space, but Donnarumma saves! Minute 88: This match is so open now!! Italy plays it from wing to wing, left-back Giacomelli finds space on his flank, Santos just about saves it! End of 90 minutes: Bloody hell, has this match turned lively! This is now a very chaotic match, but we've managed to equalize and hold off Italy for now. Anything can happen..
  5. Olympic Games - Cape Town 2028 - Final 1st half Hello and welcome to the Olympic Games final. Let's see the teams that enter the pitch today: Italy line up in a narrow 4-3-3 just like 4 years ago in the final vs Ivory Coast. The biggest star here is probably PSG's midfielder Fabio Faccin, valued at 75M€, but he is on just 81% condition. Portugal has several identical problems in terms of physical condition. Due to being severely tired, I drop both fullbacks - José Carlos and the "fullback" Fernando Guerreiro, for Márcio Nogueira and João Charrua. Charrua is a natural AML but has looked spectacular as a complete wingback on the right in some stages of this tournament, cutting inside brilliantly. However against a 4-3-3 vulnerable on the wings I might just reverse the tactic sideways to make him exploit the flank on the left... I also drop out our main forward star, Danilo Varela, with 5 goals this tournament, not fit enough so in comes Olexiy Kornev; whilst on midfield I still insist on Renato Sanches, just 80% fit, as a starter. Minute 1: First glimpse of danger, and it's for us. A brilliant long shot by Renato Sanches forces Donnarumma to a great save! Minute 3: Dangerous freekick by Mércio José goes just wide. Portugal on top at the moment. Minute 11: A quick counter for Portugal gets Kornev in some space for a run cutting inside from the left, and he shoots straight at Donnarumma. Minute 20: Portugal insists after a counter is controlled by the Italian defence, Charrua crosses from the right but André Silva fails to head it in. Italy hasn't had a shot yet... Minute 28: Big chance for Portugal! A quick counter sees André Silva run down the right and cross low for Renato Sanches but he fires it straight at Donnarumma again! Minute 32: Another good chance! Charrua cuts in from the right at lightning quick pace, finds space to shoot well into the area but it goes wide! Minute 35: Charrua finds André Silva in the area, but, yet again, straight at Donnarumma. Minute 36: Renato Sanches shoots from long again! ... and Donnarumma puts it out for a corner again! How many more chances does Portugal need to score? Minute 38: Italy's first shot! It's a long one from Gabriele Pagan and it goes wide. Minute 45: First good chance for Italy. Giacomelli crosses it to Mezini's head but Santos saves. HALF TIME: Portugal are well on top here, the strategy to put in the fittest players rather than the most talented ones seem to be working. However, the ball doesn't want to go in, Donnarumma's inspired and our forwards aren't, and it's still 0-0.
  6. Why so SAD. Interesting choice of club, Atlético are a bit of an historical club having spent many years in the top tier, but many decades ago. I'll be following this and trust you to get them back up there.
  7. Olympic Games - Cape Town 2028 - Semi-finals We did it! This was a great performance but also a very weird feeling match. At the beginning it looked as if every half-chance was getting into the back of the net, and this gave us an early advantage that we rested on all match. We had lots more possession, but looked more dangerous on the counter, and Brazil looked more dangerous when with possession. Italy played a crazy extra-time which is good news - our players are so tired we might as well play in wheelchairs, so our only chance is to have our opponents be completely knackered as well. This is a familiar position - 4 years ago I was about to face Italy in the Olympics final with Ivory Coast. That time I lost, can I now avenge that defeat and take the gold medal for my country?
  8. Olympic Games - Cape Town 2028 - Quarter-finals A largely dominant performance. Iran didn't attack much, but the rare few times they did, they gave us a couple minor scares. I'm not optimistic about this. Our performance has been superb so far, but we've not faced a proper good team up until now. And I've had a look at Brazil - they've got at least some 7 or 8 truly world class players. They're a level above us in quality tbh, even with the likes of Renato Sanches and Danilo Varela playing for us.
  9. Olympic Games - Cape Town 2028 - Group stage A truly fantastic start! A duo of assists by Renato Sanches and a hat-trick by Danilo Varela gave us a huge win over a team that could fight us for qualification. However there was one bad news from this match: Which led to me calling up this player: (There wasn't much available around when it came to fullbacks). Our 2nd group match we won by one more, but I think I was much much more happier with a 5-0 over Costa Rica than a 6-0 over Solomon Islands. Given the enormous difference between us and the islanders, I think this was a rather mediocre result really. I was expecting like a 10-0 or something. Anyway we qualified right there. ... and the final dead rubber match, was surprisingly very dominant. 1st place in the group was for grabbing, but I didn't take this match very seriously by fielding some backups, yet they beat the crap out of Ghana pretty impressively. We've been great so far, and I fancy my chances against Iran . However a potential semi-final against Brazil/Mexico sounds very, very hard. My new signing for HSV Alfonso Martínez is the top scorer of this competition so far with 5 goals for Mexico.
  10. He did join, as for the rest, well it could happen but I've explained above why I think it won't. Danke!
  11. June-July 2028 - Pre-season transfers A considerable amount of money going around this time, but if you limit the list to first team transfers the changes were clinical rather than widespread. Player sales and loans: Total: 78M€ The first thing of note here is a bit of a renovation in our lineup of forwards, as we sold Gary Mackie - for 10M€, a slight loss - and Filip Bondzic - for 19,75M€, a massive profit. Neither were very good last year when called up so I thought they should be let go, as I found marginally better forwards in the market. Later the other 2 big sales would be of 29 years old centre-back Dayot Upamecano, who actually started on the Champions League final but usually was more of a backup - gone to Inter for 15,5M€; and Korean midfielder Lee Jong-Hyuk, sold by 25M€ (possibly extending to 33M€ with clauses) after just one mildly unconvincing season at the club. An interesting development is we're starting to be able to sell some of our youth players that just won't make it. Ibrahim Koç went to 1,4M€, Andreas Bastian for 900K€, and free transfer low-risk punt Troels Harell for 1,1M€. I'm selling at around 20-21 years old when they're still in some demand with some value for their young age. Beyond them, we continue to make profit in some player loans, for example we got a very nice fee for backup keeper Mduduzi Mashilo (around 2M€ total all year) as well as for right-back Ahmed Abdel Aal yet again (around total 2,1M€). New signings: Total: 101M€ Just 4 players again, we're picking and choosing players that can genuinely improve us. The big deals here are for the 2 Dortmund players, we're spending a lot of our money in them, we're like the new Bayern! He wasn't even remotely for sale, and I ended up paying a fee that was a million miles beyond his estimated value (33,5M€ + 2M€ after 20 caps + 10% profit of next sale). But I think he's completely worth - rarely have I ever seen such a complete 18 year old. Looks perfect for the DM slot, and can play CB too. One of 3 strikers signed!! Hired for 16,75M€ as a replacement/improvement over the sold Filip Bondzic and Gary Mackie, the Spaniard is almost a perfect copy of our massive star Fabián López. However he doesn't have Fabián's consistency/enjoys big matches traits, so I suspect he'll be a little below him in performance, but still a very valid 2nd option. More of a long term prospect. I think he can become a superstar, for 5,25M€ he's more than worth it. The idea was for him to occupy a backup slot as he spends the next 3 years as such to become homegrown, however after hiring the next player I'll show, there's just very little space for him to have any playing time, so I'm concerned not loaning him out will stunt his development. The big buy (45,5M€ + minor clauses). After hiring Mussin and Valdecir, I wasn't planning of snapping up another striker, but he's just superb. The fact he's already competent at AMC is a huge plus as he can then play as Shadow Striker in the Shy3HB. In fact I suspect he'll do better there than Tinajero did - he's lacking Tinajero's "doesn't enjoy big matches" trait and "likes to beat offside trap" PPM. I'm not expecting superb ratings - I'm coming to the conclusion my Shadow Strikers never do - but I do expect an excellent alternative to Mauro Romero who's now the player I most use there (despite being much more of a midfielder than a striker). The main squad for the 2028/2029 season: An oversized squad right now that barely fits in 1 screenshot, I'm pondering which is the best way to cut it in size. Obvious candidates are a few of the youngsters. All would benefit from more regular playing time, but lads like Marko Uzelac and Amer Jahic are useful for having homegrown status, and foreigners like Jesús Cuesta and Valdecir can still get that status if they complete 3 years for us without being loaned out. I'm wondering what's the best course of action there... August is the month of the Supercups, we'll play Tottenham in the UEFA Super Cup and Bayern in the German Supercup. I've not won either trophy yet so I'd love to get them. Japanese fullback Masataka Miyagawa and new star Alfonso Martínez are out as they're doing the Olympics (and so am I, with Portugal).
  12. I decided to hell with a sensible squad size and just go hire him anyway. I just don't know if I can raise the money yet (spent a bit on other signings already).
  13. .... back and forth between Germany and the preparation for the Olympics... A much better performance in a fitting friendly against the team I previously managed 4 years ago - I still recognized one player in left-back Gnahoua although this is now a different generation. We completely dominated, and are looking good for the actual tournament.
  14. An acceptable if unconvincing pre-tournament friendly with a team unused to the tactic... ... which would be okay if not for this. Crap. I decided to go with the other of the Silvas. Could play as Shadow Striker then and Jorge Oliveira coming in as Enganche. André Silva as Shadow Striker is perfect as it seems the AI retrained him to AMC: ... although I hadn't seen the "likes to beat offside trap" PPM before calling him up. That could be a problem - I think that was the main reason why Tinajero didn't work that well as Shadow Striker (got too advanced too soon, which I don't want when we already have a poacher too). Sigh.