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  1. August 2029 Not a very convincing start, but it's 2 wins. We needed 2 corner goals to beat a 10-men Stoke, and left it to the very final minutes to turn around the game against Boro. Weirdly in both of these matches I ended up switching to the good old 4-4-2... now slightly tweaked. Hey we do have tons of forwards now, makes sense to at least play 2 of them! Also weirdly Zikic scored in both matches. Zikic is a holding midfielder, he never scores. Our Europa League group is Rapid Wien, Ingolstadt and Qarabag. Bit dangerous to get a German side there (Ingolstadt finished 7th in the Bundesliga last year) but we are big favourites even if we use our 2nd string 11 there.
  2. First day of the Premier League, full attendance, 2-0 win. Good start for the new larger stadium, we've missed playing in our real home after spending a whole season playing at Villa Park.
  3. Pre-season 2029/2030 All hail our new French overlords! Merci le board! With a massive 182M€ transfer budget approved by the new French consortium who took over the club, I went on to not just spend that, but even more, a crazy record total of 202M€, as we also received 111M€ from sales. And it's not like we even hired that many players neither, just 5. On the sales front, I am not a great negotiator and didn't get particularly great fees for Matthew Stewart, Juan Caballero, Radomir Dimov and homegrown midfielder Daniel Wright. However I'm pretty happy with the 36M€ (might reach 46M€) we got for our backup midfielder Andrés Berríos. Thanks, stupid wealthy Chinese club. I also decided to loan some of our brightest prospects as it seemed unlikely I'd play them often and they had stalled here. The 5 new players: A total monster, whom I gave crazy wages, and who is already considered by my staff the best player at the club. I'm pretty much committing to the 4-2-3-1 with him as he's a perfect fit for AMC, however I think he's too good not to play even on other tactics such as the 4-3-3 in which he'll probably drop to MC. The Italian LB from Napoli that I wanted. I think he's a big upgrade on Saúl Lara, however I'm not super sold on his PPM's here - "stays back at all times", "plays short simple passes"... I sometimes need both my fullbacks to attack and he won't fit, but by chance I tend to often use a slightly cagier LB and a more attacking RB, so those occasions will suit him better. New backup keeper, it's always handy to have someone homegrown in England here. I was only willing to sell Berríos if I could find a replacement, thankfully I found a better and younger player here, for a fraction of the price (10,75M€). I'm a bit surprised he got a work permit, but he's just too good so they let him go. Shouldn't be a starter as Zikic-Bastianini are the uncontested duo there (even if Zikic always gets crap ratings), but he adds excellent depth. We beat our transfer record, paying 80M€ to get this freakish Welsh striker. Interestingly, who I really wanted wasn't even him but his team-mate at Swansea Tom Parry, who is younger, better in the air and not "fairly inconsistent" like Hopkins is. However, Hopkins is just insanely talented and makes our attacking lineup even more fearsome - I'm struggling to choose between him and Navarro. And crucially, he's homegrown in England. Squad There's little scope for excuses now, there is some serious talent in this side. Maybe I could have a taller forward, maybe I could have a keeper and a right-back I could trust better, maybe I could have a winger on the left that doesn't "hug the line" and influences central play better, but come on. For all of those minor niggles, there is world class talent after world class talent in here. Indeed one thing I'm a bit concerned about is an excess of forwards - you might notice on our strongest 11 there's no space for Spruit, 80M€ signing Simon Hopkins or last year's 73M€ signing Emmanuel Mercier. And, quite ridiculously, I have a Alex Ratnage valued at 29M€ on the reserves as nobody would buy him and I ran out of registration slots in the Premier League. That's how bad my disease of piling up players has become. If I got some good proposals for any of them, they'd be gone quick, almost everyone is negotiable here for the right price apart from the starters - and even then I considered selling Fratucello, there was this crazy French winger available on the market that was better than him (sadly he picked European champions Schalke over us). Fixtures Returning our way to trophies is top priority here, and there's a buzz of excitement about this team, it's the strongest we've ever been. BUT there's also the weight of expectations on us now. We're no longer plucky underdogs, we're outspending the opposition, we're about to debut a much larger stadium, the board only wants Champions League qualification on the league but demands Europa League and FA Cup finals presences. Can we live up to this?
  4. It's fine, pretty sure someone else did that exact same thing a few pages ago.
  5. Oh, by the way, click on the next image to see Cocks: I'm sorry not to hire him which would've resulted in an endless stream of puns, and he was bloody cheap for his skills too, I had a deal at 20,5M€ lined up. However we're just absolutely stupid stacked with forwards at the moment, and I used the money to help me hire an absolutely insane forward who was also homegrown. Details soon.
  6. [FM15] Dexter To The Rescue (Retake)

    Just a quick reminder that this is Argentina not Norway in case you got lost.
  7. That was surprisingly comfortable on the group stage. Think you can probably take this momentum to go a little further and beat Monaco too. How strong are they at the moment? They've become really rather strong on my game and beat PSG to the title a couple of times, but for whatever reason are always crap in Europe.
  8. Not the worst squad I've ever seen. So, have you picked the next club for next season yet?
  9. Honestly that budget is a bit **** for a Premier League side these days. Your board are cheapskates. But congratulations on qualifying!
  10. [FM15] Dexter To The Rescue (Retake)

    Haha, if you smashed everything with Sport Boys, you're going to have it pretty easy with River, they produce pretty much the best youngsters in all of South America. Unless you go too far with the tactics and it doesn't work anymore - that certainly looks more than a little bonkers.
  11. [FM18]Martyrs To The Cause.....

    Any background story on why Billericay isn't the most popular team in this thread, for those of us not familiar with the English lower leagues?
  12. I'm sorry to disappoint you all, but at the end we decided not to sign Junior Cocks. There just wasn't a hole in the squad that he could fit in.
  13. We're looking to invest in new ways to penetrate opposition defences.