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  1. [FM18] Ta' Xbiex SC - Youth Only Malta

    Yay, Malta is back!
  2. September 2019 Honestly this was a very difficult month and we're not delivering on our pre-season favourite status. Two defeats and a draw to kick off the month put us a real step behind, and is making me re-think considerably our tactics against defensive sides. Thankfully we bounced back with two narrow 1-0 wins to just about enter the bare minimum top 4, but we need to do more than that. However if the league isn't going as expected, we're on a real high on the cup. Lower league Karlslunde were no problem but then we were up against one of the very best teams in the country, AaB. Amazingly, we took the lead 2 times and outplayed them, only for them to equalize twice... and then in extra time we pulled a killer blow, benefitting from the fact they'd been down to 9 men after injuries. A superb win and we're through to face another Superligaen team, Thisted, in the 4th round.
  3. Looking good! Some interesting exotic managerial jobs here and excellent results! I'm somewhat surprised that a tactic with no attack roles on the mildly cautious counter mentality works, but it clearly does!
  4. Ooooohhhh, nice one, AaB is one of the biggest teams in the country. It can bring a nice bit of nostalgia to our fans for the days we were up there mixing it up with the big boys, and more importantly it can bring gate receipts, too.
  5. August 2019 Despite us having kicked off with a nice 3-0 win, it's not been the most inspired beginning. I'm going to file that down to bad luck as we had crap tons of chances against both Naesby and Koge Nord, and it's a bit of a mystery how did we fail to win both (we did have a red card against Neasby, but STILL had one-on-one after one-on-one when down to 10 men). In the mean time, it was nice to actually get past the 1st round of the cup for a change. Another lower league team awaits in the 2nd round.
  6. .... and our newest superstar on his first match for the club:
  7. Pre-season 2019/2020 As has been usual the last few months, my B team manager has gone crazy and picked up tons of players. In reality only the loans are "my" players (I'm really exploiting the loans market here!), although I did hire a young keeper myself for the B team, but he's nothing special to show off. You might notice the name of a certain Mikkel Jakobsen, I'm delighted to announce our top scorer for last season renewed his contract with Midtjylland and then we re-loaned him! We look likely to field an all-teenager duo of CBs this season with this kid next to Hendriksen, it remains to be seen how will team leaders Christiansen and Mertz react though - they're both backup CBs now and not even 1st choice backups! The killer signing of this pre-season. I'm delighted to pick him up, he looks like the perfect Carrilero and a whole level above this league. He's probably our best player outright now. A tricky issue with the 2.Division is that we need to have 3 under-21 players on the bench for every match, and we've kinda ran out of good players to put there. Since we could do with a backup left-back I picked up this kid to fill in, and probably sit his arse on the bench the vast majority of matches. Another pretty good midfielder, we're well stacked in the middle of the park now. Like Jepsen he should be very useful as a U21 substitute. Squad Our squad to attack promotion this season: It's a pretty good squad for this level I think, the only thing I'm missing still is an upgrade upfront, althought I haven't given up looking at the transfer market to try to fix that. Fixtures It's a solid pre-season, we didn't get to play a single home match, but did well against both higher level teams and lower level, so that bodes pretty well for the season. As stated previously, there is some real pressure on myself to pick up promotion this season, I'm pretty confident we can do it but it's never ideal to start off with high expectations, any slip and fans, board and players will be annoying me.
  8. No pressure then!! Our board also has promotion as the minimum expectation for the season as well...
  9. Is this a hint that the save will end with blood and violence? Will we discover that Gunnar is actually a bot?
  10. I hadn't yet read all about the World Cup glory with Ivory Coast, that was pretty epic. But this is mostly just a spam post to nudge it closer to the 100th page.
  11. Any chance you could move states sometime in the future, that State Championship is gonna get boring as your team gets better.
  12. [FM 17] Wake me up when Septemvri ends

    Love the idea and the title, you'll find that there have been a few Bulgarian saves in here, I've done CSKA Sofia (I'm pretty sure I've managed Boris Galchev!) and @wynter has done Slavia Sofia in FM17 and now FM18 again. Good luck making Setemvri a year-round force.
  13. I don't know if anyone has commented on this but the club name "Sousa" is rather hilarious for me, as that's the most common Portuguese surname. It's a bit like having a club called "Smith" or "Jones".