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  1. I've already been very critical on this thread but one thing I think is a valid excuse for an underwhelming listing of features, is Covid. I mean just all the crazy rescheduling of fixtures that's gotta be in-game, must've been a nightmare to code that must've taken a lot of man hours, specially with all the uncertainty around the footballing world the last few months. Add to it the stress the development team must've been under, as we all were, as our working circumstances continously changed, whilst trying to avoid catching a deadly disease and passing it to our families.. Yeah no wonde
  2. People always seem to mistake graphics for the match engine. They're two different things. Though I agree graphics also need a serious boost.
  3. SI can't win. They need to add new things to be able to sell the game otherwise people will say, "this has nothing new, I won't buy it". And it has to be *visible* things, no matter how much we want a more intelligent ME or squad building AI, you can't show those things in feature videos, they aren't easily tangible. On the other hand when people start playing for more than a little while.. I don't think it's a minority or a fringe view that there's just way too many things in the game now. People want different things when they go to buy the game (exciting visible things!), to when they
  4. Club vision was definitely buggy/slightly unbalanced in '20. It was really annoying how boards would give you a ton of undroppable directives no matter how successful you were; and how they kept adding ever more pressure on you to perform the more successful you were, with little leeway. I've built your club over 10 seasons from the bottom half of Serie A to winning 5 titles in a row, why's it *required* for this season that I win the league (fair, fine) *and* reach the CL semifinals *and* reach the Cup final, otherwise I'm a disappointing failure in your eyes?
  5. It was the last one that had patient open play build-up through the middle that worked fairly consistently. Granted, it was because of a pretty glaring flaw in defensive logic, but those of us who enjoy a less direct style of play, obviously tended to enjoyed that version of the game more.
  6. I think they interview real football people to ask them what's the big difference between FM and real life, what's keeping it from being a real simulation, and they keep answering them about the human touch, passion, determination, motivation etc etc. Which makes total sense, the best managers aren't just tactics nerds, they're inspiring people. It just translates horribly into a video-game the more in depth you go into it. FM/CM was great because of the repetitive mindless addiction to stats, goals, transfers. Not because you've read 5 horribly boring long blocks of text, chose the best
  7. We've been over this so many times in this board.. For me FMT just doesn't work. Like, at all, in any occasion, for 98% of the potential player base, ever. Who's it for? Who's it really trying to reach and is SI really trying to sell it any seriously? It's a totally lost cause. As a seasoned veteran of the series I try to play it and always end up missing features. I can't even get a stat on how many goals a player scored from penalty kicks?! And it's too cartoonish with unlockables and all that crap. Having to unlock stuff for being able to manage internationally? Being coerced to try t
  8. Just hope this doesn't mean even more screens and buttons to have to click through. It's a tricky balance for SI really, on one hand they need to show new visible features to sell the game, on the other hand it's really getting far too much. I hope I don't have to go through recruitment meetings before signing players. I hope I don't have to chat with my players daily to be competitive. I hope I don't need to dismiss a bunch of annoying staff advice before every single match. It's likely that all of these will be optional, like so many other things already in game, but even just turning
  9. Not quite sure I follow the logic here... @rodesire I've checked and the only fully pro teams in the country (at least at this stage of the save) are Ventspils and Riga FC. So I guess I need to climb one more division and start fighting for the title and qualifying for Europe, to turn pro.
  10. Idk, it was the board's choice (though I said yes). In a bigger nation you'd turn semipro at a much lower level than the 2nd tier, but I'm a bit lost here in Latvia, not sure how to compare each level. For now all my players are still on amateur contracts, no professional contracts just yet.
  11. 2020 squad review Competitions 2. Liga - Northern Zone: Champions. Lost in Promotion Playoff Final. Won Promotion/Relegation Playoff. Latvijas Kauss: Lost in 1st round. Squad statistics Top 5 players of the season 5. Reinis Logins (AMC, MC) 8 goals for this 17yo kid that played mostly as 2nd striker wasn't too bad. 4. Antons Proskurnins (DR) One of many several totally rubbish players that overperformed. 4 goals (penalty kicks) and 4 assists from RB. Given we get our width from attacking WBs, I guess he was our version of T
  12. 2nd half of the season 2020: Promotion decided on the last kick of the year Transfers We eventually hired 3 more players: This guy looked great though there was an issue - he only fits as DM but I'm not using a DM. First I tried him at the backline because our duo of CBs was developing a "bad partnership". And it was awful, he played awfully. Later on I started using him as MC but it didn't quite click neither. I hope he'll start performing proper next season. One of 2 guys I picked up on trials and managed to sign only just before the very last m
  13. Cheers. Those are the youth!! The players I'm using are a bit better. Well just slightly. Maybe it's one of those things that we can't tell until we prove it, we need to set up a online friendly network match between this side and someone managing England Level 10 to clear this one up.
  14. Youth intake 2020 One of those AMAZING intakes that are only amazing because the level is so low FM gets a bit buggy assessing PA, as none of the players are remotely amazing.
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