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  1. I don't know what's the most pressing issue, should I be impressed you already completed the challenge with Reims, or impressed that you've managed to hire Christ.
  2. Probably in a slangy/sweary mix of Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish.
  3. And our first Libertadores group match gets decided like this by Diogo in minute 89:
  4. Well even if you finish 2nd you're going to go up anyway. That looks very comfortable.
  5. Alonso and the new keeper look absolutely stupid good.
  6. I keep on getting brilliant job offers from leagues I want to manage in, at the wrong time...
  7. Finally completes the extraordinary challenge of winning the Champions League with a Northern Irish side. Nearly loses the Northern Ireland league to Cliftonville. Congratulations!!
  8. You're far, far, far more patient than I am. I'd have either hired a boatload more players or rage quit into another club already. Don't think I ever managed such a young team though! You Wenger!
  9. January 2020 - Pre-season transfers This transfer window was all about trimming the fat, rather than introducing extra quality - because I struggled to find additions to the squad that would seriously improve us. Meanwhile, we said goodbye to a handful of players. The big sale was of course youngster Alberto Trinidad for 2M€, he finally went off to Monaco, but we also said goodbye to veterans Álvaro González (retired), Diego Vera, Sérgio Otálvaro, sold off already one of my signings Oscar Barreto, and forward Tabaré Viudez went as well. In the other direction I only signed 3 players, one of which was already here last year, veteran goalkeeper Nicolás Vikonis, who now signs permanently for a final season, after being here on loan. The other 2 were centre-backs. I'm taking quite a risk here, because this was a serious investment (875K€), and at the last minute my scouts found out he may have problems settling in another country. But he looks class, had great ratings in the Brasileirão, is "consistent", I needed an upgrade on defence. Let's hope he moves well to Uruguay otherwise I will have wasted money and a foreigner spot (though at the moment, after Diogo and Cassiano picked up the Uruguayan nationality, I only have 3 foreigners which is ideal - I can only play 3 of them at the same time). More of a squad player, if he had better jumping he'd probably slot straight into my side because otherwise he looks good. This is now our squad: I decided to promote Diego Moreira as well as Daniel Fernández and Martín Merlo, let's hope the kids do the business. The older AMC Rodrigo Amaral also returns from loan as a long shot. My goal evidently is to win the league, I'm hoping for a straight cleanout of both Apertura and Clausura to avoid getting into the playoffs later on as I think my players don't like the pressure. I will also be playing on the Libertadores groups for the first time, which I'm very hyped up for, hopefully we can hold our own vs the big foreigner clubs.
  10. I would miss all the youth players too of course!
  11. A highly interesting offer that would represent a pretty clear promotion. I will however be rejecting this for 3 reasons: a) I feel like in the middle of a challenge here, don't want to leave on a downer as last season ended, the job isn't done here yet b) at the moment Nacional has higher chance of winning league titles which would help me catch up Mourinho in the hall of fame c) I've already bailed out of a club that I had qualified for the Libertadores groups once, I don't want to do it all over again without actually playing that competition beyond the preliminary fixtures
  12. On the right I am using a rather more conventional WB/S so it would be crazy. My thinking is that maybe one day in the future I'll reverse my tactic left-to-right, and he'd play CWB/A. What I know is I don't like him as a fit for AMC. My experience with Axel Müller as AMC, who is much better but similar in his combo of high dribbling+pace+flair, is that in my system the AMC is given too little space to properly use his dribbling skills. Low morale because I rejected a bid from Marseille. But he was dodgy already before the bid. He's gotten over it now, but now it's Emiliano Diana throwing a tantrum because I didn't let him go to Roma...
  13. I love that I get to manage all of them! He only has some efficiency there because I've been retraining him to LWB from day one. One of the first things I did at the club was to start retraining all classic wingers to wingbacks since I don't use them. That being said I don't agree he's a particularly good prospect for that position. He's a speed merchant and average/poor at everything else which is not a good fit for the CWB/A role I typically use there. I find dribbling to be the most important skill and he doesn't have it. What I want from my LWB is to 1) create scoring opportunities and disrupt the defence by dribbling past the opposition, 2) provide width in order for the central players to have space and put in the odd cross, or alternatively 3) benefit from the central players overload to show up in space through good movement, and 4) win the ball back quickly high up the field. Pace is always useful but when the player only has pace, he's pretty much only useful if I'm quickly transitioning through him and I find I rarely use the LWB to do this. Stamina to go up and down is also useful but not that important by itself when the player does not have the skills to do his key tasks - he's missing dribbling for #1, crossing and off the ball for #2 and #3, and anticipation/tackling/bravery/workrate for #4.
  14. The Nacional talent factory - 2019 Moving on to more positive things now that I've reviewed the end of season disaster, the future is looking incredibly bright with an immense queue of youth products from the Nacional talent factory... Group 1 - Players that have broken into the first team I will be dividing this into groups. The first group is the players that have already made it. In here, there is just one name: Emiliano Diana's emergence into the first 11 over the course of this season was predictable, but nevertheless spectacular. Whilst over the first half of the year he somehow appeared to collect far too many yellow cards despite having excellent tackling skills and low aggression, he became ever more dependable with time, and probably benefitted from being paired with Gonzalo Freitas next to him. Went from 2.5* CA to 4* CA to now be rated as high as anyone else in the squad. Holding on to him will be a challenge, all of Brazil's teams want him. Group 2 - Players that are on the brink of breaking into the first team On this second group I have identified 3 names whom I believe will feature a lot over the next year: A disappointment, because with his immense talent and little competition for the position, he should've already been in group 1 and I gave him a few opportunities. However, with 14 goals shipped and just 2 clean sheets in 8 appearances I decided enough was enough, and for results' sake I fielded the overperforming veteran Nicolás Vikonis in goal for the rest of the season. But it's about time to take a punt on him and I will be attempting to start him again at the beginning of next season. A massive surprise as I didn't even notice this player when I first arrived at the club. He improved immensely and by the end of the season I gave him 3 appearances from the bench in which he scored once and assisted once. He looks an incredible advanced forward for whenever opponents give us space to run into, my only major concern is a Vision of 2 (!) which might be bad as in my system, most of my advanced forwards tend to get a few assists. Martín Merlo's attributes are also looking really good, although he is not delivering on loan to Juventud de las Piedras in the 2nd division with just 4 goals in 12 appearances and 6.69 ratings. However I will give him a go as a backup striker - together with Fernández - for next season, likely as an alternative to Cassiano as DLF. Group 3 - Players who are a little behind and may or may not make it One of 2 right wing-backs - and that's not even counting Alberto Trinidad who's about to leave - who are improving at an incredible rate and should be on the brink of the first team now. However I am cautious because he does not fit the profile of the attacking wingbacks that I fancy in my system, with poor dribbling, crossing, tackling, anticipation. Copy-paste from Diego Moreira. He's just ever slightly behind him and with the same issues. Enormous workrate and acceleration might help mask problems, though. Another player improving spectacularly, but whom I don't have a use for. Poor finishing, off the ball, passing and vision make him an unlikely candidate for my AMC spot. However, I have had one crazy idea that makes no sense in light of the availability of the previously shown Diego Moreira and Miguel Uzal, but might make him a far better fit for my system - what if I turn him into a RWB??? With spectacular dribbling+pace+flair it should go along as well as it did for Axel Müller in the main squad. I've started retraining already... Very high potential, but total misfit anywhere, I don't use classic wingers to make things worse. He seems to have boatloads of pace and little else to show for it. Perhaps I should've sold when a few European clubs asked about him... This season's massive disappointment, but it's not his fault. When I arrived, I identified him as our 3rd biggest prospect behind DM Diana and GK Roberto. A damaged achilles tendon which stopped him for 6 months, and now a broken leg just a few days ago in training, killed any chance of him making it. RIP Sebastián González's potential and footballing career. This guy is a bit of a long shot, but is already capped for the U20s at the age of 18, and his attributes don't look terrible for a potential future backup centre-back. Group 4 - Class of '19 The list is STILL not over. I haven't even gone over the 3 guys spawned by my youth intake this season... Overtook his fellow colleagues to be the first of the Class of '19 to reach 2* of CA, and is the first to be named "Promising striker" as well. I like him a lot, he's so well rounded, all he needs is to get his finishing higher up and he can play either as my DLF or my CF/A / AF/A. de Pablo was the player whose attributes most impressed me at the very beginning, as a potential very good fit for my AMC position, but doesn't seem to be improving wildly just yet, despite tutoring by veteran Álvaro González (resolute personality) to at least get his determination higher up. Emiliano Fernández has a hell of a lot of competition, and ground to make up, if he wants to make it as a striker for us, but continues to be rated extremely high on potential. That's it! "Only" 13 youth product players that I'm identifying as potentially useful! And that's not even counting with Trinidad who's about to get sold for 2M€ + 50% profit of next fee!
  15. A lot of those are veterans whose contracts are running out, or players who I'm planning to sell either way, or youth players who I'm happy to be 3rd choice for now. Things are under control, don't worry...