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  1. I haven't, but that sentence was with more than a hint of irony.
  2. 2017/2018 - Youth intake - Stourbridge Surprisingly, not completely poo. Marvin Middleton (AMRC, ST) - I see a pretty good poacher in here. This is the player I'm most excited about (vaguely, but still). Ashley Flynn (AMR) - There's pace in here and little else. Tristan McCarthy (GK) - Good physicals but little else, and with high eccentricity. Michael Hazelwood (DL) - Not sure I follow my staff's decent rating of him, I think he's pretty poor.
  3. Nelson Oliveira actually scored a goal? Unrealistic.
  4. That's a bug on Lovren IMO. Where's he going to move to as a "bigger league", Spain? That really shouldn't happen under one of the highest reputation leagues in the world. I'd open a thread on the bugs forum. As for Coutinho, that also sounds unrealistic but depends on what's your position and what's Spurs. If you're having a dismal season and Spurs are leading the table, it's a little more understandable. I think that might be a case of being on the CL (Spurs) vs not being on the CL (Liverpool), overvalued as a factor by the game.
  5. That's not a bad idea, but realise that SI added this to the game before they knew how would it play out in real life, as it's a brand new rule. There doesn't seem to be any advantage to kicking off with 2 players, so it was a plausible assumption that everyone would start with a single player now. Perhaps this is one for the feature requests forum.
  6. Roterham certainly seems the fashionable place to be in at this time in FMCU. Hang in there, it's looking difficult.
  7. I prefer playing as quickly as possible and going for the long term career, and delegate boring things like press conferences, but I never try FMT because I'm afraid I'll miss out on some important option or feature. Plus it just looks cartoonish in my opinion. Absolutely nothing wrong with those who like it, of course.
  8. I can think of 20 tactical options that are missing that are more important than choosing your kickoff routine. It's really not that relevant. And they need to cut off at some point, because when you start adding options for things like this, the tactics UI might become extremely complex and unusable.
  9. Hello, I have an issue with the default settings for attacking set pieces. I'm playing a cagey counter-attacking 4-1-4-1, and for the first half of the season I left all my set piece instructions per default. This includes a handful of players on "stay back if needed", but I noticed that often on corners (I don't recall if it was the same for freekicks), only one defender would stay back. This meant the opposition would counter-attack me rather easily on my attacking set pieces. I suspect something's off with the code that decides how many players are "needed" for "stay back if needed". I don't think it should ever leave only 1 player back, specially when you're playing on cautious mentalities like "counter". I don't know if this code looks at the team mentality but if doesn't, it should. If I'm playing attacking or overload it makes sense to risk a lot on an attacking corner, but certainly not when I'm playing cautiously. I've recenty switched to manual set piece instructions to fix this, but I can spend some time searching for early season PKMs if it's really necessary.
  10. I've had a similar issue. Playing counter-attacking, with the default set piece instructions, only a single player remains at the back, I got constantly counter-attacked on corners, despite being on a cautious mentality. I had to sort out the set pieces manually to keep players back at all times. Maybe this is worth a bug report.
  11. Witnessed very few injuries here. I've had a player that broke his foot and sat out for 6 months, but it happens. My assman handles the general team training as I've got little interest to do it myself (I concentrate on match training and individual training). I'm going to guess it's one of 2 things: a) the opposition is parking a triple bus because you're Barcelona, and you're playing such a low tempo that they have all the time in the world to organize it, so all those "not on target" shots are actually being blocked by a wall of 20 defenders. or b) he's trying wild shots from far out, like I've witnessed happening a little too often no matter the settings. Nevertheless I agree overall shots on target looks a little off, and I think it's because there's too many blocked shots and too many speculative long shots. This skews the shots on target numbers. However, if they fix this, they'll need to tone down shot accuracy slightly, otherwise there'll be heaps of goals, it's already slightly on the high side.
  12. That club valuation fluctuation is truly bizarre. It's like every few years, someone suddenly remembers you're a Luxemburguese football club therefore must be worth nothing.
  13. Commenting just to mark this so I keep following it. I must admit I got a bit lost with your Serbian save, as I couldn't make sense of all the nicknames and the style of updating, but I think I'm getting the hang of it now. Boo for discrimination against wrong-sided wingers.
  14. Clearly the title is Honved's to lose now. I'll tell you what I think everyone that's ever experienced a tycoon will also tell you - you don't want a tycoon. Ruins the fun by making it too easy and also putting loads of pressure on the team. It stops being an achievement to win - it becomes the bare minimum expectation.