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  1. Wait a minute. I've just read back and this is what was actually said and what started this rant. Rashidi - it doesn't make sense in a 4-4-2 diamond for both AMC and the 2 strikers, (that is, all 3 of them), to move into channels. You - No! In a 4-4-2 diamond at least 2 players need to move into channels! Which... means you guys are actually agreeing? For example a formation in which the 2 strikers both move wide into the channels and the AMC capitalizes on the space by staying central, is well balanced, and fits both of your ideas. So well done, this massive rant back and forth was all based on a misunderstanding.
  2. There have been plenty of threads in here in which I thought people were way way too quick to defend the ME's shortcomings by rationalizing them away and blaming tactical choices, but I don't think this is one of them. What do you suggest @Mitja, that it should be an optimal strategy in FM to give move into channels to every single attacking player? This is clearly not right because: a) forget football tactics for a second and think about this as any strategy game. If it was best to give it to everyone, why even have it as an option in game anyway? It'd be a boring useless click you have to turn it on at all times. b) just thinking about it tactically in theoretical terms, it clearly isn't right to do it. The channel as FM defines it, is the area between CB and FB. Call it that, call it channel, call it half-space, whatever. It clearly is a hugely important area in modern day football, but have you ever seen the entire attack of any modern day team, wandering around to hold hands with each other in 2 vertical lines, one between the RCB and RB and the other between LCB and LB? No because that kills your passing triangles, someone else needs to be wider to provide width, and someone else needs to be central to capitalize on the space the people that are moving to channels are creating. If you place everyone in the channels that's gonna be really rather easy to defend against. Moreover in FM we now have more options to decide how we want to defend, and the AI uses it too, which makes things harder. If the opposition ticks "defend narrower", you'll have no more space in the channels anymore. Maybe you could say that in modern football most attacks are somewhat fluid with everyone occupying the channel at some stage, but unfortunately in FM the options are a bit more explicit/rigid, and if you tick the instruction that's the prime movement a player will do, the prime area he'll occupy, not just one of the areas he moves to if it's free. If you want players to fluidly decide where to move to on their own, use "roam from position" but then you'll need very clever players to do that effectively (in theory). Now, that's all not to say there aren't problems with the game as per the 19.2 patch. There most definitely are! 1 - as Rashidi etc are saying, there's too many roles with moves into channels locked-in by default. This makes it harder to balance who not to give it to, because you might want some of the behaviours that comes with some roles but not the PI. 2 - I kind of tend to agree with you that striker movement in 19.2 is a bit bad. Strikers on support duties don't drop deep anywhere near enough, and they're therefore glossed over in buildup/linkup play. This makes it very hard to develop a system based on fluid movement, and frankly the 19.2 ME is not a very enjoyable experience for me. Hopefully 19.3 will fix that. But that has nothing to do with whether theoretically it is a good idea to use move into channels for every single player or not.
  3. Each player role/duty has its own mentality, which is what you see on "balanced" team mentality. Then if you change team mentality, it works as an extra modifier that multiplies it. So for example that Trequartista: On team mentality "balanced" he'll probably be "positive" mentality. On team mentality "positive" he'll probably be "attacking" On team mentality "attacking" he's "very attacking" As for the Deep Lying Playmaker/support: Team mentality "balanced" he's probably "cautious" mentality. Team mentality "positive" he's probably "balanced" Team mentality "attacking" he's "positive" Etc. If you want to see the "base" mentality of each role/duty, choose "balanced" team mentality which is the most neutral.
  4. Mentality is how aggressive and rushed a player will be with their choices with the ball (attacking = lots of forward passes for example), and also with their positioning and movement. Players on support will have lower mentality than players on attack, so they can stay a little behind and... support the others. If your DLP had "very attacking" mentality he'd be running forward and wouldn't be playing as a DLP at all!
  5. Teams at Dag&Red level can attempt to play like that, and it's not that crazy unusual to see it at lower level over here in Portugal or Spain etc, just not so much in the UK. My opinion is that style of play, to prevent seeing it in the UK except for rare cases, should be decided through the database, either through the individual managers in those divisions or even some sort of global attributes for the nation, division or club. But that again can only work with improvements to how a manager's playing style set in the DB translates to the pitch. (this is coming back to the chat I was talking about earlier of how AI Guardiola plays Positive when favourites, which then leads to little possession etc). Maybe there should even be a global modifier game-wide, that the further lower the ranks, the lower the average CA to play with, the more prone a AI manager is to playing more directly, except for those truly stubbornly philosophical types. This is actually another attribute that's lacking for AI managers IMO - how flexible/inflexible they are at straying from their philosophical beliefs and adapting to the players/club/level/situation. In real life some managers are unbothered at using new formations and playing styles at every club they take over, others have their brand of football and live and die married to it.
  6. Perhaps it's rarer than we think to see them against organized camped defences, but I feel part of the problem is in this FM, teams retreat, camp and perfectly cover the middle with lots of players, a lot. So we're essentially seeing a scenario playing out on the pitch very often, that is not as usual in real life as it is in the game, and naturally makes it hard for through balls to thrive in it. Another problem is it's difficult to create width to pull out of position those teams camping in the middle, without resorting to crosses. Teams like Barça City etc often keep a wide player way out to stretch things horizontally, but these players do not often cross the ball, when they do get the ball their primary objective is to recycle possession until gaps appear. This is difficult to replicate as to best get that width you need to use the Winger role but that is not what these players do, as Winger role on FM is very eyes-on-the-floor, run forward and brainlessly cross. Players dribbling and turning through crowded areas, is also something that happens in real life (specially at this really high level with players like Hazard Messi Bernardo Silva etc) and helps things happen through central areas against camped defences, this seems lacking in FM as players CAN dribble but even the very best seem to need a fair bit of space. Essentially I think it's not just "more through balls" (though if I instruct players to attempt them, I want them to try it and fail if the space isn't there), more a mix of lack of central play, lack of the conditions for central play to thrive in, lack of options to pull defenders out of position, and lack of attackers movement to pull defenders out of position. All of this would result in more goals through the middle that aren't necessarily through ball for a quick attacker to tap in, but also for example square passes, or dribbles that releases a player into a scoring position. Obviously I do understand it's all relative, and naturally passing through the middle should always be somewhat difficult, as it is in real life, as that's the most preciously guarded area on the pitch with least space. Still I feel it's lacking and most attempts at playing possession seem to be ending up with lots of corner goals and few from open play, which doesn't correlate well with real life IMO. Also I'm talking about 19.1 as haven't really played the most recent ME.
  7. This is a completely separate issue from the lack of through balls (it was prevalent in previous MEs such as FM17 and FM18 where there wasn't a lack of through balls, specially '17), and in my opinion is related to a disconnect between what mentality is and how the AI uses it. The AI when they are heavy favourites for a match, uses very aggressive mentalities such as Positive and Attacking. However in the game Positive and Attacking mentalities almost always results in rushed, direct play, and even lots of long shots, which all negates the manager's preferred style of play - in this case what should be a very short passing game. I've raised this issue in the past but it's a difficult one for them to fix, because it pretty much needs a complete re-think of either what mentality is, or what the AI does with it.
  8. This was my experience in 19.1. Loads of long through balls from deep and a few shorter ones when in transition in a quick counter, but absolutely none ever against an organized defence. Obviously it's always much easier to play a through ball when there's the space to run into, but teams in real life do attempt it against organized defences and in 19.1 they weren't even attempted. Nah, ball height clearly isn't just graphical.
  9. This was almost falling to page 2, you guys are frauds at being frauds. Nice to see BWG and Smp tackling Serie A already, **** getting serious now. Bart getting some starting momentum. Deisler's Santarcangelo defying the odds of the playoffs to escape the hell of Serie C. It's almost all a bit too positive in here. Someone needs to do something rubbish.............. Oh.
  10. Atlético Goianiense - November 2021 A very disappointing final month of the season as our defense went missing. We finish the year losing to one of our local rivals and dropping to 10th... That's not very good and I am disappointed to finish the year lower than the position I was given when I joined the club, however I still have reasons for sticking to the 3-5-2 and being positive for next season. Overall the performances have still been better with the 3-5-2 than with the previous tactics; I will be able to mould my squad better into my liking; and presumably over time the players support for me should become less of a problem as currently it's "abysmal"!!
  11. Atlético Goianiense - October 2021 Loaned out winger Ceará for whom we don't have a use for, as our current 3-5-2 tactic doesn't use wingers. Wow, a really good month! We went on a very nice run that had started the previous month and found ourselves on 6 consecutive wins. With this we recovered the 8th place back that I had been given when I arrived at the club! Unfortunately we then lost it with a slightly mediocre match against Criciúma in which we could only equalize in the 89th minute after dominating, and then a defeat away to leaders Paraná, in our poorest match of the month as Paraná were well superior. With this we drop to 9th again, but being only 1 point away from 8th there's a chance I can salvage ego and claim back that starting position - or maybe go even further as 7th is only 2 points away, too. Mathematically we can even still claim a playoff spot, but realistically this comeback in form has come a little too late for that - I think if I had started with the 3-5-2 from the beginning we'd have had a chance of promotion. But that bodes well for next year... Also I am using an alternate slightly bonkers 2-6-2 (a diamond really, just with the FBs pushed up) for when the opposition is very defensive, here are the 2 tactics I'm using now, side-by-side:
  12. Atlético Goianiense - September 2021 Nothing interesting on the transfers front, a few 3rd/4th/5th choice players were loaned out or released. A strange mixed month. We were struggling to score any goals against teams from the bottom half of the table, lost two very winnable matches, and then suddenly just smashed one of the teams fighting for promotion 4-0. There could be something in our tactical setup that simply clicks better when we're underdogs. Whichever way, we've just about slowly moved up to 9th but the teams above us have a bit of a gap, so it might be difficult to get 8th place back (my main goal now) from here to the end of the season.
  13. Atlético Goianiense - Youth intake 2021 Ha, a youth intake in September! Also the 2nd I have this year, which means I've now got two players named YP21A one Turkish one Brazilian, two players named YP21B etc. This is definitely better than Turkey for youth but I think this year's generation might be a miss. I'm most excited by players D and E (the keeper and the DC/DM) which in theory have low potential, which is unfortunate as I think the attributes of players A, B and C (with most potential) are pretty ****.
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