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  1. 2020/2021 - Late-in-the-season update - CSKA Sofia Transfers (Transfers) It was a disappointing transfer window for CSKA Sofia fans, as despite all the money we've been winning in Europe, we decided there were no available suitable targets to spend it on. The only transfer was the signing of goalkeeper Kamil Miazek on loan from Utrecht, as I sold Jakub Wrabel for 100K€ + 50% profit of next sale, and have prepared another new backup keeper for next year on a Bosman. Kupa Bulgaria Drawing Ludogorets early is never good, but with luck on our side we managed to win 2-0 away with 2 first half goals, when it had actually been a very even match. For the return leg, which had been delayed after an unusual amount of international callups, we managed to restrict them successfully to very little danger and qualify with a 0-0 draw. We were however again unlucky with the draw and will have to play two derby matches vs Levski in the quarter-finals. "A" PFG It's been a wild, inconsistent ride in the league. On the height of all of our troubles with fixture congestion, unhappy players and underperforming strikers, we dropped points twice with mere draws away at Montana and Cherno More. A 4-0 win over Slavia was a reminder of how good we can be when we're on it, but a highly unfortunate 1-0 loss at home to Litex, Denys Prychynenko missing what would've been the equalizing penalty kick, was a rude blow. We were now down to... 5th place!! Thankfully the table was extremely tight and we hadn't lost contact with the leaders, and in another display of multiple personality disorder, we completely obliterated Botev Galabovo 5-0 away, suddenly looking like a much better side again. On the return from the winter break, the first fixture was an absolutely key match vs Ludogorets who now briefly led the table - a loss and we might drop too far back, a win and we might be on it again. It swung back and forth in a mental match, in which we were slightly fortunate to be blessed with a late owngoal winner. A 3-0 win away at Vereya and we were back to breathing down the neck of new leaders Levski, but a very disappointing 0-0 home draw with Botev Plovdiv - in which we missed chance after chance - and we let Levski open up a slender 2 points lead again, into the final league split. Champions League Whilst domestic Bulgarian competitions have been surprisingly open and interesting, the real focus this season has been our European campaign, as we made our Champions League group stage debut. Fresh from an historical home win over Zenit, we travelled to Russia with a glimpse of pessimism as we knew this would be tougher. Instead, a superb display of CSKA Sofia superiority ended with a 1-0 win and it frankly could've been more. We were, unbelievably, up to 1st in the group. However I knew we still had to do it all with matches vs Bayern and Arsenal still to play. These were a return to reality. Bayern were again much superior to us and we lost 4-2 fair and square (it could've been more), and now, whilst we were still 2nd in the group, we had to draw in London vs Arsenal to qualify. Unlike Bayern, Arsenal didn't batter us, but were still more efficient. A goal in each half and we were out of the Champions League, but still beat Zenit to 3rd place, therefore continuing in the Europa League. Europa League A relatively good draw put us vs Krasnodar of Russia as we returned to the Europa League, and also returned from the winter break. We scored first in Russia as early as minute 3, but Krasnodar were electric and soon turned the match around. Georgi Milanov scored again for us, yet Krasnodar eventually earned a 4-2 win. We came back to Bulgaria with a vague chance but not really expecting much - however, the match would be just about the complete opposite from the first leg. Milanov and Kolar scored in the first half and we were already ahead on away goals, and a rare goal by striker Veslan Klicic made it an excellent 3-0 win and qualification to meet Gladbach next. Georgi Milanov has been absolutely brilliant in this competition, scoring in every game so far, and scored first vs Gladbach as well. But in this tight match, Gladbach's Korean striker Ji Dong-Won smiled the most as he bagged a 2nd half brace and gave the away side the win. I travelled to Germany expecting to confirm our exit from European competitions, and whilst Milanov yet again grabbed a first half goal, the game went on... and on... and on... chances on both ends and no goals... and it looked as fizzling out to Gladbach winning on away goals. Then, boom. 92nd minute owngoal out of nowhere. We're through to the quarter-finals!!! Summary The trend from earlier in the season continues, as we continue to surprisingly struggle domestically, where anything can still happen. I had a feeling this season would be tougher than last year's casual breeze to the title, but honestly didn't think it'd be this tough. However, we also continue to surprisingly keep progressing in Europe, where it's been by far our better season yet. Can we surprise even further, and will the extra European fixtures keep on hurting our league form and possibly lose us the title?
  2. 2020/2021 - Youth intake - CSKA Sofia The first intake after the various upgrades has strength in depth, but the jury is still out on whether anyone here has the potential to make it big. The personalities are a little disappointing all around. Boyko Rumenov - The new Papazov, or perhaps just a little short of those standards? There seems to be some confusion on whether he's best central or out on the wing, I reckon he looks more like a classic left-winger for me. Nevertheless, the highlight of this year's generation. Petko Ivanov - We've not produced many fullbacks so it's refreshing to have one of those for a change, but his technical skills are unimpressive despite excellent pace. Viktor Vezalov - Looks like a potential good option for box-to-box midfielder... if only he wasn't lacking badly in tackling and bravery - which makes him a player without a clear purpose. Stevoslav Ivanov - We've been pulling loads of keepers every year, he's alright but with so much competition it's hard to see Ivanov making it. Ivaylo Yankov - My staff aren't keen on his potential but there's a competent poacher in here, perhaps? Valentin Dramov - Another player with low potential but very interesting skills, long shot for a quality left winger?
  3. I like to add extra players and I've never seen any extra squad building problems whatsoever.
  4. I think there's two very obvious big favourites for grabbing a lot of awards, I'm talking of a certain youth career and a certain journeyman career... Only category I can't figure out a vote is the "best pun", people haven't been very creative this year and the ones they attempted I don't get it. As always, active threads will have a big advantage, I'm going to vote for at least one worthy of a couple of awards that died a couple months ago and I'm not sure people remember...
  5. Very strange, a reinstall should fix that then as that sounds like a corrupted installation. If not, then a more drastic solution would be to format the harddrive...
  6. I'd be wary of low average rating players, I've learned many of them are because of inconsistency trait which leads to underperformance, sometimes even average rating in inactive leagues indicates this. However 1.8M€ is definitely a good price for him, worst case scenario you're pretty much guaranteed to get a profit. I'd go for it too.
  7. How on earth does that striker only have 2 caps by the age of 24? Shame about being outclassed by Mainz, but semi-finals is definitely progress, as is retaining the league. I can see European glory just that little bit closer...
  8. Birsens' attributes look a little unbalanced, but for your level that's a very good youth player indeed. Have never had many problems with Dinamo myself, in fact I quite like them and might manage them one day - but I've never played in Luxembourg, San Marino, Andorra or the likes, so...
  9. Wait, the game crashes as soon as you click on FM13? Or as soon as you try to load the career?
  10. I'm not sure there's a huge demand for this, but I also don't think it's a particularly tough feature to add. So yeah, don't see why adding this would hurt.
  11. Also, I'm too excited to wait for the next update and just have to post this:
  12. Ooooooh, I like this. Finally convinced my board to do this, after we'd already improved our junior coaching a little while ago. AND both training and youth facilities are getting completed later this month. I'm quite excited to find out about our new youth intake later this season now!
  13. 2020/2021 - Mid-season update - CSKA Sofia Kupa Bulgaria We started our cup campaign well, with an easy 3-0 win away at Lokomotiv Gorna from the 2nd division. However, we were unlucky with the draw and will have to face Ludogorets next already. Champions League Our first ever Champions League group stage match was an impossibly difficult trip to Munich to face Bayern. The difference in quality between both sides was absolutely clear and we were tanked 3-0. I didn't expect much either when we hosted Arsenal but that went much better. We had largely managed to restrict the efficiency of their attack, despite conceding a goal without warning early in the 2nd half. Surprisingly, we managed to nick an equaliser in the 90th minute, which made for an excellent result of 1-1. Zenit at home I knew it would be the easiest tie (or less difficult tie) we'd have and focused my efforts in it, resting my side in the previous league match. It went very badly in the league but it was worth it. In an exceptionally open match vs Zenit, the goals went our way with attacking midfielder Georgi Milanov finally justifying my faith in signing him, with a goal, an assist and an excellent performance - it was another great European result, and cashed us a full million euros. "A" PFG Our domestic league campaign isn't going quite as well. Disappointingly, we failed to score vs Botev Galabovo in what should've been one of the easiest matches all season. I was a bit happier with a draw when we went off to Ludogorets, but that was still dropped points again. We returned to wins with a late goal to make it 1-0 vs Vereya, and a surprisingly easy 4-1 away at Botev Plovdiv who are having a great season and emerging as surprising title rivals. We were briefly back to 1st in the table, but, concentrating our efforts in the Champions League, a rotated side did very badly at Beroe and we lost 2-0. Home vs Burgas it went better thanks to a Georgi Milanov brace, although we had a bit of a late scare after Ales Kolar committed a penalty kick and got himself sent off. I decided to half-rotate the team again in the derby vs Levski, ahead of an upcoming trip to Russia, and paid the price again with another 2-0 defeat. We were lucky Botev lost 3-0 at home to Slavia and didn't extend their lead. Summary We seemed to have gone a step back from last season as the league is looking much tougher. But considering all the crap we've been through lately, that's not really surprising. FM15 being FM15 (and this is the bad thing about this version of the game), it's been throwing me all sorts of nonsense squad management banana skins for me to trip on - I've had a little confrontation with Adam Vass that resulted in the squad siding with him; and also a couple younger players fed up with not getting games. Add to it the striker problems (nobody's been remotely on the level of Nikolic), inside forward problems (Gavrila has been on horrific form and Poghosyan who's looked much better there, picked up another serious injury 3 matches after returning from one), fixture congestion, it all adds up. But we've survived all that still in a more than decent position to fight for the title - and we can be very proud of our Champions League performance so far. And we're now much, much richer thanks to that.
  14. But is he really the winger that's going to win me a Champions League? He seems to have reached his potential already. I know this is a really silly thing to say, because we're nowhere near the level required to fight for European honors yet. But I'm always looking at what's the best for the team in the long-term. After 6 seasons I've finally settled on a strategy that works, and that relies on a winger on one side and a IF on the other. I'm not really willing to mess with that structure again. The problem is, as we're set to play now, we need all of our wingers and our IFs to be left-footed. This limits us in the transfer market, because obviously there's less left-footed players than right-footed players. And I'm already very limited as it is due to my restrictions on only hiring players from certain nationalities. So there's a big long-term squad management advantage, in reversing the tactic left-to-right and start using right-footed players. My plan was to do this next season, using this year to adapt players that don't fit, like Papazov. It could even benefit other youth players as for example both Koev and Marinov could then start playing as classic wingers on the AMR position (although neither will ever be great wingers as they can't cross). However I've just hired two other excellent left-footed talents in Urban and Milanov, so I'm hesitating now and have decided to postpone this revolution. But whether it's in 2, 3, or 7 or 8 years time, I still plan to do this eventually.
  15. I've played a few more matches and we're definitely struggling for goals without Nikolic anymore, the new forwards so far haven't impressed me. Unfortunately I just had no way of holding on to Nikolic any longer.