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  1. I feel like you missed out on the opportunity when you left Lun Bawang to say "That's Lun Bawang!"
  2. If you had done just the leagues/nations in the game, where do you reckon you'd be? F or G maybe? You're slowly moving leagues. Not getting caught up in one nation so far.
  3. Qaradag just copied Qarabag and changed one letter to look different didn't they?
  4. Well, will have the first season update at some point soon but going by how I've done in the second, I won't be there very long. Tried everything but nothing works. uh-oh.
  5. You're slowly making progress, some more consistency and you're right up there. Seems odd that a nation such as Italy would approach someone in the 3rd tier of French football as manager.
  6. Anyone been sacked yet? Asking for a friend.... *Looks at results*
  7. So you just need to win the league in the regular season to be able to move on?
  8. I must be doing something wrong as at the moment, just watching a twitch stream with it on battery saver and 0% brightness it's saying only around 3 hours? That's not playing the game etc, just browsing the internet.
  9. Is attribute masking a must as part of the challenge?
  10. Was looking at doing a Youth only save in France, like Jimbo, but the team I chose has no players. So, I think I might have to choose another or go one level up. What would you do?
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