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  1. I'm guessing I wouldn't be able to just start as Guernsey?
  2. Struggling a lot on what team to stick with this year. Throw me some suggestions guys.
  3. Anyone know of a team and league generator like Frank, which I don't think exists anymore?
  4. Does anyone know the date to save for the French reload? It says the June 20th on the first page but it looks like the winner is decided before then? Has anyone got a save from the date of reload as I would like to be ESSG.
  5. I holidayed in Germany and forget to do a certain something with a file. Whoops.
  6. So, starting at Chelmsford I was given a transfer budget of around £10k and a wage budget of £6.3k. Chelmsford Finances. Comparing this to the rest of the league, I think it is fair to say that it is a more generous total than most other clubs and that is reflected in the expected final position of 3rd. At this level I like to play simple but at the same time a passing game isn't really possible at this level. I inherited a squad with some talent but some holes as well, mostly in defence. One young talent I'm going to keep an eye on is Hugo Skepelhorn. So far, up to the 1st league game, I have used my knowledge of old Southend players mostly to bring in a couple of talented players. We spent money bringing in Johnny Herd from Bishops Stortford. Herd is a LB/WBL with a dangerous long throw, I plan to utilise that. I've also approached and signed two young players from Ebbsfleet in Anthony Cook (Loan) and Billy Holmes. My next update will be a bit more informative, I've nearly finished the August matches and we have had a hit and miss start. I haven't posted pictures of the players signed yet as the window is still open and it would give an indication of the results so far. One thing I have always struggled with at this level is defence, so that will be interesting to watch.
  7. I hate that damn programme. But for anyone not sure the stereotypes of Essex are wonderfully encapsulated there. I've been away for a few days but back now for some FM.
  8. Essex has an unfortunate reputation that has been given to it by stereotypes and misconceptions. In my career game I am planning on advancing the county footballing wise. The aim is to advance each club within the League Structure (Up to the Conference North/South) as far as possible. There are a number of clubs to work with, Southend, Colchester, Chelmsford, Braintree, East Thurrock and Concord all start in the above leagues. I am choosing to start with Chelmsford in the Conference South. If teams from Essex are promoted, for example Billericay, then at the right time I will also add them to the mix. There will be some rules. I will only be able to manage teams from Essex. I cannot manage International Teams and aim to give regular updates on the picture of the county. 2016-17: Chelmsford City - Conference South - Predicted Finish 3rd
  9. Debating whether to do a career on here with Chelmsford or with a new nation, making them better and slowly go up the rankings. Not down the latter, thinking maybe a Carribbean Island? Tempted by Estonia. European and lots of potential to improve. Not as hard as others but still a challenge. Think If I load it, I'll add Germany's top Division, England's top two divisions and Lithuania/Latvia.
  10. I think under 24's have compensation already. But you are right, anyone under contract would make it harder.
  11. That Bosman rule is interesting!
  12. Not sure what team I want but I think I might go with Canvey Island if they come up after reloading. Good rivalry with Concord, potential rivalry with Southend down the line too. Aim would be to complete the challenge with them and then after, perhaps make more teams from Essex reach the top. So, Colchester, Southend, Chelmsford, Canvey, Concord, East Thurrock and Braintree in the Prem. Long, long, long term plan.
  13. Jordan Chiedozie signed for Concord: &, - 22nd September 2016 he signed Sam Carter, Jed Smith, Henry Sims, Finley Dopson all missing from Concord Rangers u18's - Adam Topley and George Marsh are already in the squad. Jack Renew missing too - & Leon Gordon left Great Wakering and joined Concord - & Gordon leaves Great Wakering Rovers and re-joins Concord Rangers&sectionIs=sport&searchyear=2016
  14. I've replaced Tamil as a nation with Jersey. Started creating the league but in the first club I created the regenerated players still have Tamil names? I've taken away it as language and made the region UK?