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  1. I've replaced Tamil as a nation with Jersey. Started creating the league but in the first club I created the regenerated players still have Tamil names? I've taken away it as language and made the region UK?
  2. Does anyone know if these have been created with the same setup as real life? With Jersey and Guernsey as new nations into FIFA/UEFA?
  3. What team would you guys recommend for a guy looking to try this again?
  4. First game with Salford in the Conference. 5-5 draw with Crawley.
  5. This is my Southend team: Anyone who has played this level before, what do you think of the tactic? I've got Cleon's possession one with three in midfield, a 4-4-2 and a 4-1-4-1 counter.
  6. I'm assuming the best attributes are passing, vision, off the ball and then position attributes for each position. I.e Finishing for strikers.
  7. Trying to decide which league to start in, tough choice!
  8. I am right in thinking they can be promoted to the Finnish First Division? Been trying for ages, but nothing.
  9. Has anyone managed to, or know, the date of reset in Finland? Has anyone seen FC Santa Claus come up?
  10. What are the best stats for players in a possession tactic? Obviously passing is one, would I be right in thinking that Off the ball movement, positioning, decisions would be good with first touch for strikers.
  11. Just looked and they're all on amateur contracts. I guess that makes it that bit harder!
  12. I'm thinking of doing the youth challenge with Queen's Park and was wondering if anyone had gotten far with them before. What happens when they get into the SPL - Are they allowed to stay amateur? Also, when they lost players under the age of 24, do they receive tribunal fees? I've tried it in the past and seem to recall they do?
  13. I wonder what is the furthest anyone has gotten with Queen's Park? Also, as all their players are amateur, non-contract, if they're under 24 do you get a tribunal fee? Never mind, just read the first page. They're not eligible but I'll probably just do it with them separately.
  14. That squad looks light on wingers, trust you'll be signing some there?
  15. Bengaluru - Indian National League - 2016/17 A disappointing drop compared to last season but qualifying for the Champions League group stages really took it out of our players at times as the scheduling wasn't great. Mohun Bagan deserved to win the title though, they were unstoppable and when they did drop points, I failed to capitalise. Nonetheless, we won the Durand Cup and the Federation Cup. Qualifying for the Champions League Group stages was brilliant but we won't be in it next season. The Confederation Cup for us. Which I am aiming to win as that has a great prize fund attached to it which we could use on our youth facilities. League Table - We struggled a bit more this season and we were 5th at one point. A good run rescued the ship but Mohun were too strong. Federation Cup - A good win against our rivals. Asian Champions League - A great run for us, we didn't get embarassed and put up a good fight beating Perth and drawing against Pohang. The best result was beating Beijing to get there. Squad - I brought in a mix of youth players along with the more established to help with fitness, some will stay. Others, will not. Transfers - A fair outlay. I entrusted my youth a lot. Finances - Not much change, fairly similar Key Player Profiles: Kalu Uche - I signed this guy on a free to replace Chhetri. What a signing! Superb return rate. Raajan Gill - Brought over from Tamworth, a star at times and made us comfortable at the back. Kim Seong-Yong - Kalu Uche's partner in crime up front. 2016 Youth Intake: Henry Kumar improved based on last year slightly. I'm hoping that with more first team appearances I can get his tackling, marking and positioning up to a decent level. He could be a decent National League defender. This years best player was Lester Shaleel. A promising attacking midfield player, an area that I need improvements in. Career Overview Season Team Country League Position Achievements ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2015/16 Bengaluru India Indian National League 1st Won the title 2016/17 Bengaluru India Indian National League 2nd Runner-up in League, won Durand and Federation Cups. Qualified for Champions League Group Stage