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  1. Peter G

    End of an era

    People would just accuse them of "making up a feature" or something. Might as well do it now and get some attention on FM before it all starts kicking into gear in September/October.
  2. I noticed above you said no Youth Intakes in the NCAA. I guess, as they're all amateur, you need to try and sign players from other teams but it brings into whether they'd move etc, which most wouldn't at a young age.
  3. Hope this the right place. I'm playing as Boston United and I won the league in the Conference National. Everything is going great, top of the league, untouchable reputation and the players love me. I looked at the confidence and there was nothing much there that seemed to be a problem. Was sacked promptly a few days after winning the title. The save is called "Boston.fm" on the FTP
  4. Peter G

    Real Life Career Updates?

    I don't know why, but I always struggle to do a save as my team. Might wait for the winter update and then do that.
  5. Peter G

    Real Life Career Updates?

    Thanks, I'll have a look at that those. I would do another English save and go from the bottom to the top but I've done that to death and after Boston sacked me after winning the Conference National, I'll leave that for a while.
  6. Peter G

    Real Life Career Updates?

    In that horrible point of not knowing who to start a save as. Did have one in Hong Kong but I didn't like it. Then thought about Wellington Phoenix but they can't qualify for continental football. Perhaps, start at the bottom division in a big nation to tick that one off. Never managed in Spain before - or Germany. Any recommended bottom tier clubs from those?
  7. Peter G

    [FM18]Martyrs To The Cause.....

    Griffiths looks amazing
  8. Ah yes, India with it's bizarre fixture scheduling. If it wasn't so bad I'd have a long term save there.
  9. Peter G

    [FM18] The Perfectionist III - A sucker for pain

    Must be a long wait for fans in Afghanistan! Can barely manage with the off-season here.
  10. Peter G

    [FM18] The Perfectionist III - A sucker for pain

    Enjoying reading this. Very tempted to take a nation and make them into World beaters. Any nations you recommend? Outside Europe ideally with a league season of 20 games or more really. Is Afghanistan's season like that in real life?
  11. Peter G

    Real Life Career Updates?

    Got Boston promoted to League 2 in my third season with them in the Conference, fifth season overall. Was promoted second season in the Conference North. 96% confidence, no failed philosophies or anything. Yet, for some reason, they've decided to sack me and I have no idea why.
  12. Peter G

    [FM18]Ride into Obsession!

    I'm guessing that part of the reason you're doing so well is that you're players are so much better than the others?
  13. Peter G

    Real Life Career Updates?

    I tried to keep it simple with a 4-4-2 but we seem to just conceded through the middle. Our full-backs are fine. I have them set on defend, all of them. If we didn't concede as many we'd be fine.
  14. Peter G

    Real Life Career Updates?

    Got promoted with Boston United. Won my first game but lost every game after. Getting killed in defence. Going to be a long season, not sure how to shore it up.
  15. Hi, Not sure if this is the correct area but I'm playing as Boston United and signed Hussein Mohammed, a Somalian striker, on a free. He was at Crystal Palace since the 2012/13 season and the required 1825 days in England. His status currently reads "awaiting paperwork" but it has said that for months since I originally signed him in September. It is now March and it hasn't changed. I've uploaded a save game called Boston.fm to the FTP. I recommend holidaying a few months to see if anything happens. Below is a screenshot of the player earlier in the year.