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  1. I think no Liechtenstein club can qualify through the Swiss League, only from winning their cup which grants them access to the Europa League/Conference League. To win the Champions League they would have to win each competition in turn.
  2. Missing the Super Cup in yours too. So that's 9 potentially. I think the UK is the best bet as we tend to have a lot of competitions. I wonder if a play-off would count as a trophy. As you could, if you were in the Championship have; League FA Cup League Cup EFL Trophy (If U21's included) Championship Play-off Charity Shield Champions League/Europa League/Europa Conference League Super Cup Club World Cup
  3. I was wondering this the other day, what is the most you can win with one club, in one season? I was thinking Northern Ireland must be a good shout due to all the cups, the cups may change slightly based on regions; League Irish Cup Northern Ireland Football League Cup NIFL Charity Shield County Antrim Shield Irish Intermediate Cup Steel and Sons Cup Champions Cup (I presume this is in the game) European Super Cup Europa League/Champions League Club World Cup Scottish Challenge Cup (I presume this is in the game) The S
  4. If you sign a player who needs a work permit, by loaning him out to a European Country could he earn one this way after x days? How does that work?
  5. Things are going very well so far. In fact, better than I could have imagined they would have gone. As can be evidenced by our results. Following the previous update we continued onto an 11 game unbeaten run, 7 wins, 4 draws. This has left us at the top well inside the play-offs ahead of schedule. Our best result was without a doubt the 6-2 win over Ebbsfleet who were 2nd at the time and on a strong run. I was shocked to see us completely push them aside like that. There is part of me that doesn't want us to get promoted this season as I think it will be way too early. We're not in
  6. Loving your wage calculation thing. Did you limit it to just pro contracts?
  7. We're now into the start of the season and signed players that I think will be a real asset to the team and fit well into the tactic I am looking at playing. We didn't have much to play with but the biggest priority was fixing the center of the field. We were far too light. To rectify this I signed Luke Haines and Rogerio Morais. Alongside them Anthony Cheshire added extra center-back cover. Both versatile players who can play in defence and in a defensive midfield role. To address our light options on defence I signed Oli Coker on loan from Southend for the right hand side alongside Yalany Ba
  8. No Super League wouldn't get approval from the governing bodies, so it's a complete non-starter if I have understood it right.
  9. Oh wow. I suppose being Amateur wasn't cost effective any more.
  10. Interesting challenge. Are they still hard-coded to be unable to spend money on players like in real-life I believe?
  11. It's been a while since I have managed at this level. Last time I did it was with, I think, Boston United in FM2019. I managed to get to the Football League in about 5 seasons but was promptly sacked after winning the National League. Which irked me. I might try and keep an eye out for some of those players to see if I can sign any of them. Loading this up there was a thought in my mind of the financial restrictions and there are some. But, they were actually better than I expected. £16.2k in transfer budget that I can use on wages it very helpful. As you can see I have already mo
  12. Unlucky in the play-off final. This season will be yours, gives you a chance to address the weaknesses and go for it.
  13. Shameless copying from @_Ben_. I will be looking to manage teams in/around Essex and bring up the level of football across the county. There are only 2 League Clubs in Essex (Soon to be one after this season though) but there are a number of teams in the Non-League and just below. For this purpose I have loaded the Isthmian League using the download created by @BoyInGreen in the Editor Forum. I won't be making any hard and fast rules but I will looking, eventually, to have players from the academy playing and players from Essex. I will look to prioritise choosing other Essex teams for transfer
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