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  1. I have a hunch it will take you a while to catch and surpass Qarabag
  2. Qaradag just copied Qarabag and changed one letter to look different didn't they?
  3. Well, will have the first season update at some point soon but going by how I've done in the second, I won't be there very long. Tried everything but nothing works. uh-oh.
  4. Peter G

    [FM19] French Lingerie.

    You're slowly making progress, some more consistency and you're right up there. Seems odd that a nation such as Italy would approach someone in the 3rd tier of French football as manager.
  5. Anyone been sacked yet? Asking for a friend.... *Looks at results*
  6. So you just need to win the league in the regular season to be able to move on?
  7. I must be doing something wrong as at the moment, just watching a twitch stream with it on battery saver and 0% brightness it's saying only around 3 hours? That's not playing the game etc, just browsing the internet.
  8. Peter G

    dafuge's FM19 challenge

    Is attribute masking a must as part of the challenge?
  9. Peter G

    The New FMCU General Discussion Thread

    Was looking at doing a Youth only save in France, like Jimbo, but the team I chose has no players. So, I think I might have to choose another or go one level up. What would you do?
  10. Peter G

    [FM19] French Lingerie.

    I once managed way back when in, maybe FM12 or FM11? One of those teams I've just kept an eye on really.
  11. Yeah, usually if I'm not playing FM I just have the internet and Youtube open. I'm going to try it with FM open once I give it a full charge after it drains down. Hoping it gets around 3 1/2 - 4 hours.
  12. Can't imagine the football is well attended with all those B teams!
  13. That table just confuses, how many games do you play? You surely don't play 70 games for a few spots?
  14. In 2043 already. If you went the whole way, how many years do you think it would take?
  15. At the beginning of the season we were predicted to finish in 6th so to be were we currently are is excellent, yet, despite our good start we're still off the pace with issues scoring goals. Looking at the squad I've set up with a quick moving, free flowing, 4-3-2-1 with attacking wingers. We're strong down those sides so it makes sense and I've recruited heavily in midfield to ensure we have depth. Some players have already complained about not getting enough game time and that is probably my fault for trying to keep the same team, if possible, for every game. Aside from two games our season has been excellent and we set a record for the longest unbeaten streak in history at 9 games before we were dispatched far too easily by a team near the bottom. The Monterosi game was a real outlier, every chance they had seemed to go in. Against Trastevere we lost due a lost minute goal after going down to 10 men following an injury after all three subs were used. It was pleasing to finally get a big win, like that shown against Lupa Roma but perhaps the most impressive in terms of performance was against Aspirlla Racing, despite the low score we absolutely demolished them and should have won 5/6-0. We had over 30 shots to their 1 but went to the wire before winning at the end. Perhaps the most important players this season have been Davide Moro, who I signed in the midfield. Despite his advancing years he has been absolute rock in the center. Up front Francesco Altobello has been playing above his years to lead the line. This good start sees us currently in 3rd going into a calmer schedule period with more rest between games.