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[FM21] Extreme Scottish Lower League - Vale of Clyde

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Delighted to be able to begin my first long term save on FM21 after @Morrissey has done his incredible yearly Scottish lower league database.

Last season Scottish clubs in the lower league voted to reconstruct the Scottish football pyramid and we now go down to tier 7 with a path up all the way to the SPFL.

You can find this database by using the following link and I believe it will also be on steam:


I played Mozza’s database for the first time a few years ago not knowing that the juniors were capped and the pyramid stopped at the Highland/Lowland leagues. I had a very enjoyable save with Vale of Clyde taking them as high as I could in the junior leagues and ever since I’ve always wanted to go back and be able to play them and guide them to the SPFL, this year I actually can!

So, let’s have a closer look at this amazing club…



Vale of Clyde are one of the oldest clubs in Scotland having been formed in 1873 in the East End of Glasgow.

They were one of the most successful junior teams in the early years winning many a trophy but I think it would be fair to say that since around 1920 this form has trailed off barring a handful of trophies.

Nicknamed ‘The Tin Pail’ the club plays its football at Fullarton Park in Glasgow.



Save aims for this year are relatively loose and simple, I plan on taking the club up the pyramid and into the SPFL and try to win the competition. I’m not going to claim that I’m aiming for Champions League glory as I think taking the club into Europe will be an achievement in itself but obviously as time goes on when we get that far then we’ll see what happens.

I mainly try to play with a squad consisting of players from the nation that I’m in and I’m a big believer in using my youth academy as much as I possibly can.

This will be a bit of an excel manager save as I like to transport my stats into spreadsheets so end of year reports will feature this.

To this end I will say that I like my squads to be comfortable on the ball and hard working so you will see that the spreadsheets focus on the following attributes:

First touch, passing, technique, balance, stamina, anticipation, composure, concentration, decisions, determination, vision and work rate.

As a result of being an excel manager the in game editor is available and in use to see CA/PA to see the improvements of the players as we progress.

One final thing about the players and the database is that the players at the club are not true to life as I start. I believe that Mozza said he stopped with real players at the Highland/Lowland leagues so the players at the club are randomly generated.

Right, let’s get started on my first big, long term, career thread of the new release!

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So, as we get started let’s have a look at my manager profile. I’ve gone with a completely unknown and no badge character to start the game. I’m going to forge my own reputation and qualifications alongside the growth of the club.

The media from the get go have ranked us joint favourite to finish bottom of the newly formed league alongside Yoker Athletic from Clydebank and St Anthony’s who are part of the greater Govan area.


The board are also not expecting too much with league expectation being to not finish bottom for the next few years. Meanwhile in the Soccer Shop:Direct Challenge Cup we are simply to be competitive while in the West of Scotland League Cup we must reach the second round.

I start with finances in the black and what I assume to be loads of money, for this level, to play around with in the wage budget.

My facilities are obviously poor and junior coaching is basic. Youth recruitment is limited, I can honestly say I’ve not encountered that rating before, that I can remember, but I think it’s safe to say that that is not a great label to have.

The squad is very young and I have no midfield to speak of so I’m going to have to scower the free agents and hope I can get a few bodies in.

The club profile states that Chris Craig is my key player so here’s his profile to give you an idea of the level I’m operating at.

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Transfers Summer 2020


I've been doing my best Harry Redknapp over the summer months bringing in quite a few players, with no budget they were all for free but they've significantly boosted the quality at the club.


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Pre-season 2020-21


Preseason went really well with just the one blemish on our run.

We really did play some good football throughout and even in the game we lost we were unlucky as we conceded two penalties and had better xG.

I've been playing a passing 4-2-3-1 narrow which has worked really well and I'm excited to start the season proper tomorrow. 

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52 minutes ago, metallimuse said:

Pre-season 2020-21


Preseason went really well with just the one blemish on our run.

We really did play some good football throughout and even in the game we lost we were unlucky as we conceded two penalties and had better xG.

I've been playing a passing 4-2-3-1 narrow which has worked really well and I'm excited to start the season proper tomorrow. 

I will be keeping an eye on this as I always like Scottish saves.

My Dad was born in Peebles. Where is Peebles FC in the pyramid and are any of the teams in the same league as you near Peebles as I wouldn't mind doing this challenge at some point but with a team in Peebles or near it.

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9 hours ago, john1 said:

Good luck with Clyde :D Will be following :thup: 

Thanks mate.

8 hours ago, Ronaldo Beckham said:

I will be keeping an eye on this as I always like Scottish saves.

My Dad was born in Peebles. Where is Peebles FC in the pyramid and are any of the teams in the same league as you near Peebles as I wouldn't mind doing this challenge at some point but with a team in Peebles or near it.

Peebles is playing at tier 7 also but in the East of Scotland league so I won't come across them unless I draw them in a cup.

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October/November 2020-21


A brilliant start to the season, if we over look the opening day of the season.

I'm still not sure how we lost to Petershill as we completely out played them and had better xG but alas we didn't get the result we wanted. We then went on a magnificent run including a win in the Soccer Shop Direct Challenge Cup which was followed up in November with another win against Newtongrange from the East of Scotland Premier Division, a tier above us. An injury time winner booked our place in the third round next month.

We also had a cup win in the West of Scotland League Cup so we have met the boards expectations by qualifying for the second round when we will face West of Scotland side Rutherglen Glencairn, the side we will also face in the Soccer Shop Direct Challenge Cup. Tough ties.

We find ourselves third in the league and playing well, our striker on form but the club is losing money. A great start to the save though.


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December/January 2020-21


A much tougher few months this time up as injuries really took there toll on my run. I don't have much depth in quality outside of my starting eleven so even just a player or two being out really hit me hard.

We went out of both cups to Rutherglen Glencairn in an incredible couple of games as well as the game against league leaders St. Roch's. I think I conceded five cheeky lobs over the three games, shocking to watch.

We're still doing ok despite the bad run though when you consider our aim this year was to not finish bottom of the league. Any hope of going up is gone as we are miles behind even second but we never had any hope of going up this year anyway. 

The bonus over this period though is we have managed to tie down our best performing players to contract extensions and hopefully with a good intake/new signings in the summer to compliment the players we have tied down then hopefully we can make a better fist of going up next year. I'm not desperate to go up straight away anyway as this really will be a long, long save with this project and thread and I'm happy to go on the journey.


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Youth Intake Preview 2021


We don't have a HOYD yet, the only staff member I've been able to bring to the club and indeed the only staff at the club is my ass man so here's his preview.

Looks like it's heavily weighted for my back line so let's hope I'm able to get some squad players out of this at the very least.

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Youth Intake 2021

The most exciting time of the year in my opinion! Let's have a look at what came through...



Cameron Brown is the pick of the bunch in terms of potential to grow with Andrew Crawford behind him.

Brown has a terrible attitude so I've got him in a mentoring group straight away with some of the influential players in the main squad.

We've signed the bulk of the lads and I'm quite happy with regards to the personalities that came through. I like to have a very determined squad and obviously at this level you really need good personalities to help with player development.

He doesn't have the most room to grow but I really like the look of Dale McAuley, he's a bit slow and not very strong but I still like some of his other attributes.

Not sure what I was expecting for an intake at this level as it's been a while since I've been down here but overall I'm quite happy with it.

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Feb/Mar/Apr 2020-21


A decent enough end of season run I think to see us out. As I've said, we are playing some good football and my front four were on fire. Daly up top has been an inspired signing for the club but at 35 I just hope he sticks around for a wee bit longer.

A fifth place finish isn't bad considering we were expected to finish last by the media.


I'll be doing a bit more of an in-depth season review in my next post.

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End of Season Review 2020-21


A good year for the club. As said in the previous post we were predicted to finish last by the media and the board wanted us to simply avoid finishing bottom and we achieved that in spades. We had not very long runs in the Soccer Shop Direct Challenge Cup and West of Scotland League Cup but we met the boards requirements so they can also be considered a success.




The squad played...well, the starting eleven did really well over the season but outside of that the squad did ok. These early years will take time to cultivate a decent squad to be able to go up I think and the good thing about this season is we did well and I've found the core of a team that I've managed to tie down to contract extensions so hopefully over the summer we can unearth a few more free agents to add to them and mould a strong squad for next year.

My front 4 of Kacper BoniowskiChris CraigGraham Gray and Michael Daly were magnificent with 45 goals between them and 23 assists. The fact that Chris Gray managed 10 and 12 with a PA of 8 was incredible to witness and he was easily my player of the year.

Special shout out should also go to my central defensive partnership of Ashley Neto  and Donald Renfrew who were rocks in our back line this season.



So a good first season I feel overall. I'm excited to see what the summer brings and who we might be able to bring in. Also excited to see how the next season will look competition and schedule wise as I'm not sure if this was a scaled back season due to the affects of COVID.



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Season Preview 2021-21


Preseason was a lot shorter this year and it went well after the bump against Heston Rovers from the South of Scotland Football League.

We only brought two players into the club over the summer...


Both players came from Yoker on free's, Andy Mackie came in to go straight into the side at left back and Jamie Cowie has come to the club to provide cover at right back.


The media have predicted that we will finish 6th, the board are requesting a top half finish and to be competitive in the cups. I'm confident that I can accomplish that. 

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July/Aug/Sept/Oct 2021-22


A great start to the season as we went two months unbeaten. Yes, one month did only contain one game but facts are facts ;).

A brilliant start and my front four are still doing the business for me with Daly getting 10 goals over the period for me.

Sadly we are out of both cups already, the game against East Kilbride Thistle in the Soccer Shop Direct Challenge Cup was a thrilling affair and we were unlucky to go out in extra time. A deft header at the near post from a late corner cost us. We were outplayed in the game against West of Scotland Premier Division side Largs Thistle and struggled to build any attacks. Maybe I was a bit guilty of being a bit too adventurous and should of played a more cautious game against a side in the division above us.

We are still undefeated in the league but quite a few draws mean we haven't opened up any type of lead at the top but I'm really happy with how we are looking and hoping that maybe we could be in for a title fight this season.

Some of the eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed that we are now playing in the WoS Conference A when last year we were C, not sure why this has happened. It's still the same level on the pyramid but not sure why we've swapped. I've messaged Mozza, the database creator, to see if he has any answers. 


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Youth Intake 2022 Preview


Sadly we don't play with any width so the wingers and wide men will have to be retrained if we sign them. I'm hoping that the central midfielder is more of a creative type as that's what I could do with. 

We do actually have a HOYD now, Brian Park so hopefully the crop has something to work with.

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Nov/Dec/Jan 2021-22


A terrible winter run again for the lads which is probably due to the fact that Michael Daly couldn't find the net at all over the period despite playing well.

The team just isn't clicking and I think any hopes of promotion have gone for this season with only 9 games left to play. I have managed to tie down the best performing players to longer contracts over this period but the jury is out on others so they really will be playing for their futures over the next three months.

Worryingly, we are getting deeper and deeper into debt so I've no idea what my wage budget will look like next season.



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Youth Intake 2022


Well Brian Park has given us a better intake than we had last year and there are a few I'll be working with next year. Duncan Dillon is the pick of the bunch but just over half I think have been given contracts and I expect next year we will be looking to start using more of the newgens due to the financial state of the club.

I need to get Mark McGinn and Derek Fulton in a good mentoring group sharpish to improve their personalities.

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Feb/Mar/Apr 2021-22


Only the one defeat over the three months but far too many draws for my liking. Michael Daly finally found the net again but not often enough for us to get many W's on the board.

We did play good football to watch and our xG is better than our opposition in most matches but we are really struggling to convert draws to wins.



My end of year report will follow tomorrow.

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End of Season Review 2021-22


Well the season started so brightly after we found ourselves top at the end of October but our talisman Michael Daly went off the boil and our season crumbled after that. Maybe that's a bit strong as we finished 5th not 6th as unfortunately I've listed above. We met expectation's by reaching the second round of the cups.

We again did play some good football but we struggled to convert chances and ultimately that has cost us this season.

We played in Conference A this season and I've spoken to Mozza who has advised me that the teams will change around the three conferences each year to keep things fresh so that answers why that has occurred.





We had improvements to most of the squad over the season to the players PA so that's pleasing to see but we are again beholden to the magical starting eleven and when they go off the boil or are injured there isn't much more we can do. I think that was the reason why we had so many draws this time out.

I'm pleased with how the squad personality is starting to shape up. The players out of contract will be allowed to leave the club this summer as we look to our youth academy. This is also a big moment as I'm going to allow one of the rocks of last season Donald Renfrew to leave.



Can't complain with the best eleven review and it's pleasing to see a few academy graduates to make the cut. This is definitely something that will be happening more and more the deeper into the save I go.

Again, no complaint with the fans choices this year with regards to the awards below.



Overall, yes it was disappointing to fall away like we did this year but I'm still happy enough with the season as a whole. Obviously our financial situation is worrying and barring a takeover there is no way for us to get rid of the debt without promotion and even then, maybe not until we are further up the pyramid and that may take years so I've got no idea how that will play out and what our balance will look like.

A top 5 finish is nothing to be sad about though, two years ago we were predicted for bottom of the league  so we are definitely moving in the right direction. I did this type of save last game cycle with Gütersloh in the lower German leagues and it typically took me on average 5 season's in each division before promotion so we are definitely in this for the long haul.

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Preseason 2022-23


Preseason has been brilliant and we have been really impressive with our play and the way we have dismantled teams. We're playing exciting football and I'm looking forward to this season, if we can continue this play and move the ball around then we can definitely be right up there at the end of the season.

The press are predicting us to be 9th, the board want a top half finish and the players don't think we can achieve that when I spoke to them. I think top three this season. I think we are looking sharper and more fluid than we have the previous two years and if we can avoid injuries I think we'll be too much to handle for teams.

Our signings were very limited this year. There was only two players that should they were willing to sign for the club, so I signed them. Jaime Dingwall joined on a free after leaving Ardeer Thistle to add a touch of quality and depth to our AMC options and Keiran Findlay has come in to play if/when Michael Daly goes off the boil.

We have a very streamlined squad this year, just 19 players so injuries and suspensions may hit us hard but with no money there aren't many options. Hopefully the academy boys can do a job if they are called upon.

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July/Aug/Sept/Oct 2022-23


Just the one defeat over the period and that was a skelping in one of the cups to EoS Premier League side Dundonald Bluebell. We went the 90 minutes and kept the game tight but fitness caught up with the small squad in extra time and we shipped plenty of goals.

Boniowski got injured right before we kicked off the season so new boy Jaime Dingwall went right into the side and oh boy has he made an impact. Goals and involvement with goals galore, what a capture that boy has been.

Daly has been in form with 16 goals but it seems our back line is now letting us down as we again find ourselves drawing games we should be winning. But credit where it's due, Petershill have been in incredible form winning 9 games from 10.

We are also through to the fourth round of the WoS League Cup, the best we have ever done.



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Youth Intake Preview 2023


Well, if we're going to be positive, we do need full backs.

Not a great preview though is it so not overly hopeful sadly, we will have to rely on free agents and free transfers. Speaking of which...

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Winter Transfer Window 2023

I mentioned how my back line was letting me down so I took action and lined up two free transfers who came in 01.01.2023.

Young Cameron Brown from my first youth intake had been playing in goal this year and doing well rating wise but I can't seem to shift his unambitious personality and his PA isn't shifting either so Stewart Black has come down a division to get between the sticks for us. Signed for nothing from Irvine Meadow he's got some great stats and will hopefully help us get to where we want to go.

The left back role has been something that's been a real problem for me since day one as it's been a position I just can't get strong ratings. Arron Christie has joined for free from Kello Rovers after being deemed surplus to requirements. He's a definite step up from players who have filled that role for me so hopefully we can get some consistency there moving forward.

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Nov/Dec/Jan 2022-23


A decent run of form over the winter months and just look at the form Michael Daly is in, unbelievable. He's announced his decision to retire at the end of season and I'm really going to miss him next year.

As I said, a great run by us and we're second in the league but nowhere near Petershill who, if we've had a great run, then they're had a fantastic run. They've only lost once and drawn twice so far. It'll take a massive dip in their form to stop them from taking the title and promotion. We look like we will be the bridesmaids this season sadly.

We're through to the quarter finals in the WoS Cup, we'll face WoS Premier Division side Irvine Meadow funnily enough, hopefully the fans remember all that Stewart Black did for them and give him a generous welcome ;):brock:


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Feb/Mar/Apr 2022-23


Well the season tailed off these last few months, we weren't going to be champions and we ran out of steam really.

We got put out the cup by Irvine Meadow but we played well which is nice to see for when we eventually go up, I think we'll be ok.

A surprise loss away Ayrshire to Craigmark sent us on a terrible run to end the season.


Season review to follow.

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End of Season Review 2022-23


Well, I predicted top 3 and that's exactly what we went and did. Should really have been a second place behind an exemplary Petershill but we through it away towards the end, not that it matters as there's no financial benefit or playoffs.

We sold more season tickets and had a fuller ground this year as fans flocked to see 'Tomlinson ball', a short passing, fast paced, attacking brand of football. We really did play well and Michael Daly up top, in his last season, banged in 33 from 32 starts. What a season. We will miss him hugely next year and I need to get out and see who's available to come in and replace him.




Good to see some of the players increase their CA over the year but at this level it's really hard to do much with them. The personality of the squad is really starting to improve though which is pleasing. I want a squad of hungry players who want to improve and do well. I again tied down the best performing players for next year, the ones left in white on their contract will leave the club. Boniowski will leave the club this summer as by the end of the year he will be considered not eligible to play due to Brexit so no point resigning him.

Stewart Black was a great acquisition for the club and with his PA/CA he could do a job in League 2 so I'm not sure why he's not been picked up by a bigger team. Neto and McAuley have formed a great partnership and played really well this year.

We've discussed how great Daly was. My midfield was solid this year and my attacking three were much the same. No stand outs but did ok.



So a great season overall. Even though we never looked like going up due to Petershill's form we were comfortably the best of the rest. I would say that any other year without a team in the form Petershill were in we would have been fighting it out to go up. Let's not forget that the aim was only mid-table and the squad didn't even think we could manage that when I spoke to them at the start.

We performed well in the WoS Cup and went further than we'd ever been before which was great to see.

This season has to go down as a great season in which we really started to develop a hunger and look like title challengers. If I can get someone to pick up the mantle from Daly then I think next year we could be champions with just a few more wins from those draws.

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Season 2023-24 Preview


A decent enough pre-season as we had a couple of victories, a hard fought draw and a loss when we switched off towards the end of the game and conceded an injury time winner. We carried on playing the good football which we did last year and our xG was better than the opposition in each game.

The media are predicting 6th this year in our new home of Conference B for the season. The board want a top half finish and the squad think we can achieve that so I'm hopeful of a good showing. I have no idea if we will be title challengers or not as without Michael Daly up front it's impossible to say. I definitely think we will be achieving a top 5 berth but beyond that I'm not sure what to predict.

So to make up for losing Daly we went out and signed Jim White from EoS conference side Lochgelly Albert. He's got good physicals which is something we've lacked so I'm hoping he can bully defenders into mistakes and bag us a few goals this season.

With letting Boniowski go due to Brexit I managed to persuade the aging Ray Montgomerie to drop down from the Highland League to spearhead our attacking three. 

These were the only two signings of the summer and I think with the exception of maybe getting a midfielder in I think the squad is now well balanced to make a fist of challenging, time will tell. With the shoestring I'm on and the debt I'm in I think I've managed to put together a handy squad, I'm grateful that the lads keep resigning.

Onwards we go, let's see what a new league will bring us.

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Aug/Sept/Oct 2023-24


A blistering start to the season but we do traditionally start well so I'm not going to get too excited yet. Just the one loss in the league to free scoring Saltcoats so I'm not too upset about that. Jim Whyte is finding the back of the net so I'm not missing big Michael Daly yet, which is a relief. Graham Gray from AMRC is also been in lethal form so long may that continue.

Got dumped out of one of the cups by Lochgelly Albert funnily enough. We have a strange habit of drawing teams we've signed players from.


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Nov/Dec/Jan 2023-24


We are cranking out the wins now and I'm starting to think that Conference B suits us and we might be going up this year.

Jim Whyte has been an inspired signing up top and Ray Montgomerie is splaying the ball around setting up the chances to get us in a position to put the ball in the back of the net. 

We are playing great football and finally our back line is clicking and we're able to convert the draws into wins. A couple of slip ups but we've got a 7 point lead at the top and I think this could be our year.



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Youth Intake 2024


A better overall PA this year, everyone in double figures bar one. A couple of brilliant personalities which is great to see and to work with.

We signed the best personalities and quite a few of the higher PA scores to flesh out the reserves.

The best PA is Chris Spence but unfortunately he has a terrible personality, hopefully mentoring can sort that right out.

James Brown has a great personality and is already at a better level than someone like Chris Craig so he will get called straight up to the main squad I feel. I'm also high on Henrik Hedman who will go straight into the main squad for next year and keep the bench warm.

It looks like the intakes are heading in the right direction.

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Feb/Mar/Apr 2023-24


A terrible month in February and I was fearing the wheels were coming off our promotion bid but it turns out we had enough about us to get back on track and the new club saviour Jim Whyte got the goals to fire us into tier 6 and the WoS Premier Division!

Yes, we won the league and it turned into a bit of a canter when all was said and done as Saltcoats lost their way and we had an 8 point gap between 1st and 2nd when the dust settled. 

We played brilliant football and with the defence more robust this season there was nobody that could deny us the title. I'm so happy to go up so quick. I don't think we've even spent a penny as of yet relying on youth and free transfers.

I'll do a full season review in my next post to go into a bit more depth.



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8 minutes ago, abulezz said:

Those Intakes are critical - it sucks your finances haven't improved. Once you can start getting some investment in your youth, things are going to get better very quickly. Great read so far. 

Yes I'm really looking forward to Lowland League when I think I should start to see a bit more money coming through the gates and we'll invest that straight into the youth. I'm pretty sure I'll be in more cups at that stage and have access to the Scottish Cup so hopefully we can manage a few runs to get money for investments.

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Season Review 2023-24


A brilliant season for the club as we finally got ourselves over the line and achieved promotion. We got dumped out of the cups early doors but that didn't matter, promotion was the goal and will be until whatever league we have to get to to enter the Scottish cup and get some money into the coffers.

We had a few, and I mean a few, extra fans through the turnstiles this year which is pleasing to see but we're still a long way short of packing out the stadium.


Don't worry about the white contracts this year, I haven't actually had chance to tie down everyone that I want to at the time of writing. Chris Craig and Graham Gray will definitely be resigned and the others I'll check against the newgens to see who needs to be resigned to keep a decent squad.

Stewart Black probably made all the difference this year over a full season. Really the man is wasted down at this level and as I've said before, I'd be happy with him as my keeper in League 2. 

Neto and McAuley were rocks at the heart of defence and Baber was moved to left back an excelled in the role after years of inconsistency in that position.

I say it every year but the attacking three midfielder roles were brilliant and as dangerous as ever supporting the magnificent Jim Whyte who had the fans saying "Daly? Yeah he was ok" and not missing him at all.




So what more can I say? I don't think there is anything more to add other than to congratulate the lads and tell them to be ready for a fight next season. The first of hopefully many more promotions has been achieved.

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Season 2024-25 Preview

A solid preseason for us this year as we go unbeaten for the first time in the save...


No drubbings as we've dealt out a few times in previous years but we played good, entertaining football throughout which was pleasing to see.

We weren't very active in the transfer window with just Steven Clarke being brought in on loan from BSC Glasgow to slot in as my ball winning midfielder.

We are overwhelmingly favourites for the drop this year with the media reporting us at 1000-1 to win the title, the next worst odds are 250-1. We are dead men walking according to those in the know then.

The board want us to fight bravely against relegation and the players expect us to do the same.

Personally, I don't think we'll go down. I think we'll be down the bottom but I don't think we'll be dead last and I personally think we might be good enough to stay out of the relegation zone. Not by much but I'm thinking we might be 15th/16th.

So there we go, now time to start life in the Premier Division!


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Aug/Sept/Oct 2024-25


Well the start to the season has gone about as well as I'd hoped.

We're sitting 14th 4 points above the dreaded drop zone and we're managing to grind out some wins against the teams that are in and around us and I think that's the thing that you need to be able to do when you're expected to be fighting relegation.

My central defensive partnership of Neto and McAuley along with Black in goals are my best average rating players so that's been so important. My front line of the three attacking midfielders and Jim Whyte up top are in the low 6's so that's certainly a bit of a worry but we're doing enough so far to keep our heads above the parapet so we'll monitor that as the season goes on and in Jan have a look at who's out of contract and maybe wants to join and see if we can upgrade that forward line for next year to give us more of a fighting chance.

I've only just noticed that the team stats are wrong below. We are actually the 2nd worst scoring team and the 5th best defence, I'll report that to the creator and hopefully he can correct that in the next update of their skin.


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Youth Intake Preview 2025


A couple of strikers this year, that will be good. And we're told that it's an excellent group coming through so, as I say every year, let's hope there's some we can work with and challenge for the first team.


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Nov/Dec/Jan 2024-25


A very busy period but we've done fantastically I think. I definitely think that we are secure in our status in the league for next year. What a run we've had since the turn of the year! Phenomenal!

We're tough to beat and I think with a good intake or a couple of quality signings from the free market if possible then we can be comfortable mid-table side next year as we continue to grow.

We've also advanced in one of the cups, mainly due to drawing sides from the league below us so far so who knows? Maybe some silverware this year, fingers crossed.



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