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  1. Have decided to go with FC BATE Borisov from the Belarusian league. They've won the Belarus Premier League for the last 12 years, and face relatively inconsistent competition in Dinamo Minsk and Shakhtyor Soligorsk who fight for second place. I think I can comfortably build this team up to dominate the league further for a few seasons, and then tactically exit European competition on the season where I am going to go for the achievement.
  2. Ah sounds interesting, I have always fancied a St. Pauli save! I am wondering of perhaps on of the eastern european divisions may be a good shout as well?
  3. 29th game - I would have cried! Who are you playing with currently?
  4. Hi all, I have decided that this is the year I am going to have a good go of the steam achievements; since 2012 I have achieved between 40-60% through natural gameplay, with no achievement-specific saves. Therefore for this year, I am going to aim to get to 90% (I think 100% is unrealistic, particularly considering the below and a couple other hard ones). The one achievement that I find to be wholely unrealistic, is "Immovable Object - Your team hasn't conceded a goal in 30 consecutive games" What team in real life is this based on? Its rare for a team to go unbeated in a full league, never mind not conceding. Nevertheless, I am looking for some advice on how I could best give this a go. I am aware that I will need to heavily consider the following: Nation - it needs to be a nation with 1 dominant team, and no great contintental threat. Tactic - I assume a really strong defensive unit is the aim, with good pacey counter attacking play. Time - pressume that I will need to take an already dominant team, and take 2-3 years to build them up to be even stronger. Any thoughts, suggestions, advice on any of the above elements would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  5. Hi @Connor Winks I am also facing this challenge. Do you expect it to be resolved soon? Thanks.
  6. Many thanks for sharing these - look like ideal reads for my mid-afternoon slumps this afternoon at work Thank you kindly - currently running well in season 6, sitting mid table after a few games - fingers crossed I can stay here until normality is restored and then push on! I must say, I am thoroughly enjoying this save despite the set backs Good to know! In the information section in the club profile they are listed as Cumbernauld, so must just be set there for the game based on the last year. The 3 or 4 fans that you mentioned, can you asked them to come along? Need all the money I can get
  7. haha yep! Cumbernauld population - +50k Glasgow population - 600k Probably the reason the number of season ticket holders has grown by a mere 100 with 2 promotions ...
  8. Have just finished season 5 and have managed some level of restoration. Board was selling all my best players left right and center, so had a torrid start to the season. But loans came in handy and a new tactic half way through the season rescued the year. Ran well in the cups also, with a particular good fixture in the Scottish Cup against Rangers which led to £500k in gate receipts - pity about the 1-0 loss though! Board have refused professional status request, but I shall continue requesting as the finances improve. But at least I have 1 more season to help restore things in the Championship - think I would lose the desire if I dropped a league. @Rich2086 - definitely - the large wage budget is fantastic, but the income just does not seem to grow with the club. The game has Clyde as a part of the Cumbernauld, and not under the city of Glasgow, so I am guessing that may not be in the clubs favour in-game.
  9. The income really is pitiful @phnompenhandy - had a look through payouts for all competitions I am in, and even if I won the league and two cups (which would never happen) I would still probably be in debt ha! I had a couple red flags in my mind @lemeuresnew - so far the board have injected funds during season 2 and season 3 to balance the books, so I was probably naively awaiting some investment again and didn't pay it enough attention. But it wasn't until the squad bonus' and payouts were dealt that led to a horrible -£300k month. I guess all I can do is continue to be as prudent as possible, make use of loan players, sell on my best players, and do what I can in the league and cups until a bit of balance is restored. Many thanks.
  10. Yup. Realised that. Thanks ... Are there any recommendations on what can be done to help improve the debt? I have finished all signings etc for the season coming and have only used 80% of the wage budget, running with quite a thin squad, and am sending as many U20 players out on loan as possible. I think I am in a good place to hit mid table which will payout £300k or so - so that is obviously not going to save the world, and would need to run pretty deep in cup competitions to get anything of value. But other than that, I don't really know what I should be doing. Welcome any advice.
  11. One space bar click later and there goes one of my hot prospects for peanuts
  12. I am currently going into my 5th season with Clyde. A quick history: Season 1 - League 2 - promotion through playoffs Season 2 - League 1 - mid table Season 3 - League 1 - promotion through playoffs Season 4 - Championship - survived relegation (on goal difference ) So naturally, I am feeling pretty good about the upcoming season; made some good signings, still way under on wage budget (have never used more than 60-70% of allocation), and tactic is looking good. And then this: Here are the financials: What is going on?! Going to semi-pro status; wont this ruin the club and its reputation? Ability to sign players? What happens if/when I get promoted to the Premiership with current batch of players? What can I do to drastically improve finances? (I have always kind of ignored them; stay under wage budget and keep bonuses and payouts to the minimum - so never really ran into this). I wanted to take Clyde to Scottish glory and one day into Europe - HELP ME REALIZE THAT DREAM AND TELL ME WHAT TO DO
  13. As a fellow tim, I am looking forward to following this save Like what you have done with the leagues as well - wish they would do that in real life ha!
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