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  1. If I pre-order the game, when will the Beta access begin? Just so I can take a day off work. Also, I presume that games started in Beta can be carried on with at full release?
  2. I managed to do it several times with Hereford (United), but it usually took me a good 15+ seasons to make it to the Premier League. I did it on FM2020. I basically abused the Loan market as much as possible every season and had a house rule for myself that I would only sign players under the age of 21. Apart from the jump from Championship to Premier League, the biggest jump in class was actually from Conference North to Conference National; Nearly every club in Conference National is/was full time. I survived 3 seasons in the Premier League (finishing 16th, 9th and 14th in respective seasons) before my save got corrupted
  3. Great start for a thread, as always, @Coulthard's Jaw I've never experienced a final with the national (football) team, so I am utterly stumped as to how I am meant to feel. I don't think my head could take extra time and penalties. Might have to break my 12+ years rule of not drinking on a night when I have work the next day. Whatever happens, I am so proud of this manager, this team and the way they have stood up for what they believe in, in a chaotic world. Wonder how many idiots will boo them when they take the knee on Sunday. If we lose to a better team on the day, then I can accept that. Though I have a gut feeling that we will win it 2-0.
  4. I am going to spend the evening licking random lampposts, in the hope that my NHS Track and Trace app pings so I can isolate (after getting shitfaced) for a few days.
  5. Any violence towards other fans is reprehensible. Even more so those for fans who are not even looking for trouble.
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